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  1. Congrats Harlot, well deserved Sad to see Tati go,her lipsync was amazing
  2. Omg, Tati coming through with the emotions.MP3 both of them brought IT
  3. Also, I’m shook once again @ Kitty & Dolly, these bitches aren’t messing around
  4. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL - BIBLEGIRL666 Let's start off with the lovely miss Slay Z @Cinnamon Girl, shall we? Hey girl! Do you want to know why I chose you first? Well, to put it short, it represents the concept of the realisation of the representation of us in a heterosexual relationship, where we defeat our past selves and become a single unit- a transformer, after which we, of course, only hypothetically, conceptualise the concept of realising the representation of the world on transformers and decide to beat the shit out of their past selves, to show how we, in theory, are able to overcome the concept of the realisation and represent the representation of the concept! Crystal Method @Elusive Smalls Sweetie, you already do so much to drag yourself, reading you feels like beating a dead horse... Dolly Daydream @Daydream I can't tell if the robot act really got into your head or if you're just naturally this dead... You really should do some soul-searching, who knows, maybe you'll find one? Tatianna @Britney Spears Honey, how'd you get in here? Did all the good queens turn down the invitation? You radiate the energy of a 16th replacement... Kitty @Teenage Dream Wow, you're so unique and creative, please continue to send shocking looks that go against all standards and norms of drag! No, really, please do, it'll make it one less queen for me to have to beat in this competition. Harlot Heroine @SAVIOR Maybe you were born into the wrong decade, it's really a shame... I mean, you would've killed it in the 1960's, and we wouldn't have to deal with you today, either...
  5. Sweetie... I was there before that hoe, I’m the true original
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