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    Hey guys! As you may have noticed, World of Pop is revamped! BRAND NEW sections, renamed sections and moved threads. This is why I want EVERYONE to upvote this post as a proof you read this. So everybody understands! First of all I want to confirm that NONE of the threads got deleted or removed. If you cant find it, it might got moved to another section. This is how the NEW World of Pop forums looks like: Category: GENERAL FORUM INFORMATION Sections you will find here: - Announcements - Information Desk ( with subsection Maintenance Area) - Introductions Category: WORLD OF MUSIC Sections you'll find here: - Music News Zone (with subsections Singles, Albums & EPs, Tours & Performances) - Celebrity News & Rumors - Chart Zone (with subsection Your Own Charts) - General Music Zone (with subsections Music Events & Award Shows, Throwbacks) - General Battle Zone - Stan Zone (with subsections Solo Artists, Groups) Category: WORLD OF ASIAN MUSIC Sections you'll find here: - Asian Music News Zone (with subsections Singles, Albums & EPs, Tours & Performances) - Celebrity News, Rumors & Translations - Asian Charts Zone - General Asian Music Zone (with subsection Throwbacks) - Asian Stan Zone (with subsections Solo Artists, Groups) Category: WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT Sections you'll find here: - Television Zone - Movies & Series Zone - Video Games Zone - Internet & Youtube Zone - Other Entertainment Zone Category: COMMUNITY OF WOP Sections you'll find here: - The Lounge (with subsections Art Zone, World News & Politics, Media) - Games, Competitions & Events (with subsections Create a Label, Megarates, WOP Critics, WOP Spotify Corner) Category: PURPLE MEMBERS WORLD Sections you'll find here: - Purple Members Lounge - No Holds Barred - NSFW Category: VIP WORLD Sections you'll find here: - VIP Lounge - VIP Media Category: WORLD OF OTHER Sections you'll find here: - Waste Bin (with subsection Games, Competitions & Events archive) - WOP Staff Zone A FEW NOTES: - No more music discussion in the WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT category. All music topics go in the music area! - The two Battle Zones (In WORLD OF MUSIC and WORLD OF ASIAN MUSIC) were merged into one General Battle Zones. This because the Asian Battle Zone wast really getting used. - The Lounge and Games, Competitions & Events sections were moved down to its own category. I want the Music area to be shown first) - Order of sections might have changed. I think it makes more sense now. - NEW sections Internet & Youtube and Other Entertainment. Check them out!! It might take some time for everyone to find their new barrings. The WOP staff is here for everyone to assist. If you have any questions you can ask them! I hope you guys like your NEW World of Pop forums! @Administrators @Head Moderator @Junior Moderators @Members @Members @Moderators @News Reporters @VIP
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    Title: thank god it's over Artist: Big Sean Release Date: April 26, 2019 (C) 2019 Pink Friday Entertainment, a division of the Universal Music Group Big Sean has finally released his fifth studio album, thank god it's over, after the blockbuster success of his #1 single Irritation. The album is separated into four different parts, titled Dear Toxicity..., Dear Her..., Dear World... and Dear Me... respectively and the album is dedicated to the struggles he'd received throughout 2018 and he goes into detail about different parts of his life and the world in general that sunk him into a deep depression. DISC ONE - DEAR TOXICITY.. 1. "Energy" - 3:17 Written by: Sean Anderson, Leland Wayne, Jordan Jenks Produced by: Metro Boomin, Pi'erre Bourne 2. "Irritation" - 4:11 Written by: Sean Anderson, Tyler Williams, Ameer Van, Romil Hemnai Produced by: T-Minus Sample Credit: "TEETH" by BROCKHAMPTON 3. "Hip Hop" - 3:02 Written by: Sean Anderson, Tyler Williams, Sylvia Roberson, Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards, Curtis Fisher Produced by: T-Minus Sample Credit: "Rapper's Delight" by Sugarhill Gang DISC TWO - DEAR HER.. 1. "Dear Life" - 2:36 Written by: Sean Anderson, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder Produced by: Pop & Oak 2. "Half A Man (feat. Olly Alexander)" - 4:09 Written by: Sean Anderson, Josh Crocker, Olly Alexander Produced by: Josh Crocker 3. "It's All My Fault" - 2:56 Written by: Sean Anderson, Kanye West, Mike Dean, Jordan Jenks, Axten Harris Produced by: Kanye West, Mike Dean, Pi'erre Bourne, Apex Martin DISC THREE - DEAR WORLD.. 1. "Flint (feat. Kash Doll)" - 3:10 Written by: Sean Anderson, Arkeisha Knight, Tyler Williams, Dena Takruri Produced by: T-Minus 2. "Born Black" - 3:17 Written by: Sean Anderson, Kasseem Dean Produced by: Swizz Beatz 3. "Youth" - 3:04 Written by: Sean Anderson, Leland Wayne, Joshua Luellen Produced by: Metro Boomin, Southside DISC FOUR - DEAR ME.. 1. "Fix" - 3:16 Written by: Sean Anderson, Dijone MacFarlane, Jordan Halt, Josh Crocker Produced by: DJ Mustard, Jordan Halt, Josh Crocker 2. "Who Am I?" - 3:10 Written by: Sean Anderson, Robert Harris Produced by: RobGotBeatz 3. "Let It All Work Out" - 4:24 Written by: Sean Anderson, Jordan Johnson, Myles William, Sampha Sisay Produced by: Jordan Johnson, Myles William Sample Credit: "Indecision" by Sampha
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    SOUTHSIDE & YONGE EP RELEASE ARTIST: Southside & Yonge PRODUCER(S): Southside & Yonge GENRE(S): Acoustic Pop, Acoustic R&B, Acoustic Rock, Orchestral Pop LENGTH: 20:02 RELEASED: May 10, 2019 Arriving under a wave of anticipation, Southside & Yonge has finally unveiled their self titled EP! The collection of 6 songs is different from any project that the artists have undertaken solo. There is no defined concept or general theme to the project, rather it is a collection of sounds and ideas reflective of whatever was on Diana or Shawn's minds. There were "no rules" in place during production, both artists wishing to just do and think later. The sound is decidedly uncommercial. It's not full of radio pop anthems, but instead more restrained and experimental. Almost all of the songs follow uncommon structures, have strange sync ups (vocals coming in unexpected places without a musical lead in or build up), and make use of uncommon arrangements. The project's uniqueness isn't matched by anything currently out and makes for a very interesting and fairly unpredictable listen. Song topics vary, approaches differ, and no one song offers the same experience as the one prior or following. 1. "The Great Escape" (3:32) (Written and Produced by Southside & Yonge) 2. "Nobody Is Somebody" (3:32) (Written and Produced by Southside & Yonge) 3. "Black Roses" (2:55) (Written and Produced by Southside & Yonge) 4. "Black and White" (3:19) (Written and Produced by Southside & Yonge) 5. "Beautiful Scars" (3:36) (Written and Produced by Southside & Yonge) 6. "New Year's Day" (3:09) (Written and Produced by Southside & Yonge)
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    Lana del Rey - Afterparty Written by: Woolridge Grant, E., Parker, J. Produced by: Robopop. Length: 03:40. Recorded at: Westlake Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California, USA. Recorded around: March/April 2019 Genre: Dark pop/alternative “This song is a very deep and emotional song for me. It also decends from a very dark time in my life. Me and my friends were going out every night in the week, with just a couple of dollars in our bags and we just drank so much and used so much other stuff. The beginning of the track is very dark, it tells you about the suicidal thoughts I had. This song has 2 sides: one side is speaking about my party girl side, the other side is about how I’m very scared to fall in love and rather push people away and play a little with them, instead of letting them trying to break my walls and love me. I have done this several times, because it was easy, you know? If you don’t let anybody through, you are not going to get hurt. It’s just a consequence of being hurt many times. This song is about a specific guy who I always saw at afterparties, usually in somebody else’s home. And he loved me. I don’t understand how, it’s actually a miracle to me. He just loved me. And looking back, maybe I should have given him a chance and let him love me. Maybe he would have prevent me from a lot of pain. Or maybe not.” Waking up at the middle of the day, sunlight running through my window It didn’t work this night, I’m still around and I don’t know why I feel alone and I get up and I prepare for the night They say I’m like a songbird, but I feel like a peacock for fame Another party, another night, another drink Pour it up, zip it, another pill, another fight I see you staring across the room, the look in your eyes It scares me, because it screams love You fell in love with me at the afterparty, but your vision is blurred You fell in love with me at the afterpaty, but I’m as free as a bird I can’t be chained, I won’t commit, please, don’t fall in love It’s a little too late, because you fell in love with me at the afterparty All the other girls tell you that I got no love in me But if that’s true, then why I got my fingers wrapped around you? You can’t see that I’m playing, you just don’t understand I’m just a partygirl, with too much trouble to handle Another party, another night, another drink Pour it up, zip it, another pill, another fight I see you staring across the room, the look in your eyes It scares me, because it screams love You fell in love with me at the afterparty, but your vision is blurred You fell in love with me at the afterpaty, but I’m as free as a bird I can’t be chained, I won’t commit, please, don’t fall in love It’s a little too late, because you fell in love with me at the afterparty Sorry, but you can’t save me now Sorry, but I just don’t know how Sorry, but there’s no way out for me Sorry, but you have to let me go You fell in love with me at the afterparty, but your vision is blurred You fell in love with me at the afterpaty, but I’m as free as a bird I can’t be chained, I won’t commit, please, don’t fall in love It’s a little too late, because you fell in love with me at the afterparty
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    Title: He Don't Love Me (SZA Sista Remix) [feat. SZA] Artist: CupcakKe Release Date: May 10, 2019 Writers: Elizabeth Eden Harris, Solana Rowe, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder Producer: Pop & Oak (C) 2019 Pink Friday Entertainment, a division of the Universal Music Group CupcakKe has released a remix of her new single He Don't Love Me, which features an additional verse from R&B singer SZA, who CupcakKe toured alongside on the Now Or Never Tour in 2017-18 across the world. The remix is now available on all streaming platforms and digital music purchasing platforms.
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    TRNT RELEASES DEBUT SINGLE "YOU NEED MORE" TITLE: You Need More WRITTEN BY: Trent Wayland PRODUCED BY: Trent Wayland and Scott Walker LENGTH: 3:36 RELEASED: April 26, 2019 ©WILDD RECORDS 2019 "You Need More" is the debut single from 17 year old new comer TRNT. The song is inspired by vintage Euro pop and modern underground Euro pop, sounds that were commonplace in the music that TRNT's parents would play when he was younger. The song is an upbeat, danceable track but lyrically it is a scathing critique of the excesses of the modern world, most prominently the music industry. The song points out the obsession with materialism that is rampant within modern society and points out how the desire for more and more gives a stunning lack of the one thing the world does need: love. The song was inspired by TRNT's early interactions with the music industry following his contest win to open for Shawn Mendes. The song offers hints of optimism: TRNT states he does believe that we're capable of letting love rule, but he relents that he may be naive in his belief. The song doesn't directly call out any celebrities however he's hinted in several instances prior to release that the song was directly inspired by the actions he witnessed of certain celebrities in his early interactions. AUDIO LYICS
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    James Blake has released his fourth studio album Assume Form. The album features the singles "Mile High" and "Lullaby For My Insomniac". Guest appearances include Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, ROSALÍA, Andre 3000, and Moses Sumney. Album title: Assume Form Artist: James Blake Release date: May 17, 2019 Label: Columbia Records Genre: Pop, Electropop, R&B Tracklist 1. Assume Form Writer(s): Jame Blake Producer(s): James Blake, Dominic Maker 2. Mile High (featuring Travis Scott & Metro Boomin) Writer(s): Jame Blake, Leland Wayne, Jacques Webster Producer(s): James Blake, Metro Boomin, Dre Moon, Wavey 3. Tell Them (featuring Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin) Writer(s): Jame Blake, Moses, Sumney, Leland Wayne, Allen Ritter Producer(s): James Blake, Metro Boomin, Allen Ritter, Dre Moon 4. Into The Red Writer(s): Jame Blake Producer(s): James Blake, Dominic Maker 5. Barefoot In The Park (featuring ROSALÍA) Writer(s): Jame Blake, Rosalía Vila Tobella, Paco Ortega Producer(s): James Blake, Dominic Maker 6. Can't Believe The Way We Flow Writer(s): Jame Blake, Roger Joyce, Victoria Pike, Teddy Randazzo Producer(s): James Blake, Dominic Maker 7. Are You In Love? Writer(s): Jame Blake Producer(s): James Blake 8. Where's The Catch? (featuring André 3000) Writer(s): Jame Blake, André Benjamin Producer(s): James Blake 9. I'll Come Too Writer(s): Jame Blake, Bruno Nicolai Producer(s): James Blake, Dominic Maker 10. Power On Writer(s): Jame Blake Producer(s): James Blake, Dominic Maker 11. Don't Miss It Writer(s): Jame Blake Producer(s): James Blake, Dominic Maker 12. Lullaby For My Insomniac Writer(s): Jame Blake Producer(s): James Blake
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    On behalf of World of Pop I’ll like to wish all of our members mothers and those with children a happy Mothers Days. I know today can be a tuff time for a lot of people, but I just want you to know you’re all loved. @Administrators @Head Moderator @Moderators @Junior Moderators @News Reporters @VIP @Members @Members
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    JUST LIKE ME - SINGLE ARTIST: Jessica Simpson GENRE: Pop LENGTH: 4:01 RELEASE: 10/05/19 WRITTEN BY Henny Russell Walter, Benny Blanco & Jessica Simpson PRODUCED BY Cirkut After delaying plans to release her eighth studio album after becoming pregnant, Jessica Simpson is relaunching her campaign with her new single 'Just Like Me'. This glamorous pop anthem is about celebrating the differences in each and every one of us, while appreciating how we are all united in so many ways. Glistening in production from Cirkut, 'Just Like Me' is being sent to pop radio this week and is completely released now! LYRICS AUDIO © Ultraviolet Music, a division of the Warner Music Group
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    Title: The CupcakKe Times Artist: CupcakKe Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Release Date: June 21, 2019 (C) 2019 Pink Friday Entertainment, a division of the Universal Music Group CupcakKe's sophomore studio album, The CupcakKe Times, is now available for pre-order and will be released digitally and in CD format on June the 21st, 2019. The cover for He Don't Love Me has been replaced with the new album cover on every streaming platform. Tracklist: 1. "Track 1" [E] 2. "Track 2" [E] 3. "Track 3" [E] 4. "Track 4" [E] 5. "Track 5" [E] 6. "Track 6" [E] 7. "Track 7" [E] 8. "Track 8" [E] 9. "Track 9" [E] 10. "He Don't Love Me" [E] 11. "Track 11" [E] 12. "Track 12" [E]
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    Iggy Azalea Joins TRL by MTV | US Free Promo | May 21| Love Life Host: Our special guest for TRL today is... Iggy Azalea WALKS OUT Iggy: Hello! Hello! Thank you for having me here today! Host: It's our pleasure! But I think there is someone else who's here with you today?! Iggy: Well yes there is! TYGA WALKS OUTS Host: Welcome everyone! Tyga! Tyga: Hello! Host: So how long have you guys been together? Iggy: Since about April I would say Tyga: Yep! We started dating early April then all the media found out from us getting a little close at Coachella! Iggy: OMG! I forgot about that! TMZ were so onto us I swear! Savior's Success Host: Well that wasn't the only major thing in April as you released your debut single, Savior! Iggy: Yes I did! I had so much fun releasing that track! Host: Well the song is doing amazing and has been for a month day! Congratulations to you! Iggy: Thank you so much! I can't believe the amount of support I have received from everyone! Host: Well you deserve every bit of it! Iggy: Thank you! My fans are so nice and lovely! Well some of them are here in the crowd and I just can't believe what they have done for me! Host: Well I bet they love you! Iggy: Well I love them even more! BET Awards Host: So we saw you appear on the red carpet for the BET Awards on the weekend, what was that like? Iggy: It was so fun!! That was my first ever award show, even though I wasn't nominated it was a great experience meeting and seeing everyone who attended and I'm so grateful to have been invited to attend! Host: Well I do have to say you were one of the best dressed on that carpet! Iggy: Thank you so much! Host: Now with a lot of celebrity presence there, did you speak with anyone in regards to creating music? Iggy: Yes! I spoke to a lot of people and some of them are down to make songs in the future which will be really exciting! Host: There was an absence of Tyga though! Where were you? Tyga: I was in the studio writing some tracks and recording some special stuff! Iggy: Well hopefully we will be able to hit the carpet together at some point! Host: Most definitely! Boom Boom + BBC 1's Big Weekend Out Host: So this Friday you will release your new song Boom Boom! How does that feel! Iggy: It feels great to put out new music! I made sure when I chose the next single I wanted it to be different because I'm not a pop rapper and I'm not a dance rapper, I'm Iggy Azalea and that is my music. Host: Well lets play the snippet 15 SECOND SNIPPET PLAYS Iggy: Ohhh I'm so excited! Host: Well you will be performing that at BBC 1's Big Weekend Out this Saturday right? Iggy: Yes I will be! I finally worked out my set list! Host: Well we can't wait for those to happen! Iggy: Same! Host: Well thank you for being here today Iggy! Iggy: Thank you for having me! SAVIOR OUT NOW / BOOM BOOM MAY 24
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    The 19th Annual BET Awards Date: May 19, 2019 Veneu: Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, California (US) Time (Red Carpet): 5PM EST Time (Main Show): 5:30PM EST! Committee: @Breathin & TBA & TBA It's time to kick off the 2019 BET Awards (later than usual). The BET Awards will take place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. The show will be held on May 19, the red carpet starts at 5PM EST and the main show begins 30 minutes after the red carpet starts. Scroll down for the award categories and more information! Award Categories Album of the Year Video of the Year Coca-Cola Viewer's Choice Award Best Collaboration Best Female Hip-Hop Artist Bet Male Hip-Hop Artist Best Female R&B Artist Best Male R&B Artist Best New Artist Submitting your work: To submit your work, send those via @CAL AwardShows via PM before May 9, 2019 - 1PM EST. The deadline for submitting your work is April 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019, everything released between these dates is eligible to submit. Performance/host: To submit your artist to perform or host at the show, PM @CAL AwardShows via PM before May 10, 2019 - 1PM EST. @Nicki Minaj @Breathin @cocoCHANEL🅴 @Venti @Mr. Mendes @kordei @despy @Starboy @Queen of Venus @get well soon @kipperskipper @Natalia @Pabllo @R.E.M. @Disco Tears @Video Games @no angel @Britney Spears
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    Announcer: We've got more performances in line for you, Keke, thank you for that performance, here to perform a mashup, give it up for Big Sean! BIG SEAN PERFORMS "ENERGY", "BORN BLACK" AND "IRRITATION" WITH METRO BOOMIN The performance began with Sean in the centre of the stage and Metro Boomin fiddling with his DJ equipment as he plays the ‘Energy’ beat. Sean kicks in with the bars as he’s moving around to the beat of the song and some quirky graphics are being displayed on the screen on Metro’s desk. “It’s like every time I’m with you, you just on some ish / You out here actin’ like a trick, like you need some ... / It’s to the point where drama’s what you want / And you build it out of thin air like you some type of God”. He then slowed down a bit with his movements as his flow got faster and more aggressive and he had to focus on that. The further he got into his flow, the more aggressive his hand gestures got and he’d be swaying from side to side to the beat. He took a break as his vocals from the pre-chorus came through and he screamed “BET, IF Y’ALL CUT OFF SOME NEGATIVE PEOPLE THIS YEAR, PUT YA HANDS UP” and he came back in for the chorus. “I just can’t vibe with your energy, your energy / It’s messing me up mentally, mentally / Your attitude’s something I’ll never need, never need / I just can’t vibe with your energy, your energy, yeah, yeah, yeah”. The song then came to an end and Sean moved over to a separate stage on the side of the arena for a performance of ‘Born Black’. He was joining a bunch of fans, which were wearing black hoodies that paid respects to some of the most iconic figures in the fights over the years for African Americans and black people to reach equality, such as Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and even the likes of Barack Obama. Sean essentially joined them as they were moshing to the song and rapped the first verse around them, as everyone was essentially enjoying themselves and celebrating being black. Even though the moshing backing dancers were a bit of a distraction, Sean still managed to keep his diction as he rapped the verse and made sure every lyric came straight from the heart. As the chorus came, Sean took a break to mosh with everyone else and the dancers took it away, chanting the lyrics of the chorus. “Thank god I was born black so I don’t have to pretend to be / All my people is my family / My skin is way more than just a trend to me”. Eventually, Sean got stuck in the mosh pit but it was coincidental so he could make his way back to the main stage. A sole spotlight was on him as he walked his way to the stage. He was rapping the first verse to ‘Irritation’ completely acapella. “We were homies, we were brothers, like the new Kenan and Kel / Most of what you got in life what something I paid for myself / Like the crib, all the ice and the house too / Thought everything was good as long as I got you”. Since Irritation was such a huge hit that connected with the people, you could even hear people in the crowd rapping along with him. All the lights went up as the beat came and a live band was on stage to perform with him. Metro was still in the back on the turntables, pretending to be doing something. Sean then calmed down to sing the bridge as the instrumental was essentially just piano. He then knelt down to softly rap the chorus and, as the beat built up and intensified, flames were slowly erupting on Metro’s DJ desk. He then got super angry and screamed out the last chorus, standing up and moving around with the flames behind him. He threw the mic to the edge of the stage at the very end of the chorus and was breathing heavily as the people cheered for him. The album cover for ‘thank god it’s over’ was displayed on all the screens.
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    KEKE PALMER PERFORMS "ENEMIEZ" WITH JEREMIH The set can be seen. The stage has been set up in a urban street vibe where groups would go to hangout. We can see a barrel at the left side that's on fire with dancers surrounding it, talking. Keke walks up to the place where the boys are, footsteps can be heared very loudly (via audio). She looks around her, as she is searching for somebody. As she sees him, the instrumental for Enemiez begins and the vibe is set. Keke is wearing a headset microphone for this performance, as Keke begins performing the first verse, different dancers are approaching her and start dancing the choreography and so does Keke. Keke is fierce but also keeps control with her voice as she slays all the notes she's supposed to hit in this performance. During the chorus of the song, we can see a white light on the left of the stage, a men in a full black outfit with a hat covering his face is entering the stage, as he walks up to Keke, puts a hand on her waist and sings the parts of Jeremih, Keke takes off his hat revealing it's Jeremih and the crowd freaks out. Jeremih does all his best and dances along with the choreography while Keke goes on with the choreo together with her dancers. As they come to the pre-chorus, Keke walks up to Jeremih and pushes him away as she sings the chorus. They both go to the left (Jeremih) and right (Keke) side of the stage and encourages the people in the audience so to stand up and dance along to the song. As they come to the bridge of the song, the audio in the back can be heared singing as Keke performs the choreography. She's fierce and got a bad ass attitude while performing the choreography. During the last chorus, she's performing the choreography from the music video, it totally sets the total of the performance. Fire is coming out at the back of the stage as Keke finishes the performance. The visual screen shows the album cover for Heartless with the text: "OUT JUNE 28".
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    Announcer: Here to perform He Don't Love Me, the lead single from her upcoming album, with SZA, give it up for CupcakKe! CUPCAKKE PERFORMS "HE DON'T LOVE ME" WITH SZA CupcakKe's performance began with the camera man making his way through the crowd. You could see people in the crowd looking backwards, trying to figure out where they were meant to look. Not long into the intro of the song, you could see CupcakKe being carried by four shirtless men on a float. She was dressed up like a true queen (Copyright Nicki Minaj 2018) in a huge golden coat and was looking like that bitch as they took her to the stage. As she started rapping her verse, she was having fun and moving however she wanted on her little float. She was being her regular self up there and got more animated as the lyrics got more playful. "I put in all the work in this relationship, wait until he finds out I was fakin' it". She then got on her knees as the pre-chorus came and encouraged the crowd to get up and dance. She screamed out the lyrics of the song while she was in her float and six female dancers were on the stage, doing choreography to the song, as the guys were placing CupcakKe onto the stage. She was standing up in her float by the time the chorus ended. The song came to an end for a few seconds as the men that were holding the float undid her coat to reveal a one piece, filled with golden glitter and rubies. She rapped the first few lines of the second verse as the guys walked off. CupcakKe eventually met up with her dancers and, throughout the verse, she walked her way to the back of the stage to stand in front of a throne that matched her outfit. She stood still as the pre-chorus came and then her and her dancers were doing the hip hop-esque choreography to the chorus, filled with milly rocking and fast movements that match the claps in the beat. At this point, the float was off the stage so the girls could be the main focus. Suddenly, SZA was raised onto the front of the stage and she started rapping the first four parts of her verse. She was wearing a matching one-piece to CupcakKe. The main focus in the shot was SZA but you could faintly see CupcakKe smiling in her direction. After the first four bars, SZA turned around and sang directly to CupcakKe. CupcakKe walked her way towards SZA so that they could meet in the middle as SZA continued to sing her bridge. CupcakKe and SZA were feeding off of each other and CupcakKe was adding some ad libs in between her lines. SZA held one final high note as CupcakKe rapped out the chorus. They then joined hands and strutted their way to the throne. CupcakKe sat first and SZA then sexily sat on top of her, leaning to the side. CupcakKe started caressing SZA's leg as they looked into each other's eyes and it seemed like they were about to kiss but you could faintly see them laughing as the cameras switched to a birds eye view of the arena and the performance was over. @Nicki Minaj
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    (London, United Kingdom, Europe - free promo) Lana del Rey performs at G-A-Y, London Background information: “Earlier this week, it was announced on the official website of London’s biggest gay club G-A-Y, that international superstar Lana del Rey would make an appearance and prepare a show at the infamous gay club. Fans who wanted to attend didn’t have to buy a ticket, the entrance was free, but when the capacity was full, people couldn’t enter anymore. After the show, it was announced that Lana del Rey would stay the rest of the night, having some time for meet & greets and partying in the VIP section of the club.” Setlist: 1) St. Tropez 2) Afterparty 3) Us Against The World Outfit + pictures of the show: Show description: At the main stage of the venue, there is a big, black curtain hanging, with the words “LANA DEL REY: LIVE AT G-A-Y” printed on it. The font for the words is the same font used for the single covers of “Afterparty” and “Us Against The World”. At 21:00, when the show is supposed to start, the curtain drops down and is being removed by the stage workers. It reveals the stage and a big screen. On the big screen, the intro of the “Afterparty” is being played. Lana’s dreamy and mysterious voice is filling the room, while the audience is screaming. At the end of the video, the room is filled with darkness again, but when the spot goes on again, it is turned on Lana and the audience is screaming and clapping for her. Lana smiles and walks forward, while the begin tune of “St. Tropez” starts playing. Lana starts singing the song, making a sensual dance move at the edge of the stage. She’s enchanting the stage with her stage presence, smiling and making contact with the audience. “You don’t get it, you just don’t get it. You’ve already forgotten even though I just said. One, I won’t fall in love, Two, I won’t ever stop. Three, I’m partying all night. Four, I’m gonna make it pop.” Lana continues the song, but then she sings: “Every night in the single lights, I’ll be sparkling bright…I’m a what?” and then she turns her microphone towards the audience. The audience is singing the rest of the hook and Lana smiles cute. When the crowd finished the hook, Lana goes on and finishes the song. After the has finished, she takes a small time to have a speech. “Thank you so much, London and welcome, welcome to my first show here in London! I feel so excited and so blessed, you have no idea. I grew up in a small place in New York and I moved to the biggest city of all a few years later, but I never made it out of the USA and here I am, on my first day here in London, in a beautiful club, fulled with the most beautiful people ever. I feel so blessed and I am so grateful. London, I’m staying the whole night for you and there will be plenty of time for us to talk, but only if you make one promise…are you going to stay for my “Afterparty”?” Lana del Rey her laugh is heard through the microphone, through the venue and Lana walks again on the stage. At the edge of the stage, she stops and bends through her knees. While she is singing, she lays down on the stage and closes her eyes while singing the song. You can really tell that she is feeling the lyrics deep down and that she is for the full 100% focused on her vocals. She keeps her eyes closed while singing the song. After the second chorus, she stands up again and she looks inside the crowd. There is no emotion in her face and after she has finished the song, and the audience is applauding for her, she looks away for a second and she smiles again. “I’m so sorry, that song gets me everytime. I guess it’s a little emotional for me, haha. Darlings, the next song is the last song of my set, but we are going to spend the whole night together. I hope that you had an amazing time with me and that you will come to see me at BBC1 Radio’s Big Weekend. I am so excited to see you all there. This is the last one, this is “Us Against The World.” Lana is joined on stage by two male dancers, they are also wearing a yellow outfit, just like Lana. Lana does her pole dancing routine again, just like she did on her GMA performance, but it looks more polished now and she added some moves. While she is pole dancing, she keeps on singing. When the song is over, Lana leaves the stage, waving and blowing kisses to her fans. After the show, she takes 90 minutes to have a meet and greet with everybody. At 23:30, she enters the VIP section of the club and she parties all night long with her friends that came with her. Lana leaves the gay club at 05:00 a.m., leavig for her hotel with a cab.
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    Release date: May 17, 2019 Genres: dance-pop · bubblegum pop Length: 52:49 Producers: Kitty (also executive) · Life Sim · Good Intent · Robokid · Ayesha Erotica · Crapface · Sophie · Danny L Harle · Sam Ray · easyFun Kitty has finally released her highly anticipated fourth studio album, Hello Kitty. Following the lukewarm commercial reception of her last album, Miami, which saw her assaying a more bedroom pop, minimalist sound and image, Kitty decided to venture herself into the bubblegum pop world. The record has several influences from cyber culture and the early 2000's aesthetic, sometimes referred to as Y2K Aesthetic. Hello Kitty is an effort that sees Kitty recreating and remolding her own brand yet another time, this time around building herself as a power name to the gritty, glittery and feminine wave that is slowly arising in social media as a counterpoint to high-end technology development and minimalist, all-monochromatic aesthetic. Themes discussed include one-night-stand lovers, partying and both failed and successful relationships, seen through a fun, no-strings-attached standpoint in true fashion to the visual appeal of the decade. Collaborators include PC Music affiliates Sophie, Life Sim and Danny L Harle and up and coming artists such as Ayesha Erotica and Robokid. Kitty dug into the darkest Bandcamp, Spotify playlists and online forums corners to find the producers for the record, which helped her to reach the desired and deliberate over-the-top direction that encompasses the songs. Vocal collaborators include LIZ, Ayesha Erotica and the princess of pop herself, Britney Spears, artists that often incorporate the bouncy, blippy sounds of Y2K-era pop music - Britney herself an exponent of that movement with her first albums. The tracks, overall, nostalgically take us to a time when social media wasn't so massive and saturated and relationships could take a breath outside the pixels of a screen. Things can be way simpler when not processed by a machine, and that's exactly what Kitty presents us in this body of work, which she considers her second self-titled record following 2017's Two Birds, One Kitty due to the reinvention she passed through during the conception of the album. It's just like a new Kitty is born and is presenting herself to the world; our role is greeting her. Hello, Kitty! The album was released on May 17 through digital and streaming platforms. Kitty's official webstore is exclusively selling the physical version of the album, packed as seen on her self-designed digital standard artwork, influenced by the Y2K Aesthetic movement mentioned before. It, thus, doesn't include a booklet featuring lyrics, being solely made of the CD and the pink, glitter-foiled acrylic jewel case. Tracklist 1. I'm High 2. Hello Kitty 3. Mine 4. Last Call (feat. LIZ) 5. vacation bible school 6. BFF (feat. Ayesha Erotica) 7. Candy (feat. Britney Spears) 8. Alone 9. Small Girl, Big World 10. Ponytail (feat. Danny L Harle) 11. Lipgloss and Cherry Pop 12. Swimming Pool 13. Gear-a-Heart 14. Platform Shoes 15. U Deluxe Edition 16. Precious Metal 17. Break (feat. Ivy) 18. good thing going on (feat. SOPHIE) 19. Ghost Bandcamp Edition 20. We Can Do It! 21. Hello Kitty (Kittaveli Nightcore Remix) 22. Mine (Kittaveli Nightcore Remix) -- 1. I'm High (3:46) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Life Sim Producer: Life Sim 2. Hello Kitty (2:59) Writers: Kitty Ray · Life Sim · Ayesha Smith Producer: Life Sim 3. Mine (2:39) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Cameron Ailiff · Robokid Producers: Good Intent · Robokid 4. Last Call (feat. LIZ) (3:26) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Elizabeth Abrams · Robokid Producer: Robokid 5. vacation bible school (4:51) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Ayesha Smith Producer: Ayesha Erotica · Crapface 6. BFF (feat. Ayesha Erotica) (3:35) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Ayesha Smith Producers: Kitty · Ayesha Erotica 7. Candy (feat. Britney Spears) (2:37) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Ayesha Smith Producers: Kitty · Ayesha Erotica 8. Alone (2:42) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Ayesha Smith Producers: Kitty · Ayesha Erotica 9. Small Girl, Big World (4:00) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Jonnali Mikaela Parmenius · Sophie Xeon Producer: Sophie 10. Ponytail (feat. Danny L Harle) (3:13) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Amanda Warner · Sarah Hudson · Daniel Harle Producer: Danny L Harle 11. Lipgloss and Cherry Pop (2:38) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Life Sim Producer: Life Sim 12. Swimming Pool (4:44) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Sam Ray Producers: Kitty · Sam Ray 13. Gear-a-Heart (3:09) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Sophie Xeon Producer: Sophie 14. Platform Shoes (4:00) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Ayesha Smith · Life Sim Producer: Life Sim 15. U (4:20) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Sam Ray Producers: Kitty · Sam Ray 16. Precious Metal (3:23) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Life Sim Producer: Life Sim 17. Break (3:59) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Charlotte Aitchison · Deng Wei · Sarah Midori Perry · Alexander Cook · Finn Keane Producer: easyFun 18. good thing going on (2:29) Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Sophie Xeon Producer: Sophie 19. Ghost (3:32) Writers: Katheryn Beckwith · Ayesha Smith Producer: Ayesha Erotica 20. We Can Do It! (2:48) Writers: Katheryn Beckwith · Ayesha Smith Producer: Ayesha Erotica 21. Hello Kitty (Kittaveli Nightcore Remix) (2:10) Remixer: Kitty 22. Mine (Kittaveli Nightcore Remix) (2:08) Remixer: Kitty
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    I'm sure most of you guys know who this is and where I came from But anyways Hello, might as well welcome myself to WOP
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    King called them out live on their own station and made them look like idiots when they couldn't justify it. Fucking legend.
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    Dirkje presents brand new Spotify project: WORLD OF POP CREATES PLAYLIST FOR....... (Information thread) Its always nice to do something for someone else, right? But how cool is it if the whole forum creates something for YOU? Now is YOUR chance to create something special with your fellow woppers for your fellow wopper! This is how its gonna work: Every week I pick a wopper and make a thread to put together a Spotify playlist.The playlist will be made on the official World of Pop spotify account. To let this work, every wopper is allowed to pick 3 songs to add in the list. It should be songs you think the person will like to listen to. The songs can be new, old or oldest, that doesnt matter. You will get a week to think of songs because the week after will the playlist get presented to the wopper. Now this is just a special offer, but maybe there are people that rather get not a personal playlist or you might have some questions. I would like to give you all some space to ask questions or to let me know you are not interested in this. (You can also say so via PM if you prefer) So for that, I will create the first thread tomorrow to start forming the list. Who that will be, will be revealed tomorrow. Also I pick the members myself ONLY at World of Pop forums! (If someone feels like creating a banner for above the threads, go ahead and PM me ) @Administrators @Head Moderator @Junior Moderators @Members @Members @Moderators @News Reporters @VIP
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    Kitty has officially announced her upcoming tour, the Hello Kitty World Tour, through her social media accounts this Saturday. The tour is her first one through arena venues since the successful Kittaveli Tour, held in support of her Album of the Year-winning album Two Birds, One Kitty (2017), that spawned from mid 2017 to early 2018. The Hello Kitty World Tour will support her upcoming album Hello Kitty, her forth studio effort which is due for release next Friday, May 17, and is Kitty's first independent endeavor after she found mainstream success with Impatiens, her debut record, released in 2016. The tour only has ten dates confirmed in arena venues through North America, commencing on Kitty's homeland, Florida, for three dates. This first, ten-date trek is dubbed "Installment One". Pre-sale for the tickets are available starting this Monday upon pre-ordering Hello Kitty from 9am EST. When you pre-order the album through any digital retailer, a code is made available in Kitty's website (kittaveli.com), which can be used to sign up for the pre-sale. General sale for the entire public will begin Friday, at 12:01am EST, alongside the unleashing of Hello Kitty. Prices - Hello Kitty World Tour: Installment One Dates - Hello Kitty World Tour: Installment One AUGUST 7 | American Airlines Arena, Miami, United States | Capacity: 14.222 AUGUST 9 | Amway Center, Orlando, United States | Capacity: 14.044 AUGUST 10 | Amalie Arena, Tampa, United States | Capacity: 13.100 AUGUST 11 | State Farm Arena, Atlanta, United States | Capacity: 13.299 AUGUST 13 | Capital One Arena, Washington, D.C., United States | Capacity: 14.309 AUGUST 14 | TD Garden, Boston, United States | Capacity: 14.549 AUGUST 16 | Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, United States | Capacity: 14.222 AUGUST 19 | Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, United States | Capacity: 8.509 AUGUST 21 | Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Canada | Capacity: 13.444 AUGUST 22 | KeyBank Center, Buffalo, United States | Capacity: 13.222
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    AALIYAH AND NORMANI SURPRISE RELEASE NEW ALBUM Title: she dreams of bloody tears. Main Artists: Aaliyah, Normani Executive Producers: Aaliyah, Normani, Frank Dukes, Metro Boomin Mastering Engineer: Chris Gehringer Artwork: Vlad Sepetov Release Date: May 10th, 2019 Length: 33:37 warning. power. moon. balenciaga. fragile. phoenix. atomic. purpose. love. burnin. © OFF TEMPER ENTERTAINMENT AND DESPERADO RECORDS
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    Release date: May 9, 2019 Genres: bedroom pop · lo-fi pop Length: 4:44 Writers: Kathryn Beckwith · Sam Ray Producers: Kitty · Sam Ray Kitty has released the very last pre-album single from her upcoming fourth studio album, Hello Kitty, which is due for release next week. "Swimming Pool" was premiered during Annie Mac's segment on BBC Radio 1, called Future Sounds with Annie Mac, and according to Kitty's interview during the premiere of the song, the track was one of the very final songs conceived for the album. It is part of the last bulk of songs on the record, which sound like a mixture of her old, lo-fi patterned sound with the Y2K-pop, bubblegum bass-infused production adopted for her new image. The track is very atmospheric in lyrics and production, speaking upon a relationship in which Kitty is just about to give herself in, a fact portrayed on the metaphor that titles the song: "I feel like I'm about to drown / In your swimming pool". The song serves as a promotional single / instant gratification song, thus making "Candy" the main promotional tool for the era as of now. "Swimming Pool" is now available for streaming, and is immediately downloaded upon pre-ordering Hello Kitty. Lyrics Audio
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    CupcakKe x 103.5 KTU (Date: April 25, 2019; Location: New York City; Paid promo) CupcakKe visited the 103.5 KTU FM studios this Thursday morning to discuss new music with the Cubby and Carolina In The Morning show. Cubby: We're incredibly honoured to have none other than miss CupcakKe in the studio this morning. How are you doing? CupcakKe: I'm feeling wonderful! It's a new day full of new beginnings and new opportunities! Carolina: Well, you sound extremely optimistic. Just like how you are in your brand new single. It's called He Don't Love Me and it's a true banger! It's all about embracing yourself and loving yourself after a break up, something lots of girls like me need to hear. CupcakKe: Definitely and that's exactly why I put it out as a single. Carolina: Have you gone through this? CupcakKe: Absolutely. The song is about a brief relationship I went through last year and it's about me embracing myself after it and not letting it get me down. I'm not big on dating anymore just because I feel like a lot of guys are into me because of my name and my stature and all that stuff rather than, you know, my personality or my looks and I want a guy .. or a girl .. who's gonna love me for me and not just wanna be a rapper's boyfriend or rapper's girlfriend. Plus, I'm also just not really looking for someone right now. I'm fine being just by myself. Carolina: Because you're what? 22? CupcakKe: I'm only 21. I have plenty of time before I worry about making babies and all that stuff *laughs* Carolina: Do we get more of this independent lady kinda talk on this album? CupcakKe: Maybe not directly. This is the main "feminist anthem", if you wanna call it that, on the album but I definitely have the type of songs on these albums that make you feel like the baddest chick in the world or that you can listen to when you need a confidence boost. This album is very uplifting and happy so you'll definitely get what you want out of it. Cubby: And this album is coming out in the summer? CupcakKe: Yes, it's scheduled for a release in June but I'm gonna wait until all the platforms are ready to put my album up for pre-order until y'all hear and see the official release date. Just know it's coming in June and I'm due to finish it up very soon and I'm extremely excited about this album because I've worked very hard on it, it's very experimental for my standards and I just had a blast making it so I can only hope the listeners have a blast listening to it. Cubby: Are there any features? Any producers on the album that we may know? CupcakKe: There are two female artists featured on this project and I'm incredibly excited to be working with them. The entire album was at least co-produced by Pop & Oak, two amazing producers that I love working with and always go to whenever I need to work on something. You'll just have to wait and see though. I'm very big on keeping as many surprises as I can up until this album comes out because I think a lot about how people will be reacting to the album as they listen to it. Carolina: And, of course, we've got to talk about your deal with Durex. It's absolutely amazing! You're selling lube and condoms across stores across the world with your face on it. Have you ran into any of them while you were just casually visiting a store? CupcakKe: Yes! Every time my team and I go to a grocery store or a chemist, we go to the sexual health section to make sure they're selling my products, even if none of us are getting anything that night *laughs* It's so crazy though! I feel like it's become a cultural phenomenon. Even people that never really listened to my music before are living for me and living for the products now and it's so surreal. Carolina: Will there be any more endorsements in the future, with or without Durex? CupcakKe: Oh, definitely. Since this is going well, this will not be the end of the CupcakKe brand and franchise. Y'all will be seeing a lot more of me later on and getting your coins for me a lot more than you may expect. 2020, I'm coming. Cubby: Well, good luck with everything. Until then, we will be supporting your music as heavily as we can. Are you ready to play the song on air? CupcakKe: Absolutely! Cubby: This is CupcakKe with He Don't Love Me airing live on 103.5 KTU *He Don't Love Me plays live on air*
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    SAVIOR // MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE - April 26, Premiered on The Graham Norton Show - The music video for Iggy Azalea's debut single, Savior has finally arrived. The video takes place in a church in Sydney, Australia and features some amazing cinematography and lighting. The video starts with a quick montage of lightening, candles, fire & religious figures when it then cuts to low angle of the church feature which is red and purple. It then fades into a shot of the church with the song's title appearing. The video then shows Iggy laying in a bed in a fading light revealing the glittery sparkles on her clothing. It then cuts to some random close ups of things inside the church. The song then starts with a panning in shot of the church door that quickly cuts back to the shot of Iggy laying on the bed. Iggy then gets up on the bed and stars lip syncing the song while looking glamours. The camera then cuts to Iggy lipsync from different angles revealing the candles and lighting in the set. During the pre chorus the camera starts revealing more shots of Iggy walking though the door and a mysterious church goers. During the chorus Iggy is seen with a long black dress and a neon blue halo holding fire. Iggy is walking through an isle of neon crosses with heaps of candles. She is seen approaching someone in a black cloak and drops her flowers that are on fire. The camera cuts to some quick shots around the church in time with song. The camera then focuses on Iggy and the mysterious figure. She goes to reveal who it is by taking off the hood but then the cloak just drops. For the second verse there is a mid shot showing Iggy kneeling down on the floor in her black dress lip syncing to the song. Different angles are featured to show the vibe of the set. A man with a yellow neon halo is then seen in the confession booth. For the pre chorus Iggy is seen in a blue and white jumpsuit as the camera moves around her and the lights flicker. The camera keeps moving around showing her lipsyncing and then cuts back to her on the floor in the black dress. For the chorus a man in a cloak is seen playing the piano as a person in full black approaches Iggy in a baptism pool. The person is then seen putting Iggy under water when the bridge kicks in. Iggy is then seen looking like an angle as she is covered in white and candles are places around her. The shots then cut between each other of other bits of the clip. For the last chorus someone with a white neon halo is seen dancing down a hall as Iggy lipsync in her white and blue clothes. Iggy is then seen lifting her head out of the water as it cuts to church goers. The person drowning Iggy is then revealed to be herself. THE VIDEO IS AVAILABLE ON IGGY'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL
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    TITLE: icarus ARTIST: Armani FORMAT: EP GENRE: R&B RELEASE: April 26, 2019 The release of Armani's first extended play has arrived, following the release of the lead single bottom of the ocean earlier this month. The appropriately named icarus loosely follows the Greek legend of Icarus, through both allusion and direct references to the tale. As a metaphor for love, the EP follows a tragic story of manipulation, betrayal and heartbreak. However, the meaning of the EP extends beyond that, following the story of the fall of a celebrity in the public eye, as highlighted in the track little icarus. The track also explores motherhood and Armani's relationship with the media. Overall, the EP is a culmination of all the heavily publicised events in Armani's life following her debut album Naked, coming together to form a piece of work which is signature Armani. TRACKLIST 1. goodbyes - 3:50 writers: armani bijoux producers: benjamin totten, yusei 2. fallen - 3:42 writers: armani bijoux producers: yusei 3. all this time - 3:24 writers: armani bijoux producers: sketchmyname, armani 4. ciela interlude - 0:36 writers: armani bijoux producers: yusei 5. little icarus - 3:51 writers: armani bijoux, gracie abrams producers: sketchmyname, yusei interpolates: 'And She Will Miss You' - Gracie Abrams 6. bottom of the ocean - 3:01 writers: armani bijoux producers: yusei, sketchmyname, armani
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    IGGY AZALEA DROPS HER SECOND SINGLETitle: Boom BoomArtist: Iggy Azalea ft ZeddLength: 3:08Platform: Streaming Services, ItunesProducers: Zedd, D.R.U.G.$Writers: Iggy Azalea, Zedd, Priscilla Renea & D.R.U.G.$Genre: Dance/RapRelease Date: May 24th, 2019
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    (The banner was made by @god complex) World of Pop creates a playlist for....... PABLLO! The very first Wopper that will get a Spotify playlist made for is the very lucky @Pabllo Because this is the very first list we will make, I'll explain how we will do this: - Everybody with a WOP account is allowed to submit songs - You are allowed to submit maximal 3 songs - To keep it a little bit of a surprise, you MUST PM me the songs! - Please create one PM for all the songs you will submit for the upcoming lists also! - You have until Tuesday 21st of May to PM me the songs - I will then mix and present the list to Pabllo! - It is possible that you dont know the person that well, because you are new or simply dont talk to the person very much. In that case pick songs you think will fit the playlist. Every song submitted will be added! If the playlist was revealed, I'm gonna ask Pabllo to listen to the list and rate it! Pabllo sis, trust your fellow woppers and have fun! ONLY at World of Pop forums! (Discussing is fine, as long as you keep it a secret which songs you picked for him!) @Administrators @Head Moderator @Junior Moderators @Members @Members @Moderators @News Reporters @VIP
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    JESSICA SIMPSON ON AMERICAN IDOL Jessica Simpson takes to the American Idol stage to perform her new single and second top ten hit in her career, ‘Just Like Me’. Joined by an array of blonde backing dancers, Jessica’s staging is very feminine, summery and breezy, with her wearing a light blue dress and sandals. Her backing vocals wear similar outfits, while her dancers wear bikini tops and white shorts. The stage is light up in a yellow-orange hue while Jessica performs the first verse, sitting on a stool centre stage at a little tiki bar that has been put up. Jessica smiles with her backing dancers, one of whom is behind the bar engaging in the roleplay with her as a bartender. As the chorus begins, Jessica gets up and moves quickly to centre stage, performing a piece of choreography with her backing dancers all synchronised around her. Jessica performs with confident and is clearly enjoying the performance. During the second verse, the dancers throw beach balls to each other, while Jessica poses as she sings beside them. The backing vocalists gather around the tiki bar and sit on the stools and on the bar, with Jessica joining them for the second chorus. The middle eight sees Jessica slowly walk across the stage as she sings towards the camera, holding a hand on her heart as she holds a big note into the final chorus. This final chorus is ultimately performed with the choreography from earlier and the crowd goes wild. 'Just Like Me' is available now, America! Now you can also pre-order the album of the same name!
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    But that's the idea! I just showed the artists so yall can know what kind of sound/vibes i like
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    VIDEO OF THE YEAR - WINNER Big Sean: "This means so much to me, when I came back with Irritation I never thought in a million years it would be received so well. We even got it to #1 on the Hot 100 being my first solo single to do so ever. And now it has won Video of the Year here at BET, I want to thank everyone for the support, I love you, thank you!"
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    BEST FEMALE HIP HOP ARTIST - WINNER Nicki (from backstage since she just got off-stage from performing): "Thank you guys so so much, I love you.. I'm still a little out of breath because of my performance earlier but I want to say that I love you and thank you for all your support, this is amazing, thank you!" @Nicki Minaj
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    | MAY 11, 2019 | #1 (+1) He Don't Love Me | CupcakKe | 443,389 | NEW PEAK #2 (+7) You Need More | TRNT | 438,333 | NEW PEAK #3 (-2) Life on MTV | Fergie | 433,100 #4 (+2) Afterparty | Lana Del Rey | 427,210 | NEW PEAK #5 (+5) Show Love | karrueche | 422,222 #6 (NEW) Candy | Kitty feat. Britney Spears | 419,444 | DEBUT #7 (-4) Enemiez | Keke Palmer feat. Jeremiah | 417,777 #8 (-4) Irritation | Big Sean | 414,210 #9 (+14) Back Together | SZA | 411,111 #10 (+2) Savior | Iggy Azalea | 408,888 | NEW PEAK #11 (-2) Bitch Better Have My Money | Rihanna | 406,663 #12 (-7) Spaceship | Miz Cracker | 398,333 #13 (-6) Feelin' Myself | Miley Cyrus & Kendrick Lamar feat. Whiz Khalifa | 395,530 #14 (NEW) Calm After the Storm | Harry Styles | 388,810 | DEBUT #15 (-1) So Good | Zara Larsson feat. Big Sean | 382,100 #16 (+1) More Than That | karrueche | 377,710 #17 (NEW) Hollow Crown | Ellie Goulding | 374,222 | DEBUT #18 (-5) Mine | Kitty | 369,440 #19 (-8) More Life | Normani feat. Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui | 365,540 #20 (-5) Sun Chaser | Sky Ferreira | 362,210 #21 (NEW) Thought I Knew You | Nicki Minaj feat. The Weeknd | 356,100 #22 (-6) Don't Think You Got the Memo | SZA | 349,100 #23 (-4) Bottom of the Ocean | Armani | 344,444 #24 (-1) Back Together | SZA | 337,790 #25 (-5) Blaze Baby, Blaze | Beyonce | 333,333 #26 (-8) Vincent | Ellie Goulding | 322,104 #27 (-5) 1991 | Azealia Banks | 318,220 #28 (-4) Half A Man | Big Sean feat. Olly Alexander | 314,489 #29 (-4) The Great Escape | Southside & Yonge | 308,102 #30 (-3) Monster | Victoria Beckham | 291,111
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    IGGY AZALEA RELEASES SAVIOR VERTICAL VIDEO Iggy Azalea has dropped the vertical video for her hit single, Savior! The single's vertical video also features footage from her recent cover with Vogue Magazine! The video still follows the church feeling of the original music video with a candles and shrines making an appearance. The video starts with Iggy's cover of Vogue Magazine but the background behind her swaps colours in time with the beat of the song. Once the vocals come in the camera turns on a dutch tilt of Iggy lipsyncing to the track. Iggy then gets up and dances around for the rest of the duration of the first verse. During the pre chorus Iggy is transparent as videos of candles shine through. Once the chorus starts Iggy is shown again dancing with quick clips of neon crosses and candles. As the next verse snaps in Iggy is seen with a blue background with white clothing on and flawless make up. Iggy sits on the side of the arch as the camera moves around displaying her lipsyncing to the track. The background suddenly changes to red as the pre chorus comes in. The next chorus starts as it displays Iggy from the two previous sets with candles and neon crosses being shown again. For the bridge of the song Iggy is seen with a red background and a black dress. The sets slowly fade in and out from black to each other showing Iggy sitting down and lipsyncing. The camera then rapidly zooms in on Iggy's eye during the first set and the chorus starts as her eye transitions into a the moon. More clips are put over the top with transparency while displaying the moon. The song slowly fades out as the video slowly warps back to Iggy's Vogue Magazine cover. The official vertical is displayed on Spotify and was also uploaded to her offical VEVO channel on YouTube. GALLERY
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    Aaliyah x Normani - "Balenciaga (Official Music Video)" "she dreams of bloody tears", new album including the new single "balenciaga.", available everywhere.
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    Hey Why (Miss You Sometime) - Single Title: Hey Why (Miss You Sometime) Artist: P!nk Length: 3:23 Genre: Pop, Adult Contemporary, Pop-Rock Release Date: Friday, May 10, 2019 Writer(s): Alecia Moore, Max Martin, Shellback Producer(s): Shellback, Max Martin Label: Messiah Records To start off the beginning of P!nk’s new era, “Hey Why (Miss You Sometime)” will serve as her lead single to her upcoming unnamed album. The track is an upbeat song about cheap love and fast excitement. Written by Alecia Moore (P!nk), Max Martin, and Shellback it remanence on early 2000s music with its jumpy club sound. Lyrics: Audio:
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    CupcakKe ft. SZA 'He Don't Love Me' (SZA Sista Remix) [Vertical Video] (Date: May 10, 2019; Uploaded to CupcakKeVEVO and Spotify) The vertical video for the SZA remix of He Don't Love Me starts off with CupcakKe in the car from the original He Don't Love Me music video. She's sitting all calmly before the beat drops in and she's mouthing the words to the camera. "He sent me a text sayin' that he wanna break up / Right after I did him a few favours / I'm really startin' to think he wasn't really into me / And was only fuckin' with me because I'm famous". As she says the pre-chorus, the camera zooms out and CupcakKe makes her way to the back of the car as her four friends from the video get in. Two sit at the front and the other two stand behind them to dance to the chorus. CupcakKe then raps the rest of the second verse by herself, as the friends next to her sit down, and they continue to drive down the lonely road. As the next chorus comes, CupcakKe walks her way closer to the front of the car and claps her ass to the beat of the song as her friends hype her up and slap her ass. As the bridge comes and it's time for SZA's verse, they get out of the car and find this part of the desert with a SZA shrine. It's decked out with physical copies of CTRL and ALT, as well as SZA posters. CupcakKe and her friends twerk and dance about to the verse as it plays and, once her verse is over, they break into a synchronised dance routine to the last chorus in front of the shrine. As the chorus comes to an end, an extra instrumental outro is added to the song as CupcakKe's friends run away and she blows a kiss at SZA, winking at her before running off. Her and her friends then get into the car and continue to drive away. (C) 2019 Pink Friday Entertainment, a division of the Universal Music Group @cocoCHANEL🅴
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    Lana del Rey releases the music video for "Afterparty" Producer: Heather Hiller Video length: 05:20 The video starts with Lana moving and dancing around, with sparkles and glitters all over her face. It is clear to see that the single cover art is shot from this scene. While Lana is dancing, you can see her voice speaking, without any background music. “When I look back on my life, I’ve come to realisation that I’ve always been the afterparty girl. The afterparty were for the real people. Dancing, laughing, drinking, doing the things my parents forbid me to do. It was a rough life: I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know where to go, I had no real purpose in life. When I woke up, all I could look forward to was the night, because that was when the best thing happened. The night has always been my favorite time of the day. It started when I was a child. I used to look up on the stars, they shined like a million bright lights in the dark sky and I was so, so inspired. Unlike some children, I wasn’t afraid of the night, I thought it was my best friend. Little did I know that the night would become my biggest enemy…” Then the screen turns black. In white letters, the words “AFTERPARTY” appear in the screen, in the same font as the single cover has. The music starts playing, but it’s a longer part of the instrumental intro of the song. Lana can still be seen before a big, black screen as she dances and moves a long the screen. This time, she’s not covered in sparkles and glitters anymore, but some kind of flower is opening. As soon as the flower is open, the real song actually starts. The first scene of the music video contains the first verse, the first bridge and the first chorus. Lana is seen in the scene, but she looks different: her make up makes her look more rough, more hard, not soft as she does in the first part of the music video. She’s seen pole dancing, while the song is playing in the background. Lana is wearing a red lingerie set and very high heels. She appears to look like a stripper, which may reference to what she did in New York City to earn money back in the days, but this is never confirmed. After the first bridge, the screen is flickering between her seeing pole dancing and by model Shaun Ross watching her. At the end of the first chorus, you can also see her locking lips with another girl stripper, who wears the same outfit as she does. This covers her bisexual experiences. The second part of the video contains the second verse, the second bridge and the second chorus. Lana can be seen with Shaun Ross, sitting on a car. They are chilling with their friends and you can clearly see that Shaun is cuddling up to Lana, holding her and kissing her on her cheek. Lana doesn’t look very interested. The scene switches between that scene and Lana in some kind of trailer, in which she grew up in. This scene attempts to show the loneliness Lana has felt in her life. The ending scene of the video contains the last bridge and the last chorus. Lana can be seen walking in a field, it all looks very vintage. The last thing you see before the video ends, is Lana with tears in her eyes. Then, the video stops.
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