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  2. FOREVER YOUNG WORLD TOUR DIARY - NEW YORK NIGHT TWO VENUE: Yankee Stadium CROWD: 48.843/48.843 [SOLD OUT] DATE: May 24, 2019 SHOW: 44/67 Shawn Mendes continued his three night residency at the iconic Yankee Stadium in New York with another sold out show! The show was originally the last Shawn would play in the city however due to popular demand, an additional show was added. Just as it was in night one, the energy in the stadium was electric. Shawn has a deep connection and a history with the city and that shined through in his performance. Shawn, more so than on night one, seemed genuinely surprised at the show and perhaps even a little bit nervous. But his nerves were put to rest with the amazing crowd as well as a special guest who joined him for a performance! THE STADIUM PRE-SHOW During the pre-show VIP Q&A, Shawn took as many fan questions as possible. Here are some highlights. "Do you plan on playing at any late summer festivals after the tour ends?" "I'm considering one but I don't think I'm going to do any more than that. I've never really done festival shows, I've only done the Copacabana Fest for one day. It was a lot of fun and I'd love to do more, but the biggest thing that I'm looking forward to after the end of the tour is doing a few things for The Goldfinch film and then going on a break for at least a couple of months. I'm not 100% sure if I'll be doing the one festival I've been looking at, we'll see. It's all kind of up in the air right now." "Will you be adding any songs to the show for Europe?" "No, I think that I'm pretty set with doing the same show. I don't think it would be fair to those who've already seen the show to add anything new and I don't think it would be fair to the European crowds to take anything away. This isn't the kind of show that you're able to really tweak substantially. I mean, bringing someone out for one song for one show isn't hard to do because you don't have to make the show adapt around it. But adding a new permanent fix to the set means we'd have to restructure the show around that new song and this is show tight already that it just wouldn't be logical to do it any differently." STAND OUT MEET AND GREET MOMENT Shawn got the chance to repay a favor during the meet and greet. Last year when Shawn brought his Ocean Wave Avenue Tour to Madison Square Garden, Shawn took a trip out to a corner store not far from the venue to get some coffee and snacks for backstage. Because the decision was last minute, Shawn didn't have time to make arrangements for any sort of security. So, to help out, one of the venue's security volunteered to escort Shawn. Shawn remembered the guy when the VIP coordinator saw the man on Twitter saying he and his daughter would be coming to the show. Shawn told his VIP coordinator to get in contact with the man via DMs and to upgrade his regular tickets to meet and greet tickets. Shawn got to connect with the guy again and meet his daughter too! BACKSTAGE PASS Unbeknownst to the audience, Shawn would be joined on stage by a very special guest, Mr. Noel Gallagher. Noel, who rose to fame as one of the founders of Oasis, arrived to the stadium in the early afternoon. To preserve the surprise, he sound checked without singing into his mic. Instead, Shawn's drummer sang into what would be Noel's mic while Noel played the guitar. Shawn gave Noel a personal tour of the stage and backstage before showing him where he'd be sitting for the show prior to him coming on stage. Noel said "I don't make many special appearances at other artist's gigs but I really enjoy Shawn's music and I think he's got the classic stuff. I thought it'd be cool to share the stage with him. It'll be great." WELCOME SPEECH "New York City make some noise! Thank you so much for coming out tonight. It's another beautiful New York night tonight. I really feel that tonight's going to be special. I talked a little bit last night about how much this city means to me. This is the place that really moulded and shaped my identity as an artist. It was in this city that I got signed, got my first big push. Hell, my first time on TV was here, just down the road. So as far as I'm concerned, this city has a part of my heart forever and for always. So, to show you the love, I'm going to give you the best show I can possibly give you. And I've got a special surprise for you a little later. So what do you say we get this going? Are you ready New York? I said ARE YOU READY NEW YORK?! Welcome to the Forever Young World Tour!" C-STAGE FAN PLAY "Tonight, I've got someone coming up here who's a fantastic piano player I'm told. She's gotten a bit of reputation among The Mendes Army for her piano covers and my team found out she was going to be here tonight. So please make some noise for Ashanti Bridge!" Ashanti comes on stage and runs to give Shawn a hug. Shawn takes her to the piano and he takes his mic and they do "Keep It Together". At the end of the song, Shawn selfies with her, signs some things for her, and helps her off stage. PERFORMANCE OF "DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER" WITH NOEL GALLAGHER "Now, for that surprise. I've got one of the greatest British rockers ever here tonight that's coming to do a song. He's here in the city playing a gig at Radio City in a couple of days and he's gracious enough to be joining me here. You heard one of his most famous compositions play right before the show so you've got some practice on the lyrics, but I think you might already know then anyway. Ladies and gentlemen, please make some noise for one of my musical heroes, Noel Gallagher!" Noel comes on stage and he and Shawn perform the Oasis classic "Don't Look Back in Anger'. Noel and Shawn trade vocals, but Shawn lets Noel take the iconic mid song guitar solo. At the end of the song, Shawn and Noel hug and are lowered below the stage as the interlude video begins, continuing the show as normal. SHOW PHOTOS ALL PHOTOS TAKEN BY OFFICIAL TOUR PHOTOGRAPHER CONNOR FRANTA
  3. FOREVER YOUNG WORLD TOUR DIARY - NEW YORK NIGHT ONE VENUE: Yankee Stadium CROWD: 48.843/48.843 [SOLD OUT] DATE: May 23, 2019 SHOW: 43/67 Shawn Mendes continued his blockbuster Forever Young World Tour through the US, arriving for the first of three nights in New York City! Shawn has a great history with New York and he considers it, along with Toronto, the city that molded him into the artist he is today. He spent the six months writing his debut album in New York and he attributes the city with inspiring not only the writing, but the bravery of the writing. Shawn's shows in New York were some of the first to sell out prompting a third show to be added. Shawn had been experiencing some illness for the shows prior but he felt much better for the first show and returned to normal doing the normal routine for VIPs and the show. And certainly was a show to remember! THE STADIUM PRE-SHOW During the pre-show VIP Q&A, Shawn took several fan questions. Below are some highlights. "These shows in New York are your last shows in America, then you go to Mexico, then onto Europe. How do you feel about heading on to Europe?" "I'm really excited for the European tour! It's been a while since I've been to Europe and some of the places I'll be going will be for the very first time. Plus, I've got two mega shows. I'll be playing to over 100,000 people at both Slane Castle and Hyde Park which is going to be mind blowing. Of course, I'm going to be sad to be leaving the states and being away from everyone again, but there's some amazing things waiting for me over in Europe and I know that I'm going to have the time of my life." "What are some of your favorite and least favorite songs to play?" "Well, my least favorites are easy. There are two songs I don't particularly love playing but I do because you all love them. I'm not crazy about playing 'Wild Youth'. Don't get me wrong, it's a great song, but it's not very exciting to play because it's not at all challenging. Musically or vocally it's not challenging. That's why I hop off stage or do something else cool or fun when I play it. The other song that I really loved starting out but am getting kind of over is 'Wish It Was Over'. That's a song that came from a place of anger and is a bit awkward to do when I'm not angry. It's a negative song. So once this tour is over, it might disappear for a little while. As for my favorites to play I'd say 'I See the Sun' because it's my favorite song of mine and I just love playing it. I also really love playing 'Boys and Boys' still. It's such a fun song and it carries an amazing message that I like to continue to spread, so it's awesome still after all this time." STAND OUT MEET AND GREET MOMENT Shawn got to meet someone that's been a supporter practically since the very beginning. April followed Shawn on Vine back when he had under 150 followers. Once his star ballooned on the app and then on into his music career, April was still there supporting and loving him. It's been a dream of hers to meet Shawn since those early days and she finally got her chance in New York! She made sure to tell Shawn how long she's been around and how much he's meant to her which he of course greatly appreciated. He took selfies with her and surprised her with some guitar pics and a signed tour t-shirt that's not on sale and is usually given only to crew and people involved with the tour. BACKSTAGE PASS Shawn has been photographed recently up to something that people, including those involved closely with the tour, know nothing about. Backstage in New York, Shawn met with a local fashion house to try on clothes specifically designed for him. The lead designer said "Shawn got in contact with us about six months ago and he sent us his measurements. He asked for three styles of clothes: retro circa late 60s/early 70s, modern, and experimental and/or futuristic. He gave us a date that he needed them by and we got them ready. He's not told us what they're for and anytime we ask, he just smiles and said that he can't talk about it. Personally, I think he's working on a film project that he's just not told anyone about just yet." WELCOME SPEECH "New York City let me hear you scream! Wow, thank you so much for coming out tonight and filling this place up. This is one of those places that you just die to play so this is really amazing to me. As I'm sure you know, I have a huge connection to this city. This is the city where I wrote my entire debut album and temporarily lived in for six months. Along with Toronto, this is the city that molded me into the artist that I am today, gave me the bravery and strength to pursue my career and my music the way that I wanted to, no questions asked. So truly and wholeheartedly, this is an amazing thing to be standing here playing for you guys. It's a beautiful night tonight and I'm more than ready to set New York on fire, what do you say? Are you ready New York?! Welcome to the Forever Young World Tour!" C-STAGE FAN PLAY "Alright New York I have a special guy coming up here tonight. He caught my attention on Twitter about threeish months ago when he totally freaked out when I liked a Tweet of him singing one of my songs. I tweeted him and told him he could come to whatever show he wanted and he chose tonight. And he wants to come up here and sing with me. So please give a huge New York welcome to the coolest 8 year old there is...DJ!" DJ comes on stage and runs to give Shawn a hug. Shawn hands him a mic and they do "Keep It Together". At the end of the song, Shawn selfies with DJ, signs some things for him, and helps the little dude off stage. SHOW PHOTOS ALL SHOW PHOTOS TAKEN BY OFFICIAL TOUR PHOTOGRAPHER CONNOR FRANTA
  4. FOREVER YOUNG WORLD TOUR DIARY - MIAMI VENUE: Hard Rock Stadium CROWD: 58.2300/58.230 [SOLD OUT] DATE: May 21, 2019 SHOW: 42/67 Shawn Mendes continued his acclaimed Forever Young World Tour across the United States, finally arriving to Florida for a sold out show in Miami. As has been the case for a good portion of the US leg of the tour, Shawn has been experiencing bouts of illness. Shawn's private physician says that it's due to the drastic changes in climate from city to city and since the tour is a stadium tour and most shows are outdoors, Shawn's baring the brunt of the varying weather. However he has steadfastly refused to cancel any dates and has plowed on, sadly having to operate on the amended VIP plan with no one-on-one meet and greets (instead, those ticket holders are invited to a special early dinner with Shawn and his band in the tour canteen where he will pose for group selfies but avoid individual touching as to not spread illness). However the shows still continue to be fantastic. Though Shawn experiences some vocal trouble, the energy and overall commitment to the show is bigger and better than ever making the show still unforgettable. THE STADIUM PRE-SHOW During the pre-show Q&A, Shawn took as many fan questions as possible. Here are a few highlights. "How are you feeling Shawn? Do you know why you've been so sick this leg?" "I'm feeling a bit better today than I have been. But I'm still not by best. Thank you for asking though! I'm lucky that I've got a private physician that tours with me and she's really incredible. She said it just comes down to two simple things: I have allergies and I'm not adjusting to the drastically different weather from city to city well. I didn't really anticipate some of the potential issues that could come along with doing a stadium tour. One of those issues is the fact that we're here in a time of year that's unpredictable when it comes to weather and especially pollen. One city could be fairly chilly, one could be blistering hot, one could be rainy. It's really hard on me. And I'm not the only getting sick either. My band isn't really up to it either. We'll power through like we have been, but the more we're in ever changing weather, the more likely we are to keep coming down with junk." "How have the crowds in America been in comparison to the other countries you've visited on the tour?" "Surprisingly, you guys have been more intense. Usually American audiences are a bit tamer than other crowds. South America was insane, but you guys have been too. I think the most reserved crowds I've played to are the ones in Asia but that's more of a cultural thing. The energy that I've gotten here in America has been fantastic and I really appreciate that. As an artist, it's incredibly rewarding to have an audience give that kind of love back to you when you perform. I'm loving it and I'm sad to be leaving in a few days." "Will you be taking a break after the tour's conclusion?" "I will for a couple of months at least. I've not really allowed myself a break since I got started so I'd at least like to take the fall off. I won't be gone too long, but I do feel the need to take some time to relax. And you know, I've got a new role in life now. I'm gonna be a babysitter for a beautiful little girl and I need to not have anything else going on in life while I do that. It'll be nice to sink back and have a breather after a tour this big." BACKSTAGE PASS Due to the current not so great health of Shawn and his band members, Shawn felt that it was important that his show crew be on top of things should he or his band not be. He said: "We're gonna go out there and we're gonna do the show and try our best to do it the way that it's always done and meant to be done. But because we're not feeling well, we may make some mistakes and if we make mistakes, we need the lights and video and whatever to be able to get us back on track as much as possible. I know that you all are already working so hard to make sure everything's perfect, but I just need to please ask you guys to be on it that much more. You guys are the best in the business, thank you for putting up with all this." WELCOME SPEECH "Miami let me hear it! Thank you guys so much for coming to spend the evening with me. It's been a while since I've been in Miami, it's great to be back. I started my first world tour here back in March of last year and because of that, I feel a connection here to Miami. I know that you all are party people here in Miami and you've shown me that every single time I've visited. As I'm sure you guys know, I'm not feeling the best and neither is the band. So we need your help tonight. We need you guys to be as loud as possible, sing these songs like your life depends on it, dance and jump like nobody's watching. We need you Miami. Are you up to the task? Are you ready? Are you ready?! Welcome to the Forever Young World Tour!" SHOW PHOTOS ALL PHOTOS BY OFFICIAL TOUR PHOTOGRAPHER CONNOR FRANTA
  5. TRNT PUTS DEBUT EP I'D INTRODUCE MYSLEF BUT... UP FOR PRE-ORDER ARTIST: TRNT TITLE: I'd Introduce Myself But... EXPECTED RELEASE DATE: June 7, 2019 1. Track One 2. Chlorine 3. Track Three 4. You Need More 5. Track Five 6. Track Six 🅴
  6. TRNT RELEASES "CHLORINE" TITLE: "Chlorine" ARTIST: TRNT WRITER: Trent Wayland PRODUCER(S): Trent Wayland and Shawn Mendes LENGTH: 5:28 RELEASED: May 24, 2019 After finding a significant amount of success with his debut single "You Need More", TRNT has officially released his second single, "Chlorine". The track is the total opposite of TRNT's debut, moving toward an experimental pop direction with a heavy dose of trance pop, a subgenre that's not yet exploded onto the mainstream. The track is also different in that it's more personal, intimate, and close to the chest. TRNT described the song: "You Need More was sort of aim and ignite at the world, but the rest of the EP, especially Chlorine, is much more rooted in myself. Chlorine isn't about what it sounds like it may be. On the surface, it sounds like this song is about a bad relationship...and in a way I suppose that it is. But not with a person. No, Chlorine is about a problem I had in my early teens: alcoholism. When I was around 13, I was a complete hellion. I was the worst kid any parent could ask for, a real nightmare. I would sneak out to go to parties with older kids, I stole things. At the center of the bad behavior was drinking. I'd swipe stuff from my parents, I'd even swipe it from gas stations and grocery stores. It took being confronted by grandfather who I've always had a close bond with for me to clean up my act. It's not been that long, I'm only 17, but it feels like a whole life ago. This song is about alcohol dependency and being aware of it. The last two minutes, the trance pop section, is about being confronted. I say 'I'm so sorry I forgot you, let me catch you up to speed' and I explain that I've begun destroying myself and ask if the person confronting me, my grandfather, can 'build my house from pieces', the broken pieces I shattered myself into with that kind of behavior." AUDIO + LYRICS
  7. 1. ...Ready for It? 2. I Did Something Bad 3. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things 4. I Did Something Bad 5. Delicate 6. Look What You Made Me Do
  8. @R.E.M. I'm gonna need my answers sent in Discord because i accidentally deleted the note I had them written on in my phone. I mean I know I ArtPOPed this round but I wanna know how bad sksksk
  9. This happened last month while he was in Manchester, but the video has just recently started making it's way around online. Much respect to the police officer who also attended the show with the girl. Just an amazing story all around!
  10. FOREVER YOUNG WORLD TOUR DIARY - ATLANTA VENUE: Mercedes-Benz Stadium CROWD: 62.450/62.450 [SOLD OUT] DATE: May 20, 2019 SHOW: 41/67 Shawn Mendes continued his Forever Young World Tour through the US and gave an amazing show in Atlanta! Shawn hadn't performed in the city in quite a while so he was welcomed back with open arms. Unfortunately, as he has a couple of times during the tour, Shawn wasn't feeling well and worried that he was getting sick once more. In order to make sure he didn't get sick like he was a few weeks ago, Shawn decided to do the amended VIP arrangement where he didn't do one on one meet and greets but instead invited the meet and greet pass holders to join him and the band in the tour canteen for some food and refreshments. The fans were understanding and accommodating and to thank them for that, Shawn brought out his acoustic guitar and did a couple of songs that weren't in the show's setlist for the fans there. He also didn't bring a fan on stage. He powered through the show but it was obvious he wasn't feeling well. However he did give his all on stage and it still ended up being an exciting and incredibly fun evening for everyone. THE STADIUM PRE-SHOW Though it was far from a pretty day outside, fans still queued outside of the stadium for hours in the rain. Mother nature only offered a few breaks but fans kept good spirits. Shawn's music was played over speakers set up around the stadium by local radio stations. It was notable that fans were much more calm and respectful of venue security and safety procedures than in New Orleans. Once the gates opened up, fans were smoothly led into the stadium and got in quicker than average and out of the rain. BACKSTAGE PASS Despite feeling bad, Shawn had a photoshoot scheduled for an as yet unannounced project. He was unable to cancel the shoot due to the busy schedule of the photographer so it went ahead as planned backstage. The session, which was scheduled to last an hour and half, ended up only taking about 45 minutes, Shawn requesting that the photographer do anything she could to get the shots she needed in a shorter amount of time to allow him some time to rest before going on stage. When the shoot was over, Shawn took some time to apologize for things having to be changed on such short notice and to tell the photographer that he appreciated her willingness to adapt and promised her a better (and livelier) shoot in the future. WELCOME SPEECH "Atlanta scream it out! Thank you so much for coming to spend the evening with me. I know that it's wet and far from pretty outside but in here tonight, we're going to make sure that it feels like a warm and dry and perfect summer night. As I'm sure you guys have seen on Twitter and maybe even heard in my voice so far, I'm not feeling my best tonight. But I promise you that I'm going to do my best to give you the best tonight. But I need your help. You all have to scream these words along with me, okay? And I wanna look out at all of you and see you jumping and dancing and just letting loose tonight. I know Hotlanta knows how to have a good time so don't let me down! Are you ready Atlanta? Welcome to the Forever Young World Tour!" SHOW PHOTOS SHOW PHOTOS TAKEN BY OFFICIAL TOUR PHOTOGRAPHER CONNOR FRANTA
  11. FOREVER YOUNG WORLD TOUR DIARY - NEW ORLEANS VENUE: Mercedes-Benz Superdome CROWD: 70.430/70.439 [SOLD OUT] DATE: May 18, 2019 SHOW: 40/67 Shawn Mendes continued his acclaimed Forever Young World Tour through the US and played a sold out show in New Orleans! The show was Shawn's first time ever performing in New Orleans and he made the most of his first visit. Shawn arrived in the city a day early and spent the afternoon playing tourist around the city, getting a guided tour around the city's historical sights by a guide. Shawn was joined on the tour of the city by his band, TRNT, and members of his inner circle. The next day, he gave 110% on stage in front of a sold out, adoring crowd. The show was incredible for everyone involved and it's safe to say that Shawn was welcomed to the city and will return in the future! THE STADIUM PRE-SHOW The fans began queueing up outside of the stadium nearly a whole 24 hours prior to the gates opening. The fans were excited for the show so they were fairly reckless as they waited outside with a lot of pushing and disorganization. Venue security struggled to keep everyone in line and it made the process of getting the fans into the stadium a bit of labored one. Due to the commotion outside, Shawn's team members who usually did fan scouting were not able to make it outside so a fan was not brought on stage during the show. After most of the GA fans had been let in, things calmed down outside but there were still some slight concerns about pushing inside the stadium. STAND OUT MEET AND GREET MOMENT During the meet and greet, Shawn met Janie, a dedicated fan who's known within The Mendes Army for her artwork inspired by Shawn and his music. Janie brought some samples of her artwork to Shawn during the meet and greet and he was immediately impressed by her skills. She had brought him a small watercolor painting, a charcoal drawing, and an ink drawing. Shawn was inquisitive of where she got her talents and she explained to him how she took up drawing as a hobby to reduce stress and she ended up getting very good at the practice. Shawn asked if he could keep the artwork to which she said yes and he thanked her for the time and commitment. He thanked her more with some guitar picks and a signed tour shirt that usually only the crew would be allowed to have. BACKSTAGE PASS Shawn found out the morning of the show that Miley Cyrus was going to be in attendance, so it was worked out for her to come backstage before the show. Shawn welcomed her backstage and she had dinner with Shawn and his band in the tour canteen. By the time Miley arrived, fans were already in the stadium so Shawn wasn't able to give her a tour of the stage but he did show her around backstage as well as spend some time hanging out with her in the green room. After the show, Shawn had his drummer give Miley a tour of the stage before everything got taken down. WELCOME SPEECH "New Orleans scream for me! Thank you so much for coming to spend your evening with me! For those of you who may not know, this is my first time playing in New Orleans and I've just gotta tell you how beautiful this city is. I got to go and visit some of the big historical sights yesterday and I was completely mesmerized by everything. And then you guys showing me so much love and such an exciting welcome has just made it even better. I have been told though that there has been some problems with pushing and I have to ask everyone down here in the GA to please stay safe and be aware of the people in front of you, beside you, and behind you. Please, don't push and allow each other space, and we'll all have an amazing time tonight. You guys have sounded fantastic for these first two songs and I want you to keep that up for the rest of the night. Are you ready New Orleans?! Welcome to the Forever Young World Tour!" PERFORMANCE OF "WILD YOUTH" WITH MILEY CYRUS As Shawn was walking down the bridge to the c-stage, Miley met him at the end. Like several other artists on the tour so far, Shawn and Miley did a duet on the song "Wild Youth". Miley and Shawn played well off each other and both seemed to be enjoying the performance. Shawn let Miley take a majority of the vocals as she was the guest and she took time to interact with the fans close to the c-stage. At the end of the song, Miley bowed and Shawn high fives her before helping her off stage. SHOW PHOTOS ALL SHOW PHOTOS TAKEN BY OFFICIAL TOUR PHOTOGRAPHER CONNOR FRANTA
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