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  1. More information to come as soon as it becomes available.
  2. original article: (x) Singer Kang Daniel will return with "Color on Me." According to KONNECT Entertainment and Kang Daniel's official website on Thursday, the title of Kang's solo debut album will be called "Color on Me," with full details being released on Saturday. Kang Daniel, who confirmed his solo debut earlier that day, heralded his first solo album as "a special album made to repay fans who waited during this long break." Kang Daniel tried to find his own color by actively participating in the entire creation process until the album was finished. The album's title is called "Color On Me," meaning one's own color. He also hopes this will allow him to create his own original color. Until just before his solo debut, Kang was reportedly working on the final stages of the album, and was working eight to ten hours a day through performance practices, envisioned by three world-class choreographers, including Antoine. In addition, the work on the songs for the debut album involved Lim Kwang-wook, CEO and chief producer of the production label Divine Channel, which has produced a number of Hallyu idol hits. Kang Daniel's "Color on Me" which has predicted such high levels of perfection, will take off its veil on July 25.
  3. original article: (x) Group MONSTA X will be the first Korean singers to appear on the famous British morning news program "Good Morning Britain." According to "Good Morning Britain" on Monday, MONSTA X will appear on the British ITV Program "Good Morning Britain" on Wednesday to talk about new music and their ongoing tour. "Good Morning Britain" is a morning news program that has been airing on ITV since 2014. Hosted by British journalist-turned-TV network mogul Piers Morgan, he has previously featuring famous stars such as Shakira, Elton John, Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett, Jude Law and Khalid. Khalid made headlines earlier when he mentioned his collaboration with BTS on the program. However, MONSTA X are the first Korean singers to make a formal appearance on the program. MONSTA X have recently been growing at a frightening pace, riding on the global Hallyu boom. Along with BTS' popularity, the company is increasing the size of its world tour by emerging in the resilient K-pop market. At the same time, they are well-established as they have been invited to the U.S. "Jingle Bell" tour and recently starred in the famous animation "We Bear Bears." MONSTA X are currently hosting performances for the 2019 World Tour "We Are Here." They have previously finished performances in Madrid, the Netherlands, Amsterdam, and Paris, and is scheduled to perform in London's SSE Arena Wembley on Tuesday. They will then continue their tour through Berlin, Germany, and then all over South America and the U.S.
  4. original article: (x) Big Bang's T.O.P. (32, real name Choi Seung-hyun) will be convening a meeting. As a result of these plans to leave the Yongsan Craft Museum at 7 p.m. after finishing his day's work, the tower inside Yongsan Art Museum located in the Yongsan-gu Office will be closed off on July 6. However, separate opinions on the matter are not to be expected. A YG Entertainment official told News 1 that he will be returning home quietly and that there is currently no place for him to express his feelings. Earlier in February 2017, T.O.P. began his military service with Eui-kyeong. However, he was later indicted for smoking marijuana at his home in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, in October 2016 and sentenced to 10 months in prison, two years suspended, and 12,000 won in fines during the first trial held in July 2017. Since then, the tower has been relocated to Yongsan Craft Museum in Yongsan-gu Office in Seoul in January 2018 and he has since been working as a social service worker. The tower was originally scheduled to be convened in August, but was quickly called off on July 27 under a rule to shorten the service period, which was implemented in July last year.
  5. I'm pretty much the only one that stans NCT here, even among the Asian Pop Stans, I get this feeling a lot as well due to this. Then I remember how important I am to this forum, and to those that care and support me and leave those bad thoughts to the wind. Hell, it's actually quite an ego-inducer to be the ONLY person stanning a specific artist for some people. It makes you stand out in a good way. We need more stans like you.
  6. TRANSLATION OF OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Hello, this is Studio Blu. I.O.I., who ended their official careers in January 2017, have been reunited!!! --------------------------------- Hello, this is I.O.I. ⠀⠀⠀ At the last concert, we promised to meet again. As much as our fans want, we've always dreamed of reuniting with each other. ⠀⠀⠀ Finally, in October 2019, Kim Sejeong, Choi Yoojung, Chungha, Kim Sohye, Joo Kyulkyung, Jeong Chaeyeon, Kim Doyeon, Kang Mina and Lim Nayoung have decided to stand in front of you once again under the name IOA. ⠀⠀⠀ For the fans who waited so long with those same hearts, we wanted to meet them all as soon as possible. Even though we weren't all able to get together at this moment, Jeon Somi and Yoo Yeonjung are still very close to us, and will be sending their support. ⠀⠀⠀ Now, under the name IOA, we will be speaking on our preparations and schedules for future activities from time to time. Thank you for waiting for us again.
  8. jungwoo


    original article: (x) Girl group TWICE will be the 10th girl group to appear on TV Asahi's "Music Station," the local music program, prior to the release of their fourth, and fifth Japanese singles in July. The show was filmed on the afternoon of June 21, and posted on their website states that TWICE would appear on July 5. TWICE will release their fourth Japanese single album "HAPPY HAPPY" on July 17 and their fifth single "Breakthrough" on July 24. Earlier in the day, TWICE will appear on "Music Station" to meet with fans in order to further sweeten the mood for their comeback. Since October 1986, 'Music Station' has been famous as the most popular music show in Japan for 33 years. In particular, it is rare for an overseas artist to unveil a single there for two consecutive weeks. TWICE previously released the songs and music videos of "HAPPY HAPPY" and "Breakthrough" on Wednesday, grabbing fans' attention. In particular, the music video of the two singles emphasized anti-war beauty, expressing different "lights" - the sun and the moon, respectively. "HAPPY HAPPY" features a lush look of the nine members in a colorful world, while "Breakthrough" focuses their eyes on the dark night with strong choreography and charisma. TWICE has received a total of six invitations to "Music Station" since 2018, including their second appearance on "Music Station" since their debut in 2017. This year, they appeared on March 8 and showed off their Japanese-language versions of "YES or YES," "LIKEY" and "What is Love?" among the tracks from the album "#TWICE2," which was released on the same month. Meanwhile, TWICE have launched a successful signal at the "Twice World Tour 2019 "Twilight" venue in Seoul on May 25 and May 26, and met with more than 8,000 fans in Bangkok on June 15. TWICE will continue their world tour in Manila on June 29 and Singapore on July 13.
  9. original article: (x) Former Executive Director Hwang Bo-kyung will be the CEO of YG Entertainment. On Tuesday, YG Entertainment said in a regulatory filing that it has changed former executive director Hwang Bo-kyung to CEO as former CEO Yang Min-suk resigned. CEO Yang Min-suk was re-elected in April. But he resigned from his post in an in-house e-mail on Friday, saying, "We need to make a big change to resolve the current difficulties and make a new breakthrough in growth. I also think I need to get my position straight to deliver the decision made by General Yang Hyun-suk to drop all the posts without misunderstanding." Since joining YG in 2001, Hwang Bo-kyung has served for about 18 years, serving as the head of the management support division. "I feel a great sense of responsibility and mission at a difficult time," said Hwang Bo-kyung, the new CEO of the company. In addition, YG Entertainment has decided to establish, and operate new rules on the establishment of a management innovation committee.
  10. original article: (x) EXO's Baekhyun confirmed for solo debut...First album 'City Lights' releases on July 10th EXO's Baekhyun will debut as a solo artist. According to SM Entertainment, Baekhyun's first mini album "City Lights" will be released on July 10, with a total of six tracks with a colorful atmosphere. In particular, Baekhyun is gaining global popularity for his sweet vocals, outstanding singing and powerful performances through his EXO-CBX activities. His collaborations with Suzy for duet song "Dream," "The Day" with K-Will and Soyou, and his collaboration with Loco on "YOUNG", are all the more recognized soloists in this album. In addition, Baekhyun is loved not only for his performances in various fields such as musicals, dramas, and entertainment, but also for his abundant talents and versatile charm, and his recently launched YouTube channel is also drawing attention, which is expected to focus attention on his new appearance as a solo artist. Meanwhile, Baekhyun's first mini-album "City Lights" will start pre-orders at all online and offline music stores this Tuesday.
  11. original article: (x) JTBC will showcase the live performance of BTS' world tour "LOVE YOURSELF" in Seoul. According to multiple broadcasting officials on Tuesday, JTBC recently decided to exclusively air "Love Yourself in Seoul 2018," a world tour Seoul performance that BTS hosted last year, for the first time. The live broadcast of "Love Yourself in Seoul 2018" is scheduled to air at 11 PM. on July 20. The time frame is noteworthy because it is the main time zone where JTBC is airing a gold-tier drama. Currently, "Advice" is on air at 11 p.m. on Saturday. This is the first time that a live performance of a concert will be organized and broadcast on TV among BTS' previous concerts. The performance of the tour, "LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF," which BTS hosted at Wembley Stadium in England on Tuesday (Korea Time), was exclusively broadcast live on Naver's V-Live Plus. The live broadcasting industry in question proved BTS' global influence by surpassing 140,000 concurrent users. Attention is focused on whether JTBC, which decided to broadcast BTS' exclusive concert performance for the first time, will be able to prove Army's firepower once again, and gain satisfactory ratings and popularity.
  12. original article: (x) Idol group Stray Kids have been selected as goodwill ambassadors for the Overseas Culture and Information Service. "We have appointed Stray Kids as our goodwill ambassadors to promote Korean culture and Hallyu contents overseas, and to enhance the value of Korean national brands," said Kim Tae-hoon, head of the Overseas Culture and Information Service of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The Korea Overseas Culture and Information Service has been hosting "Talk Talk KOREA 2019" with K-pop groups, which are very much loved overseas. In particular, this is the first time for the company to select a public relations ambassador representing the agency, Stray Kids plans to take part in the major events hosted by the Overseas Culture and Information Service throughout the year to promote Korea to the world. It is expected that Stray Kids, and the Overseas Culture and Information Service will meet to expand their activities to various cultural events and display synergy. "We hope that with the promotional activities given to Stray Kids, who are gaining huge popularity overseas, will help young people around the world become more friendly and closer to Korea," said Kim Tae-hoon, head of the Korea Culture and Information Service. Stray Kids debuted in March 2018, making them the winners of the "New Hallyu Rookie Award". This year's "Clé 1: The MIROH" topped the iTunes Album Charts in 15 foreign countries, including the U.S. Stray Kids have also recently established themselves as a "K-pop flagship group," with performances overseas, including in Jakarta, Melbourne, Sydney and Manila, and selling out their U.S. showcase tours in their previous session. Stray Kids will be making a comeback after releasing their new special album "Clé 2: Yellow Wood" at 6 p.m. tomorrow.
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