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  1. 1. Look At Her Now 2. People You Know 3. Kinda Crazy 4. Crowded Room (feat. 6LACK) 5. Vulnerable 6. Lose You To Love Me
  2. Fucking tired.

  3. Paris Hilton x James Corden (January 21, 2020 | United States | Paid Promo | 3rd article) Paris Hilton was the main guest at this Tuesday (21) edition of the Late Late Show with James Corden, as she promotes her new single, "Glamour Bitch", a collaboration with the rapper Birdman, her newest song in more than ten years since her last release. Paris appeared on the show for a new interview about the single and her new music; as Corden asked about the new single, Hilton told: "This is a song that I knew I had to release when I heard it full, the demo was already amazing but when I started working on it with Danja and Jim, who are the producers, we made magic. 'Glamour B****' is that track that makes you want to dance wherever you are, it doesn't matter if you're in the club or not, and it makes you feel rich, so I just had to drop it", telling that it wasn't initially her plan to release anything anytime soon, but since she had the approval from the label and she was 'bored', she thought it was the right time: "I had a lot of things going on right now, I have tons of lines from sunglasses to shoes to fragrances to a resort, but I wanted more, I wanted my own song on the radio 'cause I was tired of the same music over and over. I was bored and I felt it was the right time to drop a bop, so I did". Hilton also talked about working on the music video of the song — "We had such a great time, we filmed it in a studio and some takes at my own mansion, which was nice. I got a special team working on this set for the video in my own house and it was amazing, I'm sad I had to take it down 'cause it was so glamorous. It's the gold room, we made it at mansion in Beverly Hills" —, and also on her upcoming music after this first single — "There's more to come, this song was just like a welcoming single for me to get around and for all the other girls to get scared of my talent. I know I can do bops, no wonder the song debuted on top 15 of Billboard and is on the top 10 of iTunes, so can you imagine how's gonna be with the next songs I release? It's gonna be hot!". Scenes from them "Glamour Bitch" music video were aired and Corden reminded everyone to go get and stream the single available now.
  4. CAMERON DALLAS x KELLY & RYAN (January 22, 2020 | United States | Paid Promo | 4th article) Cameron Dallas was one of the guest stars to appear on this Wednesday (22) edition of Live with Kelly & Ryan, as he visited the studios of the show for a new interview to promote his new single, "Camo", the third from his acclaimed debut album, Suburban Boy, and the humanitarian work of the single with the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, and also to talk about his upcoming first solo tour, The King Of The Neighborhood Tour, set to kick off in Los Angeles in April. You can check some highlights from the interview below! ON RECONCILING "CAMO" WITH HUMANITARIAN WORK "I started doing some things for a humanitarian purpose with 'Make Up', when I teamed up with EA for ecological events to clean up the beaches, and it was amazing! So with 'Camo' I knew I had to do something in the same direction, but to go further, in a different direction. And that's what I did, and I'm lucky to have a good label that supports me and also had a great response from both foundations, which made me even more excited about our partnership. This song is very personal and has great value for me and also the fans, and being able to know that I can use it to spread something positive is incredible and it gives me a bigger boost to work on it, you know? It's not like just promoting any song that I love, it's promoting but also for a good reason, you know?" ON WORKING ON HIS FIRST TOUR "This is one of my dreams come true! When I toured with Magcon yeeears ago I had the best time meeting the fans and being on stage, but now it's different. I also performed as an opening act for Shawn once and was one of the artists that headlined the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball a couple of years ago, but now it's my own tour, which makes me more than excited but also scared. Yeah, scared! (laughs) 'Cause this time I'm the only one responsible to make the whole audience, thousands of people, entertained, and even though I do believe I can do it, it's always a risk, every time you step on the stage you're running a new risk of everything going wrong... Luckily I always had a good time so far, but we always get apprehensive that something might happen. But I'm super excited, I can't wait to perform songs that I haven't performed live yet, sing with the fans and just have a great time." Scenes from the lyric and vertical video of "Camo" were aired and Kelly and Ryan reminded everyone to go get and stream the single available now, and also tickets for the King Of The Neighborhood Tour, also available now.
  5. Paris Hilton x KIIS-FM (January 21, 2020 | United States | Paid Promo | 2nd article) On this Tuesday (21) morning, Paris Hilton visited the studios of KIIS-FM radio station to join Ryan Seacrest in a new interview, as she promotes her new single, "Glamour Bitch", a collaboration with Birdman and her first song in more than ten years. Hilton and Seacrest talked about her new music, on the music video of the song released last week, and much more. You can check the whole interview below! Ryan: It's been a long time since the last time I talked to her about music business and it's great to have her back, it's our favorite heiress, the icon, miss Paris Hilton! Hi, Paris, welcome to the show! Paris: Hi Ryan, hi Kiis-FM. Ryan: How are you doing this morning? Paris: I'm great, thanks. Just heard my song is climbing on the top 10 of iTunes, currently on 7 and it feels great. Talent winning. Ryan: That's amazing, congratulations! So since you already started talking about it, "Glamour B". New music, ten years later, almost fifteen years. Why now? Paris: 'Cause I felt in the mood, 'cause the music world is boring now and I thought I could cheer things up a bit with my bops. I've been to the studio for some time now and I have some amazing tracks to drop. Ryan: Oh that's good to hear, are you releasing them soon? Paris: Yes, very soon. They're great. Loves it. Ryan: And you just released the music video of the song - you're looking great by the way! The video has a beautiful aesthetic and you danced a lot! Did you practice for the video? Paris: Yeah, we did some rehearsals but a lot was improvised and done like, last minute, but we had a lot of fun. And yeah, the video is beautiful, I'm really proud of it, I forgot how fun it was to make music videos! Ryan: Can we expect music videos for your next songs too? Paris: Absolutely. Ryan: Great! Alright Paris, that's all the time we have today, but we're gonna play 'Glamour B' now! Paris: That's hot. The radio played Hilton's new single, "Glamour Bitch (feat. Birdman)", and Ryan reminded everyone to go get and stream the single available now.
  6. That's a sad way to go, he was too young may he rest in peace
  7. CAMERON DALLAS COVERS HARPER'S BAZAAR (January 22, 2020 | United States | Paid Promo | 3rd article) On his newest magazine cover of the year, Cameron Dallas is on the officially booked cover of the February edition of Harper's Bazaar, bringing a new and exclusive photoshoot clicked by the duo Hunter & Gatti, and also a new interview, as the singer gets ready for his upcoming first solo tour, the King Of The Neighborhood Tour while promoting his new and third single "Camo", from his acclaimed album, Suburban Boy, after winning two Grammys earlier this month, and trying to balance his busy career with his personal life. In the interview, Dallas talked about these situations in his life and what he expects for this year in every aspect. ON WORKING WITH "CAMO" AS 3RD SINGLE "This is a song that I always wanted to be able to work with, from the moment I finished it in the studio together with my composer and producer friend, Calvin Valentine, I wished I could work with it. Not only because it is a song very close to my heart and that brings to the surface a side of me that nobody knew, but also due to the different type of sound, the indie influence with R&B elements on it, it's a sound that I love, and that I wish more artists could do 'cause it's good to listen to. So focusing on a better way to work with the song, I spoke with my label to work with organizations that aim to raise mental health awareness, and I had immediate support, and also an immediate acceptance with the organizations as well. I know my label wasn't completely confident with the single choice, it's not a super catchy song as the two previous singles, so I couldn't just rely on luck, and that's why I decided to think of ways on how to work the song efficiently." ON BALANCING PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL LIFE "It's not an easy mission, it requires a lot of sacrifice and strength, but I am willing to do that and I know I can do it. My type of work, as for other artists, requires a lot of patience, tolerance, strength, and determination, and we need to be tough to keep everything balanced as much as possible. It's not easy and it seems that we are always unbalanced, favoring one side more than the other, so it always helps to have people in your personal life who understand this situation and give you support and support. This year I'm going on tour so it's gonna be something new either for me and for them, so we'll see how it goes." The new Harper's Bazaar magazine issue is available now on print and digital versions, and every copy comes with a code to redeem a digital copy of Cameron Dallas' new single, "Camo", available now for streaming & purchasing.
  8. Oh we do! But it's up to every member to take care of your own certifications. If you do your spreadsheets with streams+sales, you can check if your song/album/ep is eligible for a certification here:
  9. CAMERON DALLAS - "CAMO" (VERTICAL VIDEO) Artist: Cameron Dallas Title: Camo (Vertical Video) Length: 03:09 Director: Xavier Sotomayor Platforms: YouTube, IGTV Release Date: January 20, 2020 The video starts along with the song, and the camera starts filming a floor while moving forward to something. As the song approaches the first verse, the screen fades out, and then fades in again, showing Cameron sitting in a dressing room, full of lights, as if ready for makeup. In the rhythm of the song, at every end of lines, the song quickly slides to a new focus: someone applying the make-up product on cotton, then applying make-up on Cameron's face, then more makeup, and while all this is going on, Cameron appears with a lifeless and emotionless expression. When the song is about to hit the chorus, we can see Cameron trying on clothes and different looks while the crew fixes and tries hairstyles on him, even cutting some of his hair. He poses for photos on the chorus, with flashing lights rhythmed with the beat of the song, and Cameron is always with the same expression without emotion at all. On the second part of the song, the video gets a new style of transition, instead of quickly sliding to a new focus, the camera now gets a blurry and fuzzy effect, showing more details of the photoshoot while Cameron looks he's not even in there at all. It's just his body, 'cause his mind, heart, and soul aren't in there. There's a second take of styling and photos again, and when the song hits the bridge, all the lights go off, making the whole studio blacked-out, with only one light focusing on Cameron; when the bridge is almost over, Cameron finally makes an expression, closing his eye and making an expression of pain or struggle, and as the lights go on again when the chorus is back, his expression is gone. As the song comes to an end, a teardrop roll from Cameron's eye and someone from the crew comes and drys it as if nothing happened, and the video ends. Retrofuture Records, a division of Warner Music Group ℗ 2020
  10. Paris Hilton x Dancing with the Stars (January 20, 2020 | United States | Paid Promo | 1st article) On this Monday (20) evening, Paris Hilton joined the dancers and the judges at the Dancing with the Stars show, as she performs her new single, "Glamour Bitch", featuring Birdman. Despite not really dancing and more walking and posing on the stage, Hilton infected the audience with her energy in the first performance of the song, that included the presence of Birdman. You can check the whole performance below! The host reminded everyone that Paris Hilton's new single, "Glamour Bitch (feat. Birdman)" is available now everywhere for streaming & purchasing.
  11. CAMERON DALLAS x THE NATIONAL (January 21, 2020 | Canada | Paid Promo | 2nd article) Still in Canada promoting his new and third single, "Camo", and his upcoming first solo tour, The King Of The Neighborhood, Cameron Dallas was the guest on Tuesday's (21) edition of The National, for a new interview about all his current projects, including the single and the tour, his face as the 212 VIP for Carolina Herrera, his partnership with Urban Outfitters, his Grammy Award wins, his new work with the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Anxiety and Depression Association of America along with the new single, and much more. You can check some highlights from the interview below! ON "CAMO" & WORKING WITH AACAP + ADAA "When the label said 'ok' that 'Camo' could be the third single on the album, I immediately spoke to my team that I wanted to give the track a bigger purpose, to work on it with something bigger along to it, you know? Unlike 'Make Up', that talks about relationships, both 'Thinkin Bout You' and 'Camo' talk about things that happen inside our head, the first about denying our feelings, and the second about many points like feelings of invalidity, doubts about ourselves and who we are, depression, fears, anxiety, it's a track that brings all my feelings from the past and that I had to deal with. We contacted both foundations and talked to their people, we met some amazing people who had their lives positively affected by both organizations, mentally, physically and even economically speaking, and we offered this partnership to them, which was immediately accepted. So it's incredible to be working with two incredible organizations that are here to help the world a better place." ON WORKING WITH CAROLINA HERRERA "This is one of the biggest honors I ever had in my career so far, CH is such an iconic and timeless brand that is here for many many decades and that started working with me for almost a year now. It's always a great time working with them 'cause they respect me as a person and an artist and they know I'm a huge fan of the brand, so it's a mutual respect and admiration, and that's why it works. 212 VIP is all I wear now and I couldn't be more prouder to be the face of the line!" ON CREATING THE KING OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD TOUR "I wanted to create a show that could make sense to the concept of the album, the idea that I have with being like an autobiographical project, but that could also be super relatable to the fans, 'cause we all have our neighborhoods, we all have a story where we grew up or we're still growing up like some of my younger fans... So to me working on this tour was like trying to make my history and the things I've dreamed of, thought of and hoped, to life, and to create this connection with the fans that show them that, unlike the title of the tour - which is the irony of the title - I'm not better than any of them." The show aired scenes from the "Camo" lyric video and the hosts reminded everyone to go get and stream the single, and also get tickets for the King Of The Neighborhood Tour, all available now.
  12. CAMERON DALLAS x KiSS 92.5 (January 20, 2020 | Canada | Paid Promo | 1st article) Coming back to Canada after three months since his last visit, Cameron Dallas visited the studios of KiSS 92.5 radio station on this Monday (20) in Toronto, as he promotes his third and new single "Camo", from his acclaimed album Suburban Boy, and also his upcoming first solo tour, the King Of The Neighborhood Tour. In a new interview, Dallas talked about the experience of working on a such a personal song as "Camo" and how he thinks this was the right choice for a third single, about the upcoming experience of having his own solo tour around the world, his work with ADAA and AACAP, his partnership with Carolina Herrera and Urban Outfitters, and much more. You can check some highlights from the interview below! ON "CAMO" AS THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR THIRD SINGLE "I feel like 'Make Up' was that first spark that started this new journey, you know, like it was like changing to the first gear and stepping on the gas for the first time, like, full force. Then 'Thinkin Bout You' came up as the feeling of a new start after leaving where I was, like 'ok, now it's official, we're going somewhere'. And now 'Camo' is like, 'ok, we're moving, already going somewhere, so just keep it cool and enjoy', you know? And I also feel like, besides the obvious facts that 'Camo' is a fan and critic favorite, it's the right song for the season, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, where we're still in Winter and it's a chill song... So yeah. There are a lot of factors that helped me decide on why I wanted this song to be the third single". ON THE KING OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD TOUR "When I performed in Canada as an opening act for Shawn, it was a blast, I had a great time, I can feel that his fans also had a good time, they welcomed me with arms wide open, and every time I come to Canada to promote it's always amazing, so... Canada was always a confirmed place that I wanted the tour to go to, my Canadian fans support me since the days of Vine, so it's like, I HAVE to come here, you know, I have to bring them this experience that I know it's gonna be amazing and that I know they deserve to be a part of 'cause they're part of my history. So yeah, I'm really excited for this tour and I can't wait to bring it to Canada! Get your tickets, y'all!!!" The radio played "Camo" and the host reminded everyone to go get and stream the single, and also get tickets for the King Of The Neighborhood Tour, all aavailable now.
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