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  1. Iggy Azalea Performs on X Factor UK | UK Paid Promo | June 16 |Iggy Azalea performed her hit second single, Boom Boom ft Zedd on the X Factor UK! The stage is set with neon light poles sticking up out of the floor in a circle. There is also lights placed around the edge of the stage. Also in the middle of the stage is a circular stage that stands half a meter off the floor to support Iggy and some dancers. The beat kicks in as the stage is filled with a light layer of smoke that lies across the floor. The circular lights flash in time with the song revealing Iggy's shadow as she stands on the circular platform. The lights also reveal two dancers opposite each other on the poles. As Iggy starts rapping the dancers swing around the poles in sync with the beat of the song. Throughout the verse Iggy is seen moving her hands and body in time with the track as she slowly walks off the platform in time for the chorus. As the pre chorus comes in four more dancers run out joining her as visuals of space are shown on the screen. The dancers move viciously in time with the beat as Iggy raps and moves across the stage. Another four dancers run in for the next verse as they dance around the poles surrounding Iggy. For the next chorus the lights on the side of stage light up green in time with the song as another four dancers run out. With all of them dancing the smoke builds reflecting the light onto it. For the bridge of the song Iggy and the dancers walk to the front of the stage in a line. Once the beat hits in they dance together quickly and then run back to the poles as the last four dancers run out filling every pole. The last beat hits and Iggy and the dancers all pose!
  2. I think it has to be through links, and you can sign another once your first has released an album
  3. Iggy Azalea on Good Morning Britain | UK Paid Promo | June 13 | Iggy Azalea joined Good Morning Britain to talk about her latest single Boom Boom, her debut album UTOPIA plus her relationship with fiance Tyga! Iggy: Hello UK! How are you doing? Host: Hello Iggy! Everyone this is our special guest today! Iggy: Well thank you for having me here today! I always love coming back to the UK, it's always so nice here! Host: Well that's good that you like it! Do you wanna know something I like? Iggy: Sure! Host: Boom Boom! Whenever I'm walking down the street there is always someone listening to it, whether I hear it in cars or just in the shops its literally everywhere here! But that's no surprise after your amazing Big Weekend performance which was spectacular! Iggy: Well there is another reason why the UK is amazing! Doing the Big Weekend was so fun and I can't believe I got to partake in something so big and amazing so early on in my career! I can't wait to perform some more! I do know I have Copcabana coming up and Chicago Pride which is at the end of this month! Host: That sounds fun and I bet you will be amazing as always! I do assume some more new music will be performed right? Iggy: Yep! I will have expanded my setlist by then adding a couple of song which I can't wait for everyone to here! Host: So we all know that you dropped the preorder for your debut album UTOPIA, how does that feel? Iggy: It feels amazing! Knowing the world can hear some more of music is just amazing! Host: Well when looking at the tracklist, there seems to be no songs with Tyga? Why is that? Iggy: I would say our relationship is love and not music. We don't feel the need to collaborate yet but in the future it would be fun to do so keep an ear out I guess Host: Well I can't wait for that!! Iggy: Same! Host: Well thank you for taking the time out of your day to come visit us! Iggy: Well thank you for having me here today!!
  4. IGGY AZALEA // AZALEA RADIO EPISODE I // JUNE 15 Iggy: Hello Azaleans! Welcome to the first ever episode of Azalea Radio powered by Apple Music! I've been keeping this a secret for a while as it has been in the works. Today we have Zedd as a special guest! Plus we will talk about some new releases from Rihanna, SZA & Azealia Banks plus Karrueche! NEW RELEASES Iggy: So by now, we have all heard Rihanna's amazing Sex With Me! She has now released an acoustic version of the track that adds a bit more rawness to the song which I think enhances the songs meaning. This is a song that's gonna be at the top of my playlists for a while considering I've had Sex With Me on repeat for a while now. In case you haven't heard it, here it is! SEX WITH ME ACOUSTIC - RIHANNA BACK TOGETHER REMIX - SZA & AZEALIA BANKS Iggy: What you just heard was the remix of SZA's smash, Back Together! It's honestly such a great song that you can just bop to and love! This remix with Azealia adds another dimension to the track in my opinion. I hope this is SZA's summer smash cause honestly it deserves to be! Now! Let's get into the amazing album by Karrueche that dropped yesterday. With the album consisting of 11 tracks, you're in for a treat. I would say More Than That was a great single choice and Me So Bad is amazing! With it being co written by Tinashe of course it's gonna be amazing! She really did a great job with this album and I hope it blows the fuck up! Ok Azaleans! I'll be back after these songs! MORE THAN THAT - KARRUECHE ME SO BAD - KARRUECHE ft TY DOLLA $IGN & FRENCH MONTANA NEW MUSIC Iggy: I'm so excited to put out my debut record, UTOPIA! I've been working on this album for a while now and after many fallouts with producers and writers who stole the music and wanted me to be autotuned and this and that I finally got an end product. UTOPIA... a place of peace and harmony. I wanted this album to be upbeat and positive in time for summer and just all year round to spread happiness. I have a new single lined up coming soon with a very special person but I won't reveal what song yet!! Also I will be performing at Chicago pride which will be very exciting as I'll be able to play heaps of new music! Hopefully the album will be out late July or early August!! I can't wait! But here is some of my songs Azaleans! Plus a new one!! SAVIOR - IGGY AZALEA BOOM BOOM - IGGY AZALEA ft ZEDD IN A HAZE - IGGY AZALEA SPECIAL GUEST - ZEDD Iggy: We welcome to our show our first special guest.... ZEDD! Zedd: Hello! How are you doing Iggy? Iggy: I'm doing amazing thank you! Now I think all the azaleans want to know how it felt to be on Boom Boom? Zedd: It was such a great experience making that song with you and the others! I just remember partying around! Iggy: Wwell that wasn't the only song! Azaleans the song I just played called In A Haze was co produced by the amazing Zedd and lets be honest, it's amazing!! Zedd: Thank you! I love that song so much! Iggy: Well I hope we get to work together on some of your projects and maybe even my next one! Thank you for coming Zedd! It was so fun! Zedd: Thank you for having me!! Iggy: Well that raps up our first episode of Azalea Radio! Thank you for listening in and thank you to Apple Music for powering us and Zedd for joining us! See you next time! DON'T CALL ME UP - MILEY CYRUS JUST LIKE ME - JESSICA SIMPSON
  5. @KATERINA @kipperskipper @Elusive Vanjie @R.E.M. WELCOME TO THE FINAL! You will be tasked with creating a verse for my new song, READ U WROTE U! This will be performed live at the final to! You will create a verse + send a performance look! Good Luck! LYRICS (Try to have the same amount of lines as the og verses)
  6. @KATERINA @kipperskipper Lipsync theme: Iggy Azalea Auntie McDonalds: TEAM Heebie Jeebies: WORK -- Auntie McDonalds.... SHANTAY YOU STAY! That means Heebie Jeebies... SASHAY AWAY! RIGHT INTO THE FINAL!
  7. Iggy Azalea Covers for GQ | JUNE 12 | On Wednesday, June 12 Iggy Azalea stripped down to cover GQ magazine BODY POSITIVITY "I feel that body positivity isn't discussed enough in today's society. With many harmful stereotypes being portrayed everywhere you go people start to envision this perfect role model that they must aspire to be to be beautiful. I think its disgusting. Everyone is themselves and shouldn't have these ideologies shoved down their throats 24/7 but instead they should be told more about expressing themselves and individuality. I'm pretty confident with my body because at some point you realise who cares... I'm me and that's that, I know I'm not going to change for anyone not matter their opinions or ideas." UTOPIA "UTOPIA, the holy grail of equality and peace. I specifically chose this as my album title as I felt that the songs pictured a perfect world and reality. With that being said, it's known that every UTOPIA is actually a DYSTOPIA and becomes corrupt and unbalanced. This is why I wanted to end the album on a little darker note then the more upbeat pop / rap songs on the album. I hope I can capture this with the song lyrics and the visuals that will come in the future!" ROGUE TO RICHES "Growing up in Australia was good. I'm not going to try and paint it as a bad place but It wasn't ideal for me. I love to be in more busy places where as Australia is more chill and relaxed. I was inspired to join the music industry after listening to Tupac CDs I would purchase from the shops and Missy Elliott videos I would see on TV. I knew it would be hard to accomplish this dream but I strived for it. That's the only way you will ever be able to reach your dreams by going for it! At the age of 16 I was working three jobs at once to save up for a plane ticket to Miami to hopefully get signed. Once that happened I eventually got signed to Venus Records after having no money, no family and being 16 in the middle of Miami. Know I'm so happy that I can finally release music and inspire people out there." MUSIC "The music industry has treated me very well! Everyone is so kind and supportive and it feels great to be in such a kind and sharing environment. Music is what makes the world go round and to share that experience with these artists and fans it's amazing! One day I would love a female rap anthem! Imagine people like Azealia Banks, Nicki Minaj and Cupcakke all coming together to create art!"
  8. How did Gaga decline? The Fame is her worst album... ARTPOP > BTW > TFM = Joanne > The Fame
  9. Iggy Azalea on Capital FM! | US Paid Promo | June 10 | Iggy Azalea joined Capital FM to discuss her upcoming album and to talk about her future Host: Everybody please welcome our guess today, Iggy Azalea! Iggy: Hello! How are you going? Host: Fine thanks, what about you? Iggy: I'm going amazing! Host: So last Friday you dropped the preorder for you album UTOPIA, can you tell us about this concept? Iggy: Well UTOPIA is a place designed to make sure everyone is equally and can live in peace and harmony. All the songs on the album are more upbeat with some having pop elements to have a happy vibe. The Last Song is a bit more darker than the rest as its showing the transition from a UTOPIA to a DYSTOPIA as every UTOPIA eventually collapses into a DYSTOPIA! Host: That's amazing! Can you tell us about some of the other songs on the album? Iggy: Ring featuring Armani is one of my favourites as its about reflecting on an ex and being confused if they have moved on or were they just using you. Armani's vocals are so nice and fitting for this song and I'm so happy that she agreed for it because I don't think anyone else would have fit on the song! Another song I love is Love Don't Fail Me Now featuring Jeremih, it's this really upbeat love type song with disco elements. It's something totally different for me but it turned out amazing and I'm super happy! Host: What's your favourite songs right now? Iggy: Oh my god, I love the new Miley Cyrus song, Don't Call Me Up! It's so good I've literally had it on repeat since its come out because it's that bitch! Host: Do we have a date for the album yet? Iggy: Nothing is set in stone but late July, early August seem to be when it will be coming! Once I found out I'll make sure to tell everyone though! Host: Do you think you will tour for this album? Iggy: Yes! I think I'll do a US + Europe tour and then revamp it latter on with new songs and visuals and stuff for the whole world to experience! I might even do a little residency in Sydney! Host: Wow! That sounds so fun! But just quickly do you have any dream collabs? Iggy: ALOT! I would love to work with Nicki Minaj & The Weeknd after hearing Though I Knew You because that was amazing! I would also love a SZA collab because she is just a queen and I would also love a Fergie collab because, we stan to be honest! Host: Well thank you for spending your time with us today! Iggy: You're welcome! Can't wait to see you next time! BOOM BOOM PLAYS Make sure to stream Iggy's new single Boom Boom out now and preorder her album UTOPIA
  10. Tove Lo - Bitches Remix ft Alma, Icona Pop, Charli XCX & Elliphant
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