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  1. YLEN AAMU-TV Wednesday 21st August // EU Finland // Paid #2 Jessica Simpson visits the folks at Ylen aamu-tv in Finland to spill some tea about her next single from ‘Just Like Me’ and has a mini-career reflection. Now our next guest is no stranger to the recording studio, having just released her eighth studio album ‘Just Like Me’. Jessica Simpson, how are you doing today? “I’m really well, thank you! This is my first time in Finland, so I’ve been taking in all of the sights. Helsinki is so pretty!” How different is Helsinki compared to where you are from? “Don’t even get me started! Being in Helsinki is like being in another world. I’m a Texas gal, so like… everything is different. Everything!” Isn’t it amazing how your music has been able to translate so well to the Finnish audience, and other audiences around the world? “Yeah, it kinda freaks me out how global my music goes. In 2004 I could have been in, I don’t know, Tokyo and everyone would be singing ‘With You’. It’s freaky but cool.” Over the span of your career, you’ve had so many hit pop songs. What’s been your favourite? “Right now, it’s definitely ‘Just Like Me’, because it’s the newest. I’ve had so many songs that have gone onto inspire the rest of my career… all of the leads have been special. ‘I Wanna Love You Forever’, ‘Irresistible’… those two hold a special place in my heart, but then I also love ‘With You’ and ‘I Belong To Me’ and my country record… That’s a real mean question!” Okay, this should be an easy question. What song is going to be your next single from ‘Just Like Me’? “Now that’s a naughty one! I don’t even know if I can answer that yet… oh, who cares. It’s going to be one of ‘Spirit in the Sky’, ‘Don’t Come Home’ or ‘Just Go’. We’re thinking about doing a little fan poll so the kids can decide!” Fascinating! What one would you choose? “Hmm… well, the cut I’ve got with Cameron Dallas on ‘Spirit in the Sky’ is really special. That track actually features a Sami call, which really puts it in a field of its’ own! I definitely think that would make a super Christmas single. Let’s wait and see!” Well, wait we shall! Jessica, have a fantastic rest of your day in Helsinki and safe travels in future. “Just Like Me” is out now, Finland!
  2. GO' MORGEN DANMARK Monday 19th August // EU Denmark // Paid #1 Jessica Simpson begins her short visit to Scandinavia with an interview on Go’ Morgen Danmark, reflecting on her album ‘Just Like Me’ and talking about what’s next for her as an artist. Let’s turn over to our next guest on this morning’s show. She was the face of everyone’s favourite reality show Newlyweds with Nick Lachey, also already an established pop artist with hits like ‘Irresistible’ and ‘I Wanna Love You Forever’. Good morning Jessica Simpson! “Aw, hey sweetie! That was such a cute lil intro you gave me there.” Yeah?! How are you finding Denmark so far? “Cold! Very, very cold. I’m from where it’s hot in America, so being here where it’s always a lil bit chilly is interesting! But it’s a lovely country and you guys are all so friendly. I love Vikings!” Haha, we are a long way away from our Viking ancestors now, aren’t we? “Uh, yeah! Real friendly people. I might have to take a vacation here!” We’d love to have you! Jessica, can I just quickly wish you a congratulations on your new album “Just Like Me”. What a beautiful record. “Honey, how kind of you! Aw, you’ve made me feel all fluffy inside. You Danes are so cute! I just wanna take one of y’all home with me.” Haha, I know a few people who would volunteer. Do you miss home, being so far away? “Oh brother, I miss my kids. Oh God, yes I do! And my husband. And my coffee machine. That kinda stuff, you know? It’s those homely comforts like my family and my food that I miss, haha!” A very good answer! You’ve sort of conquered the world really quickly this summer, but you disappeared for a little while. Where’d you go?! “I needed some time with my family. My little baby Birdie Mae is only a few months old, so I don’t ever want to be away from her for too long. I just can’t do it. That’s why this little promo run over here is so short – I wanna go home and see my girl!” You must miss her like crazy. So, what comes next for you, Jessica? Hit single, hit album… where do we go now? “More singles, baby! More singles, more albums, more everything. A tour! Yeah, a tour. There’s so much I still want to do as an artist. There’s a lot I’ve got to say. I’m not goin’ anywhere no time soon.” Great! That’s all we’ve got time for this morning, Jessica. I hope you enjoy your time in Denmark we hope to see you soon! Denmark, you can download and stream Jessica's latest album and hit single "Just Like Me" now!
  3. TRIPLE M SYDNEY Wednesday 21st August // AU // Free #1 Dannii Minogue drops by to the Triple M Sydney studio to talk about her two new singles and teases her album release next year! Well howdy-do today to our next guest, who’s just released her first major single for what feels like a lifetime. Hello Dannii Minogue! “Hiya! Thanks for having me today!” It’s always a pleasure to chat to you, Dannii. I have a little confession, though. When I saw that you were releasing new music, I was like… what? It’s just been so long, Dannii. Where have you been hiding? “Haha, I don’t know if hiding is the right word! I’ve just been… pre-occupied. That’s it! Pre-occupied. I’ve been mumming, fashioning, judging…” Always judging! “Always. But in the most constructive and non-bitchy way possible.” Haha, I love that about you, Dannii. You can always have a laugh. “Ahhh, well if you don’t laugh, you’ll only cry!” Never have truer words been spoking. Alright, come on then. Tell me about your new singles. “Ain’t Got Time” is the first one. “Yeah, that’s right. I’m currently two weeks into my brand new five singles in five weeks project, which is basically me doing what it says on the tin. Five brand new singles in five sweet weeks. How’s that for serving?” You’re definitely keeping the little Fannii’s fed and watered! “OH MY GOD! You did not just say that!” Hahaha, what else should I call your fans? “I don’t know, actually! My fanbase has been around waaaaay longer than this trend of naming them, so I’m not sure! Maybe my Baby Loves?” Good idea! You should patent that. “God, I should, shouldn’t I!? I’ll have to drop you some credit for helping inspire me, mind.” Please do, Dannii! So you’re releasing five singles in five weeks, then what? An album? An EP? “It’s cool you’ve mentioned an EP, because what I’m thinking of doing is putting together all five singles into a neat little package for my Baby Loves to have. I would love to put out another full record, though! That’s something that’s on my list for 2020.” Okay, so you’re releasing the album in 2020. “Maybe! Hopefully…!” Haha, alright, Dannii, I’m afraid that’s all we’ve got time for today. It’s been soooo much fun! “Aw, yeah, it has! Can I come again?” Anytime, Dannii. See you soon! For those of you at home, Dannii's new singles "Ain't Got Time" and "Sugar" from her five singles in five weeks project are available now.
  4. SUNRISE Tuesday 20th August // AU // Paid #1 Dannii Minogue visits the Sunrise studio to talk about her return to music with her five singles in five week project, taking to the stage to perform her newly released single “Ain’t Got Time”. She’s been one of the nation’s sweethearts since her début on Young Talent Time back in the 80’s. Since then, she’s had an internationally successful music career with hits such as ‘This Is It’ and ‘Put the Needle On It’. It’s Dannii Minogue! (Dannii walks on, “Ain’t Got Time” plays) Welcome to the show! “Thanks for having me! I always love coming to see you guys.” I’ve gotta say Dannii Minogue, I’m loving your new records. New Dannii records! Where’d this all come from? “Aw, that’s so sweet of you. You see, I’ve wanted to release new music for ages. I’ve always been in and out of the studio since my last album, Club Disco, but nothing ever really came to fruition for a bunch of reasons. But I just got sick of holding things back, so here we go!” How many tracks have you got recorded, then? “From the latest sessions, there’s definitely at least three albums worth of material. I want to put it all out, too. I’m just this little creative munchkin right now!” And we’re so excited about it! Tell us a little about your project at the moment. “Well, I’m trying out a new way of releasing my music with my five singles in five weeks project – and that’s it! Five new songs in five weeks. So far we’ve got two tracks, “Ain’t Got Time” and “Sugar”.” What’s it like putting out so much music in such a short space of time? “It’s actually really liberating. I’ve had so many ups and downs in my career and there’s been a lotta times where I just have not been able to put out music. I feel like I’m catching up with lost time.” Are we going to see a new Dannii album, then? “I would love to put out a new record! At the minute the focus is just on singles, but there’s definitely a lot of hope for a new full record.” Superb, Dannii! We’ll let you get off and get ready for your big performance. Thanks for stopping by! “I can’t wait for you to hear it!” “Ain’t Got Time” performance For her first Australian performance of “Ain’t Got Time”, Dannii is setup in the studio with large glass windows looking out to the street outside, where fans holding CDs and vinyls from Dannii are outside looking in. She gives them a smile as she begins to perform, being joined by only two backing vocalists. Dannii makes her way over to the glass window and sings beside her fans outside, who are all clearly excited to see her and they all begin cheering during the chorus. She smiles widely, putting her hand on the window over one of her fans hands, before moving back to centre stage to continue her performance. Her backing vocalists click their fingers as they wave their arms behind her, adding some more animation to the show. The camera pans across the fans outside and Dannii performing in the studio, beaming a smile to the camera as she clicks her fingers during the second chorus. The stage lights drop up and down during the chorus, flashing over Dannii before setting up during the middle eight. She moves across the studio for the middle eight, returning to her fans briefly before strutting back over across the performance space to end the performance. “Wow! That was Dannii Minogue and the new single “Ain’t Got Time”, available now!”
  5. NEW MERCH RELEASED Victoria Beckham has released three brand new items to her online store! Fans can now purchase a "Lucia" t-shirt, the 12" vinyl single or the CD single. "Lucia" 12" Vinyl Single & Digital Download $10 "Lucia" CD Single & Digital Download $5 VB Branded "Lucia" T-Shirt & Digital Download $25
  6. IVY AND TRNT STAND UP FOR CHINA'S HONG KONG AGAINST WARMONGERING RAPPER KITTY China’s internationally famous popstar Ivy took to Twitter with America's TRNT to make their stance on the Hong Kong SAR violent protests clear, arguing against America’s Kitty in a heated encounter. Hong Kong, Aug 21 (Xinhua) – The Chinese nation watches on in horror as radical protesters in the Hong Kong SAR use guerrilla tactics to destroy public property, block the city and attack police officers. Meanwhile, it is clear that many U.S. politicians still latch onto outdated Cold War ideologies, making irresponsible remarks in attempts to interfere with the internal affairs of the People’s Republic of China. Indeed, it also appears that this sad and divisive ideology still remains intact in fragments of obscure realms of the American music industry. After China’s most successful international superstar Ivy took to Twitter to express her affection for her country and all of its territory, American rapper Kitty went into attack her patriotism. Kitty, whose recent album only lasted four weeks in the American top ten, claimed that Ivy’s love for the Chinese nation ‘saddens’ her, clearly exposing her pre-conceived anti-China notions as she expressed her support for 'mayhem' in the SAR. Ivy went onto show solidarity with the Chinese people of the Hong Kong SAR and the rest of China, while Kitty undermined the strength and courage of the loyal police force in Hong Kong by claiming that the renegade protesters territory is being ‘mishandled’. Kitty's disrespectful attack against the Hong Kong SAR government has angered Chinese netizens, who are proud of the one country two systems policy that has been susccesfully implemented in the Hong Kong SAR since the city rejoined China in 1997. A surprising hero in the eyes of Chinese netizens is WILDD Records artist TRNT, who nobly jumped into support Ivy’s protection of Chinese sovereignty and peace. TRNT stood against Kitty’s anti-China ideology, with Kitty later incorrectly referring to the Hong Kong SAR as a former English colony. The 'Chlorine' singer stood firmly behind Ivy's corner, respecting China's sovereignty to deal with its own matters without international interference. XINHUANET hopes that peace can be restored in the Hong Kong SAR under the legal and sole government of the HKSAR, led by Carrie Lam. Big congratulations go to Ivy for being a voice against terrorism in the Chinese territory, while TRNT earns thanks for respecting Chinese internal affairs.
  7. VICTORIA BECKHAM X ALLURE MAGAZINE Wednesday 21st August // USA - Worldwide // #5 Victoria Beckham. Fashion designer. Posh Spice. Solo star? We can forgive you if the latter has come as a surprise to you. Before the release of smash hit “Monster” in 2019, it had been a whopping sixteen years since Victoria Beckham the solo artist had graced our presence. Truth is, the Posh of the noughties was never cut out to go solo. With the British media eating her alive, it came as no surprise that Beckham’s self-titled studio album of 2001 was her last. Until now, with her upcoming sophomore album featuring hits “Lucia” and “Monster” due to be released this year. Victoria, before this year you had not released a single for sixteen years. Where has this newfound urge to release music come from? “I think that as a woman, I’ve matured so much to the point where I don’t care what the press has to say about me. Back when I first went solo, I was so worried about what was being written about me in the newspapers. Now that isn’t an issue for me, I’m doing what I want to do, which is music and fashion. They’re both my loves, so why wouldn’t I pursue both?” Is it true that you have an unreleased hip-hop album from 2003? “That is true, actually! I recorded that album here in the States as my second album, called Come Together. Obviously it never really ‘came together’, though, as my label went bankrupt before it could be released. Thank God!” What do you think when you look back on your début album? “It’s a very mixed bag, but it was a very personal record for me at the time. There’s a little bit of a baby Brooklyn during one of the tracks, which is always a really soft moment for me. I love a lot of that record. Not Such an Innocent Girl was probably the wrong track to lead with, though. It didn’t set the charts alight like we’d hoped!” What do you want your upcoming second album to do for your image? “It’s about time people start respecting me as a musician, to be honest! I want people to see that I can sing and I’m a confident writer and performer. All of the tracks on this upcoming record are co-written with me. It’s my work!” Is your new single “Lucia” a good representation of your new album? “It’s quite a good representation, yeah. It’s a very grown-up album and I don’t ditz around anything fluffy on there. The new record is a record by a woman, not a girl.” We can’t wait to hear it, Victoria. Anything else to say to your fans? “Thank you for being so patient for all of these years. I’m back, baby!” Victoria's sophomore album is preceded by the new single “Lucia”, available now.
  8. LIVE WITH KELLY AND RYAN Wednesday 21st August // USA // Paid #4 Victoria Beckham joins Kelly and Ryan to chat about her new single “Lucia” and what the single means to her. It’s super exciting to be joined by our next guest, who was 1/5 of the Spice Girls and is now both a highly successful fashion designer and solo artist. It’s Victoria Beckham! (Victoria walks out and “Lucia” plays) “That’s Posh to you!” Oh, hey, Posh! You look wonderful! “Thank you! You can’t see any bags under my eyes, then?” Not at all! You’ve been busy, eh? “Oh my goodness, busy is an understatement. I don’t know if I was even this busy when I was first launching my fashion label. I feel like I’m either always doing interviews or I’m on a plane. There’s no time to rest at the moment!” It’s all full speed ahead for you, then. How have you been keeping in contact with your David and your family? “Well, the kids have been on and off with me on the road. I don’t think it’s fair to pull them out of their life back home and they understand that mummy has to go out and work, so it’s manageable. I hate being away from them, though! It does kill me a little inside when Dave sends me a cute video of Harper, or a snap of one of the boys.” It’s got to be worth it, though, when you see how well your new single “Lucia” is doing. “The hard work is definitely worth it. I just wish I could work from home, you know?” Absolutely! Well, once you’ve finished with the promotion for “Lucia” you can take a nice vacation. Where would you wanna go? “Well, performing “Lucia” always puts me in the mood for a trip to Spain, so that would definitely be my first choice. Have you been?” Yes! Beautiful country. What does “Lucia” mean for you, then? Aside from Spain cravings. “Spain cravings, haha! Well, putting those aside, it’s a track that I released not for myself, but for other women. The woman who feels like she isn’t getting everything she deserves in life, even though everyone else thinks she is. It’s a difficult track to summarise, but it’s definitely more than just a breezy summer jam, you know?” Definitely. It’s got that deeper meaning that every good song needs. We can’t wait to hear you perform! “I can’t wait, either! Get me on that stage!” Haha, absolutely! Thank you for joining us today, Victoria. “It’s been a pleasure. See you in Spain!” “Lucia” performance Victoria Beckham takes “Lucia” to Kelly and Ryan’s stage with a group of Latin backing vocalists and two Latin dancers. All of the performers on stage are wearing fancy black flamenco costumes with red patterns, while Victoria is wearing a small black dress as an eyewink to her Spice Girls days. She begins the performance standing at a mic, with her backing vocalists lined up along the side of her. The dancers start at the back of the stage, making themselves more prominent in time for the chorus, when they move their bodies sensually around each other. Throughout. The performance, Victoria sings with a small, confident smile, ensuring that she makes eye contact with the camera as a sign of singing to the audience at home. The lighting is set about in a gorgeous yellow tinge, which is to create a feeling of warmth and exoticness on the stage. Indeed, Victoria’s body language is very confident and in control for this performance, taking her mic off of the stand for the final chorus and stepping in front of it, joining the dancers in a small piece of flamenco to show off her dancing ability to the audience at home, being a professionally trained dancer herself. It is a performance very much fit for the morning, full of positive vibes.
  9. 104.3 MYfm - Valentine in the Morning Tuesday 20th August // USA // Paid #3 Victoria Beckham calls into 104.3 MYfm to chat about her new single “Lucia” and talks about her recent studio sessions with ‘Despacito’ hitmaker Andrés Torres. Let’s give a big good morning to my next guest, who has just reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s Victoria Beckham! “Hi there, morning all!” Good morning! It’s really exciting to have you here today. I was a big fan of the Spice Girls growing up, so it’s a little surreal speaking to you! “Aw, don’t be starstruck! It’s only me.” I can’t help it, haha! When I tell you it’s been more than twenty years since ‘Wannabe’, how do you feel? “Very old. It feels like a lifetime ago when me and the girls were out here touring the radio stations to promote ‘Wannabe’. It’s quite weird being back here doing the same thing with ‘Lucia’.” It must be so strange! How much has changed, in your experience? “You know, it’s quite funny because in essence, a lot has changed when it comes to radio promotion. You’ve still got to make sure you sell the song to radio, but at the same time, radio doesn’t have as much of an influence as it used to because of streaming.” Your new single ‘Lucia’ is doing really well on radio, though. You must be thrilled. “I can’t tell you how exciting it is to hear your own record being played on the radio. The first time I heard ‘Lucia’ played, I think I might have screamed. That will never cease to be exciting for me!” You wrote the new record with the writer of ‘Despacito’, didn’t you? “I did! I’ve been working with a lot of fabulous Latin writers and artists, because not only do I want the sound of my more Spanish-influenced music to be authentic, but I want to give opportunities to as diverse a team as I can. Everybody deserves the opportunity to shine. Women, minority groups… I want to create spaces for people.” Is the rest of your new music more Latin sounding, too? “A lot of it is, yeah. I’ve got a lot of material recorded. A lot of it from the ‘Monster’ sessions isn’t Latin at all, but all of the new stuff is.” It’s shaping up to be a crazy year for you, Victoria! Thanks for stopping by today. “Thank you, I’m glad you like my new record!” ‘Lucia’ is available now, folks!
  10. DANCING WITH THE STARS Monday 19th August // USA // Paid #2 Victoria Beckham takes to the Dancing with the Stars stage to perform her smash hit single “Lucia”. For this performance of “Lucia”, Victoria is standing on a circular podium centre stage, wearing a huge red gown that goes down the podium and spreads across the stage a little. The backing lighting is all light up in a warm orange, with Victoria standing beneath a white spotlight herself. There is a live band at the back of the stage that plays the instrumentation of the record for her. As they begin to play, the first verse of the performance sees Victoria sing to the camera, holding her hand out to it as she sings directly to the audience. Then, during the pre-chorus the stage lights dip to a brighter tone and contestants from the show begin to enter the stage with their partners. They are all wearing flamenco outfits in different colours, matching with their partners. Once they have all arrived on stage, they all perform a flamenco piece around Victoria on the podium. The camera pans across the dancefloor, giving a moment in the spotlight for each of the contestants as they show off their flamenco skills during Victoria’s performance. While she is stood on the podium for the entirety of the performance, an element of movement added by the panning of the camera around her and across the contestants. It is a beautiful sight to see, and the crowd gives her a massive round of applause at the end. "That was Victoria Beckham with her new single “Lucia”, which is available now!"
  11. CHE TEMPO CHE FA Sunday 18th August // Europe // Paid #1 Victoria Beckham visits the folks at Che tempo che fa to chat about her experience performing at the EMAs and finds out the latest chart placing of “Lucia” in the U.S.! Last night, she took the EMAs by storm with her stage performance of new single “Lucia”. And now she’s here! Please give a warm round of applause for Victoria Beckham! (Victoria walks on with a wave) You are looking so radiant tonight! Positively glowing, in fact! “Oh, thank you! Well, as is well-reported by the press, I’ve got quite a solid skin care routine that I stick to.” Is it true you put pigs’ blood on your face? “Gross, no way! It’s my own blood that I get put into this fantastic product. It’s got so many amazing healing qualities, you know!” Sounds deadly! “You’re not scared of a little needle, are you?!” You’ve caught me! It’s the needle. “I knew it!” (laughs) Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.” On a less bloody note, I want to congratulate you on your fantastic performance at the EMAs in Seville last night. You killed it! “Ahh, thank you so much! It was such a privilege to perform at the event, actually. It was such a happy coincidence that my new single “Lucia” is very much influenced by Spain!” I bet they loved the performance! “It went down really well, yeah. I wanted to incorporate as much of the flamenco side to the record as I could to the performance. My team worked really hard to make sure everything looked fabulous and it worked out even better than I could have imagined!” We’re now hearing that “Lucia” has just gone onto become your second top five single in the United States. Congratulations! “What?! No way! That’s fantastic news! Wow!” You look surprised! “It is a surprise! As an artist, you never expect these things to happen. It just keeps getting better.” Where do we go after “Lucia”? New single? An album? “Truthfully, I’m not so sure yet. We’re discussing a lot of potential avenues go down. Obviously, the album is still up for pre-order, but currently it’s just a placeholder until we have a finalised idea. There was originally going to be an album out earlier this year, but things didn’t quite work out that way. The music industry is fickle like that.” So you have an unreleased album? Will we ever get to hear any of it? “What we might be doing is releasing a collection of the songs from that album. It would feature remixes and a bunch of other unreleased tracks that won’t feature on the final second album. Who knows, though!” Whatever you bring our way, we can’t wait. Thanks for joining us tonight, Victoria. “Thanks for having me. I love your country.” Performing “Lucia” In this stripped back performance of “Lucia”, the acoustic backing track is used as Victoria performs sitting on a high stool by a mic stand. The stage is set upon with golden glowing lights, with a little stream of smoke covering the lower portion of the stage. Performing this pure rendition of the new record, the tone on the stage is one of calm. As the first chorus begins, Victoria is joined by a female flamenco dancer in a black flaje de flamenca, whose slow movements add to the calm tone of the performance. She moves gracefully next to Victoria, with the camera shifting focus from Victoria onto the dancer for the chorus, blurring out Victoria next to her. As the second verse begins, the camera shifts back to Victoria, who is still seated. Behind her, the flamenco dancer performs with dignity. The second chorus beginning sees the focus shift to the dancer behind Victoria, before the camera slowly moves around the studio so that we can see the vast emptiness of the stage that only Victoria and her dancer are on. Overall, the performance is simple but effective.
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