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  1. I have every sympathy with her emotions during the speech, but this woman doesn't deserve too much sympathy. She put herself in the position. She hasn't listened to anyone, least of all the devolved government of Scotland. Her time as Home Secretary lead to the Windrush Scandal, which lead to the incorrect deportations of West Indians to countries that some of them had never lived in. Some of those people died in these countries. There are still people homeless after the Grenfell incident, where an entire block of council flats went up in flames and killed nearly a hundred people.
  2. DIANA GORDON ON THE MORNING SHOW [Australia / Tuesday / Paid] Diana Gordon from Southside & Yonge stops by at The Morning Show AU for a chat about the release of their new extended play, reflecting on the creative processes behind the body of work and so on. Joining us now we have Australia’s superstar of the year. With five number one singles to her name, she’s one of the most successful female artists of all time here in Aus. It’s Diana Gordon, everybody! “Hey, it’s so great to be here.” It’s been a little while since we’ve had you on the show – but it’s always a pleasure. “Thank you so much. I love being here! It’s one of those really relaxed environments – I don’t feel like I’m being interviewed, haha!” That’s exactly what we go for. But, questions must be asked! How are you feeling about the success of you and Shawn’s EP? “Oh, the response has just been overwhelming. I get kinda nervous whenever I try something new, but I love doing it, so this collaborative experience has been incredible. I think the best part of it is is that Shawn and I are pretty different artists, sonically. It’s not as if we’re two artists that offer the same package getting together. No, we’re in different fields.” How does that affect the work? “It means that we aren’t competing with each other. Not that I would anyway, but we come from different musical backgrounds, so we work with other well. It’s weird, though, because we mesh together amazingly. The EP is a blend of both of us and then some.” You get kind of experimental on your second single, ‘Black Roses’. Tell us about that. “Black Roses, although obviously a joint effort, was more influenced by the R&B side of things, which made for this experimental, singed beat in the context of this acoustic-sounding EP. We wanted the song itself to be a darker moment on the album, which I think it definitely is. Just check out the video for that final piece of the puzzle, you know?” Definitely! So, what’s going on for the rest of the year, Diana? “There’s a lot of stuff that I have to keep kinda tight-lipped about. I’ll leave you with this… there’s more to Southside & Yonge than just this body of work.” Ahh, the always mysterious Diana Gordon! Thanks for stopping by. The Southside & Yonge EP, including 'Black Roses', is available now, Australia.
  3. JESSICA SIMPSON ON THIS MORNING CANADA [Canada / Tuesday / Paid] During her run of Canadian promotion, Jessica Simpson makes an appearance on This Morning Canada to chat about releasing her new single ‘Just Like Me’ and why she chose to revive her album campaign after a false start last year. On ‘Just Like Me’ “I’ve got no doubt that this new record is going to completely change the way that people see me. I’ve never been political with my music, because of both label pressure and personal choice. I’m not going to say that ‘Just Like Me’ is a political track, but it’s about embracing all of the differences that exist between every single personal in this country and in the world. Isn’t it our differences that make us stronger? I think so. We’re living in a time where prejudice and hatred is given too much of a platform. Sexism, homophobia, racism: we need to stamp them out, and I want to do my part my promoting the messages of love and acceptance in my music.” On reviving her album campaign “I know all of my fans had their hopes up last year when I put up the pre-order for my album, but it just wasn’t the right time. I was just as disappointed as they were that the music wasn’t getting out there, but I made that decision for the best of reasons. It was worth cancelling it for all of the creative sessions that I had re-recording and re-writing the album during my pregnancy. I now have the best album that I’ve recorded ready to release and I am so excited. ‘Gotta Be Bad’, the single from last year, is a little bonus track on this new album, too. I love that song a lot, so I thought… why not just give it to the fans anyway? It fits so well on the tracklist, haha!” ‘Just Like Me’ is available for pre-order, Canada, and stream the single now!
  4. JESSICA SIMPSON ON THE NATIONAL [Canada / Wednesday / Paid] Jessica Simpson appears on Canada’s The National to chat about mixing motherhood with music on her new album ‘Just Like Me’. On motherhood and music “Being a mother of three and keeping a successful music career going was never going to be easy, but when have I stuck to the easy route? I’m at a point in my life where I am genuinely very happy with where I am; I have total control over the kind of music that I am making and on the direction that my image is going in. It’s being a mom that’s helped me gain the confidence to do this for myself; if I can look after an army of three – and a husband – then I think I can do anything. That goes for all of the moms out there, whether you’re thinking about going to college or looking to start your own business, whatever. You can do it, ladies. I want this album to inspire you.” On the meaning behind ‘Just Like Me’ “The idea behind this album is embracing the differences that we all have, and how they can unite us instead of diving us. Like I said, I want this album to inspire; to inspire change, to inspire people to go down paths that they didn’t think were for them. I wanted to make pop music that really meant more than going out and falling in love, you know? I love love songs. Who doesn’t?! And this album does have moments that reflect on the love that I have for people, but in a different way to the usual. The fact that this message has seemingly resonated so well with people on the single makes me very, very happy. I couldn’t be prouder of the single so far – and I can’t wait to keep on with the music!” Just Like Me is available now, Canada!
  5. JESSICA SIMPSON ON Z100 NEW YORK [USA / Monday / Paid] Jessica Simpson visited the Z100 studio in New York to chat about her upcoming album ‘Just Like Me’ and single of the same name, which is storming up the charts across the world. First things first, welcome to the show, Jessica! It must feel strange talking about music again. “Oh yeah, it does! I’ve been out of the game for a while. Last year’s little false start doesn’t really count to me.” Yeah, what happened there? ‘Gotta Be Bad’ was a decent sized hit. “It was, but one thing lead to another and suddenly I was pregnant again. I feel like I spend half of my life pregnant nowadays!” Ah, okay. Congratulations on the birth of Birdie Mae, by the way. Is it busy at home now? “It’s always been busy, it’s just now there’s another screaming baby to make things even more so. I always dreamed of having a huge family though, so I’m kinda living the dream!” Has being a parent inspired your new album ‘Just Like Me’? “For sure! The entire concept behind this album is witnessing the beauty that makes us all different. All three of my kids are totally different, which is so beautiful, and it makes our family really dynamic. I think it’s our differences that make us strong; even in society, where we all use our difference strengths and weaknesses to make ourselves stronger. We’re stronger together.” The single has been met to great success so far, coming in at number seven on the charts. Was that a surprise for you? “Totally, considering ‘Gotta Be Bad’ didn’t even make the top ten at all last year. Debuting in the top ten is so, so amazing for me. This is my second top ten record of my entire career, so you can just imagine how excited I am for the rest of the music.” Jessica, thank you so much for stopping by today. ‘Just Like Me’ is available now, America, and get pre-ordering the album!
  6. JESSICA SIMPSON - JUST LIKE ME PRE-ORDER Jessica Simpson's long-anticipated eighth studio album is finally back up for pre-order! After a false start last year with Heartbeats, Jessica is reviving her campaign with a reworked album and a new lead single, title track Just Like Me. TITLE: Just Like Me ARTIST: Jessica Simpson GENRE: Pop RELEASE: June 7th 2019 EXCEC. PRODUCER: Cirkut TRACKLIST 1. Just Like Me 2. TBA 3. TBA 4. TBA 5. TBA 6. TBA 7. TBA 8. TBA 9. TBA 10. TBA 11. Gotta Be Bad © Ultraviolet Music, a division of the Warner Music Group
  7. JESSICA SIMPSON ON AMERICAN IDOL Jessica Simpson takes to the American Idol stage to perform her new single and second top ten hit in her career, ‘Just Like Me’. Joined by an array of blonde backing dancers, Jessica’s staging is very feminine, summery and breezy, with her wearing a light blue dress and sandals. Her backing vocals wear similar outfits, while her dancers wear bikini tops and white shorts. The stage is light up in a yellow-orange hue while Jessica performs the first verse, sitting on a stool centre stage at a little tiki bar that has been put up. Jessica smiles with her backing dancers, one of whom is behind the bar engaging in the roleplay with her as a bartender. As the chorus begins, Jessica gets up and moves quickly to centre stage, performing a piece of choreography with her backing dancers all synchronised around her. Jessica performs with confident and is clearly enjoying the performance. During the second verse, the dancers throw beach balls to each other, while Jessica poses as she sings beside them. The backing vocalists gather around the tiki bar and sit on the stools and on the bar, with Jessica joining them for the second chorus. The middle eight sees Jessica slowly walk across the stage as she sings towards the camera, holding a hand on her heart as she holds a big note into the final chorus. This final chorus is ultimately performed with the choreography from earlier and the crowd goes wild. 'Just Like Me' is available now, America! Now you can also pre-order the album of the same name!
  8. 1. Ultraviolet Music 2. "Spirit In The Sky" by KEiiNO 3. Q2 2019 4. @Mr. Mendes @Venti @Pabllo @Nicki Minaj @Breathin
  10. JESSICA SIMPSON CREATES THE PLAYLIST OF HER LIFE FOR TEEN VOGUE ON YOUTUBE [USA - GLOBAL // FREE 2 // WEDNESDAY]] Jessica Simpson visits Teen Vogue to create the playlist of her life, ranging from Shania Twain to Fergie. “Hey y’all, I’m Jessica Simpson and this is the playlist of my life!” 1. Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like a Woman “What can I say about this iconic piece of HISTORY? This first track goes out to all of the girls out there who have been told to ‘tone it down’ or ‘know your place’. We are amazing, ladies. Kitty power.” 2. Shakira feat. Pablo Vitar – Sua Cara “This is another track that you can shake your booty to. Me and my daughter were obsessed with this song when it first came out. I think it’s important to have music that lets you let go and just enjoy yourself. It doesn’t always have to be packed full of extra layers!” 3. Patty Griffin – Let Him Fly “Let Him Fly means the world to me. I covered it on my fourth album and it’s about that point in a relationship where you realise it’s over; that you have to let him fly. Love isn’t always pretty like a picture.” 4. Madonna – Ray of Light “Ray of Light is my favourite Madonna album. I think it was the album when the public’s perception changed on her, because we got to see a whole different side to the Queen of Pop. I love this song because it’s so 90’s and that vibe is so right. It feels like bliss.” 5. Southside & Yonge – The Great Escape “I’ve always loved acoustic music, so when I first heard The Great Escape, I was really excited to hear more from Southside & Yonge. It’s such a beautiful record to relax to with a nice and cool refreshing glass of lemonade.” 6. Aretha Franklin – Respect “Isn’t this just such a belter?! Y’all know I love something that I can use my voice for, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that Aretha is on my playlist. Her legacy has always inspired me in the music I create. Her talent was on another level.” 7. Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy Breaky Heart “I’m a sucker for older country music. This is the kind of stuff that I grew up listening to. Achy Breaky Heart is an undeniable classic; it’s one of those tracks that I’ve just gotta sing along to every time it comes on.” 8. Jessica Simpson – Just Like Me “I’m ending the playlist on my new single, Just Like Me. I wrote this track thinking about how, even though we are all so different from another, we all have one thing in common: love. Whoever you love, your love is the same as my love and mine is the same as yours. I think it’s a message that can’t get repeated enough in the world that we live in, so I’m ending the playlist on this!” “I hope y’all love the playlist as much as I do!”
  11. DIANA GORDON ON DELILAH [USA // Free 1 // Wednesday] Diana Gordon joins Delilah to chat about the Southside & Yonge EP, while also promoting the new Southside & Yonge single ‘Black Roses’. Delilah: Alright, so joining us on the show now we’ve got one half of Southside & Yonge, whose début EP is storming the charts this week. It’s Diana Gordon! Diana: Hi, Delilah. Delilah: Welcome to the show! It’s so great to have you with me today. Diana: Thanks for having me. Delilah: So you’ve joined up with Shawn Mendes to release the Southside & Yonge extended play. We loved The Great Escape here on Delilah, so can you tell us a little more about the EP? Diana: Well, the concept behind this EP was to take things back to basics. We wanted a pure, clean sound, while also experimenting with a darker atmosphere with the music. ‘The Great Escape’ was lighter than the new single ‘Black Roses’, which represents the darker side of the EP more. Delilah: I got to watch your new music video for ‘Black Roses’ and I was amazed. It’s something! Diana: For sure. We wanted to come at this from quite an artistic angle. The video is full of hidden meaning. In the video, Shawn and I climb into this run down, old van and drive it across a vast valley. It leads us to a river that we fail to cross. Instead, we get caught up in the waves and are washed away to our demise Delilah: That sure is dark! Diana: It’s representing the idea of being overwhelmed and lulled into a false sense of security. Sometimes, things go wrong, you know? Delilah: Well, Diana, here at Delilah we like to give our listeners somewhere to feel understood. ‘Black Roses’ does just that, so I want to thank you for releasing it as a single. It’s important to understand that our path isn’t always straight and narrow. Diana: For sure. I’m glad you can see that! Delilah: Absolutely. Well, Diana, thank you for joining me today. Southside & Yonge’s new single ‘Black Roses’ and their début EP is out now, America! Black Roses plays.
  12. JESSICA SIMPSON ON THE ZACH SANG SHOW [USA // Free 1 // Tuesday] Jessica Simpson joins Zach Sang to spill the tea on the release of her new album ‘Just Like Me’ and what happened after last year’s single ‘Gotta Be Bad’. Talk us through the release of ‘Just Like Me’. “I know I’ve been a little quiet during my pregnancy, but it’s so good to be back to music with ‘Just Like Me’. I knew that after the issues with the Heartbeats album’s cancellation that I had to come back with a banger. Just Like Me is exactly what my fans need from me. A lot of people get the impression that I’m quite conservative, but you’ve just got to look at some of my old music videos to see that that just isn’t completely true! I want my fans to be who they are. I want my fans to be happy; I want my family and friends to be happy. Supporting people, no matter what their background is, is fundamentally what I want this track to encourage.” What happened after ‘Gotta Be Bad’? “In short… there was a booking in the uterus. For real! Getting pregnant with Birdie was enough to put the campaign for my album on hold. After me and Eric agreed that we wanted another kid, I was like… yeah, that album’s getting a delay. I hated disappointing my fans, but with these things you just have to go for it! I’d been recording during the later stages of my pregnancy, which resulted in some really raw, stunning vocals. Who am I to blow my own trumpet? But yeah, the vocals are so bold on this album.” How different is the ‘Just Like Me’ album to ‘Heartbeats’? “It’s pretty different. The ‘Heartbeats’ album was more towards the dance side of things, and while you can get up and dance to the ‘Just Like Me’ tracks, they’re more pop. There aren’t as many ballads on ‘Just Like Me’ in the way that there were on ‘Heartbeats’, either. It’s a fun, positive album with catchy hooks and jamming choruses, haha!” ‘Just Like Me’ by Jessica Simpson is out now, America!
  13. DIANA GORDON ON THE VIEW [USA // Monday // Paid] Diana Gordon from Southside & Yonge made an appearance on The View, talking about her struggles with mental health and how music is a mental release for her. On her mental health “I’ve tried to be quite vocal about the struggles I’ve faced with my mental health over the past few months. I don’t deal well with feeling tied down or feeling as though I’m letting people with the choices I make. I think that’s partially why I was so hesitant to release my second album ‘It’s in Your Blood’ last year. I was worried about what the people that I care about most would say. It did better than I ever could have imagined, but that pressure was still on my shoulders. Then I was forced into releasing a Christmas album, when all I really wanted to do was release a small EP. Again, it did better than I expected, but I’m not the kind of artist that releases a Christmas album. It’s a constant struggle to deal with people’s expectations but surrounding myself with the right people really has helped me. Taking time for me; escaping from the pressures of public life to just be Diana.” On music being a mental release; ‘Black Roses’ “Music has been one of the best ways for me to deal with the struggles I face inside my head. When in doubt, I just start writing; I start spilling out my thoughts into my notebook and it helps. I wouldn’t say it’s therapy for me, but it definitely helps me clear my mind of all of the stuff that’s pulling me down. The single that I’m releasing with Shawn Mendes to lead into the Southside & Yonge EP, ‘Black Roses’, was written about the crumbling of a toxic relationship that I was in. I was being dragged down. It’s like, instead of sending me red roses, he was sending me dying, withering roses. It’s metaphorical. But yeah, that’s what we wanted to introduce the release of the EP with. It’s out there now!” The Southside & Yonge EP featuring Black Roses is out now!
  14. JESSICA SIMPSON ON THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH JAMES CORDEN [USA // Monday // Paid] On Monday night, Jessica Simpson appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden to talk about her new single ‘Just Like Me’ and to talk about welcome her new daughter Birdie Mae to the world. Corden: I want you all to give a big round applause for my next guest, who has taken the world by storm ever since her début single ‘I Wanna Love You Forever’ and hits like ‘With You’ and ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’’. It’s Jessica Simpson! Jessica: Hi, James! James: Welcome to the show, Jessica! It’s so great to have you with tonight. We’re kinda lucky to, because you’ve only recently given birth! Jessica: Yep, we welcomed little Birdie Mae to the family at the end of March. That’s bubba number three now! James: And a big congratulations to you. You look great! Jessica: I tend to put on a tonne of weight when I get pregnant. I blow UP! But I feel amazing! James: You’ve been straight back to work, too, with the new single. Tell me about ‘Just Like Me’ and how that came about. Jessica: It’s amazing to get back to music. So, I was supposed to release an album called ‘Heartbeats’ last year, but I ended up deciding to, uh, rent out the womb to Birdie, so that kind of came to a halt. During pregnancy I was recording some more stuff which all came together really nicely. I now have a full album ready to release! James: Fascinating! Has being a mother influenced your new music? Jessica: For sure. When you’re a parent, you love your kids no matter what they do and who they become. It’s so beautiful. This entire album, which is also called Just Like Me, is about embracing the differences that we all have. James: That sounds really exciting – and so current! Is it all pop? Jessica: It’s definitely a pop album. It’s full of catchy, fun music that really means something. I wanted to make it pop, but meaningful. James: Sweet. Well, I’m looking forward to your performance tonight. Jessica Simpson, everyone! The Performance of ‘Just Like Me’ Wearing a flowing gown and a flower crown around her curled blonde hair, Jessica looks beautiful as the camera focuses in front of her. Her backing vocalists are all in flowery outfits, looking just as hippie as Jessica. Starting to sing, she brushes a hand against her mic gently and smiles to the camera, capturing a positive atmosphere for the performance. Jessica then holds the mic stand in her hands as the chorus begins, kneeling forward slightly as she sings into the mic. On every snare in the backing track, the stage lights flash and the camera cuts to a long shot. The organisation of the stage looks particularly good in the long shots, with Jessica moving across the stage during the second verse. The backing vocalists all stay in the same spot, focussing on giving a fantastic vocal performance with Jessica. All in all, this is a pure and happy performance of ‘Just like Me’ and Jessica looks fantastic. James: That was Jessica Simpson with ‘Just Like Me’, America!
  15. Jessica Simpson - With You. As soon as it reached number one on the pop chart, it should have been pushed even more.
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