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  1. Iggy Azalea on This Morning| EUR Paid Promo | Aug 16 |Iggy Azalea joined the European show This Morning to discuss her debut album and working with people in the studio! Host: Everybody please welcome to the show and to Europe, the Australian rapper who is making waves acorss the world. It's Iggy Azalea! Iggy: Hello! Thanks for having me here today to talk with you! Host: It's our pleasure, It's amazing to have you back on the show! Have you been enjoying Europe so far? Iggy: Yes! I've been here for about three days now and I've gone around the towns and everything sight seeing and just going out! It's been amazing! I can't wait to visit other countries to! Host: Well that's amazing! Europe is definitely a large place to explore and everytime you come back you'll always have somewhere to discover! Iggy: Yep! I've been here about three times now and each time it gets better! Europe is always one of the funest places to visit! Host: Well tell us about UTOPIA, your debut album! Iggy: Well UTOPIA was a concept I thought of and exapnded on. I wanted to create music that some what replciated the idea of UTOPIA which is peace and equality. That's why pop has a strong underpin to the songs as I wanted to create something upbeat and more fun. I think I achieved that listening back! Host: I agree! It does have that vibe to it and It's interesting hearing your concept behind it all cause people often would think you just sit there, write some songs, and put them out. Iggy: It's never really that simple! I always like to edit my lyrics and flows all the time so it takes a while for a song to be officially ready for release! Host: What was it like working with all the collaborations on the album? Zedd, Ljay Currie, Armani and Jeremih Iggy: They are all amazing people who each posses something unique about them! They are also just great in the studio, they really collaborate by expressing their ideas and visions for songs. Host: Well that's amazing! I guess they must have really helped shape your vision with this album Iggy: Yes, they all added their own element to this concept and I'm so grateful for that! Host: Well thank you Iggy for joining us today and I hope you have fun in Europe! Iggy: Thank you so much for having me! It's been great chatting to you!
  2. Tove Lo x ITunes (Aug 9 - Aug 15) Tove Lo joined forces with ITunes a week before her debut single came out to build hype for its August 16 release
  3. Tove Lo on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!| USA Paid Promo | Aug 16 | INTERVIEW - TOVE LO Jimmy: Everybody please give a round of applause to our musical guest tonight, Tove Lo! Tove Lo Walks Out Tove: Hello Jimmy! How are you doing? Jimmy: I'm going great thanks for asking, how about you? Tove: I'm doing just fine! I've really been enjoying the USA! Jimmy: Well that's good! I've be enjoying your debut single Heroes (We Could Be) which came out today! Tove: Yep! My debut single finally came out at midnight! It's such an upbeat track that you kinda just wanna dance to it, which is probably a bit bad for when your driving haha Jimmy: That's definitely true! Tove: Well it's produced by the amazing Alesso who really set the foundation for this track and enabled me to come up with something that was so upbeat and cool! Jimmy: Well that's cool! Is there any chance that a music video has been filmed for the track? Tove: Yes! We filmed the video last week to be prepared and everything and it's currently being edited most likely as we speak! It will most likely come next Friday or the Friday after that. Jimmy: Well I can't wait to hear that! Also I can't wait to hear more music from you cause this song is so good! Have you created more music? Tove: Yep! I've been working, I've got a couple of songs that are ready for release but they will slowly come out as singles over time and hopefully maybe an EP will form? I'm not to sure yet but just be patient! Jimmy: Well we will be waiting cause I can't get enough of you and your unique voice! It looks like there is something that you Swedish girls are good at, pop music! Tove: Well with Zara Larson making hits out here I do have to agree with you! She is quite amazing! Jimmy: She is! Maybe you two can colloborate to make a Swedish power anthem! Tove: Haha maybe! Jimmy: Well thank you for joining us Tove Lo, I better let you go and get ready for your performance! TOVE LO WALKS OUT PERFORMANCE - HEROES (WE COULD BE) The stage is set up with a box in the middle of it with two weird shapes in the background. The shapes are all covered in a thin white sheet, furthermore a circular screen is seen in the background displaying visuals throughout the performance. All the lights are turned off when suddenly the song starts playing. A light shines directly down onto Tove Lo revealing her on top of the box. Her gracious vocals flood the room as the verse progresses. On the screen is a video of a couple walking through new york city at night. The chorus kicks in and a wind machine turns on causing the thin white sheet to wave behind Tove as she hits the notes. The beat builds as Tove sings, once it drops neon lights are revealed underneath the box that shine through the sheet. For the next verse Tove exits the box and moves to the front of the stage. She starts to move her hands out to the audience hooking them into the song. She stands in the middle of the stage as she sings the chorus. Once again the beat builds but this time when it drops all the stage lights go off the illuminate the neon lights attached to the shapes as Tove Lo's vocals pierce through. As the bridge comes in the lights turn off leaving one spotlight shinning on Tove as the bridge plays out. The last chorus comes in and she stands back on box as the lights flash and silver glitter shoots out of the roof sprinkling onto the stage. Jimmy the runs out saying Tove Lo's new single Heroes is out now!
  4. Iggy Azalea on KiSS 92.5| CAN Paid Promo | Aug 15 | Iggy Azalea joined the Canadian based radio station KiSS 92.5 to talk about her music! Host: Joining me on the phone today is Australian rapper Iggy Azalea! Iggy: Hello! How are you going? Host: I'm going great thank you for asking, how are you doing in Europe? Iggy: I'm doing fine! Just preparing myself to go out and explore a little ya know? Host: Yep! It's good to enjoy yourself when you're at these places! Iggy: Yep! I love to stay a little overtime when I visit places so I can enjoy the full experience of everything! Host: Well we all experienced your debut album UTOPIA that was released nearly two weeks ago, how has the positive reception of the album felt for you? Iggy: It's felt so amazing! When I was working on this album back in January I would have never expected anything close to what has occured. Hearing my songs on the radio, seeing the songs on Billboard and ITunes, it's all just been quite a big shock to me! Host: I can see why! Growing up in a small town in Australia to being where you are today is quite inspirational and amazing if you asked me! Iggy: Well it also feels good being an inspiration to everyone, being able to be a role model to people in small towns that if you are determined and motivated you can really make it anywhere you dream of! Host: Well your latest single Love Don't Fail Me Now reflects the idea of love, how have you and Tyga been? Iggy: We've been fine, we recently got engaged and all that and hopefully next year our wedding will go ahead! Host: Well that gives you plenty of time to prepare with your very busy schedule! Iggy: Yep! I've been very busy at the moment with the release of UTOPIA to reharsing for the Sweeter Than A Cupcakke Tour to working back in the studio it can be hard to balance it all. Host: I can see why! It's amazing what you do and how you still look flawless doing it to be honest! Iggy: Thank you so much! It feels so great for someone to recognise the work and effort you put in! Host: Well I bet a lot of people would crack under that work load! Well thank you for joining us today Iggy, it's been a pleasure having you here! Iggy: Thank you so much for having me on KiSS FM today! LOVE DON'T FAIL ME NOW THEN PLAYED
  5. Iggy Azalea on 91.5 The Beat!| CAN Paid Promo | Aug 14 | Iggy Azalea joined the radio station 91.5 The Beat over the phone to discuss her latest single, brand new debut album plus recent studio time! Host: On the phone to me now is the superstar rapper Iggy Azalea who is currently making noise with her debut album UTOPIA! Iggy: Hello! Thank you for having me on your show! Hello Canada! Host: It's a pleasure to have you on the phone today! Where are you currently? Iggy: I am currently in Europe! I got off the plane about 2 hours ago and am sitting on my hotel bed! Host: Well it looks like we caught you just at the right time! Now tell us a little bit about your single Love Don't Fail Me Now Iggy: Well Love Don't Fail Me Now servers as the thrid single from my album coming after Boom Boom and Savior! Working with Jeremih on this disco pop rap dance fustion was amazing! He really gave his input on the song and really worked with me and my producer to express his ideas. That brings us to where we are now with this amazing track out on the airwaves! Host: Well it is definitely in the airwaves, I hear it playing quite often and we like to give it a spin often! Now tell us about your debut album UTOPIA which dropped quite recently! Iggy: Well UTOPIA is my debut album that I have been working on since about January this year. It all started with Savior and we expanded the concept from there to make songs like In A Haze. I didn't want to fit into one genre so I experimented around which you can tell with the singles I've released from this album. When making this record I wanted to focus around the ideologies associated with UTOPIA and this idea of Paradise which was the early name for the album! I think I achieved that by infusing pop elements into some tracks making them more upbeat and fun! Host: I agree, the album does radiate that postive vibe throughout it! Iggy: Thank you! Host: So we've heard rumours that you've been in the studio recently, can you reveal any information linked to that? Iggy: Hmmm not really but all I can say is be excited! Keep your ears out cause I think what I'm working on will be excelent and worth the wait! Host: Well we do love a suprise! But we can't wait for you to open for Cupcakke on her Sweeter Than A Cupcakke Tour! Iggy: Same! I've been rehersing for it and can't wait! Less then a month to go! Host: Well thank you for joining us today Iggy it's been amazing you having you on the show! Iggy: Thank you for having me! LOVE DON'T FAIL ME NOW THEN PLAYED
  6. Tove Lo on The View!| US Paid Promo | Aug 14 | Tove Lo joined the American based talk show The View to promote the release of her new single Heroes (We Could Be) out Friday! Host: Everybody please welcome the soon to be Swedish pop star, Tove Lo! Tove: Hello! It's great to be here today! Host: Well thank you for joining us today Tove Lo, but I have one question I must ask you. Where did you get your stage name from? Tove: Well my real name is Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson so I took the Tove from that and combined it with Lo which orignated from my Grandmother. One day we went to the Zoo and there was a lynx called Lo and I fell in love with it and she just started calling me Tove Lo and I guess it stuck! Host: Hahaha nearly sounds like how rappers get their stage names with their pet and street name! Tove: I guess so! Host: Well tell us a little bit about yourself! Tove: Well I'm originally from Sweden and I wanted to make music for quite a while as I went to a popular music school there and became friends with these two female producers called Icona Pop! I then got motivated to move to the USA to attempt to make it in the music industry! Host: Wow! I feel that it will all work out in the end cause you just radiate creativity! Tove: Thank you so much! Host: Tell us a little bit about your debut single, Heroes (We Could Be) SNIPPET PLAYS Tove: Well Heroes is a song I've been working on for about two months now with producer Alesso. We set out to make a radio friendly upbeat love song and this was the end result. It comes out this Friday with a music video coming later on! Host: Oh wow! It does sound very upbeat! I hope it goes viral across the world cause it sounds amazing! Tove: Thank you so much! Host: Well thank you for joining us today Tove Lo! Tove: Thank you for having me on your show! It was such a fun experience and I can't wait to be back! Host: That was Tove Lo everybody with her new single Heroes out Friday!
  7. Tove Lo on The Talk!| US Paid Promo | Aug 13 |Tove Lo joined The Talk to dicuss growing up in Sweden and her new single Heroes out Friday! Host: Everybody please welcome the up and coming Swedish pop star, Tove Lo! Tove: Hello! How is everyone doing? Host: We are great thank you for asking, how are you doing? Tove: I'm doing great! Being in America has been so fun so far! Host: Well you grew up in Sweden right? How was that Tove: It was pretty great, I remeber me and my friends made a band but nothing really came of it untill I was inspired to make it in the industry! Host: How often have you visted America or is this your first time here? Tove: I've been here before on holidays about twice with my family so I'm somewhat familar with some places and things but it will definitely take some time to get used to and all. Host: With the current pop industry being quite diverse, do you think it will be hard to fit in? Tove: Not really, the music indsutry like you said is quite diverse and with that I think I'll fit straight in even though Zara Larson a Swedish pop star already exists, but I think it shows us from other countries can make it in America and stuff. Host: Well you will finally release your debut single Heroes this Friday right? Tove: Yep! Heroes will be offically out this Friday! The song is produced by my good friend Alesso and is a really fun upbeat love song I guess Host: Well that sounds cool, can we hear a snippet Tove: Definitely! HEROES SNIPPET PLAYS Host: Wow! I can imagine that playing on radios all around the world! Tove: Thank you! I can imagine that to! Host: Well good luck with your single, we wish you all the best and have fun in America! Tove: Thank you so much! Host: Thank you for joining our show today! Tove: Thank you for having me! Host: Everybody that was Tove Lo with her new single Heroes out Friday!
  8. Iggy Azalea on Capital FM| UK Paid Promo | Aug 12 |Iggy Azalea joined BBC Radion 1 to discuss her latest single, her debut album plus a possible power house collab! Host: We welcome to BBC Radio 1 today, the talented Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea! Live in the studio! Iggy: Thank you for having me here and hello to the United Kingdom! Host: You're welcome! Tell us a little bit about Love Don't Fail Me Now! Iggy: Well Love Don't Fail Me Now was such a fun song to make with Jeremih as we just partied in the studio. To see the success it's reached in the US and even worldwide has just been amazing to experience! Host: Well you deserve all of that success cause the song is amazing! We've been playing it on our station cause everyone loves it! Something else I love is UTOPIA, your debut record that came out August 2nd, what was it like creating that? Iggy: Creating UTOPIA was such a fun experience. Each song feels like it holds a memory of me and my friends in the studio working with the producers to make what feels like magic. I can't wait to go back and do it all again cause it was just amazing and I had so much fun! Host: Well that's cool! Have you started planning your next album or body of work yet? Iggy: I've had some ideas and I have sat down and wrote a couple of things but I'm not sure if they will ever be heard. I do have an idea for the album that some of the UTOPIA outtakes will match but I'm still not sure at this stage. But I can say there is an idea of this powerhouse collab that I dreamt of, not sure if it will happen yet but I'll keep you updated! Host: Well please do! We can't wait to hear new stuff considering how good your stuff now is! Iggy: Thank you so much! Host: Well thank you for deciding to join us today! It's been a pleasure having you on the show Iggy! Iggy: Thank you so much for having me here! Host: Iggy Azalea's debut album UTOPIA is out now featuring the hits Savior, Boom Boom & Love Don't Fail Me Now! LOVE DON'T FAIL ME NOW THEN PLAYS
  9. IGGY AZALEA STUNS EMAS RED CARPET Although not performing or being nominated tonight Iggy deicded to attend the award show to spectate other artists performances and help commerate the talent within the industry. Iggy Azalea stopped for interviews on the carpet where she discussed her latest single and album and also a potential new song that she's been working on.
  10. Iggy Azalea on Capital FM| UK Paid Promo | Aug 9 | Iggy Azalea joined radio show Capital FM to discuss her latest single, new album and potential marraige Host: Joining me live in the studio it's Iggy Azalea everyone! Iggy: Hey!! How are y'all doing! Host: I'm doing great thank you Iggy, how are you? Iggy: I'm doing fine thank you for asking! Host: Well welcome back to the show! While you've been away Love Don't Fail Me Now has been playing instead! Iggy: Awwww thank you for playing it! Host: Well it's such a great song and our listeners vote for it to be played! Iggy: That's cool Host: So last Friday you dropped your debut album UTOPIA, we've been playing bits of that and let's just talk about how good it is! What was it like making such aa great album? Iggy: It was honestly amazing, I had so much fun working with all the producers to create this story and all these songs. At the end of the day I feel we made something that will go down in history and the memories I have attached to each song are just amazing! Host: Well what memories do you have associated with some songs? Iggy: Well let's just say, I was making Ring in the studio when Tyga propossed to me out of nowhere! I was so suprised and what an ironic song to be playing but I do associate with such a good time! Host: Well you two have been engaged for like a month now, do you have any idea when the wedding will be coming? Iggy: Well we are very busy people and considering I have plans to tour, it may not happen untill Q1 of 2020 to be honest! I do need to start planning stuff soon but we will get there one day! Host: Well I wish you all the best with that Iggy: Thank you! I need some good luck to be able to manage everything with the time I have! Host: Thank you for joining us today on Capital FM Iggy! Iggy: Thank you for having me! LOVE DON'T FAIL ME NOW THEN PLAYED
  11. Iggy Azalea on BBC Breakfast| UK Paid Promo | Aug 8 | Host: Everybody please give a warm welcome to the talented Iggy Azalea! Iggy: Hello! Thank you for having me here! I'm so happy to be back in the UK! Host: Well it's great to have you here, we all saw your amazing performance on the X Factor last night. It was amazing! Iggy: Thank you! I always make sure to put effort into my performances to make sure they are unique in some way Host: Well I'm loving the new single Love Don't Fail Me Now and the new album UTOPIA, how has it been seeing such great reception from the general public?Iggy: It's really been amazing! It feels great knowing people like what you put out as it's reasuring to you and really encourages you to move on and make more music. Host: Have you been in the studio lately? Although your album came recently Iggy: Well If I have to drop the bomb, yes I have been! Top secret stuff though, but I have been! Host: Well that's exciting, before we hear any of that do you think there will be any more music videos from this album or maybe a fourth single? Iggy: Maybe, I'm thinking of doing a fourth single but I do want to make another music video. Even if it's just a tour video from Cupcakke's tour! Host: Well you will be touring with Cupcakke on The Sweeter Than A Cupcakke Tour, are you excited? Iggy: Yes! I've been doing early reharsals and have been planning my act, I can't wait it's gonna be so fun! Host: Well that sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck on your first tour! Iggy: Thank you, I'm gonna need it! Host: Well thank you for joining us today Iggy and talking about your music and what's to come. We can't wait to see you again next time, come back anytime! Iggy: Thank you for having me here today! I had so much fun and now it's time to explore the UK a little bit!
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