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  1. Hi! Since I probably wont be here tonight, I’m gonna leave my note here: Congratulations to the winner! You did amazing!! To @R.E.M.: Thank you so much for hosting this amazing games. I know you were very busy at times but still you managed to complete this game. I am so proud of you! I wish I could be here tonight but I cant. (See whatsapp) I love you so much honey! Here for a second season!
  2. Would you guys be here for a round of Guess The Member in June?

  3. She May enjoy her freedom now! She may find a new job or retire
  4. Well done @R.E.M. !! And @MSL welcome to the eliminated club!
  5. OMG! Listening now, and I LOVE it so far! Listening to Diamonds rn, such a bop!
  6. Ikr? Lucky we stan know better! I mean the 10’s had quality music. It just werent big hits.
  7. Its still unknown to me how this song is called!
  8. I can tell your lips dont lie

  9. Sometimes things just dont work out the way planned. Nothing personal towards @kipperskipper. I love him so much. He found out that actually he didnt have the time for the account. I respect that and decided to let him go. I still would like to thank him for agreeing in the first place. Very nice of you and much appreciated But since the twitter account still needs that extra support, I moved on and looked for someone to replace him. So please welcome @Joy Rider to Team Social Media for the Kpop account! Thank you so much for joining, good luck and I cant wait to see what you're gonna add to the table!
  10. Also, Katy Perry did THAT with Dark Horse! Its a bop!
  11. Let me just post a little throwback on this award winning cover of the #1 of this list:
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