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  1. Aaliyah Is Still Getting "Ready" // Pumped Up For Single No.2 October 14, 2019, 6:30 PM ET || Jonathan Cohen, N.Y. As many of you know, the 17-year old R&B singer Aaliyah is on her way to launch the next album next year. (Her second studio album) We reached out to one of the "sources" at her current record label, Desperado Records. From what we heard so far, the collab record with Normani (titled "she dreams of bloody tears.") caused so many changes on the album. The album was supposed to be released this December with a different lead single being released in May. The record label have been working on the album rollout since last December and they were all set until it became official by Aaliyah herself that she was going to work on the collab album with Normani and put the second album process on hold. A couple days later, they found out that Aaliyah was going to scrap the previous project that she worked with Timbaland & Missy Elliott. And they also found out that Aaliyah was going to release Advice a couple days before its official release. After announcing that she wrote eleven tracks on Ellen back in March, Aaliyah decided to use all the songs for the next record. She added a couple more as she wrote them in August/September. The tracklist has been finalized for a couple weeks now and the singer announced that Advice will be on the record. "Aaliyah has been going through so many changes since For All We Know's release. It totally opened her ears to music and she decided to change her whole direction for her next album. The album she scrapped was Dark R&B with 90s sound. She found the lyrics pretty basic and thought that people wouldn't like that one either. That was the only reason why she stopped working on that. Not sure those tracks will be leaked but we will see. Once she continued working on that collab record, she discovered new sounds and started writing for herself. Deep lyrics with current sounds incoming. You're going to get into her "vocalist" side more this time." they said about the next record & the scrapped album. Let's get into the good part. The source told us that they are getting close to finish the "era" rollout and they're getting ready to release the second single off Aaliyah's second album. It was going to be released at the end of this month. "It has a huge chance to come out around November and December. They still can't pick a certain date. But the song has been chosen for like...two weeks now. There was a huge selection by the label between two songs for the second single. This one and a slow song. Aaliyah decided to put this one out first but things can change last minute, knowing her." "It's an upbeat song. A self-appreciation song like she said before. The exact opposite from what you all heard on Advice, lyrical wise. She has some parts where she raps and she spells each word on the chorus. It's definitely more catchier than Advice and we're quite sure that people are gonna love that because of its earworm beat. It's Trap-Rap with a little R&B influence. Another self-written song is coming." they said about the upcoming single. About the album rollout: "The label was relieved that she still got her power on the charts after that "mess" so they're totally okay with having "underperforming" singles this time. They're still trying to learn from the mistakes they did after the previous rollout. The promotion will be on point this time, unlike the treatment she had throughout the debut era." When we asked about the music video for it, they told us: "Oh they're working on that nowadays. They're trying to find a good director & a choreographer. Aaliyah is getting ready to end the promotion for "purpose." later next month and then, all eyes will be focused on the second single." Then, we asked about a future project -whether an album or EP or...nothing- they told us that Aaliyah might put out an extended play to keep the hype going for the next record since they think that it's gonna take...a little too long with the production process of the record. "Aaliyah's decisions that she made without any of us actually messed our plans up. We heard about "she dreams of bloody tears." & "Advice" the last minute. We had to cancel numerous things just for her. The head of the label and Aaliyah herself wanted the album to be out by this December but she became busy again so she didn't have time to prepare all that. She's slowly getting faster with the production process though, i gotta say. You might get the record next Autumn. A Winter release is possible, it's not all %100 but at least we have the rollout ready for the third and fourth single already." they said about the record & the new rollout. For those who don't know, we saw the singer herself telling us how much she hated the treatment she had. She released 5 singles in 6 months and the record label decided to end her debut era very quickly (because of the controversy, apparently). The source told us that she wanted "At Your Best (You Are Love)" & "I'm So Into You (feat. CupcakKe)" to become the 6th and 7th official singles after Throw Your Hands Up's release. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Aaliyah's second album "TBA" will be the follow-up to her record-breaking #1 debut album "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number". It will include the worldwide hit, "Advice" which is now certified 11x PLATINUM in US.
  2. despy

    CAL: Tours

    So Good Tour Artist: Zara Larsson Date: October 10th, 2019 Venue: SSE Arena Wembley, London, United Kingdom Capacity: 10.334/10.334 [SOLD OUT] Zara Larsson officially kicked off her first world tour tonight. The tour is supporting her debut album "So Good" which spawned 4 Diamond-certified hits "Lush Life", "Ain't My Fault", "I Would Like" & "So Good". The entire setlist consists of 13 tracks. With the last minute decision, "Only You" & "One Missisippi" were taken off from the setlist.
  3. Aaliyah walks on the red carpet with a "street but sweet" look "Another 90s-inspired look by you. You really love throwing it back to those times, don't you?" "I'm in love with 90s style. I love researching what i need to know about the fashion itself and i love what people brought to fashion back in 90s. I just love trying to revive the trend again. If you know me, you know how obsessed i am when it comes to baggy jeans and jackets." "Congratulations on your noms also. Excited?" "Of course. This is my 2nd Soul Train Awards and it's great to be nominated for five awards. I'm looking forward to win one...hopefully!" "Are you excited for your performance with Normani?" "Yes. It's going to be great and we prepare this in a short amount of time by the way. We worked on the performance very quickly and i think we got something good coming up during the show. Watch me and Mani perform our new single "purpose.", hope y'all like it by now." "And...would you like to say anything about the rumors that your new single is coming?" "Well... we're getting closerrrrrrrrr. It's on the way. A bop incoming."
  4. Aaliyah & Normani - "purpose." (Behind The Scenes) Platforms: YouTube & IGTV Released on October 11, 2019 "purpose." off "sdobt dlx.", available everywhere.
  5. Aaliyah x Late Late Show with James Corden [October 11 | Paid | California / US] "purpose." off "sdobt dlx.", available everywhere.
  6. Aaliyah x KYMX 96.1 FM [October 11 | 1st Free Radio | California / US] "purpose." off "sdobt dlx.", available everywhere.
  7. "purpose." vinyl can be bought from aaliyah.com or normani.com including the official song and the acoustic version of it.
  8. Aaliyah x Conan [October 10 | 1st Free TV Show | US] "purpose." off "sdobt dlx.", available everywhere.
  9. Aaliyah x Late Night with Seth Meyers [October 8 | Paid | US] "purpose." is available everywhere along with "she dreams of bloody tears. (Deluxe)" for discounted prices.
  10. Aaliyah x Late Show with Stephen Colbert [October 7 | Paid | US] "purpose." is available everywhere along with "she dreams of bloody tears. (Deluxe)" for discounted prices.
  11. Title: purpose. RemixesArtists: Aaliyah & NormaniRelease Date: October 7th, 2019Producers: Yusei, Niko, THAIBEATS & MISERY TRACKLIST 1. purpose. (Acoustic) 2. purpose. (Yusei Edit) 3. purpose. (Niko Remix) 4. purpose. (THAIBEATS Remix) 5. purpose. (MISERY Remix) © DESPERADO RECORDS
  12. Desperado & Off Temper team up for "She Dreams of Bloody Tears Deluxe Commercial" [actually the Purpose Instrumental was supposed to play throughout the video but idk why it has no sound but anyway!] The 15-second commercial will be promoted on Instagram, YouTube, billboards around United States and on live television throught this week. It will be shown to encourage the viewers to purchase & stream Aaliyah & Normani's collaborative record, "she dreams of bloody tears." & the new single "purpose.". "sdobt deluxe." including "purpose." & "set." + "Advice", all are available now for discounted prices.
  13. Aaliyah x The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon [October 4 | Paid | New York / US] "sdobt deluxe." including "purpose." & "set." + "Advice", all are available now for discounted prices.
  14. Aaliyah x Good Morning America [October 4 | Paid | New York / US] "sdobt deluxe." including "purpose." & "set." + "Advice", all are available now for discounted prices.
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