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  1. The day you left me an angel cried.

    1. Joanne98


      Ohhh she cried, she criiiiied, she CRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEED

  2. Love you PS I'm obsessed with Never Really Over! It's so good
  3. Yes! I'll try to finish listening and rating over the weekend. I recognize a few songs (Kylie, Bey, Rihanna, Selena, etc.), and love those, so I know I'm gonna love this playlist! I'm excited. Thank you everyone!!! I love you all.
  4. My CAL domination is coming soon...

  5. Desperado
    Sitting in a old Monte Carlo
    A man whose heart is hollow uh
    Take it easy
    I’m not tryna go against you
    Actually, I’m going with you

    1. despy


      love u king <3 :gagakiss:

    2. Elusive Vanjie
  6. I've actually been listening to Nicki a lot more lately. She has bops not gonna lie. I feel kinda bad for always dismissing her I used to like Miley a lot but girl she has gotten so unbearable within the past 5 years.... Who is Iggy btw?
  7. Anyways I appreciate this forum being drama free so this is the last thing I'll say on THAT. :) 

  8. Also, imagine being almost 30 (Yes we know the truth boo boo you aren't 26) and so obsessed with what everyone else is doing and thinking. Especially people online you don't even know irl. I'm sorry, but that's just pathetic.

  9. What is up with a certain Australian pop music forum owner's obsession with bringing down POC?? Why are your targets a majority black? For someone who says you will work towards being less racist, you aren't doing a very good job.

  10. Elusive Vanjie


    Welcome sis! I'm happy to see you here.
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