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    PREMIERE: Ulala — Put It Inside EP Listing: Ulala — Put It Inside Release date: November 1st, 2019 Release type: Debut extended play Genres: J-pop, synth-pop, dance-pop Total length: 16:50 Writers: Ulala, Declan McKenna Producers: Ulala (exec. and prod.), McKenna After unceremoniously announcing new material on Twitter only one day in advance, Ulala has officially ended her label’s lengthy hiatus to grace the world with a debut five-song extended play co-written and produced with labelmate Declan McKenna, who was previously credited among the writers and producers for her debut single under the Member 5 pseudonym. The EP, titled Put It Inside, is a group of songs tied together for taking inspiration from retro video games, though Ulala does not intend for it to be taken as strictly conceptual. Sonically, the EP takes heavy influences from early 2010s hit pop song trends. The EP contains two songs in full English, two songs primarily in Japanese, and one transitional song that contains equal lyrics in both languages. All tracks feature easily digestible pop production and lyricism, with arcade game-based references such as 8-bit samples in “Game” and a Super Mario 64 sample in “Sick Beat” also distinctly present. The only songs that don’t ever allude to video games are “Candy Candy” and “TTYLXOX,” the former bearing post-Halloween-appropriate lyrics about consuming sweets while the latter is a texting-themed anthem with abbreviations shouted at every turn. Notably, no featured artists are present on any track, in contrast to the partly criticized 5-artist lineup on her breakout song. Tracklist 1. Game 2. Candy Candy 3. Sick Beat 🅴 4. TTYLXOX 5. See You Again Full Audio Album Playlist Track-by-Track 1. Game 2. Candy Candy 3. Sick Beat 4. TTYLXOX 5. See You Again © 2019 Primrose Entertainment, a division of Warner Music Group.
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    Tove Lo Releases Perfect Loop Lyric Video! On Monday, October 28th Tove Lo dropped the lyric video for her new retro single, Perfect Loop on her offical Tove Lo YouTube account! The lyric video of the song displays all the lyrics to the song so the viewers can learn the words in time of her upcoming live show at the Dolby Theatre! The second single has received some praise with it being top ten on USA ITunes showing good reception. The song is set to appear on Tove Lo's debut body of work, Love: Paradise (Chapter One) which can be preordered from her site or ITunes now. The lyric video features a flashing backdrop that changes between hot pink and blue which are present on the single's cover for the song. Images are also shown that relate to the songs lyrical content. Throughout the song setences slowly appear with a coloured background and an image to add to the meaning. Once the chorus comes in the colours combine to display a spiral that spins as the words to the song appear. The verse's continue to display the lyrics written in white writting that are visually pleasing and easy to read for the viewers. The colourful transitions occur in time with the beat creating a sense of rthyme.
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    JESSICA SIMPSON ON THE TALK Jessica Simpson stops by at The Talk to make an exciting announcement regarding her billion-dollar fashion range, while also chatting about her new single ‘Spirit in the Sky’, featuring Cameron Dallas! [Wednesday // USA // Paid #3] Announcing her new fashion range: ‘Casual Spirit’ “I’m so glad that I finally get to talk about this. Are y’all ready? So I’ve been under the radar for the past few months working on a really exciting new line for the Jessica Simpson brand. It’s called Casual Spirit and is being released in partnership with my new single, Spirit in the Sky. I’ve been pretty quiet on the fashion front this year, so this is my way of returning to the fashion world with a bang. I’m creating clothing for normal women like me: the woman who has been every shape and size, the woman who wants affordable clothing for everyday wear. That’s what Casual Spirit is all about. It’s comfortable, it’s accessable, it’s stylish; it’s everything that I look for in fashion. We’re all casual spirits at heart, I think! I'll be speaking about it more next week, so stay tuned, y'all!" On her new single ‘Spirit in the Sky’ “To be honest y’all, I think I timed the release of this single pretty perfectly – if I can say so myself! The whole thing feels really Christmas-y. It’s the kind of music that just screams winter to me and my fans, so I’m really excited to perform it live for you today with Tom and Fred, who I wrote the track with. Then working with a new artist like Cameron on such a killer track has been a lot of fun, because we both believe in the music, you know? It’s just as much his track as it is mine. Okay, it’s on my album ‘Just Like Me’, but his half of the track is just as crucial as mine is. It’s a track for ours fans, too. Then you have the fantastic Sami call that just takes the whole thing to another level. It’s like nothing you’ve heard before, I promise you!” Performing ‘Spirit in the Sky’ For this performance of ‘Spirit in the Sky’, Jessica is joined by vocalists Tom Hugo and Fred Buljo, who are two credited writers on the track. The trio take to the small performance space themselves, standing spread out across the space as they perform the first verse. As they lead into the chorus, they move to stand together and link hands, holding their hands up to show their unison in the chorus. The lighting is flashed up and down during the chorus, giving the studio performance a sense of drama as the chorus requires. This is a performance that is filled with passion and heart, given that all three performers on stage wrote the track. Interestingly, they do not make eye contact with each other for most performance, instead keeping their eyes on the camera and audience to further indulge the performance in a sense of drama. It is only in the final chorus that they all look at each other with huge smiles, moving across the performance space as they put their all into the final chorus, with the audience clapping along to the thumping beat of the music. Sharon: That was Jessica Simpson’s new single ‘Spirit in the Sky’, everybody! Available now!
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    After leaving her previous label, Lana Del Rey signed with Columbia Records and has been working on her next album with Jack Antonoff. In one of those sessions, while working with Antonoff, "Venice Bitch" was born. The 9-minute psychedelic wonder is now the first single from Lana Del Rey's upcoming album, which is expected to drop sometime next year. Song title: Venice Bitch Artist: Lana Del Rey Release date: November 1, 2019 Label: Columbia Records Genre: Folk Rock / Psychedelic Pop Writers: Lana Del Rey, Jack Antonoff Producers: Jack Antonoff, Lana Del Rey Song Radio Edit
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    The long-awaited return of Primrose Records Entertainment (Photo credits: Matthew Franklin / Fuse / Nathan Li; Courtesy of Warner Music Group) After ten long months of radio silence, the Warner-owned record company now known as Primrose Entertainment has finally returned to the music industry, with updated management and a solid three-artist roster. Primrose had a brief string of minor successes in the second half of 2018 with rock outfit Mars Argo’s first single “Black and White,” as well as Grinch-associated holiday single "Please Don't Forget Me," and reached a commercial peak with all-star collaboration “Runaway / I.F.O.” ring-led by former Michael Jackson mentee Ulala (ウララ). However, the latter single would turn out to be Primrose’s then-final project, as the label soon dissolved due to major creative and financial detriments. This left many projects up in the air, including two announced and teased music videos between the two artists. Per complications regarding the dissolvement, neither the label nor Ulala received any of her single’s estimated revenue whatsoever, the former actually taking a hit from investing $1m in later-scrapped major promotional opportunities. After necessary breaks during the Christmas season (you may recall Mars' namesake member having to evacuate her home during the California forest fires), Ulala and Mars Argo spent a long period of time in hiding, working on brand new material and strategizing for the future. All parties agreed that, while they hated actually promoting their work, it would probably be a good idea to do so for the sake of actually getting people to buy it. Under the brand-new Primrose, operated by its three artists collectively, Ulala will be first to swing with a brand-new project fusing 2010 western pop (think “Teenage Dream” and other earworms of that caliber) and modern J-pop, as well as slipping into both English and Japanese lyricism, after having scrapped the original early 00s based Eurodance effort that her first single was attached to. Mars Argo, now reduced to a female-led two-piece along the lines of The Ting Tings, is in the process of recording their debut garage rock LP, opting for a more grunge-style aesthetic than their initial EP. Newcomer Declan, once known as the secreted ‘Member 5’ of Mars Argo’s lineup and now part of the shrunken duo with titular member Mars, is also currently deciphering what should or shouldn’t make it onto the track listing for his solo indie pop project. All of these projects are slated to make their way onto digital music vendors and streaming services within the coming months and first half of 2020.
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    DANCE TO THIS OFFICIAL VIDEO | DIRECTED BY TROYE SIVAN AND ARIANA GRANDE The video begins with a totally blank screen and the sound of TV static. Suddenly, the visual snaps on and we see an old TV set in a dark room. The camera slowly zooms on it, it's picture showing only static. But the static suddenly snaps to life showing the song's title. We get a moment of the off air picture before the song begins. The camera zooms completely into the screen as if we're entering it. We're shown a stereotypical 80s living room, but it's a set; like the set of a classic 80s sitcom. During the song's intro, the camera pans over to see Troye sitting in a chair with his name on it just beside the set getting his make up touched up. He begins to sing the first verse as various people come up to him such as the show's director showing him the script, a catering person walking by with food, and a costume person showing different clothes options. It's clear that this is the 1980s and we can see this based on the way that everyone is dressed, how they wear their hair, etc. Troye stands up from the chair as the pre-chorus comes in and begins to walk over to the set. He stands behind the "door" into the living room. When the chorus comes in, Troye enters the "door" and we hear a studio audience cheer like they do on TV shows when one of their favorite characters comes on screen. Troye interacts with the other characters as he sings the song, like the lyrics are his dialogue. It's all played remarkably just like the classic 80s sitcoms. The camera then pans back over to off set where Ariana is sitting in front of a mirror finishing her makeup as she sings her verse. There are many people involved in production of the show around her as well, but unlike Troye she seems incredibly annoyed by them. On the back of her chair is the words "Guest Star". For this sitcom, Ariana is the special guest for the episode. She shoos the production people away so she can have a moment to look at herself in the mirror. She puts on a big smile but quickly lets it sink as she's obviously uninterested in her guest role. She stands from her chair as the pre-chorus comes on. Production staff rush to her but again she shoos them off as she begins to walk onto the set. The chorus comes in as she too walks through the door and the audience cheers for her appearance. She and Troye do one of those side kisses. As the bride begins, we begin to alternate between Troye and Ariana sitting on the couch on the set delivering the lyrics and we hear the audience laugh periodically like these are the jokes in the show. As the bridge approaches it's close, Ariana joins Troye on the set and she takes him by the hand and they step up onto the table and begin to dance with one another. The audience makes an "ooooo!" sound like they do when there's a steamy moment on a sitcom. Troye and Ariana get down off the table and they dance around the set, having complete fun with it. The studio audience cheers as the song begins to wind down. The rest of the sitcom cast join them on the set and they all take a bow for the audience as the camera begins to zoom back out. We zoom out from the TV which is now displaying the SOMEWHERE BETWEEN SPACE AND TIME album cover before returning to static. The visual then cuts to black, ending the video.
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    Iggy Azalea on Dancing With The Stars!| US Paid Promo | Nov 1 | Iggy Azalea joined Dancing With The Stars in the US on November 1st to perform Ring! The stage is set up with a giant ring prop featuring a plastic pink diamond on top. The rest of the floor is white with accents of pink acorss the floor. Iggy is wearing a pink cocktail dress along with Armani. Lights fade in and out as the songs intro plays. Armani walks out onto the stage into the centre of the room and sings the chrous of the track. Iggy's verse then comes on and she walks through the Ring to join Armani in the centre of the stage. As Iggy raps the lights turn hot pink and Armani and her bop together to the song. Armani starts singing the chorus again and a pink spotlight is projected onto the floor which they stand in. Iggy's next verse then comes in and the contestants run out and start dancing behind them. Armani sings the bridge of the track and the dancers all start to spread out acorss the stage. The chrous then comes in and the lights all flash as all the dancers moves around while wearing white. Iggy and Armani both sing the last chorus as they move across the room and pose on the last beat. The pink diamond then fades out along with all the lights.
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    Official announcement: This is IT! This is the last voting and promoting part before the big finale! So make sure you get enough votes to get through. BUT! There is a big but! TWIST! For Katerina and Cinnamon Girl it was the albums round. For all the eliminated players, this was their chance to come back! In top secret, I gave them a chance to return in the game and join the finale. As like I said: Nothing is really sure until I tell you so! What IS sure is that the next round is the finale. But how many players will be in the finals? The eliminated players also got to play the albums round, however I gave them different albums. Their challenge is to beat the actual players in the voting and promoting round. If they manage to do so, they will return in the game! And for the actually players I have news: Nobody will be eliminated. So you dont have to worry about that. Still voting is important as the more people there will be in the finals, the harder it is to win of course! Your golden vote is for the finale round! Now, lets get into the voting: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DM3P8CW You have 24 hours to vote and promote. Nobody will get bonus points anymore. Yet I think its clear that promoting is important! You have 24 hours to vote and promote! GO! @Venus @IsThatSaraS @Cinnamon Girl @cocoCHANEL🅴 @katerina
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    JESSICA SIMPSON ON SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Jessica Simpson takes to the Saturday Night Live stage to perform both her new single 'Spirit in the Sky' and her powerful ballad 'Don't Come Home'... joined by some special guests! [[Saturday // USA]] Before performing her two tracks, Jessica appears in a comedy skit poking fun at post-pregnancy weight-gain and how she always seems to end up pregnant. Amy Schumer joins her for the skit, with the two of them comparing how much weight they've put on and how they're going to lose it. 'Spirit in the Sky' (with Cameron Dallas featuring Mason Ramsay) The performance of ‘Spirit in the Sky’ begins with Jessica standing centre stage, wearing a long sparkly lack gown, joined by backing dancers and vocalists in the same garments. She starts singing, her eyes locked onto the camera with her fellow performers standing around her and looking to the camera with similar serious expressions. The lights of the stage warp with the synths of the music, flashing from gorgeous greens and deep purples in a way to represent the northern lights. Coming through into the chorus, Jessica is joined on the stage by the famous yodelling child Mason Ramsey, who puts his own spin on the Sami yodelling for the chorus of the track. He beams as he stands next to Jessica, who gives him a little smile while delivering a bold chorus. The back screen twinkles with a silver constellation projected onto it. Much to the audience’s surprise, as the second verse begins the back door to the stage opens. Out comes Cameron Dallas, who is wearing an equally sparkly get-up as he joins Jessica and Mason for the first television performance of ‘Spirit in the Sky’ as an ensemble. He offers the audience a huge smile and he makes his way through the back of the stage and by Jessica side. He holds her hand up high as they break into the second chorus, with the camera cutting across the studio as the lights dip and flash in rhythm to the music. The dancers and backing vocalists all hold their hands together and raise them above their heads as Mason is left to yodel the middle-eight, with Jessica and Cameron watching on with huge smiles to each other. As that final chorus finally kicks in, Jessica spins around and Cameron gets to hold a long note as he leads into the final chorus, with Jessica then coming in with an all-out vocal delivery as they end their performance together on an impressive high. 'Don't Come Home' The performance of 'Don't Come Home' is kept much more simple, with it focussing on Jessica's abilities as a vocalist rather than promoting a single. She starts the performance out by herself, the stage being lit up by just a few orange bulbs as she delivers an emotional first verse by herself. She then begins to navigate the stage, which lights up in the direction of her walking. This reveals the dancers from earlier have joined her on the stage, only this time they light up electric candels as she walks by, rather than dance. By the time she has looped around the stage, the first chorus kicks in and the stage lights flash on every heavy drum drop in the chorus. She Sings with an undeniable kick of emotional and fire under her belly, wearing a silver version of the long spakly gown she wore earlier. Progressing into the second verse, the lights begin to rise and the backing dancers flicker off the candels, moving to join Jessica on the main stage and performing a simple piece of choreography with a partner each. They rise and fall to the inflections of Jessica's vocal, until they drop their bodies to the stage floor in time for the opening kick to the second chorus. They move rapidly along the floor for the second chorus, with Jessica singing out to the audience while chaos ensues around her. The lights are heavy in how they rise and fall, ultimately treating the audience to a dramatic and powerful performance of Jessica's standout ballad from the album.
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    Desperado :: Streaming Platforms iTunes Aaliyah's new single "Happy Part II" and "purpose." are now discounted on iTunes WW. The songs can be bought for the lowest price possible (which can be counted for the charts). Aaliyah - "Happy Part II" [DISCOUNTED] Aaliyah & Normani - "purpose." [DISCOUNTED] —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Spotify [Nov. 1-8] The banner will be promoted around the application to encourage the listeners to stream the singers new single. TODAY'S TOP HITS Aaliyah - Happy Part II NEW MUSIC FRIDAY Aaliyah - Happy Part II ARE & BE Aaliyah - Happy Part II —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Also, the R&B singer can be seen on the cover of Today's Top Hits, New Music Friday & Are & Be! "Happy Part II", available everywhere.
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    Round 3 "Black artists matter" This round will be dedicated to the hard working black artists in the industry. While doing so, we keep in mind we still celebrate the ending of the decade. You are allowed to use black artists ONLY! Even if you want to use a collaboration, the artists must be black! And the song must be released in the 2000's or 2010's! Example: Estelle ft. Kanye West - American Boy Rihanna - Man Down Lizzo - Juice You have, as usual, 24 hours to PM me your trio's. GO! @Venus @IsThatSaraS @Cinnamon Girl @cocoCHANEL🅴 @katerina
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    AN UNBEARABLE PAIN: BARREL OF A GUN MIXES 1. Barrel of a Gun (In Need Of Sleep Mix) (6:29) 2. Barrel of a Gun (A Vicious Appetite Mix) (5:44) 3. Barrel of a Gun (Won't Be Satisfied Mix) (8:38) 4. Barrel of a Gun (Your Holy One Mix) (6:36) 5. Barrel of a Gun (Radio Shortened Version) (4:01) 6. Barrel of a Gun (Piano Version) (5:11)
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    DANNII MINOGUE ON THIS MORNING Dannii Minogue sits down with Phil and Holly to talk about her new single ‘Boys and Girls’ and reflects on her time out of the music industry. [Tuesday // UK // Paid #3] On ‘Boys and Girls’ “I’m really happy that the public has taken so well to ‘Boys and Girls’. When I was first thinking about releasing new music, I knew that I wanted to release something undeniably catchy and pop – and ‘Boys and Girls’ is really the perfect pop song to lead me into my new project! It’s just the kind of music that you’ll put on when you want to forget about all the stress that we’re all up against in this crazy thing we called life. Work, boyfriends, girlfriends, whatever! Whoever you are, you know!? That’s the beauty of this new single – it’s for everyone. I had this big moment when I realised that the lyrics to the track weren’t inclusive of all of the different kinds of relationships that people could have, which is why is the track isn’t just about ‘boys and girls’, but ‘boys and boys’ and ‘girls and girls’, too!” On her time out of the music industry “There are some moments where I look back and think ‘damn, why did I take so long out’, but then there are others times where I’m so grateful for the years that I took out to focus on other things outside of the music business. If I’d kept the music stuff going, then I wouldn’t have been able to have all of the amazing times that I’ve spent with my beautiful boy Ethan. Being a mother is the most important job I could have ever signed onto, haha! But being able to return to music after so much time of reflection and growth has been a real treat. It was definitely worth the time off to make it all worth it.” After the interview, the hosts encourage the audience to download the new single ‘Boys and Girls’.
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    Tinashe x Good Morning America(Date: November 12, 2019; Location: United States; 2nd article; PAID) Host: Good Morning America! Today we have a super talented young woman for you all. She’s a Grammy award winning R&B superstar who’s been setting the charts on fire with her latest hit, Just Friends. Please welcome Tinashe to the show. Tinashe: Hello. How are you? Host: I’m doing great and yourself? Tinashe: I’m doing amazing. It’s a little chilly in New York, but I’m happy to be here. Host: That’s great to hear. So you just released a music video for the remix to your single, Just Friends, featuring J Balvin. How was working with him? Tinashe: Working with him was great. He was super professional and has a great personality. It was like a little party at the shoot. Couldn’t have gone any better. Host: Well I’m glad to hear that. Are we getting closer to the album? I know you’re taking your time, but we all just can;t wait for it. Tinashe: We’re getting closer. We’re wrapping up Just Friends and then… Let’s just say things will get interesting. Host: What should we expect from the upcoming album? Is Just Friends any indication? Tinashe: I would definitely say the lighthearted vibe is a great indication. I didn’t want to go too deep this time around and wanted to just showcase my talent with other sounds. Although I love alternative R&B, I still love modern R&B and pop. I won’t be put in a box so you never know how I’m coming. Just be ready. Host: Well rumors are swirling that there is a big high profile collaboration coming from you. Care to comment? Tinashe: Sounds amazing. I can’t wait to see who that is. I obviously am not aware of this. Host: Well we’ll hold out hope that you’re just keeping it a secret. Before we let you go. What has been your favorite moment in regards to this single? Tinashe: Traveling all across the world performing for my fans. I really appreciate their support and getting to interact with them any chance I can is everything to me. I’m so elated to be able to step out of my usual sound and deliver it to everyone as well. It’s been a real good time promoting this song, for sure. Host: And we love watching it. Thank you so much for stopping by. We’ll be right back! 4/10
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    JESSICA SIMPSON ON JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! Jessica Simpson visits Jimmy Kimmel for a little chat about merging her fashion career with her music career for the Casual Spirit range, which is now available through Macy’s. [Tuesday // USA // Paid #3] On the idea to release a new line with ‘Spirit in the Sky’ “Well y’all, the whole reason I wanted to delay the release of the second single from my new album was because of this idea I had to create a new fashion line. I just knew that I wanted to tie it in with the second single, ‘Spirit in the Sky’, and a winter line coming out with ‘Spirit’ just felt so right. I didn’t want to rush the line, either, because with fashion it’s all about getting as many ideas and voices in a room as possible so that you can come up with the best possible products. I like to be really hands on with my fashion, so it would have been pretty much impossible to be promoting a second single while working on this new line at the same time, you know? The Casual Spirit line is basically a collection of what I think are the perfect clothes for wintertime! You want to be comfortable and snug for winter, but you still want to look good!” On partnering with Macy’s for Casual Spirit “Macy’s are some long-time collaborators with me and my fashion. Without their support, I don’t think that I could have gotten my fashion business to the place where it is now! They’re just the perfect place for my clothes to be. I’m making fashion for the everyday woman, no matter what her age, size or wealth. We all deserve to look good, ladies, don’t we?! Yeah, that’s why I really prioritise accessibility with my fashion. What’s the point in coming up with all of these beautiful designs if nobody can afford them, right?! Good fashion doesn’t need to be expensive – and it sure as heck doesn’t need to look avant-garde or anything to be good fashion!” Performing ‘Spirit in the Sky’ Once again, Jessica is joined by the writers of ‘Spirit in the Sky’, Keiino, to perform the single live for the audience of Jimmy Kimmel. This time, the three performers start in different areas of the studio. Tom starts out in the back of the audience, looking to them all with a big smile as he sings his opening lines to the track, offering some of the audience his hand as he moves down to the stage. Jessica starts out just in front of the audience, looking out to them with a huge smile also, with the camera being to her side as she navigates her way onto the stage. Tom and Jessica meet Fred on the main stage, with the lights going black for a few moments just before the anthemic chorus kicks off and they flare up to shades of blue and purple across the studio. The trio perform with high energy as they are clearly having fun on the stage, all looking out to the audience as they provide powerful vocals of the already incredibly powerful instrumentation of the single. It is a performance that is applauded highly by the audience, who break out in cheers of support at the end of the show. Jimmy: That was Jessica Simpson and Keiino with ‘Spirit in the Sky’, everybody! Don’t forget, Jessica’s new Casual Spirit line is available through her website and in Macy’s right now!
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    CAMERON DALLAS - "(NOT) THINKIN' BOUT YOU (REMIX) [FEAT. GOLDLINK]" RELEASE Artist: Cameron Dallas Title: (Not) Thinkin' Bout You (Remix) [feat. GoldLink] Writers: Cameron Alexander Dallas, Mark Landon, Tobias Jesso Jr. & D’Anthony Carlos Producer: M-Phazes Genre: Pop, R&B Length: 03:50 Label: Retrofuture Records Release Date: November 8, 2019 Cameron Dallas releases this Friday, 8, the official remix for his #1 single, "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You", featuring American rapper, GoldLink. In a bit longer version with a new and exclusive verse from the rapper, the new version of the song is available now for purchasing and streaming in all platforms. AUDIO ℗ 2019 Retrofuture Records, a division of the Warner Music Group
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    ZAYN on American Idol November 4, 2019 | Los Angeles, US Zayn appeared on American Idol to perform his latest single "Entertainer". Zayn wore brown checkered pants, black shoes, a white shirt and a brown checkered blazer that matched with the pants. Zayn was accompanied by someone who played the saxophone, which turned the song into a smooth jazz one. The saxophone was the only instrument playing during the entire performance. Zayn was also accompanied by two female backup singers who stood right next to the saxophone guy. The stage lights slowly switched between orange and yellow, which gave sort of a warm and club feel to the performance. The minimal instrumentation gave Zayn a better opportunity to showcase his beautiful and strong vocal range. It was only in the chorus when things got kinda hectic. That's when the backup singers joined in and sang along with the him as the saxophone player continued to play. But it the performance went smoothly nonetheless. Once it was over, the audience applauded. Icarus Falls is out now | "Entertainer" is out now
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    ZAYN on James Corden November 1, 2019 | Los Angeles, US ZAYN on upcoming collaborations Yeah, I have a few collaborations up my sleeve. I can't reveal any of them yet, unfortunately, but I can say they're quite sick. One of them will be a new song and another will be a remix of one of the songs from Icarus Falls. Still waiting on the verse to come in from the artist that's supposed to be on the track but that should come in soon. As for the new song, it's a song with R3HAB. As many people know, he remixed "You Wish You Knew" and his remix was featured on certain versions of the album. He called me and asked me to jump on one of his songs so of course I did, and well we made something really sick. Don't know when it'll be out though. ZAYN on music he's been enjoying recently I heard Aaliyah's new song a couple days ago when she put it out, and I thought it was great. She never disappoints when releasing music, I think. It always something new and something fresh. So yeah she's amazing. I've also enjoyed Marina's song "Anyone Else". That song's just brilliant in every which way. She always knows how to write a good hit. Her songwriting is unmatched and something to aspire to. I'm excited to hear Sky's new album too. From the singles I've heard it sounds like the album will be great. ZAYN on how many songs will be on the setlist to his concert There will be a couple songs I'll be performing. I think the number right now is 20 plus songs. I decided to go all out and just perform as many songs as possible without boring the audience so I thought go with a lot of songs would be great. They all have a part in the overall show too. I'm not just performing them just for the sake of performing new songs but each song truly has a part in the show, and I admit it was hard to somehow find a way for every song to integrate into the show in a cohesive manner. I think to the fans, they just wanna see me perform some of their favorite songs but to me, everything has to be exactly how I want it to be. I want to make sure the lights go to the beat of the song and that we're not a minute over any performance, or whatever it may be. Icarus Falls is out now | "Entertainer" is out now
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    Aaliyah x Bob 92.7 FM [November 1 | 1st Free Radio | California / US] "Happy Part II", available everywhere.
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    WOP Trio season 2, Round 4: The Girlgroups! Warning: IF you get to survive this round, be prepared! This will be the last "easy" round! The next rounds will be hard! We will celebrate the girlgroups this round! Features are allowed but girlgroups are the main artists! 2000's and 2010s! Example: Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla Sign - Work From Home Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath Pussycat dolls - When I grow up You have 24 hours to PM me your trio! @Venus @Cinnamon Girl @katerina
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    Miley Cyrus X Z100 New York (Call-in) October 25, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 3/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat Host: Her album 'Secrets' just dropped and she's here to talk all about it, she performed on Good Morning America earlier and we got her on the phone right now, hello, Miley!? Miley: Hey, yes, I hear you, how are you!? Host: I'm good, but most important, how are YOU!? Miley: (laughs) I'm so good, thank youuu, it's all still so unreal! Host: Hahahaha, I believe so! Your album just dropped, congratulations! Miley: Thank you, it feels like I'm dreaming if I'm being honest. Host: Well, you're not, it's all real life, how have the reactions been so far? Miley: From what I've heard from my team, they were all positive and good so far, so that's great, but I learned myself to not keep me busy with that sort of stuff, not everyone is going to like it and that's perfectly fine! Host: Well, that's certainly true, I also got a chance to listen to it full already and I just love it so much, the songs are all so pure and personal and real and I just got some sort of vibe from it, I don't know how to explain but I got goosebumps, especially with Slide Away. Miley: Yeah, that song is one of the hardest songs I wrote for the album in my opinion, it's a real true teller of a song and that's that. Host: It is! So, what are your plans? Miley: Well, I'm free for the rest of the day, I'm just going to some random shops who sell my album and see if some fans buy it and secretly sign it without them knowing it's me actually there, I just love to do that. And for the rest, I recorded a video with MTV News which comes out later today and tomorrow I'll be performing on Saturday Night Live! Host: Busy, busy, busy and busy! You keep going, don't you? Miley: It's work and it's a busy job, but I love it and it doesn't bore me at all, I love seeing everyone and hearing everyone being so excited, keeps me motivated and it gives me energy! Host: Well, I love that for you! You also covered on the October-edition of Rolling Stone, the photos look stunning, congratulations! Miley: Thank you, that shoot was so much fun to do! Host: I believe so, Miley, thanks for calling in and enjoy your day. We're going to play a song from your album each hour here on Z100 New York and to start off, this is Better Now on Z100! Better Now is out now and available everywhere. "Secrets", the new album by Miley Cyrus is also out and available everywhere.
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    DANNII MINOGUE ON JIMMY KIMMEL Dannii Minogue sits down with Jimmy Kimmel for an interview about reviving her music career in America with her new single ‘Boys and Girls’ and talks about her successful career as a reality TV judge. [Monday // USA // Paid #3] On coming to America “So it’s never an easy decision to come to the States for work, because it’s always so hit or miss. You either do really well or you just fade into the background – and I really don’t want that to happen! I feel like I’m established enough in the rest of the world to be happy enough taking risks, though, which is why I’m here today. I feel like my career in the UK and Australia has taken a direction away from me releasing my own music, so it didn’t feel right doing it over there. I just thought… why not? I’ve got a lot of belief in the new single, ‘Boys and Girls’, and I think it’s perfect for the U.S. audience. At this point, I’m just really excited to see how everything goes and I’m enjoying perform the heck out of it!” On her career as a TV judge “I had one really big album in the UK called Neon Nights, but after that my label was broken up and I never got to release the follow-up that I’d been working so hard on. I was then approached by Simon Cowell to become a judge on the X Factor over in the UK, which was huge at the time. I couldn’t say no! From there, I was constantly getting approached by other shows to judge on in both the U.K. and my native Australia, which has been so much fun. It never gets old, doing the shows, because there genuinely is so much undiscovered talent that auditions every time. It’s been such a worthwhile part of my life and I’m grateful to have been able to keep on working like I have!” ‘Boys and Girls’ performance Dannii starts the performance of ‘Boys and Girls’ with her troupe of backing singers around the back of the stage, singing with mic stands. The lights dip down onto Dannii, who too is standing at a mic stand, wearing a comfortable knee-length pink dress with a black headband. She sways her hips as she sings with both hands on the mic, up into the chorus where she takes the mic off of the stand and steps before it, performing with an arm out as she opens her body language to the camera. The lighting of the stage drips across a shade of pink in the second verse, with Dannii navigating along the edge of the stage lights and looking out into the audience. Bringing her into the second chorus, she moves back into centre stage and clips her mic back into the stand, taking it in her arms as she kneels to the side. For the middle eight, Dannii has the mic stand on the floor as she is across the stage, singing to the camera. The lights above her flash rapidly and she quickly jumps back up for the final chorus, giving the performance a send-off with high energy and a huge smile on her face. Kimmel: Dannii Minogue, everybody! ‘Boys and Girls’ is available now!
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    TRNT A MOMENTARY LOSS OF SANITY PRE-ORDER INFO Last week, TRNT announced his debut album A Momentary Loss of Sanity. Keeping the album shrouded in mystery, the pre-order process was different than usual. Upon clicking the pre-order link on the announcement website (the iTunes pre-order redirected to the website), the purchasing process was handled through there. But it seems that the cloud of mystery has begun to lift as the traditional pre-order has now been made active. Fans have speculated this could mean TRNT will be revealing more information about the album in the coming days. TITLE: A Momentary Loss of Sanity ARTIST: TRNT EXPECTED RELEASE DATE: November 15, 2019 LENGTH: TBA TRACK LIST 1. Barrel of a Gun 2. Track Two 🅴 3. Track Three 🅴 4. Track Four 🅴 5. Track Five 🅴 6. Track Six 🅴 7. Track Seven 8. Track Eight 🅴 9. Track Nine 🅴 10. Track Ten
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    Miley Cyrus X Hot 101.9 FM October 20, 2019 | US, Free | Article: 1/5 | Update Period: Sun - Wed Host: That was Don't Call Me Up by Miley Cyrus on Hot 101.9 FM! Speaking of Miley, we've got her in the studio with us today, she just announced the Target/Japan exclusive edition of her album Secrets which comes out in five days and she's here to talk all about it! Miley: Hey, guys! Host: Welcome to the show, Miley, first time being here if I'm not mistaken? Miley: Yes, I'm so happy to be here! Host: Well, glad to hear. So, let's get straight into it, you just announced the exclusive editions of your album for Target & Exclusive with two bonus tracks each and an exclusive cover for both! Wow! The bonus tracks are Nothing Breaks Like A Heart and Fall Down, can you tell us more about the songs? Miley: Yes, I can! NBLAH is produced by Mark Ronson and it's the first time we worked together on a song. The song speaks of a desperate scene between two lovers and underscores the dour personia surrounding heartbreak against other disasters in life, so it fits well if you think of it. And Fall Down is a song produced by will.i.am and he is also featured on the song, I've worked with him during Bangerz and it was so much fun to get back in the studio with him. Lyrically, Fall Down is about being there for someone and standing by them no matter what, and that's exactly what has been going on, friends and family of mine were there for me when things got rough and really bad and I'm thankful they stood by me so that's what this song is about. Host: Some exciting songs to hear, do we get snippets from them like with what you did for the tracklist reveal? Miley: No, I want these song to be as exclusive as they can be, so I'm not going to release snippets of it. Host: That means we all need to pre-order the standard and Target edition of the album (laugh) Miley: Hahhaa, you should do that! Host: Well, maybe I will, the Target & Japan edition of the album are up for pre-order right? Miley: Yes, since of today they're up for pre-order and they'll be released with the official release on October 25, 5 days away! Host: So exciting, you also released a vertical video for your hit single Better Now. Miley: Yes! Oh, that was so much fun to shoot, it's so simple but it has a message to it you wouldn't expect. I really like the vibe of the vertical video but I love the music video of the single more (laughs) Host: Well, the vertical and music video for the song are both good in their own ways, right? Miley: Exactly! Host: Well, thank you Miley for your time, we're going to play Better Now on the radio right now! Better Now is out now and available everywhere, pre-order "Secrets" (standard/Target/Japan) now, out October 25th!
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    Tinashe x The Voice U.S. (Date: November 19, 2019; Location: Los Angeles; 3rd article; PAID) For The Voice, Tinashe prepared another acoustic performance of her new collaborative single with DJ Snake, Just Friends. She was sitting on a stool at the right side of the stage with her guitarist next to her and she began the performance by humming along and getting in tune with the new setting for the song. She softly sang the lyrics to the first verse as the guitar chords slowly crept in. She was rocking from back and forth to keep a bit of the beat in, although there was no percussion for this performance. She then sang the pre-chorus in her head voice so that her voice wouldn't be too overpowering over the guitar. As the chorus came in, the guitarist strummed just a little harder and Tinashe went into her belting register to belt out the chorus. As the "drop" came in, the guitarist went into a short melodic solo, giving Tinashe time to prepare for the second verse. As the second verse came in, she brought the energy up a bit with some of her rap-singing along with the lyrics. The guitarist brought the energy up once again so she could continue to belt and sing the lyrics in her chest voice for the pre-chorus and chorus. She let out some ad libs over the next guitar solo and, once it came to an end, the guitarist went back to strumming slowly and softly for the bridge. For the chorus, the guitarist quickly strummed one chord so that Tinashe could belt out a super high note and he could go back to strumming loudly and quickly for the last chorus. Tinashe let go of the lyrics and let out a bunch of ad libs and runs, ending with her going down the scale to sing "I can't stand being just friends". The guitarist then strummed a bunch of notes, ending with the home chord to put the song to an end. He and Tinashe hugged as the host told the crowd the new single is out now.
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    Sky Ferreira x Urban Outfitters The Life of Flowers Urban Outfitters Special Edition Exclusive Vinyl/ LP Sky Ferriera is partnering with famous clothing retail Urban Outfitters across the globe! Every single Urban Outfitters will be selling a special The Life of Flowers Vinyl or standard LP with a special limited edition cover that is exclusive only to Urban Outfitters stores. Every Urban Outfitters around the world will be carrying these exclusive limited edition versions of the CD and will have a special display dedicated to them. PLUS, on release day, the entirety of The Life of Flowers will play on rotation throughout all the Urban Outfitters store across the globe!! The limited edition exclusive vinyls will be released on the same day as the standard version which is Friday, November 22. Promotional posters of Sky and The Life of Flowers are now being displayed at all Urban Outfitters store worldwide in preparation of the albums official release!! Where the Sad Girl Cries is available for purchase/stream and you can pre-order The Life of Flowers which comes out November 22!!
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    @Natalia @kipperskipper @Alex @Venus @cocoCHANEL🅴 @Venti @Nicki Minaj
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    U.S. | Paid Promo | 4th Article On November 15th, Cassie stopped by ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ to promote her lead single from her upcoming junior album, Don’t Play It Safe. After being introduced by Stephen the camera pans to the stage and shows Cassie and one dancer on each of her sides with their backs to the crowd. The instrumental for “CASSIE” then begins to play as the lights then begin to slowly brighten. They all turn around and Cassie begins to sing the first verse. During the first verse she focuses on her delivery and just walks back and forth on stage as the dancers stand still behind her. When it comes time for the pre-chorus the dancers begin to do some choreography as Cassie goes back to center stage. She stands there and does a lot of gestures with her body to match the vibe of the song. As it comes time to get into the chorus the dancers then go all out with the choreography and Cassie does a simplified version as she sings. After that she then gets into the post-chorus, which consists of her patting her hair and dropping down to a squatting position and twerking. She then stands up start and begins to work the stage as she sings the second verse. When it comes time to get into the chorus the dancers do the choreography as she continues to work the stage. She ends the performance with the final post-chorus with her back to the crowd and looking over shoulder. CASSIE available everywhere 7/10
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    U.K. | Free Promo | 2nd Article On November 15th, karrueche stopped by ‘Ireland AM’ to promote her latest single from her debut album, expectations. Host: Hello, everybody. We have a special guest here on the show. She’s sold millions of singles worldwide and she’s here to talk with us about her new single. Please welcome karrueche to the show! Kae: Hello. Thank you for having me. Host: It’s my pleasure. So I understand you just arrived in the U.K.? Hopefully you’re stay has been amazing. Kae: It has been amazing. I ran into some fans at the airport.It’s always a pleasure to come and interact with them when i can. Host: So you recently just announced the third single from your debut album, expectations. Tell us more about it. Kae: I did. It’s called “can i” It was a fan favorite from the album. I actually lets the fans pick between two songs, because I wanted them to have some input on the era. The song is about wanting to reconnect this a past lover even though you know you probably shouldn’t. Host: Can’t we all relate to that. That’s so nice of you to let the fans make a decision like that. I really appreciate when artists’ care about their fans. Kae: Well I wouldn’t be here without them. They’ve really helped me navigate through this whole journey. I just love them. Host: Well I’m sure they appreciate it. Are you still planning on going on tour? Kae: We’re trying to work that out right now. I’m filming a couple shows as well so we’re trying to make it fit somehow. Host: Well hopefully it all works out. Do you have a music video for the song yet? Kae: Yes. Just waiting on the perfect time to release it. I actually directed this one. Super excited to share it with you all. Host: Well we can’t wait to see it.Thank you so much for stopping by and chatting. Everyone please go check out ‘can i’ from ‘expectations.’ on all digital platforms. We’ll be right back. can i available everywhere. 4/10
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    TROYE SIVAN x RYAN SEACREST [NOVEMBER 14 | US | PAID | ARTICLE ONE] 2019 has been a major year for Troye Sivan. After a period of low commercial return and relative obscurity, he's busted his way into the upper tier with the release of his third studio album SOMEWHERE BETWEEN SPACE AND TIME. The album became Troye's first to go #1, debuting at the top of the charts. It produced his first top 5 single in the form of LOS ANGELES and his first #1 single in the form of TIGER TEETH, which spent two consecutive weeks at the top of the charts around the world. And at the center of it is a young man who finally found the voice he'd spent a whole career looking for. Now, after a bit of a break, Troye has returned with the newest single from the album, DANCE TO THIS. Featuring pop princess Ariana Grande, the song was highlighted as one of the standout tracks from the album and Troye citied it as one of his personal favorites, making it inevitable that the song would receive the single treatment sooner or later. With the release of the single, Troye has returned to his promotional run for the singles and the album. ON WORKING WITH ARIANA GRANDE ON DANCE TO THIS "Getting Ari on the song was such a big deal for me because I've been such a fan of hers for so long. I think everyone on the planet loves Ari so that means everybody in the industry wants to work with her. She's been a very busy woman this last year both with other artists and on her own music so she really didn't have much time on her hands and I knew that when I called her completely expecting her to say no. I was shocked when she was completely on board with it. She came down to the studio the same day I called her because she was in town and we wrote the song in an afternoon. It was really something special, I've never written like that before. But there's just something about Ari that's hard to explain, and you can pick up on it on DANCE TO THIS. The second that she appears on the song, it absolutely lifts to something completely different than if it just would've been me. There's this quality to her voice that she I don't think is completely aware of because she was surprised that we were so mesmerized by her. She has an ear for melody that just can't be replicated. And to have such an incredible gift, she's so absolutely humble. She shares her talents with everybody so willingly and asks for little in return. Everyone told me what a darling she was to work with but I hadn't gotten to experience it up front until we got there in the studio and it was absolutely amazing." ON HIS UPCOMING A WONDERFUL WORLD TOUR "It's not started yet and I'm already just so in love with it. I've always wanted to do a tour on a large scale, but I've never been able to. I'd never had the standing in this business to do it but there's just been so much that has changed with this music. I think that I've finally found my groove after two albums of warm up. This is to me my real and true debut. And it seems that audiences have heard it in the music and have taken it somewhere that I never could've imagined. So this tour is just as much for the fans as it is for me. And that's been on my mind as I've been creating the show. Though I really am uncomfortable with some of my back catalogue, I know the fans want to hear certain songs and I'll happily comply even if I may not be in love with the song. That doesn't mean that I can't love performing it. I do have to say that I'm nervous about the whole thing though. I've never headlined arenas before, I've never carried such a big show and big production. But I like a challenge!" RYAN: "Troye's new single DANCE TO THIS and his album SOMEWHERE BETWEEN SPACE AND TIME are both available now worldwide! You can also get tickets to the f Troye's A Wonderful World Tour now!"
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    ZAYN on The Voice UK November 10, 2019 | London, UK Zayn appeared on The Voice UK to perform his single "Entertainer". The song's instrumental played as the performance went underway and the camera focused on Zayn, who was leaning on a couple of white steps, with a girl leaning to next to him, staring at him as he sang the song. Zayn would occasionally glance at her and then look back at the audience, or he would just close his eyes. He did this for the first verse of the song and would get up to walk around the stage, still singing the song, as he met another girl leaning on a fence, with her face looking down. He sang to her and as he did, she looked up and started dancing a bit. He left her there and then moved towards the center of the stage, to sing in front of the judges. As the performance came to an end, the two girls slowly approached Zayn, who was still in the center of the stage and they just placed their arms on his shoulders and lean their heads on his chest. Once the performance was over, the the girls hugged Zayn and the audience applauded. Icarus Falls is out now | "Entertainer" is out now
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    ZAYN on Graham Norton November 8, 2019 | London, UK ZAYN on being back in the UK Yeah, well it's been awhile since I've done any promotion in here but I try to visit as much as possible. I still have family and friends that I always love to see after not seeing them for months at a time. So yeah I love being back home because I'm always on the move, traveling to every part of the world, well mostly around the U.S., but still I', always running around everywhere. And though I love meeting my fans from all parts it's still exhausting you know? I'm always happy to visit my family in Bradford just so they can help keep me grounded and make me feel at ease. ZAYN on the next single Well I'm still focused on the current single, "Entertainer" but the next single won't be released until next month, and no that's not too far from now so I think it's okay to say that it'll be out soon? But yeah I really love the song and I have a really steamy video, if you will, for the song. The song is also a remix of the original song with someone I truly admire and respect. I can't wait for my fans to see the video and hear the song because she absolutely kills it. I wish I could say who it is but I can't. I'll give a hint though: it's an R&B artist. That's it, that's all I can say. You can try and guess who it is all you want until I release the song though. I know it'll drive my fans crazy *laughs*. ZAYN on the reception of Icarus Falls Based on all the comments, people really seem to enjoy the album. And that's great, that's all I really care for, seeing people love and enjoy the album. My fans have been so amazing and supportive ever since I put out my first single for the era and they're still being just as supportive, which is great. I love them and I don't think I could keep this up if I didn't have their love and support. So I'm forever grateful for them and everything they do. That's why I have so many things I wanna do for them, like doing the one night concert in Dubai. And I definitely have more surprises coming after that as well, so it's not over yet! Icarus Falls is out now | "Entertainer" is out now
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    DANNII MINOGUE ON BBC BREAKFAST Dannii Minogue appears on BBC Breakfast to talk about her new single ‘Boys and Girls’ and what it’s been like getting rid of the media’s preconceptions of her. [Monday // UK // Paid #2] On ‘Boys and Girls’ “It’s been so amazing being able to return to the music industry with such a big single. The way that the whole world has suddenly taken an interest in old Dannii makes me so proud, haha! Seriously though, I think it just goes to show that no matter who you are, if you’ve got a good record then people are going to pay attention. I just never expected this kind of love and affection from places like America, where I’ve never really been able to put out music properly! The thing is about ‘Boys and Girls’ is that anybody can relate to it. Straight, gay: I really wanted to make sure that it was a song that anybody could hear and think ‘yeah, that’s me!’” On her public perception “I think that the X Factor was a big part of me being able to kind of change the way that the public here in the U.K. looked at me. Even after I’d released the Neon Nighs album, people were still putting me into this category of ‘okay, she’s just Kylie’s sister’. The X Factor really changed my life in that way, even if I wasn’t completely happy in who I was back then. Now, though, the music that I’m releasing is doing wonders in making people take me seriously as an artist, rather than a talent show judge. I’m putting my all into making sure that this music that I’m releasing right now is absolutely the best possible stuff that I can come up with. I’ve been harvesting all of this experience that I’ve got and putting it into my new music – and the media and public are taking that on!” After the interview, the hosts remind the audience to get downloading Dannii’s new single ‘Boys and Girls’!
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    Sky Ferreira- Where The Sad Girl Cries( Official Music Video) Title: Where The Sad Girl Cries Artist: Sky Ferreira Release Date: 11/8/2019 Director: Neil Krug The video starts out with a wide shot of a graveyard. It is night time so it is completely black. The moon illuminates the headstones with an eerie white hue. We then see Sky sitting at a gravestone. She has her head burried in her knees and she is visibly and audibly crying. She then lifts her head up and surveys the area. We see the graveyard now. The camera pans around. It is desolate and ominous. There is a melancholy and somber undertone. Sky looks sad and wipes the tears off her face. She looks at a particular gravestone that we can't see. She then gets u and starts to walk away as tears run down her eyes. Sky walks out of the graveyard and is walking in a garden nearby. There are beds of roses, violets, daisies, tulips, and all sorts of species of flowers. It is still night so the colors are dark and muted, but it still lends a beautiful image. Sky is smelling the flowers, looking at them intently and picking some of them. She looks at them as if she is reminiscing or as if they remind her of something or someone. There is a sentimental connection towards them. Sky then continues to walk with the flowers in her hand. She is looking up at the sky now. Looking at the moon, counting on the stars, and just letting her mind wander as she wanders. We see beautiful upside down shots of palm trees, the moon, stars,etc. Sky then looks at her handfull of flowers and picks off petals, making a trail behind her. As the song progresses, Sky walks through various scenery. She is walking along the beach at night, walking through the city streets, walking through the woods, and walking up the mountainside. Sky still leaves petals as she walks to mark her trail. As she is walking however,she is continuously crying. It is not hysterical or dramatic, but tears continuously stream down her face. At one point she runs out of flowers and sees that the sun is rising. She looks worried and begins to cry again. She stops and lets out a sigh. She then turns around and walks back, following the trail of flower petals. Sky walks back through all of the places that we previously saw, until she makes her way back into the graveyard. Sky then gets back to the gravestone we saw in the beginning where she was sitting and crying. She looks at it and this time the camera shows the name, The grave reads: "Sky Ferreira". She wipes away her tears and gets back inside the grave as the video ends. Where the Sad Girl Cries is out for purchase and stream and you can pre-order The Life of Flowers and buy it Nov.22!!!!
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    Dua Lipa heard about this and opens the show!
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    TRNT SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS NEW MUSIC FRIDAY | 3,433,287 FOLLOWERS #1 Lucifer's Hands MEGA HIT MIX | 3,973,862 FOLLOWERS #1 Lucifer's Hands #10 Barrel of a Gun LOREM | 472,963 FOLLOWERS #1 Lucifer's Hands #8 Barrel of a Gun
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    CAMERON DALLAS x 103.5 KTU (November 6, 2019 | United States | Paid Promo | 4th article) On this Wednesday (6) morning, Cameron Dallas visited the studios of 103.5 KTU radio station to join the Cubby And Carolina In The Morning show, as he promotes his #1 single "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" and #1 album "Suburban Boy" in the United States. In another fun interview, Dallas talked to the hosts about his current single as well as his debut album both reaching number one simultaneously, his partnership with Urban Outfitters and his (Sub) Urban collection, and also his new collaboration with Jessica Simpson, "Spirit In the Sky", in which Dallas is a featured artist, and artists he'd like to work in the future. You can check highlights from the interview below! ON "SUBURBAN BOY" & "(NOT) THINKIN' BOUT YOU" BEING #1 "I've been saying this for weeks, but I didn't think I was going to get a new #1 single after everything "Make Up" did, you know, we had literally seven consecutive weeks and I thought it would be enough for this year and maybe for my entire career (laughs)... But nop, here we are - a number one single and a number one album at the same time, it's insane. My fans keep surprising me and for some reason, I still didn't get used to this so I keep getting surprised by the way my music has seemed to reach new audiences going beyond my fanbase, which is amazing and makes so happy! Both "(Not) Thinkin Bout You" and the "Suburban Boy" album talks directly to people in ways I didn't think I could do, and that's one of the things I'm loving the most of working on this project, you know? I think I can say for any artist that it's rewarding and very exciting to see people of all kind enjoying your music." ON "SPIRIT IN THE SKY" & ARTISTS HE'D LIKE TO WORK WITH "I like dance music, I have some favorite DJs and producers and I've wanted to try something with the many genres and subgenres of dance music in the future, so I think this opportunity of working with a huge name like Jessica [Simpson] and in such an epic song like 'Spirit In the Sky' is a signal for me to give it a try, you know? She was really nice and supportive to invite me for this track, I mean, she could've asked any other bigger male artist but she decided to invite and support me as a new artist, which was amazing, and I'm super proud of this track, especially 'cause it's very different from anything I've done in my album - maybe just the tiny electro-influenced parts on 'Break My Heart' and 'The Sims', but they're not even close to the gigantic electro-dance style of 'Spirit', so yeah, it's exciting. As for artists I'd like to work... Actually I'd love to work with Jessica again, I'd love to work with Britney [Spears] in a new track instead of just a remix... Who else... That's kind of a distant dream but to work with Frank Ocean would be dope, he's like one of my favorites and my album is clearly influenced by him... Oh, I just listened to Ulala's EP on my way to here and 'Sick Beat' is amazing, when I heard the Mario sample I was mesmerized, it's brilliant, so I think since we're both 'connected' with this digital world... maybe Ulala and I could work on something too? I think it'd be nice! There are a lot of artists I'd like to work with." The radio played "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" and "Spirit In The Sky (featuring Cameron Dallas)" and the hosts reminded everyone to go get and stream the singles, and also Cameron Dallas' new album, 'Suburban Boy' - all available now.
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    | OCTOBER 26, 2019 | #1 (+2) (Not) Thinkin' Bout You | Cameron Dallas | 88,359 | NEW PEAK, HIS THIRD #1 SINGLE #2 (+3) Barrel of a Gun | TRNT | 85,546 | NEW PEAK #3 (+1) CASSIE | Cassie | 81,100 | NEW PEAK #4 (+2) Better Now | Miley Cyrus | 78,657 | NEW PEAK #5 (+4) Entertainer | Zayn | 74,439 | NEW PEAK #6 (+2) Anyone Else | Marina and the Diamonds | 71,100 #7 (+14) Don't Die | Ivy | 68,933 | NEW PEAK #8 (-7) Just Friends | DJ Snake & Tinashe | 64,444 | PEAK #1 FOR ONE WEEK #9 (-7) A Little Wicked | Amanda Wolf | 61,263 #10 (-3) purpose | Aaliyah & Normani | 58,493 #11 (NEW) Perfect Loop | Tove Lo | 55,500 | HOT SHOT DEBUT #12 (+5) Where the Sad Girl Cries | Sky Ferreira | 51,362 | NEW PEAK #13 (-1) TIGER TEETH | Troye Sivan | 46,680 #14 (-4) me so bad | karrueche | 42,549 #15 (NEW) Boys and Girls | Dannii Minogue | 39,900 | DEBUT #16 (-5) Heroes (We Could Be) | Tove Lo | 36,263 #17 (-1) No Candle No Light | Zayn feat. Nicki Minaj | 32,200 #18 (=) Powerslide | Cameron Dallas | 28,659 #19 (-6) Havana | Camila Cabello | 25,500 #20 (-6) Real | Havelock | 20,200 #21 (NEW) Camo | Cameron Dallas | 16,359 | DEBUT #22 (NEW) Insomniac | Zayn | 13,300 | DEBUT #23 (NEW) Party's Over | Cameron Dallas | 9,326 | DEBUT #24 (-5) Glad He's Gone | Miz Cracker feat. Iggy Azalea/Kitty | 7,634 #25 (-5) Rich Sex | Nicki Minaj feat. Kash Doll | 5,555
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    OMG Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy I'm from Scotland. Nice to meet ya!
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    So I'm finally able to continue! As Katerina threw the dice! The number was 1! That means that nothing happens. Katerina is the winner but doesnt get anything. But also nothing is gonna happen at the bottom. Meaning someone will be eliminated! Lets get into it now! As I said before, I had 14 points to share. And 5 points were for Katerina. Again congratulations! @katerina's trio: Janelle Monae - Make me Feel Beyoncé - Freakum Dress Janet Jackson - All for You The second place is for @Cinnamon Girl with 4 points! Well done. you are through! His trio: Ashanrti - Foolish Tinashe - All Hands on Deck Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé - Feeling Myself Also through with 3 points in total is @Venus Well done! His trio: Normani - Motivation Rihanna - Love on the Brain Nicki Minaj ft. Drake - Moment 4 life Unfortunately that means that @IsThatSaraS will be eliminated. You had only 2 points which isnt enough. Still you got some points. I dont think you should be sad because you did very well! Its never easy to eliminate someone. But its part of the game. Like I said to Coco, there is a chance you get to return and some payback time! Her trio: Ashanti - Foolish Ella Mai - Boo'd Up Normani ft. 6lack - Waves My next post will be the information you need for the next round!
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    CAMERON DALLAS x LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS (October 28, 2019 | United States | Paid Promo | 1st article) Back to Los Angeles after a week in New York City, Cameron Dallas was the main guest at this Monday (28) edition of Late Night with Seth Meyers, as he promotes his new single "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" and his recently released album "Suburban Boy". In a fun interview, typical of the host, Dallas talked to Meyers about working on the album, and on specific tracks, such as the fan-favorite and critically praised songs "3 Nights" and "Powerslide" - "You have no idea how good it is to see fans enjoying songs like '3 Nights' - this was the first song I made for the album, the first one I was sure I wanted on the tracklist and that while working on it we never considered it to be out. I started writing it while just trying some stuff with the guitar, sitting on the floor in a night alone at home, and then I finished the second part of the song with Capi, who produced it with me at the studio, and we had such a great time! It's amazing to see that my energy came through the song and that the fans noticed that and are having a good time with it. This is one of my favorites" he said, "Another track that I'm seeing fans enjoying is 'Powerslide', I didn't see too many reactions when I dropped it as a promotional single so I thought they didn't really care for the song, but now they're on my social medias like 'why did you have to release this one as a promo only??? make it an official single!!!' and I'm like... WHY NO ONE TOLD ME THAT? (they all laugh) Jokes aside, I'm really glad they're enjoying this one too". Cameron also confirmed that he will be releasing the first remix of the song on this Friday (1), but not in the typical dancing remixes type of way - "We didn't ask for professional DJs and producers to remix this one, it wouldn't fit well, it's not the type of song to be mixed with a house beat or something, that's why we even just speeded it up a bit for the adverts the song's being used. This song is purposely raw and melodic and very simple" he said, adding: "But since I already have an alternate version for the song even before the album was released, I knew I was for sure releasing it later. And there's actually a second alternate version, but that it's basically the original version with a surprise, that might come next week or in two weeks, we don't know yet". Asked for hints about the release, Dallas only said: "It's like a different version of the song, if it's not a dance remix, what else could it be?" asked Cameron to the audience, holding an invisible guitar. Scenes from the "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" music video were aired, and Meyers reminded everyone to go get & stream Cameron's new single and new album 'Suburban Boy', both available now everywhere.
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    WILDD RECORDS DISCOUNTS | OCTOBER 23-30 LOS ANGELES + TIGER TEETH US$1.29 US$0.69 £0.99 £0.59 AU$2.19 AU$1.19 CA$1.29 CA$0.69 €1.29 €0.69
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    Tove Lo on American Idol| US Paid Promo | Oct 20 |Tove Lo performed her new single Perfect Loop on American Idol on October 20! The stage is set up with a circular cut out positioned in the middle of the stage. The raised platform is wrapped in a circle of lights along with lights above it that can point straight down. The floor of both the stage and platform are screens and can display visuals during the performance. The catchy intro plays as the ciruclar platform displays black and white tiles on the floor while the surrounding stage shows water. She sings into the mic throughout the verse while the lights around the stage flash purple. During the chrous she bops to the song as the water travels around in a circle and the lights around the platform light up white. The next verse comes in and the camera comes up close to Tove Lo and follows her around a 360 degree bend as she sings into it. The camera then zooms out for the chorus where she bops side to side to the track as the purple lights flash and the water moves. The bridge of the song comes in and the water starts to light up along with the platform lights. She starts stomping her foot which cracks the tiles underneath her. For the final chorus the lights above her face down and turn on surrounding her with white bars as she sings. The glowing water sways around her as she sings the final notes where all the lights turn off.
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