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  1. Original Articles: (x) (x) ------------------------------- INSTIZ Earlier this morning, singer Goo Ha-ra was rescued after trying to make an extreme choice. Gangnam Police Station in Seoul said they were dispatched to Goo's home in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, at around 12:40 a.m KST with the manager's report. At the time of the rescue, smoke was found inside the house, and Goo was confirmed alive. Goo reportedly had a legal battle with her boyfriend last September after an assault, and suffered from persistent malicious comments. Last night local time, she posted a message on her SNS, suggesting extreme choices, and then deleted it right away. ---------------------------------- DAUM Goo Ha-ra, a 28-year-old singer from girl group KARA, was taken to a hospital early Wednesday after trying to make an extreme choice. According to police and others, Goo was found unconscious at her home in Southern Seoul at around 12:41 a.m., and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Currently, Goo is reportedly unconscious, but her breathing and pulse are normal. A male witness contacted Goo, who was alone at her home, several times, but when Goo did not answer the phone, he visited her home and found her lying down and reported her to the police. ※ If you have difficult to speak about problems, such as depression, or if you have family members or acquaintances who suffer from such difficulties around you, you can receive counseling from experts 24 hours a day at the Suicide Prevention Hotline 1577-0199; the Call of Hope 129, the Call of Life 1588-9191, and/or 1388. LIST OF INTERNATIONAL HOTLINES: here
  2. original article: (x) Singer Psy is finally returning with his ninth full-length album this summer. PNATION has stated today that Psy will make a comeback with his ninth full-length album in early July. Psy's comeback comes about after his eighth album, "4X2=8," which released in May 2017. Most importantly, it is the first album to be released since the creation of PNATION last January, and his pompous musical greed to stubbornly insist on a full-length album also stands out. Earlier in the day, Psy made headlines by using his SNS account, suggesting that he is preparing a new album. "If I release a regular album, It'll be my ninth. I'll take any name suggestions," implying that competition for the title exists, which includes the titles of his last albums, "Ssa2, 3 Mai, Ssajib, PsyFive, Psy6 (Six Rules), Chiljib PSY-Da, and 4X2=8." Online, netizens have shown a lot of interest by uploading a variety of distinctive album names, showing even higher expectations for Psy's new album. In particular, Psy will unveil a new song stage for his ninth full-length album for the first time in his performance for the "2019 Summer Swag." Amid already rising interest in Psy's "2019 Summer Swag" with the news of the ticket opening on June 11, it is expected that the first comeback stage will be heralded, and that the ticketing fever will also be heated this year. Psy set up the festival earlier this year, and launched with a series of artists with diverse personalities, including Jessi, HyunA and Edawn, who said they would create playgrounds for enthusiastic players. The public's attention is further focused on Psy's full-fledged moves as the first runner to mark the start of a new PNATION.
  3. Trying to cheat on your partner with me will result in you fearing for your life. You don't want to piss me off. I've mentally tormented people to the point where they could no longer speak. It ain't pretty...
  4. "This video is not available in your country" To be fair, the winner's hot so this is fine...I guess. Anyway, personal favourites are 03 (Czech Republic), 10 (Slovenia), 15 (Norway), 18 (Estonia), and 22 (Italy)
  6. I dabbed at Johnny like three times...I believe that got Haechan's attention for sure and I'm fine with that.

    You want me to talk about the metal playground/stripper pole set though???

  7. This is a welcome surprise. Anyway article time. --------------------------------- Original Article: (x) Monsta X makes yet another mark as they become the first Korean act to guest star on Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears. Billboard is premiering a first-look clip from the upcoming episode of the Emmy-nominated show today (May 16). In the episode, titled “Panda’s Birthday,” Panda (voiced by Bobby Moynihan), is a huge fan of Monsta X and gets the surprise of a lifetime thanks to his thoughtful Bear Bros. Grizz (voiced by Eric Edelstein) and Ice Bear (Demetri Martin) mastermind a scheme to help Panda meet his favorite K-pop band on his birthday. Monsta X and Ice Bear eventually meet for the first time; Ice Bear (who is surprisingly fluent in Korean) successfully places himself via travel luggage in the group’s hotel room. Regarding their collaboration, MX member I.M tells Billboard, “We are absolutely thrilled and honored to be in an episode of We Bare Bears. It’s one of the most beloved animated series in the world! We put in a lot of effort into this collaboration and hope our fans, as well as We Bare Bear fans, can truly enjoy it.” Fans can catch the episode live when it first premieres on Monday, May 27 at 7:30 PM (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network. Viewers also look check out the clip on Cartoon Network’s app and VOD beginning Friday, May 24. Additional regions outside of the U.S. will premiere the episode later this year. In addition, the boy band will launch its highly-anticipated Take. 2 We Are Here Tour. The tour is set to launch on July 25 in Grand Prairie, Texas, and make stops throughout 18 cities in 12 countries.
  8. original article: (x) Ahn Ye-eun, a former K-pop star 5 contestant, is presenting hope to child patients. Pandawhale Company, Yeeun's management agency, made the following statement: "We will be inviting child patients and their carers from the cardiovascular ward of Severance Hospital to Yeeun's solo concert "Springtime Witch"[1] at Ewha Woman's University's Samsung Hall in Seoul." Ahn Ye-eun is with children suffering from heart diseases at Severance Hospital, because Severance Hospital is the place where she was given a second life. Born with one atrium [2] missing, Ahn Ye-eun underwent surgery several times before she was even able to speak [3] to make her heart function properly. The agency said that the memories of being at the crossroads of "living or not living" from an early age also had a significant impact on Ahn's worldview, adding that Ahn has shown special affection for the patients by participating in mini charity performances and donation funding at the hospital. "I want to show that I can sing in such a healthy and energetic way now that I had a long life in the hospital," Ahn Ye-eun said through her agency. "I hope that the patients as well as their guardians will not lose hope." --------------------------------- TRANSLATION NOTES: [1] Had to search this in Korean to get the correct title from the company's official Twitter page. [2] The original Korean term was '심방을'. I had to pull it out from the sentence as it got lost in translation. [3] Originally was translated to "dropping the tongue" by the translator. This idiom does not exist in English, and needed to be rewritten entirely.
  9. original article: (x) EXID will be releasing their mini album "WE" at 6 PM KST (May 15). EXID's new album "WE" is an album focused on the message "Us, over ourselves." This was originally planned as extensions to each member's solo work, shown on the November 2017 album "FULL MOON", but has instead become a group song, due to the overall message they want to send out as a group. Through this album, EXID are planning to drastically break away from the music composition that previously led to EXID's unique success. This has raised expectations significantly as they are breaking away from the trends based on strong appeal. The mini album "WE" contains a total of seven songs, including the title track, which LE participated in to once again prove her worth as a producer. The title track "ME&YOU" is a Mumbai-based genre song featuring a charismatic twist, with lyrics declaring that they are focusing on them over their individual selves in EXID's strong tone, creating a impressive harmony, It also starts with a lyrical melody. The song "WE ARE..." is a fan song delivered by EXID directly to fans, expressing the theme of "We" with their own thoughts. For fans waiting for their complete comeback ahead of the transition period, EXID members wrote their own parts, expressing their time, gratitude and apologies with their fans. In particular, it is known that the members shed tears several times during the recording, and that the recording was stopped, which can give them a feeling of affection. The album also includes songs such as "Don't Spare me," "How's It," and "My Night," which is a song written by Chae Changhyun of TREI, known as EXID's "Little Brother Group," and "Tomorrow," a re-released version of Solji's previous work when she was not able to participate in the previous activities as a vocalist. EXID will begin their activities in earnest with a comeback showcase with fans upon the release of their new album within the coming days.
  10. It's literally maple syrup rolled in snow. No, I am not making this up, this is a real thing.
  11. Yes. This is real. It's called Maple Taffy, and it's one of the many weird things Quebec has decided to invent for some reason.
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