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  1. Ok definitely need to make a new set from that Spirit video :icant2:

  2. I need a full month of sleep and rest in my bed tbh with some nice food, snacks and  some nice series to binge. 

  3. I wish T was more on her track rather than background vocals
  4. Some songs on it are cute but others are meh.
  5. New wrist, new whip, ride around dipped
    I can see why, all these basic hoes pissed
    Bust down wrist, not a bust down bitch twerk gif GIF

  6. I will def be sending but two weeks is a lot of time, patience is a virtue
  7. Ohh thats fine then I'll just use another song
  8. 1. Orchid Productions 2. Calvin Harris- Slide, Calvin Harris-Summer, Mr Probz-Waves, Jaden Smith- Summertime in Paris and Lil Nas X- Panini 3. Very soon in a few weeks 4. @Venti @Mr. Mendes @Breathin @Nicki Minaj
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