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  1. patricia bright is my light

  2. AKJSDHAJK she could sense you didn't watch it the first time
  3. 1. Loveeeeeee Song 2. No Love Allowed 3. Get It Over With 4. Pour It Up 5. Diamonds 6. Stay
  4. one of my favorite gifts ever was a really nice blanket, I got it 5 years ago and still use it daily. i usually like my gifts but they are rarely thoughtful or something super useful. worst gift? i got this really cheap, generic video game thing that you plug directly into the tv, it had to be a dollar store buy. i was in high school. it reminded me of something my cousins got when they were like 5.
  5. i'm so confused at why the OP is a Kanye video, i dont even remember what this thread was about
  6. Hey I hope you’re doing well!

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    2. Pabllo


      Not anymore! :( I still have a simblr but it's been a while since the last time i've posted something in there.

    3. Daydream


      ah okay, just curious! i'm new to TS4 and was following a bunch of stuff. was thinking about starting a page but people keep saying it's toxic :rip:

    4. Pabllo


      Well, if you can handle the radioactive toxicity from stan and fanbases, I'm sure you'll be able to handle the toxicity from simblrs. :poot:

  7. Stan twitter hates gay men unless they are hot, we been knew that!
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