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  2. Tinashe x The Greatest Dancer (Date: October 12, 2019; Location: United Kingdom; 5th article; PAID) Tinashe appeared on the British T.V. show The Greatest Dancer this Saturday night to perform her latest single Just Friends. The performance kicked off with Tinashe standing in the centre of the stage. She decided to bring her years of dancing practice to the stage by starting the performance off with a reggaeton breakdown, produced by DJ Snake. She broke into some very latin moves over the beat and both the beat and her dance moves intensified as they went on. It ended with Tinashe getting into a split and reaching out very quickly to pick up her microphone and begin to sing the first verse of the song. She was taking it very slowly to make sure she could get her breath under control, which meant the breathiness of the first verse was mostly taken away. She slowly made her way back up to sing the pre-chorus of the song and was doing some movements across the stage by herself. She then closed her eyes and really got in the zone to belt out the chorus and, right as the drop came in, she opened her eyes and got into some choreography with her dancers that were all behind her at this point. For the second verse, Tinashe was away from her dancers and moved around however she pleased as she sang the lyrics and the dancers behind her were all doing some fairly generic dance moves behind her to keep the mood on the stage. She then planted herself at the very centre of the stage as the pre-chorus kicked in so she could simply stand there and sing. She sang slightly higher for the next "I can't stand being just friends", taking some very deep breaths to get it all in. She then took a break from singing for the drop once again and she ended up at the back of the stage right as the bridge came. She sang the bridge very softly, screaming "COME ON!" as the drop came in and she encouraged the crowd to clap along to the beat. The backtrack did the work for the vocals this time around and Tinashe returned to belt out "I CAN'T STAND BEEINNG JUST FRIIEENDSS". She ad libbed over the very end of the song, finishing with a hand on her hip to end the performance.
  5. Tinashe x X Factor (Date: October 5, 2019; Location: United Kingdom; 3rd article; PAID) Tinashe's performance began with her standing alone in the middle of the big X on the stage. Her choice of posture was very fierce and confident as the song slowly faded in. She then picked up the mic and switched from fierce to sultry so that she could smoothly sing the first few lines of the song. She then started to bop around to the beat a little bit more as the beat really kicked in. "Cuz you know we didn't sign up for this / Didn't think it would go down like this / We were only acquaintances / We were nothing more than platonic" and eventually started strutting to the beat of the song, stopping right before the chorus. The beat mostly kicked out for the chorus so that Tinashe could stand in the very front of the X and belt out the chorus to the crowd and her dancers slowly made their way onto the stage. She ended it by calmly singing "I can't stand being just friends.." and her and her dancers then broke into this island inspired dance break as the colourful lights on the stage all went crazy around them. The dancers then all partnered up and did a watered down version of salsa dancing with each other to the beat of the song and Tinashe was slowly making her way to the back of the stage as she was performing the second verse. "I got a plan to end up with ya and I'm actin' real persistent / I wanna get real close tonight, I can't handle the distance". As Tinashe got right to the back, she turned around so that her and her dancers could get into some synchronised choreography to the second part of the verse. For the chorus, Tinashe started walking her way towards the front of the stage as her dancers were still. She then sang "I can't stand being just friends" a little higher than in the regular melody and broke into the choreography again for the next drop. Tinashe then went back to her sultry singing for the bridge and the dancers behind her were simply walking around to match the vibe of the bridge as Tinashe was singing. They all then froze and paused as the chorus came back and confetti flew out to the crowd as Tinashe screamed "COME ON!!". The lead vocals for the chorus were playing through the backtrack this time and Tinashe stuck to just ad libs until belting out "I CAN'T STAAAND BEEING JUST FRIIIENNDSS". She then continued to sing her ad libs for the very end of the song, starting in her belting range and ending on a low note as the song came to an end and all of the dancers posed behind her. Tinashe then blew kisses to the crowd as they cheered for her. Host: Tinashe! What a fabulous performance. This is your new single, right? Tinashe: Yes. it's a new single I have out with DJ Snake. It's a very fun, poppy song called Just Friends. Host: And what inspired this song? Tinashe: It's just about, you know, when you're attracted to somebody and you wanna take your relationship with them to the next level. I think it's a situation a lot of us have been in before. Host: And the song is out now? Tinashe: Yes, you can get it about everywhere and the video is already up on YouTube, Vevo, you can probably see it on the T.V. Just search it up! Host: Give it up for Tinashe, everybody! Make sure you support the new single Just Friends if you loved that performance as much as I did. We'll be back after the break!
  6. DJ Snake & Tinashe 'Just Friends' (Music Video) (Director: Colin Tilley; Uploaded to Tinashe on October 4, 2019) The video began with a shot of Tinashe dressed in island-ish gear at a big outdoor party on an island. You can see her walking to her friends to give them some drinks right before we see a shot of a hot guy looking at her. He looked away the second she looked back at him but another shot shows Tinashe still looking at him as her friends sip on the margaritas. There's then a shot of Tinashe sitting on the edge of the bar as she sings the song and the party goes on around her, with nobody interrupting her as she sings the first verse. "Lately, I've been lookin' at ya a little differently / And I feel like you've been feeling the same way". Some more shots show Tinashe hanging out with her friends and the guy hanging out with his friends as they awkwardly share a glance at each other every few seconds. Most of the pre-chorus shows Tinashe dancing freely by herself in front of the bar. The shot changes a bit for the chorus, where all the lights go out (and it magically turns to night) and there's just one spotlight on Tinashe as she sexily roams around the bar area to sing the pre-chorus. For the drop, the video alternates between scenes of everyone at the party dancing on the dance floor and Tinashe and four female dancers doing some island inspired choreography on an area of the beach with a lot of rocks in the background. You can also see shots of DJ Snake himself DJing the party. For the second verse, we see Tinashe and her friends chatting away near the bar and the guy goes up to the bar area to order two drinks. He looks super nervous as he goes to order and Tinashe shows him no attention because her friends have distracted her. He then gets handed two drinks on a plate and picks them up to go make his way towards Tinashe but he gets so nervous that he trips and falls and both of the drinks fall on the ground. Tinashe sees this and immediately runs up to him to help him. We see a shot of him barely conscious on the ground as he looks up and sees Tinashe looking right at him. Then, suddenly, he wakes up from his dream, gets handed the two drinks and sees Tinashe's friends going over to the dance floor as she finishes the rest of her drink. The guy sees her and very slowly starts to walk up to her. At this point, the pre-chorus has come back and we take a break from the storyline to solely show shots of Tinashe doing choreography, either at the bar or on the beach with her dancers. As the bridge comes in, she finishes her drink and the guy comes up to her to hand her another one. She smiles right at him and thanks him for the drink as the two sit down and start to chat. The video alternates between this and some sweet shots of Tinashe singing at the bar. You can see the two of them are smiling, giggling and getting along really well. Right as the chorus comes, he takes her hand to dance with her and she comes with him. You can then see the two of them dancing in the middle of everyone on the dance floor and Tinashe's friends see the two of them together and hype them up. Right as the last chorus comes, we see some shots of all of Tinashe's friends, the guy's friends and other extras running out onto a beach in swimwear to party and dance in the water. You can see Tinashe and the guy getting super close. The video ends with a close up of the two of them on the dance floor, smiling at each other before the video goes to black. (C) 2019 Pink Friday Entertainment, a division of Universal Music Group
  7. Title: Just Friends Artist: DJ Snake & Tinashe Length: 3:17 Genre: Tropical house, Reggaeton Release Date: October 4, 2019 Songwriters: Tinashe Kachingwe, William Grigahcine, Andrew Watt Producers: DJ Snake, Andrew Watt (C) 2019 Pink Friday Entertainment, a division of the Universal Music Group DJ Snake and Tinashe have released their collaborative single, Just Friends. This marks the first official release from Tinashe since 2018 as the R&B singer has kept a very low profile in the public eye and on social media. It is unclear if the single is intended for her forthcoming fourth studio album, which she has teased throughout the year. Just Friends is an EDM pop song with elements of tropical house and reggaeton. Lyrically, Tinashe sings about a boy she's been crushing on and desperately wants to get out of the friendzone with. Tinashe also references Nicki Minaj's 2018 single Good Form in the second verse. Just Friends is now available on all official platforms and is due to be sent to pop and rhythmic radio formats within the U.S. this coming Tuesday.
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