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  1. Lana x Iggy is coming heaux @Queen of Venus
  2. (London, United Kingdom, Europe - paid promo) Lana del Rey goes to The Graham Norton Show - performs a snippet of "Partygirl" & "Afterparty" “Our next guest is a musical superstar from across the ocean. She came out of nowhere, released her single and since then it has been in the top 10 everywhere. She recently hit #1 on the digital charts here in the UK and she is a performer at BBC1 Radio’s Big Weekend. That’s a mouthful. Give it up for the magnificent, Lana del Rey!” Lana walks upon the stage. The audience is applauding and screaming for her and Lana smiles shyly and waves to them. When she’s close to the couch, she gives Graham Norton three kisses and a hug and then sits down on the couch. “Hi Lana, welcome at the Graham Norton Show! First of all, how are you doing?” “I am doing extremely good, this has probably been the best week of my life. I can’t believe I’m actually in the United Kingdom, in Europe, to promote my music and it’s going so well. Hi everyone, I’m so happy to be here!” “Lana, first of all, you just teased a new single on your Twitter. It’s called “Partygirl”. What can you tell us about it?” “This song is inspired by the life I have lived in New York City and the boy that used to love me. As I have told many times before, I had a wall around me. I was going out every night, drank a lot of alcohol, had a lot of sadness inside of me and I had an eternal loneliness around me. For some reason, there was a boy that loved me. I have no idea why. He always used to call me “his little party girl”. I was a bad girl, I knew how to wrap him around my finger. I manipulated him. I let him feel like he was in control of this sort of relationship that we had, but in fact, I was in control. I knew how to take him down in a minute. I’m not proud of it, though, absolutely not. Especially not when I look back. But you know, this is just the anthem for a sad, lonely, drunk party girl. An anthem for me.” “Wow, that sounds really intense. Is it in some way connected to “Afterparty”?” “I absolutely think it is connected to “Afterparty”. I’d like to make sure for this album that all the music is connected in some way. Concept albums aren’t really a thing I have heard these days, but I always said that my first album needs to be inspired by the life I have lived in New York.” “You have been working in recording studios in the UK as well. What can you tell us about that?” “I have been working on a song called “Kryptonite”. Kryptonite is the only thing that can beat you, the only thing you can stand, the only thing that can break you down. I have been working with some producers here in the United Kingdom, in London, to create this track. The track is really bomb, but I don’t know if I will put it on the album. Maybe I will release it as a song for the second album, but I don’t know.” “Alright, enough about your music. You have been teasing us enough. The BBC1 Radio’s Big Weekend. Your first big performance. How are you feeling?” “I am so nervous, can’t you tell? I have been shaking with my leg the whole time, haha. No, I am really nervous and I think that is because this is my first big performance. I have a whole set planned and we have been rehearsing it so well, that I am just nervous and excited to show everybody what I have been working on.” “What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?” “I love festivals so the first day we are going to rehearse the show two times. After that, I will just roam the festival ground with my friends who are coming over. I will probably watch Iggy’s performance from the VIP section. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do. She has a new single out today, Boom Boom. It’s a magnificent song, she did really well. And after her performance, I will just roam around and watch other performances. It’s going to be a fun weekend.” “Thank you so much, Lana. You are going to perform for us as well, right? What are you going to do?” “I am going to perform “Afterparty” ofcourse, but I will give you a tiny little sneak peak from my favorite song.” “That sounds promosing! Okay everybody, Lana del Rey, with “Afterparty’!” After the announcement, Lana stands up from the couch and walks to another part of the stage. The band is already set up and Lana smiles to them. She stops at the microphone standard and stands behind it. She’s looking into the audience, but she’s looking at a certain point. She starts singing acapella: “I used to cry but now I just don’t have the time, I used to be so fragile, but now I’m just so wild. I’ll tell you once more, I dance all by myself. I’m a party girl, I don’t care about anyone else. I live in my own world and you’re just in it. He says, “I love my little party girl.” When Lana del Rey is singing acapella, you can really here how strong her voice really is. The audience screams again and Lana smiles. Then the normal “Afterparty” instrumental starts playing, guided by the band. Lana sings the song standing behind the microphone, making eye contact with the crowd and really focusing on her voice. After the performance, Graham Norton says: “Thank you so much, Lana del Rey! “Afterparty” is out now everywhere!”
  3. Omg look how I close I was to Nicki 


  4. (London, United Kingdom, Europe - paid promo) Lana del Rey goes to Capital FM, hangs out with fans after the interview There is no stopping Lana del Rey in the United Kingdom at the moment. After taking as many promotional opportunities as she could, Lana has also been hanging out in London itself, exploring and roaming in the city. On Twitter, she stated that fans shouldn’t be scared to walk up to her and ask for a picture, a hug or something else. Lana said that she wants to meet as many fans as possible, because they’re the most important thing to her when she looks at her career. Lana continues to prove this, because after her interview at Capital FM, she took the time to hang out with her fans, taking pictures, talking to them and hugging with them. She takes a lot of time to talk with each fan, because she wants them to feel special. In the interview, Lana stated the following things. Lana del Rey about… …her BBC1 Radio’s Big Weekend performance “The nerves are starting to kick in, haha. I am getting really nervous. Not because I think that something is going wrong when I do the performance, but just because this is my first big show. People are going to watch me – not only in real life, but also on the television and the internet. That just kicked in yesterday. But it’s giving me an adrenaline rush – I am so excited. My team and I are so well prepared, everything is rehearsed, so I am very confident that everything will go right. And well, when something goes wrong, the show must go on, right?” …hitting #1 on the Digital Charts “You all already know that charts mean little to nothing for me, but when I got word that I am #1 on the digital charts with “Afterparty”, I had to reach out on Twitter to my amazing fans and listeners. This is insane. “Afterparty” isn’t even out for a month yet and I already reached the #1 spot on the digital charts. I am beyond grateful and I want to thank everyone for listening, streaming and buying my single. We have worked so hard on this and I am so proud that this is being received so well. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.” …her inspirations “Right now, I am very inspired by my old life in the New York City club scene. You know, my song “Afterparty” is about it and I can promise you that my song “Partygirl” is also heavy influenced by it. I am just inspired by money, boys, fame, darkness, alcohol, drugs – those kind of things. It might sound dark, but I am not really that dark. I don’t think you have to be dark to be inspired by those things. It are just the things I find myself inspired by and I think that’s okay. Everybody should be inspired by at least something, right?”
  5. It’s literally the best song on the album sis what are you doing
  6. Not including King Of My Heart on this is a...choice
  7. (London, United Kingdom, Europe - free promo) Lana del Rey goes to Heart Radio Lana del Rey continues her promotional tour through the United Kingdom, in the run-up to her highly anticipated BBC1 Radio’s Big Weekend performance. The singer has been teasing the performance as soon as she announced that she was performing and gave some little hints of the performance at performances she did on television, like her Good Morning America performance and the performances she did in the United Kingdom. After her two performances on British television this weekend and a surprise set at G-A-Y, one of London’s biggest gay clubs, Lana del Rey continues her promotions on the radio. This time she stops by at the London radio station “Heart Radio” for a small interview, just like she did at BBC Radio 1. Lana del Rey about… …teasing her second single “Partygirl” “I think this is one of my favorite songs from the album. “Partygirl” was coming together so fast and I wrote this song in like 2 days. The production of the song is something I like a lot and it’s totally different then “Afterparty”, even though it fits the same theme. My friend Iggy Azalea found out that she was seeing a pattern in my current music and pointed that out on Twitter – and I have to admit that she is right. There is absolutely a connection between “Afterparty” and “Partygirl”. I won’t tell you if this is the theme of the album, because I can’t yet, but I think that if you think for yourself, you can get the answer, haha.” …BBC1 Radio’s Big Weekend “This is going to be a very exciting weekend. I have to perform the second day, so I can watch the performances of the first day. When you are an artist, you can get artist passes to go backstage, so I can watch the shows in a different spot then the rest of the audience. But I will definetly roam the festival ground – I heard that there is a lot of good food out there and all kinds of activities. Besides that, I would love to meet more of my British fans. There were so many people at my small set at G-A-Y, so I want to give other people the opportunity to meet me as well, so I will definetly leave the VIP section some time to come and check you all out.” …chart position “Ofcourse I will admit that it feels good that “Afterparty” is doing so well on the charts. I mean – who wouldn’t love to see that? But it’s not the most important thing to me. Seeing my song move on the charts means to me that I have to keep working hard, but that it’s not something I should only focus on. The thing I will focus the most on, is performing and meeting my fans, and making sure that they like what I do and what I release. Because at the end of the day, you can be #1, but if your fans hate you, you are nowhere. And that’s the tea.” Buy Lana del Rey’s single “Afterparty” on iTunes and don’t forget to stream it on every platform.
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