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  1. Hows everyone doing here?

    1. Daydream


      fantastic!! how's life

  2. I'm not scared of you MSL

  3. Who let Nicki Minaj become so cheap?

  4. You can't play on broken strings, you can't feel anything

  5. Rita's >>>>>>>>>> the dead ragdoll
  6. Well that was some show

  7. Avicii's posthumous album, TIM, was released today. Please check it out :sweetener:

  8. My history... you mean one incident 2 years ago which I have acknowledged, dealt with, and moved on/grew upon to be a better person?
  9. No, I consider you picking everything to pieces to try and make something out of it childish. That comment was not xenophobic or racist, and I would never make such comments. All you wanna do is make noise when the real racism and the real xenophobia is out there.
  10. Cba talking with you, if you wanna talk PM me. Anyways, stream Never Really Over
  11. Too old and too mature to play childish games

  12. If Adele flopped, she be back to the UK. Its simple, that is their home. I NEVER said they should go back, Xenophobia is when you say nasty things like "you dont belong here, get back to your own country" which I didnt do. Stop trying to pick holes in things. I'm so done honestly, like you are comparing me with Trump? Really? Again, you took my words out of context... and this time I have a fellow Scot to back up what I am saying. Scotland is already an accepting country and in general, it is rare to see racism. Its not as bad as what it is in the US and so I may not be familiar with US race topics. Now, @IsThatSaraS do you agree? Is Scotland an accepting country and is racism rare here? If you want I can talk to you privately about Indie.
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