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  1. { United States, free Promo, 1st Article, February 22th} Dinah Jane calls in Flow 93.5 FM to talk about her AMAs Performance. ┬┈┈┈┈□┈┈┈┈┬ H: Someone who was supposed to visit us, but scheduling issues did not make it. Gladly tho, we got her through the phone today to talk with Flow 93.5 FM, home of hip hop and R&B music. Dinah Jane! H: Hey, how are you! D: I am fine, how are you!! H: Im great! So tonight you will be performing at the American Music Awards, and its your big stage debut as a solo artist. How do you feel. D: A lot of stress, mixed with joy! Laughs I cannot believe that they are giving this huge opportunity. It is insane that i will be sharing the stage with big names. H: What can we expect from your set? D: A lot of movement, something different. I will try my best to PERFORM! I will hopefully do my supporters good. Actually, we just finished the last rehearsal. That is the reason why i am a bit out of breath. No breaks!! Laughs H: So your debut single Right for Her, is number two on iTunes right now. D: Oh wow! This is so amazing. I am so thankful and grateful that people have been giving me a chance. The song means a lot to me and it just brings out a joyful scream from me. H: What does Right for Her mean, what is the full meaning behind the song. D: The song symbolizes freedom. It also symbolizes knowing your worth and letting go, or also teaching someone a lesson. You know we all been through toxic relationships so this is a small nod to this. Its just a song that is empowering, might help you get out of a bad relationship or perhaps fix it H: Well Dinah Jane, we are happy to see what you got in your future as you do seem as a interesting artist. We are also looking forward to your American Music Awards performance D: Thank you so much! H: Dinah Jane, Right for Her. Out everywhere, but don't go just yet! [Right for Her played live on the Radio] [Interview Ends] ┴┈┈┈┈■┈┈┈┈┴
  2. Physical (By Dua Lipa), React (By PCD), Blink (By Meghan)
  3. Dinah Jane - Right For Her Streaming Promotion Date: 2/21/2020 ┬┈┈┈┈□┈┈┈┈┬ Dinah Jane - "Right For Her" Official Music Video #1 - Artist to Watch 2020 #1 -R&B Wave 2020 #2 - Pop Hotlist #3 - Today Biggest Hits ┴┈┈┈┈■┈┈┈┈┴
  4. Dinah Jane drop the long awaited Right For Her Music Video but Fans are not so happy... Dinah Jane have released the long awaited Right For Her Official Music Video, The critical acclaim towards the music video was generally good but fans are not so happy with the director being Joseph Kahn. The asian-american producer has had a problematic past that people are not here with. A lot of screenshots have started showing up online with the hashtag "#JosephKahnIsOverParty" & "#JosephKahn" for several hour. The tweets spark huge homophobia energy, slut shaming. We have managed to get our hands on some of those screenshots: Now what do you think of this? Tell us in the replies or mention us at @BillBoard everywhere!
  5. Dinah Jane - Right For Her (Official Music Video) Directed By: Joseph Kahn Release Date: 2/21/2020 ┬┈┈┈┈□┈┈┈┈┬ The music video starts with a black screen opening as curtains, as the title of the song appears. The camera is led to the bedroom, where Dinah is seen sitting in a bed that is covered in crystals instead of curtains. She has a flip phone on her left hand. Dinah was showing anxious/ angry emotions as the lights of the set helped that (light blue/ purple which are moody colors). for the pre-chorus dinah was seen in getting out of the bed, and heading to the bathroom. which led to the second scene. Dinah was seen with her hair rolled up in rolls in the bathroom. Wearing a off shoulder top from Fashion Nova. .Singing the chorus while sitting on the bathroom sink, with some scenes flashing of dancers doing choreography. This scene remained until the Bridge. For the bridge "Imma a buffet baby treat me well / don't be a one time customer/ clean up my plates/ wash my cloth/ lemme be your mama do your chores." Dinah scene was with a famous instagram model where she was basically telling him about her rules and signifying the meaning of the song. For the last chorus, the switch between all three scenes happened with a one new scene. For the ending of the music video, Dinah was seen pushing the model's head and walking away. The credits rolled up, and links to the official song were added. SCENES: ┴┈┈┈┈■┈┈┈┈┴
  6. { United States, Paid Promo, 3rd Article, February 20th} Dinah Jane visits the Watch What Happens L!ve with Andy Cohen to promote 'Right For Her' . ┬┈┈┈┈□┈┈┈┈┬ H: It's Dinah Jane, the single is "Right for Her". She's also joining Miley Cyrus on tour by the end of the year until the next year. [Audience Cheer] H: Now how exhausting can that be D: Well, it can be tiring yeah. Your body will just usually beg you to rest after the first night but what makes it better are the fans! and you have no idea how excited i am to meet my Dinahsty H: Dinahsty, is that the fandom name? D: Yeah! [Audience Cheer] H: So, what do you think you will perform on tour. Knowing you have like 1 song out. Will you sing any fan favorites from Fifth Harmony's catalogues? D: Who knows, i might sing some songs from Fifth Harmony. And for the tour, the album will hopefully be out before the tour. So we are most likely singing fan favorites from the debut album [Audience Cheer] H: Speaking of the album, how is the progress so far. D: It is being worked on, i promise. The songs are coming flawlessly. I am writing it completely by myself, excluding artists that are features of course. I love this album, i love this project. The sound, everything's coming together H: So you said before the tour, so we are guessing summer? D: Hmm, maybe?? H: Comon, you can tell us! D: I don't wanna set a date yet, because it can change at any time. And we don't want to be called liars in this fantasy. H: What about the collaborators? D: Female artists, that is it! H: Well Dinah Jane, we are so excited to hear what you have in store. Right For Her is out now, everywhere. Make sure to stream and buy it. She's also going on tour on September, get your tickets! [Interview Ends] ┴┈┈┈┈■┈┈┈┈┴
  7. { Canada, Paid Promo, 2nd Article, February 19th} Dinah Jane visits Virgin Radio Vancouver to talk about "Right for Her" ┬┈┈┈┈□┈┈┈┈┬ H: Today our special guest in the studio all the way from the U.S, Dinah Jane! H: Hello! D: Hii! H: how are you doing? D: I am good, thank you for asking! H: Well, we are glad to hear that, let's not waste any time. Tell us about Right for Her! D: The song is one my debut single, its one of my favorite from my upcoming debut album. The song talks about personal experience and just feels upbeat and happy H: So we are guessing you are performing Right for Her on the American Music Awards right? D: Yes! I am so excited. Im sharing the stage with big names, even though i should be stressed. I am not, i am feeling ecstatic !! H: Yesterday you performed the song live on The Marilyn Denis Show, how was that! D: It was my debut performance here on Canadian television, the feedback have been amazing. I think its Canada's energy that got me going some type of way *laughs* H: Now, are there any more plans, shows after today in Canada D: Sadly, after this interview im going back to the states. But i will be back soon! H: Before we finish this interview, do you mind playing a one question, few answers game? D: Yeah, i would love to do that! H: Album D: Soon, i promise H: Right For Her music video D: Also soon! I promise as well! H: Second single? D: Latin vibes, vocals and a feature. H: American Music Awards Performance D: Lights, effects, looks, CHOREOGRAPHY! H: Well that was it Dinah Jane, thank you so much for joining us today. H: This is Dinah Jane's debut single, [Interview Ends] ["Right for Her" was played live on radio] ┴┈┈┈┈■┈┈┈┈┴
  8. { Canada, Paid Promo, 1st Article, February 18th} Dinah Jane Goes to the Marilyn Denis Show to promote 'Right For Her' and perform her single ┬┈┈┈┈□┈┈┈┈┬ H: Now our next musical guest is someone i am so excited for Canada to meet as this is her debut in Canadian Television. Please give it up for Dinah Jane [Dinah Jane walked up as Right for Her played in the background] H: Heyy!! D: Hello! H: how are you doing? D: Im well thank you! H: First of all, let me tell you how excited i am to meet you D: Oh my god, me too! We were supposed to be here, me and the rest of the girls but things happened and sadly we did not come. H: Yeah i remember that, i think you guys had the american music awards? D: I think, yeah. H: Well we all saw the performance and it was amazing! D: Thank you so much!! H: Speaking of the american music awards, you are performing at the 2020 amas! [Audience Cheer] D: Oh my gosh, you have no idea how excited i am!! H: So tell us your pre-performance ritual D: It really just a lot of prayer, a lot of warm up. You know you don't want to mess up anything, so you try your best to not ruin it. H: One last question, before your performance. Your debut single 'Right for Her', you said its about empowerment. Knowing the toxic relationship you're in. Tell us how did that come. D: This song was made because of old relationships, old experiences and just life in general. I mean i am sure, almost everyone went through a toxic relationship right? [Audience Cheer] Exactly that what i am saying! H: Right here on the Marilyn Denis show after the break, Dinah Jane will be performing her top 10 song "Right for Her". Stay wherever you are! [After the commercial] ["Right for Her" was performed live] H: That was her debut single "Right For Her". You can get it everywhere, and anywhere! [Interview Ends] ┴┈┈┈┈■┈┈┈┈┴
  9. { United States, Free Promo, 1st/2nd(?) Article, February 14th} Dinah Jane Visits Hot 97 to promote 'Right For Her' and perform a acoustic version ┬┈┈┈┈□┈┈┈┈┬ H: Someone i am excited for everyone to hear their new material, is Dinah Jane. And she's with us in the studio today! D: Hello, how are you doing??!! H: Im fine, how are you? D: Im well thank you! H: So your new song 'Right For Her', tell us more about it D: Right For Her is a song that stands out. The moment i finished it, it felt so natural, so fresh and so different to what i ever done. It's the one that sounds so different on the album so far. H: So you have a sound for the album already? D: I had a feeling you'd ask me that!! Well, it is pop infused with a lot of funk. Its something different as i said. You never known what is gonna hit you. H: Well, as long as it feels real that is when it matters D: Exactly!! I love it when interviewers do their research! laughs I think that if you make music, it should be authentic to your brand. Writing music is sometimes frustrating as well because it all is based on real life experiences or your mentality that time H: Speaking of writing songs, the album is self-written right? D: Yes! I am trying so hard to make it me as possible. Back in Fifth Harmony we didn't get the chance to write our own music. We had no creative control and it was sad that we had to fight for it. H: Exactly! Well we are glad to hear that you have gained control and doing what you love D: Thank You! H: Well if you wanted to hear Dinah perform a acoustic version of Right For Her, you are in luck because she is doing it right here right after this commercial! [After the commercial] D: Hi, i'm Dinah Jane and this is 'Right for Her' ["Right for Her" was performed live on the radio] H: Dinah Jane, That was her debut single "Right For Her". You can stream it, buy it and listen to it everywhere! [Interview Ends] ┴┈┈┈┈■┈┈┈┈┴
  10. { Worldwide, February 13} Dinah Jane x Killer Merch Annocement ┬┈┈┈┈□┈┈┈┈┬ Dinah Jane recent collaboration with Killer Merch has been announced via her website and Killer Merch. Dinah Jane merch will also be available at Fashion Nova who currently has a deal with the artist. The items are as follow, Signed 'Right For Her' Physical Single - $9.99 'Right For Her' Dad Hat - $15 'Right For Her' Phone Case - $20 'Right For Her' Tee - $25 'Right For Her' Bundle #1 - $50 'Right For Her' Bundle #2 - $40 ┴┈┈┈┈■┈┈┈┈┴
  11. { United States, Paid promo, 1st Article, February 7} LATE Dinah Jane goes to Good Morning America to perform 'Right For Her' ┬┈┈┈┈□┈┈┈┈┬ H: So our next guest, is someone who is everyone been so excited about. Dinah Jane D: Hey, how are you!! H: I am fine, thank you for asking! So i heard you been so excited backstage you asked for a lot of water D: Oh my gosh, they said that! When i get nervous i just want to drink water. H: Now people who follow us on social media know why you are, but our viewers might now. Can you tell them why you are here today? D: I am here to perform my song, 'Right For Her'. Its my debut single, and i am so excited to perform it on Good Morning America. I think that this single is so special to me and most relatable to everyone! H: So what are we expecting in this performance? D: Everything Honestly! H: Well if you want to see Dinah Jane give it her all, keep watching after the break! ["Right for Her" instrumental starts] "GMA Y'all ready?" dinah said into the microphone. Dinah sung the first verse while being in a middle of a group of dancers with purple lights flashing behind her,For the pre-chorus, two dancers sit down. Dinah squats and the rest of the 2 dancers stand up. Dinah vocalized the background vocals and harmonies while her background singers did the pre-chorus continuing the chorus as the chereography was intense. For the second verse the color of the background image changed to blue. For the last chorus, they all stood next to eachother, hand locked and hip rolling their bodies to the left and right. Dinah flawlessly ends the performance with a high notes. [Interview Ends] ┴┈┈┈┈■┈┈┈┈┴
  12. Dinah Jane - Right For Her (Lyric Video) Directed By: Jose Lun Release Date: 2/7/2020 ┬┈┈┈┈□┈┈┈┈┬ The lyric video starts with a woman playing a record. After she plays the record, which is a "Right for Her" vinyl. She sits on the bed, looking confused and frustrated. Wondering what is happening in her life that is not right. When the line hits "Been seven minutes since you hit my phone up" she opens her phone and checks her recent calls list counting how many minutes using her hand. While the pre-chorus she gets up and approach the door to go to the living room. For the chorus. The actor walked to the kitchen to dancing trying to let go of the stress and thoughts. Which leads her to leave to the front door. Where she gets a flashback of her 'the good old time'. Getting a flashback of their first kiss, and their recent fight. When the second pre-chorus hits, she gets a flashback of her and her father's relationship which cannot be duplicated. By the the last chorus there are two scenes. The first one, she is in the bedroom. Ignoring her phone and being all mad and not willing to do anything including texting nor answering her ex-lover who is trying to apologize and act like a victim again The second scene was transitioned to slightly, it was about her and her friends gossiping, and telling her everything about her man who has been not the greatest. By the end of the chorus she goes back into the room, you can notice the day has passed by as it is almost sunrise. Its obvious she been up all night drinking and thinking about the next big steps she would take. takes off the engagement ring and puts it on the side table next to a bottle of beer. The credits rolled up, and links to the official song were added. ┴┈┈┈┈■┈┈┈┈┴
  13. { United States, Paid promo, 2nd Article, February 6th} Dinah Jane Visits Z100 New York to promote her debut single 'Right for Her', and talk about the future. ┬┈┈┈┈□┈┈┈┈┬ H1: Someone on the studio today, im so excited to interview. Dinah Jane everybody! D: Hello, how are you doing!! H1: We are good, how are you? D: Im feeling like im on top of the world! H1: Thats so exciting to hear H2: Yeah, especially since Right For Her is #9 on the iTunes charts!! D: Ahh!! Yeah! I am so glad and happy and it is just a bunch of jumbled emotions! H1: So why "Right For Her" D: Well Right For Her is a record that is just exceptional on the whole record. The song means a lot to me, not only as beat wise, lyrics wise whatsoever. The whole title of "Debut Single" is important. You want people to have a good impression, and recognize your talent! And that was also really hard as i came out from a girl group filled with talented people! H2: Are there any records that were being considered to be released as lead singles? D: Hmm lets see. There is one song that has this latin vibe to it, its catchy. But, all i can say that i am glad that i did not release that because we got huge plans for that. H1: Do you think we will get that anytime soon? D: Maybe, Maybe not! The whole record is coming this fall, so as i said. 50% is finished. H2: Are you not scared of getting comments about it being rushed? D: See, i did tell you that its coming in fall. Does not mean i been working on it since weeks ago. This project, the debut album has been in the process for a while now. Trying out songs with several producers, writers. Just getting the vibe! H2: Are there any plans for touring? D: I would love to and definitely go on tour! Hitting the road is so fun with the right people. But as of right now.... i don't know if there are any plans yaknow H2: Well Dinah, thank you so much for coming here today to speak to us D: Thank you for having me ! H1: Right For Her is out everywhere, make sure to listen, buy and stream it everywhere! ["Right for Her" played live on the radio] [Interview Ends] ┴┈┈┈┈■┈┈┈┈┴
  14. better than the leaked demo. the rest of the dolls singing backup and that's hope!
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