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  1. Unfortunately I got the message that @Draven Grey wishes to step down as a Moderator! You were amazing! You had some great moments, also in the staff chat you were great at coming with ideas and thoughts! We will miss you!
  2. Because some changes will happen in the future in the Moderators team, we are looking for new mods! If you like to become a WOP Moderator, please PM me the following form: 1. Name 2. Where are you from? 3. How often can you be available to watch the site? 4. Do you have any experience with being a moderator? 5. Do you have discord? 6. Why would you like to become a Moderator? Everybody will need to PM me, even if you are a Junior Mod interested in an upgrade! As soon as we found the perfect candidates, this thread will close! You can PM me via the site or Spotify. Thank you for answering! @Administrators @Head Moderator @Junior Moderators @Members @Members @Moderators @Social Media Team @VIP
  3. Dirkje

    Sorry for being inactive

    Its okay sis! We all have our real lives!
  4. Its 11.30 AM. Still waiting in line. Its getting busier but still it isnt that busy yet. Soon its time for lunch. I took it with me so I dont have to leave my spot
  5. I’m in Amsterdam rn. I arrived around 8.30AM and I got #11 on my hand!
  6. Welcome to my live blog! I’m in Amsterdam for the X tour! Here I will post anything related. Its a live blog so keep that in mind. Come back daily for updates!
  7. Welcome to the forums!

    1. Faz Gostoso

      Faz Gostoso

      Thank you, you may remember me as One Of A Kind!

    2. Dirkje


      Yeah I remember! Nice to see you again!

  8. I agree with this! These are great words!
  9. This is the only right answer: Happy 4th of July everyone! I dont celebrate it but still!
  10. Ikr? The music video alone is so amazing! One of my fave Katy songs ever!
  11. Of course a #1 peak would be better, but still well deserved!
  12. I just bought Fanmail by TLC!
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