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  1. USS Callister was one of my favorites but Arkangel really surprised me. The ending though omg
  2. Discover University, they really did that
  3. That YouTube Rewind is trash, girl I have no words
  4. https://media.gayboystube.com/videos/5/a/6/4/c/5a64c779afcfc.mp4 I'm just a hole sir, I'm only a hole.
  5. We also need a dating simulator for BTS
  6. I've been looking at the Calvin Klein ad for Shawn Mendes and I'm h*rny now :shanetnx:


  7. Don't worry it's okay! Also your profile picture i- I'm wet
  8. I don't know what happened on that other website, but welcome hoe!
  9. You have so much taste in movies and music, welcome!
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