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  1. Living legend. She looks amazing. I know this is basic, but my favorite Cher song is definitely Believe
  2. But Madonna said something first. She said the whole "if I were Mariah Carey I would shoot myself" and Mariah was asked to respond to that. Regardless, they've only said nice things about one another in interviews the past 10 years.
  3. No matter what kind of feud I had with someone, I would never say shit like insinuating they should kill themselves. That's so disgusting.

  4. What the fuck? I think this man is disgusting.
  5. I love TUN, but as a whole, Sweetener is a better body of work imo
  6. Free Godney

  7. This album is literally a masterpiece from start to finish. I'm OBSESSED! The Empress of J-Pop did THAT
  8. Omg hi sis 

    2. Elusive Vanjie

      Elusive Vanjie

      I'm happy to see you here <3 

  9. TBH If someone sees a problem with this: Then they should also see a problem with this:
  10. It's not just "getting a tan." It's misusing African American Vernacular English and tanning yourself so dark that people mistake you for a different race. There are so many people who honestly think Ari isn't white because of her last name also, which is actually pronounced Grandie, but she goes by Grand-aye. See?
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