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  1. AMANDA WOLF VISITS VIRGIN RADIO UK (May 23, 2019 | UK | Paid Promo) In a new day of promotion, Amanda Wolf visited the studios of Virgin Radio station this Thursday (23), promoting her new single "Undertow" released last week and that is already in the top 10 of the british iTunes, at the The Chris Evans Breakfast Show. In a new interview about the track, Amanda described how the song reflects to her own personal and private life - "'Undertow' is a really special track, it's about a relationship I had a few years ago and that I know it was true love, at least from me. What I felt was real love. But it wasn't reciprocate and the whole thing was a mess, a lot of elements on the composition are literal about the struggles I had while in this relationship and what I had to deal with. It's a really personal song but I'm sure I'm not the only one who had a complicated relationship, so I'm sure people will be able to relate with the lyrics" -, the lyric video released at midnight and its correlation with the upcoming music video of the song - "The lyric video is pretty simple but beautifully done, I had two friends editing the whole thing for me. We actually shot that in two or three days but thanks to a great edition the video looks like it's on the same day, and even though it's very literal about illustrating an undertow, the video is also a big metaphor and I really wanted to show this with the editing, so I was like sitting next to the two friends I mentioned going like 'ok now i want this' and then 'change it to this and this'. (laughs) Being a graphic designer helps me a lot on how to make my ideas concrete with music and videos, I had the time of my life doing the 'There Is A Drum' music video and it was the same doing the video for this song a few weeks ago" - she said, revealing that the music video for the song was already shot during this month of May. Amanda also talked with Evans about her upcoming opening act for Shawn Mendes that happens next week, her upcoming debut album yet to be announced and more. The radio played "Undertow" and the host reminded everyone to go get and stream the single available now.
  2. AMANDA WOLF RELEASES LYRIC VIDEO FOR "UNDERTOW" Artist: Amanda Wolf Title: Undertow Format: Lyric Video Platform: YouTube/VEVO Label: Neptune Records Release Date: May 23, 2019 The video starts with a calm and beautiful sea at sunrise as the first notes of the guitar intro of "Undertow" starts playing. The whole video is a video of a day at the ocean, and the song starts at the sunrise; the first verses come as the day start to reach a new peak of morning. During the verses and the chorus, there are beautiful takes and scenes of waves hitting rocks, wave just moving, the horizon and beautiful landscapes; as the song progresses, the tone of the video starts to get a bit darker and moody, it's turning into a blue day. When the song hits its second part, the day is already getting cloudy and in a dark blue tone; the sea gets troubled and the waves are wild; at the bridge of the song, an undertow starts happening and as the beat kicks in for the "running running" part, the waves close it with a strong force, and in an amazing edition, the video starts getting a bit psychodelic with different and speeded-up takes of the ocean. Slowly the change of takes along with the song that gets a bit more slow coming to the end, when the song hits its last part, the sea is already calm again, but still in the dark and blue tone, as the night comes by and the video ends. Neptune Records © 2019
  3. AMANDA WOLF APPEARS ON BBC BREAKFAST (May 22, 2019 | UK | Paid Promo) As one of her appointments in her promotional schedule to promote her new single "Undertow", Amanda Wolf was one of the guests at this Wednesday (22) edition of BBC Breakfast show, visiting the show for a new interview. Talking about the new single, Wolf mentioned the fact that this is her first single released worldwide - her previous two songs, the promotional single "Night Terror" and the lead single "There Is A Drum" were released in the UK, Europe and Australia only - and that this is a new step on her career - "We [my label and I] weren't sure about releasing the song as an official single for the whole world, the original plan was to keep it in limited territories 'cause I have no intention on having a hit song in America and everything I do for my career is purely based on places I have some kind of connection" she explained, adding: "But then we thought 'why not?', you know? Neptune Records has a really nice support of Retrofuture Records, that is one of the biggest labels nowadays thanks to Fergie, Shakira and Cameron Dallas, so we talked to them and they gave us a thumbs up and then suddenly I have a song on the top 30 of the iTunes US. (laughs) It's kinda crazy, 'cause I've never been to North America and there are no plans of me going to promote in there or to expand my name in there at all", and finally confirming: "But from now on all my releases, from my single to my upcoming album will be released everywhere, no more restricted releases. I'm honored and proud that both Neptune and Retrofuture put their faith and hopes in me to open the doors for my songs to reach new lands". Amanda was once again asked about social media and once again she denied that she'll be joining Twitter - "I think it's stupid, no offense to Twitter and the company but I think it's kinda silly" - but confirmed that she might join Instagram soon - "I'm still considering joining Instagram but I don't know yet, I've seen some beautiful Instagram profiles, or feeds, right? And I really like that!". "Undertow" was played before and after the breaks and the hosts reminded everyone to go get and stream the single.
  4. The bible. Legendary. Mark in pop history. PERIODT
  5. AMANDA WOLF VISITS HEART RADIO (May 21, 2019 | UK | Paid Promo) Amanda Wolf visited the studios of Heart Radio in London this Tuesday (21) morning, as the guest star at the Heart Breakfast radio show, in order to promote her new single "Undertow", released last Friday. Being interviewed by the host Lucy Horobin, the singer got to talk about her inspirations behind the track and her upcoming debut project, the music video for the new single and her upcoming opening act set for Shawn Mendes' tour. You can check the interview below. Lucy: My guest this morning is someone who's been taking the UK and the whole Europe by storm, she's so talented and so beautiful, it's Amanda Wolf! Good morning, Amanda! Amanda: Hello dear, good morning! Lucy: Welcome to Heart Radio, so good to have you here! Amanda: Thank you for having me! Lucy: Of course! It's good to see you back with a new track. "Undertow", right? Amanda: Yes, correct! Lucy: Great great tune, congratulations on releasing another amazing track. Can you tell us a bit about the song? Amanda: Thank you! Sure, ahm "Undertow" is my new single, possibly the second single from my debut album yet to be announced, it's a indie rock song with a bit of art-rock and a little bit of psychodelic vibe. (giggles) It's bloody weird to talk about my song like that! Lucy: It's your work of art! You did great. I honestly think it's amazing to see a new and young girl doing music that isn't from the hip-hop or pop world, so not to sound biased but I'm a fan. Amanda: Aw thank you, love! (laughs) I'm not so young but hearing that just made my day! (laughs) Lucy: Oh c'mon! (laughs) And you just mentioned your debut album yet to be announced, that's news to me! When is it coming? Amanda: Probably late this year, I have no rush on releasing it so I don't even have a name yet, just like a tracklist or something, but yeah. Lucy: Fantastic! Looking forward to it. And if I'm not wrong you'll start your opening number for Shawn Mendes... In like ten days? Amanda: Yes! I'm so excited! Lucy: I can imagine, have you ever performed in a big venue like Wembley? Amanda: Nooo!! That's why I'm so excited. Excited and scare! (laughs) Lucy: You'll be great, I'm sure! I'm gonna be there to watch you both so I'll be rooting for you. Amanda: Thank you so much, try to send me a sign so I can see you! Lucy: Ohhh alright, now I'm even more excited! Gonna send you a light sign! (laughs) Alright Amanda, thank you so much for coming today, you're adorable, congratulations again on the new brilliant single, it's a major! Amanda: Thank you so much, and thank you for having me. Lucy: Wish you the best of luck to your opening act and tell Shawn Mendes I said hello! Amanda: I will! (laughs) The radio played "Undertow" and the host reminded everyone to get and stream the single available now.
  6. I know, but it's either Sara or MSL so I'm already leaving sksksk
  7. AMANDA WOLF APPEARS ON GOOD MORNING BRITAIN (May 20, 2019 | UK | Paid Promo) Good Morning Britain started a new week of weekly episodes with a special guest at this Monday (20) edition, as the Brit indie sensation Amanda Wolf was interviewed on the show. Promoting her new single, "Undertow", that debuted in the top 10 of the british digital charts, the 25 year old singer-songwriter talked with the hosts about the new song: "'Undertow' began its life as a cover of a Nirvana song ['Polly'] but instead of making that a cover – even though it sounded really cool – I said, ‘Well, let me try writing my own words to the song’... and that's I did", told Amanda, adding: "There’s definitely an homage to it in the chorus, especially the first line – but you listen to the songs back-to-back they sound nothing alike, which is a good sign. So in the end 'Undertow' is a bit of an homage to Kurt [Cobain] and Nirvana", revealed. Amanda was also asked about why she decided to go with that specific song for a new single after the success of the dark clap & haunting "There Is A Drum" that peaked at #2 at the UK Official Charts and topped the European Official Charts - "Well, my original idea for a second single was a happier song than 'Undertow' considering we're heading to summer, but the song is a bit more mature, lyrically speaking, and since I'm gonna be the opening act for Shawn Mendes in a few weeks, and the fact that this other song was too bright when compared to the dark side of 'Drum', I felt that 'Undertow' was a song in the middle, between these two opposite sides, and I decided to go for it and try" she said, "The lyrics are really personal to me since it talks about a relationship I had years ago, so it's really relatable to anyone, from teens to adults, regardless of genres or anything" she told. Amanda also talked about how excited she is to be performing in huge venus around Europe and the UK as an opening act and that she's been already rehearsing for the first sold out concert of Mendes' european leg, set to happen at the legendary Wembley Stadium in London, on June 1. "Undertow" was played before and after breaks and the hosts reminded everyone to go get & stream Amanda's new single.
  8. Yayyy congrats MSL!! well done, babe! Thank yall, that was a nice first time playing MR. Don't know if i'd play it again but it was worth it, thanks for doing it @R.E.M.
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