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  2. Camila Cabello X iTunes July 19, 2019 - July 26, 2019 Camila Cabello has launched a deal with iTunes to promote her debut solo single Crying in the Club on the platform. The homepage is filled with promotional banners to promote the song, above you can see an example of the promotional banner used for it, once a user clicks on it, the user gets directed to the page where they can buy the song.
  3. Camila Cabello - "Crying in the Club" (Audio) Worldwide audio release on her VEVO channel Camila Cabello has uploaded the audio version of her debut solo single Crying in the Club on her VEVO channel. The video shows text "CAMILA CABELLO / CRYING IN THE CLUB" in better and more modern font (see video above) and to the left there's a picture of Camila, crying, with different letters and words covering her face and showing one eye, the one eye blinks at every 15 seconds and tears are pouring down on her cheeks at the audio video plays.
  4. Camila Cabello - "Crying in the Club" Worldwide debut solo single release Camila Cabello has finally released her debut solo single Crying in the Club after almost two years of being silent on her solo music. The song is available on all streaming services as of July 19, 2019. Title: Crying in the Club Artist: Camila Cabello Album: TBA Genre: Pop Length: 3:36 Writers: Camila Cabello; Cashmere Cat; Benny Blanco Producer(s): Max Martin Audio Lyrics
  5. Iggy Azalea on The Project! | AUS Paid Promo | July 18 | On July 18 Iggy Azalea joined the news talk show The Project in Australia to promote her third single from UTOPIA titled Love Don't Fail Me Now! Iggy also discussed her Splendour in the Grass set and the stereotypes associated with female rappers. Host: It's now coming up to 7 o'clock so everybody welcome our special guest of the night, the Australian born Iggy Azalea! Iggy: Hello! How's everyone doing? Host: I'm doing amazing thank you! What about you? How's Australia treating you? Iggy: I'm good thanks! Australia has been treating me very well! Hopefully it continues that way cause I have my headlining set for Splendour in the Grass tomorrow which I'm really nervous for! Host: Well tell us about your set, what can we expect to hear? Iggy: There will be like 4 songs from my upcoming album and about 1 or 2 other songs which either didn't make the cut or they might be covers. I don't wanna reveal to much but I guess you'll have to wait and see tomorrow when I hit the stage! Host: Well tomorrow I'm sure everyone will be listening to your new single Love Don't Fail Me Now which is the offical third single from your debut album UTOPIA. Are you excited for everyone to hear this new song? Iggy: Yes I'm over the moon, it's such a fun track and I hope it brightens up someones day cause I just love it so much! Host: Well we can't wait for that to come out so let's have a little listen TEN SECOND SNIPPET PLAYS Host: Will the music video be coming the same day as the song's release? Iggy: No! I've decided to release it the Friday after so everyone has something to look for cause I'm already dropping a lyric / vertical video on Spotify! Host: That's exciting, but do you feel any pressure by the public being a female rapper? Cause there are many stereotypes inforced on you? Iggy: Hmmmm it really depends most days I just feel like doing what I want and I don't care about the stereotypes people have created cause suprise, everyone is unique! Host: Wow that's very true! Iggy: It is and i hope more people realise that! Host: Well thank you for joining us today Iggy! We wish you all the best tomorrow! Iggy: Thank you! Host: Boom Boom is out now and UTOPIA is avaible for preorder and make sure to check out Love Don't Fail Me Now tomorrow!
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  7. NORMANI HAS GONE OFF THE RAILS From her infamous break up with rapper Kendrick Lamar to her beef with singers K. Michelle and SZA, singer Normani has been the subject of a lot gossip and scrutiny but according to her newest collab album with fellow r&b singer Aaliyah, she has been trying to move on from all the drama. Now it seems she is doing the opposite as sources close to Normani have revealed to E! News. "She has completely gone off the rails," one source claimed. They revealed that the More Life-chanteuse has been partying almost every other day for the past few weeks and getting "blackout drunk" at least once a week. The reasons for this are seemingly unknown but her friends and family seem very concerned about the situation, with her mother allegedly urging her to take some time off work to go home and rest. Her new lifestyle has been interfering with her work life, causing her to miss multiple interviews and performances such as an appearance on Dancing With The Stars and an interview with KIIS-FM last month. Normani herself has commented on missing scheduled appearances, chalking it up to a virus she contracted which forced her to stay at home. A member of the crew at The Talk who wishes to remain anonymous has a different story to tell though. He claims Normani, who was scheduled to appear on the show on June 13th, didn't arrive on set until almost an hour after the show had finished filming at around 1pm. An allegedly very hungover Normani then stormed into the building and searching for the shows producers, shouting at them for not having her dressing room ready. Once the producers calmed her down and explained to her that the show was already over, she quietly apologized and rushed out of the building. Her manager called in minutes later to explain how Normani had had a little bit too much to drink the day before and overslept which is why she was confused about when the show was actually beginning and missed it.
  8. Miley Cyrus X The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon July 18, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 1/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat Jimmy: Miley Cyrus everybody! Welcome back to the show! I'm happy to see you and to see you back here on the show, how have you been? Miley: Yes, I'm happy to be back and I'm good, thank you. Everything is going good, so it's all okay! Jimmy: So, the new single Don't Call Me Up is doing very well, it's #1 on the US iTunes Charts for over 15 days and has reached #1 on the Hot 100 and is projected to remain there for another week, how does it feel? Miley: It feels so good, I'm so so grateful (gets all exciting while talking about it), you know.. I always had a little feeling inside of me no one would care about the new music, don't ask me why, but I had that feeling for a long time, I guess it was just my anxiety playing up, but when it was time to release Feelin' Myself and it was doing so good and a lot of people liked it, I was ... like .. really happy with myself. After that it was time to release the lead single, Don't Call Me Up, and I didn't knew what everyone would think, days went by after the release and a lot of people on social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, were tweeting and talking about it and all positive, I felt so good. Jimmy: Well, I'm happy for you and all of the success you have right now. I really like the song and I can't wait for the rest if I'm being honest with you. Miley: Thank you so much, it'll be worth the wait! Jimmy: So, your nominated for NINE VMAs at this year's cerenomy, your the most nominated artist this year, congratulations on that, how does it feel? Miley: It feels so good, we're actually also nominated for the three main awards of the night which feels absolutely insane to be honest. Jimmy: And you're also performing at the show, rehearsed yet? Miley: We've rehearsed yesterday and we've rehearsed before I came here, today was the rehearsal for the first time in full and it went absolutely great to be honest. It was so good and I was so proud of my team, dancers, band and everyone that has been involved, we're really setting a performance on the show this Sunday! Jimmy: Well, I hope it works out for you, I'll be at the show too this Sunday and I'm so excited. How do you feel about Rihanna getting the Video Vanguard Award? Miley: Well deserved, obviously. Her music is good and her music video's always deserve quality and a whole amazing story, I hope she kicks ass (laughs) at the show this Sunday, I can't wait to see her perform and take that award home with her! Jimmy: Well, it's all very exciting. Thank you for coming to the show, Miley. (Jimmy grabs two cardboards of DCMU single cover and Secrets album cover and puts it on the table, holding it), Miley Cyrus' single Don't Call Me Up is out now, so listen to it while you can and her album "Secrets" is up for pre-order which is due later this year, thank you for watching tonight's show and see you next week! Miley: Bye guys! (does a handkiss) Don't Call Me Up is out now, pre-order "Secrets", the album, right now, which is coming out later this year.
  9. The countdown is on. In the midst of much anticipation and rabid speculation about when she will finally release her new album, Marina and the Diamonds has updated her website with a cryptic countdown. The countdown clocked appeared on the singer's website around 5:30pm ET this Wednesday afternoon, counting down to Sunday, July 21, 9:30pm ET. That is about 4 days from now—more precisely, 101 hours from now. Fans have already traced the connection between this and the fact that Diamandis' long awaited record is slated to call Room 101. Fans that are even more attentive went further to find out that 9:30pm ET is exactly the time this year's Video Music Awards is expected to begin. However, Marina wasn't nominated, nor is shortlisted on the award show's line up for performances. Is she going to be a surprise performer? Or—is her countdown even related to the event? A lot of questions are still unsolved. By the same time the countdown went online on her website—in a very elegant font, by the way—, Marina took it to her social media accounts to post a new picture which sees her holding an old-fashioned mirror while facing her reflection with some kind of mysterious look in her eyes. The photograph was accompanied by her website link, where fans can eagerly follow the countdown. She also made sure to post the countdown through her Instagram stories, with the countdown subtitle reading "7.21", the date it is slated to end. The countdown clock also showed up in Times Square a few minutes later, as some fans tweeted in excitement. If it has anything to do with new music, we will find out on July 21, apparently. Marina's latest album, The Desired Effect, was released in 2016. Check out our Best New Music review of it here.
  10. Big Sean x Elvis Duran And The Morning Show (Z100) (Date: July 16, 2019; Location: New York City; 2nd article; PAID) Elvis: Big Sean! Welcome back to the studio! We’re very glad to have you back because you now have a new single out from your album, thank god it’s over. When you first announced this album, it seemed like you weren’t going to put any singles out. What changed your mind? Sean: Definitely the reception. I went into this album thinking it wouldn’t really be what the fans wanted or what the people were looking for but it seems I was definitely mistaken. It’s been doing well in practically every way I could imagine so I figured I’d turn this into more than just an album but a proper era with videos, performances and all that. Elvis: And the new single is Half A Man featuring Olly Alexander. How long have you been sitting on this song for? Sean: Quite a while actually. I think, out of the songs that made the cut, this was maybe the third song I wrote for the album. I’d obviously gone through, you know, a heartbreak and a heartbreak that’s harder to deal with when, you know, it’s your fault. It inspired a lot of music at the time and I really poured my heart out into the studio on this song. I even wrote the hook by myself. Elvis: And when did Olly come into the cut? When did this become a collaboration? Sean: It was a while after I originally wrote the song. I contacted him and his team at the very beginning of the year because I knew I needed a vocalist that could belt. I sing every now and then but my voice is deep as hell *laugh* Elvis: And we hear that loud and clear! Sean: Right, right, but I contacted him because he was suggested to me and I can’t say this enough times *laughs* but he absolutely killed the track and y’all can hear that on the final edit. Elvis: Are you two close? Sean: Definitely, like, as far as collaborators go. We’ve had the opportunity to hang out during rehearsals. Elvis: because I just remembered you two are performing at the VMAs. How’s that gonna go? Sean: We’re very excited. I’ve actually won VMAs in the past so I have a great relationship with them and I’m super fond of the creative team that always work at MTV. I definitely feel at home performing at the VMAs. Elvis: And you might just end up winning more because you’re nominated for six awards, including Video of the Year for Irritation. How did that feel? Sean: That came out of nowhere for me. Maybe I just need to work on my self confidence at this point cuz it’s like every bit of positive feedback I get is a shock to me *laughs* but I’m very happy because I worked very hard on the video and Benny Boom did a fantastic job directing the video. It looks so rich and so cool, while still being able to properly convey the storyline of the song. Elvis: And do you expect to go home with anything? Sean: I’d greatly appreciate it but there ain’t gon be no bad blood between me and the VMAs if I go home empty handed. I’m super cool either way and just happy to be performing and nominated. Elvis: But don’t you have a little bit of a competitive spirit about you? Sean: Oh, definitely. I mean, that's what being a rapper is. That's not really me as much this era though. I'm all sad and stuff *laughs* but I'm definitely planning to make my next album a lot grittier and more, like, radio friendly and what y'all would expect from me. That's when I'll start eating these boys again *laughs* Elvis: Well, I certainly think you're doing that right now, no matter what music you're putting out. Everybody at home, make sure you tune into MTV this weekend to watch the VMAs and see Big Sean and Olly Alexander performing together. Should we give them a taste of the song you'll be performing. Sean: Absolutely. Let's get it! Elvis: Here's Half A Man by Big Sean featuring Olly Alexander, live on Z100 *Half A Man plays live on air*
  11. U.S. | Free Promo 1/5 On July 17th, karrueche stopped by ‘Dateline’ to promote her lead single from her debut album, expectations. Host: Today’s guest is a multi-platinum recording artist who has been killing the R&B game with hits like “more than that” and “show love” off her #1 debut album,’expectations.’ Please welcome karrueche! Kae: Hello! How are you? Host: I’m doing amazing and yourself? Kae: I’m doing amazing. I have nothing to complain about. Host: Well that’s good to hear. Recently you released your debut album, which has received stellar reception. Did you expect that type of response to it? Kae: I was kind of iffy about what the critics were going to think. They weren’t really fans of my E.P. so I didn’t know what to expect from them. I’m glad they liked what they heard and I’ve read some really nice things that really warmed my heart. Host: Yes, isn’t it great to get positive feedback from something you worked so hard on? It’s like the icing on the cake. Kae: Exactly. Host: Well the current single “more than that” is doing amazing. I heard it’s your biggest song to date? Kae: Yes… It is. Which is honestly crazy. I couldn’t expect anything like this. The reception for both songs have been amazing and I’m so ready to get started on the next single. Host: Well you’re slated to perform at the upcoming VMA’s… Should we expect the next single to be performed. Kae: *looks side to side* Maybe. I don’t know. Y’all will just have to tune in. Host: Okay. You want it to be a surprise. Gotcha. Well speaking of the VMA’s you’re nominated for Best New Artist this year. Do you think you’ll win? Kae: You never know what these award shows will do. Let’s just put positive vibes out there and leave it at that. There are others nominated for other awards in the category and the pattern would point to them having a better chance, but like i said positive vibes. *smiles then gives a slight eyeroll* Host: Well we’re rooting for you. Everybody if you haven’t already. Please go get her incredible debut album, ‘expectations.’ We’ll be right back. more than that available everywhere.
  12. SZA x Instagram LIVE Q&A July 17th SZA started off the live listening to her song "Back Together" while telling the viewers she’s going to wait a few minutes so people can tune in. After the song went off she began a Q&A Session with her fans. Fan #1: “How are you doing today mom? I hope you’re in good spirits.” SZA: I’m actually doing pretty fine. I just got done working on something for you guys. (Smirks) I’m actually in a really good mood. I hope you are too babes. Fan #2: “When are we getting the next single? We want the visuals now!” SZA: It’s coming love. The label is setting everything up behind the scenes. I told y’all before the month is over. Fan #3: How are you feeling about the VMA noms this year? SZA: Not surprised. They went the predictable route as always. Congratulations to all the nominees though. Fan #4: Are you happy to perform at the VMAs this year? SZA: Of course! I’m always excited to do big performances like that for the fans. It’ll probably be my last this year since the tour is less than a month away. Fan #5: Speaking of the tour… What songs are on the setlist? SZA: Now you know I can’t release that information, but singles are obvious. Trying to squeeze as much album cuts as possible, because I know those are what y’all really want to see. I’m super excited for you guys to see the production. It’s so dope and perfect. Fan #6: Will you add any dates to the tour? SZA: That’s a really good question. I really want to see how I feel after all the current dates. Y’all know I’m super big on mental health and I really want to see where my head space is after that. I would love to add dates though. Fan #7: Where’s Michael B(eat the pussy up) Jordan at sis? SZA: (laughs hysterically) Y’all are crazy. He’s somewhere around here. I told him to let us have some alone time. (Sticks tongue out) Fan #8: Thoughts on all the legal drama in the music industry right now? SZA: It’s so crazy. I’m hoping Britney comes out of this better than ever and when it comes to Shawn… He kind of knew he was gambling a little so I can’t be that mad at the Russian government, but he said what he said. I just hope everything gets back to normal for them to be honest. Fan #9: What’s the vibe for Down For Whatever’s video? SZA: I really didn’t want to go with the cliche and stick entirely to the lyrics so we’re going with a more artistic approach. I actually have Solange directing the video so yeah… Anyways, thank you guys so much for tuning in. I know this was short, but I just wanted to give some slight updates since I’ve been sort of MIA. Love you guys and goodnight or whatever it is where you are. (Blows kisses) Back Together available everywhere.
  13. Sky Ferreira on Z100 New York (Call In) Paid US Promo (7/17) Sky On August Peaches Music Video Coming Soon I am excited that the video has been shot. It is ready to go. I think we will release it next week. We do have a visual coming out this week, so I think we will put the bigger production out next week. This one is super fun. Obviously you can expect a summer setting. This song is about a summer romance and reminiscing on those happy past times. I love the cinematography in this one. It is so beautiful. We had a lot of beautiful locations shot. It is very carefree and just me really enjoying myself. It's funny cuz when I write a sad song, it's kind of said and done right? Well not really. Because if that sad song is a single then I have to talk about it in 100 interviews and perform it over and over. Then to top it all off, I have to make a music video for it which will obviously be sad. So I have to live in that sad memory for months! It's very taxing emotionally. So to finally have a happy song is amazing. I don't have to wallow in my sorrow for months. I just get to have fun and breathe! Sky On working at her own pace I love it. It is so important to me. I don't want to be caught up in deadlines and demands. I don't want to rush or force anything. I want it to all be honest and genuine. If that means me writing a song today and adding it to my album, then so be it. My art is on my terms. I don't need 100 people telling me what I should or shouldn't do. Last time I checked, they weren't me. This is my art and my stories. I want to be as authentic as possible. I know i am working at a slow pace, but I am giving my best. This album is the best work that I have done and I am proud of it. After the interview the host reminded everyone to buy/stream August Peaches and Pre-Order The Life Of FLowers! August peaches then plays on the radio!
  14. Sky Ferreira on The Late Late Show with James Corden Paid US Promo (7/17) Sky Performs August Peaches The stage was dimly lit. Sky stood at the center at the mic stand. She was accompanied by the live band. They began to play the beautiful and epic intro to the song. A sweeping sound of music. Then, once the cue came, Sky began to sing the lyrics. The uptempo tune kicked in and Sky swayed back and forth as she began to sing the first verse. She was all smiles as she sang. Images of sunflowers played in the background as she sang. The band killed the instrumentation of the song. When the chorus came, the energy started to build up. This is where the song is at it's fastest pace and most upbeat. Once it hit, Sky danced around. It was a cute lil sway motion, and she tossed her hair around. It wasn't anything intense, but she was enjoying herself and enjoying the performance. It really added a lot to it. This time around it wasn't her just standing there singing. She moved around a lot more and the performance was a lot more dynamic. The song is a fun tune, and she was doing just that. She sounded pitch perfect just like the studio version. Overall it was a solid and energetic performance that put a smile on everyone's face! After the performance the host reminded everyone to buy/stream August Peaches and Pre-Order The Life Of FLowers!
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