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  2. Down For Whatever (Stripped) - SZA [Vertical Video] Uploaded to SZAVevo at midnight on September 13st, 2019 Director: Solana Rowe The video starts with SZA singing some runs acapella as she walks down an old dirt road in the country. As the video gets into the first verse she turns around and looks into the camera as if that's the person she 's singing to. She grabs towards the cameraman and and grabs his hand and makes him follow her. She hops a fence and begins to frolic through a field of sunflowers as the camera follows. During her frolicking in the field is the pre-chorus. When it comes time for the chorus she turns around and slowly falls backward as the cameraman stand above her to show his perspective of looking down on her. She then grabs his hand and begins to looks into the camera and mouth the lyrics and touch the lens to emulate as if she's touching his face before turning around and beginning to run in the field again during the second verse. As it's time for the pre-chorus she makes it to the end of the field where there's now a lake. She then walks towards the lake and hops in and the camera follows. It then shows her during the chorus swimming in the lake underwater before swimming up to peak her head out. As she looks into the camera she sings the bridge before swimming back to dry land. She then lays there as the camera then goes to the side of her as if the guys she's with is laying beside her and looking at her as she looks out to the sunset during the final pre-chorus. She then stands up and so does the cameraman as she mouthes the final chorus before kissing the lens and ending the video. Ⓟ2019 ROC Nation LLC, Distributed by UMG Recordings, Inc.
  3. CupcakKe ft. Britney Spears 'Total' (Vertical Video) (Uploaded to cupcakKe and can be streamed through a Spotify link) The vertical video starts off with a shot of CupcakKe after she'd obviously pressed the record button on her phone. She then picks up the camera to face her and she makes a cute lil' pose as the riff for the song begins. As the song goes on, she starts walking and rapping the lyrics in her verse to the camera and we can see that she's at a dance studio and walking her way through the studio. As she raps the lyrics, a few members of her team pop up into the frame and CupcakKe briefly says hi to them as they walk past her. As Britney's verse comes in, she hops into one of the rooms and says hi to all her dancers. She places the phone on a platform to face all of them in the studio and, as the dance break hits, we see all of them breaking into the choreography for the song within the dance studio. A cut is then used for the second verse so CupcakKe can go straight back to holding her phone. This time, she's in a board meeting to discuss her tour. You can see this as CupcakKe is rapping the song and moving her phone around the room to show everything. There's also a whiteboard, which has a few dates of her tour on it and some of them are crossed out with "NOW SOLD OUT" being written next to them. The people in the meeting are acting super serious and not letting CupcakKe's goofy lip syncing get to them. As Britney's chorus then comes, CupcakKe jokingly belts out the lyrics and, right before the dance break, she puts her thumb on the lens of her camera and it then cuts to a bunch of shots of CupcakKe and her dancers performing Total on The Big 3 Tour (and all of it was taken from fan footage). There were also a few fun shots of CupcakKe interacting with fans in the audience and outside of the arenas after the show. It finishes with a shot of CupcakKe holding a heart up to the crowd as they scream for her and she's taken under the stage.
  4. Jimmy Kimmel LIVE X KARREUCHE U.S.| Paid Promo | 2nd Article On September 13th, karrueche stopped by ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ to promote her latest single from her debut album, expectations. After being introduced the camera pans to the stage where karrueche and her dancers are in a line side by side with their backs turned to the crowd. One by one the dancers turn towards the crowd before karrueche finally turns around when it’s time to sing the first verse. During the verse she they bend down into a squat and do a slight twerk before standing back up. Karrueche then walks forward towards the front of the stage before walking towards the side and twirling in a circle. She then makes her way back to her dancers while singing the pre-chorus. They all then line up side by side with their backs towards each other and begin to do some body rolls in sync during the chorus. When it comes time for Ty’s verse he smoothly makes his way on stage and karrueche begins to twerk on him before they sing the pre-chorus together as they bounce to the rhythm. She then steps away from him and looks at him up and down as she sings the chorus to him. During French’s verse the dancers meet her in the front of the stage and they begin to do some choreography as Ty admires her from behind. karrueche then stands in place as Ty come from behind and sings the bridge to her. She then dances on him as she sings the final pre-chorus before grabbing his hand and walking towards the back of the stage while singing the final chorus and dropping down into a squat with her back to the crowd before looking back. me so bad available everywhere. 6/10
  5. THE VIEW X SZA U.S. | Paid Promo | 4th Article On September 13th, SZA stopped by ‘The View’ to promote her sophomore album ALT and her latest single, Down 4 Whatever. After being introduced by the host the camera pans to the stage where SZA is standing in front of a mic stand. As the instrumental to the Stripped remix of Down For Whatever begins to play SZA begins to tap her foot. When she begins to sing the song she slightly moves her head around. During the verse she reaches her hand out and then puts it back to her side. When it comes time for the pre-chorus she put both hands on the stand as she sings. During the chorus she takes her hands off the stand and waves her hands slowly. As she gets into the second verse she just really focuses on singing the song with a little more emphasis. When it comes time for the pre-chorus she grabs the mic off the stand and walks towards the front of the stage. She then walks back and forth on the stage during the chorus before getting into the bridge.During the bridge she stands still in front of the mic stand as she continues to sing. When it comes time for the final pre-chorus/chorus she puts the mic back on the stand and sings until the performance ends. Down 4 Whatever available everywhere. 5/10
  6. ON AIR WITH Ryan Seacrest X KARRUECHE U.S.| Paid Promo | 1st Article On September 13th, karrueche stopped by ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ to promote her latest single from her debut album, expectations. Ryan: Good morning Los Angeles. I am your host Ryan Seacrest and I have an extra special guest in the building today. She’s a model, actress, and singer who you may know from her recent hit more than that or her current single me so bad. We have karrueche in the building! *claps* Kae: Ayeeeee! Hello. Good morning. Hope everyone’s having a good day. I know I am. Ryan: I see. Love the energy. So what’s new? Kae: Nothing much. I’m still on tour opening for SZA. Just been doing some promo in between dates for the album and me so bad. Nothing that major. Other than I’m going to be performing at Night of Miracles. Super excited for that. My first charity performance. Anything for the kiddos. Ryan: Wow. Well you say all that like you don’t do anything. That’s amazing. I remember you coming up here to promote shows and movies. Now you’re a mainstream artist. That’s so crazy. Kae: Right! Well I’m starting to get used to it. Ryan: Well how’s Victor? Still engaged, right? Kae: Of course. He’s doing well. Just doing what he does. Anticipating for this tour to be over so he can spend some time with me longer than a weekend. Ryan: True. Well does that mean you won’t be going on your own tour? Kae: Not right now. I have some other things I want to do. I plan on wrapping up me so bad and moving onto the next single before going on tour. I still need to finalize dates. I’m just taking my time. My schedule is so hectic so whenever I can chill out. I do. Ryan: Completely understandable. Well me so bad has been doing amazing. I noticed remixes are kind of a hot thing right now. Cameron and Ariana had like six. Will you be participating in the remix off? Kae: No. I like my songs the way they are. No shade. I don’t know. It kind of cheapens the song for me when it’s used as a gimmick to sell more copies. If you like it for you. I love it though. Ryan: Ooooh. I mean. I can understand that perspective. I think the people who do participate can respect that. Kae: I don’t care what they think. *laughs* Just like they don’t have to care what I think. Ryan: Well thank you so much for coming. Here’s the one and only version of me so bad by karrueche on 102.7 KIIS FM! *plays song* me so bad available everywhere. 4/10
  7. THE PROJECT X SZA Australia | Paid Promo | 3rd Article On September 13th, SZA called into ‘The Project’ to promote her sophomore album ALT and her latest single, Down 4 Whatever. Host: Hello everybody! We have an incredibly talented guest for you. She’s an R&B superstar who’s been killing it with her several hits. You make know her from latest hits like Big Spender, Don’t Think You Got The Memo, and Back Together. Please welcome SZA via satellite! Hello Darling! SZA: Hey. Good evening Australia. *waves* Host: Hello! How are you doing love? SZA: I’m doing amazing now that I’m talking to you guys. I can’t wait until the tour goes over there. It feels like it’s been forever since I visited. Host: Well we can’t wait for your stop here as well. We’ve heard great things about the tour. Before we get into that. You just released a new stripped version of your latesting single, Down For Whatever, which has been in my head all day. Tells us about it! SZA: Well as you said it’s a stripped version, which really just tones down the instrumentation of the song. There’s some slight modifications to the instrumental, but nothing too big. The main focus of the song is me actually singing. I thought it’d be a cute little thing for the fans. Plus, sometimes I get tired of hearing the same version over and over again so a new version helps in that regard. Host: Do you listen to yourself in your free time? SZA: I did before I went on tour. Now I don’t since I perform them every other night. *giggles* Host: Who do you listen to? SZA: I’ve been listening to Iggy Azalea’s album. I heard some of Rita’s E.P. I’ve honestly just been listening to whatever isn’t me. Host: Oh wow. Some good material to listen to there. Would you collaborate with them in the future? SZA: If it was the right song? Of course. I’m open to anyone as long as it makes sense. I’m not just going to allow myself to be slapped onto anything just because. Host: Completely understandable. Well we can’t wait until you finally come here. I know you have a busy day ahead of you so thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We’ll be right back! Down 4 Whatever available everywhere. 3/10
  8. WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE X SZA U.S. | Paid Promo | 2nd Article On September 12th, SZA called into ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ to promote her sophomore album ALT and her latest single, Down 4 Whatever. Andy: Hello everybody! Welcome to Watch What Happens Live. I’m your host Andy Cohen and we’re joined in the clubhouse by the incredible SZA! Hello how are you? SZA: Hey! I’m doing great. Always good to be back in New York. Andy: You live in LA now right? SZA: Yes, I stay in Studio City. It’s so cute and the scenery is so relaxing. I love living in the hills. Andy: Yes. Living in the hills is so relaxing. So what’s new? I know you’re probably tired of talking about being on tour. SZA: I mean… I’m not excited to talk about it, but I’m okay with talking about it. To answer your question though, I actually have a new version of my latest single, Down For Whatever dropping at midnight that I’m so excited about. Andy: Oh wow. What is it like? SZA: Well it’s a stripped version so it mostly takes away the instrumentation and focuses on the melodies, etc. Basically like an acoustic version, but without a guitar involved. *giggles* Andy: Sounds great. Onto other things. There has been a lot of drama going on lately, but you try to encourage everyone to get along. Why is that? I love it, but what makes you want to do it? SZA: Honestly, because drama is so draining. Even just tuning in is draining. Whenever I see it I’m just like… AGAIN? AbleepingGAIN? *giggles* I just want everyone to be great. The cattiness isn’t necessary. Even earlier this year when I was apart of a little moment. I was over it from the start. I’m the type if I don’t mess with you then that’s it. I’m not rushing to speak on you and if you want to talk about me. Hey.. Go for it. Andy: Totally understandable. So ALT has done amazing this year. Have you worked on any new music since? SZA: No. I’m just jotting down thoughts right now. I’m totally focused on the tour. Andy: So no new music this year? SZA: I mean we still have a little over 3 months so I don’t want to say no. Andy: Sounds like you have something up your sleeve. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Thank you so much for coming. It’s been amazing. SZA: Likewise. Down 4 Whatever available everywhere. 2/10
  9. THIS MORNING X SZA Canada | Paid Promo | 1st Article On September 12th, SZA called into ‘This Morning’ to promote her sophomore album ALT and her latest single, Down 4 Whatever. Host: Good morning Canada! We have an amazing guest for you guys today. She’s calling us all the way from the United States. Everybody SZA! Hello SZA! How are you? SZA: Hello! I’m doing fine and yourself? Host: Amazing. Glad to hear you’re doing fine. You look amazing by the way. SZA: Thank you. I tried to do a little something for you guys. Host: Oh stop it. Well congratulations on everything. You released your incredibly successful album ALT earlier this year and now you’re on a sold out world tour. How is that going? SZA: It’s going really well. Just trying to take care of myself and make sure I get enough rest and etc. I’m booked until 2020 so I need to be in tip top shape. Host: What’s your favorite thing to do while traveling for tour? SZA: Well I wanted to go sightseeing in certain areas, but I’ve had a lot on my plate so that didn’t happen that much. My favorite thing might be experiencing the different styles of food. You know a lot of cities are known for special dishes and just experiencing that has been nice. Host: Well your recent single Down For Whatever has been killing it everywhere. Should we expect anything more? SZA: I’m actually releasing a stripped version of the song tonight at midnight. I’ve been having so much releasing different versions of the song. I love seeing how the fans react so I’m excited for what they think later on. It actually might be out in Australia right now. The timezones confuse me. *giggles* Host: Oh wow. Actually, I think we have a snippet you’ve provided so let us play it. *plays 20 seconds of the Stripped Version* Host: Oh wow. I love it. What made you wanted to make a stripped version? SZA: I love acoustic versions of songs so I started off trying to record one of those, but i really loved the instrumentation of the original so I decided to just dial it back a bit. I think it turned out perfect. Host: Well it’s amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today. Everybody go check out all versions of Down For Whatever. We’ll be right back. Down 4 Whatever available everywhere. 1/10
  10. SZA RELEASES NEW VERSION OF HER LATEST SINGLE Title: Down For Whatever (Stripped)Artist: SZALength: 3:04Platform: Digital Download, StreamProducers: Mark RonsonWriters: Solana RoweGenre: PopRelease Date: September 13, 2019 SZA releases a stripped back version of her third official single from her highly successful album, ALT. The remix features minor instrumentation from the original track for a more mellow sound. Audio: Ⓟ2019 ROC Nation LLC, Distributed by UMG Recordings, Inc.
  11. Marina and the Diamonds - Anyone Else (Lyric Video) Directed by: Mike Mills Alongside its release as a single, Marina and the Diamonds' brand new song "Anyone Else" received a lyric video directed by Mike Mills, who also took charge on the single's cover art direction. The lyric video is quite simple and minimalist in nature and follows the aesthetic used on the track's artwork, one that values lighter, colder tones and flower elements. The lyric video begins with Marina's logotype flashing across the screen before the flower arrangement featured on the single cover appeared on the screen. As the lyrics to the song appear on the screen on the serif typeface used on Diamandis' brand new logo, the flower bouquet rotated, a pattern kept throughout the entirety of the first verse before Marina herself appeared on the video. Another font used is one from the same font family, although in a sans-serif, italic version. Marina appears embracing the bouquet, smelling the flowers and just appreciating their view and perfume. She is simply sporting out a beige dress, her straight brown hair falling over her shoulders as she wears minimal make-up to match the simplistic and polished aesthetic of the video and atmosphere of the track itself. She glances the viewer with a profound and deep look, channeling the vulnerable and introspective nature of the song with the slightest of the details. For the second verse, we see the flowers alone another time, still in front of the beige backdrop, albeit this time the camera zooms in and other angles are emphasized, providing the viewer with other stunning sights of the beautiful arrangement. As for the bridge, the same pattern continues, although there is more of a focus on individual flowers from the bouquet instead of the piece as a whole. Diamandis is back on the second and final chorus, when she is seen taking off the flowers from the bouquet and ripping their petals off, whilst still facing the camera with a look in eyes that conveys the feelings of acceptance and resigning portrayed through the lyrical content of the song. As the track ends, she takes a final petal off the purple flower, which is the most prominent one on the arrangement in visual terms, before the camera focuses on the flower falling to the floor in slow motion. The video then fades to black.
  12. CAMERON DALLAS MAKES APPEARANCE AT THE RACHEL RAY SHOW (September 13, 2019 | United States | Paid Promo | 4th article) As his latest TV appearance promoting his smashing 7-week number one single "Make Up" and its official remix, Cameron Dallas made an appearance at Rachel Ray on this Friday, 13, as he gets ready to come back to Los Angeles after spending the whole week in New York - his stay in the city included promotions for the single but also an appearance at New York Fashion Week to attend the Carolina Herrera fashion show, one of two fashion brands that Dallas has been working along with Dolce & Gabbana - and according to him, 'more to come'. Talking to Ray while they were baking delicious cookies, Dallas said he has been holding meetings with brands of all kinds - including fashion: "I've been in touch with so many amazing people and brands, there are great great things possibly coming and I couldn't be more excited. It's an honour to be noticed by brands that you've never thought or even considered that they'd look at you and when it happens you immediately go like 'uhm is this real? is this a joke?', you know? (laughs), that happened with both DG and CH to be honest. It's still surreal that I'm working with major brands like these and I feel more than grateful!". Even though not sharing with brands Dallas has been working on, he only said that it included fashion brands that aren't luxury like D&G and more accessible to the public. Talking about music and his role as an artist, Ray asked Dallas why he chose "Make Up" a fun love song, as the lead single, and what we can expect from the upcoming singles on their long-awaited debut album, 'Suburban Boy', scheduled to be released on October 18: "It's gonna sound cliché but I love love songs, they're the best - from happy love songs to sad love ballads, they're the best. I've decided to go with this direction to start the whole era because: First, I felt that this was the right choice for a lead single, for many reasons. Second, it shows a different side of me in contrast to my first two songs, and it's a lighter and happier side; and last but not definitely not least, the world is too dark and in such a bitter moment right now, we can't be under such a bad mood every day - i mean, of course we have to get in touch with sensitive and serious matters but, to me, in the place and time we are now, if I'm allowed to try bringing a lighter and happier feeling, I will". Scenes from "Make Up" were aired during the interview and Rachel reminded everyone to go get and stream the single and its official remix, and also pre-order Dallas' debut album 'Suburban Boy'.
  13. Miz Cracker on 97.1 AMP Radio Free US Promo (9/13) Welcome welcome back to 97.1 AMP Radio! I have the insanely talented, and even prettier Miz Cracker! Aw shucks, stop it before I vomit all over! It is true! You are the whole package....of Crackers!!! *cricket noises*....Now I realize you only complimented me so you could make that joke. Well...maybe. But my statement stands! You are stunning!! You have been looking so fierce! I saw your V Magazine spread! Oh thanks! Yes that came out recently! Tell me, what is it like when these big magazines ask you to feature on their front cover? It is incredible! I mean I can't believe it. I never thought I would be on the cover of magazines. I am a drag queen after all. I love fashion and playing dress up, so doing magazine shoots is literally a dream come true. It is also special because this week I walked for a New York Fashion Week runway show, and I was on the September issue for V Magazine, one of the most prestigious fashion publications! The September covers are always a HUGE deal, so I am still pinching myself! What is the process like when doing those shoots? Oh it is a whole day honey. So many costume changes and make up looks. They try things out, realize it doesnt work, and try other things. Then I do the itneriews. It is so much fun though. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. Plus the photos look amazing! Thanks! I do think it is my favorite photoshoot that I have ever done! It was so high fashion! Yes it was a different side. A little more serious and edgy! Would that be something you would explore or translate in your music? Oh certainly. I would love to make that transition. Probably in my second album. The first is still staying true to who I am. I mean with songs like Glad He's Gone....I dont think serious or edgy would work well hahaha It is a fun song, which is why it is so successful. There is no shame in that. Of course not. I love to make silly songs like Glad He's Gone. That doesn't make me less of an artist. Not at all. And I think people will learn that when Dolled Up comes out! Glad He's Gone by Miz Cracker is available for purchase/stream. Dolled Up comes out September 27th and is available for pre-order! Glad He's Gone then plays on the radio!
  14. Miz Cracker- Glad He's Gone (Official Music Video -The Making of) An special documentary style video for the Glad He's Gone official music video has been posted on Miz Crackers official Youtube Vevo channel! This video is basically a behind the scenes video of the filming process for the Glad He's Gone music video! Day One: The video starts out with Miz Cracker in her dressing room. She is getting dolled up for the first day of shooting. "Ready, and Cracktion! Hello everyone! Welcome to The Making of Glad He's Gone! I am so excited to take you all on this epic journey of how this masterpiece was made! Right now I am getting dolled up to shoot the first scene of the day! This will actually be the bedroom scenes. So the opening scene and the scene where my Dolls give me a make over!! We are gonna shoot with the lovely Trixie Matttel, Farrah Moan, Rupaul,and Kash Doll!" The video then shows some parts of the 4 girls filing their scenes.We first see the opening with Trixie and Cracker trying to console Miz, and then the director cuts it and she then brings in Kash to film the scene where she gives Cracker a makeover. "We just finished shooting the scene where Ru pops in as my fairy drag mother." "Bitch I will always be your mothaaaa" says Ru to the camera. "That's right momma." Then Rupaul snaps her fingers and a smoke effect shows and she is disappeared! The scene then cuts to Cracker with Kash. " We just finished the bedroom scenes I am here with the lovely Kash, who beat my face to death! I went from man to WOMAN!" Kash laughs and waves at the camera. Day Two: For day two the scenes that are being filmed are some of the party scenes with some of the celebs that were free that day. They showed Pabllo, Troye, Olly, and Iggy. Miz and Pabllo were having a heart to heart and taking about being two fierce drag queens that broke into the mainstream. The girls are hugging eachother and enjoying one another. We then see Miz and Troye and Olly interact. "I am here with the ugliest couple on earth Trolly! Gag me! Two bottoms don't make a top hunny." she says. "Oh bitch you'd be lucky to find someone that wants to top you." Olly says. Miz pretends to choke him and the scene cuts. "No but in all seriousness I am excited you two came." The three are then seen goofing around as they try and film their scenes, but there are just too many blooopers! Next we see Iggy filming her shots. She looks fierce and is killing it. She knows how to work the camera. "I am disgusted by this bitch. She is who I think I am. I think I look like her when I put on my drag...and then I look in the mirror. I hate her." Says Miz. Day 3: For day 3, it is the last day! We now see Ari, Cupcakke, and Shawn. They are seen filming the karoake seen and of course Cupcakkes showstopping scenes of her busting through the door. Miz Cracker cant contain her laughter everytime Cupcakke opens her mouth. Ari is all smiles and haiving fun dancing and doing her thang. Then we see the last shot being set up where Shawn and Miz slow dance. "I am so nervous right now. I am about to have an intimate dance with THE Shawn Mendes. I think I just peed my panties, but I cant change them cuz getting in drag takes 5 hours." She says. They then show them doing many shots of the ending until they get the last one. Once the directors yells cut, she says "That's a wrap" and everyone cheers and hugs after a hard works process!!! Glad He's Gone by Miz Cracker is available for purchase/stream. Dolled Up comes out September 27th and is available for pre-order!
  15. Iggy Azalea on Today!| USA Paid Promo | Sep 14 | Iggy Azalea joined Today to discuss being on tour with Cupcakke, working with Miz Cracker plus annouces a solo tour! Host: Everybody please give a warm welcome to Iggy Azalea! How are you doing Iggy? Iggy: I'm doing great thanks, what about you? Host: I'm doing fine thanks! Now tell us, you've done two shows on the Sweeter Than A Cupcakke Tour so far, how has it been for you considering its your first tour and that you are opening for someone as big as her? Iggy: The first two shows have been really great! Everyone in the crowd are amazing as they are really hyping us up I feel. Opening for Cupcakke has been great cause she is such a great artist and a true inspiration to me and my music! Host: Someone else you have worked with recently is Miz Cracker, what was that like for you? Iggy: It was so much! When she sent me the song and asked me to hop on the remix I was shocked! It was my first ever collab and it would be with someone as big as her! Then working on the music video for the original track was also fun cause of the amount of people there! It was crazy! Yesterday we dropped the official vertical video to the track on Spotify and YouTube so make sure to check that out! Host: Oh wow! So you and Cracker ended up with two videos, thats cool! Iggy: Yes it is! Host: Now we've been told you have an annoucement to make here! Iggy: Yes I do! After touring with Cupcakke I've decided to launch my own tour! It's called the UTOPIA: Theatre Tour as I want to keep it small and intimate for my fans! The tour will be in the USA and will conclude with 1 Canadian show! It will start on November 20 and tickets are on sale now. Also the rest of the world I will be comming next year! Host: Wow! That's amazing! We can't wait to see what you have in store on your tour! Well thanks for joining us today and good luck on the rest of the tour! Iggy: Thank you!
  16. CAMERON DALLAS CHATS WITH THE BORDER 106.7 (September 12, 2019 | United States | Free Promo | 3rd article) Still on his day of call-in interviews, Cameron Dallas talked to WBDR 106.7 FM, also known as The Border 106.7, from Watertown, in the state of New York, on this Thursday (12), as makes the last promotional interviews in order to promote his smashing seven-week #1 single "Make Up" featuring Ariana Grande and its new official remix featuring Britney Spears. Doing a retrospective in the last two months since the song came out, Cameron talked to the host about promoting the song massively for such a long time and the best things that happened in these last eight weeks - "The whole process of start working on the song was already amazing. When it finally came out it felt like I jumped in a rocket and I was ready to go to the moon! (laughs) So many things happened during these eight weeks, first the fact that the song got almost TWO MONTHS in number one is just mesmerizing, then the opportunity to work with Ariana in interviews and performances was incredible, to be able to shoot the video and release the song in acoustic and remixed versions was also something to remember. And last but not least the remix with Britney Spears - I mean, it's Britney Spears, guys, hello? (laughs) That's probably a place I don't know if I'll ever get to go again in my career! (laughs) But yeah, so many highs and literally no lows, it feels great! I'm more than grateful to all my fans and supporters, we had a good time!". Cam also had some words on what to expect from the upcoming era from his long-awaited debut album 'Suburban Boy' set to be released on October 18 and already available for pre-order - "I think 'excited' isn't a word big enough to express how I'm feeling about dropping this album and putting it out to the world 'cause I've been working so hard on it since like, December 2018, and it's finally coming to life. I really want to release a lot of singles, I'm working on something really special for the album and I can't wait to get it done, and yeah. It's gonna be a massive promotion, like 'Make Up' but double (laughs) so it's gonna be incredible! The thing I'm most looking forward to though is finally delivering an album to my fans, they've been so supportive since day 1 so I feel like it's the least I can do and if I could I would've already dropped the album just because of them". Cameron also talked about his ecoproject with EA, attending NYFW and more. The radio played "Make Up (Remix)" and the host reminded everyone that the single by Cameron Dallas featuring Ariana Grande and its official remix featuring Britney Spears are available now, along with the pre-order of Dallas' debut album, 'Suburban Boy'.
  17. Camila Cabello X Stephen Colbert September 12, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 2/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat Stephen: She's here, a new single, a new video and more information on her album, Camila Cabello! Camila: Hey, guys! Stephen: Welcome to the show, Camila, how are you doing? Camila: Good, thank you! Stephen: Your new single has cracked the Top 5 on US iTunes, how does that feel? Camila: Amazing, it's good to see everyone is loving the song as much as I do. Stephen: It must feel amazing to have everybody react so good to the song, right? Camila: It does, it's truly amazing! Stephen: So, you have a sponsorship with Guess? Camila: Yes, it's truly amazing, it was so fun creating all the clothes with them, shooting the commercial and stuff like that. Stephen: I believe that, everything is coming your way and it must feel amazing! Camila: It does, I'm so grateful for the things I get to do. Stephen: I 100% believe you for it, so, your album is coming out in three months, can you give us some more information? Camila: Yes, I can! The standard edition of the album is 12 tracks long including Crying in the Club and Havana, and the deluxe edition of the album comes with +2 bonus tracks, so 14 tracks long in total. Stephen: Amazing, will the deluxe edition become available for pre-order anytime soon! Camila: Yes! Probably next month! Stephen: I can't wait! Camila: You'll be surprised, haha, we shot a entirely different cover + shoot for the deluxe version, so be excited for it Stephen: I was already excited, but I'm more excited at the moment as we speak! Camila: That's so nice to hear, thank you so much! Stephen: No problem, Camila Cabello everybody, her new single is available now and pre-order her debut solo album! Camila: Go do that! Stephen: Thanks for waching the show, have a great evening!
  18. Marina and the Diamonds livestreams on Instagram This Saturday night, Marina and the Diamonds did an Instagram livestream. This was her first time ever doing one, and she was on air for a couple of minutes, trying to reply to as many fan questions as she could, considering it has been quite a while she had such an open platform to talk to her fans. I love "Anyone Else", queen! How did the record come along? Well, I feel like you might just kill me (laughs), but I'll try to be as frank as possible with anything I say here. This was one the last songs I and Jack recorded for this album. I thought the album was pretty much done - and it has been for two or three months now, a period in which I've been planning all the release strategy, promotional scheme, photoshoot stuff and whatnot. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. But then Jack played me that opening drum line to "Anyone Else", that goes like, tan tan, tan tan (tries to mouth the drum line followed by laughter). And I was like, hold on, I need to write something for this. That's how my baby was conceived. When is the album coming? I hope you know we can't wait anymore. (Laughs) I know! I'm aware that you are anxious to have it. But, loves, count on what I'm saying. If you're counting the days, I'm counting the seconds. I'm extremely excited to finally put out this record to the world, one that means so much to me. It is shaping up to be a representation of who I am as an artist, as a person, as a woman and as... a human being. I could a hundred percent come here and just, you know, "the album is coming in December" or "the album is coming early next year". But I won't! I don't want to make broken promises anymore. The album is coming, I'm working hard on having everything ready to make the smoothest roll out I can once everything is set. I promise you won't have to wait for too long anymore. I'm dying to make it the best album I can and stay true to my intentions as a songwriter and as an artist in this new music. How is it working with Jack? He is so talented. I wrote everything by myself in this new album, but he is such a gifted songwriter and an incredible producer. I think he was born with a magical touch with synths and guitars or whatever, because I have never seen someone producing a full-fledged track with several layered instruments as fast as he does. For real. Shout out, Jack, and teach it to me in our next session together. Can you tell us about being a business woman in charge of a label? Wow, you just put so much weight to your words now! (Laughs) It's kind of funny to think of myself as a business woman, an entrepreneur, because deep down I know I'm just an artist trying to manage her own stuff. Period. And that's it. That's the reason why Cherry Tree was conceived in first place. I honestly don't see it as a business per se, but as a channel I found to release my music in a boundless and, creatively speaking, free way. Any word on the new Charli album? Well, you should ask her! Don't want to spoil about anything from her. But it's incredible, as usual. She is truly one of the best pop artists that emerged in our generation. Can we ever expect new Jewels and Diamonds music? Yes! Actually, Charli and I wrote a full album in only one week in March or April, when she was around my place in London. But that never came to light because the record sounded too loud. It was quite the mess, all over the place (laughs). I guess we just did it for fun. That flute synth! Oh my God, you and Jack snapped. How did you produce that? Thank you! I appreciate you like it. I think it makes for such a cute detail on the song. Anyways, it was actually Jack the one that had the idea of doing that. After we finished the song, and that was a week or two ago, I felt it was, um, empty. Like, I felt the track was building nowhere, because there is quite a smooth crescendo during the verses - an almost imperceptible one -, but the chorus came around and it did nothing. So I told him that and we spent some hours trying out some instruments and other synths before he accidentally inserted a synth that sounded too loud and messy. And boy did I love it (laughter). We just tried to reduce the pitch a bit and find a less abrasive synth, and then voila. Do you have any dream collaborators? Oh my God, yes! Definitely. I would love to write with Sky Ferreira. Her first album is definitely one of my favorite albums that came out this decade, and I dare to say it's one of the best debut albums from any of the artists currently releasing music. I think we could make some incredible things together, even if it's just writing a song together or something like that. @kipperskipper Is "Anyone Else" the lead single from your album? I wouldn't label it so. Question is, the album has been ready for a couple of months like I just told you. Or at least I thought it was ready before I wrote and recorded "Anyone Else". Since that song happened I became quite insecure about the record, because I made the entire concept of the album, but I feel like "Anyone Else" showed me there are aspects and angles of this concept I haven't fully explored or addressed in the album. You know what I mean? So, I've been basically revisiting the record with Jack and trying to figure out what we should do, if we should record new stuff, if the album is actually ready for its release like we thought - we are really studying all possibilities. So wait. Is "Anyone Else" even on the album? Why did you decide to release it? That's my point! I don't know. I think I even made this livestream with the intention of addressing this matter. The album is still in works. Two months ago it was a fully written and basically done fourteen-track record, but now I feel like there are a couple of blank spaces and gaps left behind in some songs. I feel like having this album for the longest time is killing me, because I'm probably overthinking everything and finding flaws where they don't really exist. But anyways, I just want the album to be as perfect as it can be to please fans and please me as an artist, as its envisioner. Now, about the song. Man, I don't know. I just felt like it would be a nice treat, since you've been waiting for new music for the longest time. I've been also feeling very introspective, very reflective and very restless about myself and my existence as an artist and as a human being lately. What's our purpose? Why are we here? I've found my peace in these questions, but lately I've been revisiting them a lot. So dropping the song feels like a reminder that I can find my own response to it and I have already done it. I just need to find the right key again. Also, I knew from the moment we wrapped up this song that it sums up a lot of existentialist themes that are quite frequent on the album, so it feels like a great introduction to what I want to say in this record. What's your favorite music at the moment? Harry Styles all the way. I've been quite addicted to the new cupcakKe album, too. It's so nice, the way she mixes so many aspects of a human mind in her music - like, she unapologetically talks about sex on a song and in the next song, she's addressing politics and racial issues. It's so diverse, crude and definitely realistic. We all think about sex and love and less deep stuff, but we also care about politics and Trump and racial segregation. It's a great landscape of themes we all discuss so frequently. So listening to her music just feels like talking to a friend. It's really cool, I don't think any other artist makes me feel that in the industry. @Starboy @Nicki Minaj Anyways, my loves, that was it! Thanks for tuning in, I promise to do something like this again very soon. Until then, stay safe. I love you.
  19. Miz Cracker ft. Iggy Azalea- Glad He's Gone Remix (Vertical Video) Spotify and Youtube Title: Glad He's Gone Remix Artist: Miz Cracker ft. Iggy Azalea Release Date: 9/13/2019 Platform: Spotify, Youtube Label: Skippin Records The official Vertical video for the Glad He's Gone Remix by Miz Cracker and Iggy Azalea has been uploaded to her official Spotify and VEVO Youtube account. Whenever the song is played on Spotify, the video plays in sync! The video starts out with Miz Cracker sitting on her bed, reading a magazine. She is chewing gum and flipping through the pages. Her phone rings (an old school pink phone with a chord) and she picks it up. She looks in the camera and begins to lip sync the lyrics. She is covering the phones speaker to pretend as if she is talking to the audience. She is telling them about her friend who keeps on having boy problems ,as pointed out in the lyrics. Then, after the verse and for the hook, she takes her hand off the speaker of the phone and places th phone up to her ear. She then proceeds to lip sync the lyrics as if she is having a phone conversation with her moping friend. Her expressions are very exaggerated and she rolls her eyes, clenches her fist, flails her arms, points her finger, and looks as if she is frustrated with her friend. Then when the chorus comes, she gets up off the bed and walks around her bed room. There is a montage of her doing random silly things like painting her nails, laying upside down, putting on make up, twirling her hair, and other things that she mindlessly does while talking to her friend. The same pattern basically continues on for the next verse and chorus, but with different scenes. So next comes the bridge, which is Iggy's part. When the bridge comes, we see Iggy on the other line! It is revealed that Cracker was on the phone with Iggy the whole time. Iggy looks like she has taken Cracker's advice. She then raps her verse into the phone as if she is having a convo with Cracker. Iggy is in her bedroom and once again, we see her doing random funny tasks while she is on the phone. She is eating some chips, twerking, counting money, and other random things. After her rap verse, the screen splits so we can see both girls talking on the phone. For the last verse the two are all smiles. Miz Cracker helped Iggy get over the guy and they laugh and dance around as they sing the last chorus together. When the song ends they both hang up their phones and the video cuts out. Glad He's Gone by Miz Cracker is available for purchase/stream. Dolled Up comes out September 27th and is available for pre-order!
  20. CAMERON DALLAS CHATS WITH HOT 99.5 (September 12, 2019 | United States | Free Promo | Call-In | 2nd article) Still going for the call-in interviews on this Thursday (12), the Washington D.C. radio HOT 99.5 - DC's #1 Hit Music Station & Home of The Kane Show was one of the radios Cameron Dallas talked through phone, as he makes a few last promotional interviews to promote his 7-week number one single, "Make Up", his collaboration with Ariana Grande and its new official remix featuring the princess of pop herself, miss Britney Spears. In a conversation about the smashing success of the single and his upcoming debut album 'Suburban Boy', Dallas talked about being inspired by Grande and Spears on the album amongst other influences, about his experience at the NYFW this week as he attended to the Carolina Herrera fashion show on Tuesday, and much more. You can check highlights from the interview below! ON BEING INSPIRED BY BRITNEY, ARIANA & OTHER ARTISTS "I grew up listening to a lot of artists and different genres so it's always a weird moment to say who are my inspirations and influences, but I think I can do that for this album specifically. 'Make Up' is very funky, very pop meets R&B, I can say I was inspired by names like Nile Rodgers and Prince. But speaking about the album, I can definitely see some influences and inspirations by Ariana Grande herself and maybe a bit of Britney, but more Ariana than Britney - I'd say the Britney influence comes up in the naughty and fun lyrics, some of them are kinda sexy! (laughs) There are some songs that could fit in her voice, the melodies and the R&B-ish type of beat, I think Karrueche is a good name too. I wish I could say a boy that inspired but I can't really think of any boys that are doing this R&B/pop sound nowadays, maybe Frank Ocean! Yeah, Frank was an influence too, definitely." ON HIS EXPERIENCE AT THE NYFW "Well that wasn't the first time I've attended to a fashion show, as you all know I've been working with Dolce & Gabbana since last year, and I've walked the runway for them and also watched one of the shows. So it wasn't something new in this perspective, but it was the first Carolina Herrera fashion show, and it was amazing! As someone who's working with them for a few months, I felt honoured to be invited and to be around - I got to talk to Carolina Herrera herself and she was so kind, so polite and so nice to me, we've talked for a bit and she's like the most polished person I've ever met! (laughs) I love being part of this fashion world and it's something that helps me on being creative, on seeing things through a different point of view and getting out of my comfort zone, so it's always a good time." The radio played "Make Up (Remix)" and the host reminded everyone that the single by Cameron Dallas featuring Ariana Grande and its official remix featuring Britney Spears are available now, along with the pre-order of Dallas' debut album, 'Suburban Boy'.
  21. Miz Cracker on The Kelly Clarkson Show Free US Promo (9.13) Miz Cracker on Zedd and Iggy Expose Yeah I saw the news story that broke. I can't speak for her and I can't confirm or deny anything. That is her story to tell. But I just am happy that the world is finally getting to see the dark side of this certain individual. It is a crappy situation, and I hate that she had to go through it. The truth is coming to light. We have obviously had conversations with one another in private. I mean I have obviously been in a similar situation.In fact, when my news story broke, she was the first person to reach out to me. We discussed certain things and I am just thankful to have a friend in her. Before anyone judges her or this situation, I just want them to understand the severity of sexual assault. It is a serious subject. It is a nightmare to deal with. Do not attack victims or survivors. Also, survivors will come out when they are ready and when they want to on their own terms. That is all I have to say about that. I cannot tell anyone else's story. Miz Cracker on reality tv shows vs industry Well you and I both sort of went through the same thing...and I mean "sort of" very lightly. You went through so much more than I did, and became wayyyyy more famous, accepted, taken seriously, acclaimed, and all that compare to me. But I am sure you can relate to my experience. We both started out on reality TV shows and we both found our way here. Now yours was a singing competition show, so you already got that chance to prove to the world how talented you are. Mine was just drag hahah So everyone saw me as just that. No one even knew I could sing or wanted to sing. The reality tv part is where it was hard for me compared to the industry. When you are on a TV show...you are on a TV show. You are a character and you dont get full control of your journey. Yes it is a big platform and launch pad to your career, but it almost feels like i doesnt prepare you for anything. I mean I feel like the exposure is the only thing that benefited me. The industry is a whole other monster. The two have some similarities in the sense that they are both cut throat and are both lucrative. One day everyone may love you, and the next everyone may be over you. So I do appreciate the journey of reality tv as it did sort of give me an insight of what the industry is like, but it didn't even scratch the surface of the real industry. Glad He's Gone by Miz Cracker is available for purchase/stream. Dolled Up comes out September 27th and is available for pre-order!
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  23. I made a Camila Cabello server for camilizers to chat and talk about camila! Non-camilizers are welcome too! We are a fun and loving community! Please join!! https://discord.gg/cNBdv8e
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