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  1. Just listened. I never mentioned how much I love I’m Fakin and Pushing 20. I really like ICSM and LAM.
  2. I’m thinking about checking their stuff out before this comeback. I like Yoojung and Doyeon from Weki Meki, and I really love Birthday by Somi (sad she won’t be a part of the reunion).
  3. Soyeoooooooonnn!! 😍😍
  4. I’m at the concert right now. It hasn’t started yet. We have great seats. My mom did THAT!!

    1. Pabllo



    2. LAND


      Thank you!

  5. I just don’t want OTR to have a record as big as that.
  6. I KNOW RIGHT??! But even Taylor Swift failed twice. I just really hope OTR doesn’t beat OSD and Despacito’s record.
  7. Going to the Sweetener Tour in Philly tomorrow with my sister and mom. I tried to be social for once and ask a friend to go with my sister and me, but everyone I asked had plans lol.

    1. Dirkje


      I hope you have fun sis!

    2. LAND



  8. Video: Señorita Collaboration: IKWYDLS Overall: I CAN’T CHOOSE!!
  9. Video: Low Key Feature: Low Key Better Bop: Lips Don’t Lie
  10. Yeah. The song issa bop, but we don’t need just a bunch of close ups of her lips.
  11. I know it’s Ed’s song, but there’s still Cardi. I’m expecting a bop.
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