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  1. Stream Rare by Selena Gomez

  2. Y'all aint even talking about it... I-
  3. Watermelon Sugar, High!

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      Hi! Welcome back! :party: 

  4. Hey everyone, my Indie leaving post is here! Haha jk. I'll be taking a permanent leave from WOP. Um yeah, its just not the best fit for me now and would rather just give it all up entirely. During this whole WOP/COP thing I have met a lot of great people and a lot of people who share totally different beliefs than myself, and I think that's awesome but I think in my life, I gotta move on. You can find me on twitter impatiently waiting to have ATRL's registration back up to make an account haha. Oh and discord too. Anyways, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to vibe and chat with you all for like a year and a half WOW! Its been great, and I appreciate every single one of you! From that messy or maybe m!ssundaztood Sia stan, dweebz out.
  5. Sia Sunday, July 14, 2019 Target Commercial (USA & CAN) (Plays for the rest of the month of July & August 2019) Song: Fire Meet Gasoline by Sia (0:56 – 1:14) 20 Second Commercial The first scene thing that is seen is the Target logo on the screen. The background is white and the logo is red, representing a bullseye. With one hollowed circle inside of another. Then we see a young Caucasian male child sliding down a green blue slide. He is wearing an outfit that can be found at Target. At the bottom of the slide is his father waiting for him, both of them have huge smiles on their faces. When he gets down, a bucket hat is put on the young child’s head by his father, another piece of clothing that can be found at Target. The father is also wearing an outfit from Target. The next scene is a plate of three popsicles. Then we see two hands take one popsicle each leaving one left behind. After that, we see the two women who took the popsicles. They are wearing swimsuits and are in a pool. One of the women are white, she has sunglasses on and is wearing a one piece swim suit. She has a big smile on her face as she is smiling towards the other woman. The other woman is black or mixed. She is wearing a blue one piece swim suit with sunglasses. All of their clothing and accessories can be found at Target. After that, we go to two young female children in lawn chairs. They have sunglasses on and hats. When a woman walks across pulling a wagon full of pool toys, they get excited and follow her. This woman is a bit older, she has grey streaks of hair on her hair and she is wearing a more modest swimsuit which is red, with a red shaw to cover her. The next scene is with all of them in the pool with the pool toys. Then the commercial goes back to the target logo.
  6. MØ [2/5] LATE Wednesday, June 10, 2019 Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (USA, 200, PAID) Andy: Everyone, please welcome MØ and Sia! (MØ and Sia walk out of the back of the stage and sit next to each other, their song “Red Wine” is playing in the background.) A: Hello girls, its so nice to have you. Sia: Hey Andy poo! MØ: Hello, its great to be here. A: So Sia, we have had you here before, and its great that you are back, but actually making her first live interview on the “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” show is MØ! Everyone give her a round of applause. M: Aww thank you so much, I really feel welcomed here. A: So you two have a song together huh. M: Yes, the song is called “Red Wine” its just a really fun song that makes you want to get up and dance. A: And what a great time to release it, its summer time! S: Yup, she wrote it and I was like, holy cow I really want to be on it. So we worked together, and got signed to Messiah Records and the rest is history. A: That must be so much fun but at the same time very nerve racking huh? M: You have no idea. I mean, its Sia. One of the best songwriters in today’s music. So when she heard my song and was like I want to be on it since it was meant to be a feature anyways, I mean, I just over the moon. A: I bet. And then you got signed to the same label in which you have artists like Sia, Pink, Adele for one, and even Florence and the Machine huh. M: Yeah, Im basically a fish in a huge ass ocean. But I am just soaking in all of it. A: That’s great. S: Yeah, and she is doing so well with it. A: Any plans for this single? M: Well, Im not very sure yet, it could be part of an album, an EP, or maybe just a standalone single. Im not sure haha. A: Well in whatever you do, we wish you all the luck. Don’t forget to buy and stream MØ and Sia’s new single “Red Wine”.
  7. MØ [1/5] LATE Monday, June 8, 2019 Late Late Show with James Corden (USA, 500, PAID) MØ and Sia are on the stage with the three man band behind them. As the music starts, MØ takes a step up and starts singing the first verse. She is moving her hips and body in very weird ways but it is to add to the aesthetic of her brand. As the pre chorus comes up, MØ steps back and goes into the band. Sia starts singing the pre chorus and when the chorus comes in, MØ and Sia are singing together. When the second verse starts, Sia is singing solo. She is moving her hands and body a little to the music. Swaying back and forth to the music, Sia throws some sass and moves her hands a little more than usual. Then the second chorus comes back and MØ and Sia are singing together again. During the bridge, Sia is singing it alone. MØ on the other hand goes into the crowd and is in the aisles. As the last chorus is coming up, MØ is singing and running back onto the stage to meet Sia and to wrap up the song. When the song is over, James Corden comes on the stage to meet the band and singers, he then reminds everyone to buy and stream MØ’s new single “Red Wine” which features Sia.
  8. P!nk [2/5] Friday, July 12, 2019 En mode Salvail (CAN, 50, PAID) Performance: Pink begins with yelling out "Hello, are you all excited"? At that point she begins with the first couple lines. There are back up male and female dancers with her on the stage. The stage is sufficiently bright and everybody can be seen. From the reinforcement vocalists to the band, to the artists and Pink herself, everybody can be seen. Pink has a hand held mic. At the point when the melody comes she joins the artists in their move. At the point when this happens the group goes wild and they are truly into the melody. The camera skillet over to the judges and two of them are mouthing the melody to one another. At the point when the second stanza come in, Pink goes to her band she is nourishing them vitality and they are doing likewise to her. At that point the extension comes in. Pink and the reinforcement artists are on the floor. Pink is as yet singing live. This is the moderate part in the tune. At the point when the unstable ensemble returns on, Pink and her artists are brimming with vitality. When the song is over, the host joins Pink and her band on stage and reminds everyone to buy and stream “Hey Why (Miss You Sometime)”.
  9. P!nk [1/5] Thursday, July 11, 2019 This Morning (CAN, 50, PAID) Host: Everyone, please welcome, Pink! Pink is on a ground level stage and there is a small audience in front on her. Behind her is an audience made up of more fans who are outside behind the glass wall. They all have signs that praise Pink. Pink is wearing a sleeveless jumpsuit that has white and black skinny stripes all through it. For pants she is wearing black leather skinny pants. Pink is about to start the singing as the song starts. She says “Hey” and then her energy pops up very high. Pink is going through her band and singing along side them. She first goes to the pianist and then the guitarist and then the bass player, to the drummer, and finally the back up singers. When the chorus comes, Pink is doing a little bit of a dance. The camera pans over to the hosts and they are dancing and singing as well. Pink’s energy is just so infectious. The people outside are jumping up and down, waving their signs and everything. Pink is in the bridge now and her energy is half of what it is. Then when the last chorus comes on her energy is back on the top. People are really into it and are meeting her at the same level of energy. When the song is over all of the hosts join Pink on the stage and gives her a high five. They remind everyone that the song is available everywhere and that they should buy and stream it on all platforms.
  10. Adele [1/5] Thursday, July 11, 2019 Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (USA, 200, PAID) Adele on the creation of 25 Well, the release date was supposed to be October 25, but we decided to push it back to November 1. The main thing is that I want to be happy with it and how every long that takes is how long it will take. I just don’t ever feel comfortable with releasing music that I cant even back up myself, you know. The album is not done yet, well, most of the writing is done, that’s true now its all the mixing and producing that’s happening now and what will be happening in the future. I think the album will be about 12 songs long, but who knows its not going to be released for another four months so a lot could change. I just hope everyone will accept my work for what it is. Adele on her new song “Still Rolling Stones” When I thought about It, I was like, wow I am really sad that Im nearly done with promoting this song “When We Were Young” you know, we traveled with it since May and that’s a long time to just be singing one song. So now at the end of this promotional tour, we have another song coming out very soon. We are really excited for everyone to hear it. Its called “Still Rolling Stones”. I think its something that a lot of people wont be expecting from me, but in a good way. In a really good way. I cant wait to see people’s reactions to it. And if it gets even half of the response “When We Were Young” received, then I will be a happy camper, and that’s for sure. I cant wait to start singing this song live. The first time I sing it live is going to be in a special place. I cant wait! Andy: Well thank you so much Adele, don’t forget to buy and stream “When We Were Young” and look out for Adele’s new single, “Still Rolling Stones”.
  11. Crackheads, literally, Crackheads
  12. I saw them live, they actually opened for Florence and the Machine. Chile, when I tell you I was bored and unamused.... the entire crowd was not into this reject Childish Gambino shit.
  13. Adele [1/5] LATE Tuesday, July 9, 2019 Late Late Show with James Corden (USA, 500, PAID) Adele on everything that has happened during her tour for “When We Were Young” “This entire experience has been something that could only happen in a movie or in a dream. I really could have not expected or even predict the global success of this song. And I could not have done it by myself. So many people poured their efforts and soul into this project and I am eternally grateful for them. I don’t even know if you could measure the amount of thanks and gratitude, I have towards them. I know I have said this so many times it probably gets desensitized to so many people, but this song “When We Were Young” means so much to me. It was not even going to be a song in the first place. It started with me just wanting to release feelings out to the world and move on, and then I wrote a chorus, and then verses came in the works, and then a bridge and then wow, I had a full song for an album that I was not even starting yet. Its funny how things work out like that. And then we did the music video to the song, which I love. The music video is something that I am really proud of. Everyone who was on the music video, the actors, the editors, director, camera people, and crew. They really were there because they wanted to be there and they knew we could really make some magic. To them as well, I just want to thank them and give them all of me. I performed this song in front of so many people and so many times its quite unbelievable. Seriously, I can’t believe I performed this song that many times and I am still alive. It was so much fun. This experience gave me so much that I will never forget, we laughed and we cried. And then we got a number one! Hahaha. Thank you so much guys! Host: Thank you so much, that was Adele, here is the #1 song in the country now, “When We Were Young” by Adele.
  14. Adele - Single Release Title: Still Rolling Stones Artist: Adele Length: 4:08 Genre: Pop, Adult Contemporary, Inspirational Release Date: Friday, July 12, 2019 Writer(s): Adele Adkins, Lauren Daigle, Florence Welch Producer(s): Paul Epworth, Markus Dravs Label: Messiah Records After the massive worldwide success of Adele's last single "When We Were Young" she moves on to her new single. The third official single for Adele's upcoming album "25" is named "Still Rolling Stones". The song was written by Adele, songwriter Lauren Daigle, and Messiah Record's own Florence Welch. Adele's "Still Rolling Stone" was produced by notable producers Paul Epworth and Markus Dravs. The single "Still Rolling Stones" will immediately become available for those who have pre-ordered the album. Distributed through Messiah Records, "Still Rolling Stone" is now released worldwide. Lyrics Audio
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