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    Lip Sync For Your Life! Two queens stand before me. Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a performance of "Get Outta My Way" by Kylie Minogue! Ladies, this is your last chance to impress me, and save yourself from ELIMINATION! The time has come (cue thunder noise)...for you to lip sync... FOR YOUR LIFE!!  Good luck, and DON'T fuck it up! Harlot Heroine @SAVIOR: Tatianna @Britney Spears:
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    | OCTOBER 5, 2019 | #1 (=) TIGER TEETH | Troye Sivan | 492,152 | SECOND WEEK AT #1 #2 (+5) purpose | Aaluyah & Normani | 489,413 | RE-PEAK #3 (+1) Rich Sex | Nicki Minaj feat. Kash Doll | 485,500 | NEW PEAK #4 (NEW) Better Now | Miley Cyrus | 482,639 | HOT SHOT DEBUT #5 (-2) Glad He's Gone | Miz Cracker feat. Iggy Azalea/Kitty | 476,413 #6 (=) Anyone Else | Marina and the Diamonds | 473,330 #7 (-5) Havana | Camila Cabello | 469,894 #8 (+8) Can't Raise A Man | K. Michelle | 466,600 | NEW PEAK #9 (-1) Down 4 Whatever | SZA | 463,381 #10 (+1) Heroes | Tove Lo | 463,381 #11 (-6) Cloudy with a Chance | Beyoncé | 459,419 #12 (-2) No Candle No Light | Zayn feat. Nicki Minaj | 455,500 #13 (+1) me so bad | karrueche | 447,320 #14 (NEW) Powerslide | Cameron Dallas | 441,296 | DEBUT #15 (+3) Slow Dance | Miz Cracker feat. Shawn Mendes | 436,444 #16 (-4) LOS ANGELES | Troye Sivan | 426,259 #17 (-7) Make Up | Cameron Dallas feat. Ariana Grande & Britney Spears | 419,353 #18 (NEW) Dolled Up | Miz Cracker feat. Kash Doll | 411,100 | DEBUT #19 (NEW) Addicted Love | Ellie Goulding | 404,596 | DEBUT #20 (-7) Advice | Aaliyah feat. Normani | 391,100 #21 (-6) Total | CupcakKe feat. Britney Spears | 385,159 #22 (-5) You Wish You Knew | Zayn | 378,512 #23 (NEW) Not Your Barbie Girl | Miz Cracker | 371,327 | DEBUT #24 (-3) Real | Havelock | 363,430 #25 (NEW) Bigger Picture | Beyoncé | 357,391 | DEBUT
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    karrueche releases star studded remix. Title: me so bad remix (feat. Cassie & SZA) 🅴 Artist: karrueche Length: 3:09 Platform: Digital Download, Stream Producers: Hitmaka Writers: Karrueche Tran; Tinashe Kachingwe; Casandra Ventura; Solana Rowe Genre: R&B/Tropical Release Date: October 9th, 2019 Audio/Lyrics: Ⓟ2019 ROC Nation LLC, Distributed by UMG Recordings, Inc.
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    Now that's the sad part of being a judge, I don't wanna see none of you going home sorry to see you go, sis @Britney Spears you did a fantastic job and I'm so proud of you! Congrats miss Harlot for an amazing lipsync, I'm so proud of you too! @SAVIOR Finally our first lip sync with two girls doing it AND THEY DID IT GOOD
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    | OCTOBER 12, 2019 | #1 (+3) purpose | Aaliyah & Normani | 81,265 | NEW PEAK, AALIYAH'S (?), NORMANI'S (?) #1 SINGLE #2 (NEW) Barrel of a Gun | TRNT | 78,680 | HOT SHOT DEBUT #3 (=) Heroes (We Could Be) | Tove Lo | 74,381 | SECOND WEEK AT PEAK #4 (-3) TIGER TEETH | Troye Sivan | 69,990 #5 (+9) me so bad | karrueche | 64,629 #6 (+1) Better Now | Miley Cyrus | 60,600 | NEW PEAK #7 (-5) Glad He's Gone | Miz Cracker feat. Iggy Azalea/Kitty | 55,500 #8 (-2) Rich Sex | Nicki Minaj feat. Kash Doll | 52,569 #9 (NEW) Just Friends | DJ Snake & Tinashe | 48,237 | DEBUT #10 (-5) Havana | Camila Cabello | 44,444 #11 (-3) Make Up | Cameron Dallas feat. Ariana Grande & Britney Spears | 42,416 #12 (NEW) A Little Wicked | Amanda Wolf | 39,632 | DEBUT #13 (+3) Can't Raise A Man | K. Michelle | 35,230 #14 (NEW) Ghost | Ivy | 33,333 | DEBUT #15 (-6) Down 4 Whatever | SZA | 29,215 #16 (NEW) freak | Aaliyah & Normani | 25,233 | DEBUT #17 (-7) Anyone Else | Marina and the Diamonds | 22,222 #18 (-7) No Candle No Light | Zayn feat. Nicki Minaj | 19,614 #19 (-6) Powerslide | Cameron Dallas | 16,683 #20 (-8) Total | CupcakKe feat. Britney Spears | 14,444 #21 (NEW) set | Aaliyah & Normani | 11,100 | DEBUT #22 (NEW) Don't Die | Ivy | 8,581 | DEBUT #23 (-5) LOS ANGELES | Troye Sivan | 5,329 #24 (NEW) pressed | Aaliyah & Normani | 3,233 | DEBUT #25 (NEW) Spirit Walks | Amanda Wolf | 2,980 | DEBUT
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    ANNOUNCER: "Please welcome Mary J Blige!" "R&B and soul are two of the oldest genres in the game and have influenced so many other genres. Over the years, both of them have evolved and turned into something new, but there are some songs that chase after that classic sound. These songs represent the modern throwbacks to the classic sound of R&B and soul. Here are the nominees for the Centric Award." "And the winner is..." "SZA couldn't be here this evening because she's in Ireland on her sold out tour, so I'll be accepting this award on her behalf."
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    ANNOUNCER: "Welcome to the 2019 Soul Train Music Awards. Tonight, witness performances by Aaliyah & Normani, Big Sean, K. Michelle, karrueche, SZA live from Dublin, and in her big return to the public stage, the one and only Cassie. Please welcome your host for this evening, the lovely miss Alicia Keys!" "What's going on Las Vegas? Welcome to the Soul Train Music Awards, one of the biggest nights in black entertainment. Tonight is such a special night because we've got so many amazing things lined up for you. Our performer list is nothing less than incredible and full of excellence. I would be performing too but it turns out hosts don't do that here which is a con, but it's okay. There's more than enough talent on the roster. We've got a huge return here tonight too, the one and only Cassie is back and will be delivering her first major performance in quite a while. You absolutely don't want to miss it. We'll also be seeing the one and only SZA beaming in from Dublin on her sold out The Universe Is Undefeated Tour. We'll see the super duo of Aaliyah & Normani bring something exciting to the stage. We'll see a new girl on the town K. Michelle make her first big step. And we'll see a true rap titan, Big Sean, take to the stage for a special performance. But what do you say we get started with the trophies? Here to present our first award, please welcome Mýa!"
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    Tinashe x MTV News(Date: October 12, 2019; Location: U.S. ; 2nd article; FREE) On Just Friends “I really just wanted to make something super relatable that just felt good and light hearted in delivery. I know I keep saying this, but because Dusk was such a dark alternative R&B type of album and I just felt like I needed to release something like Just Friends to kind of give another taste of me as an artist. I love playing around with different sounds and immediately upon hearing the instrumental from DJ Snake I knew I had to do something with it. He’s such a talented producer and working with him was just super amazing. He’s worked with so many of my peers and I’m glad that we finally did something together. Also, I’ve always loved reggaeton music so I was excited to take a swing at it. I think it came out incredible.” On Direction For The Upcoming Album “Definitely a bit more fun. I just really wanted to create amazing vibes this time around. I’m playing with a bunch of different sounds and working with some new and old artists. The focus this go around was to just create something light hearted. Music that you can really just bop to and enjoy. I want people to listen to my upcoming album and just feel great. I want it to kind of be a soundtrack to an amazing year for everyone.” Thoughts On The Music Scene “I’m really enjoying this year so far. I feel like the R&B scene just keeps getting better and better. From Aaliyah and Normani to SZA to karrueche to Beyonce. This year has been incredible. Then you have the amazing rap albums like CupcakKe’s and Big Sean’s even Iggy has some nice songs. The pop excellence from people like Miley, Zara, Cameron, Troye, etc. I feel like this year when it comes to quality has been one of the best this decade. I’ve just been watching and I’m so proud of everyone. I was definitely anxious and excited to join in on the fun with my latest release.” 7/10
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    Tinashe x This Morning(Date: October 11, 2019; Location: London, U.K.; 1st article; PAID) Host: Good morning everybody. We have a treat for y’all today. She’s an R&B singer who we all know and love for her alternative approach to R&B. Please welcome Tinashe to the show. Tinashe: Hello. *smiling* Host: Welcome to the show and thank you for visiting us today. Tinashe: No problem. It’s always a good time. Host: Yes, well you recently released your new single with DJ Snake called Just Friends and it’s been shooting up the charts. Are you surprised by the reception? Tinashe: Not really because I feel like the song is so relatable and easy to digest. I knew it was going to be something that people can connect to. Host: I seen you said you did the song because you didn’t want to be put in a box. Tell us more about that. Tinashe: Yes. Well the industry loves to kind of put you in a certain lane and they hardly ever allow you to switch in and out of lanes. If you come into the game doing R&B, you have to stick to R&B. I feel like that is so unreasonable, because to be honest we all like different kinds of music, so why should I limit myself to one specific one? I will never conform to that way of thinking. Music is supposed to be about an experience and created out of passion so who is anyone to tell me that I can’t try new things out of appreciation for music in general? Host: Those are some good points. So should we expect you to showcase that on this upcoming album? Tinashe: Most definitely. I feel like I’ve always done it, but this time it’s more apparent. I do a little bit of everything this time around. Host: Are you ever concerned with a project not being cohesive when you incorporate several sounds? Tinashe: Of course, but since I write my music and I’m super involved in the whole creating process, I feel like it always ends up coming together organically. Host: Are there any collaborations we should look forward to? Tinashe: Ofcourse, but I’ll be keeping them hush hush until the album comes. Host: Well thank you so much Tinashe for coming to chat with us. Everybody go get her new single, Just Friends whenever you consume music. We’ll be right back! 3/10
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    IVY ON ELVIS DURAN AND THE MORNING SHOW - Z100 Ivy speaks to Elvis Duran on Z100’s The Morning Show, chatting about her new Halloween E.P. The Haunting of Ai Fei. [Wednesday 9th October // USA // Paid] Host: Okay, I’m pretty excited to be speaking to my next caller. It’s miss Ivy! Ivy: Hey babe! I’m excited to speak to you, too. Host: I’m glad to hear it! You’re on tour right now, aren’t you? Ivy: Yeah, I’m in Latin America for the rest of the week. It’s really spicy here, you know. Host: Oh yeah? What are the crowds like? Ivy: They’re fantastic. The energy they give me is unmatched, honestly! I kind of wish I was here for Halloween, now. Host: Ah, yes, Halloween! You’re pretty much the scream queen this year, with your new EP The Haunting of Ai Fei. Ivy: That’s a title I’m honoured to have. I’ll take it, darling! Host: Where did the idea to do a Halloween EP come from? Ivy: It’s really a treat for my fans. Before the EP, I hadn’t put out any music this year because I’ve been so busy on tour and really perfecting my new record for next year. The Halloween EP has been a way for me to flex my creative muscles, you know? Host: How did it compare to creating a normal record? Ivy: It was so much fun just throwing myself into this spooky world. Like, the main track ‘Don’t Die’ is literally about Charles Manson. I was watching horror films, documentaries… eating candy… haha! Host: You really did get into the spirit eh! Ivy: Sure. It was a special experience, definitely. Host: And what’s the fan reaction been like? Ivy: My fans are the best, so obviously the reaction has been insane. I teased the EP with some spooky tweets last week and they were all speculating what was going on. A lot of them guessed that new music was coming before I could properly announce it, you know! Host: Are we going to be seeing the EP on vinyl or something? Ivy: Stay tuned, baby. There’s something special on the way. Host: Always a tease! Ivy, thanks for speaking to us today. Catch you soon! Ivy: Bye honey! *Don’t Die plays*
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    me so bad remix (feat. Cassie & SZA) [Official Video] - karrueche Uploaded to karruecheVEVO at midnight on October 9th, 2019 Director: Karrueche Tran Description: The video starts off with an overhead view of a mansion and what seems to look like a party. As the camera zooms into the backyard karrueche is seen with her butt tooted up in the air on a floaty in the pool serving mad sex appeal. As the video gets into the first verse she then smoothly turns on to her back and fans herself as the video then shows a quick glance of her fiancée Victor Cruz sitting on the other side of the pools edge licking his lips as his 6 pack glistens and then goes back to her. The video then cuts to her at the bar with Cassie and SZA as they laugh and dance while sipping their drinks during the pre-chorus. Victor then goes to the bar beside them and eyes karrueche down as she plays with her and is super extra while giving him “the look”. The video then switches to Cassie in the hot tub for her verse as she arches her back and rubs on her butt as she looks at her love interest (Alex Fine) as he stares from a chair nearby and begins to spill his drink all over himself. The video then cuts to the girls in front of the sliding doors of the mansion as they lean against the house and begin to shake their butts to the pre-chorus. As they get into the chorus they each lock eyes with their love interest. Where we see SZA’s boyfriend Michael B. Jordan for the first time. As it’s time for SZA verse the video cuts to her on top of the bar rapping her verse as if she’s performing karaoke as Michael chuckles off to the side and gives her the google eyes before she hops off the stage and brushes his past him as she glides her hand across his chest. When it’s time for the bridge they all are now seen on some lounge chairs. The men are are sitting down and the girls are giving them some very simple lap dances. When it comes time for the pre- chorus they all then disperse as couple to their own little corners of the party and the video flips back and forth between each couple as they flirt and the girls play hard to get. When it comes time for the final chorus the girls all meet up at the bar to catch each other up before getting ready to take off with their men. During the outro the video just shows shots of everyone having a good time before each lady is seen getting in their man’s car and the men closing their door. Ⓟ2019 ROC Nation LLC, Distributed by UMG Recordings, Inc.
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    Camila Cabello X BBC Radio 1 October 8, 2019 | UK, Paid | Article: 3/5 | Update Period: Sun - Wed Host: Here with us today, give it up for Camila Cabello! Camila: Hey, guys! Host: So, you are currently in the live lounge, getting ready to perform Havana for us and you're covering a song together with a friend of you, am I right? Camila: Yes, I'm performing Havana in the live lounge and I'll be covering Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur and he's going to perform it with me for some parts! Host: That is is cool, let's go on with it, here you have it, Camila Cabello in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge! Performance #1: Havana As the acoustic instrumental of Havana plays, we can see Camila Cabello standing next to her microphone stand, as she sings the first words of the song, she sings it beautifully and calm, it's a much more calmer version of Havana and it fits her voice so perfectly. As the pre-chorus and chorus comes on, we can also hear the background singers warming up their vocals and singing along with Camila Cabello in perfect harmony and it sound absolutely amazing. As the camera shows different angles of Camila singing the song, Camila continues on with the second verse, she laughs into the microphone when she wants to do a little dance move and fails, it looked cute so it doesn't hurt the performance, she laughs it away and continues on singing the more calm and acoustic version of the song, different lights are coming in the lounge, during the pre-chorus and chorus the background singers sing along as they harmonize perfectly once again for the second time in a row. During the bridge of the song, Camila takes the lead and sings it perfectly without any mistakes. During the last chorus, Camila sings it all alone and the background singers only sing some of the words with her when it's a perfect time to match it all, she finishes the performance and bows as she says 'thank you' into the microphone. Host: Camila Cabello everybody and that was Havana in our live lounge! We'll be playing Crying in the Club on the radio as we'll be back after the song for her second performance in the Live Lounge! *CRYING IN THE CLUB PLAYS ON BBC RADIO 1* Host: Crying in the Club by Camila Cabello, speaking of her, she just performed her single Havana in the Live Lounge and she will now be doing a cover of James Arthur's "Say You Won't Let Go" together with him, give it up for Camila and James! Performance #2: Say You Won't Let Go (James Arthur Cover) As Camila says: 'Let's make this a beautiful one', we can hear someone playing the guitar as James is playing his guitar, he's standing behind his microphone stand as he sings the first lines of his own song, Camila walks in in a beautiful white suit as she sings the next lines with a little help of James. As she lays a hand on his shoulder, she sings the words further and further. As the pre-chorus and chorus comes on, Camila takes the lead of the song and sings it perfectly with a lot of emotion, the live lounge is fully dark and different small light cubes are lighting up in the lounge, James finishes the chorus and starts off the second verse as Camila does some ad-libs and high notes in between, as James sings it beautifully together with Camila. Camila takes on the pre-chorus on her own and nails every note and word of it, as she pours all her emotion and energy into singing this song, making it a beautiful one, James and Camila's voices match perfect together as they harmonize perfectly together, as they continue on singing the song together. James takes on the bridge, as Camila comes in for some sentences of the bridge, as James puts on his best voice and continues on singing. Camila walks a circle around him as she lays her hand on his shoulder the whole time as she takes over from James and sings further, she sings the chorus beautifully as she ends the performance with a high note which she nails. As Camila smiles and looks to her right, she ends the performance with a small note and says 'thank you' into the microphone. Host: WOW! ... we're speechless. Camila: That's sweet, thank you (laughs) Host: Well, anyway, Havana is available now and all platforms and we'll be playing the original version now on BBC Radio 1! Havana is out now and available everywhere, pre-order "Never Be The Same", the debut album by Camila Cabello, which is due December 6th.
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    Sky Ferreira announces 2 new singles dropping this Friday! Sky Ferreira has announced 2 new songs titled Clementine and Summer of You will be released this Friday October 11th! You can pre-order The Life Of Flowers on all platforms now!
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    Title: purpose. RemixesArtists: Aaliyah & NormaniRelease Date: October 7th, 2019Producers: Yusei, Niko, THAIBEATS & MISERY TRACKLIST 1. purpose. (Acoustic) 2. purpose. (Yusei Edit) 3. purpose. (Niko Remix) 4. purpose. (THAIBEATS Remix) 5. purpose. (MISERY Remix) © DESPERADO RECORDS
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    CAMERON DALLAS ATTENDS AND PERFORMS AT PORNHUB AWARDS (October 11, 2019 | United States/Worldwide | Free Promo | 3rd article) On a terrible day for conservative and prudish parents, Cameron Dallas and Shawn Mendes attended the second edition of Pornhub Awards at The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on this Friday (11) night, as Dallas was invited to be one of the performers of the night along with Bad Bunny, Ty Dolla $ign, Rico Nasty and Kali Uchis. After arriving hand in hand, the couple talked briefly with Bridgette B, who was hosting the guests at red carpet. Bridgette: Now that's a couple we never thought we'd see at the Pornhub Awards, hey Cameron, hey Shawn! You two are looking good! Cameron: Heyyy! Thank you, you too! Shawn: Hey, good evening - and thanks! Bridgette: Are you two ready to get hated by countless parents around the globe after tonight? Shawn: I'm being hated by a lot of them for a few years now, so this won't be something new to me. (laughs) Cameron: Yeah, I think I already started pissing them off last year by making songs about having sex with this guy over here, so well, bring it on, I guess. (laughs) Bridgette: You're performing tonight, Cameron, how and why did you accept the invitation and what it means for you to be here tonight? Cameron: Well, I was flattered to be invited to perform tonight, I've always respected the pornography industry, not only as someone who consumes but also as a human being, a professional, and even the sex industry in general. These are very marginalized and disrespected professional fields - which shows how ironic and hypocritical the world is, when many many areas from these businesses have been present in history for centuries -, and it takes a lot of courage... And balls, to be in it. I also was pumped to know I'd be performing along with many incredible artists such as Bunny, Ty, Rico and Kali, they are all amazing, so yeah. Bridgette: That's awesome, thank you for the support, it means a lot! What about you, Shawn, how does it feel to be here tonight and to have your boyfriend performing on the show? Shawn: I think there's no better word to describe it than 'exciting'. When he told me about the invitation I was like "is this for real?", and then we sat down to get to know more about the award itself, we had some amazing discussions about the whole thing... And then suddenly we were digging into the categories, and we might even be rooting for some people by now! (laughs) Cameron: It was very educational too, let's say that. (laughs) Bridgette: That's hot! (laughs) And what are you performing tonight, Cameron, your new single? Cameron: Yes!! I'm performing "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" Bridgette: You're performing tonight, Cameron, how and why did you accept the invitation and what it means for you to be here tonight?You two seem to be having fun already, that's great! Alright guys, thank you for the chat and good luck on the performance, Cameron! Have an amazing night boys! Cameron: Thank you so much! Shawn: Thank you, you too! (NOT) THINKIN' BOUT YOU PERFORMANCE (kinda explicit so don't open with people around lol) Cameron Dallas' new single "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" is available now for streaming & purchasing.
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    ANNOUNCER: "Thank you for joining us this evening. To close our show, her big return to the stage, please welcome CASSIE!" After being announced the camera pans to the stage. There’s a large rectangular platform on the stage where you can see the silhouettes of Cassie and some dancers. The stage is lit with neon lights across the edges of the stage and platform with a sky blue color. There are some male dancers on the sides of the platform dressed as guards in the future and their batons are neon sticks. The set is supposed to give off a futuristic aesthetic. The instrumental for “CASSIE” begins to play and then the stage lights up to show Cassie and two male guards to each of her side. As she begins to get into the first verse she hits a strong stance as she sings into her hands free micset and does some motions with her hands to match the lyrics. Some females dancers in several different shades of black then begin to march onto the stage with their neon batons resting on their shoulders once it’s time for the pre-chorus. They then turn to face the crowd and begin to do a baton routine as she continues to sing. Towards the end of the pre-chorus she steps down off of the platform and is thrown a baton and joins them in performing a synchronized baton routine as she delivers a stellar vocal performance with amazing breath control to the chorus. She then hands her baton to one of the male dancer guards and she goes into a squatting position to begin twerking to the post-chorus as they all slightly hype her up. As she gets into the second verse she begins to assertively stand up and begin to walk towards the front of the stage and is followed by the guard. Cassie then stops and looks at the guard and caresses his cheek and his knees begin to buckle because he is just fascinated by her. Halfway through the verse she grabs his baton and gently slides her hand down it before grabbing it. She then strikes a pose as he moves off to the side and she is joined by her female dancers. She points the baton out to the crowd as she sings, “everyday i meet the quota” very aggressively. They then get into the baton choreography while she sings the chorus before strutting her way back towards the platform halfway through the chorus. Cassie then turns and faces the crowd on top of the platform as she begins drop low into a squatting position and swivel her hips as she points the baton in the air while singing the post chorus and they all end the performance standing up straight in a military type of stance as the instrumental draws out and some sky blue sparks go off.
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    ANNOUNCER: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2019 Soul Train Music Awards! Here to open our show, please welcome karrueche!" The camera starts off in the audience and then makes its way through to the stage, which is a reconstructed version of the “me so bad” vertical video. The lights and props are all hot pink to match the aesthetic. The instrumental for “me so bad” begins to play as the back lights now kick on to reveal karrueche and some female dancers line up towards the back of the stage in front of a pink aquarium to give the stage a little bit of water to help embody the summery vibes of the song. As she begins to get into the first verse she and the dancers act all sadity and high maintenance in their bathing suits as a lifeguard in hot pink trunks walks past them. Karrueche then takes a few steps forward before getting into the pre-chorus as she slowly drops down to a squatting position before smoothly standing back up. The dancer then step forward to recreate the line and they do some synchronized choreography as she let’s the backing track play. Towards the end of the she walks forward and picks up a beach ball and hits it into the crowd. Karrueche then begins to work the stage as Ty Dolla $ign makes his way onto the stage and some dancers in the audience begin to hit some beach balls back and forth.. They then interact with each other flirting and etc as she grabs him by the shirt and walks him towards the side of the stage as he continues to recite his verse. She then grabs him by his hand and makes her way back towards the center of the stage where the dancers now have a chair waiting for them and she sits him down in it as she sings the pre-chorus. For the chorus she straddles him in the chair and looks back towards the audience as she sings. Suddenly pink smoke begins to shoot up in the sky and Cassie makes her way onto the stage from the audience and begins to sing her verse from the remix and makes her way towards them. When she gets their they both rub on Ty’s chest, etc giving threesome tease before they get into the bridge. Karrueche and Cassie sing the bridge as begin to circle around Ty in the chair before making their way a couple steps in front of him, to which their then joined by the dancers in a line. They begin to do some choreography where they drop down to the floor and do some sexy movements as he watches from behind during the pre-chorus. They then all get up to their feet for the chorus (including Ty) as karrueche and Cassie trade lines for the final chorus while being on each of his sides. They then bounce in place and just have a good time until the instrumental plays out.
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    U.S.| Paid Promo | 4th Article On October 11th, Cassie stopped by ‘Live with Kelly & Ryan’ to promote her lead single from her upcoming junior album. Kelly: "Here to perform her lead single CASSIE off her upcoming album due this Winter. Please welcome Cassie!" After being introduced the camera pans to the stage where Cassie and two black female dancers to each of her side. The instrumental for “CASSIE” begins to play as the neon lights on the stage turn on with a sky blue color. As she begins to sing the first verse the dancers who had their backs turned now turn facing the crowd as they put one arm out and then rub it with their opposite hand. As Cassie sings the verse she stands still as she does movements to match her lyrics like, touching her cheek “natural face” and shaking her index finger “no love for the fake ones” before taking a few steps with extreme confidence before squatting down aggressively and standing back up “Me & U been spent, Casandra rich, huh”. She then stands their asserting her dominance as the dancers stand up straight (military style) and salute. As she gets into the pre-chorus she confidently works the stage as the dancers do some military drill-ish choreography. Cassie then makes her way back to the center of the front of the stage as the dancers stand up straight again. Cassie then stands still and does some body movements as she sings the chorus. Halfway through the verse she lines up beside the dancers so when it’s time for the post-chorus they pick up one leg and lean to the opposite side and shake from side to side before shifting to the opposite direction and do the same thing. Cassie then begins to walk towards the front of the stage as she sings the second verse. This time she’s extra cocky and makes movements as if she’s holding a purse in her hand, etc to match the lyrics. For the chorus she works the stage before lining back up for doing the movements like they did the previous post-chorus. They then strike a pose to end the performance. CASSIE available everywhere 5/10
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    TRNT x ELVIS DURAN AND THE MORNING SHOW [OCTOBER 11 | US | PAID | ARTICLE THREE] TRNT is back and better than ever! The controversial 18 year old has returned from a micro-hiatus with his brand new single "Barrel of a Gun", the lead off of his upcoming debut album. The release comes just months after his critically acclaimed, star making EP I'd Introduce Myself But... which currently stands as one of the best received projects of the year. Along with the music earning headlines, he himself has. TRNT's very opinionated and he's not at all afraid to share his opinions very publicly. But it's all added together to create one of the most talked about and watched careers that the industry has seen as of late. He's graduated from pupil of Shawn Mendes to a fully formed artist with a very clear and defined artistic voice and vision. And that is very apparent in his new single which acts as the opening chapter of a story that will spawn across each track of the album. With so much to unpack and so much to discuss, TRNT has ignited a nationwide promotional tour. TRNT PHOTOGRAPHED ENTERING THE Z100 TUDIO BEFORE THE INTERVIEW ELVIS: "We're sitting down here in the studio this morning with a star who's turned heads, caused a lot of conversation, shocked, entertained, and amazed everyone since the start of his career. After an acclaimed EP, he's back with the lead single from his forthcoming debut album. It's TRNT!" TRNT: "Good morning, how are you?" ELVIS: "I'm doing fantastic, how about you?" TRNT: "I'm good! Thanks for asking." ELVIS: "So I've gotta go ahead and get it out of the way. The new song. It's really something unique. It sounds absolutely nothing like anything else that's out there right now. It's a huge slice of controlled chaos but in a really cool and creative way." TRNT: "Thank you! It's very chaotic, yeah. But the chaos all serves a purpose. The song's supposed to be taking place inside the mind of someone who's losing their grip, so that means there all kinds of chaotic energy and strange sounds and odd turns of phrase. It's all by design." ELVIS: "It's a pretty heavy song. But with a title like Barrel of a Gun, it would be weird if it was just a normal song." TRNT: (Laughing) "I'd get sued for false advertising. I promised something freaky with the title and that's what I delivered with it." ELVIS: "It looks like that the song's message has been heard from the movie industry too. I saw that it's being used in the marketing for the new Joker movie." TRNT: "It is." ELVIS: "Is it in the film?" TRNT: "No, it isn't. Tod Phillips, the films director, and I decided that it didn't fit the music of the film. So it's not in the film or on the soundtrack. It's strictly being used in the promotional materials for the film like TV ads, internet ads, things like that." ELVIS: "Have you gotten to see the movie?" TRNT: "I have three times actually. It's a masterpiece without question. And all of this controversy surrounding it is completely unjustified. The whole argument that the film is going to inspire someone to do something dangerous is just ridiculous. You're not going to be able to blame a movie for some whack job going out and doing something they were already going to do regardless. If you're going to do something wicked and evil, then that's already inside of you, a movie's not going to put it there. And beyond that, it's not a filmmakers job to be someone's moral compass. It's not any creators job to be someone's moral compass." ELVIS: "Have you received any criticism for the violent content of this song?" TRNT: "No, because the content of this song isn't really violent. The album on the other hand is another story. And if people want to call me out for it, then they can go right ahead. Like I said, it's not a creators job to guide somebody to do anything. Right now the only thing people have been talking about is the drug related content but that's so common place now." ELVIS: "So I don't guess you're nervous about people being mad." TRNT: "I'm not nervous, but it'll frustrate me I'm sure. But it is what is." ELVIS: "You've got a producer credit on this song along with a man named Landon Allen. Landon has worked with a couple of WILD artists right?" TRNT: "Yeah! Landon's fantastic. He's only ever worked with artists on this label. It's Madonna, Shawn, and now me. He came right out of school into our label, he's just 20. He co-produced a handful of songs on the album with me, but I produced a good amount of it myself. Landon came on to help out with the really complex tracks because he's got this really creative way of doing things that I love. He wasn't able to work on the whole album though due to personal life commitments, but he's going to be working with me in other ways some time in the near future." ELVIS: "We'll be looking out for him! Thank you for joining us this morning TRNT." TRNT: "Thanks for having me!" STEPHEN: "TRNT's new single Barrel of a Gun is available now worldwide!"
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    Sky Ferreira- Where The Sad Girl Cries Title: Where The Sad Girl Cries Artist: Sky Ferreira Album: The Life of FlowersRelease date: October 11, 2019Genre: alternative, indieLength: 2:45Writer:Sky Ferriera Sky Ferriera has released the 4th song off her upcoming album The Life Of Flowers. Where The Sad Girl Cries is an indie ballad about escapism and running to nature in seek of peace, solitude, and confronting depression in a state of isolation. Lyrics/Audio Where the Sad Girl Cries is available for purchase/stream and The Life of Flowers is available for pre-order!
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    K.Michelle Releases Music Video for Can't Raise A Man Title: Can't Raise A Man Artist: K. Michelle Director: Benny Boom Producers: Bridgetown, Troy Taylor, Ezekiel Lewis Art Directer: Zach Mathews, K. Michelle Editors: Zach Mathews, K. Michelle Release Date: October 9th, 2019 Label: Lighthouse Entertainment Platform: Youtube/Vevo Length: 3:38 © Lighthouse Entertainment, a division of Sony Music
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    Camila Cabello X BBC Breakfast October 7, 2019 | UK, Paid | Article: 1/5 | Update Period: Sun - Wed Host: She's here, she's everywhere, give it up for Camila Cabello everybody! Camila: Hey, guys! How are you guys feeling? Host: I'm doing great, thank you so much. How are you!? Camila: I'm good, thank you! Host: So, your debut album Never Be The Same is two months away, how did you came up with the name? Camila: Well, during the time we worked on the album I was very scared and stuff like that and I grew such as a artist but also as a person during, so the title came Never Be The Same, I'll never be the same person I was two years ago and stuff like that, I grew from the things I lived through. Host: What a special way to come up with a album title, but I love it! Camila: I know right, it was such a fun experience and you know I already made albums with the group, but it's so different when you make a album as a solo artist, it's so much more personal. Host: Yeah, well, I already love the songs you put out, one of my favorites is I Have Questions, but you made aware that it isn't going to be on the album, am I right? Camila: Yes, that's true, as much as I love the song and how personal it is to me, I didn't fit the album at all, so we decided to leave it out. Crying in the Club is on the album and Havana obviously is too and those songs also mean a lot to me and fit the album just a little bit more than IHQ does. Host: Well, it's amazing to see how you pick it all up, like I mean, you grew so much and you are such a huge artist at this day. Camila: Well, I definitely could work harder and become better, but thanks for the compliment! Host: Not a problem at all. What's your plan for this week? A lot of appointments? Camila: I'm at BBC Breakfast obviously this morning, I'm going to a radio station later today, tomorrow I'm going to BBC Radio 1, yes I'll be doing the live lounge, and I'll be appearing on This Morning too tomorrow and after that I'm off to Australia! Host: Busy schedule, busy schedule! Camila: Yes, indeed, but I love it! Host: That's all that matters, Camila Cabello everybody! Havana is out now and available everywhere, her album Never Be The Same is up for pre-order and will be out on December 6th of this year.
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    CAMERON DALLAS x SPOTIFY (October 11 - 17, 2019 | Worldwide) Cameron Dallas teamed up with Spotify, covering some of the most famous playlists in the platform, promoting his new single "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You". Along with the playlist covers, the song tops the playlists, also bringing the record-smashing 7 weeks single "Make Up" and the promotional single "Powerslide" to the list, with both appearing in lower positions. Today's Top Hits (24,290,914 followers) 1. (Not) Thinkin' Bout You | Cameron Dallas 5. Powerslide | Cameron Dallas 10. Make Up | Cameron Dallas, Ariana Grande Teen Party (3,998,614 followers) 1. (Not) Thinkin' Bout You | Cameron Dallas 5. Make Up | Cameron Dallas, Ariana Grande New Music Friday (3,409,088 followers) 1. (Not) Thinkin' Bout You | Cameron Dallas 8. Powerslide | Cameron Dallas Retrofuture Records ® 2019
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    CAMERON DALLAS - "(NOT) THINKIN' BOUT YOU" SINGLE RELEASE Artist: Cameron Dallas Title: (Not) Thinkin' Bout You Writers: Cameron Alexander Dallas, Mark Landon & Tobias Jesso Jr. Producer: M-Phazes Genre: Pop, R&B Length: 03:08 Label: Retrofuture Records Format: Official Second Single Release Date: October 11, 2019 Cameron Dallas released this Friday, 11, the second single from his upcoming debut album, 'Suburban Boy', the track "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You". Written by Dallas himself, Tobias Jesso Jr. and Mark Landon, the latter who also produced it, the song brings elements from pop and R&B music, in a composition about denial and failing on trying to do it, because of love. The track is available now for purchasing and streaming on every platform, and available for those who pre-ordered the album. ℗ 2019 Retrofuture Records, a division of the Warner Music Group
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    Normani on James Corden October 9 | US | Paid | 3rd Normani Article purpose. out now
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    TRNT x LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MYERS [OCTOBER 8 | US | PAID | ARTICLE FOUR] TRNT is back and better than ever! The controversial 18 year old has returned from a micro-hiatus with his brand new single "Barrel of a Gun", the lead off of his upcoming debut album. The release comes just months after his critically acclaimed, star making EP I'd Introduce Myself But... which currently stands as one of the best received projects of the year. Along with the music earning headlines, he himself has. TRNT's very opinionated and he's not at all afraid to share his opinions very publicly. But it's all added together to create one of the most talked about and watched careers that the industry has seen as of late. He's graduated from pupil of Shawn Mendes to a fully formed artist with a very clear and defined artistic voice and vision. And that is very apparent in his new single which acts as the opening chapter of a story that will spawn across each track of the album. With so much to unpack and so much to discuss, TRNT has ignited a nationwide promotional tour. SETH: "Our musical guest tonight is back with a brand new single that's already starting to set the world on fire. Here with the first ever performance of the song, please welcome TRNT!" The performance begins with the lights coming up on TRNT standing center stage in a black suit with a black trench coat hanging over his shoulders. As the song's instrumental intro begins, his band comes into focus on the sides. TRNT begins to slowly walk forward to the mic on the stand and he arrives just in time to sing the first lines of the song. TRNT's eyes scan the room as he keeps a serious and tough look on his face. His hands remain in his pockets until the first chorus comes in. He brings his hands out of his pockets and lets the trench coat fall to the floor. TRNT brings his hands up the mic and removes the mic to sing. He holds the stand out to his side and keeps his frame straight, creating quite a stoic look. He brings the stand back up and places the mic on it and during the instrumental section between the first chorus and the second verse, TRNT unbuttons the suit jacket and slowly strips it off. He then rolls up the sleeves of the white shirt underneath and reveals that there's "bruises" all up and down his arm (achieved via make up), implying the heroin use hinted at in the song. He removes the mic again for the second verse but this time walks forward toward the audience. He focuses his eyes in on a woman in the font row. During the second chorus, he comes right up to the woman and props his foot up on the arm rest of her chair and leans down close to her to sing to her. She mimes spitting in his face, revealing her to be a planted actress. During the main hook, he grabs the woman's hand and drags her forcibly onto the stage with him. During the final verse, she stays still at TRNT's feet while he stand over singing. For the final hook, she slowly moves her way behind TRNT. As soon as he finishes singing and the instrumental outro comes in, she wraps her arms around his neck and the two struggle before TRNT is brought to his knees as the song concludes. The audience cheers as TRNT and the actress stand back up and take a bow together, hug, and leave the stage." SETH: "TRNT's new single Barrel of a Gun is available now worldwide for purchase and streaming. We'll be right back!"
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    Ellen Marina and the Diamonds has appeared on this Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. There, she would perform her brand new single "Anyone Else" for the second time ever, in yet another performance featuring the song's collaborator, the acclaimed musician Jack Antonoff, who leads bands such as Bleachers and fun and lent a hand in the production on "Anyone Else". This marks the second performance for "Anyone Else", the first being a live performance on the also NBC aired The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon just one week ago. "Anyone Else" performance Before she appeared on the stage for her performance, Marina was introduced by Ellen, who was holding a physical CD version of the single in her hands. "I can't tell you how much I love this next artist. Here to perform her latest hit 'Anyone Else' with a little help from Jack Antonoff, please welcome Marina and the Diamonds". The audience then cheered as the corridors slid open, revealing a quite cozy and really beautiful stage that was set up for Marina's performance. The songstress was standing on a platform that wasn't in a relevantly higher position when compared to the rest of the stage. However, she had her microphone stand in front of her, and the platform / place where she was would be confined in a stunning flower arrangement that strongly resembled the one seen on the "Anyone Else" single artwork. Besides that, the rest of the stage was covered in an all beige pattern, which obviously followed the less is more, minimalist pattern explored for the single visuals being used thus far. Marina was wearing a white, knee-length dress made of several small tissue pieces, altogether composing the entirety of her outfit. She wore natural makeup and her hair was straightened and done in a dark brown color, and she topped off her dress with a see-through, calf-length heeled boots. She just looked absolutely incredible and the minimalism in her clothing choice resembled the approach of the visual trail of this song in specific. Anyway, Marina cued her live band, which six members wearing all-white suit and tie attires with exception of their coats, which were transparent and see-through just like her boots, to begin playing the song. Marina herself had an electric guitar in her hands, just like Jack Antonoff, who was one of the members on her live band. After the instrumental began playing and the opening verse eventually started, Diamandis sang, "Call me desperate / I'm waiting for everything to get real, and / All these revelations / They will let my chest breathe and my head stream, yeah". Her voice sounded soft and raw and, although she seemed to slightly struggle on her first lines as she also had to remain focused on playing the guitar, she eventually got right on track as the verse progressed. Marina looked to the audience and let her emotions drive the performance, exploring her remarkable vocal range to deliver a strong vocal performance. She was so focused on playing the guitar and singing the track that, when the post-chorus of the song arrived and the instrumental gap began, she finally had the moment to smile and put a bit of interaction in the performance by giggling and nodding her head to the melody of the tune. "I don't wanna be forward, I don't wanna cut corners / Savor this with everything I have inside of me / I'm not the type to stay / All my leaves change with seasons / But life's passing by my eyes and I don't want to throw it away", she continued through the second verse, letting Jack do his job as she stopped playing the guitars to use a bit of her hands for expression, placing them on her chest before laying them over the microphone and clinging on its stand. She then started strumming the instrument once again when it was time for the song's bridge. The song then reached its second and final chorus before ending on its energized and quite loud outro grounded on its instrumental. For this part, Marina left the platform and walked forward to the front area of the stage as Jack also made his way to this area on the stage. They then started to play their guitars in an extended version of the outro part of the single as the other instruments faded out. As the song wrapped up, they stopped playing before hugging each other and giggling to the audience. The audience applauded as Ellen went to the stage to congratulate Marina and Jack and remind everyone at home to purchase and stream "Anyone Else". She also said the audience was going home with a physical copy of the single, which isn't available for purchase yet in its CD version. -- October 4 / Los Angeles / Paid promo
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    CAMERON DALLAS x SIRIUSXM (October 10, 2019 | United States | Free Promo | 1st article) With the weekend around the corner, Cameron Dallas has begun to heat up the promotion of his new single, "(Not) Thinkin 'Bout You", scheduled to be released on Friday, 11, visiting the LA studios of SiriusXM on this Thursday, 10, to join the Morning Mash Up radio show. In his first interview after almost a month since the end of the promotion of his record-breaking #1 single, "Make Up", Dallas talked to the hosts Nicole, Ryan and Stanley about the new single and the upcoming album, 'Suburban Boy', his tracklist reveal through Twitter, and what's coming next along with the release of the album coming one week after the new single. You can read some highlights from the interview below! ON THE NEW SINGLE "I'm not really freaking out about this song 'cause it's not a super dancing, uplifiting, contagious track like 'Make Up', I mean, it has a danceable beat, of course, and its melody is really catchy, but it isn't like the funky beats from the first single. And this time I'm alone on the boat too, I had a great time with Ariana [Grande], sooo I had to find other ways to have fun while working on it - and luckily, I found ways to do it, so it's gonna be a fun time! '(Not) Thinkin Bout You' has a R&B tone along with the pop style, I don't know why but it gives me a little bit of Mariah [Carey] type of song, I can listen to her whistles in the back... Wow can you imagine? I wish! (laughs) But yeah, it's more melodic and maybe even a bit sexy. I don't know, I don't know! (laughs) You'll have to listen to it and tell me, it's gonna be here tomorrow so make sure to tell me." ON WHAT'S COMING NEXT "There are so many things coming in the next days, man, you have no idea! I'm beyond excited for my fans to listen to the album, of course, but I've been working behind the scenes with my label and I feel like we've turned on the oven and the water is starting to bubble - it's gonna be hot! (laughs) I can't say much, 'cause I believe everything has a right time, and I don't wanna build expectations, but yeah, there are some really nice stuff coming. Besides the really exciting event - that I know you guys know about (laughs) - this Friday night, there are more things to come starting tomorrow, so get ready!" The radio played the "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" snippet and also "Make Up", and the host reminded everyone to go pre-save the single, available this Friday, 11, and pre-order the album, available on October 18.
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    Okay that was pretty hard but I sent it!
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    Sunday Oct. 19th .... The 19th is a Sat, not a Sun Sunday September 19th ...
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    U.S.| Paid Promo | 5th Article On October 9th, karrueche stopped by ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ to promote her latest single from her debut album, expectations. Seth: "Here to perform her new remix for the first time for the #1 song on US iTunes. Please welcome karrueche with some help from Cassie!" After being introduced the camera pans to the stage to show karrueche and Cassie sitting on a ottoman in some lingerie. As the instrumental for “me so bad remix” begins to play they both begin to lustfully look in each others eyes before Cassie gets up and walks behind the ottoman. As karrueche begins to sing her first verse she lays on her back and kicks her legs up and rolls onto her stomach oozing sex appeal as Cassie admires from behind. Karrueche then begins to make her way towards the front of the stage and Cassie follows. They both do some simple choreography to the pre-chorus before getting into the chorus. During the chorus they flirtatiously interact as karrueche sings. When it comes time for Cassie’s verse she grabs karrueche and leads her to the ottoman where she throws her down and then stands on it above her and grinds the air. Cassie then hops off the ottoman and helps karrueche up as they walk back towards the front of the stage to do some more choreography, but this time some dancers come on stage and dance alongside them. As karrueche sings the chorus they all do some body rolls (front to back). For SZA’s verse they show her on the screen behind her of her scene in the music video as they each sing one line to each other until her verse is over. They then sing the bridge together while working the stage and looking at one another as they circle the ottoman. They then line up with the dancers to do the choreography to the last the pre-chorus and chorus before getting to the outro. During the outro they all just twerk and have fun until the performance ends. me so bad available everywhere. 7/10
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    Tove Lo on Das Supertalent| EUR Paid Promo | Oct 5 | On October 5th Tove Lo performed Heroes on Das Supertalent! The stage is set up with a giant screen in the backdrop and a square staircase pyramid in the middle of the stage. The performance stars with Tove Lo on top of the pyramid as fog builds as the bottom. The lights are all turned off excpet a spotlight poinitng on her for the opening verse. Once the pre chorus comes in she lifts her arms up to each side which causes white lights to turn on. The beat drops and the lights all flash in time with the beat of the song as a visual of stars / space is shown on the backdrop. Tove then walks down the front of the stairs while she sings the next verse. The lights are all very faint and soft during the verse as the fog drifts by. The prechorus then comes back in and she nails the vocals as the lights dim out building up for the chorus. The beat drops and they all flash again and she slowly walks up the staircase. She then sings the bridge on top of the staircase and belts out the notes as the beat drops. Silver confetti then drops from the ceiling raining down on Tove and on the fog.
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    AMANDA WOLF RELEASES NEW EP: "GRIMOIRE" Artist: Amanda Wolf Title: Grimoire Length: 26:43 Genres: Alternative, Folk-Pop, Indie Rock, Baroque Pop Writers: Amanda Wolf, Ethan Johns, Andy Chatterley, Michael Hurley Producers: Amanda Wolf, Ethan Johns, Andy Chatterley, Dom Monks, Charlie Fink Format: Extended Play (EP) Release Date: October 4, 2019 Label: Neptune Records Amanda Wolf's first EP "Grimoire" comes as a celebration of Halloween month, in a project initially planned for 2018 but shelved until this year. Including seven songs - being six original ones and one cover -, all tracks were mainly written by Wolf herself with the help of British artists Ethan Johns and Andy Chatterley, who also co-produced the songs along with Dom Monks and Charlie Fink. The EP includes the hit "There Is A Drum" - that topped the charts in Europe and reached #2 in the United Kingdom -, a Michael Hurley cover, the promotional single "Night Terror" released on October 2018 and four brand new songs. Through themes and metaphors related to terror, in association with Halloween, Wolf uses the elements of death, occultism, spiritism, rituals, supernatural creatures and experiences, night terror, nightmares and witchcraft, in her songs through the haunting and magical lyrics and melodies in the tracks. TRACKLIST 1. The Beast 2. There Is A Drum 3. Werewolf 4. Devil's Resting Place 5. Night Terror 6. A Little Wicked 7. Spirit Walks AUDIOS & LYRICS AUDIO PLAYLIST TRACK BY TRACK 1. The Beast (05:43) Written by Amanda Wolf Produced by Ethan Johns 2. There Is A Drum (04:24) Written by Amanda Wolf, Ethan Johns & Andy Chatterley Produced by Amanda Wolf, Ethan Johns & Andy Chatterley 3. Werewolf (04:08) Written by Michael Hurley Produced by Amanda Wolf 4. Devil's Resting Place (03:15) Written by Amanda Wolf Produced by Amanda Wolf, Ethan Johns & Dom Monks 5. Night Terror (03:09) Written by Amanda Wolf Produced by Amanda Wolf & Charlie Fink 6. A Little Wicked (03:28) Written by Amanda Wolf Produced by Amanda Wolf & Andy Chatterley 7. Spirit Walks (02:37) Written by Amanda Wolf Produced by Amanda Wolf & Andy Chatterley Neptune Records © 2019
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    Title: set. & freak.Artists: Aaliyah & NormaniRelease Date: October 4th, 2019Writers: Aaliyah & NormaniExecutive Producers: Moonbeat (Set) & Tommy Brown (Freak) Two new promotional singles off "she dreams of bloody tears." are available now. The lyrics and the audios can be heard on the previous post. Both tracks can be bought for discounted prices on iTunes. © OFF TEMPER ENTERTAINMENT AND DESPERADO RECORDS
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    Besides the fact that a family is crying now, its also a disaster for girlgroups in general (TLC, GRL, etc) to lose a member this way. I wish the other f(x) members all the best dealing with this
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    Time is ticking, ladies! hope you have finished your lip syncs!
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