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  1. 1. Orchid Production 2. Feels like Summer by Childish Gambino 3. In a few weeks 4. @Venti @Nicki Minaj @Mr. Mendes @Breathin
  2. 1) Dark Ballet 2) Crave 3) God Control 4) Batuka 5) Killers Who Are Partying 6) I Rise
  3. I was contemplating between Sara and Daydream for round 1 but went with Daydream, that's fine tho! Its fun 😁😊
  4. Yeah my baby knows that I deliver, that's exactly what Im gon do ou

  5. They snappedT A bop and love the video!
  6. It's ok, better than ME! But nothing spectacular. It reminds me of Too Much by Carly but not as good.
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