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    BEYONCÈ'S SAVE THE EARTH BALL Date: August 17th, 2019 Venue: The Beverly Wilshire, Los Angeles
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    Miley Cyrus - "Secrets" (feat. Ariana Grande) Worldwide promotional single release Miley Cyrus has released a promotional single called Secrets featuring Ariana Grande. This track has the same cover as the album cover also called Secrets, this R&B track tells a story about a relationship with too many secrets, the girl in the relationship knows about the secrets and can't take it no more. Title: Secrets Artist: Miley Cyrus; Ariana Grande Album: Secrets Length: 3:03 Genre: R&B Writers: Miley Cyrus; Ariana Grande Producer(s): Max Martin Available: All streaming services as of July 5, 2019 Audio Lyrics @cocoCHANEL🅴
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    CupcakKe & Lil Pump 'Glass (The Big 3 Remix)' ft. Nicki Minaj & Kash Doll (Music Video) (Directed by: Elliott Sellers; Uploaded to cupcakKe on July 12, 2019) The video began with shots of Nicki, Kash Doll and CupcakKe doing a photo shoot. They are all dressed up as The Clermont Twins (making them The Clermont Triplets) and they’re making some fierce poses as a camera man takes pictures of them. The song skips straight to the chorus, where Lil’ Pump is at a fancy restaurant, looking very out of place in his regular gear, and he’s clearly waiting for his date to show up. We then see a shot of CupcakKe entering the restaurant. She’s wearing a different outfit from the photo shoot scene but we can still tell she’s meant to be a Clermont Twin from the wig. She enters the restaurant in her fancy gown and struts her way over to Lil’ Pump. She lets out the vulgar lyrics to him and matches the lyrics with her movements, as she rides the chair, deepthroats a breadstick on the table and refuses to keep her tongue in her mouth. Lil Pump is following, looking very aroused as she taunts him, up until her verse is over. After CupcakKe’s had enough, she struts out of the restaurant during the chorus. Nicki then makes her way into the restaurant and it’s her turn to seduce Lil’ Pump. She does the same as CupcakKe but in a more relaxed fashion. It starts off with her dropping her purse on the floor, to which Nicki then acts fake surprised that she drops her purse and she situated herself to where she’d be bending over with her ass in Lil Pump’s face as she picks up the purse. Lil Pump attempts to smack her ass but Nicki gets up just a little too early and Lil Pump plays it off like he was trying to scratch his head. Nicki then continues to rap her verse. She takes a sip of her drink and starts to slowly go up and down as she sucks her drink out of the straw, taunting Lil Pump once again. As her verse is nearly over, she takes off the jacket she was wearing so her boobs can pop out and be FREE and Lil Pump can’t stop staring at her tits, to which Nicki gets offended, smacks him and leaves for the next chorus. As it becomes time for Kash Doll’s verse, she enters the restaurant just like Nicki and CupcakKe and is Lil Pump’s third date of the evening. She’s more polite and much less sexual than Nicki and CupcakKe. Shots of her rapping the lyrics come from her photo shoot with Nicki and CupcakKe, rather than from the scene of her in the restaurant. There's a very specific shot of the three of them together as Kash Doll mentions The Clermont Twins in her verse. The waiter gives Kash Doll and Lil Pump their food and offers Pump a drink of wine. Pump takes a sip of his drink and immediately needs to go to the bathroom. Kash Doll smiles at him as he walks away and, while he’s in the bathroom, Kash Doll pours a strange substance into his wine. She continues to eat her food and, as he comes back, Lil Pump takes a sip of his wine and faints right as the beat drops for the last chorus. Kash Doll then very quickly grabs all of his belongings and swipes his wallet and phone out of his pants and jets out of the restaurant. The people in the restaurant all gasp in fear as she exits the restaurant and they try to help Lil Pump. For the chorus, we see Kash Doll, CupcakKe and Nicki (with CupcakKe being the getaway driver) speeding away in a car, with Kash Doll in the back going through his belongings. Multiple police cars then slowly show up and start chasing them, to which CupcakKe speeds up and we see a bunch of aerial shots of CupcakKe speeding down the road, entering traffic and ending up on the wrong sides of the road, as the police follow her. The video then fades out, with the police still following them.
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    Sky Ferreira-August Peaches (Official Lyric Video) Title: August Peaches Artist: Sky Ferreira Album: The Life of Flowers Release Date: 7/12/19 Label: Skippin Records Sky Ferreira has just dropped the official lyric video for her song August Peaches. The video starts out with a shot of the sun in frame. It is a bright white lite, but as it zooms out you see the crisp blue summer sky filled with white puffy clouds rolling on by. The lyrics start to roll on by. They have a font/aesthetic that is vintage and reminiscent of a Polaroid. The next scene is of a grass field full of flowers and other pretty vegetation and foliage. Then we see shots of peach trees and orange trees. Hands pick the fruit and gently rip them open. The juices drip everywhere. Then close ups of the fruit flesh is shown. Next the scene cuts to a peach August sky. It is about sunset and the sky is a pink color with yellow and orange clouds. It is so beautiful. Then we see shots of lemonade and strawberries. Everything in this lyrical video is a scene of summer of course. It all has that grainy vintage fell to it, very reminiscent of an instagram filter. Then there is a scene of a California beach, once again during sunset where the sky is peach/pink. The overall aesthic is full of pink and peach colors!! August Peaches by Sky Ferreira is available now for stream and purchase! Also The Life of Flowers is available for Pre-order!!!
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    Miley Cyrus - "Secrets" Worldwide album pre-order Miley Cyrus' third studio album has been put up for pre-order. The album, which release date is still unknown, will have a total of 14 tracks including the singles Feelin' Myself, Don't Call Me Up and the new promotional single Secrets featuring Ariana Grande. Title: Secrets 🅴 Artist: Miley Cyrus Release date: TBA Genres: Pop / R&B / Hip-Hop Tracklist 1. Feelin' Myself (feat. Kendrick Lamar & Wiz Khalifa) 🅴 2. Track 2 3. Track 3 4. Track 4 5. Secrets (feat. Ariana Grande) 6. Track 6 7. Track 7 8. Track 8 9. Track 9 10. Track 10 11. Track 11 🅴 12. Don't Call Me Up 13. Track 13 14. Track 15
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    DID HE JUST...? ALL THE SHADE, TEA, AND DEEP MOMENTS FROM TRNT'S COPACABANA SET The 2nd Annual Copacabana Festival took place in Nice, France this passed weekend and it was certainly one to remember. From headliner Big Sean dazzling with his first major headline performance in quite some time to pop starlet Miley Cyrus bringing a cool energy to the beach, there were plenty of performances to talk about. But none were perhaps more layered and inflammatory than rising star TRNT's 50 minute set on the festival's second day. The 18 year old hitmaker has garnered a reputation for having a lack of a filter, often speaking what's on his (and many times most people's) mind, wild theatrics when it comes to the stage, and for his daring and often effective approaches to music as an artistic medium. When he was added to the lineup, everyone expected the completely unexpected and when it came to thrills, shock, and commentary, TRNT didn't disappoint. In his set, he made several call outs to specific artist's he identifies as trouble, call backs to some of the biggest entertainment stories and controversies of the last decade, and even deep dives into the concepts of fame and obsession. PopCrush was on hand to cover the whole festival and we got to see TRNT's set right up front. Here is your official guide to all of the shade, tea, and genuine shocks from TRNT's set. LEAVE HER ALONE: REVISITING BRITNEY'S BREAKDOWN AND PLACING BLAME It's been over a decade since Britney Spears went through her very public breakdown, but the year long saga still burns fresh in the mind of pop culture. With Britney's name circulating in the media once again for alleged misconduct on the side of Spears' management, it's got everyone turning their attention back to 2007. TRNT's set had a lot to do with fame and the pressures that come along with it. In the first section of his set, TRNT portrays an artist that's worked to the point of having a complete and public breakdown to continued personal and professional failures and criticisms. The set explores in great detail the effect that media and societal expectations take on artists, particularly when they're the subject of intense ridicule. Though at first it seemed like TRNT might be prepping to make fun of Britney, the story unfolded to him actually standing in Britney's corner, pointing the finger directly at the industry and the media as the one's that should take guilt and blame for celebrities mental states being altered. Though he never mentioned Britney by name, it's clear that he aligns strongly with the movement to support her. And we have to say, he made some incredibly valid points and posed some very serious questions to consider moving forward. YEEZ: KANYE LIVES IN A DARK TWISTED FANTASY The night before TRNT took to the stage, Kanye West appeared on stage with Big Sean for several songs as part of the later's headline performance. However TRNT didn't seem too impressed. In the middle of his set, TRNT indirectly called out several prominent figures in the industry for their bad behavior, leading a chant with the crowd about them WANTING more but these people NEEDING love. The first artist he took a swipe at was Yeezus himself. This isn't the first time that TRNT has expressed frustration with the acclaimed but often polarizing rapper. Earlier in the year following the release of his debut single, TRNT called West "a genius in the studio and an embarrassment everywhere else", a statement which drew the ire of West's rabid fanbase, however it seems that he wasn't deterred or particularly moved by their social media shade. As TRNT spoke to the crowd, he mocked West's often over the top delivery whilst saying the above quote, leaving no doubt exactly who was talking about. West has yet to respond. WANNA FIGHT?: THE "NOT A FEUD" FEUD CONTINUES For the passed several weeks, TRNT and fellow rising star Zara Larsson have traded shady barbs in the media. It started with some Twitter back and forths between the two artists after Larson posted several tweets about her own success, something that seemed to rub TRNT the wrong way. For the passed week or so, TRNT's been saying that what happened wasn't the result of a feud, only him "speaking [his] mind". It seems though that he was still rather bothered by the artist as he referenced her following his statements about Kanye. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who TRNT's talking about. And he showed us as much as directly following the audience's chant back of she needs love, TRNT turned his head to someone side stage and we saw him mouth something to the affect of "they said it, not me". Larsson has yet to respond. MACHINE GUN SHADY: NO REAL WINNER IN THE "EMBARRASSING" RAP FEUD While the feud between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem has appeared to slow down, TRNT's inclusion of it seems to stem more from proximity than currency. Though the information wasn't publicly advertised, close reading of credit notes from TRNT's music video for "Chlorine" reveals that a prominent industry wardrobe person acted as the head of wardrobe for the video and it just so happens that this person also worked with both Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem on some of their recent projects including MGKs turn in the Motley Crue biopic The Dirt. Based off of these clues, we can gather that TRNT's heard some inside information regarding the feud that we may not know. The implication lies in word choice for MGK's diss while it's spelled out pretty clearly in Eminem's. TRNT implies that the feud was false and purely a sales/cred boost for both artists. Though we cannot validate this as true, it certainly seems plausible as both rappers benefitted from the exposure as a result of the feud and quickly moved on when the commercial viability began to wane. Neither MGK or Eminem have responded. SO MUCH FOR PEACE IN PARADISE: ARMANI'S NOT OFF TRNT'S HOOK Earlier this year, (ex?) friend superstars Shawn Mendes and Armani traded some public barbs after Armani was photographed with Mendes' abusive ex-Nick Jonas which led to Armani making some pretty shady remarks in the press and fining the fire by releasing a song with the same name as the one Mendes revealed Jonas' actions. Though there has never been any sort of indication that Armani and Mendes have made amends, neither have commented in quite some time. But that doesn't mean much. It needs to be remembered that TRNT recently toured with Mendes and the two reportedly became pretty close. Does this mean that Armani and Mendes are still not on good terms and it's just happening behind closed doors? Or is TRNT still angry from the initial outrage? We may never know for sure. Armani has to comment. BUT...HE DOESN'T THINK THESE PEOPLE ARE FULLY TO BLAME Following this statement, TRNT went on to perform a cover of David Bowie's hit "Fame" in which he shows the media's tendency to encourage bad behavior. This showed all of us that while TRNT thinks that these artist's actions are unjust, he doesn't lay the blame squarely at their feet. He, as in the first act, points to the media and society as big parts of the problem. And this raises a point that few often attempt to address: media manipulation creates a lot of the scenarios that have become pop culture legend and the influence of the media is enough to turn any good artist into a questionable person. Look at people like Justin Bieber, someone who came in fresh faced and ended up a polarizing figure after years worth of public exposure. This shows that TRNT's often sparky opinions genuinely have a basis. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: CELEBRITY OBSESSION DOESN'T EQUAL LOVE In perhaps the most heartbreaking portion of the set, TRNT shows that despite what people may feel, the obsessive stan culture doesn't often translate to real love and care. TRNT chose to show that often, celebrities feel isolated. Many celebrities have come forward to say they often question what is real love and what is fake love for status and for money. These feelings have led to many celebrities developing mental health issues and some even taking their own life as TRNT's character does in the show. It raises the question of just how far people online who say they "love" these celebrities are willing to take. To be as young as he is, TRNT certainly seems to see things from an angle that very few do. His unlikely rise to prominence has afforded TRNT a perspective that very few get to see. Though many are quick to call him hotheaded or bratty, when you pause to look at what he's actually saying and why he says and does what he does, it almost always serves a greater purpose. It seems that TRNT's here not just to entertain, but to make us think.
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    New Investigations launched into Clock Tower Records! New information concerning the major music label Clock Tower Records has been unearthed thanks to the State of California launching a formal investigation into the label. This initial investigation was put into action after fans of signed star, Britney Spears, took to twitter wonder where she was and then digging and uncovering some damming documentation. Following the twitter unease, the label put out an official statement that Ms. Spears checked herself into a wellness facility due to stress and anxiety after her successful world tour, but new information proves this a lie and that the singer has not checked into any facility anywhere. Learning this information the now movement that is gaining traction #FreeBritney has escalated even more on Twitter. Fans of the singer have also began tweeting the star's closest friends, Shawn Mendes, Fergie, and the last artist known to have spoke to her, Cupcakke. With their collab on the new album it is certain that Cupcakke would include Britney in the music video, but many fans are concerned that with the recent drama in Britney's label and her disappearance, that the two may not meet. With all this going on Clock Tower Records execs continue to find themselves in hot water as new investigations from the State of New York, the State of Louisiana, the State of Florida, and investigations in Canada and Sweden have been announced. It is not known now if the FBI will soon be involved or launch their own investigation, but due to the amount of separate investigations launched not only by other states but also other countries, it is to be believed that the FBI will soon have no choice but to look into this if wrong doing is uncovered.
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    | JUNE 22, 2019 | #1 (+2) Glass | CupcakKe feat. Lil Pump | 41,100 | NEW PEAK, HER (?) #1 SINGLE #2 (=) Back Together | SZA | 39,986 #3 (+4) Chlorine | TRNT | 37,027 | NEW PEAK #4 (-3) Just Like Me | Jessica Simpson | 35,555 | PEAK #1 FOR ONE WEEK #5 (+1) Sex With Me | Rihanna | 32,020 #6 (+7) Undertow | Amanda Wolf | 30,846 #7 (-3) Balenciaga | Aaliyah & Normani | 28,561 #8 (+3) Boom Boom | Iggy Azalea feat. Zedd | 25,849 #9 (-4) Thought I Knew You | Nicki Minaj feat. The Weeknd | 22,469 #10 (=) Don't Call Me Up | Miley Cyrus | 21,111 #11 (-2) More Than That | karrueche | 19,451 #12 (NEW) Dark Skin Black Girl | CupcakKe | 17,700 | HOT SHOT DEBUT #13 (+8) When We Were Young | Adele | 15,562 #14 (-6) Black Roses | Southside & Yonge | 12,392 #15 (-3) So Good | Zara Larsson feat. Big Sean | 10,190 #16 (-1) Wanna | Zara Larsson | 9,900 #17 (-1) Whine Up | Aya Nakamura | 9,026 #18 (-4) He Don't Love Me | CupcakKe feat. SZA | 8,284 #19 (+1) Show Love | karrueche | 7,713 #20 (-3) Hey Why (Miss You Sometime) | P!nk | 6,554 #21 (-3) Savior | Iggy Azalea | 5,837 #22 (-2) todas | Cro feat. Drake | 4,777 #23 (-4) Feelin' Myself | Miley Cyrus & Kendrick Lamar feat. Wiz Khalifa | 4,400 #24 (-2) Candy | Kitty feat. Britney Spears | 3,564 #25 (-2) Afterparty | Lana Del Rey | 2,978
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    Sky Ferreira- August Peaches (Official Single Release) Title: August Peaches Album: The Life of Flowers Release date: June 20, 2019Genre: Indie PopLength: 3:31Writer: Sky Ferreira Sky Ferriera has released the 3rd official single off her upcoming studio album The Life Of Flowers. This single follows the likes of I Dream Of California and Sun Chaser. Lyrics/Audio:
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    As the commercial starts, footage from the past years (2000 - 2018) appear on the screen in a slideshow for 60 seconds long. Music from Miley Cyrus (Feelin' Myself), Nicki Minaj (Snatching Crowns), Fergie (Life On MTV), Zara Larsson (So Good), Iggy Azalea (Savior), Big Sean (Irritation) and Aaliyah & Normani (balenciaga) can be heared during the 1 minute slideshow. "The 2019 Video Music Awards are in a week and this will be. the. biggest. one. yet. Here are you performers" TRNT (15 seconds of Pet Cheetah plays) Zara Larsson (15 seconds of Wanna plays) Miley Cyrus (15 seconds of Don't Call Me Up plays) karrueche (15 seconds of More Than That plays) Iggy Azalea (15 seconds of Boom Boom plays) SZA (15 seconds of Back Together plays) Camila Cabello (15 second instrumental snippet of Crying in the Club plays) Big Sean (15 seconds of Half A Man plays) Harry Styles (15 seconds of Lust plays) Beyoncé (15 seconds of Cloudy with a Chance plays) and Cameron Dallas (15 seconds of Expectations plays) and your host for the evening to top it all of is TRNT! A evening with a lot of entertainment is guaranteed, tune in for the Video Music Awards on MTV at July 21 at 5.30 PM EST! @Breathin @Nicki Minaj @cocoCHANEL🅴 @Venti @Mr. Mendes @Britney Spears @kordei @despy @Starboy @Venus @get well soon @Elusive Vanjie @kipperskipper @Natalia @Pabllo @R.E.M. @Santana Lopez @Disco Tears @Royalty @Lynk
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    Miley Cyrus X Late Night w/ Seth Meyers July 5, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 3/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat Seth: Here to perform her single Don't Call Me Up, give it up for Miley Cyrus! As the instrumental starts, we can right away hear it's a remixed version. Different dancers are showing up on the stage and perform their amazing choreography rehearsed for this performance. Miley Cyrus is know where to be seen, as three different beat drops kick in, the instrumental stops and a white light shines on Miley. She's on the highest point in the audience with smoke surrounding her, one hand on her hips and one hand on the microphone to her mouth, the instrumental starts at the chorus as she sings the chorus perfectly with no problems. She walks down as she comes to the second verse and gives some hugs to fans in the audience. As she comes to the pre-chorus, she's almost at the main stage and fits in with the dancers who are still performing their choreography. During the chorus of the song, Miley dances with the choreography and sings the song with little problems. As she comes to the bridge, she goes in with a harder and higher voice and she's trying to make it all work. As she comes to the last chorus, smoke appear on the stage (only covering her feet and a little of her legs, also by the dancers), she smiles as she performs and sees the audience standing up on their feet and clapping along with the beat, some of the fans in the audience are wearing merchandise from Miley, she smiles and waves to the audience as she sings the song. Nearing the end, a beat drop kicks in and Miley and her dancers perform some bad ass choreography as a last beat drop kicks in and Miley ends the performance. Seth: Miley Cyrus everybody! Her single Don't Call Me Up is out now and you can pre-order her third studio album Secrets which is coming out later this year, right now! Thank you for watching and we'll see you next week!
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    Miley Cyrus X Z100 New York July 5, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 2/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat Host: New music from Miley Cyrus and you heard it her first, that was her current single Don't Call Me Up on Z100 New York and we got the one and only Miley in the studio to talk all about it, how are you doing, Miley? Miley: I'm doing good, thank you! Host: So, your third studio album Secrets is up for pre-order and you released the title track featuring Ariana Grande and it sounds so good, how does it feel? Miley: It's such a relieve that just everyone knows the album title, cover and all the information they need for now, I saw some tweets on Twitter and the fans are going crazy about it, hahah! Host: You also received a lot of support from artists such as Iggy Azalea, Shawn Mendes, Normani and Ariana Grande all showing support to the new music, how does that make you feel? Miley: Good! I love them all, so it feels amazing, and I've worked with Ariana and Normani on this album since they are both featured on it and I just love Shawn, I haven't seen him in a while because of his tour, but when he's done we need to hang out, so if you're listening, Shawn, be prepared (laughs), and yeah, Iggy, I just love her and her vibe, I'm actually going to Azalea Radio tomorrow! Host: It's nice to have friends in the industry right? Miley: Obviously! But when I'm around them it doesn't have to go about the industry all the time, I discuss some of my private things with them and it feels good and trusted, I love it. They are one of my best friends I have and I'm glad they are in my life, I could call them up at any time on the day and they would give me advice on things and stuff like that. Host: That must feel good! So, the title track, what is it about? Miley: It's about a relationship with too many secrets to keep up. Knowing he cheats and goes to other girls, but you're to afraid to step up because it'll damage his image and you don't know what he'll do. Having too many secrets that it's destroying the relationship minute by minute. Host: A real life experience? Miley: Unfortunately, yes.. Host: Well, the song is good and the message behind it makes it more good in my opinion, and Ariana and you just match perfectly with your voices on the song. Miley: Thank you so much! Host: Do you got a release date for the album yet? Miley: Well, I have it yes, but we ain't announcing it just yet. It's coming at the end of this year, that is all I can say right now. Host: Well, then we got something to look forward too! Like a christmas present. Miley: (laughs) hahaha, you could see it that way, yes! Host: Well, we just played Don't Call Me Up on the radio and that song is just stuck. in. my. head since it came out, it's such a tune! Miley: Awh, thank you so much, means a lot! Host: And now we're going to play your new song Secrets featuring Ariana Grande here on Z100! Don't Call Me Up & Secrets featuring Ariana Grande are out now and pre-order Miley Cyrus' third studio album Secrets coming out later this year!
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    (Warsaw, Poland, Europe - free promo) Lana del Rey for Vogue Poland A few months ago, she was only a rising star. With only a dream of becoming an artist, she moved to Los Angeles. Nowdays, she is signed to a record label, releases the music she has been making all of her life and and flies over the world. There is no stopping pop’s newest sensation Lana del Rey. With 2 top 10 singles in the United States and a number 1 single in Europe, she has settled herself as a force to be reckoned with. Lana del Rey is in Europe for the summer. She is a performer at several music festivals all over the continent, including Poland, where she kicks off her festival tour at Open’er Festival. What is special about this musical festival tour, is that the profits of this tour go to the organisations. That means that Lana del Rey is not earning any money for this tour. “I realise that I am not a touring force yet”, she says when we asked her about the money earning, “I haven’t released my album or EP yet. I haven’t been on many continents yet. This is my first time being in Europe. I’d like to get to know people all around the world more, I’d like to release my album first and then I’d like to tour. So this festival tour is pure for my and my fan’s entertainment.” That doesn’t mean that she is going to do lazy performances. Even though the performances at the festivals is pure for entertainment purposes, Lana has a whole show planned for her fans. She also announces that she is going to perform new songs from her new album. Her debut album is very high anticipated. Earlier, Lana confirmed that the album will have a late October/early November release. She explains: “I don’t want to rush release my album. I just have a concept now and I’d like to work that out. Even though I have a concept, that doesn’t mean that the music is all the same. Just like “Afterparty” and “Partygirl”, I am experimenting with several music styles. I have two collaborations planned for the album and both artists are very different from each other. I want to show the world that I am a versatile artists and that you can’t put me in one place.” Songs that have been confirmed to be on the album are ofcourse her debut single “Afterparty” and her second single “Partygirl”. Unreleased work that has been floating all over the internet for the past few years is going to appear on an EP, which is coming for a summer release. Other songs that Lana del Rey confirmed to be on the album are the collaboration with Iggy Azalea, another collaboration with a yet unnamed artist and a song called “Tell Me”. “I’d like to be mysterious about my album. I told the world about “Tell Me” because this is a very emotional and personal song for me. I will probably perform it at my summer festival tour, but I am not sure yet. The song is very intimate and the artist that I worked with to create it made a very special instrumental for it. I don’t know if I’m ready to release it yet, but I will definetly try to perform it at the show.” Showing that she is versatile has become very important for Lana del Rey. She doesn’t want to be an artist that is placed under one label. Her music is very experimental and she explains that sometimes it works out very well, but other times, she isn’t sure of her work and actually hates it when she created something she didn’t believe in. “I like to change my work all the time, I am a perfectionist. For “Partygirl”, I had a completly different mix and setup. But when I worked with A$ap Rocky, a very talented rapper from the same city I come from, he showed me a different light on the song and I was like: “Yes, we should do this!” That’s the fun thing about experimenting. I never know which way I am going with a song and sometimes when I do, someone comes in and changes the whole concept.” Lana laughs as she explains this. “C’est la vie” is a concept that she has been living with all of her life now. Lana del Rey will be in Poland for a few days. She will be attending several television shows, radio stations and will be performing her songs. “I can’t wait to meet all my Polish fans. It will be worth the wait!”
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    #FreeBritney Movement gains momentum! Over the past weeks Britney fans have taken to twitter to voice their concerns about Britney Spears. As we've reported before the fans online had unearthed documents that they believed put the singer's record label into illegal operations and that the record label were forcing Britney into silence. At first many dismissed these claims as simply overzealous fans concocting elaborate conspiracy theories until, the State of California announced an investigation which was followed by more states and other countries following suit. As if this wasn't enough to send the Britney Army into a tailspin, it was alleged that rapper Cupcakke had to pay an estimated 500,000 dollars to Clock Tower Records along with a contract not to speak on anything and also have Britney not speak in an interview after the performance and music video shoot. With these claims and the investigations all piling up, #FreeBritney has trended worldwide. Just as this story was posted Britney tweeted her first tweet in months. Without any context or caption Britney tweeted out the cover for her collaboration with rapper Cupcakke, "Total" which is speculated to be the next single, a but many fans are confused and are left wondering if it was really Britney.
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    Iggy Azalea on This Morning | CAN Paid Promo | July 4 | Iggy Azalea joined This Morning to talk about her upcoming UTOPIA! She also discussed her soon to be husband Tyga and her future! Host: Iggy Azalea is here right now with us in the studio! Everyone welcome Iggy! Iggy: Hello! Thank you for having me here I'm excited! Host: Well welcome back! I hope you're enjoying your time in Canada and I hope we are treating you well! Iggy: You sure are! Canada is just so peaceful and calm and just a perfect place to spend the summer to be honest. Host: Well the UTOPIA cover is giving me summer vibes! It's just amazing Iggy: That is what the intention was, I wanted to portray that summer, calm / beach type of vibe as the album is very upbeat and fun so I wanted to reflect that in the cover art! Host: Well it's currently available for preorder, are you excited to finally release a body of work? Iggy: One hundred percent I am! Especially this body of work as I put my heart and soul into it and it was just so fun to make with the producers! Host: So we have heard two very different singles from the album Boom Boom and Savior, according to your twitter poll we should be expecting another song right? Iggy: Yep! I've only ever performed this song once at Pride in the Park and it's just amazing! It will serve as the third single from the album and you can expect to hear it this month! Host: That's amazing! But let's talk about Boom Boom considering that's out now, are you happy with the success of the song? Iggy: Yes I am! It feels so good to have your song accepted and receive positive feedback. Host: I love Boom Boom personally, do you think there will be a VMAs performance? Iggy: I'm hoping to perform at the VMAs but there is no word yet so we will have to wait and see I guess! Host: Well something we are waiting for is your wedding! Iggy: Ahhh yes! We are actually planning it now but it is still a while away until it can happen! Host: How have you and Tyga been? Iggy: Amazing! We are doing fine! Host: Well thank you for joining us today Iggy, Boom Boom is out now along with the UTOPIA preorder!
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    Fergie Brings Latex & Love to New York Pride's Dance on the Pier by Joe Lynch In a year that started with her winning the well-deserved Grammy Award for Song of The Year with her outstanding track "It Ain't Easy", Fergie seems to be in an amazing new phase of her life and career, in an exciting - and colorful - journey: as the Saturday headliner of the annual Pride Island music festival, the pop diva ruled the Hudson River stage in thigh-high boots and a skintight black latex body suit, while dancing, singing and even rapping to a cheerful audience. From Whitney Houston's surprise appearance at Dance on the Pier in 1999 to many other iconic performances that came after, the annual gay pride dance and pop divas have gone together like reading and shade. But while most Dance on the Pier divas are either rising stars or long-running legends, Fergie is a rarity: a pop star who willingly stepped out of the spotlight for years then hopped into a solo journey that has given her the praise she always deserved. In terms of onstage prowess and style, Fergie has been showing more confidence than during the promotion of her solo debut album, the Grammy nominated 'No Good', released in early 2018. After an extremely successful era and half a year working in silence, Fergie released a new song in April entitled "Life On MTV" - from a new project yet to be announced but expected to late 2019/early 2020 -, and just like she proved how powerful she can be by topping the Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks, the singer took over Pride Island in an mesmerizing concert, exhibiting a new peak of her performance powers that were first noticed at her epic Coachella set. Whether ferociously firing off the lyrics to "Biscuit" or her first solo single ever "Look At Me", Fergie had the crowd in a frenzy -- which was no small feat, considering most of those in attendance (predominantly shirtless muscle men) had come directly from the six-hour-plus gay pride march. The openly bisexual singer, who performed last week at the legendary Stonewall In as part of the Pride Month celebration promoted by her label Retrofuture, not only thanked the people who fought in the past for LGBTQ rights but also talked about the importance of educating the youth about the history of the community and for "we all take care of each other (...) no one is safe in today's chaotic world" and even made a one minute silent tribute to the historical tragedy at Orlando's Pulse nightclub that happened in 2016 and to every LGBTQ that is violently harassed and murdered every day in the world. But in addition to inspiring speeches, Fergie performed a selection of songs that included her most recent and biggest hits - from her club anthem "TENS" that got a surprise apperance by the legendary Jack Mizrahi who's featured in the song to a revamped version of her top 10 single "Biscuit" that got a new remixed beat with elements of "LGBT" by the iconic CupcakKe -, a cover of the legendary gay anthem sang by Diana Ross "I'm Coming Out" and the performance of two new songs. The first one, temporarily entitled "Cake", had the trans rapper Big Freedia as a featured artist, in which both artists performed a song filled with hystorical references to Marie Antoinette in an extremely ironic rap composition about opulence and material posession as equivalent to having power, in a fierce hip-hop beat. The second new song was the same emotional and powerful ballad that Fergie performed at the Stonewall Inn last week, entitled "Alive", a song that left the audience teary eyed. In a night to remember, Fergie didn't use too much props as she did on her iconic Coachella concert -- she didn't need them. Her connection with the audience was intimate and personal and as usual, she knew how to own the stage and how to give the crowd what they wanted. One of the most waited performances of the night, the #1 song "Life On MTV" was sang by the whole crowd, making Fergie share a huge and emotional smile, pointing the microphone to the fans that sang the words out loud - something that also happened with her other #1 single, "M.I.L.F. $". After nine tracks that made the fans jump, dance, cry and sing their lungs out, Fergie closed the concert with a remix of her track "Enchanté", a duet with her son Axl Jack, that was also used as the closing track at Coachella - even though it wasn't a single, the fans seem to love it, and to Fergie, it works as a 'thank you, see you soon' message, something that we bet either the fans and herself are excited to happen again. Setlist ("Hungry" Intro) 1. Cake* (with Big Freedia) 2. Look At Me 3. TENS (with Jack Mizrahi) 4. Tension 5. I'm Coming Out (Diana Ross cover) (Interlude) 6. M.I.L.F. $ 7. Biscuit (with elements of "LGBT" by CupcakKe) 8. It Ain't Easy / Alive* (Interlude) 9. Life On MTV 10. Enchanté (Ereniko Remix) *New songs/unofficial titles
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    | JUNE 29, 2019 | #1 (=) Glass | CupcakKe feat. Lil Pump | 43,641 | SECOND WEEK AT #1 #2 (+11) When We Were Young | Adele | 41,554 | NEW PEAK #3 (=) Chlorine | TRNT | 39,302 | SECOND WEEK AT PEAK #4 (+6) Don't Call Me Up | Miley Cyrus | 36,837 | NEW PEAK #5 (=) Sex With Me | 34,560 #6 (+6) Dark Skin Black Girl | CupcakKe | 31,654 | NEW PEAK #7 (-5) Back Together | SZA | 28,684 #8 (-4) Just Like Me | Jessica Simpson | 25,555 #9 (-3) Undertow | Amanda Wolf | 23,469 #10 (-2) Boom Boom | Iggy Azalea feat. Zedd | 20,261 #11 (-4) Balenciaga | Aaliyah & Normani | 18,548 #12 (NEW) August Peaches | Sky Ferreira | 16,897 | HOT SHOT DEBUT #13 (NEW) Partygirl | Lana Del Rey | 13,683 | DEBUT #14 (+1) So Good | Zara Larsson feat. Big Sean | 11,111 #15 (NEW) Total | CupcakKe feat. Britney Spears | 10,826 | DEBUT #16 (-7) Thought I Knew You | Nicki Minaj feat. The Weeknd | 9,900 #17 (-6) More Than That | karrueche | 8,586 #18 (-2) Wanna | Zara Larsson | 7,777 #19 (-5) Black Roses | Southside & Yonge | 6,680 #20 (-2) He Don't Love Me | CupcakKe feat. SZA | 5,930 #21 (-2) Show Love | karrueche | 5,165 #22 (-2) Hey Why (Miss You Sometime) | P!nk | 4,652 #23 (NEW) Half A Man | Big Sean feat. Olly Alexander | 4,064 | DEBUT #24 (NEW) Red Wine | MO | 3,620 | DEBUT #25 (-4) Savior | Iggy Azalea | 3,333
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    | JUNE 29, 2019 | #1 (+5) Glass | CupcakKe feat. Lil Pump | 50,641 | NEW PEAK, HER (?) #1 SINGLE #2 (-1) Undertow | Amanda Wolf | 48,881 | PEAK #1 FOR ONE WEEK #3 (=) Chlorine | TRNT | 46,648 | SECOND WEEK AT PEAK #4 (+4) Don't Call Me Up | Miley Cyrus | 44,444 | NEW PEAK #5 (+4) When We Were Young | Adele | 41,516 #6 (-4) Just Like Me | Jessica Simpson | 38,251 #7 (-2) Boom Boom | Iggy Azalea feat. Zedd | 36,521 #8 (-1) Hey Why (Miss You Sometime) | P!nk | 33,936 #9 (+4) Dark Skin Black Girl | CupcakKe | 31,100 | NEW PEAK #10 (-6) Back Together | SZA | 27,569 #11 (+3) So Good | Zara Larsson feat. Big Sean | 24,065 #12 (=) Sex With Me | Rihanna | 21,590 #13 (NEW) Total | CupcakKe feat. Britney Spears | 19,983 | HOT SHOT DEBUT #14 (NEW) Partygirl | Lana Del Rey | 17,869 | DEBUT #15 (-5) More Than That | 17,430 #16 (NEW) August Peaches | Sky Ferreira | 15,555 | DEBUT #17 (-6) Thought I Knew You | Nicki Minaj feat. The Weeknd | 12,890 #18 (-3) Wanna | Zara Larsson | 11,111 #19 (-1) Show Love | karrueche | 9,135 #20 (NEW) Copacabana | Cro feat. Miley Cyrus | 8,645 | DEBUT #21 (-4) Balenciaga | Aaliyah & Normani | 7,650 #22 (-6) Black Roses | Southside & Yonge | 6,061 #23 (NEW) Half A Man | Big Sean feat. Olly Alexander | 5,150 | DEBUT #24 (NEW) Red Wine | MO | 4,680 | DEBUT #25 (-1) Savior | Iggy Azalea | 3,917
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    | JUNE 29, 2019 | #1 (+2) Chlorine | TRNT | 91,100 | NEW PEAK, HIS FIRST #1 SINGLE #2 (-1) Back Together | SZA | 88,682 | PEAK #1 FOR ONE WEEK #3 (+2) When We Were Young | Adele | 85,500 #4 (+3) Glass | CupcakKe feat. Lil Pump | 81,451 | NEW PEAK #5 (-3) Undertow | Amanda Wolf | 77,650 #6 (-2) Boom Boom | Iggy Azalea feat. Zedd | 73,026 #7 (+2) Don't Call Me Up | Miley Cyrus | 69,632 | NEW PEAK #8 (NEW) Partygirl | Lana Del Rey | 66,600 | HOT SHOT DEBUT #9 (-1) More Than That | 62,956 #10 (+6) Dark Skin Black Girl | CupcakKe | 61,100 | NEW PEAK #11 (-5) Just Like Me | Jessica Simpson | 59,836 #12 (+8) So Good | Zara Larsson feat. Big Sean | 56,948 #13 (-3) Sex With Me | Rihanna | 52,297 #14 (=) Hey Why (Miss You Sometime) | P!nk | 49,321 #15 (-4) Thought I Knew You | Nicki Minaj feat. The Weeknd | 46,230 #16 (NEW) August Peaches | Sky Ferreira | 43,350 | DEBUT #17 (-4) Wanna | Zara Larsson | 40,270 #18 (NEW) Total | CupcakKe feat. Britney Spears | 37,056 | DEBUT #19 (-2) Show Love | karrueche | 33,333 #20 (R/E) A Pain That I'm Used To | TRNT | 30,312 | RE-ENTRY #21 (-6) Black Roses | Southside & Yonge | 28,830 #22 (NEW) Half A Man | Big Sean feat. Olly Alexander | 25,555 | DEBUT #23 (NEW) Copacabana | Cro feat. Miley Cyrus | 22,650 | DEBUT #24 (NEW) Red Wine | MO | 21,100 | DEBUT #25 (-6) Savior | Iggy Azalea | 19,921
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    Rapper CupcakKe Allegedly Paid Up To £400,000 To Perform And Shoot Music Video With Britney Spears Fans were in shock after Glass rapper CupcakKe appeared on an episode of The Graham Norton Show this Friday evening and performed her latest single Total with special guest Britney Spears. This came only months after Spears seemed to have gone on a mysterious hiatus and private documents were leaked from her record label, Clock Tower Records, suggesting that Spears' record label had been holding her hostage and cancelling her further career plans, such as stadium dates during her world tour, to rush Spears into finishing her next studio album. Spears and CupcakKe (real name: Elizabeth Harris) seemed to be in great spirits as they were performing together, although fans noticed that the two of them disappeared after their performance and didn't join Norton and his other guests at the end of the show to spin the red chair, like most of his performers do. According to our sources, Harris signed a contract with Clock Tower Records and had to pay a six figure amount, possibly up to USD$500,000 (approximately £400,000 according to the current currency conversion) to allow her to use Spears' likeness for the performance, as well as in a music video they were seen shooting for the song in Essex, England on Saturday afternoon. Our sources claim to have seen the contract and, according to our sources, a part of the contract specifically states that Spears and Harris could not share any of their interactions on social media, nor could Spears speak to the media or make any interaction with the British public that wasn't approved from the label within the contract. An investigation is currently underway on Clock Tower Records in the state of California and, with this news coming to light, it is likely that Harris will end up becoming a suspect in the investigation and, if the rumours are true, may need to hand over any proof she has of a contract taking place to the LAPD. Regardless, there is no doubt that the price of using Spears' likeness meant nothing to Harris, as she just received her third #1 single over in the United States and is currently at the #1 spot on the U.K. iTunes chart with Lil' Pump featuring Glass. Her album, The CupcakKe Times, is also predicted to debut at #1 all over the world and the rapper has claimed to make a minimum of $2 million from her partnership with sex toy company Durex. As of June the 30th, Harris has been seen arriving in Dublin, Ireland, to prepare for The Big 3 Tour, alongside fellow rappers Kash Doll and Nicki Minaj, and there has been no information on Spears' where-a-bouts since they were seen recording their music video this Saturday afternoon in Essex, England. The battle in her freedom from Clock Tower Records is evidently far from over. @Britney Spears
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    | JUNE 29, 2019 | #1 (=) Glass | CupcaKke feat. Lil Pump | 461,100 | SECOND WEEK AT #2 #2 (+3) Don't Call Me Up | Miley Cyrus | 455,555 | NEW PEAK #3 (-1) Chlorine | TRNT | 442,846 #4 (+4) So Good | Zara Larsson feat. Big Sean | 431,520 #5 (+1) Balenciaga | Aaliyah & Normani | 420,028 #6 (-3) More Than That | karrueche | 415,564 #7 (+6) When We Were Young | Adele | 410,314 #8 (+6) Sex With Me | Rihanna | 406,666 #9 (-5) Just Like Me | Jessica Simpson | 401,100 #10 (+5) Dark Skin Black Girl | CupcakKe | 397,863 | NEW PEAK #11 (-4) Boom Boom | Iggy Azalea feat. Zedd | 389,415 #12 (-3) Thought I Knew You | Nicki Minaj feat. The Weeknd | 383,658 #13 (+4) Hey Why (Miss You Sometime) | P!nk | 377,700 #14 (-3) Wanna | Zara Larsson | 371,510 #15 (NEW) Red Wine | MO | 369,857 | HOT SHOT DEBUT #16 (NEW) Partygirl | Lana Del Rey | 367,130 | DEBUT #17 (NEW) Alive | CupcakKe | 363,500 | DEBUT #18 (-6) Undertow | Amand Wolf | 358,605 #19 (-9) Back Together | SZA | 354,051 #20 (NEW) August Peaches | Sky Ferreira | 349,295 | DEBUT #21 (NEW) Half A Man | Big Sean feat. Olly Alexander | 341,100 | DEBUT #22 (NEW) Total | CupcakKe feat. Britney Spears | 356,652 | DEBUT #23 (-5) A Pain That I'm Used To | TRNT | 350,050 #24 (-4) He Don't Love Me | CupcakKe feat. SZA | 345,213 #25 (-6) Show Love | karrueche | 339,325
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    TITLE: Pet Cheetah LENGTH: 3:22 WRITER: Trent Wayland PRODUCED BY: Trent Wayland and Scott Walker TREATMENT: 3rd Official Single (Final) RELEASED: June 28, 2019 LYRICS AUDIO
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    A PAIN THAT I'M USED TO Directed by TRNT Length: 5:14 VIDEO PREMISE The video opens with a shot of a wall of televisions tuned into only static. The camera pans over to an opposite wall where a door opens. TRNT walks into the room and sits down in a large chair that’s sitting facing the wall. TRNT’s face is bloody like he’s just gotten beaten. He wipes some of the blood from his face and grabs a remote sitting on the chair arm. He points it at the wall of televisions and they all crack on to different stations. The camera focuses on one TV with a report talking about TRNT’s controversial opening stint with Shawn Mendes, then we cut to another talking about his back and forth shade with Zara Larsson, then we cut to one talking about controversy surrounding the You Need More video. We then cut back to TRNT who’s looking at the TVs slipping in and out of consciouness. Suddenly, all of the TVs cut to a live interview with TRNT, and we see that it’s live. This snaps the TRNT in the chair to attention who watches in horror as this TRNT on the screen begins bad mouthing a fictional artist for having bad music and accusing them of cheating on their spouce. The TRNT in the chair grabs the remote and turns the TV off in a haste. He stands from the chair and grabs a rag to wipe the blood off of his face and then he walks back through the door through which he came. On the other side of the door is the TV set where the live broadcast was coming from. There is TRNT sitting on the stage continuing to bad mouth and we see the TRNT we were first introduced to watching on shaking his head and mouthing “no”. The hosts send the show to commercial break and the TRNT on the stage walks straight toward the TRNT standing on the side. The second TRNT walks directly into the body of first TRNT we met and they become one, but the second TRNT’s personality is clearly gone and the personality and fear of the first remains. The song begins here. During the sirens in the beginning, TRNT quickly walks off the set and out of the studio door. As soon as he exits, four large men are standing and waiting. TRNT looks at one of the men’s shirts and sees that he’s wearing a shirt indicating he works for the artist that the other TRNT was bad mouting on the TV show. TRNT tries to get away as the first verse begins but he can’t get away. One of the men grabs him and punches him in the gut. This sends the second TRNT out of the body to where he’s standing watching the first TRNT get beaten up. The first TRNT manages to get away and takes of running where he finds a church. TRNT busts inside and gets a view of the neon lit cathedral on the inside as the second verse begins. He quickly ducks behind one of the pews as the men bust in with the other TRNT following. The other TRNT immediately knows where to find the good one. The good TRNT looks up at the bad one and spits the line “I just pay while you’re breaking all the rules” from the song. This alerts the men to his presence and the bad TRNT quickly takes off running while the men arrive and forceably drag the good TRNT out into the aisle and begin beating him as the camera zooms out through the closing church door. As the chorus comes in, we see TRNT (the good TRNT for now) burst through the cathedral doors as night has fallen. He’s more bruised and battered than before. He catches sight of the bad TRNT standing across the street and the good one takes off running to chase him. He arrives to a residential street but the bad TRNT is nowhere to be seen. There is an old television sitting in the middle of the street. TRNT (the good one) walks up to it and it cracks to life showing scenes from a new music video of TRNT showing him dancing in front of upside down crosses. As the syth sirens come back for the interlude portion, the TV clicks off as doors of the houses along the street open and angry residents who have just seen the music video begin coming out into the streets. They surround him in a circle and two of them come and pin TRNT to the ground on his back. The third verse begins as TRNT catches sight of the bad TRNT standing in the crowd. The good TRNT angrily shouts the line “There’s a hole in your soul like an animal, with no conscience, reptentance unknown”. However, the crowd can’t see the bad TRNT and to them, it looks like the good TRNT is shouting this line at a small child. This seems to be the last straw for people’s anger. As the final chorus comes in, the people drag the good TRNT through the street. They pick him up and they tie him to a stake that they’ve set up in the yard of one of the homes. The good TRNT is shown pleading for help but the bad TRNT (whom the crowd still cannot see) is standing in front of him appearing to shout insults at the crowd. This is all the crowd hears, but seeing as they can’t see the bad TRNT, they think the real TRNT is the one saying them. As the chorus ends, the mob sets fire to the stake and TRNT is overcome in fire as the song’s siren outro comes in. We see the mob cheering as TRNT burns and we see the bad TRNT taking photographs of the whole thing. On the final note of the music though we cut quickly back to TRNT sitting back in the chair from earlier but he’s not beaten or bloody and not in front of a wall of TVs. He’s in a green room of a TV studio and he was just woken up by a knock on the door. He dozed off while he was waiting. The door opens and a team member tells TRNT he’s due on set for an interview. We follow him down the hall and onto the set. He introduces himself to the interviewer and the cameras come on and the interview begins. The interviewer asks about a particular artist and TRNT scoffs and says “I don’t understand the love for them. They’ve not done anything anyone else hasn’t already done and done better.” TRNT stops and quickly covers his mouth in shock of what he just said as the video suddenly cuts to black, ending.
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    I'm gonna be stepping back from CAL for a little while. I shouldn't be away for too long, so Ivy's tour / Victoria Beckham's album are still on the way
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    T R N T LIVE AT COPACABANA SETLIST A Beautiful Suicide (Film) A Pain That I'm Used To Pet Cheetah My Blood Eleanor Rigby (Beatles original played from tape) A Classic (Interlude) You Need More Fame (David Bowie cover) Girls on Film (Duran Duran cover) A Portrait of a Young Man (Interlude) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John cover) Chlorine Whatever You Say I Am, That's Exactly What I'm Not WARDROBE TRNT’s set, like his work, follows a strange but intriguing set up. The performance is divided into three sections. Each section tells three separate stories that each have to do with TRNT's newfound position of fame. The show begins without warning. The screen suddenly cracks to life showing TRNT standing on an empty beach at night. He stands with his back to the water and lets it slowly creep up on him. It’s a subtle time lapse that shows the water coming up and completely covering TRNT and then receding, and when it goes away, he’s gone completely. The piece is a surreal one, with just the sound of the waves and the strange and disturbing visual. Then the video just suddenly ends. After thirty seconds, the blaring siren sounds of “A Pain That I’m Used To” begins as from below the stage, TRNT appears in a black trench coat. A mic stand is at the front of the stage waiting for him. He walks slowly forward to it and arrives just in time for the first words of the song. At this point, twelve mirrors are rolled out onto the stage and placed in an arc around TRNT. He ignores them for a bit before taking the mic from the stand and walking toward the one closest to him on the left. He sings directly to his reflection, mimicking the song’s concept of TRNT speaking to himself and chastising bad behavior. Throughout the song, TRNT moves between the mirrors growing more and more frustrated by his continuous arrival at his own reflection. At the climax of the song, TRNT throws his microphone away (caught by someone side stage) and the sirens of the song play on a loop as TRNT punches, kicks, and screams at the mirrors. At the song’s absolute conclusion, TRNT falls to his knees. It’s at this point, the glass of the mirrors rotate to their backside revealing LED screens. The screens display pre-recorded footage of TRNT in costumes from his music videos to this point as well as his live performances pointing and laughing at the real TRNT. The crowd cheers as the mirrors are wheeled off and the stage is left empty save for TRNT. But it’s soon filled as a live band is wheeled out on risers (pushed by unseen stage hands). Also pushed onto the stage is a recreation of recording studio mixing desk. Two large men in business suits come onto the stage and pick up TRNT from the floor as “Pet Cheetah” begins. They sit him at the mixing desk and put a headset mic onto him. TRNT sings from the mixing desk like he’s cutting tracks. When he appears to be done with one, he grabs a CD from the desk, stands, and walks over to one of the men. On the screen, the image of a nonsense song title appears on a mock Billboard chart at an extremely low position. A mock MC score pops up showing terrible reviews. The men theng grab TRNT by the shoulders and force him back over to the mixing desk where the process repeats. As we build toward the chaotic final 45 seconds of the song, both of them men along with a few other men in suits surround TRNT at the desk. When the song reaches it’s exlposion point at the climax, the men crowd on him and TRNT is no longer visible. It’s implied they’re mobbing him and beating him up for his failures. At the end of the song, they stop and push the mixing desk away to reveal TRNT laying on the floor of the stage disheveled and bloody (makeup applied in the midst of the mob). A young man close to TRNT’s age runs on stage and rushes to his side. He starts to clean TRNT up and it’s implied to us that this a close friend or a family member. This is where “My Blood” begins. The young man picks TRNT up. Throughout the song, TRNT sings live but the young man accompanying him lipsynches the words making it sound like these passionate pleas to “stay with me” are being said by the young man to TRNT. The screen shows continuous headlines of TRNT entering a downward spiral and being mocked in the press. It dawns on everyone that he’s referencing Britney’s well known breakdown, but he’s not making fun of it. He’s showing how wrong her mistreatment was and what that kind of scrutiny could do to someone. However, TRNT’s story turns out very differently. Throughout the song, he attemps to commit suicide but is stopped by the young man, always when the “stay with me” chorus sets in. However this unsuccessful and at the end of the song, TRNT throws himself off of the stage (and lands on a mat). It’s here that The Beatles’ classic “Eleanor Rigby” begins playing. TRNT goes limp as if he’s dead and his body is hoisted back up onto the stage. He’s moved around by various people such as undertakers and a priest. However, nobody but the friend appears concerned. There’s a mock funeral going on attended solely by this one friend and the priest however the screen shows this fictional version of TRNT’s music rising up the charts and hundreds of thousands of people expressing grief online. This is the stark contrast between the single person attendance to the “funeral”. At the end of the song, TRNT’s casket is wheeled off stage followed by his one mourner. The screen shows TRNT getting a posthumus star on the walk of fame, but his headstone is in the background crumbling, unkept, and under loved. This visual concludes the first section, and first story of the performance. An interlude begins. This interlude has a grainy vintage look to it, establishing the vintage theme of this section. The video shows TRNT as a David Bowie circa Station to Station type. He’s shown to be a superstar with adoring fans lining a red carpet event. He’s shown with dozens of different women, getting close and intimate with them implying that he’s a serial womanizer. He’s shown doing drugs and living the high life. Through quick snippets, we see that he has a wife and a young child that he’s neglecting. The interlude ends with TRNT waving his kid off as he walks in the door drunk from a party. Lights then illuminate TRNT standing on a small stage wearing a vintage looking outfit (shown in the spoiler above) standing in front of a small club set with people looking on. “You Need More” begins. TRNT takes the mic from the mic stand and interacts with the patrons of the “club” through the song. It’s clear that he’s making fun of them. Hhe spills drinks on the women’s expensive dresses, he stands behind a man snorting a line of cocaine and then slams his head into the table, and other rude and outlandish things. However, TRNT puts down a wad of cash in front of them as soon as he does and the people just let things go. By the climax of the song, he steps up onto the bar and throws wads of cash out to them and they all gather to bow to him as if he’s a god. At the end of the song, the screen displays a headline of this superstar incarnation of TRNT getting but nothing but overwhelming praise for his club show. The club patrons leave the “club” as TRNT stays standing on the bar. He talks to the crowd. “I’ve not been at this for very long, but I gotta tell you, I’ve seen some pretty shocking things. I’ve seen some pretty shady things. There’s a lot of people in this business that do it because they love it. But there’s also a lot of people in this business because they love cash and they love attention. They want more. They don’t need more, but they want more. They need love, but they want money. If you walk around calling yourself the greatest of all to constantly reassure yourself that you’re not just stuck in your Dark Twisted Fantasy, you’re a fool. You want more but you need…” TRNT holds the mic out and the crowd screams back ‘LOVE’. “If you feel the need to constantly remind people that you’re music is so good, or your performances are so good, or that you’re buying diamonds, you’re just like every other cardboard cutout pushing music out. You want more but you need…” TRNT holds the mic out and the crowd screams back ‘LOVE’. “If you want to stir the pot of a feud you started by saying shit about a man’s daughter because he called you out on your bullshit, all because it fits your Rap Devil persona, you’re a baby. You want more but you need…” TRNT holds the mic out and the crowd screams back ‘LOVE’. “If you’re a grown ass man aiding that baby’s aimless fight for attention because it gives you 434k first week, you’re part of the problem. You want more, but you need…” TRNT holds the mic out and the crowd screams back ‘LOVE’. “If you want to go behind the back of someone that supported you from the first moment of your career because you felt like you needed to get even with someone, you’re a mess. You want more, but you need…” TRNT holds the mic out and the crowd screams back ‘LOVE’. “Do I think any of these people are bad people, no I don't. But the thing is that their good tendencies that they’ve shown us before has gotten buried behind their quest for money and attention and certifications. At the end of the day they need…” TRNT holds the mic out and the crowd screams back ‘LOVE’. “...but all they’ve got...is fame.” TRNT hops down from the bar as a cover of David Bowie’s classic track “Fame” begins. The performance features paparazzi coming onto the stage and photographing TRNT as he performs the song. TRNT gets involved in various bad activities such as drug use and domestic violence with a female actress that appears on the stage. But the media still paints him out to be a darling as seen by continued glowing reports shown on the screen as well as reports of him getting out of legal trouble for his behavior. TRNT is making a subversive but incredibly accurate point about how celebrities get away with things they otherwise shouldn’t have just because they’re a celebrity. At the end of the song, TRNT shoos the paparazzi off. A gold couch is brought on stage as he quickly runs side stage to get a headset microphone put on. He returns as a coffee table is brought out in front of him. A dark version of Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” (a song about a famous model attempting to commit suicide due to pressures of fame) begins. It’s remixed to where it sounds almost like a music box. The song is incredibly shortened to just include the first verse and chorus. TRNT picks up a needle and appears to inject. At the end of the chorus, he trails off, and slumps over. The couch is removed from the stage and there’s no sort of mourning shown, implied to mean that there was no mourning for this version of TRNT. This ends the second story, once more with a famous TRNT dying. The final section begins with another interlude. This interlude is calm and relaxed. It shows TRNT, not as a celebrity, just as a regular guy. He is painting a self portrait. He steps away and we see the portrait showing a smiling TRNT. The beginning of Elton John’s iconic “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” begins as TRNT returns to the stage in a regular looking clothes, barefoot. There is a piano on the stage and a mic is set up to make it look like a recording studio. A paino player plays the song as TRNT sits on a stool and sings the song, a sort of anti-fame anthem. TRNT seems incredibly comfortable with the simple arrangement. His voice is surprisingly mellow and he nails the song’s complicated vocals, showing off a side of his talent he hasn’t really yet. At the end of the song, TRNT stands as the piano is taken off and the studio mic removed. He takes a regular mic as “Chlorine” begins. The paparazzi return for this song but they capture him in an entirely different light. Instead of a wild young man like his previous incarnation was, this is a much more down to earth incarnation and this version of TRNT. Throughout the performance, we see TRNT revealing his personal struggles as described in the song to the “media” in an effort to be transparent and much more himself. It’s subversive for the song compared to how it’s usually performed, but the message of it is readily apparent for everyone. At the end of the song, the paparazzi leave the stage and leave TRNT on stage alone. For the final performance of the set, TRNT delivers a heartfelt rendition of “Whatever You Say I Am, That’s Exactly What I’m Not”. TRNT is on stage alone with his band through the whole song and delivers on his vocals. Despite the biting lyrics of the song, TRNT is exposing the irony of the song. He’s discussed it at length so far about how the song is meant to bring forward all of the “bratty” elements he’s been criticized for and show that he’s aware of them but that he’s more than that and this performance is clear of that. He’s shown off his aggressive side and his inflamatory side in the set, but now he’s showing that at his core, he’s a young artist who’s unfairly judged for telling the truth. At the end of the song, the music stops and every single person who’s appeared in the set comes on stage. TRNT and everyone take their bow. TRNT takes a moment to thank the crowd. As he leaves the stage, a short coda video is shown of TRNT talking to someone as he’s getting ready for a performance. He says “I’m going to continue to say what I think and I’m going to point out when I think some bullshit’s been going on. And if I’m gonna be crucified for it, then go ahead and do it. But I think there’s enough people out there that realize it’s not in the pursuit of getting anyone in trouble, it’s in the pursuit of taking the fake out of this game and putting some real soul back into things.” The friend says “So you’re still gonna be pissing people off?” TRNT laughs and the video ends, as does the set.
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    IGGY AZALEA - COPACABANA FESTIVAL - We In This Bitch The stage is set up with a screen on the back wall and a sign in cursive neon saying Iggy Azalea is hanging from the ceiling. The stage has cube set us all over it with some on different angles and of different sizes. The beat to We In This Bitch starts fading in as the crowd goes wild. Smoke covers the floor of the stage as the beat slowly builds up. The track starts with the audio saying "Iggy back no play time I just gave y'all some break time to miss me". A light is then shined onto the stage to reveal Iggy in the dense fog with a harsh shadow being shown. Iggy then steps forward which is heard as its apart of the audio. She then stops and screams "LETS GO!" She then starts rapping as visuals of her getting chased by people is shown. She then walks around the stage for the chorus of the track hyping the crowd up for what's to come. For the rest of the song Iggy walks around the stage interacting with the crowd and rapping the song. When the last beat hits Iggy is at the front of the stage posing. Leave It Iggy then shouts "How are y'all feeling?? I'm about to play some of that new shit! Just for you guys though, who's ready? Let's go!" The tropical summer beat then kicks as two dancers run out on the stage wearing yellow. The cubes placed on the stage turn a soft green colour and flash in time with the song. Visuals are shown on the screen of a jungle and waterfalls. Iggy starts rapping while doing choreography with the dancers. The cubes then turn yellow as Iggy and the dancers move to the front of the stage during the chorus. Another two dancers run out as they evenly split up around the stage leaving Iggy in the middle. They all move in sync as the cubes turn back to yellow in time for the chorus. They flash in time with the beat as Iggy and the dancers break it down with their dance moves. The beat fades out as Iggy turns around to face the wall and the dancers run off. I'm Good "This song is called I'm Good and if you follow me you would know I recently performed this one at the Big Weekend in the UK!" The song starts as Iggy slowly walks towards the front of the stage. She then says the name up in lights lyric and points to the neon sign on the ceiling that says her name. The visuals for the song are photos of her as a child. The fog slowly drifts across the stage as Iggy raps this mellow track. The cubes turn soft colours throughout the song. Iggy then moves to the front of the stage and interacts with them for the rest of the song. Boom Boom The dancers run out again but instead there is 10 of them wearing denim clothing seen in the dance video for the song. The visuals of the song show clips of the music video with Iggy and Plastique Tiara walking down the runway. Iggy starts rapping as she is situated in the line of dancers who all step in time with her. Once the pre chorus starts the dancers slowly move back as the cubes turn a golden yellow colour. The beat snaps in as they bust out the choreography and the cubes flash a white colour in time with the song. The dancers and Iggy are now at the front of the stage as the crowd goes wild. For the pre chorus they spread out again and quickly bust out their moves for the chorus. The ten dancers then jump on top of the cubes as the instrumental bridge plays and move in slow mo. Iggy the walks towards the wall. The beat stops and they jump off and quickly bust out their last section of choreography. Savior // In A Haze The stage is filled with fog again and the green cubes turn the fog into a light mint colour that sits at the bottom of the floor. The beat comes in as the cubes flash in time with the beat. The visuals show neon crosses, candles, fire and clips from the music. Iggy is in the middle of the stage sitting on a cube as she starts rapping. She is wearing the neon cross which makes her stand out as she gets up and walks to the front of the stage. She then moves her hands in the air to reflect the songs vibe during the pre-chorus. She then sways for the chorus of the song as the lights fade in and out. Another beat starts coming in which is the beat for In A Haze. The visuals change to a black background with Iggy faces with clouds drifting by. The cubes also change to a dark blue colour with angles of Iggy's face on them. Iggy moves across the stage rapping the verse of the new song. The chorus of song builds up as Iggy sings. The beat drops and the cubes flash in time and she moves across the stage. The beat fades out and Iggy says "Thank you guys so much!". SETLIST We In This Bitch (Intro) Leave It I'm Good Boom Boom Savior // In A Haze (Mashup)
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    Title: The CupcakKe Times Artist: CupcakKe Length: 42:25 Release Date: June 21, 2019 Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Sub-Genres: Drill, Trap, House, EDM, Dance Pop, Pop Rap, Hick Hop, R&B, Gospel (C) (P) 2019 Pink Friday Entertainment, a division of the Universal Music Group CupcakKe has officially released her sophomore studio album The CupcakKe Times, which comes fresh off of the #1 single He Don't Love Me and top 5 hit Glass. CupcakKe has described the album as a happy and positive album, with the aim to make the listener laugh, smile and reflect on themselves. The album title 'The CupcakKe Times' is a double entendre. The first meaning is an obvious reference to 'The New York Times', which represent CupcakKe's effortless ability to cause headlines and also how CupcakKe is sure this album will cause plenty of headlines with her name in them. The second meaning is that it's CupcakKe's time to shine and get her name in the history books for female rappers and rappers in general. The album is primarily a rap album which flows through a range of genres throughout. It begins with a harder rap section, which slowly blends into a poppy mid-section and then slows down for the last two R&B infused tracks. The subgenres in the album include drill, trap, house, EDM, dance pop, pop rap, hick hop, R&B and gospel. The drill and house tracks (3-5) are an homage to CupcakKe's home of Chicago. CupcakKe is the main writer on every song and Pop & Oak executive produced the album alongside her, and produced every track (with no help on five tracks). **Every song is in this playlist except the first track, since some rapper named Da General licensed the beat I used and Soundcloud kept blocking it Here's a link for Track 01 before the rest of the tracks come in** **WARNING: Do not listen to 'Babysittin' and 'Feelin' Myself' with other people in the room** (Also think of these as reference tracks, since I'm a whole white boy rapping songs intended for a black woman sksks) Tracklist: 1. "Dark Skin Black Girl" - 4:01 Written by: Elizabeth Harris, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder Produced by: Pop & Oak 2. "Glass (feat. Lil' Pump)" - 3:31 Written by: Elizabeth Harris, Gazzy Garcia, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder, Martell Robinson Produced by: Pop & Oak, CBMix (add.) **Includes vocal sample from Jasmine Masters** 3. "Bloody Burner" - 3:26 Written by: Elizabeth Harris, Andrew Wansel, Pop & Oak, Xavier Dotson Produced by: Pop & Oak, Zaytoven 4. "Babysittin'" - 3:16 Written by: Elizabeth Harris, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder, Curtis Alan Jones, Cornell Hayes Jr., Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, Charles Brown Produced by: Pop & Oak, Curtis Jones **Includes interpolation of 'Hot in Herre' by Nelly 5. "Dress Like A Hoe" - 3:57 Written by: Elizabeth Harris, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder, Curtis Alan Jones Produced by: Pop & Oak, Curtis Jones 6. "Invitation (feat. Charli XCX)" - 3:14 Written by: Elizabeth Harris, Charlotte Aitchison, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder, Alexander Cook, Life Sim Produced by: Pop & Oak, A.G. Cook, Life Sim 7. "Total (feat. Britney Spears)" - 3:14 Written by: Elizabeth Harris, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder, Britney Spears, Jon Asher Produced by: Pop & Oak, Jon Asher (vocal.) 8. "Demon Slayer" - 3:34 Written by: Elizabeth Harris, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder Produced by: Pop & Oak 9. "Country Hoes" - 2:56 Written by: Elizabeth Harris, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder, Ron Aniello Produced by: Pop & Oak, Ron Aniello 10. "He Don't Love Me" - 3:22 Written by: Elizabeth Harris, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder Produced by: Pop & Oak 11. "Feelin' Myself" - 3:11 Written by: Elizabeth Harris, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder Produced by: Pop & Oak 12. "Alive" - 4:38 Written by: Elizabeth Harris, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder Produced by: Pop & Oak

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