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  1. Title: Total (En Français) [feat. Aya Nakamura] Artist: CupcakKe Length: 3:14 Release Date: July 20, 2019 Writers: Elizabeth Harris, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder, Aya Nakamura Producers: Pop & Oak (C) 2019 Pink Friday Entertainment, a division of the Universal Music Group After performing it on The Voice France, the French remix of CupcakKe's latest single Total, with Aya Nakamura singing in French on the hook instead of Britney Spears, has officially been released to all digital and streaming platforms, with an audio video being uploaded to cupcakKe's YouTube channel. It's available in every country but will only be sent to French speaking radio stations in France and Canada as an official single. Thank you to @kordei for the translation
  2. CupcakKe & Aya Nakamura x The Voice France (Date: July 20, 2019; Location: France; 2nd article; PAID) CupcakKe started off her performance of Total by saying "Boonnjooouurrr!!! Who's ready to parrttyyyy??". She was alone on stage as the beat kicked in and she began rapping her verse. She started at the back of the stage and made her way to the front as she rapped the lyrics. "Gon put it 50/50, stay if the bag is empty / Don't listen to these girls cuz I know how girls envy / Quick respond to my texts, the opposite of my ex / If he coming then I'm coming cuz we come as a set". As the verse ended, an anthemic break was played as CupcakKe grabbed the mic and said "France, give it up for Aya Nakamura!!" to which Aya walked out from the side of the stage and sang the chorus in French. "Que’est-ce vaut-il? C’est vaut que j’suis pas en solo? / Combien d’amour tu m’offriras? Qu’est-ce que c’est le total?". CupcakKe was admiring her and hyping her up as she walked her way to her and CupcakKe's dancers slowly made their way into formation on the stage, clapping to the beat. As the dance break came, the dancers broke into their choreography and Aya and CupcakKe held hands, strutting to the back of the stage. Aya belted "Excite-moi" as she got to the back of the stage and her and CupcakKe stayed there for the second verse. As CupcakKe was performing, it was Aya's turn to hype her up and she even joined in for a few English bars to give CupcakKe a break. "Speaking of petty, I ain't watching Netflix and Chill / Why would I go to the movies, man, show me it's real / Love a man on his hustle that's going to get it in skill / The one to buy Jordans and one to pay the bills". As it was time for the next chorus, Aya belted out the words once again and the focus was on her, with even CupcakKe looking straight at her. She grabbed CupcakKe's hand to strut to the front of the stage with her as the beat started to kick in. "J’aurai besoin d’un total, total, total". As the dance break kicked in, the dancers broke into the main choreography again and Aya and CupcakKe did a simplified version of the choreography. As it was Aya's turn to sing again, she walked to the right side of the stage and CupcakKe made her way to the left so that they could interact with the fans. They came back together to pose on the very final beat. Host: Put your hands together for CupcakKe and Aya Nakamura, everybody! The French remix of Total is now available everywhere. Make sure you pick up a copy. We'll be back after the break!
  3. CupcakKe x NRJ Radio (France) (Date: July 20, 2019; Location: France; 1st article; PAID) The weekend before The Big 3 Tour would be brought to Paris, France, CupcakKe appeared in the NRJ Radio studio in France to promote her new single Total. Host: CupcakKe! Welcome to the show and welcome to France. This is your second time here, right? CupcakKe: Yes, I've only been here once on the Now Or Never Tour with Cassie and SZA so it's great to be back. I'm so happy our little break in between our shows gets to happen in France because I've always wanted to look around and see all the beauty of Paris. Host: Thank you, thank you, and we're honoured we get to watch your beauty tomorrow night. How has your time been here so far? CupcakKe: I got to visit the Eiffel Tower yesterday, which was amazing. I've always wanted to see it up close! I unfortunately didn't have anyone I could kiss when I was there but it's okay. We're having a happy, single and business savvy summer in 2019! Host: Speaking of single, your brand new single with Britney Spears is making waves all around the world and it's only right we catch up to it. How did this single come about? CupcakKe: This album is very diverse and my producers, Pop & Oak, and I were really challenging ourselves to see how many sounds and styles we could do and pull off. This was obviously our try at making a dance pop song and it's only right I got Britney on the song. You would say she is the queen of dance pop, right? Host: Absolutely! She has decades of hits under her belt. Did you think this collaboration would really happen? CupcakKe: Absolutely not. I suggested her as a joke cuz I knew it just wasn't gon happen *laughs* but it did, thankfully, and I'm very proud of how this song turned out and how this collab turned out. Host: Where's the video, girl? You've been hyping it up for ages! CupcakKe: It's coming, it's coming. Hannah Lux Davis and her production team have been working really hard on it and we'll hopefully get it up for all the people to see on Friday. Fingers crossed! Host: Fingers crossed! So, not only are you performing a sold out show at the AccorHotels Arena tomorrow, you are also performing on The Voice tonight, which is interesting. We don't usually have rappers, especially rappers from other countries, performing on the show. What can we expect from this performance? CupcakKe: I actually have a very big surprise. I don't really wanna tell you exactly what it is yet because I want you to actually watch it live and find out as you're watching it but I've got something very special coming for France, it's something new I decided to try out and I hope you love it. Host: I can't wait to see it. I know it's going to be amazing. Do you think you'll be coming back to France any time soon? CupcakKe: I do have a show in Lyon, France, in August. I think it's actually the only show from The Big 3 Tour with proper tickets still left over *laughs* so, if anyone listening lives near by, y'all can go and get some tickets to that show. Until then, I really hope I come back. I don't think I'll be back during this album cycle but I'll make sure I'm coming back on the next one. France definitely deserves some love. Host: And we're here to give you some love! C'est Total de CupcakKe avec Britney Spears, diffusée en direct sur NRJ Radio. *Total plays live on air*
  4. Big Sean x Hot 97 (Date: July 19, 2019; Location: New York City; 3rd article; FREE) To promote his new single Half A Man, Big Sean visited the Hot 97 studio to chat with their online personality, Nessa. Nessa: Big Sean! I've been dying to get to talk to you. First of all, congratulations on everything. This album is fantastic and it's been doing amazingly. Did you think you would be here right now, celebrating all of this, a year ago today? Sean: Absolutely not. Things definitely weren't the best for me this time a year ago. In fact, that's about when I started working on this album. I had a few songs ready to go but the first few songs that actually made it onto the project were recorded at the beginning of the summer. Nessa: But it was all worth it in the end. Do you feel that way? Sean: Well, this past year, I've definitely learned that your darkest times often are just predecessors to the best years of your life and you've gotta get the bad in order to really appreciate the good, that's for sure. I also definitely think everything happens for a reason and what I went through needed to happen in order for me to grow as a person. I'm in my 30s now so, you know, I'm glad I got out all that 20s energy and I'm moving on to new things and great energy into my 30s. Nessa: Hallelujah! Now, you're a hit single in, a hit album in and you're about to have a second hit with this Olly Alexander collaboration, which is surely bound to get some pop attention. Was that the idea behind working with him? Sean: That wasn't really my intent going into this song. I just needed a vocalist that had the right voice for this song and that definitely ended up being Olly. I think it's awesome that we were able to blend our styles into the song though because it's nice to enter new lanes and get yourself out of that box, which applies for the both of us. When I shot the video with him, he liked how it was so simple and he didn't have a gajillion dancers around him like he does in his regular videos. Nessa: Do you think you'll be working with more pop artists like him in the future? Sean: Definitely. I have songs with Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande *laughs* Working with pop artists is nothing new to me but, in the future, I'm gonna make sure I'm 100% when it comes to working with artists on songs because there's a lot of shadiness in the industry when it comes to how labels market pop artists and pop songs and I don't wanna get too caught up in that. Nessa: Have you noticed any of this shadiness with people you've worked with? Sean: Do you have another question you would like to ask me? *laughs* Nessa: Okay, okay, let's move on a bit. You're nominated for six VMAs, which is huge for you. You're alongside Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea as the most nominated rappers of the night. How are you feeling? Sean: It feels great because Benny Boom and I put a lot into that video and we really enjoyed making it. It's pretty tongue in cheek, while still showing the story of the video. Nessa: And I definitely think you deserve a win! Wouldn't you agree? Sean: I'd love to walk home with one. I have no idea what I'm gon' say if I make to have a speech though! Nessa: Just thank the person that inspired it. Sean: Good idea! *laughs* Nessa: Well, until then, we're gonna keep playing Half A Man, because we always love to keep some R&B in our regular playlist. What else can the people expect from you? Sean: We'll be performing the song at the VMAs but, after that, I'm gonna put out a third single and I'll hopefully be able to go on tour. It'll probably take a while because we didn't plan it beforehand but that's definitely coming now. Nessa: And I can't wait to see that. I know it's gonna be awesome. Everybody watching at home, make sure you go purchase the album and purchase the new single Half A Man, available everywhere. Sean: Period! *laughs*
  5. Big Sean x The Today Show (Date: July 19, 2019; Location: New York City; 2nd article; PAID) Big Sean sat down with Today Show host, Al Roker, to discuss his latest single Half A Man and forthcoming performance at the VMAs. Al: Big Sean! Welcome to the show! I assume you've been having a fantastic week because your single, Half A Man, just entered the top 5 on the charts. Another one in the bag! How are you feeling? Sean: It feels great! I mean, I don't like to pay too much attention to charts 'cuz it kinda freaks me out and makes me think too much about my own music and all that *laughs* but I'm very happy this one is taking off. Al: And you just put out the video for the song. It's caused a lot of conversation. I figured we'd take a look at a little snippet. Here's Half A Man.. Al: As you can probably see, it's been a pretty polarising video and a lot of people have their own different interpretations of the video. What did you want the people to take away from this video when you put it together? Sean: Well, as you know, the song is called "Half a man" so I really wanted to have the video showing a literal representation of that. The heartbroken lovers, that have hurt their partners, are walking around and seeing their partner everywhere, just because they've been a part of their life for so long and it's shocking to have them no longer be there. I figured that, if I was gonna make a video like that, I might as well add some variety and that's when I decided to add all the different types of couples like the interracial couples and the same sex couples because, you know, love comes in many different shapes but, at the end of the day, love is love and it all feels the same and hurts the same. Al: And it caused a lot of conversation that you have an openly gay singer, Olly Alexander, on the song. Is this your way of supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Sean: Of course. Like I always say, I love people and I love energy. What you do in your private time is none of my business and I felt like it was important for me to do this, having Olly in the video and having the black gay couples because it feels like there's always such a discourse between, you know, the black community and the gay community. At the end of the day though, there are people that lie on both sides and they deserve to be represented. Al: Do you like it when your music and your videos are causing conversation, whether it be for good or bad? Sean: Definitely. I think it's important to use your art to spread messages you're very passionate about. I came in the game to be remembered. I don't wanna just be here today and be gone tomorrow and I won't be remembered for a long time if I'm not putting out music that causes a conversation and does it's part in changing the culture. Al: And you're sure to get a lot more people talking because you're about to perform at one of the biggest award shows of the year, the VMAs. How are you feeling? What can we expect from this performance? Sean: My performance will be a bit similar to the music video but we've made quite a few changes to really make it more suitable for the stage rather than the screen. I'm very excited about it and I hope my fans are as excited as I am. Al: You're also nominated for six awards. Were you expecting to make such a turn out? Sean: Definitely not *laughs* I mean, when you get a #1 song on the charts, that obviously comes with awards but I guess I don't expect these pop award shows to show me any love 'cuz I'm not one of these white artists y'all hear on the radio every day. I'm very happy though. It would definitely be nice to come home with a moon man. I already have a few so it'll make my collection look a lot better *laughs* Al: Until then, you can all watch the VMAs this weekend to see Big Sean performing Half A Man with Olly Alexander and you can stream and purchase the song wherever you get your music. Don't go anywhere because we'll be back after the break! *Half A Man plays into the commercials*
  6. Big Sean ft. Olly Alexander 'Half A Man' (Music Video) (Directed by: Benny Boom; Uploaded to Big Sean) The video begins with rain falling down on an empty street, with nobody around. The camera keeps panning back until you can see Sean standing on the road with a big umbrella over his head. He looks dead in the face and like he's been hurt. The sound of the rain fades out as the song fades in. As Sean starts rapping, the video cuts between shots of Sean rapping as he walks down the road and a few people in their homes, wearing sleep wear. One is a white woman, one is a black woman, one is a black man and another is a white man. The people are lying in their beds and staring at the ceiling. Further into the song, they start to get up from their beds. The white woman makes her way into her kitchen and sees a shirtless black man in the kitchen, who's playing her partner. She leans over to kiss him and, just as their lips lock, the angle changes to show that he isn't there and she's essentially been kissing the air. She looks around, shocked that her lover isn't there, and the video then goes back to Sean rapping. As we reach Olly's chorus, Sean walks up to a seat on the side of the street and Olly is sitting on the seat, with rain pouring down on him as he looks down and cries. Sean looks at him and reaches his hand out to him so that Olly can stand under the umbrella with him as he sings the rest of the chorus. The black man then walks into his living room and sees his partner there, another black man, watching TV. A subtitle shows him saying "I just had a bad dream that I lost you" and, just as the gets to the couch, he sees that he's no longer there and there's nothing on the TV. The second verse shows Sean rapping in the same street and he and Olly are sitting on a seat on the side of the road, with a shelter that covers them. The beginning of this verse just shows Olly and Sean as Sean is rapping but, as we get further into it, the video cuts to the black woman. She's cooking for her partner, another black woman, and she sets out the table for her, setting up a plate for her and everything. Just as she sits down, she looks up and sees that she's no longer there, with the plate and everything still being there. We see one close up of her being shocked, until we end up with Olly singing the chorus. We then go to the last heartbroken actor, the white man, who's walking around his house and, every where he goes, he finds a picture of him and a white woman (who's obviously his ex partner). He picks up every one of them and throws them away until it just becomes too much and he collapses on the couch as Sean and Olly are seen singing the bridge together. Sean and Olly are then seen, using pay phones as a storm is happening around them. Olly sings the lyrics into the phone as he belts out the last chorus. At the very end of the video, all of the heartbroken couples go back to bed with their partner to kiss them. A close up is then used of each of them cradling their partners' faces as they fade away. A long shot is then used to emphasise the empty side of the bed, which shows the "half" of them that's disappeared as they're cradling the air. Olly and Sean accept defeat after their calls aren't answered and go back to walking home under Sean's umbrella in the rain, as the song fades out and the two of them hold on to each other. A message pops up saying "Love comes in many different colors and sizes, but hurts all the same - Sean and Olly" before the video actually ends. (C) 2019 Pink Friday Entertainment, a division of the Universal Music Group
  7. Big Sean x Live! with Kelly & Ryan (Date: July 18, 2019; Location: New York City; 1st article; PAID) Kelly: Welcome back to the show! It's been a bit of time since you dropped your album, thank god it's over, but now you've finally released your second single from it. What made you decide to put out another single? Sean: I decided to stop letting my mind make decisions for me and I decided to follow my heart instead, which told me this album deserves more recognition and that's when I let the label know I was down to put out another single. Ryan: And this one features Olly Alexander, one of the biggest pop acts of our time. He sounds amazing on the song too! Did you guys write it together? Sean: I initially wrote the song by myself. I have three verses and a chorus but I took out the third verse once I realised a singer was going to be on it. I knew that Olly was an artist so I gave him permission to change any lyrics he may want because I wouldn't want him to sing something he wasn't 100% happy with but he said he loved the chorus and recorded it the way it was. We also freestyled the bridge in the studio and then made a few minor edits afterwards. Kelly: Is it normal that you actually get to work with artists you work with in the studio? Sean: Absolutely not *laughs* We all work on our own time so it's not normal that we get to be together when we make a song. Usually, you just send over a song and then get it back. Kelly: So was this a nice change of pace for you? Sean: Definitely but, you know, I don't mind it either way, as long as we have a genuine connection and Olly and I definitely have that. He's a great artist and a great person in general and it's been an honour to be able to work with him. Kelly: Do you think you'll be making more songs together in the future? Sean: Possibly, as long as we find the right song *laughs* I don't like forcing collabs so I'd love to hop on something for him if he has a song that really suits my style and my vibe. Ryan: And congratulations are in order because you are nominated for 6 VMAs this weekend! Sean: Thank you, thank you. Ryan: You will also be performing so, hopefully, you'll actually be there to accept the awards. Sean: *laughs* Thank you. I mean, it would be super dope if I won something but I'm just rooting for everybody and excited to see what everyone that's on the performers list has to offer. I'm sure it's gonna be a great show! Kelly: And what can we expect from your performance? Sean: There's a big part of the stage we've taken to sort of have this big display in front of us while we're performing. It's maybe a bit of a risky take on the song but, you know, it's a ballad and you don't just do a VMA performance without any dancers or anything *laughs* It woulda been boring if we just stood there and sang so, hopefully, y'all will like it. Kelly: I'm sure we will because you're one of the most innovative and creative artists of our time. Don't you know that? Sean: Well, I sure do try *laughs* Ryan: And everyone at home can watch the VMAs live on MTV this weekend and check out Sean's new single Half A Man, off of the album thank god it's over, wherever you get your music. We'll be back after the break!
  8. Ariana Grande Departs From Pink Friday Entertainment; Signs New Distribution Deal With The Universal Music Group After Ariana Grande finished her Craving era with a world tour at the end of 2018, the pint sized singer went on a bit of a hiatus, being extremely inactive on social media and only logging in to her Twitter and Instagram accounts to support her peers when they were releasing music. Earlier this month, Grande was broken out of her silence after fellow child star turned international superstar, Miley Cyrus, surprise released a collaboration with Grande, titled Secrets. The song serves as the title track for Cyrus' forthcoming album, which features the Hot 100 #1 hits Feelin' Myself and Don't Call Me Up. Grande responded to the release with a series of tweets and had her fans wondering if she would finally be making her return to music, social media and the public eye in general Only earlier this week, Expectations singer Cameron Dallas announced that the lead single from his forthcoming debut album would be another collaboration with none other than Grande, titled Make Up. This prompted Grande to return to Twitter and let her fans know that she's been working on her fifth studio album. Right after these series of tweets, it became apparent to her adoring Arianators that Grande was no longer listed as an artist on Pink Friday Entertainment's official website. This has caused suspicions from her fanbase that she is no longer signed under the label. Grande signed to the label, owned by Snatching Crowns rapstress Nicki Minaj, in 2016 to release her album Dangerous Woman after disputes with her previous record label. Grande stayed on the label to also release her fourth studio album Craving, which included two diamond singles World Without Your Love and Liar. After reaching out to the Universal Music Group and Pink Friday Entertainment for comment, we at Billboard have been given the exclusive scoop that Grande has officially parted ways with Pink Friday Entertainment and has signed a distribution deal with the Universal Music Group (who Pink Friday Entertainment also have a distribution deal with) and will be releasing her music under her very own label imprint, Moonlight Recordings, where she has signed on to release an undisclosed amount of albums under the label imprint. We were able to have a Q&A with Adam Crestani, A&R of Pink Friday Entertainment, to discuss Grande's new business plan. Q: "How did this come about? When did it become apparent that Grande would be leaving the label?" A: "There were a few disputes between Grande and the executives at our label during the release of her album Craving. It was nothing major but it became very clear to us that Grande and our team often were simply not on the same page. Our A&Rs and promotional team wanted to go in one direction while Grande wanted to do something different. As this is a label created by a female rapper [Nicki Minaj], many of the staff members working at our label are equipped to be marketing R&B and hip hop artists, while Grande is a full blown pop star, and that's a big reason as to why complications arose between Grande and the label" Q: "Would you say the split was amicable?" A: "Oh, definitely. She's a very sweet girl and very understanding and everyone working at the label would vouch for that. It just became very clear to everyone involved that, moving into her career after the Craving album, it would be best that she signed a different deal. We all had a big meeting when we decided she would be leaving the label and we all hugged it out as we munched on some vegan cake" Q: "Have you heard from Nicki about this? It shocked many fans that Grande would be leaving the label, since the two refer to each other as best friends" A: "There are absolutely no issues between the two of them. Nicki was, in fact, extremely proud of Ariana and encouraged her to make the step because she's all about women stepping up the ladder in their professional field and demanding what's best for them. She even made this label after there were disputes between Lil' Wayne and Birdman over the rights to Young Money's artists like Drake, Tyga and Minaj herself. The two of them are still very close and I don't think anything will ever change that. The same goes with everyone else signed under the label, since Grande has worked with all of them at one point" Q: "Do you have any idea where Grande will be heading after this?" A: "We have no idea. That's something you'll need to ask her. I have a feeling Universal won't even be able to answer that question, since Grande is a huge artist and I'm sure she was able to gain complete creative freedom when it comes to how she'll run her label imprint and whether or not she will be signing other artists" Q: "Lastly, where will Pink Friday Entertainment be heading after this? What's next?" A: "We've just been celebrating two amazing releases from CupcakKe and Big Sean, which have both reached #1 on the charts and have received amazingly positive reviews from music critics. Even Nicki [Minaj's] singles following her Queen era have been performing amazingly on streaming and radio and we're preparing to release a fifth one. We've gradually been setting up our calendar for 2019 throughout the year and there are definitely some great releases we'll be very excited to share with the world" We're sure Grande's fans will be extremely excited for whatever their favourite artist has cooking under her new label imprint, Moonlight Recordings. Until then, they can stream the Cyrus collaboration Secrets, which was just sent to Mainstream Top 40 and Hot Adult Contemporary radio as the third official single from Cyrus' album, and Make Up, the collaboration with Cameron Dallas which is due for release at midnight EST.
  9. Big Sean x Elvis Duran And The Morning Show (Z100) (Date: July 16, 2019; Location: New York City; 2nd article; PAID) Elvis: Big Sean! Welcome back to the studio! We’re very glad to have you back because you now have a new single out from your album, thank god it’s over. When you first announced this album, it seemed like you weren’t going to put any singles out. What changed your mind? Sean: Definitely the reception. I went into this album thinking it wouldn’t really be what the fans wanted or what the people were looking for but it seems I was definitely mistaken. It’s been doing well in practically every way I could imagine so I figured I’d turn this into more than just an album but a proper era with videos, performances and all that. Elvis: And the new single is Half A Man featuring Olly Alexander. How long have you been sitting on this song for? Sean: Quite a while actually. I think, out of the songs that made the cut, this was maybe the third song I wrote for the album. I’d obviously gone through, you know, a heartbreak and a heartbreak that’s harder to deal with when, you know, it’s your fault. It inspired a lot of music at the time and I really poured my heart out into the studio on this song. I even wrote the hook by myself. Elvis: And when did Olly come into the cut? When did this become a collaboration? Sean: It was a while after I originally wrote the song. I contacted him and his team at the very beginning of the year because I knew I needed a vocalist that could belt. I sing every now and then but my voice is deep as hell *laugh* Elvis: And we hear that loud and clear! Sean: Right, right, but I contacted him because he was suggested to me and I can’t say this enough times *laughs* but he absolutely killed the track and y’all can hear that on the final edit. Elvis: Are you two close? Sean: Definitely, like, as far as collaborators go. We’ve had the opportunity to hang out during rehearsals. Elvis: because I just remembered you two are performing at the VMAs. How’s that gonna go? Sean: We’re very excited. I’ve actually won VMAs in the past so I have a great relationship with them and I’m super fond of the creative team that always work at MTV. I definitely feel at home performing at the VMAs. Elvis: And you might just end up winning more because you’re nominated for six awards, including Video of the Year for Irritation. How did that feel? Sean: That came out of nowhere for me. Maybe I just need to work on my self confidence at this point cuz it’s like every bit of positive feedback I get is a shock to me *laughs* but I’m very happy because I worked very hard on the video and Benny Boom did a fantastic job directing the video. It looks so rich and so cool, while still being able to properly convey the storyline of the song. Elvis: And do you expect to go home with anything? Sean: I’d greatly appreciate it but there ain’t gon be no bad blood between me and the VMAs if I go home empty handed. I’m super cool either way and just happy to be performing and nominated. Elvis: But don’t you have a little bit of a competitive spirit about you? Sean: Oh, definitely. I mean, that's what being a rapper is. That's not really me as much this era though. I'm all sad and stuff *laughs* but I'm definitely planning to make my next album a lot grittier and more, like, radio friendly and what y'all would expect from me. That's when I'll start eating these boys again *laughs* Elvis: Well, I certainly think you're doing that right now, no matter what music you're putting out. Everybody at home, make sure you tune into MTV this weekend to watch the VMAs and see Big Sean and Olly Alexander performing together. Should we give them a taste of the song you'll be performing. Sean: Absolutely. Let's get it! Elvis: Here's Half A Man by Big Sean featuring Olly Alexander, live on Z100 *Half A Man plays live on air*
  10. CupcakKe x 95-106 Capital FM (Date: July 16, 2019; Location: United Kingdom; 2nd article; PAID) Roman: CupcakKe! You've been over to our Capital FM studios out in Glasgow and Birmingham but you're finally here with us over here in London. How has the trip been? CupcakKe: The U.K. has been so good to us. I'm sad to see it go, since the London shows are our very last shows, but we're also very excited to see what the rest of Europe has to offer. Roman: Congratulations on the release of The CupcakKe Times. It's getting rave reviews and it's already gone to #1 all over the world. What does this album mean to you? CupcakKe: This album means a lot to me because it's a mark of artistic growth. You know, I felt so much more comfortable just being myself on this album and letting everything in my mind come out on a piece of paper and then out through the speakers in the studio. I experimented with a lot of new different sounds and styles and I know that's what got a lot of people's attention on this album so this album is very important to me and I'm happy it's finally out for the people to hear. Roman: My personal favourite is the new single, Total with Britney Spears. How does it feel to know that you have a song with the Britney Spears? CupcakKe: It's crazy but, now that I've actually gotten to know her, I'm a lot less starstruck. She's very chill, very easy to talk to and just an all around great person. I hope this isn't the last song we make together. Roman: And I'm sure it won't be because this one is a hit! It just reached #1 on the U.K. iTunes charts. How did you know we would love this song so much? CupcakKe: I know y'all over here in Europe and the U.K. love pop music and dance music and Total is, like, a mixture of the two of them. I was honestly so shocked when Glass went to #1 here because it's so, you know, not pop but I'm very happy to see Total doing well on the charts. I sure hope y'all will be playing it so we can keep it there. Roman: Oh, absolutely! In fact, we're going to constantly be playing your songs all week to celebrate you, Nicki Minaj and Kash Doll being in town for The Big 3 Tour. What is it like working with them? CupcakKe: We're genuine friends. I know people look at us performing and collaborating and think we were just sent up by our labels to create a dream team of female rappers but this is a genuine connection that we have. We love each other so much and truly respect each other's pens and love each other's music so it's been fabulous touring with them. Plus, this has definitely been great practice for my actual tour. Roman: which is starting up in the U.S. soon! Are you excited for that? CupcakKe: Definitely. We'll be using parts of my set from this tour but we're also gonna add a bunch of stuff and make some changes because it's my show and I get to perform for as long as I want to *laughs* I am extremely excited. It has always been a dream to be headlining arenas. It's just such an amazing atmosphere and it's heartwarming that you're in an arena of thousands of people that all know your lyrics and want to rap them along with you. Roman: Do you ever get stage fright? CupcakKe: Not really. I get nervous before a show but, by the time I'm up there, I just get in the zone and have a great time. CupcakKe is essentially my alter ego and she's a lot more confident and cocky than Elizabeth so I just channel her and she shows me what to do. Roman: Well, we're very excited to go to the show and see the three of you. Do you think we should play Total right now on the radio. CupcakKe: Absolutely. I thought you'd never ask! *laughs* Roman: Well, here it is! Total by CupcakKe featuring Britney Spears, live on Capital FM. *Total plays live on air*
  11. CupcakKe x Good Morning Britain (Date: July 16, 2019; Location: United Kingdom; 1st article; PAID) CupcakKe did an interview with Good Morning Britain on July the 16th with presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard. Piers Morgan was absent during the interview due to past conflicts between the two. The interview was scheduled to promote her album The CupcakKe Times and its latest single, Total, a day before CupcakKe would perform on The Big 3 Tour at the O2 Arena in London. Susanna: Welcome to the studio this morning. First of all congratulations .. I actually have two things to congratulate you on but I'll talk about the VMA nominations first. It was just announced that you have four nominations for the VMAs. You're nominated for Artist of the Year, Best Hip Hop Video TWICE and Best Editing. How do you feel? CupcakKe: I'm very happy. One of my main goals with this album and this era was to win more awards so it's a great sign I'm already stacking up nominations on one of the biggest and most iconic music award shows I've seen in my lifetime, you know? Everybody watches the VMAs and everybody remembers the iconic moments that took place at past VMA ceremonies. I unfortunately won't be able to be there and I hope I get to win something but the competition seems very tough so I don't wanna get my hopes up *laughs* Ben: Have you won a VMA before? CupcakKe: No, I have been nominated before but this would be my first time winning one if I came home with anything so I'd absolutely love to have a little moonman to put in my house *laughs* Susanna: Well, I also need to congratulate you on your new song with Britney Spears, Total, reaching #1 on the iTunes charts over here in the U.K. How do you feel about that? CupcakKe: It feels amazing! My team and I knew this would be the perfect single because everyone loves a good dance pop song, especially during the summer time like right now, and, when you get a Britney Spears feature, you don't just let it go to waste *laughs* You've gotta make sure it gets the right attention so I'm very happy to see it at #1 on the charts. Ben: What's it like doing a song with Britney Spears? Because, you know, unless there's paparazzi around, you never really get to see how these celebrities are living and it's .. um .. been a bit of a while since we've seen Miss Britney with the paparazzi. How is she now? CupcakKe: I think she's doing great. She's very big on sending positive energy and positive vibes out into the people she works with and interacts with. I didn't necessarily expect her to be rude and a diva but, you know, she's accomplished so much in her career and I definitely think she has a right to, you know, stand her ground and make sure she's being treated like the true Queen she is but she is super humble, super down to earth and super easy to talk to. Ben: Of course, the whole country saw the two of you performing the song together on Graham Norton not too long ago. Will we see any of that again soon? CupcakKe: My lips are sealed *laughs* Susanna: Well, if we wanna move on to another topic, we've got your tour to talk about. The album has been doing amazingly and you've been performing at sold out arenas across the U.K. this month. It's about to end in London. Are you gonna miss being here with your U.K. fans? CupcakKe: Absolutely. Usually, when a tour does this well, we go and schedule more dates but this is a joint tour between Nicki, Kash Doll and I so we're running on a tight schedule to make sure the three of us are always at the same place so it didn't leave much room for us to make accomodations so I'm definitely gonna miss my U.K. fans. I might be back sometime soon actually. Ben: I was about to say because you'll be embarking on your very own tour very soon in America. Are we getting that too? CupcakKe: Quite possibly! *laughs* It won't be as huge as this tour but the U.K. has shown me so much love recently, like, if this song goes to #1, it'll be my second #1 in the U.K. which is CRAZY to me but you guys definitely deserve a solo CupcakKe show as well as this tour. Susanna: And, of course, your album has been doing amazingly on all spectrums. What's one thing about this album that you think could hook on a new listener that's never heard of you before? CupcakKe: I definitely think my personality is a shining star on this album. One thing I'm very proud of is that nobody in the game is making CupcakKe songs. These songs are very unique to me and my artistic blueprint and, when you hear a CupcakKe song, you know it's my song so I'm very proud of that and I think it's definitely what's helped me stand out in the crowd. If you're down for a good laugh but also want some sophisticated flows and song structures, this album's for you. Ben: And we unfortunately have to cut this conversation right here but thank you for coming this morning and good luck at the O2 tomorrow. CupcakKe: Thank you! It's been a pleasure. Ben: Don't forget to check out CupcakKe's new single Total featuring Britney Spears, off of her new album The CupcakKe Times, available at your local music store. Now, off to Alex with the weather. *Total played as Alex read the weather forecast*
  12. Big Sean x Wendy Williams (Date: July 15, 2019; Location: New York City; 1st article; PAID) Wendy: Big Sean, welcome back to the show Sean: Thank you for having me, Wendy Wendy: It's been a while since you dropped the huge bombshell that you cheated on your girlfriend of a few years, Jhene Aiko How has your life been since then? Sean: Wow, we're getting right into it *laughs* but my life has been great since then. This album I put out, thank god it's over, has been received like none of the albums in my past catalogue have and that came as a real surprise for me. I truly thought of this as a side project and it would be too, you know, depressing for the people to really connect with but it's been amazing and I was even told by her that she loved the album and thought I did an accurate job at setting out everything that happened between us. Wendy: And it's all in your brand new single Half A Man featuring Olly Alexander Now, when I listened to this song A big question just came into my mind Why Olly? Cuz, like, I get that he's sold so many records and he's loved by everyone in the world but didn't you want a real R&B singer on this track? Sean: Well, Olly was suggested to me by my close peers and people that worked at my label. I wasn't too sure about whether or not this would work at first but, the second I heard him in the studio, I knew something clicked and I'm very glad I gave him the opportunity to do this song because he has a perfect voice for R&B. The songs you hear from him on the radio are a lot more poppy and dance oriented so I think it's great we've managed to make an R&B hit together that's currently getting airplay on pop radio. I hope this maybe opens the door for him to try out more R&B in the future because I think it's perfect for him. Wendy: I will say though, I have missed the hey days of R&B I miss when you'd go to one station and hear a Boyz II Men ballad Then pop it a little bit to Ginuwine on the next station And bring the pipes out with Toni Braxton on the next station Do you think we'll ever see R&B making a comeback? Sean: Well, R&B does seem to be in a pretty great place right now. SZA has #1 hits, karrueche just put out a full R&B album, Tinashe's doing her thing. Wendy: Yeah, but I'm talking about real R&B Like the classic R&B What the girls are doing these days just isn't doing it for me Sean: Well, I think they're doing a great job. A genre can't stay relevant if it doesn't grow and evolve with the times. Wendy: But we might as well move on to a tour You tweeted a week or so ago that you were thinking of going on tour Do we have any details for that? Sean: Currently, no, but my team and I have started our hunt to figure out the right touring plans for me. Like I said before, I thought this was just gonna be a side project so I didn't want to tour for this album for that reason but also for the sake of my mental health. However, the response to the album was such a wake up call to me and it showed me that I need to stop blocking my blessings, thinking it's just self care. I think it's important to have your alone time and do some reflection outside of your profession but this is the biggest album of my career and I know I'd be doing myself a disservice if I just let this album die and didn't continue this on as a full era. Wendy: And that's why we've got the second single! Is the video coming out any time soon? Sean: Friday. I'm going back to watch a cut of the video later today so I'm very excited to see that because we put a lot of effort into the art direction and design for the video and I can only hope that shows through the editing and in the execution of the video from the directors. Wendy: Do you two kiss in it or anything? You can't have possibly not seen the dollar signs in your eyes when you realised he was gay Sean: Whoa, whoa, we ain't going there *laughs* There is a little kissing in the video, I mean, not between the two of us but it's there. Wendy: We've almost run out of time but I need to remind you all to check out Half A Man by Big Sean and Olly Alexander, off of his album thank god it's over and look out for the music video because that's coming on Friday We're heading to a short ad break so, in the meantime, grab a snack and we'll be right back
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