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  1. I'm sorry but Hurts 2B Human is her worst album ever. The Fame worst than Joanne?? Are you being serious rn or are you on crack sis?
  2. Marina Avril Lavigne Ellie Goulding Lady Gaga Ed Sheeran Pink Maroon 5
  3. Losing Grip is her best song!!
  4. I loved the first season, can't wait for a 2nd one.
  5. Hey sis! I'm Winter Bird, glad you're here too.
  6. ikr it's pretty good OP: I mean... it isn't the best song ever but it's still pretty catchy.
  7. Cheri

    Random Thoughts

    Mental health is a serious matter.
  8. Both are nightmares but I'll go with no electricity for a day. Would you rather listen to only one album for a whole month or listen to only the radio for a week?
  9. Glad to see you here!! I was Winter Bird/Cherry Cola on COP.
  10. Marina- No More Suckers Lana Del Rey- Don't let me be misunderstood Lorde- Liability
  11. Marina- Oh No! Lana Del Rey- Brooklyn Baby Lorde- Tennis Court TWICE- Likey
  12. The girl was probably like 2 years old when Lizzie aired, give the poor sis a break you dildos.
  13. We need Blue Sunshine here too!! 

    1. Dirkje


      She has an account in here! She’s just not active, no idea why tbh. I miss her!

    2. Cheri


      Same! I think I follow her on twitter so maybe I'll ask her.

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