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  1. MTV PICKS "(NOT) THINKIN' BOUT YOU" AS 1 OF 2 HOTTEST NEW TRACKS ON SNAPCHAT CHANNEL & INSTAGRAM STORY (October 12, 2019 | Worldwide) MTV updated their channel on Snapchat and also on their Instagram story, picking the hottest releases for this weekend - and Cameron Dallas is one of them! The music channel picked his new single, "(Not) Thinkin' About You", as one of the two hottest releases, playing a snippet of the track along with the story, and a link to purchase & streaming as you scroll up. Cameron Dallas' new single "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" is available now for streaming and purchase.
  2. NETFLIX RELEASES OFFICIAL TRAILER FOR 'BIG MOUTH' FEATURING CAMERON DALLAS' NEW SINGLE (October 11, 2019 | Worldwide) Netflix released this Friday (11) along with the new season, an official trailer of the third season of 'Big Mouth' featuring Cameron Dallas new single "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" and a scene from his cameo in one of the episodes. The trailer is the top suggestion and recommendation on Netflix worldwide, and its being aired before videos online and on Netflix commercials. The trailer starts with the character Jessi in a place that looks like a TV game show along with her hormone monster and her vagina, who's the host of the show, in which she has to try reaching an orgasm by masturbating. After the Netflix logo, the trailer shows the school's dean talking about toxic masculinity - and a lot of examples are shown, such as the main characters Nick, Andrew and Jay, in different situations. As the text "A Netflix original series" appears, Cameron Dallas' song "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" starts, followed by a preview of one of the stories from this new season that will bring the boys making lists about the girls from the school in many categories, a fact that makes the girls mad about, feeling objectified. A preview of the season also shows Andrew and Nick traveling to Florida encountering Andrew's cousin, who seems interested on making out with him - even though Nick adverts him that it might be incest, and the hormone monster hugs the living word 'incest' in his arms; then a lot of new scenes appear, including the female characters appear doing a slutwalk, a new hormone monster, Missy and Nick rehearsing for a play, Jay staying at Nick's house and being welcomed by his parents, a new student that introduces herself as pansexual, a frankeinstein girl, Matthew and a new boyfriend, and finally the logo of the series. The trailer ends with a scene of the cast of Queer Eye helping Coach Steven and a scene of Cameron Dallas trying to explain what is being bisexual to Jay, who looks more confused and uncertain at every new phrase. An advert of Cameron's single appears at the end of the trailer - in the online versions, links to purchase and stream the song were added in the description of the video. The new season of 'Big Mouth' is available now on Netflix; Cameron Dallas' new single "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" is available now for streaming and purchase.
  3. CAMERON DALLAS ATTENDS AND PERFORMS AT PORNHUB AWARDS (October 11, 2019 | United States/Worldwide | Free Promo | 3rd article) On a terrible day for conservative and prudish parents, Cameron Dallas and Shawn Mendes attended the second edition of Pornhub Awards at The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on this Friday (11) night, as Dallas was invited to be one of the performers of the night along with Bad Bunny, Ty Dolla $ign, Rico Nasty and Kali Uchis. After arriving hand in hand, the couple talked briefly with Bridgette B, who was hosting the guests at red carpet. Bridgette: Now that's a couple we never thought we'd see at the Pornhub Awards, hey Cameron, hey Shawn! You two are looking good! Cameron: Heyyy! Thank you, you too! Shawn: Hey, good evening - and thanks! Bridgette: Are you two ready to get hated by countless parents around the globe after tonight? Shawn: I'm being hated by a lot of them for a few years now, so this won't be something new to me. (laughs) Cameron: Yeah, I think I already started pissing them off last year by making songs about having sex with this guy over here, so well, bring it on, I guess. (laughs) Bridgette: You're performing tonight, Cameron, how and why did you accept the invitation and what it means for you to be here tonight? Cameron: Well, I was flattered to be invited to perform tonight, I've always respected the pornography industry, not only as someone who consumes but also as a human being, a professional, and even the sex industry in general. These are very marginalized and disrespected professional fields - which shows how ironic and hypocritical the world is, when many many areas from these businesses have been present in history for centuries -, and it takes a lot of courage... And balls, to be in it. I also was pumped to know I'd be performing along with many incredible artists such as Bunny, Ty, Rico and Kali, they are all amazing, so yeah. Bridgette: That's awesome, thank you for the support, it means a lot! What about you, Shawn, how does it feel to be here tonight and to have your boyfriend performing on the show? Shawn: I think there's no better word to describe it than 'exciting'. When he told me about the invitation I was like "is this for real?", and then we sat down to get to know more about the award itself, we had some amazing discussions about the whole thing... And then suddenly we were digging into the categories, and we might even be rooting for some people by now! (laughs) Cameron: It was very educational too, let's say that. (laughs) Bridgette: That's hot! (laughs) And what are you performing tonight, Cameron, your new single? Cameron: Yes!! I'm performing "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" Bridgette: You're performing tonight, Cameron, how and why did you accept the invitation and what it means for you to be here tonight?You two seem to be having fun already, that's great! Alright guys, thank you for the chat and good luck on the performance, Cameron! Have an amazing night boys! Cameron: Thank you so much! Shawn: Thank you, you too! (NOT) THINKIN' BOUT YOU PERFORMANCE (kinda explicit so don't open with people around lol) Cameron Dallas' new single "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" is available now for streaming & purchasing.
  4. CAMERON DALLAS x SPOTIFY (October 11 - 17, 2019 | Worldwide) Cameron Dallas teamed up with Spotify, covering some of the most famous playlists in the platform, promoting his new single "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You". Along with the playlist covers, the song tops the playlists, also bringing the record-smashing 7 weeks single "Make Up" and the promotional single "Powerslide" to the list, with both appearing in lower positions. Today's Top Hits (24,290,914 followers) 1. (Not) Thinkin' Bout You | Cameron Dallas 5. Powerslide | Cameron Dallas 10. Make Up | Cameron Dallas, Ariana Grande Teen Party (3,998,614 followers) 1. (Not) Thinkin' Bout You | Cameron Dallas 5. Make Up | Cameron Dallas, Ariana Grande New Music Friday (3,409,088 followers) 1. (Not) Thinkin' Bout You | Cameron Dallas 8. Powerslide | Cameron Dallas Retrofuture Records ® 2019
  5. AMANDA WOLF x HEART RADIO (October 10, 2019 | United Kingdom | Paid Promo | 2nd article) Heart Radio got a little wicked this Thursday (10) morning as Amanda Wolf visited the studios of the radio station for a new interview, as she promotes her new EP "Grimoire" and the new single, "A Little Wicked". Talking about the project and its single, Wolf mentioned her inspirations, her passion for Halloween and her relationship with mysticism, on working in a new project while also working on her debut album, and more. You can check highlights from the interview below! ON "GRIMOIRE" & "A LITTLE WICKED" "I've always wanted to make a project with a darker tone, I feel we have so many incredible and memorable movies and books under this dark mood, but the same doesn't happen with music... unless we're talking about like metal or orchestral, then it's fine. But for other genres, it isn't something so usual to be around. I don't listen to much pop music but I saw the Buzzkiller girl, Ivy, released a Halloween project too but going for a dark pop type of sound and I'm so glad someone joined the dark boat with me! (laughs) 'Grimoire' is a project I started planning and creating in my mind a long long time ago, and it took me some time to make it real, until it finally happened. All the songs have this mysterious obscure feeling and they're all very raw and kinda magical, and that's what I wanted since the beginning. 'Wicked' was the last song, or one of the two last songs, to be added to the project, and I'm happy I did it. I think that it works a bit like [There Is A] 'Drum' and 'Spirit Walks', but in a 'welcoming' way, I'd say. It's a powerful track and I love it." ON HER PASSION FOR HALLOWEEN & MYSTICISM "I'm not a religious person, but I do believe in a lot of things. We can't just be ourselves in this huge universe, it'd be too boring and too lame, and even though humans are both boring and lame, I think we're just not evolved enough yet to get in touch with other dimensions and supernatural stuff. Halloween was always what I loved the most to study in school and also my favorite holiday, despite the historical matter, it's a really special period in a lot of calendars and in many cultures, so it's really nice to see different types of people, cultures and places being kind of 'connected' through a moment. So yeah. And also I'm the witchy friend of the group that will wear and put crystals all over the house, does cleansing bath rituals and stuff. (laughs) I love it and it makes me really good." The radio played "A Little Wicked" and Evans reminded everyone to go get and stream Wolf's new single and EP, both available now.
  6. CAMERON DALLAS x KIIS-FM (October 11, 2019 | United States | Paid Promo | 2nd article) Kicking off the official promotion of his new single "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" on this Friday, 11, Cameron Dallas visited the studios of KIIS-FM radio station in Los Angeles to talk to join the On Air with Ryan Seacrest show for a new interview about the single, his new partnership with Netflix and the show 'Big Mouth', his upcoming debut album 'Suburban Boy' and more. You can check the whole interview below! Ryan: Right now we have the man of the hour, you might've seen him breaking records a few weeks ago by being the #1 single at Billboard Hot 100 for SEVEN consecutive weeks, and now he's here to release a new song - it's Cameron Dallas! Good morning, Cam! Cameron: Heyyy Ryan, hello everybodyyyy! Ryan: How you doing, man? Welcome back! Cameron: Thank you, thank you! I'm doing good, thanks, how about you, Ryan? Ryan: Fantastic! Excited to have you on the show with a new track, we're all still kinda recovering from the "Make Up" domination and you're already back? Cameron: We do what we gotta do, Ryan! (laughs) But yeah, new track and album on the way! Ryan: So tell me about this new song, "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You". Cameron: Well, this song has a little R&B touch on it, it's more chill and relaxed than the first single, no funky beats this time, but instead we have some nice piano and sweet lyrics. (laughs) Ryan: You had sweet lyrics on "Make Up" too, but I guess this time it's in a different direction then? Cameron: Absolutely. "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" is a song about denial, it can be read as about a romantic affair but in fact it fits for any type of denial you're going through, a situation, a relationship, a habit, anything. Ryan: Then it's even more relatable. And the song is really really good, it's clear that you've been improving and working on vocals, and the whole song has a nostalgic tone but in a good way. Cameron: Oh thank you! Yes, I have the same kind of feeling of being nostalgic. I'm super glad you like the song! And yes, I guess it is more relatable! We've all been through some type of situation in our lives that we went for a complete denial instead of handling the truth when it's right in front of us, so yeah. Ryan: That's true, I like this concept, it's very down to earth and kinda brutally honest. And speaking of brutally honest, you just announced a partnership with Netflix and their show 'Big Mouth'! That's awesome, the show is hilarious! Cameron: Yesss!!! I know! I'm so excited, I'm such a huge fan of the show and I relate so hard with so many things from the story, so when they contacted me to work with them, I was like "when do I start?" (laughs). Ryan: And what did you get to do with them? Cameron: I made a cameo in three episodes from the third season, which came out today, and "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" plays in one episode and is being used at promotional trailers. Ryan: That's incredible, I've watched the second season a few months ago and now I'm even more excited to watch the new one. Cameron: It's just as good as the two first seasons, I must say, so yes, watch it and let me know what you think! Ryan: I will! I'll try to binge-watch it and I'll tell you what I think along with your album! "Suburban Boy" is coming next week, right? How are you feeling about this? Cameron: Yeah! I'm nervous but in a good way, I got to a point that I just wanna release it, you know? Enough with the waiting! (laughs) Ryan: I can imagine, I'm excited for it, I know it's gonna be great. Cameron: I hope so! Ryan: Alright, Cam, I know you're probably starting a massive schedule so thank you so much for coming by today, it's always a pleasure having you on the show! Cameron: Aw thank you for having me again and again and again, man! Ryan: Always! We're gonna play the new single now, would you do the honors to introduce the song? Cameron: Hey, this is Cameron Dallas and you're listening to my new single, "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" here on KIIS-FM! The radio played "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" and Seacrest reminded everyone to stream and purchase the single availabel now, and pre-order the album, 'Suburban Boy', available on October 18.
  7. AMANDA WOLF x VIRGIN RADIO (October 9, 2019 | United Kingdom | Paid Promo | 1st article) Amanda Wolf visited the Virgin Radio station on this Wednesday (9) morning as she joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show in order to promote her new EP, "Grimoire", and its newest single, "A Little Wicked", both released on October 4. In a new interview, Amanda talked about both releases, the possibility of doing concerts to celebrate Halloween and more. You can check the interview below! Evans: Alright everybody, our guest today is someone really wicked that I'm thrilled to have on the show again, it's been months since the last time she visited us but now she's back - it's Amanda Wolf! Good morning, Amanda! Wolf: Hello, everybody! Hello, Virgin Radio! Evans: How are you doing? It's been a while! Wolf: I'm feeling magic! (laughs) We're both going for the clichés today, I see. Evans: I'm not complaining! (laughs) It's good to have you on the show, the last time you were here was like... May, or something! Wolf: Probably, I went on tour with Shawn Mendes and then took some rest before finishing this EP and keep working on my album, so yeah. It's been a while indeed. Evans: You were great as an opening act for Shawn Mendes, by the way! Wolf: Oh thank you! It was a really nice experience, I already kind of miss the stage already. Evans: Well, then here's your chance! You just released your first EP, "Grimoire", and it's bloody wicked! Wolf: Thank you, that was a great compliment! (laughs) Evans: For real though. It's dark and raw, I honestly was scared that it'd be even darker but you didn't scared the sh out of me. Wolf: Phew, good to know! (laughs) Yeah, I didn't want to make a song that you wouldn't listen because you were afraid of it, but they all have a dark atmosphere and something... mysterious, and that was like my main goal. Evans: I love it. That's why you could come back to the stage to perform some of these for us! Wolf: You know what? I've been thinking about this a few days before the release and I agree. I'd love to perform "Wicked" live. Evans: This song must sound amazing live, it's already good but live must be incredible! Wolf: Thanks! Yeah, I kinda agree, I don't know how to agree with that without sounding narcissistic but well, what can I do? (laughs) Evans: It's okay, I know it comes from a good place. But glad we agree. Do you plan on releasing other song as a single? Wolf: I'd love to make "Spirit Walks" a single, but I don't know. We don't even know if we're making a video for "Wicked" so who knows about a second single? Specially 'cause I have to keep working on my album... So I don't know. We'll see! Evans: Fair enough! Hopefully we can get at least a music video for "A Little Wicked", this song deserves a good video just as your other two, "There Is A Drum" and "Undertow". They're fantastic. Wolf: Thank you! It truly means a lot. Evans: Alright, miss Wolf! Thank you so much for coming today, it was a pleasure to have you on the show! I wish you a wicked month! Wolf: Of course! Thank you for and thank you for having me, it's always a good time! A wicked month to you too! The radio played "A Little Wicked" and Evans reminded everyone to go get and stream Wolf's new single and EP, both available now.
  8. 'Suburban Boy' Cameron Dallas Teams Up with Netflix for Third Season of 'Big Mouth' OCTOBER 11, 2019 12:40AM PT By MEG ZUKIN He might not be the comedy Viner anymore, but the interest on making people feel good with some laughs still exists in the heart of the Grammy Award-winner and record-breaking artist: Cameron Dallas and Netflix announced this Friday, 11, a new partnership on the adult comedy animation, "Big Mouth". As Dallas released his new single, "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" today, Netflix also released the third season of the show on the service, bringing Dallas as a surprise cameo and also appearing in the music of the show. "Big Mouth" is inspired by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg's childhood. It follows a group of friends and their hormone monsters as they navigate adolescence, human sexuality, and coming of age. Dallas's new album, "Suburban Boy", inspired by his life from his teenage years as a California suburb boy til today's days and his experiences and memories that includes his discoveries on growing up, relationships, sexuality, his abrupt internet fame and his whole journey of self-discovery, is set to be released worldwide next Friday, October 18. Along with the similarity of the subjects, Dallas has been in the last year a reference to the current young adult audience, a group he belongs: the Millenials - and that's why Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett, the team behind the series, invited Dallas to work with them. Dallas is not the only guest appearing on this Season of "Big Mouth" - the cast from Queer Eye, also from Netflix, is set to appear on the show. "'Big Mouth' brilliantly captures the most awkward phase in a person's life, puberty, in a hilarious yet heartwarming way," said Mike Moon, head of adult animation for Netflix. “We couldn’t be more excited work with Cameron Dallas, who's been through this phase more recently than us, and that has a special connection with the young adults audience, and even teenagers that are coming of age. We're thrilled to work with him as we continue our relationship with Brutus Pink to bring more stories, more humor, and more hormones to Netflix members around the world.” In an official statement, Dallas said he was "honored to be in one of his favorite shows," adding: "I grew up half my teenage years making silly and funny videos on the internet, and most of my audience grew up with me, so we're young adults now. We all went through these troubled puberty paths and the strange journey that is into adulthood, and this was an important part of my life that made me who I am today, and 'Big Mouth' shows it all in an unexpected chaotic and even educational humor." Besides having a cameo appearance on the show in three episodes ("Cellsea", "Rankings" and "Super Mouth") of the new season, Cameron Dallas' music is also included in the series, and confirmed today to be at the official soundtrack of the series - his new single, "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" joins the compillation set to be released next week on streaming, along with other songs made for the show like "Valentine's Day", "Disclosure (The Musical)", "Shame", and classics such as the main-theme "Changes" by Charles Bradley and "Groove Is In The Heart" by Deee-Lite. Cameron Dallas' new single "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" is available now for purchasing and streaming; the third season of "Big Mouth" was released today, 11, and is now available now for streaming on Netflix. The official soundtrack of the Netflix show, and Cameron Dallas' debut album, "Suburban Boy", available now for pre-order, will both be released next Friday, October 18.
  9. CAMERON DALLAS - "(NOT) THINKIN' BOUT YOU" SINGLE RELEASE Artist: Cameron Dallas Title: (Not) Thinkin' Bout You Writers: Cameron Alexander Dallas, Mark Landon & Tobias Jesso Jr. Producer: M-Phazes Genre: Pop, R&B Length: 03:08 Label: Retrofuture Records Format: Official Second Single Release Date: October 11, 2019 Cameron Dallas released this Friday, 11, the second single from his upcoming debut album, 'Suburban Boy', the track "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You". Written by Dallas himself, Tobias Jesso Jr. and Mark Landon, the latter who also produced it, the song brings elements from pop and R&B music, in a composition about denial and failing on trying to do it, because of love. The track is available now for purchasing and streaming on every platform, and available for those who pre-ordered the album. ℗ 2019 Retrofuture Records, a division of the Warner Music Group
  10. Kinda ok, I was expecting a bit more. I prefer None Of My Business over this one, but well...
  11. CAMERON DALLAS x SIRIUSXM (October 10, 2019 | United States | Free Promo | 1st article) With the weekend around the corner, Cameron Dallas has begun to heat up the promotion of his new single, "(Not) Thinkin 'Bout You", scheduled to be released on Friday, 11, visiting the LA studios of SiriusXM on this Thursday, 10, to join the Morning Mash Up radio show. In his first interview after almost a month since the end of the promotion of his record-breaking #1 single, "Make Up", Dallas talked to the hosts Nicole, Ryan and Stanley about the new single and the upcoming album, 'Suburban Boy', his tracklist reveal through Twitter, and what's coming next along with the release of the album coming one week after the new single. You can read some highlights from the interview below! ON THE NEW SINGLE "I'm not really freaking out about this song 'cause it's not a super dancing, uplifiting, contagious track like 'Make Up', I mean, it has a danceable beat, of course, and its melody is really catchy, but it isn't like the funky beats from the first single. And this time I'm alone on the boat too, I had a great time with Ariana [Grande], sooo I had to find other ways to have fun while working on it - and luckily, I found ways to do it, so it's gonna be a fun time! '(Not) Thinkin Bout You' has a R&B tone along with the pop style, I don't know why but it gives me a little bit of Mariah [Carey] type of song, I can listen to her whistles in the back... Wow can you imagine? I wish! (laughs) But yeah, it's more melodic and maybe even a bit sexy. I don't know, I don't know! (laughs) You'll have to listen to it and tell me, it's gonna be here tomorrow so make sure to tell me." ON WHAT'S COMING NEXT "There are so many things coming in the next days, man, you have no idea! I'm beyond excited for my fans to listen to the album, of course, but I've been working behind the scenes with my label and I feel like we've turned on the oven and the water is starting to bubble - it's gonna be hot! (laughs) I can't say much, 'cause I believe everything has a right time, and I don't wanna build expectations, but yeah, there are some really nice stuff coming. Besides the really exciting event - that I know you guys know about (laughs) - this Friday night, there are more things to come starting tomorrow, so get ready!" The radio played the "(Not) Thinkin' Bout You" snippet and also "Make Up", and the host reminded everyone to go pre-save the single, available this Friday, 11, and pre-order the album, available on October 18.
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