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    CupcakKe & Lil Pump 'Glass (The Big 3 Remix)' ft. Nicki Minaj & Kash Doll (Music Video) (Directed by: Elliott Sellers; Uploaded to cupcakKe on July 12, 2019) The video began with shots of Nicki, Kash Doll and CupcakKe doing a photo shoot. They are all dressed up as The Clermont Twins (making them The Clermont Triplets) and they’re making some fierce poses as a camera man takes pictures of them. The song skips straight to the chorus, where Lil’ Pump is at a fancy restaurant, looking very out of place in his regular gear, and he’s clearly waiting for his date to show up. We then see a shot of CupcakKe entering the restaurant. She’s wearing a different outfit from the photo shoot scene but we can still tell she’s meant to be a Clermont Twin from the wig. She enters the restaurant in her fancy gown and struts her way over to Lil’ Pump. She lets out the vulgar lyrics to him and matches the lyrics with her movements, as she rides the chair, deepthroats a breadstick on the table and refuses to keep her tongue in her mouth. Lil Pump is following, looking very aroused as she taunts him, up until her verse is over. After CupcakKe’s had enough, she struts out of the restaurant during the chorus. Nicki then makes her way into the restaurant and it’s her turn to seduce Lil’ Pump. She does the same as CupcakKe but in a more relaxed fashion. It starts off with her dropping her purse on the floor, to which Nicki then acts fake surprised that she drops her purse and she situated herself to where she’d be bending over with her ass in Lil Pump’s face as she picks up the purse. Lil Pump attempts to smack her ass but Nicki gets up just a little too early and Lil Pump plays it off like he was trying to scratch his head. Nicki then continues to rap her verse. She takes a sip of her drink and starts to slowly go up and down as she sucks her drink out of the straw, taunting Lil Pump once again. As her verse is nearly over, she takes off the jacket she was wearing so her boobs can pop out and be FREE and Lil Pump can’t stop staring at her tits, to which Nicki gets offended, smacks him and leaves for the next chorus. As it becomes time for Kash Doll’s verse, she enters the restaurant just like Nicki and CupcakKe and is Lil Pump’s third date of the evening. She’s more polite and much less sexual than Nicki and CupcakKe. Shots of her rapping the lyrics come from her photo shoot with Nicki and CupcakKe, rather than from the scene of her in the restaurant. There's a very specific shot of the three of them together as Kash Doll mentions The Clermont Twins in her verse. The waiter gives Kash Doll and Lil Pump their food and offers Pump a drink of wine. Pump takes a sip of his drink and immediately needs to go to the bathroom. Kash Doll smiles at him as he walks away and, while he’s in the bathroom, Kash Doll pours a strange substance into his wine. She continues to eat her food and, as he comes back, Lil Pump takes a sip of his wine and faints right as the beat drops for the last chorus. Kash Doll then very quickly grabs all of his belongings and swipes his wallet and phone out of his pants and jets out of the restaurant. The people in the restaurant all gasp in fear as she exits the restaurant and they try to help Lil Pump. For the chorus, we see Kash Doll, CupcakKe and Nicki (with CupcakKe being the getaway driver) speeding away in a car, with Kash Doll in the back going through his belongings. Multiple police cars then slowly show up and start chasing them, to which CupcakKe speeds up and we see a bunch of aerial shots of CupcakKe speeding down the road, entering traffic and ending up on the wrong sides of the road, as the police follow her. The video then fades out, with the police still following them.
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    Sky Ferreira-August Peaches (Official Lyric Video) Title: August Peaches Artist: Sky Ferreira Album: The Life of Flowers Release Date: 7/12/19 Label: Skippin Records Sky Ferreira has just dropped the official lyric video for her song August Peaches. The video starts out with a shot of the sun in frame. It is a bright white lite, but as it zooms out you see the crisp blue summer sky filled with white puffy clouds rolling on by. The lyrics start to roll on by. They have a font/aesthetic that is vintage and reminiscent of a Polaroid. The next scene is of a grass field full of flowers and other pretty vegetation and foliage. Then we see shots of peach trees and orange trees. Hands pick the fruit and gently rip them open. The juices drip everywhere. Then close ups of the fruit flesh is shown. Next the scene cuts to a peach August sky. It is about sunset and the sky is a pink color with yellow and orange clouds. It is so beautiful. Then we see shots of lemonade and strawberries. Everything in this lyrical video is a scene of summer of course. It all has that grainy vintage fell to it, very reminiscent of an instagram filter. Then there is a scene of a California beach, once again during sunset where the sky is peach/pink. The overall aesthic is full of pink and peach colors!! August Peaches by Sky Ferreira is available now for stream and purchase! Also The Life of Flowers is available for Pre-order!!!
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    CupcakKe x Good Morning Britain (Date: July 16, 2019; Location: United Kingdom; 1st article; PAID) CupcakKe did an interview with Good Morning Britain on July the 16th with presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard. Piers Morgan was absent during the interview due to past conflicts between the two. The interview was scheduled to promote her album The CupcakKe Times and its latest single, Total, a day before CupcakKe would perform on The Big 3 Tour at the O2 Arena in London. Susanna: Welcome to the studio this morning. First of all congratulations .. I actually have two things to congratulate you on but I'll talk about the VMA nominations first. It was just announced that you have four nominations for the VMAs. You're nominated for Artist of the Year, Best Hip Hop Video TWICE and Best Editing. How do you feel? CupcakKe: I'm very happy. One of my main goals with this album and this era was to win more awards so it's a great sign I'm already stacking up nominations on one of the biggest and most iconic music award shows I've seen in my lifetime, you know? Everybody watches the VMAs and everybody remembers the iconic moments that took place at past VMA ceremonies. I unfortunately won't be able to be there and I hope I get to win something but the competition seems very tough so I don't wanna get my hopes up *laughs* Ben: Have you won a VMA before? CupcakKe: No, I have been nominated before but this would be my first time winning one if I came home with anything so I'd absolutely love to have a little moonman to put in my house *laughs* Susanna: Well, I also need to congratulate you on your new song with Britney Spears, Total, reaching #1 on the iTunes charts over here in the U.K. How do you feel about that? CupcakKe: It feels amazing! My team and I knew this would be the perfect single because everyone loves a good dance pop song, especially during the summer time like right now, and, when you get a Britney Spears feature, you don't just let it go to waste *laughs* You've gotta make sure it gets the right attention so I'm very happy to see it at #1 on the charts. Ben: What's it like doing a song with Britney Spears? Because, you know, unless there's paparazzi around, you never really get to see how these celebrities are living and it's .. um .. been a bit of a while since we've seen Miss Britney with the paparazzi. How is she now? CupcakKe: I think she's doing great. She's very big on sending positive energy and positive vibes out into the people she works with and interacts with. I didn't necessarily expect her to be rude and a diva but, you know, she's accomplished so much in her career and I definitely think she has a right to, you know, stand her ground and make sure she's being treated like the true Queen she is but she is super humble, super down to earth and super easy to talk to. Ben: Of course, the whole country saw the two of you performing the song together on Graham Norton not too long ago. Will we see any of that again soon? CupcakKe: My lips are sealed *laughs* Susanna: Well, if we wanna move on to another topic, we've got your tour to talk about. The album has been doing amazingly and you've been performing at sold out arenas across the U.K. this month. It's about to end in London. Are you gonna miss being here with your U.K. fans? CupcakKe: Absolutely. Usually, when a tour does this well, we go and schedule more dates but this is a joint tour between Nicki, Kash Doll and I so we're running on a tight schedule to make sure the three of us are always at the same place so it didn't leave much room for us to make accomodations so I'm definitely gonna miss my U.K. fans. I might be back sometime soon actually. Ben: I was about to say because you'll be embarking on your very own tour very soon in America. Are we getting that too? CupcakKe: Quite possibly! *laughs* It won't be as huge as this tour but the U.K. has shown me so much love recently, like, if this song goes to #1, it'll be my second #1 in the U.K. which is CRAZY to me but you guys definitely deserve a solo CupcakKe show as well as this tour. Susanna: And, of course, your album has been doing amazingly on all spectrums. What's one thing about this album that you think could hook on a new listener that's never heard of you before? CupcakKe: I definitely think my personality is a shining star on this album. One thing I'm very proud of is that nobody in the game is making CupcakKe songs. These songs are very unique to me and my artistic blueprint and, when you hear a CupcakKe song, you know it's my song so I'm very proud of that and I think it's definitely what's helped me stand out in the crowd. If you're down for a good laugh but also want some sophisticated flows and song structures, this album's for you. Ben: And we unfortunately have to cut this conversation right here but thank you for coming this morning and good luck at the O2 tomorrow. CupcakKe: Thank you! It's been a pleasure. Ben: Don't forget to check out CupcakKe's new single Total featuring Britney Spears, off of her new album The CupcakKe Times, available at your local music store. Now, off to Alex with the weather. *Total played as Alex read the weather forecast*
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    Big Sean x Wendy Williams (Date: July 15, 2019; Location: New York City; 1st article; PAID) Wendy: Big Sean, welcome back to the show Sean: Thank you for having me, Wendy Wendy: It's been a while since you dropped the huge bombshell that you cheated on your girlfriend of a few years, Jhene Aiko How has your life been since then? Sean: Wow, we're getting right into it *laughs* but my life has been great since then. This album I put out, thank god it's over, has been received like none of the albums in my past catalogue have and that came as a real surprise for me. I truly thought of this as a side project and it would be too, you know, depressing for the people to really connect with but it's been amazing and I was even told by her that she loved the album and thought I did an accurate job at setting out everything that happened between us. Wendy: And it's all in your brand new single Half A Man featuring Olly Alexander Now, when I listened to this song A big question just came into my mind Why Olly? Cuz, like, I get that he's sold so many records and he's loved by everyone in the world but didn't you want a real R&B singer on this track? Sean: Well, Olly was suggested to me by my close peers and people that worked at my label. I wasn't too sure about whether or not this would work at first but, the second I heard him in the studio, I knew something clicked and I'm very glad I gave him the opportunity to do this song because he has a perfect voice for R&B. The songs you hear from him on the radio are a lot more poppy and dance oriented so I think it's great we've managed to make an R&B hit together that's currently getting airplay on pop radio. I hope this maybe opens the door for him to try out more R&B in the future because I think it's perfect for him. Wendy: I will say though, I have missed the hey days of R&B I miss when you'd go to one station and hear a Boyz II Men ballad Then pop it a little bit to Ginuwine on the next station And bring the pipes out with Toni Braxton on the next station Do you think we'll ever see R&B making a comeback? Sean: Well, R&B does seem to be in a pretty great place right now. SZA has #1 hits, karrueche just put out a full R&B album, Tinashe's doing her thing. Wendy: Yeah, but I'm talking about real R&B Like the classic R&B What the girls are doing these days just isn't doing it for me Sean: Well, I think they're doing a great job. A genre can't stay relevant if it doesn't grow and evolve with the times. Wendy: But we might as well move on to a tour You tweeted a week or so ago that you were thinking of going on tour Do we have any details for that? Sean: Currently, no, but my team and I have started our hunt to figure out the right touring plans for me. Like I said before, I thought this was just gonna be a side project so I didn't want to tour for this album for that reason but also for the sake of my mental health. However, the response to the album was such a wake up call to me and it showed me that I need to stop blocking my blessings, thinking it's just self care. I think it's important to have your alone time and do some reflection outside of your profession but this is the biggest album of my career and I know I'd be doing myself a disservice if I just let this album die and didn't continue this on as a full era. Wendy: And that's why we've got the second single! Is the video coming out any time soon? Sean: Friday. I'm going back to watch a cut of the video later today so I'm very excited to see that because we put a lot of effort into the art direction and design for the video and I can only hope that shows through the editing and in the execution of the video from the directors. Wendy: Do you two kiss in it or anything? You can't have possibly not seen the dollar signs in your eyes when you realised he was gay Sean: Whoa, whoa, we ain't going there *laughs* There is a little kissing in the video, I mean, not between the two of us but it's there. Wendy: We've almost run out of time but I need to remind you all to check out Half A Man by Big Sean and Olly Alexander, off of his album thank god it's over and look out for the music video because that's coming on Friday We're heading to a short ad break so, in the meantime, grab a snack and we'll be right back
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    As the commercial starts, footage from the past years (2000 - 2018) appear on the screen in a slideshow for 60 seconds long. Music from Miley Cyrus (Feelin' Myself), Nicki Minaj (Snatching Crowns), Fergie (Life On MTV), Zara Larsson (So Good), Iggy Azalea (Savior), Big Sean (Irritation) and Aaliyah & Normani (balenciaga) can be heared during the 1 minute slideshow. "The 2019 Video Music Awards are in a week and this will be. the. biggest. one. yet. Here are you performers" TRNT (15 seconds of Pet Cheetah plays) Zara Larsson (15 seconds of Wanna plays) Miley Cyrus (15 seconds of Don't Call Me Up plays) karrueche (15 seconds of More Than That plays) Iggy Azalea (15 seconds of Boom Boom plays) SZA (15 seconds of Back Together plays) Camila Cabello (15 second instrumental snippet of Crying in the Club plays) Big Sean (15 seconds of Half A Man plays) Harry Styles (15 seconds of Lust plays) Beyoncé (15 seconds of Cloudy with a Chance plays) and Cameron Dallas (15 seconds of Expectations plays) and your host for the evening to top it all of is TRNT! A evening with a lot of entertainment is guaranteed, tune in for the Video Music Awards on MTV at July 21 at 5.30 PM EST! @Breathin @Nicki Minaj @cocoCHANEL🅴 @Venti @Mr. Mendes @Britney Spears @kordei @despy @Starboy @Venus @get well soon @Elusive Vanjie @kipperskipper @Natalia @Pabllo @R.E.M. @Santana Lopez @Disco Tears @Royalty @Lynk
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    2019 VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS - NOMINEES Video of the Year Fergie - “Life On MTV” Nicki Minaj - “Snatching Crowns” Southside & Yonge - “The Great Escape” Miley Cyrus & Kendrick Lamar - “Feelin’ Myself” (feat. Wiz Khalifa) Big Sean - “Irritation” Artist of the Year Miley Cyrus Nicki Minaj CupcakKe Big Sean Normani Song of the Year Miley Cyrus & Kendrick Lamar feat. Wiz Khalifa – “Feelin’ Myself” Zara Larsson – “I Would Like” Fergie – “Life On MTV” Big Sean – “Irritation” Nicki Minaj – “Snatching Crowns” Best New Artist Aaliyah Cameron Dallas Zara Larsson TRNT karrueche Best Pop Video Miley Cyrus - “Don’t Call Me Up” Zara Larsson - “I Would Like” Iggy Azalea - “Boom Boom” (feat. Zedd) Fergie - “Life On MTV’ Shakira & Pabllo Vittar - “Sua Cara” Best Rock Video Adele – “When We Were Young” Amanda Wolf – “Undertow” Harry Styles – “Lust” Best HIp-Hop Video Nicki Minaj - “Snatching Crowns” Miley Cyrus & Kendrick Lamar - “Feelin’ Myself” (feat. Wiz Khalifa) Big Sean - “Irritation” CupcakKe - “Glass” (feat. Lil Pump) Kash Doll - “APESHIT” (feat. CupcakKe & Nicki Minaj) Best Dance Video Shakira & Pabllo Vittar - “Sua Cara” Beyoncé - “Django Jane” Zara Larsson - “Ain’t My Fault” Iggy Azalea - “Boom Boom” (feat. Zedd) Aaliyah - “Throw Your Hands Up” (feat. Kash Doll) Best Collaboration Aaliyah & Normani - “Balenciaga” Miley Cyrus & Kendrick Lamar - “Feelin’ Myself” (feat. Wiz Khalifa) Normani & The Weeknd - “Hell Of A Life” Southside & Yonge - “The Great Escape” Zara Larsson - “So Good” (feat. Big Sean) Best Video with a Social Message Rita Ora - “Only Want You” (feat. 6LACK) Aaliyah - “Happy” Normani - “Y.B.A.” Iggy Azalea - “Savior” TRNT - “You Need More” Best Direction TRNT - “Chlorine” Big Sean - “Irritation” Normani - “Y.B.A.” Fergie - “Life On MTV” Rihanna - “Bitch Better Have My Money” Best Choreography Shakira & Pabllo Vittar - “Sua Cara” Iggy Azalea - “Boom Boom” (feat. Zedd) Zara Larsson - “Ain’t My Fault” Beyoncé - “Django Jane” Aaliyah - “Throw Your Hands Up” (feat. Kash Doll) Best Visual Effects Miley Cyrus & Kendrick Lamar - “Feelin’ Myself” (feat. Wiz Khalifa) Fergie - “Life On MTV” Aaliyah & Normani - “Balenciaga” Beyoncé - “Blaze, Baby Blaze” Nicki Minaj - “Snatching Crowns” Best Art Direction Rihanna - “Bitch Better Have My Money” Fergie - “Life On MTV” Miley Cyrus & Kendrick Lamar - “Feelin’ Myself” (feat. Wiz Khalifa) Iggy Azalea - “Savior” TRNT - “Chlorine” Best Editing CupcakKe - “He Don’t Love Me” Fergie - “Life On MTV” Rihanna - “Bitch Better Have My Money” Cameron Dallas - “Expectations” Beyoncé - “Django Jane” Song of Summer Iggy Azalea - “Boom Boom” (feat. Zedd) SZA - “Back Together” Miley Cyrus - “Don’t Call Me Up” Zara Larsson - “I Would Like” Nicki Minai - “Thought I Knew You” (feat. The Weeknd) Most nominations Miley Cyrus - 9 Fergie, Zara Larsson - 7 Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Normani, Aaliyah, Iggy Azalea - 6 CupcakKe, TRNT, Beyoncé, Zedd- 4 Shakira, Pabllo Vittar, Kash Doll, Rihanna - 3 Southside & Yonge, Cameron Dallas, The Weeknd - 2 karrueche, Adele, Harry Styles, Amanda Wolf, Lil Pump, Rita Ora - 1 @Breathin @Nicki Minaj @cocoCHANEL🅴 @Venti @Mr. Mendes @Britney Spears @kordei @despy @Starboy @Venus @get well soon @Elusive Vanjie @kipperskipper @Natalia @Pabllo @R.E.M. @Santana Lopez @Disco Tears @Royalty @Lynk
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    CupcakKe 'Total' (Lyric Video) ft. Britney Spears (Uploaded to cupcakKe on July 13, 2019) To foreshadow the music video for Total being shot on a beach, the lyric video for Total takes place on a cartoon beach. The beach at the beginning essentially looks like a real beach, with everything being drawn to scale, but the cartoonish aspect of the video comes out when CupcakKe's verse begins. At this point, we see a couple of completely black stick figure-like people on the beach. As the lyrics are being displayed on the screen, we see two stick figures (one being a male and the other being a female), having fun on the beach, swimming and exploring different parts of the beach like the rocks and the trees, where they would find coconuts. The two are meant to look like they're in love to match the lyrics of the song. As the chorus comes, there's simply one shot of them on the sand, doing some choreography to the chorus. The lyrics to Britney's part are being displayed in the sky, as if they were clouds. For CupcakKe's second verse, we see shots of the girl figure minding her own business as she watches the boy play by himself in the beach. The more she looks at him, the more she falls in love with him and she ends up back in the water with him by the chorus and it shows the two of them play fighting, with Britney's lyrics being shown on the sides of the screen. At the very end, they run their way into the ocean and dive in together at the end, as a big heart pops up above them into the sky, before the video fades out. (C) 2019 Pink Friday Entertainment, a division of the Universal Music Group
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    Love Don't Fail Me Now I'm now 29 and I'm now at the stage to seek and find love. I think love is fundamental for someone like me, I need someone who is just always there for me and someone I can cling onto for nurturing and for support if I need it. I wrote the song Love Don't Fail Me Now about this topic with it basically saying are we just friends with benefits or are we ready to take ourselves into the next step of love? I feel that really kicks in on Jeremiah's verse which is amazing with the vocals he delivers. I'm really excited for everyone to hear it as it's just something a bit different then your normal pop stuff you here on the radio. It feels like a fusion of elements of pop, disco, rap and RnB. Future I see myself in the next year or so married to Tyga! We are currently engaged and he is just so loving and supportive of me. Also in the future I would love to headline Coachella or something like that as I feel that it is some sort of clarification of my time and effort I have devoted into music and this career. Also I really want to tour soon to meet all my fans! Hopefully if the sales work out fine that will be coming! Backstory I'm not one of those people who was bullied or faced many hardships to get where I am today. I just worked my way to get here. At 16 I was working 3 jobs in my small town of Mullumbimby to afford a plane ticket to Miami. It was challenging but I did it, I lived there for a while with no family and searched for record deals! And that's how I got where I am today! Motivation is always important to get what you want.
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    PABLLO VITTAR VISITS 104.3MYfm RADIO (July 11, 2019 | United States | Paid Promo) Pabllo Vittar visited the studios of 104.3MYfm on this Thursday (11) morning, in order to promote the new song "R.I.P." by Rita Ora featring Armani and Vittar herself, released last week. Besides talking about the single, Vittar also talked about her fans, Britney Spears and Miz Cracker and much more. You can check the whole interview below! Host: Ok guys, my next guest is someone that probably doesn't get 'come to Brazil' comments 'cause she's actually from Brazil, she's one of the biggest and actually the most followed drag queen in the world, it's the one, the only, Pabllo Vittar! Good morning, Pabllo! How are you doing? Pabllo: Hi guys! I'm great, how are you? And by the way, believe it or not but I also get 'come to Brazil' comments on my social media! (laughs) My fans are hilariously fun and they do it for fun since I've been some time out. Host: I'm fantastic, thanks for asking! And oh, so they want you back? Now that you're starting to take over the world? Pabllo: I wish! (laughs) But yes, I think they want their mama around all the time and I have to tell them 'mama is always here'. (laughs) Host: That's so sweet. So tell me, you're here to talk about your new song, "R.I.P.". Well, actually it's a Rita Ora song but she's touring in the United Kingdom right now so you're the one responsible for the promotion in America. Pabllo: Yes! Rita is performing at sold out concerts so she can't be bothered to promote her song... (laughs) I'm just kidding! Well, the fact that she's performing is true but she didn't ask me to promote it, our labels talked about it and since I'm still in the early stages of a new project, we suggested that I could promote the song in here while she's out. Host: So tell me about the song, I've been listening to it on repeat, it's great! Pabllo: It is great indeed! Well, "R.I.P." is a really fun song, it screams summer, you can feel the latin vibes from it and well, it's just a good dance track. I never thought I'd work with an artist like Rita, and here I am. Host: Well, you've worked with Fergie and Shakira, I don't see why you wouldn't! Are there any other artists you'd like to work with? Pabllo: So many! I'd love to do something with Britney [Spears], i love her since I was a kid, Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, of course, I mean, can you imagine having a song with one of them? I'd love to work with Olly Alexander, he's really sweet and soooo talented... I mean, I'm a stan of so many artists, it's hard to pick a few! Host: Speaking of Britney, are you following the whole Clock Tower Records situation involving Britney? Pabllo: ;Yeah, of course! isn't it insane?! I mean, Britney did such an incredible job with Bare and now suddenly she's like a hostage or something? Like... What? Host: It's a insane situation indeed, and it seems things got stuck right now, I haven't seen anyany progress in investigations. Pabllo: True, and now we also have my sister Miz Cracker not being allowed to release her record. Like... Girls, what is happening?! Host: Oh my God, right? Miz Cracker was doing so great with her new songs! I hope both situations can be solved soon. Pabllo: Me too! I love them, both Britney and Miz Cracker, so I'm sending them all my love. Host: You're really sweet, miss Pabllo, unfortunately that's all the time we have for today, thank you so much for coming, it was a pleasure! Pabllo: Aw thank you for having me, pleasure's all mine! Host: Alright, everyone! This is "R.I.P." by Rita Ora, Pabllo Vittar and Armani here on 104.3MYfm! The radio played "R.I.P." and the host reminded everyone to go get and stream the single available now.
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    TRNT RELEASES THIS BEAT I SHOULD DELETE... CHEETAH MIXES 1. Pet Cheetah (Lexo Mix) (4:00) 2. Pet Cheetah (Synthpop Mix) (3:53) 3. Pet Cheetah (Crashable Mix) (3:45) 4. Pet Cheetah (Slowed to Perfection) (3:56) 5. Pet Cheetah (Instrumental) (3:17)
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    Harry Styles has released “Fading” as the follow-up single to “Calm After The Storm” featuring Florence Welch. This release comes in the wake of the postponement of Harry’s highly anticipated sophomore effort Where Do We Go From Here?, which was to be released on June 28th but was pushed back by Columbia Records to include another single release in an effort to promote the album. In “Fading”, Harry Styles’ voice sounds lazy and more monotone than his other songs. From the start of the first verse to the start of the first chorus he begins to sound like he could care less about singing the song but in fact that’s how the tone of his voice is supposed to sound like for this specific song. He also holds out the last note of the last word in each chorus to further show the tone of the song. Song title: Fading Artist: Harry Styles Label: Columbia Records Release date: July 12, 2019 Genre: Indie Rock / Soft Rock Writer: Harry Styles Producer: Jeff Bhasker Audio Lyrics
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    Miz Cracker Breaks Her Silence It appears that the Miz Cracker vs Zedd Dolled Up drama is far from over! In fact, it seems it is just beginning. To put it into perspective, Miz Cracker and Zedd collaborated on a song called Spaceship which was released earlier this year in February. The two hit it off and sources say it became romantic. The two were inseparable over the course of the past few months. This lead to Zedd agreeing to produce the entirity of Miz Cracker's debut album Dolled Up. It was rumored that the album was complete and ready to go. It even had a release date. However, according to inside sources, apparently the two got into nasty fight. Thus leading the album to be held hostage by Zedd! Zedd didn't want his named attached to any of the project. Unfortunately, he produced ALL of the tracks on the album. Therefore, Miz Cracker was in a bind, forcing her to delay the album once again. Apparently Miz Cracker has been taking this extremely hard. She has been silent for months..until today! Miz Cracker has finally broken her silence and took to twitter to spill her truth. She implies Zedd was manipulative and used her. She even said that the truth will come out and she wont be silenced. However she never mentioned his name, but it is only obvious who she is talking about. In fact she ended the tweets with a mysterious hashtag #GladHesGone.
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    Iggy Azalea on Hit105 Australia! | AUS Paid Promo | July 16 | Iggy Azalea joined the radio station Hit 105 to discuss her thrid single Love Don't Fail Me Now from her upcoming debut album set to be released next month! Iggy also talked about her plans for her headlining spot at Splendour In The Grass this Friday! Host: We welcome back onto our show the amazing and talented rapper, Iggy Azalea! Iggy: Hello! Thank you for having me here in the studio today and on the show! Host: Well thank you for letting us interview you! Let's talk about your upcoming single titled Love Don't Fail Me Now which features Jeremih and will be released this Friday right? Iggy: Yep! It will serve as the thrid offical single from UTOPIA which will come next month. It was such a fun song to make and create and I can't wait for everyone to hear it to be honest! Host: Well your last single Boom Boom did really well and has now been nominated for some categories at the VMAs! How does that feel? Iggy: I'm honestly so greatful for the amount of love everyone has shown to Boom Boom I couldn't have been happier and it has totally blown past my expectations! I also can not believe it's been nominated for some awards at the Video Music Awards 2019! Along with Savior I put a lot of hard work into these videos as I always like to creativley direct and edit my videos myself and I'm so proud of them! Host: Well in your Maire Claire interview you said that you were on set for the Love Don't Fail Me Now video? Does that mean it's ready to be released this Friday? Iggy: Yep it is! It will complete the holy trinity of videos from UTOPIA! I can't wait for everyone to watch it and to see me perform it live at the VMAs! Host: Well speaking of live performances, you are headlining the opening night for Splendour In The Grass which is also the same day as the release of the song, what can we expect? Iggy: An amazing show! I've been rehersing for this for a while now and I can't wait to show everyone my set and the songs! Host: Well thank you for joining us today! Can't wait to hear Love Don't Fail Me Now this Friday! Iggy: Thank you for having me! Can't wait to be back! Boom Boom then plays
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    Hey everyone, my Indie leaving post is here! Haha jk. I'll be taking a permanent leave from WOP. Um yeah, its just not the best fit for me now and would rather just give it all up entirely. During this whole WOP/COP thing I have met a lot of great people and a lot of people who share totally different beliefs than myself, and I think that's awesome but I think in my life, I gotta move on. You can find me on twitter impatiently waiting to have ATRL's registration back up to make an account haha. Oh and discord too. Anyways, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to vibe and chat with you all for like a year and a half WOW! Its been great, and I appreciate every single one of you! From that messy or maybe m!ssundaztood Sia stan, dweebz out.
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    CupcakKe | Worldwide iTunes Discounts Starting this weekend, a discount has been placed onto CupcakKe's two latest hits, Glass and Total, on worldwide iTunes. The discount will take place in every country with official access to the iTunes store and will last up until the next weekend for both songs. US$1.29 US$0.69 £0.99 £0.59 AU$2.19 AU$1.19 CA$1.29 CA$0.69 €1.29 €0.69 (C) 2019 Pink Friday Entertainment, a division of the Universal Music Group
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    CupcakKe x 102.2 Capital FM (Birmingham) (Date: July 13, 2019; Location: Birmingham, England; 1st article; FREE) Host: CupcakKe! Welcome to Birmingham! Are you excited to be performing tonight? CupcakKe: Absolutely! This tour across the U.K. has been fabulous so far and I couldn't ask for anything more. I'd be very surprised if it could get any better from this point on but I do have faith in Birmingham. Host: Absolutely because we love you! Your songs have always been on rotation over here and, whenever you get on a remix of the song, we're super ready to play that version. It seems like you've been a remix queen lately. You did a remix for Zara Larsson, one for SZA and a few for this new The Big 3 E.P. Do you enjoy doing remixes? CupcakKe: Absolutely. I love doing collaborations in general and having the opportunity to possibly put on another artist or even let them help me introduce myself to another audience. I'm hoping this album is gon' make more people put me on the original songs *laughs* but I'm super cool doing remixes for now. I actually have one coming out very soon. Host: Oh, really? We have ANOTHER CupcakKe remix coming out soon? CupcakKe: Yes, I've sent the verse and all the mixing off to the artist and I'm currently just waiting until they're ready to put it out. I have no idea when it's gonna happen but, hopefully, it'll be soon *laughs* Host: Can you tell us what it is or is that gonna be a surprise? CupcakKe: I'm gon' keep it a surprise for now so I don't ruin it for the main artist but my fans can probably guess what song it is. They've been asking me to remix it for a while now *laughs* Host: Until then, we have a whole album of CupcakKe verses to listen to, The CupcakKe Times. It's still #1 across the world. Does that mean anything to you now or is it getting kinda old? CupcakKe: No, I'm always grateful when I'm gaining commercial success and this is absolutely nothing too old for me. The sales and everything for Mouthful were nothing compared to The CupcakKe Times *laughs* so I'm incredibly grateful for all the success it's received and I'm very happy it's for this project because I've never felt so free in terms of creativity and my artistic expression so it means a lot that other people are rocking with this album as well. Host: And you've got three hits off of it already! He Don't Love Me, Glass that just reached #1 over here and Total that just reached the top ten. Of course, the current single is Total. How are we feeling about it? CupcakKe: I'm incredibly excited about this single. A big part of the creative process of this album was my producers, Pop & Oak and I, experimenting with new and different sounds and looking to see how many we could pull off. Total was our shot at creating a dance pop song and we ended up getting the legendary Britney Spears on the hook. Host: Now, there has been a little bit of controversy around the Britney feature. Apparently, there's a lot of opposition from her label when it comes to what she does with you. Is there any truth to that? CupcakKe: Hmmm.. I thought my publicist let you know I couldn't talk about that *laughs* Host: Oh, so we're moving on? CupcakKe: Yes, let's talk about Britney herself because she's such an amazing person. She's super friendly, super humble, super hardworking and she's a perfect artist to be working with when it comes to performances and music videos. Host: So there's a music video for this song? CupcakKe: Absolutely! We've already shot it, it's just being prepared by the production team we were working with. Host: And what can we expect from it? CupcakKe: A lot of dancing and a really pretty beach. We shot it out in Essex, since we were told there are some amazing beaches over there so we gave it a try and had the time of our lives out there. Host: Until then, I think it's time we jam out to Total. Would you agree? CupcakKe: Absolutely! Let's give it a spin. Host: Here's Total by CupcakKe featuring Britney Spears on 102.2 Capital FM.. *Total plays live on air*
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    FOREVER YOUNG WORLD TOUR | THE FINAL SHOW | GLASGOW After five incredible, record breaking months, the Forever Young World Tour has come to a close. Across 67 shows, 50 cities, and 26 countries, Shawn Mendes and his top bad and team put on universally acclaimed shows in some of the world's biggest and premiere stadiums. The tour supported Shawn's loved sophomore album Evolution which topped the worldwide charts last year and later found itself a contender for the coveted Album of the Year statue at the GRAMMYs. The tour was one of, if not the most talked about live event of the year with many focusing their attention on the magnitude of the tour and the breathtaking show contents. The tour received praise not only for it's groundbreaking theatrics, but for Shawn's stage presence and the storytelling that came through in the music, the staging, and Shawn's voice. It wasn't without a few bumps in the road, but overall, the tour has been incredibly successful. Shawn closed out the tour with a sold out night in Glasgow, Scotland in front of 48.450 fans. PERFORMANCE OF WILD YOUTH WITH AMANDA WOLF "Seeing as this is the last night of the tour and the last night that Amanda will be opening, we're going to keep tradition. When it's an openers last night, they always come up on stage to do this song with me and tonight is no different than any other. You got the pleasure of watching her absolutely stunning opening set a couple of hours ago and that set alone proves you to why she was here. But beyond her immeasurable talent, she's a kindhearted, hardworking, and strong woman. She's taught me a lot about music and life as she's been out here with us and I don't think I could ever thank her enough for that. I can't wait to see where she goes from here, can't wait to see what she's got in store for us next. Ladies and gentlemen, one last time, please welcome Amanda Wolf!" Amanda comes on stage and hugs Shawn. She's handed a mic and Shawn begins the song. The two of them deliver a passionate performance of the song, both of them pushing as hard as they can to make this an incredible moment. Amanda is the true star of the moment as she expertly takes command of the song, the stage, and the crowd. Her vocals are pristine and all eyes are glued to her. At the conclusion of the song, Shawn steps off stage a bit to allow Amanda to take a solo bow on stage in front of the adoring crowd. Shawn returns and the two of them pose for a photo before once more hugging and Amanda makes her exit from the stage. PERFORMANCE OF SHOW LOVE (ACOUSTIC) WITH KARRUECHE "I want to bring something full circle with this show and I'm lucky enough to get the chance to do just that this evening. For the first third of the tour, the amazing karrueche was my opener. She toured with me through South America, Oceania, and Africa and every night delivered a fantastic show. Since she's left, a lot's happened with her. She's been engaged, she's released her incredible debut album, and she's grown into an artist that I think anyone who knows and loves her can't help but be proud of. We're gonna do one of, if not her best song this evening so please welcome back to this stage for one final time, the amazing karrueche!" She comes on stage and hugs Shawn and Shawn hugs back. Two stools are brought onto the stage for the two of them to sit. Shawn begins playing "Show Love". He sings here and there but for the most part lets karrueche handle most of the singing. He comes in where he's needed. karrueche, even in this stripped down arrangement, delivers a stunning performance and she captivates the crowd. At the end of the song, karrueche moves forward and the entire stadium roars for her, showing her all the love in the world. Shawn comes to hug her, the two take a photo, and she takes her leave from the stage. SHAWN'S FINAL SPEECH "We've got only one more song left tonight but I want to just take a minute to do something I've kind of been dreading for the last couple of weeks. I don't want this tour to come to an end, but all good things must find their conclusion. And what a good thing this whole tour has been. These last five months have allowed me to live my dream, play in venues that I never in a million years imagined I'd be playing in. I've been given the chance to see amazing places I've never been to before, gotten to meet the most incredible people that I otherwise never would have been able to. But I didn't get there alone. There are around 200 amazing men and women who've been working harder than I ever could to get this show on the road. From wardrobe, catering, management, VIP coordination, assistants, mic wranglers, light operators, and everything in between, they've been working tirelessly to get everything you've seen tonight up on this stage. And the four absolutely amazing musicians who stand up here with me every night, some of my best friends in the entire world, are just responsible for this magic. I love them. I love everyone that's involved in this tour. This is our second tour together and by now, we're family. And it's hard to know that after tonight, we're not going to see each other again for a long time. But we've made so many incredible memories together and grown closer than we ever could've imagined. And lastly, all of you. You've all bought these tickets, camped outside the stadium, given everything you have to give me energy and show me the most love I've ever felt in my life. I'm nothing without all of you. You're all my family as well and I love each and every one of you. So what do you say we make this last song the greatest moment of the entire tour? Do you have one more in you?" BACKSTAGE + SHOW PHOTOS BY CONNOR FRANTA
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    Miley Cyrus - "Don't Call Me Up" (Acoustic) Worldwide release After the succes of her single Don't Call Me Up and after various performances of the acoustic version of the song, Miley Cyrus has put the acoustic version of the song on iTunes and all streaming services, check it now! Title: Don't Call Me Up (Acoustic) Artist: Miley Cyrus Length: 2:27 Available: All streaming services on July 12, 2019 Audio
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    Adele - Single Release Title: Still Rolling Stones Artist: Adele Length: 4:08 Genre: Pop, Adult Contemporary, Inspirational Release Date: Friday, July 12, 2019 Writer(s): Adele Adkins, Lauren Daigle, Florence Welch Producer(s): Paul Epworth, Markus Dravs Label: Messiah Records After the massive worldwide success of Adele's last single "When We Were Young" she moves on to her new single. The third official single for Adele's upcoming album "25" is named "Still Rolling Stones". The song was written by Adele, songwriter Lauren Daigle, and Messiah Record's own Florence Welch. Adele's "Still Rolling Stone" was produced by notable producers Paul Epworth and Markus Dravs. The single "Still Rolling Stones" will immediately become available for those who have pre-ordered the album. Distributed through Messiah Records, "Still Rolling Stone" is now released worldwide. Lyrics Audio
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    CupcakKe x 95-106 Capital FM (Date: July 16, 2019; Location: United Kingdom; 2nd article; PAID) Roman: CupcakKe! You've been over to our Capital FM studios out in Glasgow and Birmingham but you're finally here with us over here in London. How has the trip been? CupcakKe: The U.K. has been so good to us. I'm sad to see it go, since the London shows are our very last shows, but we're also very excited to see what the rest of Europe has to offer. Roman: Congratulations on the release of The CupcakKe Times. It's getting rave reviews and it's already gone to #1 all over the world. What does this album mean to you? CupcakKe: This album means a lot to me because it's a mark of artistic growth. You know, I felt so much more comfortable just being myself on this album and letting everything in my mind come out on a piece of paper and then out through the speakers in the studio. I experimented with a lot of new different sounds and styles and I know that's what got a lot of people's attention on this album so this album is very important to me and I'm happy it's finally out for the people to hear. Roman: My personal favourite is the new single, Total with Britney Spears. How does it feel to know that you have a song with the Britney Spears? CupcakKe: It's crazy but, now that I've actually gotten to know her, I'm a lot less starstruck. She's very chill, very easy to talk to and just an all around great person. I hope this isn't the last song we make together. Roman: And I'm sure it won't be because this one is a hit! It just reached #1 on the U.K. iTunes charts. How did you know we would love this song so much? CupcakKe: I know y'all over here in Europe and the U.K. love pop music and dance music and Total is, like, a mixture of the two of them. I was honestly so shocked when Glass went to #1 here because it's so, you know, not pop but I'm very happy to see Total doing well on the charts. I sure hope y'all will be playing it so we can keep it there. Roman: Oh, absolutely! In fact, we're going to constantly be playing your songs all week to celebrate you, Nicki Minaj and Kash Doll being in town for The Big 3 Tour. What is it like working with them? CupcakKe: We're genuine friends. I know people look at us performing and collaborating and think we were just sent up by our labels to create a dream team of female rappers but this is a genuine connection that we have. We love each other so much and truly respect each other's pens and love each other's music so it's been fabulous touring with them. Plus, this has definitely been great practice for my actual tour. Roman: which is starting up in the U.S. soon! Are you excited for that? CupcakKe: Definitely. We'll be using parts of my set from this tour but we're also gonna add a bunch of stuff and make some changes because it's my show and I get to perform for as long as I want to *laughs* I am extremely excited. It has always been a dream to be headlining arenas. It's just such an amazing atmosphere and it's heartwarming that you're in an arena of thousands of people that all know your lyrics and want to rap them along with you. Roman: Do you ever get stage fright? CupcakKe: Not really. I get nervous before a show but, by the time I'm up there, I just get in the zone and have a great time. CupcakKe is essentially my alter ego and she's a lot more confident and cocky than Elizabeth so I just channel her and she shows me what to do. Roman: Well, we're very excited to go to the show and see the three of you. Do you think we should play Total right now on the radio. CupcakKe: Absolutely. I thought you'd never ask! *laughs* Roman: Well, here it is! Total by CupcakKe featuring Britney Spears, live on Capital FM. *Total plays live on air*
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    Retrofuture Records teams up with EA's The Sims 4 for Summer – new Cameron Dallas music coming along with new expansion pack JULY 16, 2019 08:03AM PT By LIZ LANIER When music and video games get together, it's a win-win situation. New music from Cameron Dallas was coming, Retrofuture Records announced; a new expansion for The Sims 4 was coming, Electronic Arts and Maxis announced; suddenly we have a joint release. Matching the Summer feeling, EA and Cameron Dallas are about to take over the hot season in an incredible partnership: with Dallas' new summerlike track "Make Up", a pop banger featuring Ariana Grande as a main-theme, 'The Sims 4: Island Living' will let Sims chill out on the laid-back island of Sulani, where they’ll be able to take part in activities like swimming, suntanning, and hanging out with dolphins and mermaids. The idea of reaching the EA studios came from Dallas himself, a fan of video games that always keeps an eye at the news in the technology section - "I'm obsessed with video games, I love them since I was a kid. And 'The Sims' was always a fantastic franchise that I'd play alone, with my sister, my friends; I love how the game gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want with your sims, and that includes creating and experiencing situations such as relationships. And well, even though we wish we could have a Save file to load when we're at a messy point in our lives, we don't have it, so sometimes we have to break up and make up" said Dallas in a official statement, refering to the song title, "When I heard that a Summer-theme expansion pack was coming while I was working in a song that screams Summer vibes, and it was a song about relationships - something so important in the game, I knew I had to try". And just like the warm and dancing production of Ian Kirkpatrick and the refreshing and catchy vocals from Dallas and Grande in the song, Sims will be able to have fun and enjoy family-friendly beach activities like collecting seashells, racing on aqua zips (the game’s version of a Jet Ski or Sea-Doo), and building sandcastles. "Make Up", produced by Ian Kirkpatrick (Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Keith Urban, Dua Lipa) is the first song Cameron Dallas releases since his Christmas track "Your First Christmas With Me", released in November 2018. Since then, the Grammy Award winner has been working on his debut album yet to be announced, and was recently announced as a performer at the MTV Video Music Awards, in which he was also nominated for Best New Artist, set to happen in the next Sunday. In the other side, The Sims 4's last expansion pack was "Get Famous", also released in November 2018. "We were, simultaneously, working in projects that we wanted to release during Summer and give our audiences something to be excited about but that could also be refreshing and relatable to the moment" said Graham Nardone, known as SimGuruGraham, one of the producers of the game, "When Retrofuture contacted us about working in a project together, we immediately said yes. Cameron's fans are around the same age of our audience, his fans are probably doing versions of him in our game, so we couldn't be more excited to have him with us in this new expansion pack - and getting the sensational Ariana Grande along". For the project, Dallas had only one request: "I want to have an official Sim version of us [him and Ariana Grande]. I want us to be in the game" and he got what he wanted: while playing in Sulani, the players can find Dallas and Grande chilling at the beach or enjoying parties - and they can even be friends: "Since I can't be friends with all my fans in the world, I want them to feel a bit more closer to me by having my Sim version in the game". On Island Living, players can also enjoy new career options, including lifeguard and conservationist. Regarding the conservationist job, EA said that “the more Sims clean up and care for their environment, the more lush and full of explosive nature it becomes.” Inspired by the job, Dallas created and is ready to launch a new eco project entitled #MakeUpWithNature, to encourage his millions of fans through social media to clean the beaches and make the world a better and healthier place, set to kickoff along with the single and game promotion. A trailer for the game is expected to be released tomorrow, including a preview of the song, also set to be put on pre-save on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer tomorrow. According to EA Games, a version in Simlish (the fictional language used in the game) of the song was recorded by Cameron Dallas and Ariana Grande and will be included in the game, and more to be announced. As part of the partnership between Retrofuture Records and Electronic Arts/Maxis, buyers of the game will receive a copy of the song while purchasing the expansion pack and buyers of the song will receive a 15% discount code to use to purchase the expansion pack. Cameron Dallas' new single "Make Up" (feat. Ariana Grande) is set to be released on July 19. The Sims 4 "Island Living" Expansion Pack is set to be released on July 23.
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    Rita Ora X Q-Music July 14, 2019 | NL, Paid (Europe) | Article: 1/5 | Update Period: Sun - Wed Host: That was Only Want You by Rita Ora here on Q-Music. Speaking of her, she's here to join us for a short interview, give it up for Rita Ora everybody! Rita: Hey guys! So excited to be here! Host: So, Rita, you just released a new single called RIP featuring Pabllo Vittar and Armani, how was it working with the two of them? Rita: I got so much love for them, Armani is so pure and genuine, I like that a lot about her and her voice, ohmygod, her voice is so soft and I just love it, and you know, Pabllo, she's so energetic and I love her from the bottom of my heart, I love both of them, truly, they became good friends of mine during this whole proces Host: That's so good to hear, while they are doing their thing in the States and promoting the song there, you got a tour to worry about. How was opening night? Rita: It was so cool! We had this cool stage we can use for bigger veneus, not all of them on the tour unfortunately, but it was so cool, seeing all those people singing along to my fans, I got to meet fans at the meet and greets over the past week, it's been a real experience for me! Host: Well, you're playing a show in AFAS Live tonight, it's 10AM right now so in 11 hours you'll be performing, how does it feel being in Amsterdam? Rita: It's lovely here! I got here yesterday and I had this amazing dinner at some fancy place but I can't remember the name (laugh), but it's so lovely here, we went on a boat and went on the canels here, it's so cute and comfy. Host: Well, you'll be back eventually right, you got an extra show here on December 10. Rita: Yeah, yeah! I'm so excited, I'm in Europe until mid August and then at the end of August/begin of September I'm going to the United States, also going to Australia, China, Japan and after that back to the States and Europe, so we're on the road for quite a while. Host: Well, luckely you're home with your family with christmas, right? Rita: Hahah, yeah! Luckely I am! Host: Well, we here in Holland love RIP so we're going to play it on the radio and goodluck tonight with your show! Rita: Thank you so much! Host: This is RIP by Rita Ora featuring Pabllo Vittar and Armani on Q-Music! R.I.P. is out now and available everywhere!
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    Miley Cyrus - "Secrets" Tracklist update The tracklist for Miley Cyrus' upcoming third studio album "Secrets" has been updated on all services where it's available for pre-order. The tracklist now shows a total of 15 tracks instead of 14 tracks and it shows which song(s) has feature(s). The album is still up for pre-order and the album is set to be released late 2019.
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    Miley Cyrus X Wendy Williams July 15, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 3/5 | Update Period: Sun - Wed Soo ... she just achieved her FIFTH #1 single here in the United States and she's getting ready to perform at the VMAs this Sunday, give it up for Miley Cyrus Hey, guys! How are you? Welcome back to the show, Miley. How have you been since the last time you were here? I'm good, thank you so much. Everything is going great and I'm just living my life Well, your single just reached #1 on the Hot 100 making it your fifth to do so. Do you still bother with the people saying you care about hits You know ... people can talk all they want, I'll just do me. I'm working my ass off with this new album and I'm happy it gets the recognition it 'deserves'. I can't help it that the people love the single so much they made it #1, I just make music, and ofcourse you'll always have albums that have hits, obviously, some of the tracks on this upcoming album could be considered 'hits', but there are a lot of personal songs on them too which I'm very proud of. So, it's safe to say your new album is a personal one? Yeah, definitely. Is the album about your ex, Liam Hemsworth? It's safe to say some of the songs are, yeah, definitely.. Secrets and Don't Call Me Up are a big example of that. You collaborated with Ariana Grande, how did that go? I heard she can be a diva sometimes Not at all, who told you that!? She's so nice and such a loving person. We really have a good relationship together so that works perfectly. And we are really close friends, I loved working with her on the song, she was so excited about it and I loved every second of it. Well, are you just saying this because you're friends with her? Is she a diva or not? She isn't. Stop it, Wendy. Okay, okay. I'll stop. So.. you're nominated for NINE categories at the Video Music Awards including Video of the Year, Artist of the Year and Song of the Year and both your songs (Feelin' Myself & Don't Call Me Up) are nominated, congratulations on that! Thank you so much, it's so unreal, I'm truly grateful! You're also performing right? What are you going to do, what are you going to perform? It's pretty obvious on what I'm going to perform, I will be performing Don't Call Me Up and maybe Secrets but we haven't discussed on that, but we already sat down with my creative team and we've got an amazing idea for the performance! I'm so excited to see it, I hope it's better than your previous performance(s) It'll be, I promise you that, but you never know how the public and media outlets will respond obviously, but I feel like this performance is a good one. Well, thank you for coming to the show and I can't wait to see you on the VMAs this Sunday. Miley Cyrus' single Don't Call Me Up is out now and pre-order her album "Secrets" which comes out later this year!
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    Cameron Dallas is the new face of Carolina Herrera 212 VIP's new campaign Multi-platinum singer & songwriter, model and social media sensation Cameron Dallas is set to star in the new Carolina Herrera 212 VIP campaign, promoting the new fragrances: 212 VIP MEN and 212 VIP BLACK. Dallas has previously worked with the brand Dolce & Gabbana where he posed for, hit the runway for and wore the brand from head to toe last year, and who Dallas still is signed to. Dallas’ most recent role for the Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Campaign, alongside Victoria's Secret model Taylor Hill and Hailey Bieber, was already shot by photographer Mario Testino. Inspired by the nightlife of New York, the production started the campaign earlier this year, at a secret house party shot in Madrid. The ‘nightlife crew’ also sees a variety of actors, models and musicians, including Xavier Serrano, Pepe Barroso Jr, Lucas Satherley, Raury, Aidan Walsh, Martinez Brothers, Steffy Argelich, Stav Strashko, Sonia Ben Ammar, Maria Borges and Inka Williams. The first promotional pictures for the new Carolina Herrera 212 VIP campaign will be released this Friday (19).
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    Sky Ferreira-DIY Magazine Sky on anxiety Yeah I do suffer from anxiety, like most people. It sucks. I used to attribute it to being shy and awkward. But as I got older I always felt nervous in social settings. It's more social anxiety than anything. I believe I told this story before, but at one point in my life when I was young I decided to go mute. It was this weird phase where I just didn't want to speak whatsoever. I mean I definitely still feel that way in my adulthood. But obviously that is not acceptable or feasible. I just try and deal with my social anxiety one step at a time. It comes and goes. It can be really hard some days. I won't want to get out of my house or socialize. I usually isolate myself. I wish I had an answer and a solution to stop feeling this way. But I don't. It is just something you have to push through each time. I definitely cope with it through music. Writing is therapeutic and singing is soothing on the soul. Sky on her metamorphosis for new album I mean it's called an era for a reason. We change. I am a different person than I was when I wrote my last album. I was 24 when I started Night Daze. I mean it's not like it was decades ago, but I do feel like I had a lot of real important life experiences within that time span. I was making music that was more edgy, controversial, meaningless to be frank. It was more of a character. I am not like that anymore. I am not concerned about going out and getting fucked up. I feel I've grown up a bit. I feel more connected with myself. Like my life took a deep breath. That's why this album is centered on life and nature. It is a new phase of my life and like a rebirth. August Peaches is out now for stream and Purchase! Also The Life of Flowers is available for pre-order!
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    Harry Styles on Capital FM July 15, 2019 | London, United Kingdom Harry Styles on transitioning more into rock I feel like it was inevitably going to happen one way or another. I mean if you listen to my first album then you know what type of music I make and what type of music suits my voice. I think I didn't go 'rock' enough with my first album. I mean I like the direction I went with because it ended up sounded just the way I intended to sound at that time but now that I look back on it, I feel like I could have definitely put a stronger emphasis in certain areas. I don't regret releasing anything though. I never do because it's pointless to look back at everything you've released and you can never un-release something. Harry Styles on disrupting gender norms I don't see myself as a warrior dedicated to breaking society's gender norms in regards to clothing. I just wear what I like. It's as simple as that. I don't take into consideration what other people might think or what type of statement I could make with wearing something. When I see clothing that I like I wear it regardless of which gender that garment of clothing was meant to fit. I don't associate clothes to a gender because anyone should wear anything they like without the need for there to be a label. And in my regular life I like to live without labels. Now obviously being male and being white are labels that I can't change or fail to identify as, but labels relating to my sexuality and labels relating to clothing or other products can be ignored. And even when you ignore the labels you can still face judgment from others but that shouldn't deter you from living a label-free life. Trust me, life becomes much more liberating once you ditch labels. Harry Styles on artists who inspire him I definitely get a lot of inspiration from David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and of course Stevie Nicks. I think they all played a vital part of creating the type of music I listen to and the type of music I make today. If it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't be making music in the first place. They've all showed how an artist should be and how to just make some good f***ing music [laughs]. "Fading" is out now
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    Harry Styles on BBC Radio 1 July 15, 2019 | London, United Kingdom Harry Styles on the delay of his album Well I never meant for it to be delayed and we, as in me and my team, were under the impression that the album would be out on the date that we announced that the album would be out. But my label decided to push it back without notifying us of their intention to due so beforehand. It came as a surprise to us when they suddenly came to us and tell us it had been pushed back. I had no say whatsoever in the decision. My fans were caught off guard as much as I was. They wanted another single out before the album came out because according to them, my single with Florence was under performing for their standards. I thought it was doing well and honestly didn't care if it wasn't, but of course the label usually always cares about how well it does so there you go. That's the whole scoop [laughs]. Harry Styles on performing at the VMAs I'm excited to be performing there. I don't think I've ever performed at the VMAs before so this'll be my first time and I can't wait. I was informed of the performance a bit late but my team and I still managed to come up with a concept for the performance and I think people will like it, or maybe not [laughs]. I don't know it seems kinda off-brand for me but I like trying new things and if they work out then great and if they don't then that's great too because you learn from your mistakes. I like being risky when it comes to anything I do and it doesn't always play out the way I want it to and that's completely fine, but I do think my performance will be good. I also got word that "Lust" was nominated for Best Rock Video so that's amazing. I don't think I'll win but it's an honour just to be nominated. Harry Styles on choosing "Fading" as the next single I don't think the song is an ideal choice for a single but I don't really care. I know I've been ripping on my label a lot today but they didn't really like the single choice. I still went ahead with it because I just felt like putting it out there as a single. I just love the song so much that I thought it deserved the single-treatment and that it should be a song that shows the different multitudes of Harry Styles, you know? And my fans have been loving it so that alone made me feel like I did make the right decision in making it a single. "Fading" is out now
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    FBI ANNOUNCES INVESTIGATION After news of several states launching investigations into music label Clock Tower Records the FBI has officially confirmed an investigation of their own based on the findings from not only those states, but from other countries and due to the contract that may have been unconstitutional which was given to rapper Cupcakke in order for her to have Britney Spears appear in a live performance and music video. Our sources have also confirmed that top executives of the label have been served papers prohibiting them from leaving the country as well as subpoenas of their accounts and other information dealing with the earnings and spending of company and talent finances. This comes as a blow to the execs who tried to simmer down the heat which has come from the investigations and allegations unearthed by twitter users. No word on what the states or FBI has found or knows but given the information at hand it doesn't seem to be in their favor.
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    Hello, World! I hope you're have a very nice day.
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    Unfortunately I got the message that @Draven Grey wishes to step down as a Moderator! You were amazing! You had some great moments, also in the staff chat you were great at coming with ideas and thoughts! We will miss you!
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    PABLLO VITTAR APPEARS ON THE TODAY SHOW (July 12, 2019 | United States | Paid Promo) As her last appearance of the week, the Brazilian drag queen superstar Pabllo Vittar appeared on the Today Show on this Friday (12) morning, as she promotes the single "R.I.P." by Rita Ora, Armani and Vittar herself in the United States. Even though promoting a new featured song, Vittar was surprised by the hosts who officially announced that the single "Bien En Tu Cara", released by Shakira and re-released as "Sua Cara" in a remix with Pabllo Vittar, is now certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America, making Vittar the first drag queen to ever get a Diamond single in the country, fact that made Pabllo emotional with gratitude: "This is so incredible, I mean... Just wow. I wish Shaki was here with me, she's the one that should be here receiving this certification! I was just a featuring, I..." she said, as the hosts revealed: "She already knows about this, and actually she's the one that asked us to give it to you. She wants to thank you for joining her in this project and that she's super proud of you", as Pabllo held the tears. "We're going through hard and dark times, to have a LGBTQ artist reaching an achievement like this, two Latin artists getting a Diamond single in the US is just wow. Thank you so much guys for all the support, I think I can say for myself and for Shaki that we love you all". Speaking of the new collaboration, Pabllo told: "Rita is such a sweetheart, she could've asked for any other artist but she called me, maybe for the latin flavor, for the vibes calientes, I don't know! (laughs) But I'm so grateful and happy for this opportunity, the song is so great and so fun, I really hope we can get to make a video for it" she said. Pabllo also talked about the Retrofuture Records Pride Month Celebration that happened last month, what's coming next and more. The show played snippets from "R.I.P." and the hosts reminded everyone to go get and stream the single available now.
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    Harry Styles on The Graham Norton Show July 12, 2019 | London, United Kingdom Harry Styles on his new single "Fading" You know it's really different from anything I've ever done and I'm glad it is because as an artist you have to try new things in your career to sort of spice things up every now and then. You can't always be so predictable because people will get tired of it. Although I must say, I never saw myself venturing towards a song like this. I had written the song and thought I would be performing it like any other song but then my producer, Jeff Bhasker, played me an instrumental for the song and I didn't really see it fitting the song until I just thought of singing it differently and it just sounded right so I went ahead and recorded it. Harry Styles on his upcoming album Where Do We Go From Here? I'm really excited to put this album out in the world because I feel like I've been teasing it for too long and my fans are desperate to have it [laughs]. But um yeah it's much different than my last album, I think it's more rock-heavy than the last and the songs definitely tell a different side of me that I don't think I've ever revealed before. It's quite nerve-racking at the same time but why not include such personal stuff on an album? If you're not putting your heart and soul into your work then you shouldn't release it. That's just my two cents. Harry Styles on the music video of "Fading" I really had a lot of fun shooting the music video for this song. I think it turned out well. Again, it's not like something I've ever done before but I think it worked out well and I was happy with the end result. I can't say when's it out because my label told me to keep a tight-lip when asked about it [laughs]. Can't say much more about it other than it looks amazing and is visually appealing. "Fading" is out now
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    Title: Wanna (Acoustic)Artist: Zara LarssonRelease Date: July 12, 2019 "Wanna", available everywhere.
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    Aaliyah x Normani - "balenciaga. (Dance Video)" Released on July 12, 2019 Available now on YouTube "balenciaga.", available everywhere.

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