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  2. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFineBros/videos FBE has been here for over a decade, fostering bigger conversations and building stronger communities! From our award-winning REACT series, to shows across scripted, unscripted, animation, interactive, TV series, feature films and more. NEW VIDEOS EVERY DAY AT 2PM PST
  3. Emotions is the second studio album by American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey. It was released on September 17, 1991 by Columbia Records. Upon release, Emotions received generally mixed reviews from contemporary music critics. The album debuted at number four on the Billboard 200. The album has sold 8 million copies worldwide.
  4. This was uploaded about 10 months ago. An alleged Katy Perry track, specifically a PRISM outtake. Is real? What do you guys think, especially my fellow KatyCats? To me, it sounds like a pitched song but is unidentified (if anyone could find the original, we could debunk this).
  5. Omg my heart stopped, I’m glad she’s alive, hoping people surround her with love and support
  6. Original Articles: (x) (x) ------------------------------- INSTIZ Earlier this morning, singer Goo Ha-ra was rescued after trying to make an extreme choice. Gangnam Police Station in Seoul said they were dispatched to Goo's home in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, at around 12:40 a.m KST with the manager's report. At the time of the rescue, smoke was found inside the house, and Goo was confirmed alive. Goo reportedly had a legal battle with her boyfriend last September after an assault, and suffered from persistent malicious comments. Last night local time, she posted a message on her SNS, suggesting extreme choices, and then deleted it right away. ---------------------------------- DAUM Goo Ha-ra, a 28-year-old singer from girl group KARA, was taken to a hospital early Wednesday after trying to make an extreme choice. According to police and others, Goo was found unconscious at her home in Southern Seoul at around 12:41 a.m., and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Currently, Goo is reportedly unconscious, but her breathing and pulse are normal. A male witness contacted Goo, who was alone at her home, several times, but when Goo did not answer the phone, he visited her home and found her lying down and reported her to the police. ※ If you have difficult to speak about problems, such as depression, or if you have family members or acquaintances who suffer from such difficulties around you, you can receive counseling from experts 24 hours a day at the Suicide Prevention Hotline 1577-0199; the Call of Hope 129, the Call of Life 1588-9191, and/or 1388. LIST OF INTERNATIONAL HOTLINES: here
  7. Adele Saturday, May 25, 2019 The Project (AUS, 50) Host: Good evening everyone, today we have someone special. Just yesterday we saw her perform her hit single “When We Were Young” on the morning show and today, she’s here to sit down and talk to us about well, anything. Please welcome Adele. Adele: Hello everyone. Im so happy to be with you all. H: So Adele, yesterday you performed your song “When We Were Young” on The Morning Show, how was that? A: It was so much fun. I really love how live it is and how responsive the people are there. I mean, even the hosts were singing along with me. It really was a blessing and an experience like none other. H: That’s great, I am so happy you had fun doing that because it was truly something spectacular to see you on the stage and just doing what you do best. A: Oh wow, thank you so much, that means a lot to me. H: So you had the idea of showing your music video of “When We Were Young” while singing, whys that? A: Well, if you’ve seen the music video… H: I think everyone has seen it Adele haha, I know for a fact everyone in Australia has seen it. A: Thank you. If you’ve seen the music video you know how beautiful it is and it really meant a lot to me. A lot of those events and emotions were real, and though they probably are not as powerful as they were at one point the story itself was very real for me. H: That’s smart, I mean I don’t know which one I wanted to look at more, that beautiful music video or the beautiful woman singing in front of my screen. A: Oh that is so nice. H: So what does the future look like? A: Well, I think my next stop will be back home in the UK. As for the music, well im not really sure. I don’t even know which song I want to be my next single. Its so hard because I love them all. And as for the album, I think it’ll have an October release date. Maybe even September, who knows haha. H: Can I ask you to do one thing for me? A: Anything for you love. H: We don’t have live music here, but I can not talk to Adele and not have her sing you know. A: Haha, Im more than willing. (Adele starts singing the chorus to “When We Were Young” and she does it with no instruments playing, it is just her voice.) H: Wow, thank you so much, I mean, what a voice! A: Aww thank you love. H: Well, that’s all the time we have tonight. Thank you so much Adele. Don’t forget to buy and stream Adele’s single “When We Were Young” as well as its music video on YouTube, iTunes, and Vevo. Good night everyone.
  8. P!nk Saturday, May 25, 2019 The X Factor (UK, 175) The stage is pretty dark, there are tiny spotlights throughout the stage mainly for positioning reasons. Pink has a full band with her, two backup singers and three backup dancers. When the song starts and Pink sings the first “Hey”, a giant spotlight is shinned upon Pink and her three backup dancers who are next to her. Then she does the obnoxious sarcastic laugh after that, and when the first chorus is sung the entire stage is lit up and there are sparklers being set off from both front corners of the stage. Pink and her dancers are doing their choreography all in sync during the first chorus. When it goes into the pre-chorus, Pink is just walking around the stage. When the first verse comes on, the choreography with the dancers begins again. Then the second chorus is played and now Pink is wandering the stage and going to every instrumentalist and rocking with them. When the part of “Oh damn…” is sung, water in the form of rain is dropped down on the stage, but only so that Pink and the dancers are wet. During the bridge Pink and the dancers are kicking the watcher and also doing floor choreography. The water is going everywhere. Then the verse is played again and they all get up and do their choreography in the puddle of water. They are emphasizing the kicks since watch is being splashed everywhere. When the song is done, the camera pans over to the judges who are cheering and on their feet for Pink, but the host is also there and reminds the viewers to buy and stream Pink’s new single, “Hey Why (Miss You Sometime)”.
  9. Adele Friday, May 24, 2019 The Morning Show (AUS, 30) Performance: Host: Here to perform her new single “When We Were Young”, Its Adele! Adele is in the middle of the platform stage. Behind her on the screen is the music video playing in sync of Adele’s singing. This will help promote the music video. She is with a live band and with three backup singers who are off to the side. Adele is behind her standup mic and the song starts. Adele starts singing the song and her hands are moving as the song is playing. Adele looks down to the floor while singing and then suddenly, when the pre-chorus starts, he eyes look up into the crowd and she sings the pre-chorus. When the chorus starts, Adele takes the mic off of the stand and starts to walk and sing. She first walks to the left of the stage where the host are standing and single. They are sing along with Adele but only Adele can be heard. Then she walks to the right of the stage where a glass wall shows all the people who are outside of the building waving at Adele. At this time, the bridge starts and the backup singers continue singing “When We Were Young” over and over again. By the time the bridge is over and Adele starts singing the pre-chorus again, she is back to where she started. Adele then sings the chorus and executes her belt perfectly. The song is over and the hosts meet Adele on stage and remind everyone to buy and stream the song “When We Were Young” as well as to check out the new music video.
  10. P!nk Friday, May 24, 2019 The Graham Norton Show (UK, 100) Performance: The stage is well lit. Pink and her band are all seen on the stage as the music starts. Pink is holding a hand mic. Instead of her backup singers being off to the side, they are next to Pink, center stage. When the song starts, Pink sings the first “Hey” and then the obnoxious laugh. The song starts with the chorus and Pink sings it alone without the backup singers. When it goes to the first verse, then the backup singers join her. While singing the first verse, Pink is still center stage with the backup singers. When it gets to the pre-chorus and chorus, Pink is moving around the stage. She is going to all of the instrumentalists and rocking out with them. Pink goes into the crowd and with three men who are with her touring group she lays on their laps and sings upwards. Pink is now done with the bridge and goes back to the stage. The last verse is now being sung and Pink does intense choreography. When the song is over, she poses and holds it for a couple seconds. Graham: That was amazing Pink! I really really love that song! Pink: Aww thanks. Whew gotta catch my breath! G: I don’t blame you, you literally ran all over that stage. Pink on the importance of family Family is so important to me. I love my husband and the two humans I created. I honestly just want to eat them all up. Being a mom has changed me so much. Its so fun but at the same time it makes me want to tear my eyes and nose out haha. Willow sings but not really. She’ll sing if she’s going to get something back in return. But if she doesn’t get anything, she’s going to do nothing. Jameson doesn’t really sing, but the biggest difference is that he hates when I sing. I start singing and he instantly starts crying. I don’t know what’s up with him, but he really doesn’t like my singing what so ever haha. Pink on her new single, “Hey Why (Miss You Sometime)” This song means so much for me. It could be related to the time when I wasn’t married and when you just want that one-night stand hook up or even when you’re married and mad at your partner but still want that physical touch from them. Yeah, there are a lot of ways you can interpret the song, but at the end of the day, it’s not really mine to interpret anymore. It’s the listeners. Pink on an expected music video Yes, that’s true. A music video for the song is coming soon. Sunday Ill be traveling to Australia and there the music video will be filmed all week. We start on Monday and I think itll take a day or two I think. Could be more. But I am so excited about the concept and all. I think everyone is going to be surprised of the outcome of it. With music videos I usually have to wake up at like 5AM to start shooting and they’ll last all day depending on what I have to do that day but I know itll be so worth it. Im so excited. G: Well, that’s all the time we have today, guys, that was Pink. Don’t forget to stream and buy her new single “Hey Why (Miss You Sometime)” out now.
  11. Adele Thursday, May 23, 2019 Nova 100 (AUS, 5) Host: The next guest we have is someone who we have been seeing all week, its Adele! Adele: Hello everyone, hows it going? H: Its going well, I mean, I have Adele right next to me. A: Haha, youre too nice. H: So Adele, we need to talk. A: Uh oh, what did I do? H: That music video, we need to talk. It was absolutely gorgeous. A: That is so nice of you to say. Thank you so much. It took a lot of people to make that music video and I am so glad a lot of people enjoy it. Im happy I was in the music video and I loved that we told a story in it from like a span of two decades. Its so unreal to me. H: Yeah, I mean it was so beautiful to see how it went from pre-school crush to middle/high school romance to the early adult stage of romance. Is this like a real story? A: I mean, to some degree it is. But never underestimate the power of a little Hollywood magic haha. The events happened yes, and the emotions were real in every scene. H: I bet they were, there was so much emotion in it. Where was it filmed anyways? A: It was filmed in the United Kingdom where all this happened. We were in South London, which is where I grew up and its such a beautiful place. I mean, did you see that house? I wish I grew up there. H: Me too. So Adele, how has your time in Australia been? You’ve been here for almost a week yeah? A: Yes I have, and I have to say this has been an amazing experience. H: Well if your music is quality and you’re a nice person, you will always get the best from us, and that is a promise! A: That is so great to hear. H: Can you give us a sneak peek on what’s going to happen next? A: Well, I think there will be one or two more singles, maybe one real single and a promotional single or something not sure. But its going to be fun. I can’t wait for the entire thing to be ready to share. H: Well, that’s all the time we have today with you Adele. Have a wonderful time in Australia. Don’t forget to buy and stream Adele’s single, “When We Were Young” which is out everywhere. And go check out her new music video for the song. Anyway, here is the song of the day, “When We Were Young”. (“When We Were Young” plays.)
  12. P!nk Thursday, May 23, 2019 Virgin Radio (UK, 15) Host: Our next guest is someone who literally sets any stage she steps on, on fire! She’s been in the UK for less than a week and just about everyone has seen her electric and energetic performance to her new song “Hey Why (Miss You Sometime)”, guys, its Pink! P!nk: Hello everyone! H: How are you love? P: I’m doing awesome, that was one hell of an introduction haha. H: Well you deserve it! Here’s Pink’s new song “Hey Why (Miss You Sometime)”, when we get back, we have a chat with Pink herself! (Hey Why (Miss You Sometime) plays) H: Welcome back everyone, this is Virgin Radio, and with us here is the one and only Pink! P: Hello guys. H: So just for the record, I think that everyone in the country has seen a performance of your new lead single, “Hey Why”. First of all, it was literally everywhere. And second of all, it’s always fun to watch you do your think on the stage. I mean, you literally set the stage on fire and then piss all over it. P: Hahaha, that is amazing. Haha. Uhh, yeah, it is a lot of fun to do those performances. I don’t know if I am actually setting the stage on fire and pissing all over it, but thank you for that compliment, it really means a lot to me, even if its highly descriptive and a bit weird ya know. H: Ehhh, that’s what you get when you come here. P: And I love it. H: I’m glad to hear that. So Pink, what was the inspiration for a song like this? Like where did it come from? P: Well, that’s a funny story. I’m a married woman so these experiences haven’t happened in quite some time. Well... actually. Carey and I get into a lot of fights and everyone knows that, but when we are in these fights, we literally want nothing to do with each other. But I mean, we still love each other enormously. But that quick love that you get even though you’re mad at someone, or don’t even know that person haha. That’s really what the song is about. But I mean, I released the song meaning I gave it to the world and now its theirs to interpret however they want. H: Well that is awesome to hear, we are so glad to have you here on Virgin Radio. Everyone, don’t forget to buy and stream Pink’s new single “Hey Why (Miss You Sometime)” and just to put you in the mood, here’s “Hey Now (Miss You Sometime)” now!
  13. P!nk Thursday, May 23, 2019 This Morning (UK, 100) Pink on America’s decision on abortion “You know, it’s so sick that men get the power, or at least feel like they have the power to dictate what happens to a woman’s body. Like why do they feel like they have that right? The people who passed and voted for that bogus law are the same lawmakers who knock up women and force them into getting an abortion. I mean, it’s just so inhumane to do this and I can’t believe something like that actually got passed. I’m just glad you guys are doing it right, maybe the US should take a couple notes from the UK… and just about every other first world country haha.” Pink on her lead single Hey Why (Miss You Sometimes) “I love everything about this song. And you have no idea how much I love performing it live. It has so much energy and the entire band, from the singers to the dancer and the instrumentalists love performing the song too. Whenever we get the chance to do so, we just have fun and rock and roll. I literally run around the stage, roll on the floor, and scream when im performing the song, haha. Its just that fun! And the crowd! Whew, the crowd goes nuts and feeding off of their energy becomes so easy and adds to the fun of it all.” Pink on what’s happening next “The next thing to happen for me is probably going to be a music video. We start shooting on Monday in Australia and I cannot wait for it! The concept of the music video is going to be out of this world, insane, and explosive. I mean, when you have a song like this, a music video that’s out of this world has got to compare right? Haha. Obviously, I cant give you the details and everything about the music video but Ill make sure that it is something worth your time.” Pink on her time in the UK “Being her has been so surreal, you have no idea. Everyone here is so nice and warm and inviting. The people here really love to rock out and I can say these are my people. I will definitely be back to rock with this awesome country again!” Host: Well that’s all the time we have with Pink today, don’t forget to buy and stream her lead single “Hey Why (Miss You Sometime)” which is out everywhere music is available. Oh, and keep an eye out for her new music video! See you all tomorrow.
  15. Zara Larsson x The X Factor UK [May 26 | Paid | UK] "So Good", available everywhere. Tickets for "So Good Tour" are available now on Zara's official site.
  16. Zara Larsson x BBC 4 Extra [May 26 | 4th Free Radio | UK] "So Good", available everywhere. Tickets for "So Good Tour" are available now on Zara's official site.
  17. Zara Larsson x The Greatest Dancer [May 25 | Paid | UK] "So Good", available everywhere. Tickets for "So Good Tour" are available now on Zara's official site.
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