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  1. 23rd of January 2020 A few changes have been made: - The Purple and VIP area have been merged into WOP Exclusive. - A WOP archive has been created. This is a section that is only viewable by administrators. This is for projects/whole sections we dont need anymore. With this archive we never have to delete stuff. From now on I dont even allow to delete stuff. If you have stuff that needs to be removed completely, contact a administrator. - I will make a thread in the Waste Bin. If you have a post that needs to be deleted (double posts, etc) just contact a moderator. They will split your post into that thread in Waste Bin. - I thought that no one really was using WOP Critics. I like the idea of reviewing albums so I'll create an alternaltive. This section was basically full with threads with 0 replies or just a view. Changes to come: - A brand new 2020 looking theme/look - Domain change to .com instead of .net - possibility of introducing ads to the site - WOP on Tapatalk @Administrators @Junior Moderators @Members @Members @Social Media Team @VIP
  2. Hello! Welcome to world of pop forums!

    1. False Sense

      False Sense

      Thank you! Glad to be here.

  3. The Holiday theme has been removed! It was time for it to go! Hopefully we'll see it return next Holiday season!

  4. Nice! If you need anything, let me know!
  5. Eliminating COADF Beyoncé - Lemonade Rihanna - LOUD Katy Perry - Teenage Dream Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy
  6. Heey welcome! Nice to meet you! Who do you stan?
  7. Hello! Welcome to World of Pop forums!

  8. Dirkje

    hello guys

    Heey there! Welcome to World of Pop forums! Nice to meet you!
  9. So excited for Future Nostalgia!! :duawerk3:

  10. Beyonce - Lemonade Ariana Grande - thank u, next Rihanna - LOUD Katy Perry - Teenage Dream Replacing Melodrama with LOUD
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