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  1. They got the info mixed up. SZA only implied that JT may be on the album, the other artists that were mentioned are definitely for their projects
  2. I'm trying to think who it is based on the hair but can't think of any. I doubt it's xtina cos her hair is blonde unless she wore a wig for this
  3. I think Sam looks nice, people are just disgusting The gay community is so flawed when it comes to body positivity because they rather gas up basic looking men with abs that aren't even cute
  4. this a bop, im glad they sampled act up on this also ty dolla sign never disappoints with his features
  5. Happy Birthday to the leo legend
  6. Yeah I feel that way about 'Tuesday Feeling' she's fine the way she is on Gold Teeth since I like Project Pat and Gangsta Boo, her voice mixed well with their rapping
  7. featuring: Toro y Moi Kelsey Lu Ian Isaiah Justine Skye Project Pat Tinashe Gangsta Boo Porches BennY RevivaL Arca Joba
  8. I just finished listening and it's the first ed album I listened and I'm surprised at him bringing hip-hop/r&b sounds to this, I was expecting the collabs (mainly rappers) to hop on pop productions, but overall this project is underwhelming. My fav songs are: Take Me Back to London (ft. Stormzy) Antisocial (ft. Travis Scott) Put It All on Me (ft. Ella Mai) I Don't Want Your Money (ft. H.E.R.) [Feels would've been my fav as well but J Hus ruined it (never seen the hype over him), however the sound fits him and could be a huge hit in the UK because he's been popping since last year]
  9. To those unfamiliar with the meaning, it's basically music released after an artist has died Do you agree with it or nah?
  10. Not caring about your fans will always be the worst regardless what you compare it to, yes it's cute to have accolades but they're not that deep in my opinion
  11. There's no denying the song will stay at #1 for another few weeks since his EP just dropped Yas king
  12. i'm kind of glad, this has been long overdue. hopefully the new music app will be good for the artists & consumers
  13. The photos were good but from Iggy's perspective I completely understand. I would be angry myself if someone thinks it's okay to take pics of me without any form of consent
  14. 1. Desperado 2. JFK 3. Wallace 4. Heavy Metal and Reflective 5. Yung Rapunxel 6. Miss Amor
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