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  1. FINAL VERDICT HANDED DOWN IN SHAWN MENDES RUSSIA CASE Mendes, 20, photographed entering the Court of Moscow building around 7:30 AM, an hour before his expedited trial went into session. As was reported a few days ago, Moscow's courts decided to expedite musician Shawn Mendes' trial regarding his violation of Russia's gay propaganda law. This means the courts sped up the pre-trial process and got the case in front of a judge faster than would be normal. The decision was made for a variety of reasons, chief among then Mendes' lack of Russian citizenship but also to cut overall costs. It's also assumed that the approaching expiration of Mendes' visa to be in the country which, even under these circumstances, would have required an application for extension. Mendes opted to waive his right to a jury in the case, instead choosing to have the case tried solely in front of a judge. This move assisted the expedition process but also was considered a smart legal move as it reduced the risk of jail time further though the odds of this happening even with a jury was extremely low due to a clause in the law which stated that foreigners need not necessarily be held to the same potential standards as a Russian citizen would be. A few days after Mendes' arrest, a court date was set for Monday, July 15. Mendes arrived to the Court of Moscow building at 7:30 AM Moscow time. He was photographed walking into the courthouse along with his lawyer, his manager, and a translator. Mendes was checked into the courtroom around fifteen minutes later. The trial began swiftly at 8:30 AM. There were no cameras allowed inside the courtroom but a reporters were allowed inside to send messages outside of the courtroom. ABC News had a reporter in the courtroom who sent messages out via email. She reported that Mendes was relaxed and spoke clearly and confidently when he was prompted to do so. She noted that the speaking was slowed significantly to allow time for Mendes' translator to completely catch Mendes up to speed on everything that was happening. She also reported that Mendes was in good spirits during the occasional breaks in the proceedings and didn't seem frightened or nervous. In a fairly unsurprising move, Mendes opted to not try and deflect any legal responsibility from himself and openly stated on multiple occasions that he was taking full responsibility for his actions. It was noted however that Mendes never once offered an apology for the actions and that he stood by what he did though acknowledged the fact that he was possibly out of line. As was revealed early last week, all potential charges concerning a violation of his contract were dropped after it was revealed the contract was vague and made no explicit statements regarding what Mendes was or was not allowed to do. Regardless, those charges would have been minor and handled outside of a major court. Mendes' acknowledgement of potential faults in his actions seemed to elicit a positive response in the room however it was noted that tension did increase when Mendes continued that he was standing strong by his message and that he feels what he did was ultimately the right thing. Mendes was not asked to take the stand for questioning due to his open admission of the charges against him. Instead, Mendes spoke directly with the judge in a brief line of questioning from him. It was noted that the prosecutor and Mendes' lawyer did most of the talking. In all, the trial itself lasted for around six hours, including five viewings of video recordings of Mendes' speech and the performance of the song "Boys and Boys". Once closing statements were made, Mendes, his team, and everyone were asked to leave the courtroom to allow the judge to deliberate on the case presented to him. All journalists were not permitted back into the courtroom for the reading of the verdict but were told that an official of the courts would read the verdict on the steps out front to the media. After an hour and a half, all were called back into the courtroom. Around forty-five minutes later, a reporter for the court exited the building and indicated for the nearly five dozen reporters present to circle. He reported the conclusions of the trial. "Shawn Peter Raul Mendes was charged with violation of the Law for the Purpose of Protecting Children from Information Advocating for a Denial of Traditional Family Values which was passed 11 June 2013 and enacted on 30 June 2013. He was additionally charged with inciting action against one or more government officials in challenging the established law. Mendes was called to our courts today to stand a trial for his actions. Mendes offered no denials of the charges against him, nor did he extend any formal apologies for the actions which he took during his performance in Moscow on 4 July 2019. After statements from both sides, a line of questioning from the presiding judge and magistrate, and a presentation of the case from the prosecution and defense, a final verdict has been handed down. Mendes has been found guilty of both charges laid against him. The judge feels that Mendes' actions, while reckless and in clear violation of the law, does not justify the sentence of a term in jail. Mendes will however be legally forced to exit the country effective this evening, four hours from now. Mendes' visa will be terminated and he will barred from entering into the country for the purpose of work, leisure, or otherwise for a period no shorter than five years, or 1,825 days. Mendes will be order to pay a fine of 70.000.000 rubles (*equivalent to roughly $1,110,900.00 US*) to be paid in full on or before the conclusion of the calendar week. Failure to do so could resort in violation of an official sentence which could carry a term of no shorter than three years in a Russian prison. Mendes has indicated that the fines will be paid by the end of the day. In addition to this, upon the expiration of the five years deportation and entry bar, Mendes will need apply for admission to the country which is applicable to be approved or denied. Should Mendes enter the country following the expiration of the five years and violate the same laws or others, he will be susceptible to a period of no shorter than eleven years in a Russian prison. Should Mendes attempt to enter or successfully enter the country prior to the expiration of the five years, he will be susceptible to a period of no shorter than twenty years in a Russian prison. Mendes will make his exit from the country in the presence of four officers of the court who will be accompany Mendes to Vnukovo International Airport where he and the officers will board a monitored flight to Los Angeles International Airport where the officers will formally release Mendes from custody. Thank you." Shawn was photographed exiting the courtroom fifteen minutes later. He declined a formal interview but stated on the steps of of the courthouse to reporters: "I stand by my statements. I hope that at the least, a dialogue has been opened concerning the absence of rights for members of the LGBT community here. I've agreed to the terms of my sentence and will abide strictly by the court's orders. We were not able, nor do I think we ever will, come to an agreement concerning whether my statements were correct or incorrect. Regardless, I still have love in my heart for this country and it's beautiful people. I hope that sometime in the future, some progress can be made." Mendes reportedly left for Los Angeles International Airport roughly two hours later. It has been confirmed that Mendes paid his fines before making his exit from the country. Mendes' temporary deportation will be lifted on 15 July 2024.
  2. FOREVER YOUNG WORLD TOUR BY THE NUMBERS 2 The Forever Young World Tour is now the second highest grossing concert tour by a male solo artist in history behind only Ed Sheeran's Divide Tour. 4 The Forever Young World Tour is he fourth highest grossing concert tour by a solo artist in history behind Ed Sheeran's Divide Tour, Roger Waters' The Wall Tour, Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour, and Madonna's The MDNA Tour. 5 The number of records Shawn broke across the whole tour: 1. Most sold out nights at Toronto's Rogers Centre 2. Most sold out nights at Pasadena's Rose Bowl 3. Most consecutive shows at Pasadena's Rose Bowl 4. The most consecutive sold out shows at New York's Yankee Stadium 5. Highest attended concert at Berlin's Olympiastadion 9 The amount of GoPros used to film the shows in Milan for the tour movie. 15 The total number of musicians that appeared on stage every night other than Shawn. 17 The number of tractor trailer trucks required to transport the stage from venue to venue. 18 The number of total cameras used to film the shows in Milan for the tour movie. 20 The Forever Young World Tour is now the 20th highest grossing concert tour in history. 24 The number of construction team members needed to construct the stage at every venue. 26 The number of countries Shawn visited across the entire tour. 40 The number of guitars Shawn toured with. 50 The number of cities Shawn visited across the entire tour. 67 The number of shows that Shawn played across the entire tour 73 The number of birthdays celebrated among the team across the whole tour. 91 The total number of team members who never appeared on stage but worked behind the scenes off stage during the show each night. 107 The total number of people, including Shawn, that worked on the tour. 120 The number of days Shawn and his team spent traveling the world on the tour. 152 The number of days spent rehearsing for the tour prior to opening night. 420 The amount of strings Shawn broke and got replaced on his guitars across the entire tour. 4,276,745 The number of fans who attended the tour across all 67 shows 313,053,450 The total box office gross of the tour in USD.
  4. FOREVER YOUNG WORLD TOUR | THE FINAL SHOW | GLASGOW After five incredible, record breaking months, the Forever Young World Tour has come to a close. Across 67 shows, 50 cities, and 26 countries, Shawn Mendes and his top bad and team put on universally acclaimed shows in some of the world's biggest and premiere stadiums. The tour supported Shawn's loved sophomore album Evolution which topped the worldwide charts last year and later found itself a contender for the coveted Album of the Year statue at the GRAMMYs. The tour was one of, if not the most talked about live event of the year with many focusing their attention on the magnitude of the tour and the breathtaking show contents. The tour received praise not only for it's groundbreaking theatrics, but for Shawn's stage presence and the storytelling that came through in the music, the staging, and Shawn's voice. It wasn't without a few bumps in the road, but overall, the tour has been incredibly successful. Shawn closed out the tour with a sold out night in Glasgow, Scotland in front of 48.450 fans. PERFORMANCE OF WILD YOUTH WITH AMANDA WOLF "Seeing as this is the last night of the tour and the last night that Amanda will be opening, we're going to keep tradition. When it's an openers last night, they always come up on stage to do this song with me and tonight is no different than any other. You got the pleasure of watching her absolutely stunning opening set a couple of hours ago and that set alone proves you to why she was here. But beyond her immeasurable talent, she's a kindhearted, hardworking, and strong woman. She's taught me a lot about music and life as she's been out here with us and I don't think I could ever thank her enough for that. I can't wait to see where she goes from here, can't wait to see what she's got in store for us next. Ladies and gentlemen, one last time, please welcome Amanda Wolf!" Amanda comes on stage and hugs Shawn. She's handed a mic and Shawn begins the song. The two of them deliver a passionate performance of the song, both of them pushing as hard as they can to make this an incredible moment. Amanda is the true star of the moment as she expertly takes command of the song, the stage, and the crowd. Her vocals are pristine and all eyes are glued to her. At the conclusion of the song, Shawn steps off stage a bit to allow Amanda to take a solo bow on stage in front of the adoring crowd. Shawn returns and the two of them pose for a photo before once more hugging and Amanda makes her exit from the stage. PERFORMANCE OF SHOW LOVE (ACOUSTIC) WITH KARRUECHE "I want to bring something full circle with this show and I'm lucky enough to get the chance to do just that this evening. For the first third of the tour, the amazing karrueche was my opener. She toured with me through South America, Oceania, and Africa and every night delivered a fantastic show. Since she's left, a lot's happened with her. She's been engaged, she's released her incredible debut album, and she's grown into an artist that I think anyone who knows and loves her can't help but be proud of. We're gonna do one of, if not her best song this evening so please welcome back to this stage for one final time, the amazing karrueche!" She comes on stage and hugs Shawn and Shawn hugs back. Two stools are brought onto the stage for the two of them to sit. Shawn begins playing "Show Love". He sings here and there but for the most part lets karrueche handle most of the singing. He comes in where he's needed. karrueche, even in this stripped down arrangement, delivers a stunning performance and she captivates the crowd. At the end of the song, karrueche moves forward and the entire stadium roars for her, showing her all the love in the world. Shawn comes to hug her, the two take a photo, and she takes her leave from the stage. SHAWN'S FINAL SPEECH "We've got only one more song left tonight but I want to just take a minute to do something I've kind of been dreading for the last couple of weeks. I don't want this tour to come to an end, but all good things must find their conclusion. And what a good thing this whole tour has been. These last five months have allowed me to live my dream, play in venues that I never in a million years imagined I'd be playing in. I've been given the chance to see amazing places I've never been to before, gotten to meet the most incredible people that I otherwise never would have been able to. But I didn't get there alone. There are around 200 amazing men and women who've been working harder than I ever could to get this show on the road. From wardrobe, catering, management, VIP coordination, assistants, mic wranglers, light operators, and everything in between, they've been working tirelessly to get everything you've seen tonight up on this stage. And the four absolutely amazing musicians who stand up here with me every night, some of my best friends in the entire world, are just responsible for this magic. I love them. I love everyone that's involved in this tour. This is our second tour together and by now, we're family. And it's hard to know that after tonight, we're not going to see each other again for a long time. But we've made so many incredible memories together and grown closer than we ever could've imagined. And lastly, all of you. You've all bought these tickets, camped outside the stadium, given everything you have to give me energy and show me the most love I've ever felt in my life. I'm nothing without all of you. You're all my family as well and I love each and every one of you. So what do you say we make this last song the greatest moment of the entire tour? Do you have one more in you?" BACKSTAGE + SHOW PHOTOS BY CONNOR FRANTA
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