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  1. Camila Cabello X Billboard Magazine July 20, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 3/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat Confusion, stress, working hard and fast: That has pretty much been the story of Cabello's recent life. In December of 2016, the news broke to the public that she left the girl-group Fifth Harmony, the most succesful girl group since Destiny's Child, with more than 7 million digital songs sold, according to Nielsen Music. Before the year 2016 ended, she was a solo artist and that was a new and big step for Camila. She faced backlash once she left the group (e.g. #CamilaIsOverParty was trending worldwide on Twitter/Instagram). During that time, Cabello had plenty to celebrate. After months of not knowing where she went to, news broke in 2017 that she signed to Shadow Records, a label home to artists such as Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora. Since then, she worked on her solo music for the past two years and finally, after two years of waiting, Cabello released her debut solo single Crying in the Club on July 19 of this year. "The easiest route would be to shut my mouth, sing the songs, wear the clothes and keep going. We were at the peak of our career" says Cabello with a jittery laugh, weighing life in 5H against going it alone, while we were eating our lunch, she added "That wasn't for me, why being unhappy when I can be happy when I pursue my solo career? And, maybe, in a way, it was a selfish thing to do since we were at the peak of our career, but I wasn't happy anymore, I couldn't stay in such a toxic environment", it's because of how her mom raised her, she tells us. "It's because of how she [her mom] raised me, it's always been: Don't settle. Jump and hope you grow wings on the way down." Cabello is someone who loves to write, even when she was on 5H, she started writing early in the morning. "I would wake up super early, get off the bus, go to the hotel, put the TV on super loud, since I didn't want people to her me f---ing yelling, then go into a room, most times the bathroom, sit down, open my laptop and started writing" Cabello says. Q: Did you notice at anytime the relation between you and Fifth Harmony changed? I really don't know, I was always the one that was really open with the feelings I had. I always told the girls I couldn't sing other people's words and be totally happy with that, since we actually had writers writing the songs for us, it was not totally our story, our words, you have to follow your inner voice and I always told the girls to do the same. Q: Have you been in touch with anyone from Fifth Harmony in the past three years since you first left the group? No. Q: Have you reached out to them? Yeah, I did. But, I don't know, definitely in the beginning it was hard and it sucks to talk about it, since it makes me sad, really, I don't hate them, I love all four of them, still, they will always have a place in my heart. Q: Aren't you scared of responses from 5H-fans and your fans? I don't want any drama, I'm totally not in the mood for that, people will try and turn this into, 'Is she going to have more success than the group has ever had', but I don't think it that way, not even actually. I'm growing everyday, I learn everday and I just love to put out music and that is what I'm planning to do. Q: Did you talked about it a lot to leave the group with your family? I talked a lot about it with my mom. She always gives me the best advice so I knew I would count on her, she told me: "Do what you need to do. I raised you to do what you want to do, don't let fear come into this, step up" and that always just stuck with me. We paused the interview, since we saw Camila getting emotional. After some tears fell down on the table, we stopped the interview, gave her some tissues and we let her have a moment until she was fully able to continue on with the interview. "Sorry, just talking about what happened just makes me sad" says Cabello as she wipes a tear from her cheek with a tissue.. "I just want to make music, release it and give my fans what they want, I don't have bad blood with anyone and I don't want it, it hurts" Cabello says afterwards. Q: What made think Crying in the Club would be the great first single? It tells a story, and I want every song on my album and future albums to do. just. that. In the music video we already shot, we got another song in the beginning which just tells it all, I can't tell you too much, but just watch the Video Music Awards on July 21 and you'll see. Q: You are also performing the song for the first time ever on the VMAs, aren't you nervous? Oh, definitely! (laughs), but you know, I was born to perform so I'm just going to do what I always do when I'm nervous, talk it off, keeping myself busy so I don't think about it and once it's time I take 3 deep breaths and I just go with it. Q: When will your album be released? Do you have a title? It's coming this winter. It's done and we actually have two titles in mind. Definitely, because this album was such a healing proces for me. That's why I thought I wanted to name the album "Healing" but that just didn't sound right, so we're still discussing some of the possible album titles, but I'll make sure I have one before I release the album (laughs). Billboard released a behind-the-scenes video on their YouTube channel. Watch the video and go behind the scenes of Camila Cabello's billboard cover photoshoot and see how the photos were made. Camila Cabello's debut solo single Crying in the Club is out now and available everywhere!
  2. Miley Cyrus X Live! With Kelly and Ryan July 19, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 2/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat Miley Cyrus went to Live! With Kelly and Ryan to promote her single Don't Call Me Up, on the show she talked about how it was creating the song and how it reflects on the upcoming album, she also talked about the new music from Iggy Azalea, Cameron Dallas with Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello and she talked about the Video Music Awards that are this Sunday. See the full interview below. Q (Kelly): Welcome back to the show, Miley. So, your new single Don't Call Me Up is doing extremey well, how was it for you creating the song? It was a pleasure making this song and just a fun experience. I told some producers that were in the studio (Max Martin & Pharell Williams) when we writing the song that I wanted a upbeat and uptempo instrumental, so they did their work and made an upbeat instrumental, the uptempo has been left out a little but that isn't a problem, it sounds good either way. So, when I started writing the track I was with Kamille and Steve Mac in the studio and we just did some freestyling of what could be in the song, I already wrote some lines, like "Don't call me up, I'm going out tonight", "I'm over you and I don't need your lies no more" and "Cause I'm here lookin' fine babe" were some of the lines I already wrote down on my telephone and we just made something out of it and Don't Call Me Up was born, it was such a fun experience. Q (Ryan): So, it must be a pleasure seeing the song performing so well on the charts and it's so loveable by the public and your fans. It feels amazing, Ryan, truly. We wrote the song in like a couple of hours, but still, the recording process of it all was way more intense then writing the song in my opinion. But, yeah. Seeing the song being loved by many and a lot of people can relate too it is amazing. Seeing your work geting appreciated means a lot. Q (Ryan): How will the song reflect on the album, I see it's the thirtheenth track on the album? Yes, well, you could see the album as a whole storyline, like it was in real life. In the beginning everything was fine and I thought we were meant to be together. Then when we continue I discover more and more lies and secrets that aren't good. After that, it went downhill and the hating, abuse and more began. And at the end of the whole journey, I've finally got peace with myself, I'm in a good mood, I've broken up with the guy and it's all good, I'm not bothered anymore and I'm going on with my life, being happy and healthy. So, that's why the song is at the bottom of the tracklist, since it's the "moving on" part of the album, you know? Q (Kelly): Oh, I totally get it. That's such a fun concept, so, friends of you such as Iggy, Cameron, Ariana and Camila all released new music today, did you listen to it all yet? I did! I LOVE Camila's debut solo single Crying in the Club, I've listened 30 times to it already and when I listened to it for the third time I was already shaking my booty to it, it's such a great song. Iggy just does what she does, Love Don't Fail Me Now is just another great song of hers and I'm so happy that everything is going so good for her and Make Up from Cameron featuring Ariana is just, wow. I love it so much, it gives me tropical/summer vibes which I love, that song will definitely be on my Summer 2019 playlist I have on my Spotify! (smiles). @Venus @Pabllo @cocoCHANEL🅴 Q (Ryan): How does it feel being the most nominated artist at this year's Video Music Awards? I'm full with grattitude, really. I just want to thank the VMAs for giving me all those nominations, I didn't except I would be nominated for all of that and then also the big 3 categories, it means the world to me. Seeing my work getting recognized, let's hope we can bring some awards home too! Q (Kelly): I wish you the best of luck, you are also performing the single right? Yes, I am actually and I'm so so excited for it. This morning I was on 103.5 KTU radio and after that I went straight to rehearsals to do some final touches and rehearse everything in full, tomorrow we're going to the veneu to rehearse for the whole day, in parts ofcourse since more need to rehearse, but we're going to rehearse on the big stage which is exciting, I hope everything works out and then Sunday is the big day! Q (Kelly): Well, I'm 100% sure everything will go as planned. Thank you, Kelly! Q (Ryan): Well, Miley, thank you for coming to the show! You can grab Miley Cyrus' single Don't Call Me Up for a discounted price right now on iTunes, so buy it while it's still discounted and you can catch her on the Video Music Awards this Sunday! Thanks, Ryan! Don't Call Me Up (discounted) is out now, pre-order "Secrets", the album, right now, which is out later this year.
  3. Shadow Records discounts "Don't Call Me Up" by Miley Cyrus Starting today (July 19), a discount has been placed onto Miley Cyrus' latest single Don't Call Me Up, on iTunes (worldwide). The discount will take place in every country with official access to the iTunes store and will last up until July 28, 2019. US$1.29 US$0.69£0.99 £0.59AU$2.19 AU$1.19 CA$1.29 CA$0.69 €1.29 €0.69 © 2019 Shadow Records, a divison of UMG Recordings.
  4. Miley Cyrus X 103.5 KTU July 19, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 1/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat Miley Cyrus visited the studio of 103.5 KTU to talk about her 2019 VMAs performance and nine nominations, her current single Don't Call Me Up and how she prepares for album release of third studio album Secrets which is coming out later this year, she also talks about the artists releasing new music such as Make Up by Cameron Dallas with Ariana Grande and Crying in the Club by Camila Cabello. Q: So, you're performing at the 2019 Video Music Awards and you also received nine nominations making you the most nominated artist at this year's ceremony, how does it feel? It feels amazing, I'm so grateful for everyone supporting me with this new music and new era and being nominated for 9 categories is just amazing. Performing at the VMAs always feels like a party to me, I've performed once before on the show and I had such a great time then, we've been preparing, talking and rehearsing for the performance and I feel like we're putting up a good performance for the song. Q: So, Don't Call Me Up is projected to remain #1 on this week's Hot 100, how does it feel everyone loving the song so much and listening to it over and over again? It feels so so so good, I've said this before but I had a feeling no one was going to like the new music I was going to put out, that was probably my anxiety talking, cause look at me now. Both songs (Feelin' Myself & Don't Call Me Up) are doing extremely well and everyone loves the collaboration [Secrets] with Ariana Grande. So, I had literally nothing to worry about, my mom also told me that. Q: How do you prepare when you're releasing an album? Ofcourse, your album "Secrets" won't be released anytime soon, but when it is and the time is there, how do you prepare? When I released my first album "Bangerz", I was in a room full with friends and family and loved ones surrounding me. When the album was released, my friends and family who hadn't heared it yet, listened to it and gave me their first impressions, and I've always said to my friends and family to be 100% honest with me so they were. We waited an hour and looked at Twitter, Instagram and stuff like that to see the responds, I did the same with "MILEY", my second album.. And I'll probably do it again with "Secrets", you know, it's so good to get reactions from your friends and family to be honest, as they will 100% honest with me and that's what I want, if you don't like it, say it, everyone has their opinion and your entitled to have one. Q: So, Cameron Dallas released a new song with a good friend of you Ariana Grande called Make Up, have you listened to it yet? Yes! Oh. my. god, the song is so good. I love how it has summer/tropical vibes to it and Cameron's voice with Ariana's voice matches so well, I'm so proud of the two, I can't wait what they'll bring out on the VMAs this weekend if they're performing the song. @Pabllo @cocoCHANEL🅴 Q: Ariana Grande released a statement on Twitter about she left Pink Friday Entertainment and is now signed to her own label, what do you think about the decision she took? If she feels good about it, she needs to do it. I actually texted her when she tweeted all of that and gave her a supportive speech .. You know, if she feels like she needs to that, she needs to do it, right? I texted her that I was proud of her and I once again thanked her for joining on Secrets and helping me with my album. @cocoCHANEL🅴 Q: Have you been asked to be on Ariana Grande's upcoming album? No, I haven't, but I'd love to collaborate with her again! @cocoCHANEL🅴 Q: So, Camila Cabello released her debut solo single called Crying in the Club, have you listened to her song yet? Yes, I have actually and I like it so much, all these people releasing good music, I love it, I do! The song is so good and it has that dance / club dance vibes to it which I LOVE! I'm so proud of her, she's my labelmate but also a good friend of mine.. I can't wait for her album! Q: Well, Miley, thank you for stopping by the show and we'll see you at the VMAs this Sunday, July 21! Yes, you will. Thanks for having me! Don't Call Me Up is out now, pre-order "Secrets", the album, right now, which is out later this year.
  5. Camila Cabello X The Ellen Show July 19, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 2/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat Ellen: Her debut solo single Crying in the Club was released today and she's here to talk all about it, after her succesful career with the girl-group Fifth Harmony and leaving the group in 2017, her solo career is finally starting, give it up for Camila Cabello! *CITC plays as Camila walks in and gives Ellen a hug and sits down* Camila: Hey, guys! (waves) Ellen: Welcome to the show, so happy to have you here, how've you been? Camila: Love being here! I'm good, thank you! Working, working, working! Ellen: So, you released Crying in the Club as your debut solo single, can you tell us more about the song and how it came together? I saw you worked with Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco and Max Martin on the track, that's some big names! Camila: Yes, well, the song [Crying in the Club] is a club banger, you can really dance to it in the club and have just a great time. Well, Benny was in the studio and wrote a song together with someone, he called me up and was like "Yo, I have this dope song for you, you need to come over, you need to do this song, your powerful voice will do this song good" and I was like "I'll be there in an hour", I listened to the song and I was like "Oh. my. god. this is amazing", so I recorded it and CITC was born. You know, the lyrics like "Let the music lift you up like you've never been this free, let the music lift you up like you've never been so high". I feel like for me, that was more of what the writing process and what the album making process was saying to me. Just be free, make the music you want. Ellen: That's so cool. And working with Max Martin, who produced the track, was like a dream come true? Camila: It was. I never actually met him in person so when I saw him in the studio, producing MY song, MY debut solo single, it was like a dream, but then I pinched myself and it hurt so I was definitely alive (laughs hard + Ellen too), it was a dream come true, really. Ellen: Your also making your debut at the VMAs this Sunday, how excited are you for that? Camila: You've got no idea, we've been rehearsing all week and this afternoon we've rehearsed for the first time in the veneu with all the staging and stuff like that and I just had a little cry moment when I stood up the stage and finished the first rehearsal, it was all so unreal and I'm so grateful for this chance. That I got a record deal when I went solo and now we're here, releasing music, performing it and bringing the message over to the public. Ellen: Well, I can't wait to see you perform at the VMAs. Camila: Are you attending the show? Ellen: Yes, obviously! I love the VMAs, so I definitely will be attending! Camila: Can't wait to see you there, then! We need to take a picture and break the internet (laughs) Ellen: (laughs) we definitely should! Camila: Hahaha, deal! Ellen: Thank you for stopping by, Camila, loved having you here! Camila: I love being here, thank you for having me! Ellen: (holds cardboard of CITC single cover + cover appears on screen), Camila Cabello's debut solo single Cyring in the Club is out now and available everywhere so grab a copy or stream it on your streaming service and catch her performing at the 2019 Video Music Awards airing this Sunday at 5.30PM EST! Crying in the Club is out now and available everywhere!
  6. Camila Cabello X Z100 New York July 19, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 1/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat Host: We've got the beautiful Camila Cabello here with us today, how are you, Camila? Camila: Hey, I'm so good (laughs). Host: So, your debut solo single Crying in the Club was released today and it's already at the top of playlists such as Today's Top Hits, New Muisc Friday and more, how does it feel finally releasing the song? Camila: It feels so good, you got no idea, we've been in the works for my music for so long and finally sharing it with the world is such a honour actually. Host: Well, the song is a good one, I got a listen already, how would you describe the song to the listeners? Camila: Well, it's definitely a club banger, you can dance to it in the club and stuff like that, but it has more meaning. The lyrics are very hopeful, but the beat of the song is very intense. It's like, don't cry in the club, a club is a space for happy vibes and stuff like that and not for being sad. It's like you went throug a break-up and you're going out with friends to forget about it for a while, don't cry, just dance, let the music lift you up and let you be free. Host: That's a great meaning, well, we've got some fans calling in, that want to ask you some questions, so should we bring them in the show? Camila: I would love, yes! Host: So, we've got Rick first here! Camila: Hey, Rick! Rick: Ohmygod, HEY CAMILA! I've got one question, when will we get the music video? Camila: Ooh, you're a fast one to ask that (laughs), well, we shot the music video already and it's probably getting released this weekend after the VMAs or next week. Rick: I'll be watching it non-stop! Camila: (laughs), that's so sweet! Host: Okay, next, we got Miranda. Camila: That's such a lovely name, hey Miranda! Miranda: Ohmygod, Camila. I got one question for you, how was it for you making this album? Camila: Helpful, it was a part of healing. Songs written for this album and that are on the tracklist made me heal and when I made them it was all apart of that, I'm in a good place right now and writing this first album really helped for me. Miranda: I can't wait to listen to it! Camila: Just wait, babe! You can very soon! Host: Okay, we're on to the last one, this is Sean! Sean: CAMILA I LOVE YOU! Camila: Love you too, Sean! Sean: So, yeah. My question is, can you give us any hints of what the VMA-performance will be like? Camila: Well, it's a big thing, you know. I've never performed on the main show of the VMAs, only the red carpet once with Fifth Harmony so it's a big deal, I want to bring out everything I can and I hope I did it right, a lot of visuals from the unreleased music video will come to life, so get excited for a big show! Sean: That sounds just, wow. Can't wait! Host: So, that were all the questions. Camila: I love my fans so much, they've been so postive about the song so far. Host: Well, I'd like to congratulate you on the release of the song and we're going to play the song right now. Camila: Thank you so much and thank you for having me! Host: This is the debut solo single Crying in the Club by Camila Cabello on Z100! Crying in the Club is out now and available everywhere!
  7. Camila Cabello X Spotify July 19, 2019 - July 26, 2019 Camila Cabello also launched a deal with Spotify to promote her debut solo single Crying in the Club on the platform. Camila is the face of the "Today's Top Hits" playlist while her song is featured in it and she also launches a spot on the New Music Friday playlist. Today's Top Hits (23,737,652 followers): 1. Camila Cabello - "Crying in the Club" .... .... .... New Music Friday (3,306,892 followers): 1. Camila Cabello - "Crying in the Club" .... .... ....
  8. Camila Cabello X iTunes July 19, 2019 - July 26, 2019 Camila Cabello has launched a deal with iTunes to promote her debut solo single Crying in the Club on the platform. The homepage is filled with promotional banners to promote the song, above you can see an example of the promotional banner used for it, once a user clicks on it, the user gets directed to the page where they can buy the song.
  9. Camila Cabello - "Crying in the Club" (Audio) Worldwide audio release on her VEVO channel Camila Cabello has uploaded the audio version of her debut solo single Crying in the Club on her VEVO channel. The video shows text "CAMILA CABELLO / CRYING IN THE CLUB" in better and more modern font (see video above) and to the left there's a picture of Camila, crying, with different letters and words covering her face and showing one eye, the one eye blinks at every 15 seconds and tears are pouring down on her cheeks at the audio video plays.
  10. Camila Cabello - "Crying in the Club" Worldwide debut solo single release Camila Cabello has finally released her debut solo single Crying in the Club after almost two years of being silent on her solo music. The song is available on all streaming services as of July 19, 2019. Title: Crying in the Club Artist: Camila Cabello Album: TBA Genre: Pop Length: 3:36 Writers: Camila Cabello; Cashmere Cat; Benny Blanco Producer(s): Max Martin Audio Lyrics
  11. Miley Cyrus X The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon July 18, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 1/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat Jimmy: Miley Cyrus everybody! Welcome back to the show! I'm happy to see you and to see you back here on the show, how have you been? Miley: Yes, I'm happy to be back and I'm good, thank you. Everything is going good, so it's all okay! Jimmy: So, the new single Don't Call Me Up is doing very well, it's #1 on the US iTunes Charts for over 15 days and has reached #1 on the Hot 100 and is projected to remain there for another week, how does it feel? Miley: It feels so good, I'm so so grateful (gets all exciting while talking about it), you know.. I always had a little feeling inside of me no one would care about the new music, don't ask me why, but I had that feeling for a long time, I guess it was just my anxiety playing up, but when it was time to release Feelin' Myself and it was doing so good and a lot of people liked it, I was ... like .. really happy with myself. After that it was time to release the lead single, Don't Call Me Up, and I didn't knew what everyone would think, days went by after the release and a lot of people on social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, were tweeting and talking about it and all positive, I felt so good. Jimmy: Well, I'm happy for you and all of the success you have right now. I really like the song and I can't wait for the rest if I'm being honest with you. Miley: Thank you so much, it'll be worth the wait! Jimmy: So, your nominated for NINE VMAs at this year's cerenomy, your the most nominated artist this year, congratulations on that, how does it feel? Miley: It feels so good, we're actually also nominated for the three main awards of the night which feels absolutely insane to be honest. Jimmy: And you're also performing at the show, rehearsed yet? Miley: We've rehearsed yesterday and we've rehearsed before I came here, today was the rehearsal for the first time in full and it went absolutely great to be honest. It was so good and I was so proud of my team, dancers, band and everyone that has been involved, we're really setting a performance on the show this Sunday! Jimmy: Well, I hope it works out for you, I'll be at the show too this Sunday and I'm so excited. How do you feel about Rihanna getting the Video Vanguard Award? Miley: Well deserved, obviously. Her music is good and her music video's always deserve quality and a whole amazing story, I hope she kicks ass (laughs) at the show this Sunday, I can't wait to see her perform and take that award home with her! Jimmy: Well, it's all very exciting. Thank you for coming to the show, Miley. (Jimmy grabs two cardboards of DCMU single cover and Secrets album cover and puts it on the table, holding it), Miley Cyrus' single Don't Call Me Up is out now, so listen to it while you can and her album "Secrets" is up for pre-order which is due later this year, thank you for watching tonight's show and see you next week! Miley: Bye guys! (does a handkiss) Don't Call Me Up is out now, pre-order "Secrets", the album, right now, which is coming out later this year.
  12. Miley Cyrus X Jimmy Kimmel July 17, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 5/5 / Update Period: Sun - Wed Jimmy: Her single Don't Call Me Up just went to the top of the charts on the Billboard Hot 100 and her third studio album is coming out later this year, give it up for Miley Cyrus! Miley: Hey, guys! Jimmy: So, congratulations on the single and the single is also 3x platinum here! Miley: Thank you so much, I'm so grateful! Jimmy: So, I wanted to talk about the Video Music Awards a little, you've received nine nominations, the most nominations for an artist at this year's ceremony. Miley: It's so unreal, I'm so extremely grateful for everyone supporting me! Jimmy: Well, it's helping hahaha, and ofcourse you're performing, you've rehearsed already? Miley: Yes, we did a small rehearsal yesterday, on Monday we discussed everything we wanted to do and my creative team made a small idea board and showed it to me, all my idea's were so well presented that I loved it, Tuesday we did a little rehearsal, just to get the know everything, and today we rehearsed it for the first time in full and tomorrow we're having a full rehearsals day. Jimmy: Must be busy for you, rehearsing all day, doing promo for the single and album, you a busy girl. Miley: Yeah, I am, that's my job, you know, I love being busy, I HATE sitting home, doing nothing, I just want to keep going, do things, work, you know? Jimmy: I have that too, so I get you! You didn't sit still, you added another song to the tracklist of your album, right? Miley: Yes, it's a song with two incredible female artist on it, I had the honour to work with an icon and the honour to work with someone I've previously worked with, so it's all very exciting! Jimmy: Who's the icon? Miley: I'd like that to keep it secret. Jimmy: I get that, maybe we could figure it ourselves. Miley: Well, you could try, but I ain't telling you anything, (laughs) Jimmy: Well, is it worth trying then? Miley: Not really, hahahah! Jimmy: Well, anyway, I want to thank you for coming to the show and I can't wait for your album! Miley: Thank you so much, it's coming by the end of the year, very excited about it. Jimmy: Have a great evening everyone, thank you for watching home and I hope to see you tomorrow! Don't Call Me Up & Secrets feat. Ariana Grande are out now, pre-order "Secrets", the album, right now, which is coming out later this year.
  13. Rita Ora X Q-Music July 14, 2019 | NL, Paid (Europe) | Article: 1/5 | Update Period: Sun - Wed Host: That was Only Want You by Rita Ora here on Q-Music. Speaking of her, she's here to join us for a short interview, give it up for Rita Ora everybody! Rita: Hey guys! So excited to be here! Host: So, Rita, you just released a new single called RIP featuring Pabllo Vittar and Armani, how was it working with the two of them? Rita: I got so much love for them, Armani is so pure and genuine, I like that a lot about her and her voice, ohmygod, her voice is so soft and I just love it, and you know, Pabllo, she's so energetic and I love her from the bottom of my heart, I love both of them, truly, they became good friends of mine during this whole proces Host: That's so good to hear, while they are doing their thing in the States and promoting the song there, you got a tour to worry about. How was opening night? Rita: It was so cool! We had this cool stage we can use for bigger veneus, not all of them on the tour unfortunately, but it was so cool, seeing all those people singing along to my fans, I got to meet fans at the meet and greets over the past week, it's been a real experience for me! Host: Well, you're playing a show in AFAS Live tonight, it's 10AM right now so in 11 hours you'll be performing, how does it feel being in Amsterdam? Rita: It's lovely here! I got here yesterday and I had this amazing dinner at some fancy place but I can't remember the name (laugh), but it's so lovely here, we went on a boat and went on the canels here, it's so cute and comfy. Host: Well, you'll be back eventually right, you got an extra show here on December 10. Rita: Yeah, yeah! I'm so excited, I'm in Europe until mid August and then at the end of August/begin of September I'm going to the United States, also going to Australia, China, Japan and after that back to the States and Europe, so we're on the road for quite a while. Host: Well, luckely you're home with your family with christmas, right? Rita: Hahah, yeah! Luckely I am! Host: Well, we here in Holland love RIP so we're going to play it on the radio and goodluck tonight with your show! Rita: Thank you so much! Host: This is RIP by Rita Ora featuring Pabllo Vittar and Armani on Q-Music! R.I.P. is out now and available everywhere!
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