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  3. Hey, everyone! We as a hosting team are excited to announce that season 6 of Create A Label will kick off on December the 6th As per usual, we will be making a few changes and adjustments to the game for the new season and you can read all of them below. STREAMING The streaming charts will be given a big resurgence for the new season. Usually, I do the streaming charts manually and decide the numbers based on how well they're doing on the charts, how old the song is and how much they've been pushed onto Spotify playlists, etc. For the new season, the streaming charts will now be based on an algorithm (much like the radio charts) and they will be presented as a proper weekly Top 50 chart, rather than a hodgepodge of 30484304 songs, videos and remixes that have been released over all the past seasons. The new algorithm that I've put together will use a number of factors to decide the overall streaming numbers for your songs. The biggest factor will be where your songs are placed on the digital charts, for every country/territory each week. The algorithm also considers how big each country/territory is in terms of streaming numbers, meaning your song's placements in the U.S. will have the most impact on your worldwide streaming numbers, followed by Europe, the U.K., and Australia/Canada (in that order). The second biggest factor towards your songs' streaming numbers will be how well your songs have been pushed onto playlists or promoted on streaming services. As of season six, @CAL Mediabase will turn into 'CAL Streaming + Radio' and will be used much like @CALBooking but specifically for radio and streaming bookings. You can all use the account to book placements for your songs on both Spotify and Apple Music playlists. Now that we have a proper system for streaming bookings, promoting your songs on Spotify and Apple Music playlists will come with a charge. They will be significantly cheaper than T.V. bookings (Nearly all of them are under $100k) but the prices have been put in place so that playlists like Today's Top Hits, which would give your songs the biggest reach possible with its 25,000,000 followers, wouldn't be equal to playlists with much less outreach. The prices for the Spotify playlists are based on the amount of followers the playlists have and the prices for the Apple Music playlists are based on how accessible they are from the front page. You can see the playlists you can book and their prices below: The general prices listed here guarantee a spot on the playlist and the #1 and cover of each playlist would cost an extra 10%. For example, the #1 spot and cover for Today's Top Hits would cost $220,000, while a regular spot on the playlist would only cost $200,000. Anything not listed here is free and will not need to be booked, although playlists not listed here will have a smaller impact on your streams than any of the paid playlists. You can also book billboards and banners through CAL Streaming + Radio, which will also affect your total number of streams. But, wait, I'm not done! Streaming pushes will also be offered for YouTube videos into the new season and the YouTube streaming chart will also work just like the audio streaming chart. We will also be offering placements on a few of YouTube's new playlists that they have been promoting all over the website. They will work similarly to the playlists on Spotify and Apple Music, although most of the covers of their playlists are just stock images so there will be no extra charges for any of these playlists. If you book any of these playlists to push an audio/lyric/vertical video, they will be replaced with the official music video once it is released. You can view the playlists and prices below: CAL Streaming + Radio will also offer YouTube ads for your videos and placements on the front page for the release week of your video. You can name the price and time range for the advertisements, although CAL Streaming + Radio will only accept a maximum of $250,000 per song for YouTube ads (and this may change depending on the results in the first month or so). Front page access will cost $100,000 per video and will only be accepted for two songs each week. They can also only be booked for the release week of your videos. I'm going to open bookings for these playlists on November the 25th at 12am EST. After then, like with the radio charts, bookings for any time will always be open and I'll use a Google Sheet to showcase which playlists have already been booked. Assuming many of you may want your releases to be surprises, I will simply mark your bookings with your label name. Also, this is not a rule but can I just kindly ask we don't get a bunch of bulk bookings for singles that came out months earlier in the first week of the season? Any playlist bookings from the last few months of the season will continue to have an impact going into the next season and I'd hate for the charts to start off too bloated with payola Before you book any playlists to push your songs, please make sure they are well suited for your artist/song. They're all public and you can check the songs in the playlists and their descriptions to see if they would suit your artist/song. To prevent streaming bookings from being oversaturated, each song will only be offered a maximum of 10 playlist bookings across Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music. On top of all this, labels will now be able to earn revenue from the streaming charts. To calculate your earnings, you can simply take the amount of streams you received and divide them by 150. For example, if your new song received 100 million audio and video streams this week, you would earn $666,666 from that song. You can claim your revenue from @CALBooking like you would with single sales. As well as the new weekly streaming charts, the old streaming charts with every song/video/remix, etc. on it will be updated every five weeks and will still include songs and videos from past seasons. The "deadlines" for each of these streaming updates will be.. SINGLES CHARTS As per usual, the singles charts will be based on the positions of your songs on the digital charts that are updated twice a week. However, for season 6, the pure sales for singles will be given a significant decrease to match the dying rate of digital single sales irl. On average, the biggest single each week would sell around.. U.S. = 100,000 EU = 40,000 U.K. = 20,000 CAN = 10,000 AUS = 10,000 And, as per usual, labels can claim $1 per single sale. On top of this, @Venti and @Breathin will be teaming up to create a new Hot 100 for the season, which will be considering both sales and streams to determine the weekly positions. It will work much like the album charts @Venti did for this season and it will only be made for the U.S., meaning the other four charts will continue to be based on pure sales only. RADIO Like with the new streaming charts, labels will now be able to earn revenue from radio spins. For every radio spin (on any of the four platforms), your label will earn $15. If your new single gets a total of 60,000 radio spins in a week, your label will now be able to claim $900,000 from @CALBooking, on top of the revenue you earn from streaming and pure sales. BREAK PERIODS This season, we as a hosting team have decided to schedule two breaks within the season, where pretty much everything will be frozen outside of the tours. This will give us time to catch up on things we wouldn't have done with all the hustle and bustle of the charts and promo distracting us. The breaks will take place in the weeks of October the 16th and April the 17th (which will be right after Easter week). Please make your promo plans for the season knowing that these two weeks will be empty. ONLINE BOOKINGS On top of this, @CALBooking will now offer bookings to promote your artists/songs/albums on popular online formats. Like with the playlist deals, these are all cheaper than the regular T.V. bookings. If you know of any that aren't listed, please let us know. You can view the ones we currently have below: Once again, anything not listed will be free but will be treated as free promo. WORD COUNTS A change will also be made to the minimum word count for promotional articles (including videos). As of season 6, the minimum word count will be 300 words across all promotional articles, whether they be performances, interviews or both, and also for music videos and vertical videos. The exception to this rule will be audio and lyric videos, as they are usually fairly basic and could be presented using gifs or images. That's about it For the most part, the season will be fairly similar to the last one but just with these tweaks that have either been discussed by the hosts or brought up in the survey @Mr. Mendes sent out. Now, get back to creating so season 6 can be one to remember Thank you for reading my essay, I really appreciate it xoxo Nicki Minaj @Breathin @Venti @cocoCHANEL🅴 @Mr. Mendes @despy @Britney Spears @Starboy @Venus @Pabllo @Cinnamon Girl @kipperskipper @Natalia @Alex
  4. SONG ASSOCIATION x karrueche U.S./Worldwide | Free Promo | 1st Article The video started off with karrueche introducing herself and the game. She says, “I hope I do well. I kind of suck with lyrics.” The first word given was ‘Friend’ and she started singing some of the chorus of DJ Snake and Tinashe’s collaboration ‘Just Friends’. The second word was ‘Can’ so she started singing some of the chorus from her single ‘can i’ and told everyone watching to get it. The third word given was ‘Hood’ and she started rapping some of Kash Doll’s verse from ‘SupaHood’ by K Michelle featuring Kash Doll and City Girls. The fourth word was ‘Again’ so she starts singing the chorus from ‘Single Again’ by Trina. The fifth word given was ‘Girl’ and she sang a little of ‘Where The Sad Girl Cries’ by Skye Ferreria. The sixth word is ‘You’ and she began to sing ‘You’ by Keyshia Cole, which features Remy Ma and French Montana. The seventh word was ‘Tell’ and she began to sing ‘Santa Tell Me’ by Ariana Grande and mentions it’s probably her favorite Christmas song. The eighth word was ‘If’ and she started to sing ‘If’ by Beyonce. The ninth word is ‘Walk’ and she started to sing some of ‘Walk Away’ by Cassie (Stripped). The tenth word was ‘Bag’ and she couldn't think of anything to sing. The eleventh word was ‘Glad’ and she started to sing ‘I’m Glad’ by Jennifer Lopez. The twelfth word was ‘Since’ and she started to sing some of ‘Since U Been Gone’ by Kelly Clarkson. The thirteenth word was ‘Right’ so sang some of ‘Right Here’ by Brandy. The fourteenth word given was ‘Out’ so she sang a little of ‘Check It Out’ by will.i.am and Nicki Minaj. The final word was ‘Better’ so she sang a little bit of ‘Kiss It Better’ by Rihanna and complimenting the song. She finished the game by saying, “Oh wow. 14/15. I did better than I could even imagine. Thank you so much for letting me play and remember to get my new single ‘can i’ off my debut album, expectations. out everywhere!” and blows a kiss. can i available everywhere. 7/10
  5. CupcakKe x Late Night with Seth Meyers (Date: November 20, 2019; Location: New York City; 3rd article; PAID) CupcakKe appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers this Wednesday evening for the first live television performance of her new single Bloody Burner. CupcakKe started off by screaming out to the crowd. "WHAT'S UP, NEW YORK? ARE Y'ALL READY TO PARTY TONIGHT??". She was wearing all black with some long, black inches to match the dark vibe of the song. "Got that typa tongue to have your girl screaming bloody murder..". It was just CupcakKe on stage as she got into the first verse but the lights were co-operating with the bass in the instrumental to add a bit more energy to the stage as CupcakKe moved around with her signature hand gestures, rapping every lyric (minus the curse words) out to the crowd. The lights got a bit more aggressive and started to mimic the hi-hats in the instrumental as CupcakKe angrily screamed "YOU AIN'T FROM AROUND HERE". Two dancers, wearing matching outfits to her, slowly made their way onto the stage for the chorus and began doing some choreo as CupcakKe said "Hailin' from Chiraq / You mess with me, you get attacked" and CupcakKe was quickly swaying from left to right to match their energy and movements. CupcakKe switched from angry and threatening to sexy and sassy for the second verse as she started rapping about taking straight guys' girls. "I got skills when it come to shootin' homies off the block / But I can make ya girl cum three times in the time that you could once". She started squatting and shaking her hips from left to right as she rapped lyrics like "This cookie wet like seaweed". The dancers went back to the centre of the stage as the beat really kicked in but, this time, they were at the front of the stage, and CupcakKe was rapping the lyrics behind them at the back of the stage. By the end of the verse, CupcakKe was fully squatted down, grabbing her crotch and sticking her tongue out in between lines to really sell it. The stayed squatted for the beginning of the chorus and slowly made her way up so that the dancers could make their way to the back of the stage and CupcakKe could move up to the front as the chorus was over. As the chorus ended, CupcakKe brought the mic back to her mouth and very quietly whispered the outro of the song as the dancers stood still, military style. They then walked their way off the stage halfway through the outro and CupcakKe gave the crowd a very confident look as she whispered "Bad girls comin' for ya / And ya girl cummin' for me, yeah". She stood still and quiet as the crowd screamed for her and she confidently stroked her inches. Seth: Give it up for CupcakKe, everybody! That was such a great performance. You even got me a little scared. CupcakKe: That's the point, daddy. Seth: Okay, before we get too not safe for work, everybody at home can go listen to the new single from CupcakKe. It's called Bloody Burner and you can also get it as a track off of her new album The CupcakKe Times. CupcakKe, everybody! We'll be back after the break.
  6. U.S. | Paid Promo | 5th Article On November 20th, Cassie stopped by ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ to promote her lead single from her upcoming junior album, Don’t Play It Safe. After being introduced by Seth, Cassie and him exchange greetings before he asked her how she was doing and she responded, “I’m doing amazing. I finally announced the release date for my album so it’s smooth sailing from here on out.” Seth then asked her about the album and she replied, “I’m so excited for Don’t Play It Safe to finally be out. I;ve worked with such amazing producers like Metro Boomin, MNEK, Kaytranada, Boi-1da,etc. It’s been an amazing journey. December 13th! Set your reminders.” Seth then asked her about the success of her lead single and she replied, “I put CASSIE out to kind of encourage people to gas themselves up. I feel like you need to be your own cheerleader a lot of the times. Especially as you get older and people go into different chapters of their lives. You have to learn to be your own cheerleader and not look for validation in others.” He then compliments the album cover and asks her about the promotional single and she responded, “I chose Forget You Not as a promotional single, because I have a few pop songs on the album and I wanted to give everyone a little preview. The song means alot, because it’s about a past relationship and how you’ll never forget them. The video I really just decided to share my truth. The song is lighthearted, but the video really goes deep.” He then asked her what’s next for her and she replied, “Right now. I’m in album mode. I kind of want to do some fun things for Forget You Not and just get everyone ready for the album. I’m debating on releasing one more song before the album so we’ll see. I’m just really taking things day by day and trying to focus on things for the fans,” He then wraps up the interview and thanks her for stopping by before urging everyone to get “CASSIE”. CASSIE available everywhere 6/10
  7. Tinashe x The Voice U.S. (Date: November 19, 2019; Location: Los Angeles; 3rd article; PAID) For The Voice, Tinashe prepared another acoustic performance of her new collaborative single with DJ Snake, Just Friends. She was sitting on a stool at the right side of the stage with her guitarist next to her and she began the performance by humming along and getting in tune with the new setting for the song. She softly sang the lyrics to the first verse as the guitar chords slowly crept in. She was rocking from back and forth to keep a bit of the beat in, although there was no percussion for this performance. She then sang the pre-chorus in her head voice so that her voice wouldn't be too overpowering over the guitar. As the chorus came in, the guitarist strummed just a little harder and Tinashe went into her belting register to belt out the chorus. As the "drop" came in, the guitarist went into a short melodic solo, giving Tinashe time to prepare for the second verse. As the second verse came in, she brought the energy up a bit with some of her rap-singing along with the lyrics. The guitarist brought the energy up once again so she could continue to belt and sing the lyrics in her chest voice for the pre-chorus and chorus. She let out some ad libs over the next guitar solo and, once it came to an end, the guitarist went back to strumming slowly and softly for the bridge. For the chorus, the guitarist quickly strummed one chord so that Tinashe could belt out a super high note and he could go back to strumming loudly and quickly for the last chorus. Tinashe let go of the lyrics and let out a bunch of ad libs and runs, ending with her going down the scale to sing "I can't stand being just friends". The guitarist then strummed a bunch of notes, ending with the home chord to put the song to an end. He and Tinashe hugged as the host told the crowd the new single is out now.
  8. Tinashe x Jimmy Kimmel Live!(Date: November 20, 2019; Location: United States; 3rd article; PAID) Jimmy: Today’s guest is a multi-platinum award winning R&B superstar. She’s also one of the leading ladies of modern R&B. Please welcome Tinashe to the show! Tinashe: Hello! Thank you for having me tonight. Jimmy: It’s my pleasure. So what’s going on in the world of Tinashe? Tinashe: Just doing some last minute Just Friends related things. I performed the song on a couple of shows this week. Just trying to give the fans some exciting things related to the song. Jimmy: I saw. You’re such an amazing performer. Tinashe: Thank you. It’s my favorite part besides actually making the music. Jimmy: I can tell. Well the song has been doing amazing. Are we any closer to the beginning of the roll out for the next era? Tinashe: Yes. I’m so proud of this collaboration. The song is amazing and I’m happy that everyone involved is seeing some type of benefit from it. The next song isn’t soon, but it isn’t too far away. I’m really just taking my time perfecting everything right now. I’m very excited though because I really love this album and can’t wait for everyone to experience it. Jimmy: Is there anything we should look forward to in the near future? Tinashe: Just Friends… I told you Jimmy. I’m taking my time. I’m really just focused on the experience my new music has to offer. Jimmy: Well onto a not so good topic. You recently released a remix for the song featuring J Balvin who was in a sticky situation with singer Armani. How was that? Tinashe: It was good. He’s super professional and amazingly talented. It was a great experience. Jimmy: Well that’s good to hear.What are your favorite songs out right now? You have a really great taste so I’d like to know. Tinashe: I love Cassie’s single. The vibe is crazy. Dance To This has a great vibe to it as well. Lana is amazing as always. I’m a little bias, but I love Bloody Burner by CupcaKke. My library is clearly all over the place these days. Jimmy: That’s a good thing though. Well that’s all the time we have. Thank you so much Tinashe for stopping by. Go get ‘Just Friends’ wherever you consume music. We’ll be right back! 5/10
  9. PROMOTIONAL PRINT ADVERTISEMENTS FOR "LUCIFER'S HANDS" + VIDEO APPEAR ACROSS U.S. Across the US in local and national newspapers, mysterious advertisements concerning TRNT's new single Lucifer's Hands and it's upcoming video appeared in print. The advertisements will be printed in a different set of papers across the country every day for the next week, all bearing the same message. The campaign comes as TRNT's second print targeted campaign and acts not only as a promotional strategy, but deepens the lore and story present in the new album. The ads display the unfiltered single cover for the song as well as a short "article" about the fictional events. See below for the article. Last night at 2:36 AM EST, twenty year old Analesia Wayland was found dead in a bedroom of her family home in Gulf Park. She was found hanged from a ceiling fan mounted in the room with a overturned chair below hair, however Gulf Park Police Department have concluded that he death is a homiced. Upon removal of the noose, the distinct outline of two hands was observed on her neck. Near by was a discarded pistol with a bullet in the chamber and cocked but unfired. Also found in the room were discarded heroin needles, empty pill bottles baring the names of people unknown to the family, and various other items of drug paraphernalia. Upon dusting for prints on the items and comparing it to the DNA found from the prints on her neck, it has been concluded that Analesia's 18 year old brother, Trent Wayland, is at least partially responsible for the crime, though it is suspected that he's the sole perpetrator of the incident. The last few weeks, Mr. Wayland's appearances in public have been minimal. His classmates have noted that he hasn't been attending classes and has only been heard from sporadically. He's been sighted out and about the town of Gulf Park and in the neighboring city of Crestwood coming from well known drug territory. Wayland has not been seen by his family since early afternoon on June 9th. At present time, his location is unknown but it's assumed he's in the area. If you sight Mr. Wayland, do not approach. He is to be treated as hostile and dangerous. This Friday, the Gulf Park Police Department will be holding a press conference in which they will show a recreation of what they think happened last evening.* For more information, you can consult regular broadcasts from local news by seeking information filed under Lucifer's Hands, a phrase known to Mr. Wayland to describe feelings of darkness and anger. The information is available in all your preferred modes of consumption. *= following the release of the video this Friday, this line will be changed to "Gulf Park Police have made available a recreation of the incident to warn the public of what this subject is capable of.
  10. U.S. | Paid Promo | 4th Article On November 19th, Cassie stopped by ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ to promote her lead single from her upcoming junior album, Don’t Play It Safe. After being introduced by James the camera pans to the stage where Cassie is standing in a line side by side with her dancers. As the instrumental for “CASSIE” begins to play, the lights on the stage then begin to slowly brighten up. Cassie has on a headset so they all begin to do some heavy choreography as she sings. When it comes time for the pre-chorus she begins to take a few sassy steps towards the front of the stage and the dancers follow as they hit a freestyle move one by one to line up beside her again. When it comes time for the chorus they do a full out hip hop routine as she showcases perfect breath control. As they begin to get into the second verse she works the stage as she hits some moves every few seconds just really trying to put on a show. At the end of the verse she lines back up with the dancers as they do some freestyle dancing while she claps to the post-chorus. They then get into the choreography for the chorus. She again delivers amazing breath control while dancing and singing at the same time. For the final post-chorus they lean on one side and kick their legs up and shake them them while switching to other side and repeating before ending the performance hitting a stance. CASSIE available everywhere 4/10
  11. U.S. | Paid Promo | 3rd Article On November 19th, Cassie stopped by ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ to promote her lead single from her upcoming junior album, Don’t Play It Safe. Ellen: Today’s guest is a Grammy Award winning R&B singer whose latest single is currently the #1 song on iTunes! Please welcome Cassie to the show! *Cassie walks out, gives Ellen a hug, etc.* Ellen: Hello! How are you? Congratulations on the song.. Cassie: Thank you. I’m doing amazing. I just released the pre-order to my album over the weekend so I’m just happy that we're getting closer to the release. Mark your calendars! Don’t Play It Safe is out December 13th. Ellen: Yes! I love the cover. It’s so vibrant. What inspired it? Cassie: Well the cover is an outtake from the music video for the album's title track. I made the music video the way I did because of that reason. I feel like the last album I was very emotional and just dealing with a lot inside. This album I’m a little more carefree and just moving onward and upward so I wanted the cover to reflect that. Ellen: I totally get the vision. Well as I said before you came out. CASSIE is currently #1 on iTunes… How are you feeling about that? Cassie: I’m kind of shook. There’s so many amazing songs out right now. I’m just happy everyone is still giving to it. The industry moves so fast thanks to streaming so I thought people might be losing interest by now. I’m so happy though. Ellen: Well I’m rooting for it to go #1 officially. It’s such a great song. How are you the new boo doing? A lot of things going on in the press about the timeline. Care to comment? Cassie: Not really. We started dating earlier this year long after the break up and we’re doing great. It’s nice to experience a real man after so long. Ellen: Well we’re so happy that you’re happy. Everybody go pre-order Cassie’s upcoming album, Don’t Play It Safe. You’ll instantly get three songs. Thank you so much for coming. We’ll be right back after this commercial! CASSIE available everywhere 3/10
  12. CAMERON DALLAS x B96 CHICAGO (November 19, 2019 | United States | Free Promo | Call-In | 4th article) Calling right from London, Cameron Dallas talked through the phone with the Top 40 radio WBBM 96.3 FM, also known as B96 Chicago's New Hit Music, keeping up with the promotion of his #1 single and album, "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" and "Suburban Boy". In a new interview with the host Kenzie K, Dallas talked about both releases, his collaboration with Jessica Simpson, "Spirit in the Sky", about his journey from Magcon til today's days, and more. You can check the whole interview below! Kenzie: We have someone special calling us from London today, with two number-one singles and one number-one album at the Billboard charts, it's Cameron Dallas! Hi, Cameron! Cameron: Heyyyy, what's up! How you doing? Kenzie: I'm great, thank you for asking! How about you? What time is it in London right now? Cameron: I'm good, thanks! It's... let me see... Almost 6 pm, really dark already, winter is really coming. (laughs) Kenzie: It is! (laughs) So, let me congratulate you on "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" staying on number one for three weeks, that's amazing. And also "Suburban Boy" is also back to the top of the Billboard 200! How does it feel? Cameron: Thank you!! Oh wow, I didn't know the album was back to number one!!! What the... Tha's amazing. It feels great, not gonna lie! (laughs) As I said many times before, both this single and the album are really really personal to me and it means a lot to see the fans enjoying it, that's what I always wanted. Kenzie: Oh and it seems your collaboration with Jessica Simpson, "Spirit in the Sky", is predicted to hit the top of the charts too, so you'll be replaced by yourself as a featuring artist. (laughs) Cameron: Wait! For real? (laughs) Really?! Oh man, that's awesome, wish I could be in the US to celebrate with Jessica. I'll give her a call tomorrow if it reaches the top, but even if it doesn't, I'm just happy to know the song is already a success. Jessica deserves it all! Kenzie: She does, and so do you. You've been working really hard for this. I must say I'm a fan of you since the Vine days, so it's really really nice to see you where you are now. Cameron: Awe thank you so much, that means a lot! Kenzie: I know you've been asked this many times but I have to do it: is there any chance of a Magcon reunion? Cameron: I knew this was coming. (laughs) Honestly? I don't know... But I don't think so. We've all moved on, we're all at different moments in our lives, and I feel we also have a lot to solve yet, a lot of unfinished talkings and unfinished business, I don't know how that'd work. Kenzie: I understand. Does that include any unfinished business with you? Cameron: Not anymore. I'm fine with all the boys, the only one I had unfinished conversations was Shawn, and we clearly solved that. I was never into letting things or conversations unfinished, and I've decided to never let anything unfinished - if it's worth it, of course - again after the time I lost without having a proper chat with Shawn. I like solving up things, like, if you have any problem with me, just come up to me and tell me what's wrong, you know? And I feel I got to have this type of conversation with all the boys, so I'm fine with Nash, Taylor, I mean, Aaron is still one of my best friends, so yeah. But like I said, we're all in different moments in our lives, we've moved on and some things should stay the way they are. Kenzie: Of course, that makes totally sense. Well, as a fan, it's hard to move on! (laughs) I know you understand, but thank you for explaining. Cameron: I'm sorry! (laughs) And yes, I do! Trust me, I do. But yeah. Kenzie: Well, either way it's amazing to see you rising and accomplishing so many things, you deserve them and it's great to follow you in your journey! Cameron: Thank you so much, you're too kind! Kenzie: Alright then, Cam, thank you so much for calling us, it was an honor! Cameron: Thank you, and thank you for your love and support since the beginning, it means a lot. The radio played "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You (Remix feat. GoldLink)" and Kenzie reminded everyone to go get and stream the single, "Spirit in the Sky", and also the new album, 'Suburban Boy', all available now.
  13. JESSICA SIMPSON ON LIVE WITH KELLY AND RYAN Jessica stops by on Live with Kelly and Ryan to find out her long-awaited chart position this week for ‘Spirit in the Sky’! [Tuesday // USA // Paid #2] Kelly: Our next guest has been in the entertainment industry for over twenty years now, ever since her first single ‘I Wanna Love You Forever’ was a smash hit with the world. She’s gone onto win countless awards and sell over thirty million records worldwide. Now she’s back with her new single ‘Spirit in the Sky’ and we’re going to find out if she’s hit the number one spot on the charts today. It’s Jessica Simpson! Jessica: Hey y’all! Thanks for the warm welcome. Kelly: It’s great to have you on the show, Jessica. Are you nervous? Jessica: A little, yeah! My whole team and I have worked really hard to get this new single out there, so getting to number one would be the icing on an already sweet A.F. cake! Ryan: Well, it’s been looking good for you all week! Before we tell you if you’ve made it to number one, I want to ask you about what it was like working with Cameron Dallas. Kelly: He’s pretty much America’s sweetheart right now, isn’t he! Jessica: Oh, yeah, he sure is! Cameron is everywhere at the minute. He was great to work with, too. We vibed pretty hard on the track we wrote together for my album, ‘Just Go’. Ryan: Are you going to release any more singles from your album? Jessica: Sure, in the new year. Obviously we’re going to let ‘Spirit in the Sky’ do its thing, but we’ve got a couple more tracks from the album that we want to put out there. Kelly: What ones? Jessica: I don’t want to spoil the surprise! I’ll give you one of ‘em. It’s ‘Don’t Come Home’. I performed it on SNL a few weeks back and it went down really well, so it’s pretty much set in stone to be one of the next singles. Kelly: Very exciting stuff! Okay, Jessica, are you ready to find out your chart position this week? Jessica: Ah, go on! Ryan, hold my hand! Ryan: I’ve got you, haha! Kelly: This week, Jessica Simpson, your single ‘Spirit in the Sky’ featuring Cameron Dallas has climbed up the charts. You’re in the top three. Jessica: Oh sweet Lord! Kelly: I can confirm that… this week, ‘Spirit in the Sky’ climbed up to… NUMBER ONE! (Confetti rains down across the studio) Jessica: Oh my GOD! You guys! No way! What?! Ryan: Congratulations, Jessica! Kelly: How do you feel?! Jessica: I can’t believe it! I really can’t believe it! Thank you so much to everybody that’s bought the single, or streamed it, or whatever! Thank you! Ryan: Well, you just have to perform for us now! Go on, Jessica! Take it away. The Performance Jessica Simpson takes to the stage for a celebratory performance of ‘Spirit in the Sky’. Joined only by her Sami yoiker Fred, Jessica starts out the performance looking out over the beaming crowd, with the atmosphere being high from the celebratory nature of the performance. Jessica takes on the male verses of the single with confidence, delivering a smooth vocal performance as she performs with a genuine sense of happiness, coming straight off of the chart announcement. The chorus kicking in brings the audience into loud cheers, with the yoiking bringing out an even louder side to the crowd as Jessica performance next to Fred with a huge smile. During the second verse, light blue strobe lights fall across the stage and the duo stand back to back, with Jessica holding the mic up high as she holds a long note into the second chorus. At this point, more confetti begins to rain across the stage and the credits begin to roll on the screen. During Fred’s yoiking in the middle eight, Jessica claps her hands together to get the audience to join her in doing so, before finally bursting into the final chorus with another long note. The ending shot sees Jessica with a huge smile on her face.
  14. TRNT x ALLURE MAGAZINE[NOVEMBER 19 | US | PAID | ARTICLE FOUR] ON TAKING RISKS WITH HIS FASHION ON TAKING RISKS WITH HIS MUSIC ON TAKING RISKS IN HIS PERFORMANCES AND VIDEOS TRNT's new single Lucifer's Hands and his debut album A Momentary Loss of Sanity are available now worldwide.
  15. U.S. | Paid Promo | 2nd Article On November 18th, Cassie stopped by ‘The Voice’ to promote her lead single from her upcoming junior album, Don’t Play It Safe. After the hosts introduce her the camera pans to the stage to a close up of Cassie. She sings the chorus acapella to “CASSIE” while she stands alone with the spotlight on her before the lights kick on to reveal her dancers behind her and the camera zooms out to show the complete. The music then begins to play and they break into a high energy dance break. After the dance break she walks forward and begin to sing the first verse. She mostly struts down the runway for the verse until she gets to the end of it. As she begins to get into the pre-chorus her dancers scurry to her sides and they all do some synchronized choreography together. When it comes time for the chorus they continue do some more complex choreography as the camera switches back and forth between the performance and the judges/audience reacting. When it comes to the post-chorus she begins to walk towards the judges and the dancers clap to hype her up. During the second verse she sassily delivers it while exuding her cocky behavior towards the judges through her movements. She then laughs towards the end of the verse to let them know she was just performing before making her way back to the main stage. She then works the stage for the final chorus before lining up with her dancers, claps her hands as they twerk to the post-chorus and ends with her back turned to the crowd. CASSIE available everywhere 2/10
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