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  1. A nursery rhyme probably lol The Wheels on the bus
  2. I am so happy for defending my title and winning it once again. We love a 2 times winner! Thank you so much to everyone that voted! And thank u so much @Dirkje for hosting this again! ❤❤
  3. Wheww sorrel season :wendyw6:

  4. I just be humming the beat of Motivation while im finishing assignments 

    1. Dirkje


      We stan a hard working legend stanning a queen!

    2. IsThatSaraS


      I’ve been doing that a lot. 
      I’m always singing

      “NaNa NaNa Na, NaNa NaNa Motivationnnnn :normani3:

    3. Dirkje


      The king already knows I like to sing lol

  5. Please vote for your favourite trios ❤


  6. I wish that I could have this moment for life, for life :1991:

  7. Congrats to the eliminated players ! Glad yall get a second chance! I voted for Coco! ❤❤ But no shade uhmm Katerina and I should get a bonus point going into the finals as we were never eiminated and never got a bonus or advantage like the eliminated players, so it's a bit unfair imo for all of us to go into the finale at the same level. Just my opinion. No shade to anyone 😘
  8. I dont have the time to do that game rn Thanks for the vote
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