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    Hey guys! As you may have noticed, World of Pop is revamped! BRAND NEW sections, renamed sections and moved threads. This is why I want EVERYONE to upvote this post as a proof you read this. So everybody understands! First of all I want to confirm that NONE of the threads got deleted or removed. If you cant find it, it might got moved to another section. This is how the NEW World of Pop forums looks like: Category: GENERAL FORUM INFORMATION Sections you will find here: - Announcements - Information Desk ( with subsection Maintenance Area) - Introductions Category: WORLD OF MUSIC Sections you'll find here: - Music News Zone (with subsections Singles, Albums & EPs, Tours & Performances) - Celebrity News & Rumors - Chart Zone (with subsection Your Own Charts) - General Music Zone (with subsections Music Events & Award Shows, Throwbacks) - General Battle Zone - Stan Zone (with subsections Solo Artists, Groups) Category: WORLD OF ASIAN MUSIC Sections you'll find here: - Asian Music News Zone (with subsections Singles, Albums & EPs, Tours & Performances) - Celebrity News, Rumors & Translations - Asian Charts Zone - General Asian Music Zone (with subsection Throwbacks) - Asian Stan Zone (with subsections Solo Artists, Groups) Category: WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT Sections you'll find here: - Television Zone - Movies & Series Zone - Video Games Zone - Internet & Youtube Zone - Other Entertainment Zone Category: COMMUNITY OF WOP Sections you'll find here: - The Lounge (with subsections Art Zone, World News & Politics, Media) - Games, Competitions & Events (with subsections Create a Label, Megarates, WOP Critics, WOP Spotify Corner) Category: PURPLE MEMBERS WORLD Sections you'll find here: - Purple Members Lounge - No Holds Barred - NSFW Category: VIP WORLD Sections you'll find here: - VIP Lounge - VIP Media Category: WORLD OF OTHER Sections you'll find here: - Waste Bin (with subsection Games, Competitions & Events archive) - WOP Staff Zone A FEW NOTES: - No more music discussion in the WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT category. All music topics go in the music area! - The two Battle Zones (In WORLD OF MUSIC and WORLD OF ASIAN MUSIC) were merged into one General Battle Zones. This because the Asian Battle Zone wast really getting used. - The Lounge and Games, Competitions & Events sections were moved down to its own category. I want the Music area to be shown first) - Order of sections might have changed. I think it makes more sense now. - NEW sections Internet & Youtube and Other Entertainment. Check them out!! It might take some time for everyone to find their new barrings. The WOP staff is here for everyone to assist. If you have any questions you can ask them! I hope you guys like your NEW World of Pop forums! @Administrators @Head Moderator @Junior Moderators @Members @Members @Moderators @News Reporters @VIP
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    Iggy Azalea Joins TRL by MTV | US Free Promo | May 21| Love Life Host: Our special guest for TRL today is... Iggy Azalea WALKS OUT Iggy: Hello! Hello! Thank you for having me here today! Host: It's our pleasure! But I think there is someone else who's here with you today?! Iggy: Well yes there is! TYGA WALKS OUTS Host: Welcome everyone! Tyga! Tyga: Hello! Host: So how long have you guys been together? Iggy: Since about April I would say Tyga: Yep! We started dating early April then all the media found out from us getting a little close at Coachella! Iggy: OMG! I forgot about that! TMZ were so onto us I swear! Savior's Success Host: Well that wasn't the only major thing in April as you released your debut single, Savior! Iggy: Yes I did! I had so much fun releasing that track! Host: Well the song is doing amazing and has been for a month day! Congratulations to you! Iggy: Thank you so much! I can't believe the amount of support I have received from everyone! Host: Well you deserve every bit of it! Iggy: Thank you! My fans are so nice and lovely! Well some of them are here in the crowd and I just can't believe what they have done for me! Host: Well I bet they love you! Iggy: Well I love them even more! BET Awards Host: So we saw you appear on the red carpet for the BET Awards on the weekend, what was that like? Iggy: It was so fun!! That was my first ever award show, even though I wasn't nominated it was a great experience meeting and seeing everyone who attended and I'm so grateful to have been invited to attend! Host: Well I do have to say you were one of the best dressed on that carpet! Iggy: Thank you so much! Host: Now with a lot of celebrity presence there, did you speak with anyone in regards to creating music? Iggy: Yes! I spoke to a lot of people and some of them are down to make songs in the future which will be really exciting! Host: There was an absence of Tyga though! Where were you? Tyga: I was in the studio writing some tracks and recording some special stuff! Iggy: Well hopefully we will be able to hit the carpet together at some point! Host: Most definitely! Boom Boom + BBC 1's Big Weekend Out Host: So this Friday you will release your new song Boom Boom! How does that feel! Iggy: It feels great to put out new music! I made sure when I chose the next single I wanted it to be different because I'm not a pop rapper and I'm not a dance rapper, I'm Iggy Azalea and that is my music. Host: Well lets play the snippet 15 SECOND SNIPPET PLAYS Iggy: Ohhh I'm so excited! Host: Well you will be performing that at BBC 1's Big Weekend Out this Saturday right? Iggy: Yes I will be! I finally worked out my set list! Host: Well we can't wait for those to happen! Iggy: Same! Host: Well thank you for being here today Iggy! Iggy: Thank you for having me! SAVIOR OUT NOW / BOOM BOOM MAY 24
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    Announcer: We've got more performances in line for you, Keke, thank you for that performance, here to perform a mashup, give it up for Big Sean! BIG SEAN PERFORMS "ENERGY", "BORN BLACK" AND "IRRITATION" WITH METRO BOOMIN The performance began with Sean in the centre of the stage and Metro Boomin fiddling with his DJ equipment as he plays the ‘Energy’ beat. Sean kicks in with the bars as he’s moving around to the beat of the song and some quirky graphics are being displayed on the screen on Metro’s desk. “It’s like every time I’m with you, you just on some ish / You out here actin’ like a trick, like you need some ... / It’s to the point where drama’s what you want / And you build it out of thin air like you some type of God”. He then slowed down a bit with his movements as his flow got faster and more aggressive and he had to focus on that. The further he got into his flow, the more aggressive his hand gestures got and he’d be swaying from side to side to the beat. He took a break as his vocals from the pre-chorus came through and he screamed “BET, IF Y’ALL CUT OFF SOME NEGATIVE PEOPLE THIS YEAR, PUT YA HANDS UP” and he came back in for the chorus. “I just can’t vibe with your energy, your energy / It’s messing me up mentally, mentally / Your attitude’s something I’ll never need, never need / I just can’t vibe with your energy, your energy, yeah, yeah, yeah”. The song then came to an end and Sean moved over to a separate stage on the side of the arena for a performance of ‘Born Black’. He was joining a bunch of fans, which were wearing black hoodies that paid respects to some of the most iconic figures in the fights over the years for African Americans and black people to reach equality, such as Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and even the likes of Barack Obama. Sean essentially joined them as they were moshing to the song and rapped the first verse around them, as everyone was essentially enjoying themselves and celebrating being black. Even though the moshing backing dancers were a bit of a distraction, Sean still managed to keep his diction as he rapped the verse and made sure every lyric came straight from the heart. As the chorus came, Sean took a break to mosh with everyone else and the dancers took it away, chanting the lyrics of the chorus. “Thank god I was born black so I don’t have to pretend to be / All my people is my family / My skin is way more than just a trend to me”. Eventually, Sean got stuck in the mosh pit but it was coincidental so he could make his way back to the main stage. A sole spotlight was on him as he walked his way to the stage. He was rapping the first verse to ‘Irritation’ completely acapella. “We were homies, we were brothers, like the new Kenan and Kel / Most of what you got in life what something I paid for myself / Like the crib, all the ice and the house too / Thought everything was good as long as I got you”. Since Irritation was such a huge hit that connected with the people, you could even hear people in the crowd rapping along with him. All the lights went up as the beat came and a live band was on stage to perform with him. Metro was still in the back on the turntables, pretending to be doing something. Sean then calmed down to sing the bridge as the instrumental was essentially just piano. He then knelt down to softly rap the chorus and, as the beat built up and intensified, flames were slowly erupting on Metro’s DJ desk. He then got super angry and screamed out the last chorus, standing up and moving around with the flames behind him. He threw the mic to the edge of the stage at the very end of the chorus and was breathing heavily as the people cheered for him. The album cover for ‘thank god it’s over’ was displayed on all the screens.
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    KEKE PALMER PERFORMS "ENEMIEZ" WITH JEREMIH The set can be seen. The stage has been set up in a urban street vibe where groups would go to hangout. We can see a barrel at the left side that's on fire with dancers surrounding it, talking. Keke walks up to the place where the boys are, footsteps can be heared very loudly (via audio). She looks around her, as she is searching for somebody. As she sees him, the instrumental for Enemiez begins and the vibe is set. Keke is wearing a headset microphone for this performance, as Keke begins performing the first verse, different dancers are approaching her and start dancing the choreography and so does Keke. Keke is fierce but also keeps control with her voice as she slays all the notes she's supposed to hit in this performance. During the chorus of the song, we can see a white light on the left of the stage, a men in a full black outfit with a hat covering his face is entering the stage, as he walks up to Keke, puts a hand on her waist and sings the parts of Jeremih, Keke takes off his hat revealing it's Jeremih and the crowd freaks out. Jeremih does all his best and dances along with the choreography while Keke goes on with the choreo together with her dancers. As they come to the pre-chorus, Keke walks up to Jeremih and pushes him away as she sings the chorus. They both go to the left (Jeremih) and right (Keke) side of the stage and encourages the people in the audience so to stand up and dance along to the song. As they come to the bridge of the song, the audio in the back can be heared singing as Keke performs the choreography. She's fierce and got a bad ass attitude while performing the choreography. During the last chorus, she's performing the choreography from the music video, it totally sets the total of the performance. Fire is coming out at the back of the stage as Keke finishes the performance. The visual screen shows the album cover for Heartless with the text: "OUT JUNE 28".
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    Announcer: Here to perform He Don't Love Me, the lead single from her upcoming album, with SZA, give it up for CupcakKe! CUPCAKKE PERFORMS "HE DON'T LOVE ME" WITH SZA CupcakKe's performance began with the camera man making his way through the crowd. You could see people in the crowd looking backwards, trying to figure out where they were meant to look. Not long into the intro of the song, you could see CupcakKe being carried by four shirtless men on a float. She was dressed up like a true queen (Copyright Nicki Minaj 2018) in a huge golden coat and was looking like that bitch as they took her to the stage. As she started rapping her verse, she was having fun and moving however she wanted on her little float. She was being her regular self up there and got more animated as the lyrics got more playful. "I put in all the work in this relationship, wait until he finds out I was fakin' it". She then got on her knees as the pre-chorus came and encouraged the crowd to get up and dance. She screamed out the lyrics of the song while she was in her float and six female dancers were on the stage, doing choreography to the song, as the guys were placing CupcakKe onto the stage. She was standing up in her float by the time the chorus ended. The song came to an end for a few seconds as the men that were holding the float undid her coat to reveal a one piece, filled with golden glitter and rubies. She rapped the first few lines of the second verse as the guys walked off. CupcakKe eventually met up with her dancers and, throughout the verse, she walked her way to the back of the stage to stand in front of a throne that matched her outfit. She stood still as the pre-chorus came and then her and her dancers were doing the hip hop-esque choreography to the chorus, filled with milly rocking and fast movements that match the claps in the beat. At this point, the float was off the stage so the girls could be the main focus. Suddenly, SZA was raised onto the front of the stage and she started rapping the first four parts of her verse. She was wearing a matching one-piece to CupcakKe. The main focus in the shot was SZA but you could faintly see CupcakKe smiling in her direction. After the first four bars, SZA turned around and sang directly to CupcakKe. CupcakKe walked her way towards SZA so that they could meet in the middle as SZA continued to sing her bridge. CupcakKe and SZA were feeding off of each other and CupcakKe was adding some ad libs in between her lines. SZA held one final high note as CupcakKe rapped out the chorus. They then joined hands and strutted their way to the throne. CupcakKe sat first and SZA then sexily sat on top of her, leaning to the side. CupcakKe started caressing SZA's leg as they looked into each other's eyes and it seemed like they were about to kiss but you could faintly see them laughing as the cameras switched to a birds eye view of the arena and the performance was over. @Nicki Minaj
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    IGGY AZALEA DROPS HER SECOND SINGLETitle: Boom BoomArtist: Iggy Azalea ft ZeddLength: 3:08Platform: Streaming Services, ItunesProducers: Zedd, D.R.U.G.$Writers: Iggy Azalea, Zedd, Priscilla Renea & D.R.U.G.$Genre: Dance/RapRelease Date: May 24th, 2019
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    FINALE INFORMATION I would like to have the finale on Saturday at 3pm EST. At this show some special awards will be given out to most dedicated player, most consistent player and most improved player. The winner will be crowned along with 2nd and 3rd place. I will add up all scores before the finale so the winner can be announced and we would not have to wait until all players post their scores in the thread. For the people who have not posted their score after round 9 please do so now. You can come to the finale in a red carpet look of your choice. Hope to see you guys there this Saturday at 3pm EST
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    JESSICA SIMPSON - JUST LIKE ME PRE-ORDER Jessica Simpson's long-anticipated eighth studio album is finally back up for pre-order! After a false start last year with Heartbeats, Jessica is reviving her campaign with a reworked album and a new lead single, title track Just Like Me. TITLE: Just Like Me ARTIST: Jessica Simpson GENRE: Pop RELEASE: June 7th 2019 EXCEC. PRODUCER: Cirkut TRACKLIST 1. Just Like Me 2. TBA 3. TBA 4. TBA 5. TBA 6. TBA 7. TBA 8. TBA 9. TBA 10. TBA 11. Gotta Be Bad © Ultraviolet Music, a division of the Warner Music Group
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    Okay, I might be a few posts late already. I still wanted to make this thread. 20.000 posts in a little more than 6 months is incredible fast. I've said it many times before, but World of Pop is growing! I'm so proud of this forum. I'm proud of how far we've become already, how stable this forum is now. How successful we are on social media now. That we have artists like unperfect to support us. Its still surreal to me! I'm proud to be a woman with autism to run this forum! I'm gonna say this again because I want ALL of you to remember this: NEVER ever give up on your dreams! Go for it. nobody can tell you not to do so. Not even your Mom. Its your life, and you deserve a happy life just like everybody else. Never take no for an answer! I have Autism. I was told not to become a moderator on a forum because they thought I was being different and not being able to separate a joke from serious rule breaking. Now I'm owning this fast growing community. I absolutely love working for this site and I can say that every day I do at least something. If it isnt pushing the staff, its adding emotes or brainstorming for promo ideas. WOP is always in my mind and after work its WOP time for me. My greatest hobby so far. The future of World of Pop: Now that we've built up this platform together. Which is how the forum is now. I'm gonna do stuff to bring this forum to the top step by step. We will remain run this site with the power of love, dedication, believing and hard working! That will forever be our concept with everything we do! The upcoming few days I work on a revamp for this forum. Meaning that I will review the site and see how I can improve the sections and categories. After that I'll make a new plan! I would like to thank each and every single of you so much for being here and all your support. It truly means a lot to me. I feel like we've become a family that can only extend. Soon everybody in stanworld will know who we are! I rely on my experience I built up the past years. ONLY at World of Pop forums! I love you! @Administrators @Head Moderator @Junior Moderators @Members @Members @Moderators @News Reporters @VIP
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    JESSICA SIMPSON ON AMERICAN IDOL Jessica Simpson takes to the American Idol stage to perform her new single and second top ten hit in her career, ‘Just Like Me’. Joined by an array of blonde backing dancers, Jessica’s staging is very feminine, summery and breezy, with her wearing a light blue dress and sandals. Her backing vocals wear similar outfits, while her dancers wear bikini tops and white shorts. The stage is light up in a yellow-orange hue while Jessica performs the first verse, sitting on a stool centre stage at a little tiki bar that has been put up. Jessica smiles with her backing dancers, one of whom is behind the bar engaging in the roleplay with her as a bartender. As the chorus begins, Jessica gets up and moves quickly to centre stage, performing a piece of choreography with her backing dancers all synchronised around her. Jessica performs with confident and is clearly enjoying the performance. During the second verse, the dancers throw beach balls to each other, while Jessica poses as she sings beside them. The backing vocalists gather around the tiki bar and sit on the stools and on the bar, with Jessica joining them for the second chorus. The middle eight sees Jessica slowly walk across the stage as she sings towards the camera, holding a hand on her heart as she holds a big note into the final chorus. This final chorus is ultimately performed with the choreography from earlier and the crowd goes wild. 'Just Like Me' is available now, America! Now you can also pre-order the album of the same name!
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    FOREVER YOUNG WORLD TOUR DIARY - ATLANTA VENUE: Mercedes-Benz Stadium CROWD: 62.450/62.450 [SOLD OUT] DATE: May 20, 2019 SHOW: 41/67 Shawn Mendes continued his Forever Young World Tour through the US and gave an amazing show in Atlanta! Shawn hadn't performed in the city in quite a while so he was welcomed back with open arms. Unfortunately, as he has a couple of times during the tour, Shawn wasn't feeling well and worried that he was getting sick once more. In order to make sure he didn't get sick like he was a few weeks ago, Shawn decided to do the amended VIP arrangement where he didn't do one on one meet and greets but instead invited the meet and greet pass holders to join him and the band in the tour canteen for some food and refreshments. The fans were understanding and accommodating and to thank them for that, Shawn brought out his acoustic guitar and did a couple of songs that weren't in the show's setlist for the fans there. He also didn't bring a fan on stage. He powered through the show but it was obvious he wasn't feeling well. However he did give his all on stage and it still ended up being an exciting and incredibly fun evening for everyone. THE STADIUM PRE-SHOW Though it was far from a pretty day outside, fans still queued outside of the stadium for hours in the rain. Mother nature only offered a few breaks but fans kept good spirits. Shawn's music was played over speakers set up around the stadium by local radio stations. It was notable that fans were much more calm and respectful of venue security and safety procedures than in New Orleans. Once the gates opened up, fans were smoothly led into the stadium and got in quicker than average and out of the rain. BACKSTAGE PASS Despite feeling bad, Shawn had a photoshoot scheduled for an as yet unannounced project. He was unable to cancel the shoot due to the busy schedule of the photographer so it went ahead as planned backstage. The session, which was scheduled to last an hour and half, ended up only taking about 45 minutes, Shawn requesting that the photographer do anything she could to get the shots she needed in a shorter amount of time to allow him some time to rest before going on stage. When the shoot was over, Shawn took some time to apologize for things having to be changed on such short notice and to tell the photographer that he appreciated her willingness to adapt and promised her a better (and livelier) shoot in the future. WELCOME SPEECH "Atlanta scream it out! Thank you so much for coming to spend the evening with me. I know that it's wet and far from pretty outside but in here tonight, we're going to make sure that it feels like a warm and dry and perfect summer night. As I'm sure you guys have seen on Twitter and maybe even heard in my voice so far, I'm not feeling my best tonight. But I promise you that I'm going to do my best to give you the best tonight. But I need your help. You all have to scream these words along with me, okay? And I wanna look out at all of you and see you jumping and dancing and just letting loose tonight. I know Hotlanta knows how to have a good time so don't let me down! Are you ready Atlanta? Welcome to the Forever Young World Tour!" SHOW PHOTOS SHOW PHOTOS TAKEN BY OFFICIAL TOUR PHOTOGRAPHER CONNOR FRANTA
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    FOREVER YOUNG WORLD TOUR DIARY - NEW ORLEANS VENUE: Mercedes-Benz Superdome CROWD: 70.430/70.439 [SOLD OUT] DATE: May 18, 2019 SHOW: 40/67 Shawn Mendes continued his acclaimed Forever Young World Tour through the US and played a sold out show in New Orleans! The show was Shawn's first time ever performing in New Orleans and he made the most of his first visit. Shawn arrived in the city a day early and spent the afternoon playing tourist around the city, getting a guided tour around the city's historical sights by a guide. Shawn was joined on the tour of the city by his band, TRNT, and members of his inner circle. The next day, he gave 110% on stage in front of a sold out, adoring crowd. The show was incredible for everyone involved and it's safe to say that Shawn was welcomed to the city and will return in the future! THE STADIUM PRE-SHOW The fans began queueing up outside of the stadium nearly a whole 24 hours prior to the gates opening. The fans were excited for the show so they were fairly reckless as they waited outside with a lot of pushing and disorganization. Venue security struggled to keep everyone in line and it made the process of getting the fans into the stadium a bit of labored one. Due to the commotion outside, Shawn's team members who usually did fan scouting were not able to make it outside so a fan was not brought on stage during the show. After most of the GA fans had been let in, things calmed down outside but there were still some slight concerns about pushing inside the stadium. STAND OUT MEET AND GREET MOMENT During the meet and greet, Shawn met Janie, a dedicated fan who's known within The Mendes Army for her artwork inspired by Shawn and his music. Janie brought some samples of her artwork to Shawn during the meet and greet and he was immediately impressed by her skills. She had brought him a small watercolor painting, a charcoal drawing, and an ink drawing. Shawn was inquisitive of where she got her talents and she explained to him how she took up drawing as a hobby to reduce stress and she ended up getting very good at the practice. Shawn asked if he could keep the artwork to which she said yes and he thanked her for the time and commitment. He thanked her more with some guitar picks and a signed tour shirt that usually only the crew would be allowed to have. BACKSTAGE PASS Shawn found out the morning of the show that Miley Cyrus was going to be in attendance, so it was worked out for her to come backstage before the show. Shawn welcomed her backstage and she had dinner with Shawn and his band in the tour canteen. By the time Miley arrived, fans were already in the stadium so Shawn wasn't able to give her a tour of the stage but he did show her around backstage as well as spend some time hanging out with her in the green room. After the show, Shawn had his drummer give Miley a tour of the stage before everything got taken down. WELCOME SPEECH "New Orleans scream for me! Thank you so much for coming to spend your evening with me! For those of you who may not know, this is my first time playing in New Orleans and I've just gotta tell you how beautiful this city is. I got to go and visit some of the big historical sights yesterday and I was completely mesmerized by everything. And then you guys showing me so much love and such an exciting welcome has just made it even better. I have been told though that there has been some problems with pushing and I have to ask everyone down here in the GA to please stay safe and be aware of the people in front of you, beside you, and behind you. Please, don't push and allow each other space, and we'll all have an amazing time tonight. You guys have sounded fantastic for these first two songs and I want you to keep that up for the rest of the night. Are you ready New Orleans?! Welcome to the Forever Young World Tour!" PERFORMANCE OF "WILD YOUTH" WITH MILEY CYRUS As Shawn was walking down the bridge to the c-stage, Miley met him at the end. Like several other artists on the tour so far, Shawn and Miley did a duet on the song "Wild Youth". Miley and Shawn played well off each other and both seemed to be enjoying the performance. Shawn let Miley take a majority of the vocals as she was the guest and she took time to interact with the fans close to the c-stage. At the end of the song, Miley bowed and Shawn high fives her before helping her off stage. SHOW PHOTOS ALL SHOW PHOTOS TAKEN BY OFFICIAL TOUR PHOTOGRAPHER CONNOR FRANTA
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    Harry Styles on James Corden May 20, 2019 | Los Angeles, United States James Corden: Well, it has been some time since you've been on the show, how've you been? Harry Styles: It has been awhile but I've been good. I've had a lot of time to relax and reflect on myself. I think it's safe to say that I've been through a long journey where I finally feel like I know where I'm going. I don't know it that makes much sense- James: It doesn't. So moving on. [Harry and the audience erupt in laughter] James: But seriously, tell about the new album. You just announced it last week, on Ellen might I add, which I'm just a bit salty about because it wasn't on here. Did you make that decision? Harry: [laughing] No I didn't make that decision. That was made through my manager and their booking agent. I had not part of it but I'm glad I was able to do it there because it's a great platform to announce a new album, just as it would be here. I love both you and Ellen equally. James: Yeah, but you like me a bit more, don't you. [Harry and the audience erupt in laughter] Harry: I- James: That's alright, you don't have to answer that. I think I know the answer. But let's talk about "Calm After The Storm", your newest single with Florence Welch. How did you come to decision that you had to have Florence on the track? Harry: Well, while I was writing the album I had thought of who I could collaborate this time around and I was just listening to some of Florence's music later on and was "You know what? I should call up Florence and ask her if she wants to collaborate on a song together". And so my team got in touch with her and we set up a time to meet up and write the song together because we felt like we both had to be there to make a song that is truly compatible for the both of us. And I think it ended up working out well. James: Yeah, I think so too. She just sounds so natural on the track, it feels like it's one of her own. Harry: Yeah, exactly. James: I've heard you like to keep a low profile. And you don't like to reveal much about your personal life but there are rumours swirling that you may be dating supermodel, Kiko Mizuhara. Can you bring any clarity to that? Harry: Um, well I guess I can confirm that we are not dating. I honestly don't know where that rumour came from. James: Well it started because you followed her on Instagram. Harry: I follow a lot of people on Instagram! I haven't even met Kiko in person before, I hope that maybe we'll be able to meet someday. She seems like a lovely person. James: Well, thanks for stopping by. It was so great to see you here again, please come back soon! Harry: It was great to be back. And I'll definitely try! James: "Calm After The Storm" featuring Florence Welch is out now and you can also pre-order Where Do We Go From Here? now! Where Do We Go From Here? is out now for pre-order | "Calm After The Storm" featuring Florence Welch is out now
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    But that's the idea! I just showed the artists so yall can know what kind of sound/vibes i like
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    (London, United Kingdom, Europe - paid promo) Lana del Rey goes to BBC1 Radio After two performances at two of the biggest talent shows in the United Kingdom, Lana del Rey has a more calm promotional appearance planned. She did two televisioned performances at the X Factor UK and The Voice UK, a small set at G-A-Y and now it’s time for an interview at BBC1 Radio, which is also the host for this weekend big event “BBC1 Radio Big Weekend”. Lana del Rey is one of the acts that is going to perform. Her set is on Sunday and she has a 25 minute set planned. She has been teasing the performance all the way since it was announced that she was going to perform and now at BBC1 Radio she is going to spill more details about her upcoming performance. Lana del Rey about… …her BBC1 Radio’s Big Weekend performance “We have a very big show planned for you. It was hard to fit everything in the 25 minute time slot we got, but I am so incredibly proud of what we were able to do. We started rehearsing back in New York City and I got to work with so many talented people that I am so confident for this performance. Ofcourse I am a little bit nervouw, it’s going to be my first big show, but it’s going to be a lot of fun. We are going to do “Afterparty” and “Us Against The World”. We will also do some more unreleased tracks from my upcoming unreleased EP, but I also wanted to give you something from the album. I will probably perform my second single, just to give you all a taste of what is coming, but the second single won’t be properly released until June/July. I want to give “Afterparty” the chance to do some more on the charts, especially now I see it charting well. There are going to be poledancers, I am going to pole dance, there will be male dancers who will slay a choreography, it’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait.” …the BET awards “I watched the BET Awards in my hotel room with a big bottle of champagne and some snacks. It was the perfect moment for me to relax a little after a busy day of rehearsals and promoting and it was amazing. I loved everything about it and I want to say “congrats” to all of the winners of that night. Everythig was deserved. I also enjoyed the performances, they were fun to look at. I especially liked Big Sean’s performance, seeing him perform a mash up was a really creative thing to do. After all the controversy, it was a wonderful night for everybody and the people I was rooting for and really wanted to win, won everything that I wanted them to win so that was nice.” …her upcoming music “As I just said, I have a second single planned and it’s not an unreleased track of my upcoming EP. It’s the second official single from the album, but I won’t release it until June/July. I want to give “Afterparty” a chance. I will tease it though. The single has a small part of a U2 song sampled and it’s just an anthem for me. For myself. How I used to live back in the days in New York City. But you will have to wait until Sunday to hear how it sounds, haha. I have to rehearse it some more.” Buy Lana del Rey’s single “Afterparty” on iTunes and don’t forget to stream it on every platform.
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    Miley Cyrus X Jimmy Kimmel May 20, 2019 | US | Paid TV Jimmy: She's here and she's all about it. Miley Cyrus, a name familair to everyone in here and around the world. Her single Feelin' Myself is still doing well but she's gearing up to release the lead single from her third studio album Don't Call Me Up in June. She's here to talk all about it. Give her a big applause, Miley Cyrus! Miley: Hey, guys! Jimmy: Welcome back to the show, Miley, how are you doing? Miley: I'm doing great, thank you so much! Jimmy: So, you've teased a lot of this new single on your social media, what does the pictures all reflect on? Miley: Well, the pictures are all of me, I'm literally focusing on me and my friends, hence the song title of Don't Call Me Up. I'm over you, I'm done, let me be me and focus on myself and my family and friends. You can say the single cover for the song is quite extra but I love it so we decided to run with it. Jimmy: Well, I'm curious to see what the song would sound like when we got the full audio. Do you have a release date for the song? Miley: We don't. I've worked so hard these past two months that I just want to enjoy my days off with family and friends. Hangout, take a glass of wine, chill, grab a movie and stuff like that, just appreciate the little things in life. Jimmy: That's so sweet. But the song is definitely coming in June right? Miley: That's something I can't lie about, the song is 100% coming in June, but wether it's early, mid or late June, we don't know yet! Jimmy: That's good to hear. I'm really looking forward to your new music, we were all shocked when Feelin' Myself came out since we didn't expect such a tune from you. Were you shocked how the people reacted? Miley: I mean.. the song sky-rocketed to the #1 spot on US iTunes and spent more than 2weeks there, I feel like a lot of people didn't expect me, Miley Cyrus, rapping on a song, collaborating with Kendrick and Wiz or stuff like that. It was just a fun song that we made in the studio and it turned out so great. Jimmy: Well, the song is a worldwide smash hit. It reached #1 on official charts in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Europe, that's a accomplishment if you ask me. The song also spent 15 days on top of the US iTunes. Miley: It's a lot, I mean.. wow.. Jimmy: Yeah.. Well, I got a surprise. After two months, Feelin' Myself went 7x PLATINUM in the United States for selling 7,000,000+ copies here in the country. We've got your plaque to celebrate, so here it is! (gets plaque from behind-the-scenes worker and hands it over to Miley) Miley: Wow! (shocked) I'm... so speechless. This is so cool, so cool! Jimmy: Ofcourse Kendrick & Wiz will receive one too. Miley: Without them it wouldn't be complete. I have a lot of gratitude and I love each and every one of you who've supported the song so far, thank you! (blows kiss into the camera & audience) Jimmy: Well, I guess this is a great moment to close off the show. Miley Cyrus single Feelin' Myself is out now and available everywhere and don't forget to check out her new music coming next month! I'm Jimmy Kimmel, that's Miley Cyrus and thank you for watching, see you tomorrow! Feelin' Myself is out now and available everywhere!
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    VIDEO OF THE YEAR - WINNER Big Sean: "This means so much to me, when I came back with Irritation I never thought in a million years it would be received so well. We even got it to #1 on the Hot 100 being my first solo single to do so ever. And now it has won Video of the Year here at BET, I want to thank everyone for the support, I love you, thank you!"
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    BEST MALE HIP-HOP ARTIST - WINNER Big Sean: "Thank you guys so much for this. I just want to let y'all know that I love you and thanks for supporting this record. Love you and have a great night" @Nicki Minaj
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    BEST FEMALE HIP HOP ARTIST - WINNER Nicki (from backstage since she just got off-stage from performing): "Thank you guys so so much, I love you.. I'm still a little out of breath because of my performance earlier but I want to say that I love you and thank you for all your support, this is amazing, thank you!" @Nicki Minaj
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    Announcer: Welcome to the 2019 BET Awards. We've got performances by Nicki Minaj, Normani, CupcakKe, Aaliyah, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Keke Palmer and Big Sean and appearances by Jay-Z, Kanye West, Keke Palmer, Mike WiLL Made-It & more. Here to open the show, give it up for Nicki Minaj! NICKI MINAJ PERFORMS "THOUGHT I KNEW YOU" WITH THE WEEKND The performance began with four backing dancers already being on stage. They're doing some choreography to the beginning riff of the song and they're all wearing completely black outfits. We can also see that The Weeknd is placed in the centre of the stage and is sitting in a chair since he's still recovering from the accident. Nicki then walks her way onto the stage as it's time for her to sing. She's also wearing an all black outfit, including a crop top, some skinny jeans, thigh high boots and a classic black wig. She softly sings her parts as she struts her way onto the stage and, as she's done, she walks around The Weeknd while he sings his parts. Nicki got behind Abel as it was her time to sing again and she was shaking her hips and dropping it low behind him as she sang her parts. As the chorus ended, Nicki and her dancers strutted their way to the right side of the side and Abel sang as the girls got into a triangular formation and did some synchronised choreography to the beat, where they were feeling themselves and paying zero attention to what Abel was saying. They then broke up as it was Nicki's turn to sing the chorus again. Nicki then broke up from everybody and walked around the stage as she rapped her verse. "I must say your second face really ain't that cute / Usually, you're all talk but right now I got you mute / To think it took all this time for me to find the real you / I got my Giussepe's on, it's time to give you the boot". She continued with all her regular Nickified mannerisms, hand gestures and facial expressions. As her verse came to an end, the beat dropped for a bit so a few drums could play in the background for Nicki and two female dancers to pose to. At this point, there were two chairs behind Nicki and Abel and two guys were sitting on them for two of Nicki's dancers to give a lap dance to. The beat then kicked in and the outro played. Nicki and her dancers started off by dropping it low to the side of their men and, as the beat kicked in harder, they pivoted to face their men, squatting down until they were sitting on them. They then turned around in a flash to back it up on them. Abel was acting extra and grabbing onto Nicki as she danced on him. For the very final few beats, the girls were whining their hips and then shaking one cheek at a time for the very final beats, before getting back up to sit on their men for the final beat. Nicki and Abel laughed before giving each other a peck (This being the first time they kissed in public) and then the cameras went off of them. @Nicki Minaj
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    Harry Styles Harry's set began with his hit single "Lust". The lights turned red as Harry was elevated onto the stage. His band immediately started playing the song and the audience cheered as the song started playing. Harry sort of walked down the stage with a little sass and smiled a bit as he did so. Once he settled at the center of the stage, he looked to the left side of the audience and sang, "I’m living for the lust in your eyes / I’m living for the lust in your eyes". And on his second go around singing it he went to the right side of the audience and did the same but this time closed his eyes while doing so. At times during the performance he pointed his microphone towards the audience to let them sing some bits of the song since people knew the song, for the most part anyways. Once that performance was over he quickly transitioned to the next song, which was his debut, smash--hit single, "Sign of the Times". This time the audience cheered louder then before since the song was more well-known and universally liked. Immediately the audience started singing right along with Harry as he started singing as well. That later went away as the song progressed though. It would only be during the choruses when the audience would once again engage with the song and sing along to it word for word. After the performance was over, some small fireworks from the stage sprung up. Harry then talked to them for a couple seconds before he transitioned to the next song. He basically just said how grateful he was to get off on such a strong start to his solo career and how thankful he was to his fans for sticking with him and supporting him. The next song was, "Ever Since New York", another popular song. For this performance he grabbed a guitar from his band and placed his microphone on its stand and played and performed the song like that. It was not an acoustic performance of the song however. His band still played the backing instrumentals and his backup singers were very much present and active during the performance. Overall the performance was good, it wasn't anything grand. Some nice visuals of retro New York played in the background while he was performing the song as well. "Woman" then started playing afterward. He put his guitar down for this performance and left the instrumental playing to his band. Instead he decided to move up and down the ramp and would occasionally pulled some moves. He just having fun onstage and pretty much acted like he was on stage with no one watching him. It was nice to see him lose himself to the song. The lights on every part of the stage turned pink and while for this performance by the way. Once it was over he moved on to the next on the setlist, which was, "Two Ghosts". He picked up his guitar once again and made his way to the part of the stage that elevated him from the rest of the stage. He stood there with a guitar in his arms and a microphone stand in front of him. He of course delivered a beautiful acoustic performance of the song. The song, however, was cut short because he didn't want to bore the audience by performing the full length of the song. He played a good amount before having his band transition to the next song smoothly. "Calm After The Storm" started playing. The stage lights turned purple with a hint of grey and blue. The visuals displayed were of an abandoned old town and scenes of nature. As the song progressed the visuals would later change to scenes of nature after a sort of storm. Some visuals included those of Harry and Florence but they were zoomed in frames so it would be hard to tell who they were unless you already knew how they looked, then you could infer. And to everyone's surprise, Florence Welch herself, came out and onto the stage to join Harry. They both meet somewhere in the middle of the ramp and sang the song there. They were both very expressive and emotional while singing the lyrics to the song. They were also very energetic and were able to get the audience on there feet and dancing to the song. Florence did her usual thing and twirled all across the stage while wearing a light, skin-coloured dress that flowed with her as she twirled. Harry tried to match her energy but couldn't. He still performed well throughout the song though. The audience applauded very loud once the performance ended. Harry and Florence hugged each other and exchanged a few words before Florence departed. And despite Harry already being out of air from that performance, "Kiwi" began to play shortly afterward, which also called for a high-energy performance. Harry made his way to the main stage and stood in the middle as he performed the song. During the chorus of the song, flames arose from the stage and the lights flashed like crazy. Harry also flipped his hair up and down continuously. The audience seemed to be very engaged and in response through their hands up and jumped during some of the most exciting moments of the song. The song that came after was, "No Angel", which also very high-energy. While the chorus of this song really called for some noise and excitement, Harry toned it down a bit but still managed to entertain during the chorus. He was just a bit tired so he let his guitarists get some spotlight by allowing the walk across the ramp while playing the instrumental for the song. For the most part, Harry remained on the main stage but would walk across the ramp occasionally, especially towards the end of the performance. Once that performance had ended, Harry took a break for a bit to talk to the audience about his last and new album and how they contrast each other in many aspects. He then moves on to singing, "Medicine", a song that was featured on the deluxe edition of his debut album. While singing the song he kind of had a flamboyant persona throughout the entire time. Of course it was just an act he put up for the performance, but it didn't really seem all that out of character for him. He seemed to do it naturally and it worked for the song. He also acted seductively and sang it quite seductively as well. The audience seemed to be into it though. Once the performance ended, he immediately moved onto the next song, which was, "Carolina". He also had a bit of fun performing this song as well. He had the audience sing some parts of the song and smiled when they did sing the lyrics back. He performed the entire song while on the ramp. He had a microphone stand at first but later got rid of it because he found that it was bothering with the energy of the performance. He returned to the stand as the song came to an end though. Once that was over, Harry announced that the next song would be the last of his set and the night. He thanked the audience for sticking around for being amazing throughout his entire set. "Sweet Creature" started playing afterward. He tried to get as many people to sing along to the song as possible and it was somewhat successful. Harry walked all over stage to put his hand out to people in the audience. Harry thanked them once again and left a couple seconds before the performance actually ended. Setlist
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    (London, United Kingdom, Europe - paid promo) Lana del Rey goes to The Graham Norton Show - performs a snippet of "Partygirl" & "Afterparty" “Our next guest is a musical superstar from across the ocean. She came out of nowhere, released her single and since then it has been in the top 10 everywhere. She recently hit #1 on the digital charts here in the UK and she is a performer at BBC1 Radio’s Big Weekend. That’s a mouthful. Give it up for the magnificent, Lana del Rey!” Lana walks upon the stage. The audience is applauding and screaming for her and Lana smiles shyly and waves to them. When she’s close to the couch, she gives Graham Norton three kisses and a hug and then sits down on the couch. “Hi Lana, welcome at the Graham Norton Show! First of all, how are you doing?” “I am doing extremely good, this has probably been the best week of my life. I can’t believe I’m actually in the United Kingdom, in Europe, to promote my music and it’s going so well. Hi everyone, I’m so happy to be here!” “Lana, first of all, you just teased a new single on your Twitter. It’s called “Partygirl”. What can you tell us about it?” “This song is inspired by the life I have lived in New York City and the boy that used to love me. As I have told many times before, I had a wall around me. I was going out every night, drank a lot of alcohol, had a lot of sadness inside of me and I had an eternal loneliness around me. For some reason, there was a boy that loved me. I have no idea why. He always used to call me “his little party girl”. I was a bad girl, I knew how to wrap him around my finger. I manipulated him. I let him feel like he was in control of this sort of relationship that we had, but in fact, I was in control. I knew how to take him down in a minute. I’m not proud of it, though, absolutely not. Especially not when I look back. But you know, this is just the anthem for a sad, lonely, drunk party girl. An anthem for me.” “Wow, that sounds really intense. Is it in some way connected to “Afterparty”?” “I absolutely think it is connected to “Afterparty”. I’d like to make sure for this album that all the music is connected in some way. Concept albums aren’t really a thing I have heard these days, but I always said that my first album needs to be inspired by the life I have lived in New York.” “You have been working in recording studios in the UK as well. What can you tell us about that?” “I have been working on a song called “Kryptonite”. Kryptonite is the only thing that can beat you, the only thing you can stand, the only thing that can break you down. I have been working with some producers here in the United Kingdom, in London, to create this track. The track is really bomb, but I don’t know if I will put it on the album. Maybe I will release it as a song for the second album, but I don’t know.” “Alright, enough about your music. You have been teasing us enough. The BBC1 Radio’s Big Weekend. Your first big performance. How are you feeling?” “I am so nervous, can’t you tell? I have been shaking with my leg the whole time, haha. No, I am really nervous and I think that is because this is my first big performance. I have a whole set planned and we have been rehearsing it so well, that I am just nervous and excited to show everybody what I have been working on.” “What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?” “I love festivals so the first day we are going to rehearse the show two times. After that, I will just roam the festival ground with my friends who are coming over. I will probably watch Iggy’s performance from the VIP section. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do. She has a new single out today, Boom Boom. It’s a magnificent song, she did really well. And after her performance, I will just roam around and watch other performances. It’s going to be a fun weekend.” “Thank you so much, Lana. You are going to perform for us as well, right? What are you going to do?” “I am going to perform “Afterparty” ofcourse, but I will give you a tiny little sneak peak from my favorite song.” “That sounds promosing! Okay everybody, Lana del Rey, with “Afterparty’!” After the announcement, Lana stands up from the couch and walks to another part of the stage. The band is already set up and Lana smiles to them. She stops at the microphone standard and stands behind it. She’s looking into the audience, but she’s looking at a certain point. She starts singing acapella: “I used to cry but now I just don’t have the time, I used to be so fragile, but now I’m just so wild. I’ll tell you once more, I dance all by myself. I’m a party girl, I don’t care about anyone else. I live in my own world and you’re just in it. He says, “I love my little party girl.” When Lana del Rey is singing acapella, you can really here how strong her voice really is. The audience screams again and Lana smiles. Then the normal “Afterparty” instrumental starts playing, guided by the band. Lana sings the song standing behind the microphone, making eye contact with the crowd and really focusing on her voice. After the performance, Graham Norton says: “Thank you so much, Lana del Rey! “Afterparty” is out now everywhere!”
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    Omg look how I close I was to Nicki
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    Thanks for asking me, I’m excited to help out with the account!
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    The Voice (US) U.S. | Paid Promo On May 20th, SZA visited ‘The Voice’ to promote her sophomore album ALT and her latest single, Back Together. After being introduced by the hosts, the camera pans to the stage, and it is lit up with pink/purple neon lights. The stage is decorated like a party outside with some outdoor furniture, fire pit, etc and the LED screen is displaying a kaleidoscope visual. SZA is sitting on a fold on a lounging chair as some girls sit/stand around her. The instrumental to Back Together then begins to play as she begins to sing the first verse while acting like she’s conversing with the girls. As she sings the verse a male dancer walks to where she is at and taps her on the shoulder and she ignores him. She then begins to sing the refrain and then she gets up and stands on the chair to sing the chorus while moving to the beat and the dancers follow her lead. When it comes time for the second verse she grabs him and pulls him to the other side of the stage by the fire pit and rolls her eyes before jumping on top a nearby table to sing the refrain and drops down to a sitting position on it. For the third verse he comes and sits by her as she pays him dust. She then hops off the table and does some cute choreography with the female dancers, who were still by the lounge chair, to the chorus as the backing track plays. For the bridge he approaches her and she ignores him as she walks towards the front of the stage and sings before the music stops and she puts her hand in his face and turns away with her arms crossed to end the performance. Back Together available now.
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    James Blake on Seth Meyers May 21, 2019 | New York City, United States James Blake appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to perform "I'll Come Too", a song off his new album Assume Form. The performance started with the instrumental of the song playing for a couple seconds to set the tone of the performance. The lights shifted continuously from lighter tones to darker tones. As he began singing the song, he looked towards the camera and handled the microphone with care. He also had a live band behind him playing some of the song's instrumental, with their own little spin on it. Overall, James didn't really do much during the performance, he mostly just stood there and performed the song well. He of course had amazing vocals and successfully managed to showcase them, especially during the bridge and towards the end of the song. As the performance came to a close, the instrumentals cut off to let James finish the song off on his own. The lights turned red during that and as soon as that ended the lights went out and the audience started applauding afterward. Assume Form is out now | I'II Come Too is out now
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    While Pabllo is enjoying his playlist, lets create the next one! To a woman this time! To queen @IsThatSaraS Just in case you forgot, here are the rules and guidelines: - Everybody with a WOP account is allowed to submit songs- You are allowed to submit maximal 3 songs- To keep it a little bit of a surprise, you MUST PM me the songs! - Please use the PM you used to create Pabllo's list! - You have until Tuesday 28th of May to PM me the songs- I will then mix and present the list to Pabllo! - It is possible that you dont know the person that well, because you are new or simply dont talk to the person very much. In that case pick songs you think will fit the playlist. Every song submitted will be added! Lets go! @Administrators @Head Moderator @Junior Moderators @Members @Members @Moderators @News Reporters @VIP
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    FERGIE @ IDOL (May 18 | Europe | Paid Promo) Finishing her European promotion, Fergie visited the studios of Sweden's Television Studios in Stockholm this Saturday (18) to perform her #1 single "Life On MTV" on Idol. You can check the whole performance below! Host: Give it up for Fergie, everyone! Her single "Life On MTV" is available now everywhere!
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    Dear @Pabllo, We got you something! Just in case you want to call your buddies to support you while receiving it. I give you 15 minutes! Xoxo, your WOP buddies!
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    (London, United Kingdom, Europe - free promo) Lana del Rey goes to Heart Radio Lana del Rey continues her promotional tour through the United Kingdom, in the run-up to her highly anticipated BBC1 Radio’s Big Weekend performance. The singer has been teasing the performance as soon as she announced that she was performing and gave some little hints of the performance at performances she did on television, like her Good Morning America performance and the performances she did in the United Kingdom. After her two performances on British television this weekend and a surprise set at G-A-Y, one of London’s biggest gay clubs, Lana del Rey continues her promotions on the radio. This time she stops by at the London radio station “Heart Radio” for a small interview, just like she did at BBC Radio 1. Lana del Rey about… …teasing her second single “Partygirl” “I think this is one of my favorite songs from the album. “Partygirl” was coming together so fast and I wrote this song in like 2 days. The production of the song is something I like a lot and it’s totally different then “Afterparty”, even though it fits the same theme. My friend Iggy Azalea found out that she was seeing a pattern in my current music and pointed that out on Twitter – and I have to admit that she is right. There is absolutely a connection between “Afterparty” and “Partygirl”. I won’t tell you if this is the theme of the album, because I can’t yet, but I think that if you think for yourself, you can get the answer, haha.” …BBC1 Radio’s Big Weekend “This is going to be a very exciting weekend. I have to perform the second day, so I can watch the performances of the first day. When you are an artist, you can get artist passes to go backstage, so I can watch the shows in a different spot then the rest of the audience. But I will definetly roam the festival ground – I heard that there is a lot of good food out there and all kinds of activities. Besides that, I would love to meet more of my British fans. There were so many people at my small set at G-A-Y, so I want to give other people the opportunity to meet me as well, so I will definetly leave the VIP section some time to come and check you all out.” …chart position “Ofcourse I will admit that it feels good that “Afterparty” is doing so well on the charts. I mean – who wouldn’t love to see that? But it’s not the most important thing to me. Seeing my song move on the charts means to me that I have to keep working hard, but that it’s not something I should only focus on. The thing I will focus the most on, is performing and meeting my fans, and making sure that they like what I do and what I release. Because at the end of the day, you can be #1, but if your fans hate you, you are nowhere. And that’s the tea.” Buy Lana del Rey’s single “Afterparty” on iTunes and don’t forget to stream it on every platform.
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    (London, United Kingdom, Europe - paid promo) Lana del Rey goes to The Voice UK Last Sunday, Lana del Rey continued her promotional tour in the United Kingdom with a visit to the UK version of “The Voice”. This is a very busy week for Lana del Rey. She has various promotional slots planned for this week, all leading to her big moment at BBC1 Radio Big Weekend. She already performed her smash hit “Afterparty” at The X Factor UK and did a small set at the biggest gay club of the United Kingdom, “G-A-Y” in London, as a small surprise for her fans in honor of the International Day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia. Sunday, she performed “Afterparty” at The Voice UK and did a small interview with the hosts of the show. “Alright everybody, our next guest is an international superstar, all the way from the USA. After releasing her single “Afterparty”, the song is a solid top 10 hit, a big achievement from someone who came from nothing. She also released one of her unreleased songs “Us Against The World” as a surprise for the fans and this week, she’s one of the acts at BBC1 Radio’s Big Weekend. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the magnificent, Lana del Rey!” After the hosts announced Lana del Rey, the spot is on the stage. Lana is sitting on a stool, with next to her a guitarist, also sitting on a stool. Lana starts singing “Afterparty”, but only in an acoustic way. The guitarist next to her is playing the guitar and Lana is singing the song. She has her eyes closed, but after the first time singing the chorus, she opens her eyes and smiles. “The Voice UK, are you ready to party with me at the afterparty?” She laughs and stands up from the stool. She walks to another part of the stage and the spot is following her. In the mean time, she keeps on singing “Afterparty”, but then with the normal instrumental. At the next part of the stage, the pole dancers are already dancing their choreography and Lana joins them singing, but not doing the choreography. She ends the song at the edge of the stage, facing the audience and smiling, taking a fierce pose. When the song has ended, she is joined by the hosts on the stage. That was amazing! Thank you so much, Lana del Rey! Lana, how are you doing? “Thank you so much, I’m feeling great, I’m so happy to be here in the United Kingdom wit hall of you.” Are you enjoying your time here? “Yes, the United Kingdom is everything I expected it to be and more. I’m having so much fun here, exploring London and meeting all of my beautiful British fans. I’m so overwhelmed by all the love.” We love you here in the UK, Lana! That’s why you are performing at BBC1 Radio’s Big Weekend. Are you excited for that? “Yes, we have an amazing show planned for all of you and I just can’t wait. It’s going to be an amazing day and it’s going to be my first big show. I am so excited, I can’t wait until I get tob be on that stage and show you what we have been working on.” Alright, that sounds promising. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Lana del Rey! Don’t forget to buy her single on iTunes and to stream it on every platform.
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    P!nk Thursday, May 16, 2019 Andy Cohen (USA, 500) Cohen: Look everybody, guess who we have, its Pink! Woot Woot! (The crowd cheers and “Hey Why” plays.) Pink: Yay! Is it weird if I clap for myself? C: No, of course not, clap for yourself! How are you doing today? P: Im doing good today, how are you? C: Very Very good, Very good. The new single, can we just get right into it? P: Sure, Sure, yeah. C: “Hey Why” your new lead single, was there a moment when you said, I gotta pick up my pen again and start writing. P: Well, I never stopped. I just kept writing. Like its been a long you know, I made a human, and then another. C: You know, most people say I had a baby but you go I made a human. I love it! You’re a human making factory. Well done! P: Well, someone has to do it. Haha. C: Did that influence the song, or well, maybe the upcoming album? P: Maybe like it uped the anty for exhaustion and maybe the need for wine much earlier than usual haha. C: Yeah, so the wine comes in at like 7:30 now huh. P: Haha, yeah, at this point it just goes from coffee straight to wine. C: I love that, I want my life like that! So we touched on the album a bit. P: Yup! C: When is it coming out? Whats it even called? P: Well! There is no set date yet, but I think itll be out around November. Yeah, there a bit of a waiting period but like Im sure itll be super worth it. I hope. C: Well if its from you, I can tell it will be very much worth the wait. What can we expect from the album? P: Not gunna lie, it’s a little too early to tell. But, you should expect something really different. Yeah, I mean there are still a lot of those punch hard songs but theres a lot in there. I think everyone will walk away happy. Yeah. C: That’s amazing, when we get back, Pink performs her new song, “Hey Why”. Performance: The stage is perfectly lit and Pink is in the middle of the stage along side with three backup dancers. It is one male and two females. They are all back to back in a circle, with their hands crossed. When the song starts, they bust out in an 00s theme dance moves full of krumping, intense and tight body movements and everyone is in synch. Pink is holding a hand mic and sometimes during the song she deviates from the backup dancers and walks around the band and vibes off with them. When the bridge part comes in, Pink and all of the backup dancers are laying on the floor doing a very interesting floor dance piece. They are all together and doing the moves all at once with Pink is singing, she obviously isn’t using on of her hands to dance since she is holding a mic. When the bridge is over, Pink and the dancers pop up and continue their routine. When the song is over, the host meets Pink on stage and reminds everyone to buy and stream the new song.
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    | MAY 18, 2019 | #1 (=) Life on MTV | Fergie | 170,882 | THIRD WEEK AT #1 #2 (+2) Savior | Iggy Azalea | 166,889 | NEW PEAK #3 (NEW) Balenciaga | Aaliyah & Normani | 162,778 | DEBUT #4 (-2) He Don't Love Me | CupcakKe | 158,333 #5 (NEW) Black Roses | Southside & Yonge | 155,430 | DEBUT #6 (+17) More Than That | karrueche | 150,399 | NEW PEAK #7 (-4) Feelin' Myself | Miley Cyrus & Kendrick Lamar feat. Whiz Khalifa | 147,222 #8 (-2) Candy | Kitty feat. Britney Spears | 142,109 #9 (-4) Afterparty | Lana Del Rey | 137,333 #10 (NEW) When We Were Young | Adele | 134,888 | DEBUT #11 (+6) Hollow Crown | Ellie Goulding | 129,333 | NEW PEAK #12 (-5) You Need More | TRNT | 125,554 #13 (NEW) Just Like Me | Jessica Simpson | 122,100 | DEBUT #14 (-4) Show Love | karrueche | 117,209 #15 (+4) So Good | Zara Larsson feat. Big Sean | 112,209 #16 (NEW) Phoenix | Aaliyah & Normani | 108,329 | DEBUT #17 (-9) Spaceship | Miz Cracker | 105,443 #18 (-7) Bitch Better Have My Money | Rihanna | 100,003 #19 (-4) The Great Escape | Southside & Yonge | 97,210 #20 (NEW) Brooklyn Nights | Lady Gaga | 92,130 | DEBUT #21 (NEW) Hey Why (Miss You Sometime) | P!nk | 93,403 | DEBUT #22 (-6) Back Together | SZA | 88,830 #23 (-6) Calm After the Storm | Harry Styles feat. Florence Welch | 82,993 #24 (-3) Don't Think You Got the Memo | SZA | 77,993 #25 (-3) Mine | Kitty | 73,339 #26 (NEW) Swimming Pools | Kitty | 67,223 | DEBUT #27 (-2) Sun Chaser | Sky Ferreira | 64,092 #28 (-2) It Won't Work Out | Butterfly Chien | 60,333 #29 (-2) Bottom of the Ocean | Armani | 57,330 #30 (-1) Afraid | SZA | 55,022
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    I love @KATERINA the anti James Charles it Boy. He doesn't need to hate on Godonna just cuz he Stans Gaga. A mature kid who should get into Lara Fabian !!!
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    Announcer: Huge congrats to Aaliyah for winning Best New Artist, it's all yours! Here to perform for us, give it up for Queen B, Beyoncé! Beyoncé performs Ghetto Jesus Dressed in all white, Beyoncé stands at the center of the stage. Behind her are set of barefoot black male singers also dressed in all white, but standing on a small staircase, two men per stair. Beyoncé begins the performance by singing the first chorus of Ghetto Jesus in falsetto, acapella style. Then she stops and lets the men sing the hook acapella, sounding like a beautiful choir. As a gospel version of the Ghetto Jesus instrumental begins to play and Beyoncé sings the first verse, the singers slowly raise their hands, as if they were being confronted by the police. All the singers are completely still, their faces mimicking real fear as if they were in real danger. They break their serious tone for a few moments in order to beautifully harmonize with Beyoncé during the chorus but once she gets to the second verse, they resume their pose. They repeat the same procedure until the bridge where they get down on their knees and pray. For the final chorus, the singers do not join in. Instead they let Beyoncé have the spotlight as they go back to their hands in the air position. Beyoncé gives her all vocally and adds runs and belts everywhere she can. Throughout the entire chorus she slowly amplifies the tension by growing louder and louder until she hits an epic note and suddenly a gunshot is heard. All the men keep their composure except one of the singers the very top. He looks down at his bleeding chest and slowly falls to the ground.
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    BEST R&B ARTIST - WINNER Normani: "Thank you guys so much. The support you've shown with my debut album and this album I got out with Aaliyah means everything to me. A quick shoutout to my girl Aaliyah, I love you, BET I love you, thank you!" @Venti
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    Jay-Z: "I'm here to present the award for Best R&B Artist, here are the nominees" Beyoncé Normani Rihanna Aaliyah And the BET Award goes to ... ... ... NORMANI!
  46. 4 points
    Azealia Banks arrives on the red carpet
  47. 4 points
    Iggy Azalea Slays the BET Awards Red Carpet! On May 19, Iggy arrived at the BET Awards red carpet! Although she is not up for any awards she attended to support her fellow musicians in the music industry!
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    Aaliyah arrives at red carpet, has Balenciaga on!
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    Rihanna arrives at the red carpet, doesn't make any interviews
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