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    HOST: "Here to close out our show, please welcome Sky Ferreira!" Sky performs The Life of Flowers Medley Water Me The stage was completely pitch black. Then, we see a singular spotlight shine down. Sky is revealed to be sitting on a stool. She is wearing the most gorgeous and luxurious dress made of flowers. There were all sorts of colorful flowers attached to the dress. She started to play a guitar that had white daisies attached all over. There was no band yet playing, so it was just her and a guitar. She then began to sing Water Me. It was just her pure soft melancholy voice singing the song, matched with the melancholy strings of the guitar. Everyone in the room was entirely silent. He won't make love to me now, Not now, I've set the fee. He said it's too much in pounds, I guess I'm stuck with me. He told me I was so small. I told him "Water me" She sang in a soft sad whisper. Then, when the song ended, the lights started to slowly turn on. We could now see the stage setup. It was a garden full of dead flowers. The floor looked like soil and dirt, with dead roses and flowers scattered around. It looked quite sad, barren, and lifeless. Sky then gets up and goes to a piano and starts to play Poetry Poetry Sky started to play the sad and stark chords. The sad chords rang through the entire stadium. This time the live band kicked in and played along. As Sky sings the heart breaking lyrics, we see her try to replant the dead flowers in the ground. It is obviously not working, and she looks frustrated. She then has an idea and gets some flower seeds. She plants those, and tries to nurture them and help them grow. But to her dismay, it doesn't work. She gives up on the seed and leaves. Sky sings the song so beautifully and you can here the raw emotion in every note. When she finishes the last line, she continues to play the keys. She then gets up and walks to the mic stand and is given her daisy guitar. She starts to strum it slowly and play the chords to Where The Sad Girl Cries. Where The Sad Girl Cries Sky sullenly strums the guitar and we hear the somber melodies. She looks sad in the eyes as she looks out into the crowd. She opens her mouth and her sweet hypnotic vocals ooze out. As she sings, she starts to cry. As she plays, rain falls from the ceiling. The entire stage is now getting rained on, including Sky. Sky sings so ominously and sadly as she cries. However, the soil and flower seeds are now getting rained on...which means they are getting watered. We see a glow from the stage floor where the flower seeds were "planted". Sky finishes the song beautifully and harmoniously. When the song ends, the band transitions into Sun Chaser. Sun Chaser The stage stops raining and the Sky stops crying. A bright white and yellow glow fills the stage. It looks very heavenly and hopeful. An image of a sun appears on the big screen behind. Sky starts to sing Sun Chaser. The entire stage is filled with a golden glow. We see the flower seeds starting to bloom!! Flowers began popping out from out of the stage ground!! (These flowers are some sort of unique props, maybe robotic or something. Basically they were always on the ground, but you couldn't see them. Some behind the scenes magic allowed them to "grow" at the right time in the performance with the push of a button).Anyways, flowers started to bloom. The flower props slowly "grew" during the performance. Sky sang so beautifully, and there was an optimistic and happy tone to her voice this time. We now see colorful flowers fill the stage!! The music then transitions to August Peaches. August Peaches Sky starts to happily sing August Peaches. Dancers come out covered entirely with flowers, from head to toe. The also are holding boquets of flowers and start decorating the stage with all of them. The entire stage is now covered in flowers! So many colorful pets fill the stage. Sky sings August Peaches with so much joy and happiness. It is a feel good song and brings a smile to everyone's faces. Flowers dance around and as the last chorus comes petals fall from the sky!! Sky ends the performance with an epic finale and a smile on her face! The crowd gives her a standing ovation and she bows as they applaud!
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    Jisoo Performs Gashina The red carpet had a stage set up at the red carpet. The stage had 3 walls and a ceiling, looking like an open box. The walls and ceiling were all red. The floor was an LED screen that could change images. Jisoo stood center stage and was accompanied by several female backup dancers. They all wore matching uniforms and colorful skirts. Jisoo wore an all red outfit, perfect for a performance. They all stayed in their starting pose. Some were kneeling and some were standing next to Jisoo, where Jisoo was in the center of them. The music began and Jisoo started to sing. The girls got up and twirled around, twirling their colorful skirts. The floor showed a zig zag pattern that was red and blue, just like the girls uniforms. Jisoo sang the verse of Gashina and she strutted around the stage. Whith every step, the interactive stage floor would be affected. So when her heel hit the stage, the floor color would change on impact. When the chorus came, Jisoo and her dancers got into formation and executed a sassy and fierce choreography. There was a lot of hip movements, hair flips, sassy armography, and of course face posing. Jisoo was serving every second! The dance was very energetic and matched the electric beat of the song. Then, after the chorus, Jisoo amped up her swag and attitude for the next verse. She strutted around the stage and even went to the front to interact with screaming fans that held their hands out for her. She did a lot of hand and arm gestures to convey her emotions and portray the sentiment of the lyrics within the song. There were lots of eye rolls, hand flicks, and leg kicks to signify how over she was of the guy she is singing about. Then, the chorus came and the stage floor changed. It changed to different geometric shapes and colors. It made it look as if the stage floor was moving up and down, and side to side. The visual effects really made the performance come to life! Jisoo and the girls slayed the cute and sassy choreo yet again. The fans in the audience erupted into cheers hen the beat drop and when the girls danced. Them the bridge came, and the red lights dimmed to a darker red. Jisoo and the girls did a dance break for the bridge. The stage floor flashed all different patterns, shapes, and colors, and it looked so cool and chaotic. They slayed the dance break and it was an iconic moment. All sorts of visuals and effects flashed as the danced, and then the last chorus hit and they kept that same energy! They made a flawless transition into the Gashina choreo and finished the performance with an epic finale. Jisoo struck a pose as the performance ended and all the fans erupted and gave her a standing ovation!
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    Title: Drip Artist: Ivy Release: January 17th, 2020 Genre: Pop/hip-hop Writers: Brian Lee, Deng Wangxing, Show Luo Producers: Brian Lee Ivy has finally released her long-anticipated comeback single, Drip. A hip-hop influenced track sang between Chinese and English, Drip is the lead single to her upcoming sophomore album that is expected to be released during the first half of 2020. AUDIO / LYRICS © Ultraviolet Music, a division of the Warner Music Group
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    NORMANI - FINAL FANTASY (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) directed by dave meyers release date: 16/01/2020 length: 2:56 © OFF TEMPER ENTERTAINMENT
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    ANNOUNCER: "Please welcome to present our next award, 15x Grammy winner Eminem." "More and more each year, rap continues to grow and change. It's so different than back when I was first gettin' in the game, but that don't mean that there's any less quality coming from the rappers working today. Here are the nominees for Best Rap Song." Azealia Banks- "1991" (Songwriters: Azealia Banks, Kevin James, and Travis Stewart) CupcakKe - "Bloody Burner" (Songwriters: Elizabeth Harris, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder, Xavier Dotson) Big Sean - "Irritation" (Songwriters: Sean Anderson, Tyler Williams, Ameer Van, Romil Hemnai) Kash Doll feat. Cassie - "Bad Habits" (Songwriters: Arkeisha Knight; Casandra Ventura) Nicki Minaj - "Good Form" (Songwriters: Onika Maraj, Michael Williams II, Asheton Hogan) "And the winner is..."
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    The Voice Belgium Europe | Paid Promo | 2nd Article On January 13th, Cassie stopped by ‘The Voice Belgium’ to promote her latest single from her upcoming junior album, Don’t Play It Safe. After being announced the camera pans to the stage where Cassie and her dancers are seen standing in a line as the instrumental for “Simple Things” begins to play. The screen from behind her is showing a visual of waves and light are projecting a wavy effect onto the stage. As she begins to sing the first verse the two dancers in front and behind her begin to body roll from side to side opposite of one another as the camera focuses on Cassie standing in place. After that the dancers each hit a stance a few steps to the sides of her. As she sings the pre-chorus she takes a few steps forward as the dancers do some armography. When it comes time for the chorus she works the front of the stage as she sings. For the second verse she makes her way back to the middle of the stage as her dancers are doing some interpretive dances. While singing, she does a lot of motions with her arms to match the pace of the dancers. Once it’s time for the pre-chorus the dancers all fall back in line like the beginning of the performance, but this time Cassie is in front of the line. As she sings the pre-chorus they each one by one lean to one side to show a domino like effect before standing back up straight and repeating on the opposite side. Once she stands up straight it’s time for the chorus and she begins to work the stage some more. When it comes time for the bridge she gets down on her knees and looks into the camera before getting back up and singing the final chorus. She makes her way back to the middle of the stage before ending the performance with a pose. Simple Things available everywhere. 2/10
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    "Once more, thank you to the amazing team of people who helped make this album happen. Landon Allen, my co-producer, you are a light in my life and you put up with me and my insane ideas. Thank you for that and thank you for making such wonderful music with me. Thank you to my fans as well, without you, I'm just a bitchy teen with too many opinions. And thank you as well to my fellow nominees, you are such brilliant artists and I'm honored to just stand next to you."
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    "Hey everybody! I'm Jordin Sparks and welcome to Music's Biggest Night...the Grammys! I'll be hosting the red carpet ceremonies. Let's take a look at what everyone's wearing!" @Breathin @Venti @cocoCHANEL🅴 @Mr. Mendes @despy @Britney Spears @Starboy @Venus @Pabllo @Cinnamon Girl @kipperskipper @Natalia @Alex @kordei
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    CASSIE ANNOUNCES SECOND SINGLE Title: Simple Things Artist: Cassie Genre: Pop Length: 3:12 Writers: Casandra Ventura Producer: Benny Blanco Release Date: January 3rd, 2020 Simple Things will serve as the second official single from Don't Play It Safe. The song will officially impact Pop, Rhythmic, and Adult Contemporary radio on this coming Tuesday, January 7th. Audio: Ⓟ2020 ROC Nation LLC, Distributed by UMG Recordings, Inc.
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    Please welcome the first performer of the night who is nominated for a whooping 9 awards this year, Cameron Dallas: The stage gets dark, a huge retangle-shaped/see-through box platform illuminates the stage, as one beat kicks in, showing Cameron standing still at the center of the box, looking dow. The lights of the structure go off until Cameron starts singing, in acapella, to the first verse of "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You", making the audience go crazy. As he sings to the words, the box-shaped structure starts getting illuminated, amongst smoke and light effects, Cameron does slow moves to the melody; the audience is singing together, which makes him smile; as the song reaches the "I'm not thinking bout...", all the lights go off. As the crowd roars, "Camo" starts playing, the box-shaped structure flickers again, this time only in white and in the rhythm of the beat; we can see that Cameron is inside the retangle, standing still, he took off the jacket and now has a whole white look made of a white tank, cargo pants and sneakers. He nods his head in the rhythm of the beat, looking down; an incredible projection of rain starts being projected in the retangle/box, and Cameron starts singing the first words of the song. The camera shows a distant shot of the stage in most times to show the epic projections, and some close-up shots of Cameron's face singing to the words while looking down; as the beat kicks in in the first verse, he starts dancing a bit in the same place, and a group of dancers join the stage, they stay behind Cameron, with an amazing projection interaction, they "hold" umbrellas made of light projections. As Cameron sings the "Should I get my trophies out the box?" walking to the right, the dancers walk to the left, when he signs "Should I hang my ribbons even though I lost?", he walks to the left and the dancers to the right and repeat on the next two verses. When Cameron sings the last lines of the verse, the rain stops falling, making the "water" in the box turn into a lake at the cortner of the box. Cameron looks back and the dancers disappeared in the dark; lonely, he walks around the "lake" as he sings to the words of the chorus, bumping to the beat while giving small jumps around the "lake", feeling the song. Projected pills appear falling into the "lake", making an incredible water wave effect. As the chorus ends and the beat kicks in, the whole neon box-shaped flickers. In an edited version of the song, as Cameron sings the "What's gonna be my reputation?", the song jumps to the last three lines of the verse ("These numbers mean nothing to me / My mama saw me on TV / Said she didn't recognize me"), and as he sings to this part, huge projections of himself looking emotionless in behind the scenes appear in the box. He sings to the words standing still in the center of the box As he sings to the bridge, the projections of his face start alternating with white stripes; while singing the "Mama saw me on TV" lines, he walks towards the center of the structure, and a big black retangle appears in the projections, coming in front of him, and as he shouts to the "MAMA TURNED THE TV OFF!", he disappears in the black retangle. While the audience cheers thinking the performance is over, the structure starts showing projections of a TV, and then news flash of MTV news, talk show hosts and other shows mentioning the smashing success of "Make Up". The audience roars just with the mention of the title of the song, and with a huge beat, the projections stop, and the whole structure gets illuminated. Cameron is giving back to the audience, standing in the middle of four dancers with two each side, he turns half of his face and says "c'mon, Billboard Music Awards!", and the huge beat of "Make Up" kicks in and the audience goes insane. The box-shaped structure flickers in pink, blue and white light in the rhythm of the beat, as Cameron turns to the front of the stage with a big smile. He's wearing a reflective bomber jacket now. As he performs an intensive choreography for the song, that from the intro jumps to the pre-chorus and chorus, the performance ends with the classic "just so that we can MAKE UP!", and an explosion of smoke and lighs and shiny paper, the audience goes crazy. The text "Cameron Dallas: King of the Neighborhood Tour 2020 | Tickets Available Now" appear in the screening, as Cameron thanks with his hand on his heart and waving, leaving the stage. @Pabllo
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    BBMAs Nominations Top Artist Aaliyah CupcakKe Normani SZA Zara Larsson Top New Artist Cameron Dallas karrueche Iggy Azalea Miz Cracker Zara Larsson Top Billboard 200 Artist Beyonce CupcakKe Nicki Minaj SZA Zara Larsson Top Billboard 200 Album Beyonce - Dear Gemini CupcakKe - The CupcakKe Times Rihanna - ANTI SZA - ALT Zara Larsson - So Good Top Hot 100 Song Aaliyah & Normani - “balenciaga.” Beyonce - “Blaze, Baby, Blaze” Cameron Dallas - “Make Up” (featuring Ariana Grande) Zara Larsson - “I Would Like” Zara Larsson - “So Good” (featuring Big Sean) Top Selling Album Beyonce - Dear Gemini Big Sean - thank god it’s over CupcakKe - The CupcakKe Times SZA - ALT Zara Larsson - So Good Top Streaming Album Beyonce - Dear Gemini CupcakKe - The CupcakKe Times Nicki Minaj - Queen Rihanna - ANTI SZA - ALT Top Selling Song Aaliyah - “Advice” Beyonce - “Blaze, Baby, Blaze” Beyonce - “Cloudy With A Chance” karrueche - “me so bad” (featuring Ty Dolla $ign & French Montana) SZA - “Down 4 Whatever” Top Radio Song Aaliyah & Normani - “balenciaga.” Cameron Dallas - “Make Up” (featuring Ariana Grande) karrueche - “me so bad” (featuring Ty Dolla $ign & French Montana) Miz Cracker - “Glad He’s Gone” SZA - “Down 4 Whatever” Top Streaming Song (Audio) Beyonce - “Blaze, Baby, Blaze” CupcakKe - “Total” (featuring Britney Spears) Rita Ora - “Only Want You” Zara Larsson - “I Would Like” Zara Larsson - “So Good” (featuring Big Sean) Top Streaming Song (Video) Beyonce - “Blaze, Baby, Blaze” Cameron Dallas - “Make Up” (featuring Ariana Grande) Marshmello, SZA & Olly Alexander - “Big Spender” Zara Larsson - “I Would Like” Zara Larsson - “So Good” (featuring Big Sean) Top Collaboration Aaliyah & Normani - “balenciaga.” Cameron Dallas - “Make Up” (featuring Ariana Grande) CupcakKe - “Total” (featuring Britney Spears) karrueche - “me so bad” (featuring Ty Dolla $ign & French Montana) Zara Larsson - “So Good” (featuring Big Sean) Top Touring Artist Aaliyah Beyonce CupcakKe Nicki Minaj Shawn Mendes Top Pop Artist Cameron Dallas Miley Cyrus Miz Cracker Sky Ferreira Zara Larsson Top Pop Album Cameron Dallas - Suburban Boy Miley Cyrus - Secrets Miz Cracker - Dolled Up Sky Ferreira - The Life of Flowers Zara Larsson - So Good Top Pop Song Cameron Dallas - “Make Up” (featuring Ariana Grande) Miley Cyrus - “Don’t Call Me Up” Miz Cracker - “Glad He’s Gone” Zara Larsson - “I Would Like” Zara Larsson - “So Good” (featuring Big Sean) Top Pop Tour Olly Alexander Shawn Mendes Zara Larsson Top R&B Artist Aaliyah Beyonce Normani Rihanna SZA Top R&B Album Aaliyah & Normani - she dreams of bloody tears. Beyonce - Dear Gemini karrueche - expectations Rihanna - ANTI SZA - ALT Top R&B Song Aaliyah - “Advice” Aaliyah & Normani - “balenciaga.” Beyonce - “Blaze, Baby, Blaze” Beyonce - “Cloudy With A Chance” SZA - “Down 4 Whatever” Top R&B Tour Aaliyah Beyonce SZA Top Rap Album Azealia Banks - 1991 Big Sean - thank god it’s over CupcakKe - The CupcakKe Times Iggy Azalea - Utopia Nicki Minaj - Queen Top Rap Artist Azealia Banks Big Sean CupcakKe Iggy Azalea Nicki Minaj Top Rap Song Big Sean - “Half A Man” (featuring Olly Alexander) CupcakKe - “He Don’t Love Me CupcakKe - “Total” (featuring Britney Spears) Kash Doll & Cassie - “Bad Habits” Miley Cyrus & Kendrick Lamar - “Feelin’ Myself” (featuring Wiz Khalifa) Top Rap Tour CupcakKe Iggy Azalea Nicki Minaj Billboard Chart Achievement Award Aaliyah & Normani Beyonce Cameron Dallas Miley Cyrus TRNT
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    Spotify Wrapped 2019 MOST STREAMED ARTIST 1. Normani 2. SZA 3. Zara Larsson 4. Miley Cyrus 5. Rihanna 6. Beyoncé 7. Rita Ora 8. Cameron Dallas 9. Miz Cracker 10. Aaliyah 11. karrueche | 2.1B 12. Olly Alexander | 1.6B 13. Sky Ferreira | 1.6B 14. TRNT | 1.4B 15. Miranda Sings | 1.4B 16. Butterfly Chien | 1.3B 17. Jessica Simpson | 1.2B 18. Kash Doll | 1.1B 19. Troye Sivan | 1.1B 20. Amanda Wolf | 1.1B 21. Fergie | 1B 22. Kendrick Lamar | 1B 23. The Weeknd | 1B 24. Ariana Grande | 1B 25. Shakira | 993M 26. Victoria Beckham | 943M 27. Southside & Yonge | 724M 28. Camila Cabello | 668M 29. Cassie | 530M 30. Ivy | 445M 31. Dannii Minogue | 366M 32. Bryson Tiller | 225M We've went through all our data from the past year and we got a nice schedule for you guys to present the Most Streamed Songs, Most Streamed Albums, Top Songs of the Year and Songs of the Summer All these are based on the total streams received in 2019, for the SOTS-category, we looked closely at the songs that did well during the summer time and a month before that. MOST STREAMED SONGS 1. Normani & The Weeknd - "Hell of a Life" 2. Cameron Dallas - "Make Up" (feat. Ariana Grande) 3. Rita Ora - "Only Want You" 4. Beyoncé - "Blaze Baby, Blaze" 5. SZA - "Don't Think You Got The Memo" 6. Fergie - "Life On MTV" 7. Miz Cracker - "Glad He's Gone" (feat. Iggy Azalea) 8. Miley Cyrus - "Don't Call Me Up" 9. Marshmellow, SZA, Olly Alexander - "Big Spender" 10. Miley Cyrus - "Feelin' Myself" (feat. Kendrick Lamar & Wiz Khalifa) MOST STREAMED ALBUMS 1. SZA - "ALT" 2. Rihanna - "ANTi" 3. Beyoncé - "Dear Gemini" 4. Zara Larsson - "So Good" 5. Rita Ora - "Poison" 6. Miley Cyrus - "Secrets" 7. Aaliyah & Normani - "she dreams of bloody tears" 8. karrueche - "expectations." 9. Iggy Azalea - "UTOPIA" 10. Normani - "Melanin Magic" TOP SONGS OF THE YEAR 1. Cameron Dallas - "Make Up" (feat. Ariana Grande) 2. Rita Ora - "Only Want You" 3. Beyoncé - "Blaze Baby, Blaze" 4. SZA - "Don't Think You Got The Memo" 5. Fergie - "Life On MTV" 6. Miz Cracker - "Glad He's Gone" (feat. Iggy Azalea) 7. Miley Cyrus - "Don't Call Me Up" 8. Marshmellow, SZA & Olly Alexander - "Big Spender" 9. Miley Cyrus - "Feelin' Myself" (feat. Kendrick Lamar & Wiz Khalifa) 10. Victoria Beckham - "Monster" SONGS OF THE SUMMER 1. Cameron Dallas - "Make Up" (feat. Ariana Grande) 2. Miz Cracker - "Glad He's Gone" (feat. Iggy Azalea) 3. Miley Cyrus - "Don't Call Me Up" 4. karrueche - "more than that" 5. Aaliyah & Normani - "balenciaga."
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    Miley Cyrus - Donate For Australia Title: Donate For Australia Artist: Miley Cyrus Length: 2:21 Format: YouTube / VEVO / IGTV / TV Commercial Release: January 11, 2020 (right after the Grammys) Label: Shadow Records As the video begins, we can see Miley Cyrus walking around the beach, she holds a stick togher with a lot of balloons on it. As the instrumental for Bridges begins, we can see her turning around and kind of 'running' towards the camera. As the song (Bridges) plays with low sound in the background, Miley faces to the camera and starts talking: "Australia is on fire and it is getting out of control. Together with different organisations and the Happy Hippie Foundation we're doing everything we can to help Australia, but so can you! Different organisations agreed to help and you can donate. Go to the site www.donateforaustralia.com to donate to one of the dozens of organisations that agreed to help, you pick to which organisation you want to donate. Australia is hurting and if we can do anything to help, even if it's just a little bit, we should do it. I'm helping Australia, are you?" Different footage of Australia can be seen, from the fires, houses being destroyed, families coming together and crying, people can be seen hurting and stuff like that. The camera fades as we can see the sun in the background and a image of Miley Cyrus with her beautiful blond hair. The song (Bridges) plays in full audio as the chorus can be heard during the end of the video, as the video fades away, we can see the Happy Hippie Foundation logo and the Australian flag, down below that we can see the website "www.donateforaustralia.com". After that, the video shows the following: "All proceeds from Bridges (special edition) will be donated to organisations that are helping Australia". Meaning this, Bridges has been re-released as a special edition for Australia, everytime someone buys the special edition of the song, Miley will add +$5 extra to donate. The chorus of Bridges continues to play, as it ends the video ends too.
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    Paris Hilton Covers Marie Claire Magazine (January 10, 2020 | United States | Paid Promo | 1st article) While she builds her empire with countless fragrances, beauty lines, DJing, and obviously, being the heiress of Hilton Hotels, the original Barbie, Paris Hilton, covers the January edition of Marie Claire magazine, as she posed for Kai Z. Feng in a new photoshoot and interview as part of the promotion of her new single "Glamour Bitch", her first song in 13 years. In the interview, Paris talked about coming back to the music world after a decade, on how she's a different person than what people think and what are her plans for 2020. You can check some highlights from the interview below! The digital and print version of Marie Claire are available now. Paris Hilton's new single, "Glamour Bitch", is available now everywhere for purchasing and streaming.
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    TRNT | RED LIGHTS | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTED BY TRENT "TRNT" WAYLAD / PRODUCED BY TRENT "TRNT" WAYLAND AND LANDON ALLEN The video begins with a completely black screen and the sounds of a city are heard over it. The visual slowly fades into a rain puddle on the street. There’s a red glow on the pavement and reflecting in the water. TRNT walks into frame and we see his reflection in the puddle. The camera pans up and we see him from the front. He looks around him and we see that this part of the city is run down, dirty, graffiti tagged on all of the buildings. TRNT walks over to the sidewalk and sits down. He looks down at his hands and we see scrapes and bruises on it from the muder that took place in the previous video. His hands are shaking. We see him begin to cry and hang his head in his hands. We hear wispers of a female’s voice saying his name which makes TRNT become alert. He looks around him in a frenzy trying to find where these voices are coming from but there’s nobody around him. He stands up and takes off running down the street. The song begins here. During the intro to the song, we see TRNT now entering the main street of the red light district. A broken traffic light that blinks red casts an errie glow on the street. There are prostitutes standing on street corners, seedy looking people standing in doorways and in windows. We see a cop standing in an alleyway making out with a man wearing a leather skirt and no shirt. TRNT stops to have a look at the two of them as the first verse comes in. The man in the skirt shakes his head at TRNT. TRNT leaves them and walks into the street, standing under the red light, looking up. He sees his sister sitting on top of the pole that the light hangs from, looking down at him and taunting him. However, he blinks and she vanishes. He looks over and he sees a door to one of the rundown buildings slowly opening with pitch black darkness behind it. Slowly, a woman’s hand with long red nails and arm pokes out of the darkness and beckons TRNT to come inside. The hand and arm slide back into the darkness as TRNT walks into the building. The first pre-chorus comes in as TRNT enters the building. We see his body silhouetted in the red light from outside, contrasted by the blackness of the building. The door then slams behind him and above his head, a series of dull flourecent lights come on above his head. He looks ahead of him and it’s a long hallway. There are various strange looking people in weird outfits who are standing alongside it staring straight ahead at TRNT. The implication is that these people all are “employeed” as men and women of the night. TRNT looks visibly uncomfortable, but he slowly begins to walk forward. As he walks down the hallway, several of the people come up to him and begin to touch him. Some on the chest, some run their fingers through his hair, one grabs at his belt. However TRNT doesn’t stop and just keeps moving forward. He has to shake some of the people off of him as he keeps walking forward. He reaches the end of the hallway and enters the door he finds there. He walks into the room and in front of him is a wall with a large mirror along the entire back wall. He stares at the mirror and, from the darkness, his sister walks in and stands next to him. The camera rotates to show him from the front and we see that his sister is of course not actually there but it rotates again to show her in the mirror. A tear slips from TRNT’s eye as she places her hand on his throat just as he did to her. However the door behind him opens and she completely disappears. TRNT turns around suddenly as the chorus comes in. The person who has opened the door is one of the people he passed in the hallway. The person clearly hadn’t had enough of TRNT. They slam the door behind them and silently start to move in on TRNT who backs slowly up until his back is against the wall. The person keeps approaching TRNT until the door opens again and an older, elegantly dressed woman stands in the doorway. She says something and the person closing in on TRNT backs off. The elegantly dressed woman then slowly walks toward TRNT, embraces him, and places his head sideways on her chest. In the warmth of anothers arms for the first time since the murder, he breaks down and falls to his knees. The woman places her pointer finger under his chin, bringing his head up to look at her. She then brushes her hand on his cheek and grabs his hand, standing him up and having him follow her. She takes TRNT to an ornate office space, pulls up a chair for him, and she then sits behind the desk, looking across at TRNT. The second verse comes in as she begins to speak to him (we don’t actually hear her). While he’s watching her speak, he sees his sister standing next to the woman. However the woman says something that clearly gets TRNT’s attention and his sister suddenly disappears. TRNT leans forward and excitedly listens to what she has to say. The scene then cuts to TRNT standing in front of a mirror, putting on clothes very similar to what the people in the hallway were wearing. He is then seen being photographed on a couch by the woman, who is now identified as Madame Trix when we see her placing TRNT’s photo on a wall alongside her other “employees”. TRNT takes a moment to look at himself in this photo, taking a deep breath and walking outside. The second pre-chorus comes in as we see TRNT joining the other prostitutes on the street corner. He seems to be nervous and incredibly hesitant, but when a car pulls up and the man driving it points at TRNT, the people around him push him into the passenger seat of the car. We follow the car as it’s parked in the parking lot of an abandoned business. The driver leans over and begins to kiss TRNT’s neck and ruffle his hair, and at first TRNT doesn’t react, he just stares straight ahead. The camera pans and we see the car begin to rock implying more is happening. The second chorus comes in as we see TRNT getting in and out of different cars, going to and from different locations. As time passes, he appears more and more experienced with what he’s doing, but never more comfortable. It’s at this point it’s realized TRNT is adapting the story of another song on the album (“Master and Servant” but is inserting into this song as he doesn’t plan to release that sonng as the next single). He grows visibly more and more uncomfortable with the work. We focus on a particularly nasty encounter where the man throws a wad of cash at TRNT and then proceeds to smack him so hard that he falls to the ground. The man sits on TRNT’s chest and continues smacking him and pulls his hair, but TRNT doesn’t fight back despite the violence, knowing this is what he’s paid to endure. We cut to later as the man leaves TRNT, who’s bruised and exhausted, laying on the floor of the room of mirrors. Trix comes in and helps TRNT to his feet, counts the cash given to him, and hands him a small, small cut of it. TRNT then limps to a dirty bedroom that’s been given to him. The bridge comes in as TRNT collapses down in the bed, pulling the covers up to his chin, his hand shaking. We see his back arch and he lets out a scream before falling back down onto the mattress. He looks at the foot of the bed and sees two eyes staring at him from the darkness (the video is now adapting the song “In My Head” which will also not be a single,but he’s included it here to keep the story flowing with no gaps). He stares horrified as his sister walks out of the darkness, but she now has grey skin and yellowed eyes, showing her dead. She perches at the end of TRNT’s bed and stares at him. He is seen screaming to her but she doesn’t leave. TRNT jumps out of the bed, runs down the hall, out the door, and takes off running down the street. The final chorus comes in as we see TRNT continuing to run down the street out of the red light district and into regular city. The song comes to it’s conclusion, but the video continues for a few minutes. TRNT arrives to a police station. He slowly collects himself, takes a breath, and walks into the building. He walks up to the front desk and the receptionist asks how she can help. TRNT looks up and sees a wanted poster of himself on the wall. TRNT raises his hand and points at the poster. The receptionist turns and looks at the poster then slowly turns to look at TRNT in shock. TRNT silently lowers his hand and takes a seat by the window as the video fades to black, ending the video.
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    5 Seconds of Summer on Beats 1 January 13, 2020 | Los Angeles, US Zane Lowe: Hey guys, thanks for coming on the show today. I really appreciate it. Luke: Thanks for having us, it's a pleasure to be on here. Zane: Now, you guys have just come off of performing at the Grammy awards, how was that experience? Ashton: Oh, it was great. More than we could've asked for. Michael: Yeah, it was completely surreal to be performing on the Grammys for the first time ever. We never thought we'd get there but there we were and it was just great. The performance went well and we all had so much fun there. Zane: That's good. I'm so happy for you all and the amazing opportunity you got with performing one of your songs at the Grammys. I can imagine it's such a huge feat for any artist. But um, tell me, how did your whole performance come together? Luke: Well, it's crazy actually. We only had known we were performing like a week before the actual show because they had a few extra performance slots open that they hadn't yet filled so our team hooked us up for the gig. We didn't panic about what we would be doing because we already had a ton of performance concepts and ideas we had come up with a couple weeks prior to that so we just picked one we felt like would feel the most grand and most "award show appropriate". Zane: Oh, wow, yeah that sounds mad. Imagine trying to come up with something in one week. I'm glad you guys were prepared though or else we wouldn't have gotten such a great performance. Ashton: Awe, thank you, mate. I think it was one of our best performances honestly. Both for the song and for us in general. We felt like we really gave some raw, powerful energy throughout the entire thing. Calum: We also loved the stage set-up and just the overall aesthetic for the performance. Zane: Yeah, it really gave me a rock vibe. Like it fit the song's energy and the song's aura so well, I thought it well-suited for the song as well. I also loved the outfits by the way. Calum: Oh, thank you. We loved them too. Zane: Who's idea was it to have all of you wear a white and baby blue suit on for an otherwise dark or industrial setting? Just curious. Luke: Wow, I really felt the judgement there, Zane. *Everyone laughs* Zane: So sorry. I didn't mean to sound judgmental or critical of your appearance but like it was kinda out there, don't you think? Luke: Um, well I think it was just a collective decision to wear the same matching outfits. I think someone from our team came up to us about what we wanted to wear and they suggested those blue outfits because we were totally stumped as to what we would wear. Calum: I kinda wanted it to be where we wore our clothes but I later realized that we'd look better if we just all matched, for the sake of the performance and the occasion. Zane: Oh, yeah, I totally get that. Now, did it take long to rehearse because the set did feature a lot of things, especially dangerous things. Michael: Yeah, so since we only had a week to rehearse and properly prepare for the performance, we tried to do it as much as often, even though we still had other appearances on Ellen, James Corden and The Voice. Those performances really served as great rehearsal for the Grammys. Luke: Plus, the girls that were climbing the fence were the ones who probably had to rehearse more than us because they needed serious coordination in order for no one to get hurt. We mostly just stood in place since there wasn't much room for us to move with that cage around us... Michael: And the fire. Luke: Yeah, exactly. Zane: Well, hey, thank you once again for coming here. Wishing you all nothing but happiness and success. Luke: Thanks man. We loved being here. "Teeth" is out now
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    Billboards promoting "Bridges" are appearing around the world Miley Cyrus' new single Bridges (featuring Normani) is being promoted worldwide via billboards. Billboards promoting the single (and her 2019-released album "Secrets") are appearing around the world and have been spotted in New York (US), Los Angeles (US), Las Vegas (US), Miami (US), Amsterdam (NL), Vancouver (CA), London (UK), Sydney (AUS), Paris (FR), Antwerp (BE), Berlin (DE) and more cities around the world. Bridges (feat. Normani) is out now, taken from the album "Secrets" which is available too!
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    U.S. | Free Promo | 1st Article On January 17th, Kash Doll stopped by ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ to promote her latest collaborations. Kelly: Hello everybody and welcome back to the show. Our next guest was the breakout hip hop star of 2018. She’s since went on to sell millions of copies worldwide and even become a Grammy award winning rapper. Please welcome Kash Doll to the show! KD: Hello.Thank you for having me. Kelly: Are you kidding? I’m surprised your first stop out is me… KD: Why wouldn’t it be? You’re so sweet and unproblematic. It’s my pleasure. Kelly: Aw, thank you. Well let’s get into why you’re here. You have some new collaborations out. KD: Yes, Dolled Up with the fabulous Miz Cracker and New Attitude off Normani’s surprise released album. Kelly: How did both records come about? KD: Well Miz reached out because she thought the song needed an extra umph and of course she wanted to hit up Kash DOLLLL. *chuckles* I laid my verse down and then the rest was history. I was so happy she hit me up a few weeks ago for it to be a single. I love the song so much. As for Normani… I want to say about 6 or so months ago she sent me ‘New Attitude’ with her and Travis on it and asked if I wanted to be a part of it. I said of course and I’m not going to lie… It took me a couple of months to finish it. I had a little writer's block, but I think I pulled through. Funny thing is that she told me the song was coming out a couple days ago and then the next thing I saw the album was out too. I was like, This girl…” Kelly: Oh wow. That is funny. Do you think it was the same with the other artists? KD: Probably. She’s very secretive. Kelly: Well back to you… Is this a little pre-season for you? I know rappers usually do some features before they get ready to release their own work. KD: Ha. I’m definitely recording. I’m really taking my time. My debut did so amazing so I really just don’t want to rush the follow up. I think every artist is scared of the sophomore slump so yeah.. It’s in progress. No promises on a date. Kelly: Well we all can’t wait to hear it. Until then we’ll be streaming these amazing features. Thank you again for stopping by. I’ll be right back. Dolled Up/New Attitude available everywhere. 2/10
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    TRNT x SONG ASSOCIATION [JANUARY 14 | US | PAID | ARTICLE FOUR] TRNT's debut was one of the most notable of the year. After winning a contest to open for Shawn Mendes, beating out almost 30,000 other applicants, the then 18 year old managed to impress the pop prince enough to secure himself a record deal. Since then, TRNT has released an acclaimed EP, an acclaimed #1 album, secured three #1 hits, and is currently slated to embark on an impressive world tour to support the album. His name has been on the lips of music fans and the media since his debut whether it be for his controversial fiery personality or for his groundbreaking music. TRNT's debut album A Momentary Loss of Sanity opened to critical acclaim and shot straight to #1 around the world. In tow, it's so far carried three #1 singles in "Barrel of a Gun" and "Lucifer's Hands", and the current single "Red Lights", one of the most praised tracks on the album. TRNT has also announced a world tour to support the album. The Mindless Misbehavior World Tour will take TRNT across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia and is predicted to be one of the craziest and theatrical shows of the year. And now, he's become a Grammy winner! With so much to discuss, TRNT has returned to the US for an extensive promotional tour. TRNT: "Hey guys this is TRNT and I'm about to see if I can do a game of Song Association." WORD #1: PERFECT "Oh shit...um...OH! 'Pretty pretty please...don't you ever ever feel like you're nothing, you're fuckin' perfect to me'. Yeah man, I love Pink and that song helped get my ass through high school!" WORD #2: DANCE "Ummm....oh okay duh. 'Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo doo, just dance, spin that record babe, da da doo doo'. Just Dance by Lady Gaga. One of those songs that I wish I wrote. But then again I was also about eight when that song came out so that'd been a little weird wouldn't it?" WORD #3: BAND "Easy. 'These chicks don't even know the name of band...but they're all on me like they wanna hold hands.' I love me some Eminem. One of the few rappers who's lyrics I can confidently spit out and not stumble over myself and look like an idiot." WORD #4: PARTY "Oh wow...okay here's a good one. 'I came to have a party, open off the bacardi, feeling to hot tamale, boy I know you're watchin' me so what's it gonna be?' Yeah I like Mariah. What can I say, I'm a sucker for her." WORD #5: KISS "Oh god this is so dumb but 'Are you gonna kiss me or not...are we gonna do this or what...'. This dumb ass country song that was popular on Vine...god I hate myself." WORD #6: GROOVE "Okay 'Get into the groove...boy you've got to prove your love to me...'. When you're on the same label as the queen of pop you gotta know the hits. WORD #7: WAVE "Easy. 'Every breaking wave on the shore...tells the next one there'll be one more...'. Shawn's best single in my opinion. But i hear he's got a new one coming soon so that could totally change." TRNT winks WORD #8: LIGHTS "Oh okay this is my cue. "This side of hell lit by blinding red lights...where no sun hangs in the sky.' My new single Red Lights. Stream it, I hear it's pretty good." TRNT: "Well hey I did it! Cool! What do I win?" Voice off screen says nothing. TRNT looks at the camera. "Oh...got it." Laughs "TRNT's new single Red Lights from his Grammy nominated debut album A Momentary Loss of Sanity is available now worldwide. Tickets for The Mindless Misbehavior World Tour are also available now worldwide" appears on screen.
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    Aaliyah x This Morning [January 7 | Paid | CAN] "Motivation", available now. "A2" is available for pre-order now, out March 6. Ticket sales for "Motivation Tour" are open now, starts September 5.
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    Following the success of their third album, Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds Of Summer have decided to drop the first single off their upcoming fourth studio album. The track begins with a saturated bass and lead singer Luke Hemmings’ hushed vocals elegantly gliding over the bass and crooning a catchy melody. His vocals transition into belting on the paino assisted pre-chorus, building up the tension until it explodes on the chorus. A stellar guitar riff and a viciously creative hook about falling hopelessly for a toxic lover. The only time the song loses any of its momentum and magic is during its bridge. Luckily that is kept fairly short and is quickly made up for with the haunting background that follow and lead to a gripping rendition of the chorus. “Teeth” has quickly become the bands most successful song to date and it is not hard to see why. It is an amazing and gritty pop-rock anthem that makes us excited for what is to come. Score: 8.4/10
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    | JANUARY 4, 2020 | #1 (+4) Never Be the Same | Camila Cabello | Pure: 12,652 | SPS: 73,949 | NEW PEAK, HER FIRST #1 SINGLE #2 (+2) Forget You Not | Cassie | Pure: 9,631 | SPS: 71,018 | NEW PEAK #3 (=) Motivation | Aaliyah | Pure: 10,821 | SPS: 70,807 #4 (+11) Invitation | CupcakKe feat. Charli XCX | Pure: 8,410 | SPS: 70,599 | NEW PEAK #5 (+4) Wasabi | Cassie | Pure: 12,202 | SPS: 66,581 #6 (+6) Love Is All We Have Left | Shawn Mendes | Pure: 9,221 | SPS: 62,958 #7 (+1) CASSIE | Cassie | Pure: 5,421 | SPS: 51,983 #8 (-2) Where the Sad Girl Cries | Sky Ferreira | Pure: 4,109 | SPS: 47,963 #9 (+2) Poetry | Sky Ferreira | Pure: 6,281 | SPS: 48,250 #10 (NEW) Red Lights | Pure: 10,121 | SPS: 44,151 | HOT SHOT DEBUT #11 (+2) Adorn | Odiseas feat. Wiz Khalifa | Pure: 3,921 | SPS: 43,887 | NEW PEAK #12 (-2) Lucifer's Hands | TRNT | Pure: 4,941 | SPS: 43,282 #13 (-11) can i | karrueche | Pure: 5,913 | SPS: 38,418 #14 (R/E) Bridges | Miley Cyrus feat. Normani | Pure: 7,770 | SPS: 37,514 | RE-ENTRY, NEW PEAK #15 (+2) Don't Play It Safe | Cassie | Pure: 4,683 | SPS: 35,852 #16 (+9) River | Ellie Goulding | Pure: 3,140 | SPS: 30,281 #17 (+2) Teeth | 5 Seconds of Summer | Pure: 7,019 | SPS: 30,058 | NEW PEAK #18 (-4) (Not) Thinkin' Bout You | Cameron Dallas | Pure: 1,081 | SPS: 27,155 #19 (+3) She Loves Control | Camila Cabello | Pure: 1,489 | SPS: 26,273 #20 (+1) Bloody Burner | CupcakKe | Pure: 1,884 | SPS: 26,028 #21 (-5) Happy Xmas (War Is Over) | Miley Cyrus & Mark Ronson | Pure: 3,414 | SPS: 23,570 #22 (-21) Happy Holedays | Miranda Sings, Olly Alexander & Jennie | Pure: 3,669 | SPS: 22,577 | PEAK #1 FOR ONE WEEK #23 (-16) Cranberry Sauce (Remix) | Miranda Sings feat. Lizzo | Pure: 2,867 | SPS: 20,487 #24 (=) Fresh Air | Zayn feat. Teyana Taylor | Pure: 2,540 | SPS: 17,871 #25 (-5) Giving (It All To You) | Miranda Sings feat. Ariana Grande | Pure: 2,085 | SPS: 14,110 #26 (+1) Christmas Cookies (Remix) | Miranda Sings feat. Marshmellow | Pure: 1,902 | SPS: 12,572
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    5 Seconds of Summer X YouTube January 3, 2020 5 Seconds of Summer have partnered with YouTube to be featured on a couple music playlists. Those playlists include Released and Pop Hotlist. Their new single "Teeth" is featured on those playlists at the #2 spot. This comes following the release of the music video for the song.
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    CAMERON DALLAS x DICK CLARK'S NEW YEAR'S ROCKIN' EVE (United States | Free Promo | December 31, 2019/January 1, 2020 | 1st article) On New Year's eve (31), Cameron Dallas performed at this year's edition of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, joining a team of other performers with names such as Paula Abdul, Kelsea Ballerini, Ava Max, Green Day, Dan + Shay and more. Performing two songs - the new single "Camo" and a mashup of the smashing #1 singles "Make Up" and "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" -, Dallas celebrated 2020 wishing everyone a happy new year, that he's "so excited for 2020" and that he "can't wait to see you all at the King Of the Neighborhood Tour, if you still haven't bought your tickets, go get them now!". You can check the performances from both songs below! "CAMO" PERFORMANCE "MAKE UP"/"(NOT) THINKIN' BOUT YOU" PERFORMANCE At the end of the performances, the host, Ryan Seacrest, reminded everyone to go get and stream "Camo" and also for everyone to go get tickets for the King of the Neighborhood Tour available now.
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    Aaliyah x KVEG Hot 97.5 [December 30 | 1st Free Radio | Las Vegas, US] "Motivation", available now. "A2" is available for pre-order now, out March 6. Ticket sales for "Motivation Tour" are open now, starts September 5.
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    U.S. | Paid Promo | 1st Article On December 26th, karrueche stopped by ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ to promote her latest single from her debut album, expectations. Ellen: Hello everybody and welcome to my show. Today’s guest is a multi-platinum singer and actress and one of this year’s breakout stars. Please welcome karrueche to the show! *karrueche walks out, waves to the crowd, hugs Ellen, and sits down* Kae: Hey girl! Ellen: Hey! How is it going? How was Christmas? Kae: I’m doing amazing. Christmas was fun. Victor and I spent the day with his family and then we stopped by a few friends places. It was really chill. We honestly didn’t have a choice since it’s freezing in New York. *laughs* Ellen: Yes, that’s why I live here in sunny LA. Let’s talk about the amazing year you’ve had. You started the year opening up for Shawn Mendes then right after you released your two songs that both flew into the top 10 then followed up by the #1 album then you got your first #1 single. What was your favorite moment from this year? Kae: They all mean so much, but I would have to say when I dropped show love and more than that would have to be my favorite moment. I had just gotten off tour with Shawn and I was nervous to start the whole era off. I guess because that was just the beginning and more amazing things followed. Ellen: And there’s even more than that to come. No pun intended. Did you accomplish what you set out to accomplish with this album? Kae: Most definitely. I really just wanted to open up through my music and contribute to making cohesive albums. I think for a while record companies got into a place where they through a bunch of hits together and called it an album. We’re slowly getting back to making albums and I said if I’m going to chase my musical dreams. I’d do it the correct way and I think I have. Ellen: Love that. Well your current single “can i” has been making waves worldwide. Should we expect anything else for it? Kae: We’re wrapping it up and about to get ready for the next single. I have a couple performances lined up and then I’ll be chilling. Since I’m not going on tour I’ve been really trying to perform as much as I can for the fans. Ellen: Love that. Well thank you karrueche so much for stopping by. I hope you have an amazing new year. Go check out karrueche’s latest single, “can i”. I’ll be right back after this commercial. can i available everywhere. 1/10
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    H.E.R. X NME Magazine (December 23, 2019; 1st Article)
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    Miley Cyrus X Beats 1 Radio January 20, 2020 | US, Free | Article: 2/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat Host: She has been everywhere since the release of Feelin' Myself, which debuted at #1 on the Hot 100 back in March of last year and spend three non-consecutive weeks at the top, she also achieved another #1 with Don't Call Me Up and as of last Saturday, she achieved her sixth #1 single with her newest single Bridges which features Normani, from her October 2019-album "Secrets", three songs have reached the #1 spot on the Hot 100 so far, she's everywhere and you can't deny it, give it up for Miley Cyrus! Miley: I was just listening to your introduction, so insane, hey guys! Host: Well, you should be proud of yourself, you're doing amazingly! Miley: Thank you so much, it's insane! Host: Bridges just went #1 on the Hot 100, it was the most streamed song on all streaming services past week and reached new peaks worldwide, how does that make you feel? Miley: Wow .. it actually has me a little speechless. You know, I never thought this song would do so well and now it does, it still feels unreal sometimes if I'm being honest with you! Host: How's that? Miley: Well, when I first suggested the song for a single, no one believed it would do what it does now, but I believed in and I went with it, after all, it's my album, so my decision, right? So, I continued to push the song to my team and they agreed with me, so we decided to release it, now we're weeks further and the song is #1 on the Hot 100 and reaching new peaks worldwide as you said, in-sane! Host: As long as you believe in it, it's good, right? And you made the right decision! Miley: Yes! That's right! As long as you believe it in, anything can happen, as long as you're 100% confident with your decision! Host: Exactly! Well, we need to keep this interview short, because you got a flight to catch to Australia! Do you got anything to say to the listeners? Miley: Yes, I do! Thank you guys so much for supporting this single, I am so grateful for you guys and I love you guys always! *kiss* Host: Well, you heard her! We're going to play Bridges right now on Beats 1! Bridges (feat. Normani) is out now, available for a limited discounted price, taken from the album "Secrets" which is available too!
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    CAMERON DALLAS x KiSS 92.5 (January 20, 2020 | Canada | Paid Promo | 1st article) Coming back to Canada after three months since his last visit, Cameron Dallas visited the studios of KiSS 92.5 radio station on this Monday (20) in Toronto, as he promotes his third and new single "Camo", from his acclaimed album Suburban Boy, and also his upcoming first solo tour, the King Of The Neighborhood Tour. In a new interview, Dallas talked about the experience of working on a such a personal song as "Camo" and how he thinks this was the right choice for a third single, about the upcoming experience of having his own solo tour around the world, his work with ADAA and AACAP, his partnership with Carolina Herrera and Urban Outfitters, and much more. You can check some highlights from the interview below! ON "CAMO" AS THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR THIRD SINGLE "I feel like 'Make Up' was that first spark that started this new journey, you know, like it was like changing to the first gear and stepping on the gas for the first time, like, full force. Then 'Thinkin Bout You' came up as the feeling of a new start after leaving where I was, like 'ok, now it's official, we're going somewhere'. And now 'Camo' is like, 'ok, we're moving, already going somewhere, so just keep it cool and enjoy', you know? And I also feel like, besides the obvious facts that 'Camo' is a fan and critic favorite, it's the right song for the season, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, where we're still in Winter and it's a chill song... So yeah. There are a lot of factors that helped me decide on why I wanted this song to be the third single". ON THE KING OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD TOUR "When I performed in Canada as an opening act for Shawn, it was a blast, I had a great time, I can feel that his fans also had a good time, they welcomed me with arms wide open, and every time I come to Canada to promote it's always amazing, so... Canada was always a confirmed place that I wanted the tour to go to, my Canadian fans support me since the days of Vine, so it's like, I HAVE to come here, you know, I have to bring them this experience that I know it's gonna be amazing and that I know they deserve to be a part of 'cause they're part of my history. So yeah, I'm really excited for this tour and I can't wait to bring it to Canada! Get your tickets, y'all!!!" The radio played "Camo" and the host reminded everyone to go get and stream the single, and also get tickets for the King Of The Neighborhood Tour, all aavailable now.
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    my name is Jonny and I’m glad to be here! I mainly stan Ariana, Cardi, Kehlani, and the City Girls
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    CAMERON DALLAS x AMERICAN IDOL (United States | Paid Promo | January 5, 2019 | 1st article) On this Sunday (5) night, Cameron Dallas was one of the many performers on American Idol, as he starts the promotion of "Camo", the third single from his #1 album, Suburban Boy, and also the promotion of his first solo tour, the King Of The Neighborhood Tour, set to start in April. You can check the whole performance below! "CAMO" PERFORMANCE The host reminded everyone to go get and stream "Camo", and also to go purchase tickets for the King of The Neighborhood Tour, available now through livenation.com/kotntour or camerondallas.com/tour.
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    Jisoo on Strahan, Sara, and , Keke US Promo/ Article 3 / Jan 3rd Michael: Hello and welcome back to Strahan, Sara, and Keke! Today we have the worlds biggest song...or soon to be! It seems as if this is the song that the world has been anticipating for the longest time!! The song you have all been waiting for is here...and so is the singer. Please welcome.... JISOO OF BLACKPINK! Hello Jisoo! Hello! Thank you so much for that. Sara: Wow! We are so excited to be finally talking to you, the second member of BLACKPINK. Jennie was the first member to debut with SOLO, and now we have Jisoo with Gashina! Yes. That is correct. I am happy that you are excited. Gashina is here and ready to conquer. Keke: So Jisoo, how does it feel to finally be out in the world talking publicly about your music. I mean you have been kept secret for so long. Yes, it does feel a bit strange, because for the whole year I couldn't do or say anything. The thing is, no one knew i was apart of BLACKPINK until it was announced. So it actually does feel like an over night thing. Michael: I was gonna say, does it feel like the fame and attention is overwhelming? Gashina isn't even a day old. Well at this point not too much. I mean the song just came out, but since Jennie made BLACKPINK so popular, people are already interested in me. I didn't have to work that hard for the attention. So that part can be overwhelming, to have millions of people interested and invested in you before you even release a song! Sara: I saw that! On twitter you were trending all day with over 1 million tweets about Gashina and your birhday and you havent even released the song! Yeah that was crazy! The support has been tremendous and eye opening. It as the best birthday gift ever. Keke: Well you deserve it. Gashina sounds like a smash! Thank you so much! Keke: You can all go buy/stream Gashina by Jisoo right now!! Gashina then plays as the show cuts to commercial! Gashina is avalaible for stream and purcashe!!
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    The Chainsmokers present Top Streaming Song (Audio & Video) The winner for both top audio and top streaming song is non other than Zara Larsson for I Would Like "First off, i would like to thank Billboard for this. Second, my fans...i adore each one of you so deeply. Third, my new management...what a YEAR? *sighs* Oh my god. I still can't believe how the tables have turned so quickly. I really would love to thank every single one of you who bought and streamed the heck out of this one. It's been a nice road so far with this debut era and you guys made it possible for me to achieve these beautiful things. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." @despy
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    TROYE SIVAN TOUR BILLBOARD ADS APPEAR WORLDWIDE In support of his upcoming A WONDERFUL WORLD TOUR, huge billboards appeared all over the world promoting the tour. They appeared in major cities the tour will be hitting in North America, Europe, and Australia. Not just standard billboards, it was found that if you pull out your smartphone and visit Troye's website, you can use a special camera and film the billboard and it will reveal a brief animation of Troye in rehearsal along with the words #TILLSUNRISE, implying the 4th official single from Troye's album will be arriving very soon.
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