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  1. Retrofuture Records teams up with EA's The Sims 4 for Summer – new Cameron Dallas music coming along with new expansion pack JULY 16, 2019 08:03AM PT By LIZ LANIER When music and video games get together, it's a win-win situation. New music from Cameron Dallas was coming, Retrofuture Records announced; a new expansion for The Sims 4 was coming, Electronic Arts and Maxis announced; suddenly we have a joint release. Matching the Summer feeling, EA and Cameron Dallas are about to take over the hot season in an incredible partnership: with Dallas' new summerlike track "Make Up", a pop banger featuring Ariana Grande as a main-theme, 'The Sims 4: Island Living' will let Sims chill out on the laid-back island of Sulani, where they’ll be able to take part in activities like swimming, suntanning, and hanging out with dolphins and mermaids. The idea of reaching the EA studios came from Dallas himself, a fan of video games that always keeps an eye at the news in the technology section - "I'm obsessed with video games, I love them since I was a kid. And 'The Sims' was always a fantastic franchise that I'd play alone, with my sister, my friends; I love how the game gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want with your sims, and that includes creating and experiencing situations such as relationships. And well, even though we wish we could have a Save file to load when we're at a messy point in our lives, we don't have it, so sometimes we have to break up and make up" said Dallas in a official statement, refering to the song title, "When I heard that a Summer-theme expansion pack was coming while I was working in a song that screams Summer vibes, and it was a song about relationships - something so important in the game, I knew I had to try". And just like the warm and dancing production of Ian Kirkpatrick and the refreshing and catchy vocals from Dallas and Grande in the song, Sims will be able to have fun and enjoy family-friendly beach activities like collecting seashells, racing on aqua zips (the game’s version of a Jet Ski or Sea-Doo), and building sandcastles. "Make Up", produced by Ian Kirkpatrick (Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Keith Urban, Dua Lipa) is the first song Cameron Dallas releases since his Christmas track "Your First Christmas With Me", released in November 2018. Since then, the Grammy Award winner has been working on his debut album yet to be announced, and was recently announced as a performer at the MTV Video Music Awards, in which he was also nominated for Best New Artist, set to happen in the next Sunday. In the other side, The Sims 4's last expansion pack was "Get Famous", also released in November 2018. "We were, simultaneously, working in projects that we wanted to release during Summer and give our audiences something to be excited about but that could also be refreshing and relatable to the moment" said Graham Nardone, known as SimGuruGraham, one of the producers of the game, "When Retrofuture contacted us about working in a project together, we immediately said yes. Cameron's fans are around the same age of our audience, his fans are probably doing versions of him in our game, so we couldn't be more excited to have him with us in this new expansion pack - and getting the sensational Ariana Grande along". For the project, Dallas had only one request: "I want to have an official Sim version of us [him and Ariana Grande]. I want us to be in the game" and he got what he wanted: while playing in Sulani, the players can find Dallas and Grande chilling at the beach or enjoying parties - and they can even be friends: "Since I can't be friends with all my fans in the world, I want them to feel a bit more closer to me by having my Sim version in the game". On Island Living, players can also enjoy new career options, including lifeguard and conservationist. Regarding the conservationist job, EA said that “the more Sims clean up and care for their environment, the more lush and full of explosive nature it becomes.” Inspired by the job, Dallas created and is ready to launch a new eco project entitled #MakeUpWithNature, to encourage his millions of fans through social media to clean the beaches and make the world a better and healthier place, set to kickoff along with the single and game promotion. A trailer for the game is expected to be released tomorrow, including a preview of the song, also set to be put on pre-save on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer tomorrow. According to EA Games, a version in Simlish (the fictional language used in the game) of the song was recorded by Cameron Dallas and Ariana Grande and will be included in the game, and more to be announced. As part of the partnership between Retrofuture Records and Electronic Arts/Maxis, buyers of the game will receive a copy of the song while purchasing the expansion pack and buyers of the song will receive a 15% discount code to use to purchase the expansion pack. Cameron Dallas' new single "Make Up" (feat. Ariana Grande) is set to be released on July 19. The Sims 4 "Island Living" Expansion Pack is set to be released on July 23.
  2. PABLLO VITTAR APPEARS ON THE SOCIAL (July 15, 2019 | Canada | Paid Promo) Visiting Canada for the first time, Brazilian drag superstar Pabllo Vittar appeared on The Social show, from CTV, yesterday (1), as she promotes "R.I.P.", the new song by Rita Ora featuring Vittar herself and Armani, in North America. In a fun interview with the hosts Melissa Grelo, Lainey Lui, Cynthia Loyst, Traci Melchor and Marci Ien, Vittar talked about the fact of being the most followed drag queen in the world, surpassing even RuPaul, and the importance of being a reference in the LGBTQ community: "It's really weird but extremely gratifying to have so many people following me, from so many ages, races and countries. I've always dreamed about this but you know, just because you dream it it doesn't mean it will happen, and this is like one of my dreams coming true. To be known by people as someone that they can look up to and say 'if she did it, i can do it', you know? And people from all around the world, it's crazy!" said Pabllo, "Being a drag queen still comes along with a lot of stigmas and stereotypes but thankfully we're going through changes in the world and in society and we're breaking these boundaries step by step. It's not an easy journey, I mean, look how many decades we've been fighting for LGBT rights, but it's worthy it. I'm proud to be gay, I'm proud to be a drag queen, I'm proud to be who I am", she said, being applauded by the hosts. Talking about the new song, Vittar praised the two artists: "We all know Rita Ora, she stalished herself like years ago and she's always doing a great job. And Armani also came through kicking doors with both feet and was even nominated for Grammys and got an acclaimed debut album, I mean... Two legends, I stan. And besides being two incredible artists they're so nice in person, I was shook! (laughs) Not that I was expecting them to be rude (laughs) but it's always a strange event when you meet a celebrity in person and they're so... Real! (laughs)" said Pabllo, as the hosts agreed, as she continued: "But to be able to share a song with these two ladies that are so beautiful, kind and so talented, I'm just... Honored, to say the least. I'm super grateful for the opportunity, and the song is doing good at charts - I kinda care about that, so... (laughs) I'm really happy!". Pabllo also talked about working with Fergie and Shakira, her next steps and more. The show played snippets from "R.I.P." before and after the commercial breaks and the hosts reminded everyone to go get and stream the single available now.
  3. Cameron Dallas is the new face of Carolina Herrera 212 VIP's new campaign Multi-platinum singer & songwriter, model and social media sensation Cameron Dallas is set to star in the new Carolina Herrera 212 VIP campaign, promoting the new fragrances: 212 VIP MEN and 212 VIP BLACK. Dallas has previously worked with the brand Dolce & Gabbana where he posed for, hit the runway for and wore the brand from head to toe last year, and who Dallas still is signed to. Dallas’ most recent role for the Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Campaign, alongside Victoria's Secret model Taylor Hill and Hailey Bieber, was already shot by photographer Mario Testino. Inspired by the nightlife of New York, the production started the campaign earlier this year, at a secret house party shot in Madrid. The ‘nightlife crew’ also sees a variety of actors, models and musicians, including Xavier Serrano, Pepe Barroso Jr, Lucas Satherley, Raury, Aidan Walsh, Martinez Brothers, Steffy Argelich, Stav Strashko, Sonia Ben Ammar, Maria Borges and Inka Williams. The first promotional pictures for the new Carolina Herrera 212 VIP campaign will be released this Friday (19).
  4. That's hard i'll probably regret this list but for now: #1 Sleeping Beauty #2 Beauty & the Beast #3 Mulan #4 The Little Mermaid #5 Aladdin
  5. PABLLO VITTAR APPEARS ON THE TODAY SHOW (July 12, 2019 | United States | Paid Promo) As her last appearance of the week, the Brazilian drag queen superstar Pabllo Vittar appeared on the Today Show on this Friday (12) morning, as she promotes the single "R.I.P." by Rita Ora, Armani and Vittar herself in the United States. Even though promoting a new featured song, Vittar was surprised by the hosts who officially announced that the single "Bien En Tu Cara", released by Shakira and re-released as "Sua Cara" in a remix with Pabllo Vittar, is now certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America, making Vittar the first drag queen to ever get a Diamond single in the country, fact that made Pabllo emotional with gratitude: "This is so incredible, I mean... Just wow. I wish Shaki was here with me, she's the one that should be here receiving this certification! I was just a featuring, I..." she said, as the hosts revealed: "She already knows about this, and actually she's the one that asked us to give it to you. She wants to thank you for joining her in this project and that she's super proud of you", as Pabllo held the tears. "We're going through hard and dark times, to have a LGBTQ artist reaching an achievement like this, two Latin artists getting a Diamond single in the US is just wow. Thank you so much guys for all the support, I think I can say for myself and for Shaki that we love you all". Speaking of the new collaboration, Pabllo told: "Rita is such a sweetheart, she could've asked for any other artist but she called me, maybe for the latin flavor, for the vibes calientes, I don't know! (laughs) But I'm so grateful and happy for this opportunity, the song is so great and so fun, I really hope we can get to make a video for it" she said. Pabllo also talked about the Retrofuture Records Pride Month Celebration that happened last month, what's coming next and more. The show played snippets from "R.I.P." and the hosts reminded everyone to go get and stream the single available now.
  6. PABLLO VITTAR VISITS 104.3MYfm RADIO (July 11, 2019 | United States | Paid Promo) Pabllo Vittar visited the studios of 104.3MYfm on this Thursday (11) morning, in order to promote the new song "R.I.P." by Rita Ora featring Armani and Vittar herself, released last week. Besides talking about the single, Vittar also talked about her fans, Britney Spears and Miz Cracker and much more. You can check the whole interview below! Host: Ok guys, my next guest is someone that probably doesn't get 'come to Brazil' comments 'cause she's actually from Brazil, she's one of the biggest and actually the most followed drag queen in the world, it's the one, the only, Pabllo Vittar! Good morning, Pabllo! How are you doing? Pabllo: Hi guys! I'm great, how are you? And by the way, believe it or not but I also get 'come to Brazil' comments on my social media! (laughs) My fans are hilariously fun and they do it for fun since I've been some time out. Host: I'm fantastic, thanks for asking! And oh, so they want you back? Now that you're starting to take over the world? Pabllo: I wish! (laughs) But yes, I think they want their mama around all the time and I have to tell them 'mama is always here'. (laughs) Host: That's so sweet. So tell me, you're here to talk about your new song, "R.I.P.". Well, actually it's a Rita Ora song but she's touring in the United Kingdom right now so you're the one responsible for the promotion in America. Pabllo: Yes! Rita is performing at sold out concerts so she can't be bothered to promote her song... (laughs) I'm just kidding! Well, the fact that she's performing is true but she didn't ask me to promote it, our labels talked about it and since I'm still in the early stages of a new project, we suggested that I could promote the song in here while she's out. Host: So tell me about the song, I've been listening to it on repeat, it's great! Pabllo: It is great indeed! Well, "R.I.P." is a really fun song, it screams summer, you can feel the latin vibes from it and well, it's just a good dance track. I never thought I'd work with an artist like Rita, and here I am. Host: Well, you've worked with Fergie and Shakira, I don't see why you wouldn't! Are there any other artists you'd like to work with? Pabllo: So many! I'd love to do something with Britney [Spears], i love her since I was a kid, Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, of course, I mean, can you imagine having a song with one of them? I'd love to work with Olly Alexander, he's really sweet and soooo talented... I mean, I'm a stan of so many artists, it's hard to pick a few! Host: Speaking of Britney, are you following the whole Clock Tower Records situation involving Britney? Pabllo: ;Yeah, of course! isn't it insane?! I mean, Britney did such an incredible job with Bare and now suddenly she's like a hostage or something? Like... What? Host: It's a insane situation indeed, and it seems things got stuck right now, I haven't seen anyany progress in investigations. Pabllo: True, and now we also have my sister Miz Cracker not being allowed to release her record. Like... Girls, what is happening?! Host: Oh my God, right? Miz Cracker was doing so great with her new songs! I hope both situations can be solved soon. Pabllo: Me too! I love them, both Britney and Miz Cracker, so I'm sending them all my love. Host: You're really sweet, miss Pabllo, unfortunately that's all the time we have for today, thank you so much for coming, it was a pleasure! Pabllo: Aw thank you for having me, pleasure's all mine! Host: Alright, everyone! This is "R.I.P." by Rita Ora, Pabllo Vittar and Armani here on 104.3MYfm! The radio played "R.I.P." and the host reminded everyone to go get and stream the single available now.
  7. "The last known person to trespass at Area 51 was shot dead by guards earlier this year." i- I didn't know that gurl we gotta save dem aliens!!!
  8. Not necessairly, if the song isn't charting at the digital charts, it probably won't be charting at the singles chart (where you get the money from). However, sometimes the single appears in a lower position at the digital charts and that's why it doesn't appear at the singles charts (since due to practicality, the singles chart goes up to 25-30), and in that case, you can ask the host that does the singles charts about the sales. Remember - for singles: 1 sale = $1, 10 sales = $10, etc. / for albums: 1 sale = $10 / for EPs: 1 sale = $5. And if you need more info, check the How To thread here
  9. PABLLO VITTAR APPEARS ON THE VIEW (July 10, 2019 | United States | Paid Promo | Late article) On the Wednesday (10) edition of The View, the show had a special guest on the show, the brazilian drag queen Pabllo Vittar, as she promotes the song "R.I.P.", a new track released by Rita Ora that features the Grammy Award nominee, Armani, and Vittar herself. In a conversation with the hosts of the show, Whoopi Goldberg asked Vittar about if they should call her a he or a she, as she explained: "In my case, you can call me both, I don't mind being called a girl or a boy. Usually when I'm in drag I'd say I'd prefer to be called using the feminin pronoun, but I don't make that as a rule 'cause I'm a gay boy who does drag", she said, while asked by Huntsman about what's the difference since she mentioned that it was specifically in her case, and Vittar aexplained: "Being a drag queen has nothing to do with sexual orientation or gender, it doesn't matter which genre you identify yourself with or what's your sexual orientation. You can be a cisgender woman or man and do drag, just like you can be a trans man or trans woman and do drag, you can be gay, straight, bi, it doesn't matter. Doing drag is something that has been on worldwide history for centuries and it's a form of art, of expressing yourself". Talking about the new song, Vittar told: "It's such a great and fun track, I really love it. It's a relatable composition, you can dance to the beat 'cause it's super caliente and so groovy, and it's just amazing" she said; talking about working with Rita Ora, Vittar said: "I was so honored when Rita hit me up and invited me to join her on the song, I thought she was very humble and super nice, I mean, I'm not a huge celebrity so to be recognized by someone like her is truly amazing. I'm really grateful for the opportunity, actually all the opportunites I've been having this year, it really feel like dreams are coming true" she said, adding: "I got a contract with one of the biggest labels in the music industry, I got to work with one of my idols and get us a hit track that topped charts around the globe and now I'm working with two other huge artists that I see as two of my many idols as well, so... Yeah, I guess I'm in being blessed with so many opportunities". Pabllo also got to talk about being the most followed drag queen in the world, the importance of having a drag queen in the mainstream scene and that she's working hard with her label, Retrofuture, to deliver something incredible to the world, "I've been getting pushes from friends such as Fergie, Shakira and now Rita, and I feel that I have to bring something interesting to the table so I can show the world that there's a reason why they trusted in me to join them in their projects". Snippets from "R.I.P." played on the show and the hosts reminded everyone to go get and stream the single available now.
  10. PABLLO VITTAR APPEARS ON THE DAILY SHOW WITH TREVOR NOAH (July 9, 2019 | United States | Paid Promo | Late article) At a new appearance in the United States to promote the new song "R.I.P." in which she's a featured, along with Rita Ora and Armani, the most followed drag queen in the world, Pabllo Vittar appeared at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, for a new interview. With her looks praised by Noah, the host asked about the fact of being a drag queen and getting compliments from straight guys - "Actually it happens a lot! (laughs) When Shakira released the video for 'Sua Cara' there were a lot of comments from fans around the world asking who was the girl with Shakira, even straight guys asking 'who's that hot chick with Shakira?', it was really funny! (laughs) I don't know if it's happening now with 'R.I.P.' 'cause we still haven't released a video but we'll see" she said, adding: "I'm okay with that, I don't care if you're straight, bi, gay or whatever, you know? Usually who gets shocked and confused are the straight guys. Before being a drag queen, I'm a gay boy. So that's what matters when it's about getting personal. Being a drag queen is my artistic part, is how I present myself to the world, how I turn into a fierce person. When I'm out of drag I'm kinda shy, not really introvert but definitely not as confident as I get when I'm in drag". Vittar also talked about the importance of having the drag queen culture turning mainstream in today's days and the LGBTQ community fight for rights: "I mean, of course RuPaul's Drag Race is changing the world through television, but the whole LGBTQ community has been fighting for years, and we still are, so we can't just have the show responsible for making LGBTQ and drag culture 'acceptable', you know? We still have a long and rough way. I love the fact that the whole drag queen culture is reaching new people of every age, every race, every sexual orientation, every gender, that's a great thing 'cause it shows the world you can be whoever you want to be, it's a form of art, it's a form of expressing who you are, who you want to be, how do you want to show yourself. But if I'm being honest, it's way more than just Drag Race. I love the show with all my heart, but it's kind of a bummer to read that is all because of Drag Race, you know?". Pabllo also talked about being an latin artist in the North American music market, working with Rita Ora and Armani on the new song, the Retrofuture Pride Month Celebration that happened last month and much more. Snippets from "R.I.P." played on the show and Noah reminded everyone to go get and stream the single available now.
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