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  1. I’ve only heard shyhmf but I’ll be listening to the whole album soon!
  2. ZAYN on American Idol November 4, 2019 | Los Angeles, US Zayn appeared on American Idol to perform his latest single "Entertainer". Zayn wore brown checkered pants, black shoes, a white shirt and a brown checkered blazer that matched with the pants. Zayn was accompanied by someone who played the saxophone, which turned the song into a smooth jazz one. The saxophone was the only instrument playing during the entire performance. Zayn was also accompanied by two female backup singers who stood right next to the saxophone guy. The stage lights slowly switched between orange and yellow, which gave sort of a warm and club feel to the performance. The minimal instrumentation gave Zayn a better opportunity to showcase his beautiful and strong vocal range. It was only in the chorus when things got kinda hectic. That's when the backup singers joined in and sang along with the him as the saxophone player continued to play. But it the performance went smoothly nonetheless. Once it was over, the audience applauded. Icarus Falls is out now | "Entertainer" is out now
  3. Harry Styles on Jimmy Fallon November 5, 2019 | New York City, US Jimmy Fallon: Welcome back to the show! Harry Styles: Thank you for having me. JF: So you've recently announced a world tour... *audience cheers* HS: Yeah, I'm doing a world tour to promote the release of my album, Where Do We Go From Here? JF: Why wait like 2 months after the release of the album to announce tour dates? HS: Well I didn't plan on having a tour for this album so it took awhile for me to come to the realization that this is something my fans would want and I think it would only be appropriate to tour after touring for the last album. JF: Why didn't you want to tour? HS: Well I didn't think there would be a demand for a tour and I didn't really feel extending this era longer than it should be since I started it like in February. JF: That's fair but I'm glad you came to the decision to ultimately have a tour. HS: Yeah, thank you, a lot of my fans were happy too. JF: So you've currently have only announced North American dates, will there be more? And if there are, when do you plan on announcing them? HS: Yeah, right now only the North American dates are out because my team thought it'd be best to separate the announcement of the various legs of the tour. But yeah there will be tour dates that will be hopefully be announced before the end of the year, and so on and so on. JF: That's awesome, can't wait to hear more dates coming out. Now, after releasing your new album back in August, you just disappeared.. HS: *laughing* I did, didn't I? JF: Why the sudden change of pace? HS: Um, I think it was because I had already been promoting three singles for months before the album dropped and I had to promote a lot the week of the release and a couple following that. So I was pretty exhausted and thought I should take a break for a bit, even though my album had just come out *laughing*. JF: Well I'd be exhausted too after going everywhere to promote something, so I get that. HS: And I'm so glad I was able to take almost two months off because that really made me think about what to do next. That's when I realized I wanted to tour for the record, so it was very helpful and re-energizing for me. JF: So overall a positive and much needed experience? HS: Yeah, without a doubt. JF: I know you feel exhausted when promoting, but do you still wanna release more singles or music videos from the album? HS: I'm not sure. I said before that I didn't want to release any more singles but it's something we're considering, just to promote the tour. We'll see. But I do think I'll be releasing a music video or two eventually. I had planned for a music video to come out about a month ago but I didn't feel like the video was ready to come out, now I do. JF: That's great! Well hey, thank you for stopping by. HS: Thank you for having me, Jimmy. JF: Tickets for The Eternal Love, Eternal Youth World Tour are on sale now! Give it up for Harry Styles everyone! Tickets for The Eternal Love, Eternal Youth World Tour are on sale now
  4. ZAYN on James Corden November 1, 2019 | Los Angeles, US ZAYN on upcoming collaborations Yeah, I have a few collaborations up my sleeve. I can't reveal any of them yet, unfortunately, but I can say they're quite sick. One of them will be a new song and another will be a remix of one of the songs from Icarus Falls. Still waiting on the verse to come in from the artist that's supposed to be on the track but that should come in soon. As for the new song, it's a song with R3HAB. As many people know, he remixed "You Wish You Knew" and his remix was featured on certain versions of the album. He called me and asked me to jump on one of his songs so of course I did, and well we made something really sick. Don't know when it'll be out though. ZAYN on music he's been enjoying recently I heard Aaliyah's new song a couple days ago when she put it out, and I thought it was great. She never disappoints when releasing music, I think. It always something new and something fresh. So yeah she's amazing. I've also enjoyed Marina's song "Anyone Else". That song's just brilliant in every which way. She always knows how to write a good hit. Her songwriting is unmatched and something to aspire to. I'm excited to hear Sky's new album too. From the singles I've heard it sounds like the album will be great. ZAYN on how many songs will be on the setlist to his concert There will be a couple songs I'll be performing. I think the number right now is 20 plus songs. I decided to go all out and just perform as many songs as possible without boring the audience so I thought go with a lot of songs would be great. They all have a part in the overall show too. I'm not just performing them just for the sake of performing new songs but each song truly has a part in the show, and I admit it was hard to somehow find a way for every song to integrate into the show in a cohesive manner. I think to the fans, they just wanna see me perform some of their favorite songs but to me, everything has to be exactly how I want it to be. I want to make sure the lights go to the beat of the song and that we're not a minute over any performance, or whatever it may be. Icarus Falls is out now | "Entertainer" is out now
  5. A moment of silence for Beto’s 2020 campaign :beybawl:

  6. Lana Del Rey on Beats 1 November 1, 2019 | Los Angeles, US Zane Lowe: We have none other than Lana Del Rey on line! Lana Del Rey: Hey, thank you for having me Zane! ZL: Thank you for calling us all the way from London, where I understand you're doing promo for your new song "Venice B" LDR: *laughs* Yeah I'm doing a bit of promotion over here for the time being but I'll be in U.S. soon. ZL: Let's talk about the hot new single, "Venice B". Is true that it's the lead single from your upcoming album? LDR: Yes, that's true. I chose it as the lead single because I felt like this song was so great in every aspect and it kinda gives people an idea of what the album will be about. ZL: It's a 9-minute long song though! Not complaining because I love your music but what casual listeners? LDR: Well if I was making music to appease everybody I wouldn't be making music at all. There will always be who turned off by certain music and that's fine. I don't make music for a commercial audience, I make music for my fans and for myself. And I think this song is a perfect example of that. ZL: Fair enough, Lana. Do you have a music video for the song? LDR: I do. It won't be out this week or the next, I think *laughs*. I just know it won't be out soon, that's for sure. It's quite special though. ZL: I see. Well we can't wait for that to come out. By the way, loving the song. It's so good. LDR: Awe, thank you so much. ZL: Of course. Now, I know you're promoting the song right now on radio stations but do plan on ever performing this song, for let's say a late night talk-show? LDR: Uh, no I don't think so. I really want to strip it back a bit and not overwhelm myself with promo or live performances. I'm nervous when I perform on live television, as you can tell from my past performances from my earlier years in the music business *laughs*. But um yeah, I think I'll be holding off all TV performances for this song, and maybe even the new era. ZL: Oh, well I gotta say that's a bit disappointing to hear. I love watching you perform. LDR: Awe, thank you, Zane. I just don't feel comfortable performing on TV and I actually never have but sometimes I've been able to go through performances. I think I've gotten to a point where I can happily say no to performing on TV. ZL: So that means you'll still be performing, just not on TV? LDR: Yeah, of course. I love performing, just not when there's millions of people watching me *laughs*. ZL: Well, hey thank you for talking with me. I love the new song and we'll be playing right after this interview ends. Yes, all 9-minutes of it. LDR: *laughs* Thank you so much. I appreciate it a lot. "Venice Bitch" is out now
  7. Lana Del Rey x Spotify Spotify has updated their playlists with Lana Del Rey's new single "Venice Bitch" being featured on three new playlists. Those of which include "New Music Friday", "Essential Indie", and "All New Indie". This new release comes months after Lana Del Rey has last released new music, which had fans waiting with anticipation as to what she'd release next. "Venice Bitch" points towards a new sound and direction into her already illustrious career.
  8. Lana Del Rey x iTunes Banners of Lana Del Rey's new single "Venice Bitch" are being displayed on iTunes store and will continue to be displayed there for the remainder of the week. This release comes just weeks after signing with her new label Columbia Records and marks the start of a new era. "Venice Bitch" will be the lead single to Lana Del Rey's fifth studio album, which is slated for a 2020 release.
  9. After leaving her previous label, Lana Del Rey signed with Columbia Records and has been working on her next album with Jack Antonoff. In one of those sessions, while working with Antonoff, "Venice Bitch" was born. The 9-minute psychedelic wonder is now the first single from Lana Del Rey's upcoming album, which is expected to drop sometime next year. Song title: Venice Bitch Artist: Lana Del Rey Release date: November 1, 2019 Label: Columbia Records Genre: Folk Rock / Psychedelic Pop Writers: Lana Del Rey, Jack Antonoff Producers: Jack Antonoff, Lana Del Rey Song Radio Edit
  10. Lana Del Rey on BBC Radio 1 November 1, 2019 | London, UK Annie Mac: We have Lana Del Rey in studio! Lana Del Rey: Hey! Happy to be here. AM: Now, you'll be premiering your new single "Venice B" with us today. LDR: That's right. AM: But that'll be later on in the show, first let's talk about your new single. How did you manage to make a 9-minute song? *laughs* LDR: Well, it definitely wasn't my intention to make it that long initially but after going over the song with Jack... AM: Jack Antonoff. LDR: Yeah. AM: Who by the way, is an amazing producer and songwriter. LDR: He is, definitely. But yeah I thought that the song would be a lot better if we just included so much time for the instrumentation to really shine. I really loved the production on the track and it wasn't like anything I've really done before. I would consider the song to be perfect for a long drive... AM: Since it really stretches out. LDR: Yeah, and I can just envision myself listening to it as I'm driving down the coast. *laughs* AM: Now tell about your collaboration with Jack Antonoff. How did you guys get together to make the song? LDR: Well, he actually came to me, at a party I believe, and asked if he could have a session because he wanted to play a couple songs that he had been working on and thought they'd suit me. And so we meet again at a studio in Malibu and he played me a couple songs. And instantly I was impressed with how amazing they were. I started recording that same day and then it just went on from there. AM: And so, was "Venice" a product from one of those early sessions that you and Jack had? LDR: Yeah it was one of the first songs we made together and right then I felt like this had to be the lead single or least make the album, you know? AM: Did you and Jack work on the entire album together? LDR: We worked on most of it. I'd say like a song or two that are currently on the album had no "affiliation" with Jack. *laughs* AM: Let's talk about the album! When's it coming out? Is it done? LDR: Um, it is done but it won't be out this year. That's all I can pretty much say at this point. I think everything is already set in stone but my label says I can't reveal too much. Sorry! AM: Oh no I get it. By the way, how's your new label been treating you, since I know you were just signed by them a couple weeks back. LDR: Label's been amazing and so supportive of my work. They kinda let me do my own thing and not interfere as much because I guess they have the sense that I know what I'm doing and even when I don't know what I'm doing, I at least have a great manager and a great team to lead me towards the right path. AM: That's so good to hear! Now, may I ask why you left your previous label? LDR: Um, it was for a couple reasons. I loved them and thought they were great people but ultimately it came down to the music. I wanted to go a different direction with my music than the music they had me putting out. I mean, don't get me wrong I loved the music I put out with them, but after awhile I felt like it wasn't something I should have put out in first place because I wasn't too confident in it. And so they agreed to let me part ways and sign onto to another label. AM: Well that makes sense. No bad blood though, right? LDR: No, not at all. I have nothing but love and respect for them and whatever they wish to do with their artists. It just wasn't the right fit for me. AM: Well, the time has come to play your new song "Venice B" for the first time! This is a BBC Radio 1 exclusive, at least until the song ends, then it'll be out to the world. LDR: *laughs* Yes that's true. Thank you for naming it the Hottest Record and thank you for letting me premiere on the song on here. AM: Oh, of course. Thank you for coming to the show to discuss your new song with us. This is "Venice B". *Venice Bitch plays but cuts off at the 6 minute mark* AM: Wow, that was amazing. We couldn't play all 9 minutes of the song but from what I heard it's amazing! LDR: Thank you *blushes* and I get that, that''s why there will be a radio version for the song, which is much shorter. AM: Well thank you for being on the show. LDR: Thank you for having me. It's always a pleasure. "Venice Bitch" is out now
  11. Ew. She’s also kissed an underage fan in the mouth before too. Glad I unstanned her.
  12. Ellie Goulding, The Weeknd, Zayn, Rita Ora, Lana Del Rey, etc.
  13. Shame. If people were more informed on what Brexit would actually do then the UK would not be in this situation. Anyways, vote Labour for the upcoming general election
  14. Love this series! My favorite one is probably the one with Mitski
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