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  1. Breaking: Olly Alexander rumored to be singing next James Bond theme song! British pop sensation and global superstar Olly Alexander appears to be the next artist to sing the next James Bond theme song!! Olly Alexander is one of pop's biggest superstars and had a major breakout year in 2018 with his #1 record breaking album Identity. Ever since his debut he has been an unstoppable global force and has managed to capture the worlds attention with his music. Olly has been very silent and AWOL ever since his 5th single off Identity went #1. In 2019 he released some collaborations, but other than that he has been silent and out of the limelight...up until recently. This past week Olly has been teasing something on his official Twitter account. Olly has been tweeting cryptic tweets that can bee seen below: Ever since the first tweet, fans have been buzzing and going crazy,trying to decipher and search for clues on what XXV could mean. It is obviously the number 25 in Roman numerals, but there wasn't enough context. Fans suspect this to be a countdown of days, or a date. However, the next tweet to succeed that was the numbers "007". Some fans thought that it connected to the 25 and could have meant the date 7/25, or that it could have meant 7 days from that tweet. Some also guessed these could be song title's or hints to the album. However....some we believe that this is not the case!! We think that Olly is singing the next James Bond theme song!! Why is that? Well 007 is James Bonds spy name code (the obvious give away), and the 25 comes from the fact that this will be the 25th James Bond movie!!! Fans have been going crazy online tweeting about Olly and James Bond since the tweets were released. Olly has yet to give any more clues or confirmation, but at this point it is pretty obvious. On his website there is a flashing "007" and "XXV", but you are not able to click on anything else! Something big is coming and it is coming soon!! Olly is the perfect fit for the Bond theme song and we cannot wait to see what he will do to surprise us!! Get that Oscar king!
  2. Jisoo on The Voice Denmark Paid EU promo / 2.15/ Article 2 Jisoo and Jennie perform Gashina The stage was dark and dim. There were white screens everywhere. Jisoo stood center stage and started to dance when the music began. She wore all white and had a few backup dancers with her, and they wore all white as well. They lights flashed on and they were pink! All the white now looked like it turned pink. Different patterns and geometric shapes appeared on the screens and it made for a cool visual. When the chorus hit, jisoo and her dancers slayed the gashina choreo. Pink glitter shot out as well. Then, when the next verse came, Jennie came out in all black! She wore black leather chanel and looked so sickening. She strutted down the stage in her leather boots and was accompanied by other dancers dressed in all black and leather. The lights flashed and changed colors. Now black images and shapes were showing on the screens. When the chorus hit, Jennie and her troupe started to dance the Gashina choreo. Everyone screamed and applauded her since she was just so good. Then the bridge came and Jennie and Jisoo joined one another. The last chorus hit and pink and black lights flashed every where. Black and pink glitter shot from cannons into the air and rained down on everyone in the audience and all over the stage. Everyone went wild and jisoo and jennie slayed the dancing. It was an epic performance and one to remember. Jisoo and Jennie had great charisma and stage presence, and of course great chemistry. They put on quite the show and no one was disappointed! It was one of the best performances of Gashina to date! Gashina by Jisoo ad the remix with Jennie is available for stream/purchase!
  3. Jisoo on Loose Women Paid UK promo / article 1 / 2.15 Hello and welcome back to Loose Women!! Today we have a very special guest. She is one of the most buzzed about new comers with a #1 hit Gashina! Please welcome this fierce woman, Jisoo!! Hello Jisoo! Hello there. Thank you for having me! Our pleasure. So Jisoo, as you may know, on this show we like to talk about all things female. We love to support women, talk about womens issues and just praise women out there. You are someone that we have been watching closely, because you are someone that advocates for that! First off, your song Gashina is about being a bad ass female. Tell us about that. Thanks! Yes, it is! It is about reclaiming your identity after a loss. Sometimes we feel broken or like we lost a part of ourselves after a breakup or after adverse situatons. However, I wanted this song to empower girls (and boys) to be confident and reclaim your happiness after these sucky situations. It can be easier said than doe, but if we practice and try our best to be confident, then it will come easier. I love it, and something we also love about you is the fact that you are in an upcoming girl group BLACKPINK! Tell us what it is like working with 3 other confident women? It is amazing. We formed a sisterhood. We have a special bond that no one can break. It is isnpiring gettting to work with such talented and smart girls. I think BLACKPINK will be very important for the world out there. To see 4 stong confident and hard working asian women unite as one unit will be something that a lot of people will need to see! I agree and I can't wait till it happens. Well jisoo, congrats on everything!! Thank you! Gashina by Jisoo ad the remix with Jennie is available for stream/purchase!
  4. Miz Cracker ft. Kash Doll & The Pussycat Dolls- Dolled Up Remix Miz Cracker has released a remix of her top 10 hit with The Pussycat Dolls for a mega Doll Dolled Up Remix!! Title: Dolled Up Artist: Miz Cracker, Kash Doll, Pussycat Dolls Release Date: 2/14/2020 Audio/Lyrics:
  5. Miz Cracker on The Real US Promo / Article 1 / 2.11 Miz on Dolled Up music video Yass the music video to Dolled Up just dropped this past Friday and it is easily my most favorite video that I have ever done! I knew that I wanted to do something Barbie related when I wrote the song. I mean obvioiusly duh! RIght? But little did I know that I would actually be working with Barbie haself!!! I had the luxury and privilege to work with both Barbie and Moschino for this music video. But wait!! f that wasnt enough... we got to work with the legend miss Tyra Banks!! I wanted to pay an homage to the iconique and legendary Life Size!!! I mean who doesn't loev that movie!! That is a classic film that will go down in cinema history. When thinkin up the idea for the music video, I knew that I wanted Kash and I to be Barbie's. But I didn't want it to be exactly like Life Size. See, in Life Size the Tyra Barbie comes to life. So I wanted to put a different spin on that. So I decided, what if the little girl turns into a Barbie and hangs out with us in our Barbie dream house!! That was what we ended up going with. We brought everything to life, but still existed as Barbie dolls. That video was so much fun cuz we got to wear all these fun and colorful Moschino outfits that were inspired by Barbie, and of course we had a cameo of Eve from Life Size. I think it was a fun video and it is my favorite of mine! After the interview the hosts reminded everyone to buy/stream Dolled Up!
  6. Jisoo on This Morning UK Paid Promo / Article 4 / 2.12 Jisoo on if Gashina remix with Jennie will have a music video Funny that you mention that because we did just wrap up shooting something!! We do have a music video for the remix and it will be coming out this Friday!! I know BLINKS have been begging and dying to see Jennie and I work in a video together, so here is our chance!! We filmed it about a week ago. It is a fun video and it's for the fans.We knew we couldn't pass up on this opportunity. Plus we knew that it would be fun. Jennie and I always love doing stuff in front of the camera so this was a no brainer! We are happy with how it came out and we had so much fun finally getting to work on something of this magnitude. It made our BLACKPINK dreams feel even more real! It made us feel like we are getting closer and closer to that next step! Jisoo on her time in the UK It has been lovely. Nothing but lovely. Everyone here is so kind and has been so sweet and showing me lots of love. I was surprised to see how many BLINKS are here in the UK. It also surprises me to know how clever they are. They have all been camping out and waiting outside all of the TV studios! Every time I come to the studios I see lots of BLINKS excited and greeting me! I make sure to take pictures with them, sign things, and talk to them before I do my interviews. It just makes me happy and makes my day 1000x better! I havent gotten too much time to tour or sight see yet. I think I will this weekend. But everything else has been lovely, and the UK is one of my favorite places in the world. Well, Europe in general. So I am just happy that I get to see the world and explore new places! After the interview the hosts reminded everyone to buy/stream Gashina! Gashina then plays as the show goes to break. Gashina and Gashina Remix by Jisoo and Jennie of BLACKPINK is available for stream/purchase!!!
  7. Jisoo on BBC Breakfast UK Paid Promo / Article 3 / 2.11 Good Morning everyone!! Welcome back to BBC Breakfast! We have a special guest with us. She is the newest member of BLACKPINK with a #1 song, please give it up for Jisoo!! Hello! Good Morning! Good morning Jisoo. Thank you for being here. It means a lot! I know you are here in the UK for a week or so! Thank you so much for making time for us and being on our show!! You're welcome! I am thankful for being here. I wanted to be on as many British shows as possible cuz I know all the fans want to see that hahah So how are you liking it here? Better than America? hehehe I actually love it here. I love how beautiful and historical it is here. There is so much to see. I feel like I am on vacation. There are a lot of differences between America and the UK. I feel a bit more relaxed, not everything is so fast paced. But I love it regardless. I havent visited a place that I didn't like. Well that is good. We love you over here! Are you planning on visiting other countries anytime soon, or are you gonna stay here with us for a bit. Well I have several more appearances on TV shows and radios here in the UK, so you will get a lot of time with me! But I am also going to be going to Australia and other parts of Europe! I am super excited to keep traveling the world and meet new BLINKS! Ahh! That is exciting! You are getting to share your music and Gashina around the world! That song has traveled the world itself!! Why do you think it has become so global? You know, I am not so sure. I hope it's becuase people think the song is good. But i think BLINKS and Kpop have a lot to do with it! Well congrats on all your success and thank you for chatting with us! Thanks! Gashina and Gashina Remix by Jisoo and Jennie of BLACKPINK is available for stream/purchase!!! Everyone go get it! Gashina then plays as the show goes to break. Gashina and Gashina Remix by Jisoo and Jennie of BLACKPINK is available for stream/purchase!!!
  8. Jisoo on Y100 Miami US Radio Promo / Article 2/ 2.10 Welcome welcome back to Miami's #1 radio station! We have a special caller on the line.She is currently taking over the globe with her hit Gashina. Please welcome Kpop princess Jisoo of BLACKPINK! Hello Jisoo! Hello there. Wow thank you for that introduction. That wasn't necessary, but I appreciate it. Of course it was necessary. You are Kpop royalty. Both you and Jennie, breaking records that no other Kpop acts have done. Aww thank you, thank you. That means a lot. It is always so surreal when I hear that. Or maybe I just get shy when I hear that. I think I still haven't fully grasped that yet. It is still so hard to fathom and comprehend. How Gashina was able to do that? It doesn't feel true, cuz I never believed something like that could happen to me. Well it did! You need to have more confidence. It happened and it happened because it is you!! Aw thanks! That really means a lot! So, does this mean that a lot of US artists are reaching out to you or to BLACKPINK? Well I myself haven't recorded or done any collabs with other artists yet, other than Miranda Sings, but BLACKPINK may have some collabs in the works. I can't say anything other than that! I probably gave too much away. But I would definitely be open to working with other artists as a solo collab. Me and the girls all agreed that we could do collabs as soloists. If someone likes my style, then I would totally agree! Well you heard it here, everyone go tweet your fave that Jisoo is a free agent ready for a collab! Is there anyone in particular that you would like to work with? I would love to work with Ariana Grande or Ivy. I love them both! I am currently overplaying their new songs 7 Rings and Drip! Oh yes! We love those songs! They are tearing up the charts. Well Jisoo, I wll let you go now. I know you are in London and have a busy schedule. Thank you! Yes, I am here and I love it. I get to meet UK Blinks! Well fave fun and congrats on Gashina's success. Thanks! Gashina and Gashina Remix by Jisoo and Jennie of BLACKPINK is available for stream/purchase!!! So go get it! Gashina then plays on the radio. Gashina and Gashina Remix by Jisoo and Jennie of BLACKPINK is available for stream/purchase!!!
  9. Jisoo on Good Morning Britain Paid UK Promo / Article 1 / 2.10 Hello and good morning! Welcome back to Good Morning Britain! Our next guest is a world wide sensation, taking the world by storm with her #1 hit Gashina! Please welcome Jisoo of BLACKPINK. Hello there. Thank you so much for having me. It is nice to finally be here in the UK. Thank you so much for coming. Fans over here have been so patient and waiting for you to come visit. The crowds outside are massive. Fans have been camping outside the studio! Did you see that? Yes, I saw that! It is so lovely. In fact, I got to meet a lot of fans and talk to them and sign pics just before. I love them so much and it is the least I can do. I am so thankful that I get to travel the world and see BLINKS in different countries. So you have been to the UK for a bit now, you performed on The X Factor this past weekend. Was that your first time here? It was my first time performing on UK Tv!!! I've been to the UK before, but not as a member of BLACKPINK! Not in this capacity. I went with family, but not as a performer. So it has been nice! Well the UK loves you! Hence the success of Gashina. Now speaking of, you just dropped the Gashina remix with Jennie! Tell us what that has been like, the reception from the fans. It has been amazing. The fans love it and have been messaging me saying sweet things. I am glad that they love it and mroe excited that they get a taste of BLACKPINK. Yes, I love the collab and I love that you two came together for this. Jennie is such a talent isn't she? Oh yes she is. She turns everything to gold. She just has a fierceness and flame around her. I think she is made for this. Well so are you! Your voice is so beautiful and your voices and personalities go so well together. Aw thank you so much! Thank you for stopping by and chatting. The UK loves you and appreciates you. And I love my British fans! Thank you! Gashina and Gashina Remix by Jisoo and Jennie of BLACKPINK is available for stream/purchase!!! Everyone go get it! Gashina then plays as the show goes to break. Gashina and Gashina Remix by Jisoo and Jennie of BLACKPINK is available for stream/purchase!!!
  10. Olly Alexander is Coming! (?) As many may know, pop icon Olly Alexander has been absent from the music scene nearly all 2019 and 2020. Last year he had several collab hits like the #1 Big Spender with SZA and Half A Man with Big Sean. However, Olly has yet to release a lead single since the last record breaking #1 The Precipice of Happiness off Identity in 2018. It is now 2020, and Olly is now finally seeming to tease something!! But what could it be?? Recently fans noticed that Olly blacked out all of his social media accounts. He changed his icon, hid all his tweets and Instagram posts, and remained silent for the time being. Also, if you got to OllyAlexander.com it has a black screen with blinking XXV on the main page. This lead everyone to believe that he is starting a new era or ready to make a big announcement. Olly has been silent since the social media blackout, but today he just tweeted "XXV", which many fans noted that it means "25" in Roman numerals. Olly has yet to comment or clarify what exactly those symbols mean, and if indeed it represents 25, there is now clear indication if it means the 25th of February, 25 days from today, or what the 25 could represent. Could it also be a song title, alum title?? In the mean time, fans and music lovers are losing their minds that new Olly Alexander music just might be on it's way. Twitter is buzzing and trending with "Olly Alexander", "XXV", and "25". We are anxiously and anticipating new tweets and clarification as we are ready for new Olly Alexander music!!!!
  11. Jisoo x Jenni on The X Factor UK Paid UK Promo 2.8 Jisoo and Jennie perform Gashina The stage was all pitch black. Then, a single spot light flashed on center stage. We see Jisoo and two backup dancers posing. The music to Gashina begins and all the fans scream and cheer. Then Jisoo starts to sing as neon lights flash on. The entire stage is still pretty dark so we just see jisoo from the spot light and all the lasers. Jisoo sings he verse and when the chorus hits, they break out into the Gashina choreo. Then, when the next verse comes, another spotlight flashes on and Jennie is revealed!! The fans go wild.. Jennie is accompanied by two dancers as well. Jennie raps her verse and then she meets Jisoo center stage. When the chorus hits, they sing it together and do an epic dance choreo to Gashina! The fans go wild seeing them both singing and dancing together. We really see just how amazing their chemistry is and how their perfformance skills are!! It is an epic performance and everyone is melting from it. When the bridge comes they take turns singing their lines. But when the chorus hits againm they both sing the last erse. All the lights flash and confetti shoots into the air. They slay the choreo together and this new remix is such a fresh and fun twist on the song. This performance was hands down the best and it gave a nice taste of what BLACKPINK has to offer. The girls killed it and everyone was screaming and cheering the entire time. Especiiallly when they sang and dance the choruses together. Jisoo and Jennie showed off their sass and attitude and it was iconic!!
  12. Miz Cracker ft. Kash Doll- Dolled Up (Official Music Video) Title: Dolled Up Artist: Miz Cracker ft. Kash Doll Release Date: 2.7.2020 The video starts off with a little girl in her room, playing with her new Miz Cracker and Kash Moschino Barbie Dolls. She stops, and looks intently at them. Then she sighs, and says that she wishes she could spend a day with them....but little does she know that at that exact moment a shooting star outside her window was falling from the sky. The little girl sighs and goes to bed. The screen goes dark....but then.... She wakes up inside her Barbie dream house!! She is an all pink bedroom and looks so shocked because she doesnt know how she got there. Then... she sees Miz Cracker and Kash Doll smiling and standing there. "Hi I'm Miz Cracker" "And I'm Kash" "And we are gonna get you Dolled Up."!! They both say to her. The girl smiles and freaks out!!! Then, the music to Dolled Up begins. They tell her that there is gonna be a huge party with all the other Barbies tonight/ So first, we see Kash and Miz take her to the giant vanity. There are tons of Barbie and Dolled Up make up. They give her the biggest and most lavish Barbie make over! They beat her face and make her look as flawless as a doll, just like them. After that it is time for the Barbie Dream House tour! They take her to the arcade, the kitchen, the movie theater, and all the crazy pink colored rooms inside that Barbie dreamhouse! There are so many zany and crazy decorations that make it look so cool!! All of the furniture looks like life sized Barbie props! Everything looks like plastic, yet realistic to make it look like everything is a toy. We see a montage of the girls having fun with one another and just living it up. They go out to the pool for a swim, they play some arcade games, they watch a Barbie movie, there is just so much going on. They are having the time of their lives.Then, Kash and Miz tell the girl that it is almost time for the party, so they need to finish getting ready. They take her to the giant walk in Barbie Dream closet...and when they open the doors we see none other than Tyra Banks!! It is time for another montage, but this time all of the girls are trying on Moschino clothes for the big party. We see a montage of Miz, Kash, the little girl, and Eve walking down the runway in the closet all trying on different outfits. Finally, all the girls settle on their colorful party outfits, and decide it is time to join the other Barbies outside for an epic party!! They all walk out and we see other life size Barbies partying and having the time of their lifes. We even see a scene where Eve is performing her classic hit Be A Star, and everyone is dancing along. But now the sun is setting...and the day is almost over. Miz and Kash take the little girl backup to the bed in which she woke up. They tell her that the day is done, and that they had the best day ever with her. They told her that even though it is over, she can always play with them an make more memories together. The girl gets in bed and Miz, Kash, and Eve say goodnight and goodbye. Then, when the girl wakes up.... she smiles and shoots up in bed!!! However, she realizes that she is in her own room and her own bed. She looks sad, but then she looks over to her dolls. The dolls are posing in their Moschino party outfits from last night. The little girls smiles as she knows that it must have been real. She goes back to bed and the video ends!!
  13. Jisoo Streaming Promo - Spotify banner - Spotify billboard - Apple Music banner - Friday Feeling = #3 spot
  14. Miz Cracker Streaming Promo YouTube front page access Dolled Up (Official Music Video)Today's Biggest Hits = #1 spot 1. Dolled Up- Miz Cracker ft. Kash Doll Pop Hotlist = #1 spot 1. Dolled Up- Miz Cracker ft. Kash Doll Released = #1 spot and cover 1. Dolled Up- Miz Cracker ft. Kash Doll Pop Fresh = #1 spot 1. Dolled Up- Miz Cracker ft. Kash Doll Pop Sauce = #1 and cover 1. Dolled Up- Miz Cracker ft. Kash Doll
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