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  1. Deleting his post would not have prevented you from keeping your public warning in any way...
  2. Should have been gone from the beginning but you didnt care enough that everyone would still see it. oh and btw, time to change this in your Guidelines "The Battle Zone will be completely hidden from the public eye." ALL the guests can see the Battle Zone.
  3. You had already seen the post and posted after without doing anything...
  4. Of course you and @R.E.M. won't even delete his terrorist joke. yall even commented and reacted after the posts. and this xenophobic comment but yall will play the victim when I make normal BG threads. so much for the "dramafree" forum. Even COP would forbid that.
  5. It sounds like she recorded that crap in 98 seconds then changed the pitch and tempo to make about 15 songs out of that recording. It's a shame that little monsters call Gaga a pioneer of country pop when Shania Twain and goddess Cassadee Pope exist. Stream a real pop country masterpiece.
  6. Are you here for this genius idea @Elusive VanjieVanjie I mean, Ina low-key inspired Demi to sing about sex https://tenor.com/OpwG.gif
  7. Ina Garten is a cooking legend. It's a great idea. Demi wants to spread positivity about body image and reduce stigma about eating disorders. They both have the same FREAKING ADORABLE smile and look eternally 12 like Legend Dora! And both are funny legends whose fave dish is a MUG https://giphy.com/gifs/cookbook-contessa-DopYsVeTKX6fu
  8. Life's like a novel
    With the end ripped out
    The edge of a canyon
    With only one way down
    Take what you're given before its gone
    Start holding on, keep holding on
    'Cause when push comes to shove
    You taste what you're made of
    You might bend till you break
    'Cause it's all you can take
    On your knees you look up
    Decide you've had enough
    You get mad, you get strong
    Wipe your hands, shake it off
    Then you stand, then you stand
  9. No one even cares about her let alone bandwagon hate her. I only listened to that song cuz a certain person keeps spamming her
  10. Cassadee Pope - Stupid Boy
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