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  1. Demi Lovato is a chill server for lovatics and casual fans to discuss Demi's music and make friends , as well as talk about music in general. Nsfw content isn't allowed, nor is vile and insensitive comments and we do not tolerate discrimination. https://discord.gg/NWGHbT8
  2. Don't fuck with my freedom i came up to get me some. I'm nasty im evil must be something in the water or that I'm my mother's daughter.

  3. It's my birthday today! I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22!

    1. IsThatSaraS
    2. Daydream


      happy birthday!

    3. Royalty


      Congrats! X

  4. Omg results on our birthday. Yup I have the same birthday as one of my faves.
  5. Preorder Singular Act 2 Now!!! !https://hollywoodrecs.co/SingularActII
  6. Preorder Singular Act 2 now!!! https://hollywoodrecs.co/SingularActII
  7. Bottom of the ocean is the best song.
  8. You should add Cool For The Summer by Demi, and Welcome To New York by Taylor, and Rainbowland By Miley
  9. So the other day one of my friends on discord was being discriminated against in a server. I did some digging against the person who said homophobic things to my friend and they were also racist pretty much a white nationalist so I wrote this poem about the power of words. You may think that words have no power. But you are wrong that’s a goddamn lie. If words didn’t have power then why would I even write this poem? If you've ever had a crush on someone and gathered the courage to admit your feelings to them, and your offer was shot down cruelly, you'll feel hurt, or worse, like you are a nothing. If you felt nothing then maybe you’re just an emotionless sack of flesh. Certain words, slurs are hateful and unacceptable to use in any circumstance. Slurs only exist to belittle and devalue human beings, to hurt, outcast, to make people feel like shit. Think about where these words, these slurs were derived. These words were used to hold people down, they still are. They are used to gain power over someone. The words will melt your skin and cut you like a knife. They are dehumanizing and destructive, they take for granted and question the value of a human life. These words only confirm that there are despicable people in this world, who only care about their own comfort and well-being. They don't want people to be comfortable in their skin or to find happiness because of their hatred for people different from themselves that burns in their hearts. That is truly terrifying. Hatred leaves a mark on the soul, but the mark can fade away if only if you change your wicked ways. However a trace will always remain. You will always remember your past mistakes. Atone for what you did, but not everyone will forgive you and you must accept that this is a consequence of your actions. It does not matter what year we are in, what your intent was, or how the usage of a word has evolved. We are not robots, we are human beings. Don't use cruel words that only exist to cause suffering and pain. We all have feelings.
  10. @MSL suggested that I make this thread so I will. I'm just going to share some basic stuff. . Don't ever play an end result, because acting is about reacting moment to moment honoring the blueprint of the play. Also my professor always says if it's not life or death get off the stage, Try and combine your real life experiences with the character you are playing while staying true to the play, but if you don't relate to the character at all then try and do research. Once you know your lines the real acting begins. That's all I have to say for now this is pretty basic stuff so if it's not very helpful I apologize. However if you would like some advice or have questions for me, I'll do my best to answer.
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