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    Mini Challenge Results It is time to Ruveal the winner of the mini challenge! I must say, I loved all your apps! I could definitely use The Hiding Bag AND Godline for a sketchy hookup I also may have already used HITBIT for my ex Anyways, there were 2 apps that I downloaded and deleted Grindr for! The winners are:
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    Category is...Make an Entrance! Kitty @Teenage Dream K̶I̶T̶T̶Y̶ ̶S̶T̶E̶P̶S̶ ̶O̶U̶T̶ ̶O̶N̶ ̶T̶H̶E̶ ̶R̶U̶N̶W̶A̶Y̶ ̶R̶E̶A̶D̶Y̶ ̶T̶O̶ ̶D̶O̶ ̶H̶E̶R̶ ̶G̶R̶A̶N̶D̶ ̶E̶N̶T̶R̶A̶N̶C̶E̶!̶ Wait hold awn a minute.. Where is this bitch and what's the hold up?! You can't really make a grand entrance without even showing up in the first place... But who cares??? Kitty not showing up is still better than anything the other girls will submit. ANYTHING Miss Kitty does is iconic! Everybody give it up for Kitty!!! Always rember though that a Queen is NEVER late. Everybody else is simply early. Eventually something starts showing up on the judge's panel box that the judges can't see but the audience can... Kitty's two crowns (one which is in the making) and the silhouette of paws pushing up against the box are shown... *loud metal bangs are heard inside* WHAT IS GOING?! A part of the judges table starts elevating.. It then pokes out further to reveal that it's a miniature version of the judges panel... The judges continue looking on in interest waiting for whatever comes next.... only for MISS KITTY WEARING THE JUDGES TABLE TO POP OUT THE BOX, AND MAKE HER GRAND COMEBACK TO RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE! Kitty has done ha homework and knows her way in and out of the place. Hide contents This isnt the first time kitty has been under the judges panel. Lets not forget she won S2 there by giving all of the produc-... nvm Also, yes before you ask her head is doing just fine with that cube Maybe all those years of judging behind the panel weren't useless after all. Kitty stands up on the judge's panel with boots ready to stomp on these hoes and a glamourous cape. If you need a drag race herstory lesson 101, Kitty started off S2 by lipsyning (she was first elimenated) and in a desperate attempt to stay she danced on the judges table. This season she is coming out the judge's panel ready to own the runway. The camera pans up and the full boxified, metal, and futuristic look is eventually revealed. Kitty is a literal walking Judge's panel box as she makes her way to the catwalk. She is ready to show and tell her competitors how to do it!
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    An iconic season so far already. Ru really brought the truly robbed and underrated girls of WOP Drag race
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    ANNOUNCER: "Tonight, you'll be seeing performances from some of music's biggest names such as Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Cameron Dallas, and more! Please welcome your host for the evening, the new Princess of Rap, CupcakKe!" Right after Miz Cracker's performance, we were taken to a video interlude. It showed a fully naked man in doggy style position (mostly under a towel), a male nurse right behind him and his partner next to him. This was essentially a display of a man in a gay couple giving birth. Nurse: "Keep breathing! You can get through this! I think I feel the head!" Partner: "My little bundle of joy is really here!" Bottom: "My hole has never been this open, oh my god!" Nurse: "It's coming only in a few minutes! We can see its little hairs popping through! Keep your breathing up!" Bottom: *breathes heavily with close ups of his borderline pornographic facial expressions* Nurse: "The head is out! Let's gooo!!" Bottom: *heavy breathing once again* The camera then very suddenly cuts to a shot of CupcakKe popping out of a hole with a dummy in her mouth. We then see the whole stage as the crowd is cheering for her and we see a huge set of ass cheeks on the stage, with CupcakKe climbing her way out of the asshole as the crowd cheers for her. She comes out in a huge diaper and a diaper-looking bra to cover her titties. "Hello, Spain!! My name is CupcakKe and I am officially the very first gay baby to be birthed out of the booty hole, oh my god!! I am so excited to be your host for the EMAs this evening out here in Seville, Spain. Hola! Como estas? That's about the extent of what I remember from my middle school Spanish classes. But there is one language we can surely all understand: music. We have some amazing performers tonight and some amazing nominees. Shawn Mendes, a queer man that I would absolutely love to get birthed by, is nominated for a total of seven awards tonight. A huge achievement! A brand new artist, TRNT, is nominated for five awards but I've gotta say I'd be very surprised if he won the award for best MTV award show host after my stint tonight. Miley Cyrus is also nominated for five awards and will be performing tonight. I think we're getting white Miley tonight. I might be wrong but it does seem like black Miley's been on a bit of a hiatus lately. We have some more amazing performers tonight like Taylor Swift. We have a lot in common because she's a crazy cat lady and I love me some good pussy! Harry Styles will also be performing and I will be suing him if he doesn't let me touch his hair by the end of the night. Frank Ocean will also be performing and I'm very excited to have a fellow black queer artist performing tonight. Representation is important, people! We're also getting a performance from Mr. Cameron Dallas, and don't worry, ladies and gays, he is of age so you can let those thirsty tweets come through tonight. We also have a performance from Ariana Grande, with the big voice and the even bigger ponytail. Winner of .. um .. not a single season of Drag Race, Miz Cracker, will also be performing and hopefully proving to RuPaul why it was his loss. And, lastly, how could I forget a performance from Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice from the Spice Girls and I'd absolutely love to have some tea and crumpets with her by the time the show is over. Whew, that's a huge list of performers! I think I'm gonna take a break and continue with the show. Presenting the award for Best Look is someone that knows a damn lot about looks. Please welcome the legendary Miss Tyra Banks!
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    Twist: Attention All Stars This wouldn't be All Stars without a little twist!! For the first time in Drag Race Herstory..... there will be NO Lip Sync For Your Life... Now that we got that out of the way.... I do have one more little twist: A lot of you have been asking if we are doing All Stars rules or regular rules. And the answer is... Twist: Let the games begin All Stars.
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    Iggy's Critiques @Venus Crystal @Elusive Smalls: Dolly @Daydream: Tatianna @Britney Spears: Harlot: @SAVIOR Slay Z @Cinnamon Girl The Dutchess @Faz Gostoso Tokyo Xsimulator @Barbie Kitty @Teenage Dream biblegirl666 @katerina
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    | AUGUST 24, 2019 | #1 (+2) Don't Call Me Up | Miley Cyrus | 198,652 | NEW PEAK, HER SIXTH #1 SINGLE #2 (=) Make Up | Cameron Dallas feat. Ariana Grande | 196,351 | FOURTH CONSECUTIVE WEEK AT #1 #3 (+4) Glad He's Gone | Miz Cracker | 194,623 | NEW PEAK #4 (=) LOS ANGELES | Troye Sivan | 192,351 #5 (-4) Total | CupcakKe feat. Britney Spears/others | 190,100 | PEAK #1 FOR FOUR WEEKS #6 (+7) Lucia | Victoria Beckham | 186,631 | NEW PEAK #7 (-2) Advice | Aaliyah | 183,632 #8 (+3) me so bad | karrueche | 179,365 | NEW PEAK #9 (-1) Love Don't Fail Me Now | Iggy Azalea feat. Jeremih | 175,500 #10 (-4) Half A Man | Big Sean feat. Olly Alexander | 172,659 #11 (+1) Yeah, I Said It | Rihanna | 168,632 | NEW PEAK #12 (+2) MONOPOLY | Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét | 165,596 | NEW PEAK #13 (NEW) Riverside | Rita Ora feat. Normani | 161,100 | HOT SHOT DEBUT #14 (-4) Crying in the Club | Camila Cabello | 158,623 #15 (+2) borderline | Ariana Grande | 154,654 #16 (-7) Slide | Frank Ocean feat. Big Sean | 149,716 #17 (NEW) Sugar | Dannii | 146,632 | DEBUT #18 (-3) You Wish You Knew | Zayn | 142,369 #19 (NEW) Heroes | Tove Lo | 138,297 | DEBUT #20 (-4) Ain't Got Time | Dannii | 134,654 #21 (=) August Peaches | Sky Ferreira | 131,263 #22 (+2) Down 4 Whatever | 128,325 #23 (-1) Fading | Harry Styles | 120,126 #24 (-5) Glass | CupcakKe feat. Lil Pump, Nicki Minaj & Kash Doll | 113,468 #25 (-5) Summer's Wasting | Kitty | 108,816
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    Switched On Pop Episode 1 - Deep dive into "Summer's Wasting" and "The Giver", plus EMAs recap! August 20, 2019 | London, UK On the first episode of "Switched On Pop", Ellie Goulding dives into one of Kitty's latest tracks, "Summer's Wasting" and Taylor Swift's new single "The Giver" to break the songs down from her perspective and to let listeners know why she loves the songs. She also dishes on her highlights and takeaways of the EMAs. Transcript
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    SUGAR - SINGLE artist: Dannii Minogue title: Sugar genre: pop length: 3:26 release: 16/08/19 written by Cathy Dennis, Dannii Minogue, Christian Karlsson & Linus Eklöw produced by Galantis "Sugar" is the second single from Dannii Minogue's five singles in five weeks campaign. A fun pop song about how Dannii is perfect for her potential new lover, Dannii is letting her hair down after the more serious, almost adult contemporary first single from the campaign. "Sugar" is written and produced by dance duo Galantis, alongside by pop mastermind Cathy Dennis and Dannii Minogue herself. audio lyrics © Ultraviolet Music, a division of the Warner Music Group Inc.
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    Don’t Play It Safe - Cassie (Official Video) Uploaded to CassieVEVO at midnight on September 6th, 2019 Director: Casandra "Cassie" Ventura Description: Ⓟ2019 ROC Nation LLC, Distributed by UMG Recordings, Inc.
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    Top 3 def deserved their spots! Congrats miss Z!!
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    CAMERON DALLAS - "MAKE UP" (FEAT. ARIANA GRANDE & BRITNEY SPEARS) [REMIX] Artist: Cameron Dallas Title: Make Up (feat. Ariana Grande & Britney Spears) [Remix] Genre: Pop Length: 02:58 Writers: Cameron Alexander Dallas, Ariana Grande, Jacob Kasher, Ian Kirkpatrick, Danielle von Mayrhauser & Britney Spears Producers: Ian Kirkpatrick & DJ Vice Label: Retrofuture Records Release Date: September 4, 2019 Platforms: Spotify, Apple Music & YouTube Taking the world by surprise, Cameron Dallas released this Wednesday (4) a new official remix of the smashing single "Make Up", featuring not only the pop princess Ariana Grande but also the legendary pop icon, miss Britney Spears. The remix is available now on all streaming and purchasing platforms. AUDIO & LYRICS Retrofuture Records ® 2019 @Britney Spears
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    hilarious entrance! and hilarious look! harlot, come stand next to kitty's look please.
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    Ready to use this as a drag when I end up bottom 3
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    God bless her heart staying up til 2 the day this should've happened
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    Poor Michelle probably sleeping while this slayage happens wish you were here now sis @IsThatSaraS
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    @Elusive Smalls Sweetie, I am so sorry...
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    | AUGUST 31, 2019 | #1 (=) Make Up | Cameron Dallas feat. Ariana Grande | 488,351 | SIXTH CONSECUTIVE WEEK AT #1 #2 (+1) Glad He's Gone | Miz Cracker | 483,966 | NEW PEAK #3 (-1) Lucia | Victoria Beckham | 478,263 #4 (+10) Riverside | Rita Ora feat. Normani | 475,500 | NEW PEAK #5 (+3) Yeah, I Said It | Rihanna | 471,256 | NEW PEAK #6 (+11) Cloudy with a Chance | Beyoncé | 467,623 #7 (+2) Down 4 Whatever | SZA | 463,297 | NEW PEAK #8 (+2) You Wish You Knew | Zayn | 459,593 | NEW PEAK #9 (-5) Advice | Aaliyah | 456,165 #10 (-4) August Peaches | Sky Ferreira | 451,100 #10 (+11) Total | CupcakKe feat. Britney Spears | 448,251 #11 (=) me so bad | karrueche | 446,976 #12 (NEW) Slow Dance | Miz Cracker feat. Shawn Mendes | 444,444 | HOT SHOT DEBUT #13 (-8) LOS ANGELES | Troye Sivan | 440,400 #14 (-7) MONOPOLY | Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét | 437,965 #15 (-3) Heroes (We Could Be) | Tove Lo | 431,561 #16 (NEW) There's No Way | Rita Ora feat. Cameron Dallas | 424,469 | DEBUT #17 (NEW) FAINT OF HEART | Troye Sivan | 417,623 | DEBUT #18 (NEW) All That Love | Dannii | 411,100 | DEBUT #19 (-6) Don't Call Me Up | Miley Cyrus | 408,632 #20 (NEW) How It Dances | Rita Ora feat. Shawn Mendes | 398,900 | DEBUT #21 (-6) Crying in the Club | Camila Cabello | 393,351 #22 (-6) Half A Man | Big Sean feat. Olly Alexander | 388,623 #23 (NEW) Torn | Ava Max | 383,263 | DEBUT #24 (-4) Lust | Harry Stles | 378,681 #25 (-6) borderline | Ariana Grande feat. Azealia Banks | 376,060
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    Hi, everyone! I am a fellow COP migrant although I haven't been on there in a couple of years, but I'll introduce myself. My name is Tyler, I'm 22 years old, and I stan Gaga, Nicki, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Taylor. I write, and produce music, and I'm a post-college/university graduate student. I start back again in January for another degree though. I also love watching American Horror Story, Pose, American Crime Story, and Deadpool. Last, but not least, I'm autistic, and have known for 6 years now. If you want to know anything else, ask me. 😊
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    Omg I forgot how hard I snapped, easily the best look in history of fashion
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    Down 4 Whatever - SZA (Official Video) Uploaded to SZAVevo at midnight on August 23rd, 2019 Director: Solange Knowles The video starts off with an aerial view off this white structure as the instrumental is starting when it comes time for the first verse the video then begins to zoom in through the front of the structure to show SZA and a line of women inside the structure the video then zooms into her face where she recites the first verse. For the pre-chorus the video then switches to SZA laying back wards in a chair on a platform covered in flowers to represent how much she is willing to bend backwards to keep this relationship moving. The video then goes directly over her before zooming out as she recites the chorus and switches back and forth between beauty shots of both scenes. As we get into the second verse the video then shows SZA and her lover swimming in a giant fish bowl, which is to also represent the depth to which she is down to stick with him. It also shows a close up of SZA looking out the fish bowl and hitting the glass. We then are taken to outer space for the pre-chorus. The video shows SZA and her lover aimlessly floating through the galaxy. For the chorus the video zooms into SZA's face as she recites the lyrics. For the bridge we see SZA back in the white platform from the beginning of the video laying down, moving her leg, and touching herself. Just really serving face as she recites the lyrics. Her being alone and touching herself is supposed to represent when her lover isn't around she feels like he still is and how she misses his touch at the same time. The video then finishes with the final pre-chorus/chorus switching between shots of all the previous scenes. Ⓟ2019 ROC Nation LLC, Distributed by UMG Recordings, Inc.
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    ANNOUNCER: "Please welcome Miz Cracker!" "Music videos have been an art form for decades now and as the years have passed, videos have become more and more complex. The videos nominated here are innovative, memorable, and all deserving of the win. But there can only be one. Here and the nominees for Best Video." TRNT - Pet Cheetah Fergie - Life on MTV Shakira feat. Pabllo Vitar - Sua Cara Shawn Mendes - Evolution Film Beyonce - Blaze Baby Blaze "And the winner is..." FERGIE - LIFE ON MTV
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    me so bad (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & French Montana) - karrueche [Official Video] Uploaded to karruecheVEVO at midnight on August 16th, 2019 Director: Hannah Lux Davis Description: Ⓟ2019 ROC Nation LLC, Distributed by UMG Recordings, Inc.
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    Glad im not lip syncing because idk that song at all.
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    Camila Cabello X Good Morning America September 10, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 3/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat INTERVIEW: PART 1 Host: Her single Havana is currently within the Top 10 of iTunes Charts worldwide including #7 here in the US. After having massive success with her debut solo single Crying in the Club which peaked at #5 on the Hot 100 and her promotional single I Have Questions which peaked at #9 on the Hot 100, she's back with her new single. Here to talk with us before she performs, Camila Cabello! Camila: What a intro, wow! (laughs) - hey, guys! Host: Welcome to Good Morning America, how are you, did you sleep well? Camila: Thanks for having me, well, when my alarm went this morning, I thought by myself: "this is so early", but now I'm just full of energy and excited to be here! Host: Well, that's something we love to hear. You are performing Havana for us right and you got a surprise too? Camila: Yes and yes! I'm also premiering the music video for Havana right here right after my performance of the song! Host: You heard it here first, we got the exclusive world premiere of Havana right after Camila performed the single for the first time live! Well, we ain't waiting longer, go get ready! Camila is a known name to the music industry, after having massive success with Fifth Harmony, she decided to leave the group in December of 2016, almost three years later, she's ready, prepared and ready to let the people know who Camila is, here to perform her single Havana for the first time EVER, give it up for Camila Cabello! PERFORMANCE OF "HAVANA" As we can hear the fans in the audience scream, we can see Camila standing in the middle of the stage, as she snaps her fingers matching the beat of the song. She does some moves matching the beat of the song, as she walks up front as she sings the first lines of the song. During the first verse of the song, five dancers are joining Camila on the stage as they perform some amazing choreography (see spoiler), she matches her voice well and sings perfectly clear. Camila does some choreography with the dancers, but doesn't do that much, she twists her hips and moves around a little and watches to the dancers. During the second verse of the song, Camila walks up to the front of the stage as she bends down and gives some of the fans a hand. As she smiles, she sings further and further with a perfect and clear voice, everybody can clearly hear what she's singing. As the chorus comes on, she moves back to the middle of the stage as she gets surrounded by five of her dancers, as she comes to the end chorus and nearing the bridge of the song, we can no longer see Camila as her dancers bend over her, as we can hear a clear fingersnap going on in the background, we can see the dancers slowly moving away from Camila, as she encourages the fans to sing: "OH-OH-OH-OH" matching the vibe and beat of the instrumental, she does this for 10-20 seconds long, as a clearer and more calm instrumental comes on, Camila sings the last chorus of the songs and she claps her hands, she does some high notes at the end of the chorus to nail everything in the performance and she slowly comes to an end and ends the performance in the middle of the stage as she's surrounded by her dancers, they look up in the sky with one hand in the air. INTERVIEW: PART 2 + MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE Host: Camila Cabello everybody, right now, you'll get the exclusive world premiere of the music video for Havana. Camila: Yes! *screams from joy* - MUSIC VIDEO WORLD PREMIERE ON GMA - Host: Insane, the latin vibes, the colour of it all, the extreme beautiful locations, I love it! Camila: Thank you so much, it was so fun shooting too, we had sun all day so it was perfect! Host: Well, I hope everyone will like it too *audience screams* -- hearing of it, I think they did! Camila: I love you! *as she points her finger to her fans in the audience* (laughs) Host: I want to thank you for coming on the show, Camila, have a great day! Camila: You too, thank you! Havana is out now and available everywhere, pre-order "Never Be The Same", the debut solo album, now, due December 6, 2019.
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    I hope no one's gonna steal my idea cause that won't be cute!!!
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    Oh no! My cocktail slipped all over those electrical giraffe legs
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    U.S.| Paid Promo | 2nd Article On September 3rd, karrueche called into ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ to promote her latest single from her debut album, expectations. After being introduced blandly by Wendy, the camera pans to the stage to show karrueche and two drag queens (one on each side.) The instrumental for “me so bad” begins to play as she begins to sing the first verse and walks towards the front of the stage the drag queens follow while vogueing. She then lines up side by side with the dancers and they begin to do body rolls as she sings the pre-chorus. As she sings the chorus she walks towards the camera and looks into it. When she sings “come get this body” she squats down and and stands back up (bend and snap-ish). When it comes time for Ty’s verse she works the stage as she sings it to fit her. For the pre-chorus she sings into the camera as she walks to the middle of the stage to meet the dancers. She then sings the chorus as they pose at the end of each line before getting into French’s verse. For French’s verse they begin to do some high intensity choreography. When she sings the bridge she goes to the front of the stage and tries to get the audience hype. Wendy was seen kind of bopping, but when the camera showed the audience she stopped. karrueche then sings the pre-chorus walking back to the middle of the stage before singing the final chorus very cockily. During the outro she walks out to the audience and dances with them until the song goes off. me so bad available everywhere. 5/10
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    @Pabllo @kipperskipper @cocoCHANEL🅴 @Nicki Minaj
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    Miz Cracker- Glad He's Gone( Official Lyric Video ) Miz Cracker has just released the lyric video for her new hit single Glad He's Gone! The official lyrical video has been uploaded on to her official Youtube VEVO channel. The video starts out with the single cover art. This is the pic of Miz Cracker wearing her blue corsette and leather boots matched with a black wig. Then, the title of the song "Glad He's Gone" flash across the screen and her name "Miz Cracker" flashes at the bottom of the screen as well. Then the lyrics and music begin. This is when the lyrics of the song begin to appear. Throughout the enter video the red background stays the same. Also, the comic book like text is also the same. But what changes is the images and art work as well as the effects on the text. This particular lyric video did not have any sort of story line. But instead it more focused on the art styles and the cool visuals of it. When the lyrics start we see them all colorful and vibrant. The color scheme is just the primary colors, so blue, red, and yellow, along with white and black. This is to give it that bold and vibrant comic book style that is so prominent. There are also background effects that pop up and move. There are little cloud bubbles, stars, spirals, strips, and other patterned images that flash in the back ground. All of which are different colors. Once again, this particular lyric video is just more about the vibrancy and the artwork, and not necessarily about anything in particular. It does follow the comic like aesthetic. Overall it is a fun and flashy lyric video. It has a lot going on and the cool animations make it interesting and exciting to watch!! Glad He's Gone is available for stream and purchase and you can pre-order Dolled Up!
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