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  1. FINALE INFORMATION I would like to have the finale on Saturday at 3pm EST. At this show some special awards will be given out to most dedicated player, most consistent player and most improved player. The winner will be crowned along with 2nd and 3rd place. I will add up all scores before the finale so the winner can be announced and we would not have to wait until all players post their scores in the thread. For the people who have not posted their score after round 9 please do so now. You can come to the finale in a red carpet look of your choice. Hope to see you guys there this Saturday at 3pm EST
  2. FINAL FORM: ROUND 10 GOOD LUCK! https://forms.gle/WEB7antqZy7G1N4V6
  3. Okay I did process of elimination and finally decided on a song to eliminate, I like the song though but the others I like more
  4. He needs me he needs me he needs me :1991:

  5. Thank you ❤❤ But there is still round 10 left to see who wins the entire game though
  6. I will post information about the finale tomorrow and the final form! Add up your scores for round 9
  7. IN 2ND PLACE IM SORRY Which means in 1ST PLACE for the mini challenge is
  8. Also congrats to the other players, everyone got at least 1 vote so a job well done!
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