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  1. Let It Go is and will always be superior, but this is definitely another epic bop from Elsa, and the rock production on the Panic version is really good.
  2. Blackpink- As If It’s Your Last Little Mix- Wings Camila Cabello- Cry For Me Fifth Harmony- Leave My Heart Out of This Camila Cabello- I Have Questions
  3. Piers Morgan is an idiot. Sam is a non-binary king/queen!
  4. Better Song: Liar Better Video: Shameless
  5. I like both. Shameless is nice even though it’s not what I expected, and Liar is a whole bop!
  6. Looking forward to Shameless more. A rock-ish ballad that we will stan!! And Liar sounds like it’ll be a bop too.
  7. 1. Motivation 2. DWAS 3. Checklist 4. Slow Down 5 Waves
  8. “Reportedly”. I don’t think LM’s label and Simon are THIS evil. There’s no proof. Conspiring to break up the group??
  9. 1. Diamonds 2. Right Now 3. What Now 4. Stay 5. No Love Allowed 6. Lost In Paradise
  10. Iconic admin. A sweetheart!
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