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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :beyr:

  2. Charli. IDK why but, this is one of the most fruitful projects to come out of 2019 to me. It just sticks.
  3. Look at all you fools, PANG turned out to be AOTY!
  4. AOTY coming in 12 hours, but stream the nevertiring singles while u wait!
  5. Even A.G. Cook (Producer of the album) agrees. Let's face it!
  6. New layout is absolutely the best

  7. Not that that greasy bitch is any better than Lil Fag X
  8. https://youtu.be/yyLsPdOEBww I think I'm gonna be SICK
  9. By far one of the strongest debuts of the year.
  10. That;s okay babe, Megan Thee Stallion is a fad anyways
  11. You're mad I have an opinion..?
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