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  1. Two artists: *interacts with each other on public*

    Fans: OmG, cOLlaB!


    Girl, do you think they make the best chemistry first?

  2. Don't take away my magic and sane

    Meet me in space; it's beautiful

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Ugh, I missed the day this is posted. Love 'ya, Queens and Kweens and Kings.
  4. This is very unfortunate to hear. Whatever the issue may be – it may not be an issue but just really hard to – I hope the good sis still carry on with good vibes.
  5. I'd say Ariana Grande [too] but she's just oversaturating the music world like a YouTuber posting daily videos: well-known but the views of the videos-to-subscribers ratio is far off. Like her songs and how long it lingers; they're bops but we'd see another contemporary artist's new song.
  6. The gays own Gaga. And the neo-feminazi are triggered by the word 'own'. 🙃
  7. Hi there! Welcome to W.O.P. (I personally pronounced as "whoop whoop!" 'cos the forum's fun for me). Hope you enjoy your stay. Don't do something I wouldn't do.
  8. YAAASS! PeriodT. But the way news outlets saturate my Chrome news article recommendations about it is just gold.
  9. It sounds like he's not confirming nor denying this rumour. But that's just me.
  10. Teenage Dream, TiK ToK, We R Who We R, Blow, California Kings, We Found Love, California Gurls, The One That Got Away, Broken Hearted, Crash Your Party, Poker Face, Bad Romance, Edge of Glory, A Thousand Years, Jar of Hearts, Human... there's just a lot!! I guess I'd be naming more to bump this thread, too.
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