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  1. U.S. | Paid Promo | 5th Article On August 21st, Ariana Grande stopped by 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ for an interview to promote her latest collaboration with Cameron Dallas. The camera pans to the stage after Colbert introduced the song and Ariana is standing still under a spotlight. A single first note from the instrumental of "Make Up" comes up and the spotlight from above swifts sides and illuminates her right on time of the beat, making the audience cheer. In an adapted version of the track, Ariana says the opening line, changing from "girl" to "boy" and sings the second verse as the first one. As the song starts the first verse, Ariana is joined by two female dancers that get on stage through each sides, and they perform a simple choreography while Ariana is more focused in the vocals. When the song hits its chorus, Ariana switches sides with the dancers and she sings to the words while walking on stage, going back to the center for the post-chorus break to perform a dance break with the dancers. Suddenly, the camera pans to the audience and taking everyone by surprise, Cameron Dallas gets up from one of the seats to sing the second verse and the audience cheers in surprise. He walks towards the stage singing his verse that is now the second verse, as two male dancers join the stage. They perform a hip-hop influenced choreography along with Ariana and the dancers, and keeping the edited version, the song gets a remixed break from the Black Caviar remix of the song. Back to the original version, Ariana and Cameron perform the last chorus of the song singing side by side and alternating moves between the male and female dancers, doing similar vocals from the acoustic version to finish the song, serving vocals and an extended last note for the last line of the song. Posing in group along with the dancers, Ariana and Cameron end the performance. Make Up available everywhere.
  2. U.S. | Paid Promo | 4th Article On August 21st, Ariana Grande stopped by “The Today Show’’ for an interview to promote her latest collaboration and E.P. Host: Good morning everyone. Today we have a special treat for you guys. She’s a singer, songwriter, and former actress who has too many hits to list. Please welcome Ariana Grande to the show! How are you? You look amazing by the way. Ariana: Good morning. Thank you. My glam squad helped me out a lot because I did not wake up like this. *giggles* Host: Oh, I’m sure they had to do the bare minimum. First things first, congratulations on the new E.P. It’s your first project under you’re new label. How does it feel to see it #1 in several countries on iTunes. Ariana: Considering it was just thrown out there. I’m honestly in shock. Surprises can go either way so I’m relieved it’s looking good. Host: What was your favorite song to create off the E.P. Ariana: Obviously monopoly. Only because Victoria is my best friend and it’s always a good time. Plus some people I’ve worked with over the years and have grown close to were also apart of the process. Host: Well it looked like it in the music video. You also just performed at the EMA’s with Cameron Dallas this weekend. You guys performed the smash hit Make Up. How was that? Ariana: Working with Cameron is always so much fun. This is possibly one of my favorites, if not my favorite collaborations I’ve done so far. Sometimes collaborations feel like work and Everytime we link up it’s like we’re hanging out and just doing what we love. Host: Did you expect for this song to be so massive? The song debuted at #1 and has been there for four weeks. Ariana: I knew it was going to be big, but not this massive. Then again Cameron and his team are amazing so it’s kind of like not shocking. He deserves it. Host: Yes. The whole roll out has been amazing. Well thank you so much for coming to chat with us. Ariana’s E.P. intermission is available everywhere you get music. We’ll be right back! Make Up/monopoly available everywhere. 4/10
  3. U.S. | Paid Promo | 2nd Article On August 20th, Ariana Grande stopped by “The Wendy Williams Show’’ for an interview to promote her latest collaboration and E.P. Wendy: Good morning everybody. Today we have a special guest. She’s a singer, songwriter, and former actress who’s been setting the charts on fire with her latest music. Please welcome Ariana Grande! *Ariana walks out, hugs Wendy, and sits down* Wendy: How you doinnnnn? Ariana: *giggles* I don’t know if J can do that, but… How you doinnn? Wendy; That was perfect! You look amazing by the way and those shoes… Can you model them for me? Just put your feet on the mark darling… *Ariana models some thigh high boots* Wendy: Gorgeous! Well thank you for stopping by. I hear you have an E.P. out. Tell us about it. Ariana: Well it’s called intermission, which we all know is a pause or break. I’m currently in between albums and wanted to give the fans something to wait with. All songs aside from the intro are collaborations that I loved that didn’t make my upcoming album that I feel like still needed to be released. They’re super fun and carefree. Wendy: Well your always good for a good bop honey. You also are a part of the longest running #1 of the year with that Garcia boys boyfriend called Make Up. How’d that come about and when are you and a certain chocolate ex of yours going to make up? Ariana: *giggles* Well Cameron reaches out wanting for me to be on the record. I love his music and immediately after hearing the song I was down. It being at the top for 4 weeks is amazing. I knew it was a hit, but never thought it’d be so big. Wendy: And are you and Big Sean ever going to make up? I really liked you guys together. The height ratio was there and you two are great looking. The chemistry seemed right. Ariana: I can’t answer the question, because I don’t know. I don’t like to say never because you never know how things will turn out, but I wish him nothing but the best. His album was incredible. Wendy; Hmmm… I guess we can take that. You also did a song with Mildew Cyrus right? Ariana: Yes. Miley and I did the title track of her upcoming album. It’s so amazing and it’s always nice when we link up. Wendy: Do you have any thoughts about her an Liam’s break up? Ariana: Not that I would like to share. I’m happy for her. Wendy: Yes… Well anything else you’d like to share? Ariana: Uhmmm.. Stream monopoly! Wendy: Yes, go do that now. Thanks again for stopping by. Ariana Taco Bell Grande everyone! We’ll be right back. Make Up/monopoly available everywhere. 3/10
  4. Europe | Paid Promo | 1st Article On August 20th, SZA called into ‘Cafe Puls’’ to promote her sophomore album ALT and her latest single, Down 4 Whatever. Host: Good morning Europe! We have an amazing and talented guest via video call today. She’s currently taking the U.S. by storm on her sold out world tour coming here later this year. Please welcome the ever so lovely SZA via satellite! SZA! How are you? SZA: Hello! I’m doing really good. Thank you for asking. Host; So you’re currently on tour with your label mate Karrueche as an opening act. How is that going? SZA: Well I love karrueche and that’s my girl so we’ve basically been on a road trip together. We’ve been working out with each other and we actually had a sleepover the other night with some of the dancers and stuff. It’s been really fun so far. Host: Do you still get nervous before a show? SZA: I did, but now that it’s becoming a routine for me. I’ve been doing better. The fans have been incredible and make every night so special. I just feel so blessed to be able to do this. Host: Well we can’t wait until you make your way over here. Let’s talk about the new single. It’s called Down 4 Whatever and the music video is being directed by Solange Knowles, correct? SZA: Yes… I’m anxiously waiting for the final edit so I can announce when it’ll be out. *giggles* I think it’s one of my most visually appealing music videos to date. Host: It sounds like it’s going to be amazing. What are your thoughts on the EMA’s winners this year? Congratulations on winning Best Artist by the way. SZA: I feel like everyone who deserved to take an award home did. Kind of sad I had to miss it, but I’m extremely happy for my award. I really loved the performances this year. I feel like everyone brought their A game. Again, I wish I could’ve been there to experience it. Host: Well we sure missed you there. There’s always next year though. Thank you so much for talking to us today via satellite. SZA: No, thank you guys for allowing me to do this. Host: It’s our pleasure. We’ll be right back after this commercial. Down 4 Whatever available everywhere. 2/10
  5. U.K. | Paid Promo | 1st Article On August 20th, karrueche called into ‘BBC Radio 1’ to promote her latest single from her debut album, expectations. Host: What’s up everybody! We have a super special guest on the line today. She’s calling in to us all the way from the U.S. as she is currently opening up for SZA’s Sold Out tour. karrueche everyone! Kae: What’s poppin U.K.?! Host: What’s up karrueche. How are you doing? Kae: I’m doing great. It’s a wonderful morning here in New Jersey. Host: Well that’s great to hear. I’ve heard great things about your set. How has the tour been for you so far? Kae; It’s been really amazing. My favorite part about being an artist is going out on stage and connecting with the audience. They’ve been bringing amazing energy for us and I can’t wait until we start the European leg to see what you guys have to give. Host: Well we’re anxiously waiting for you guys to finally make your way over here. Onto the single though, me so bad featuring Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana. You recently release the music video for the song. It’s super fun and I feel like really captures the song. How was that whole experience? Kae: Well I’d like to first give a shout out to Hannah Lux Davis the director. She obviously did what needed to be done. It was a great experience like always with her. Ty and French were amazing and it really was just a huge party to be honest. Super good vibes. Host: Dope. Well I have a question about the album, which is expectations. for those who may not know. What did you want to accomplish with this album? Kae: I really just wanted to showcase my talents and continue to push this sound of R&B. There really was no specific agenda other than I love music and I wanted to create something that someone could relate to or help them through a moment in their life. I’m super proud of this body of work. I really wanted to make a body of work. For a moment there was a time where people through a bunch of potential hits together and called it an album and I just wanted to keep pushing music in that positive direction. Host: I totally get that. Well the album is amazing. You’re amazing. I can’t wait to see what the future continues to hold for you. Thank you for calling in today. I hope you have an amazing day! me so bad available everywhere. 1/10
  6. me so bad (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & French Montana) - karrueche [Official Video] Uploaded to karruecheVEVO at midnight on August 16th, 2019 Director: Hannah Lux Davis Description: Ⓟ2019 ROC Nation LLC, Distributed by UMG Recordings, Inc.
  7. U.S. | Paid Promo | 2nd Article On August 16th, Ariana Grande stopped by “The Late Late Show with James Corden’’ for an interview to promote her latest collaboration. James: Today’s guest needs no introduction. We all know and love her. Please welcome the beautiful and talented Ariana Grande! Ariana: Hey James. It’s nice to finally be back on your show. You’re like my top 3 promotional stops. James: Awe shucks. You’re making me blush. How are you doing this evening? Ariana: I’m honestly doing amazing. It was a beautiful day here in LA. James: It really was. So you dropped a bomb on us last night. You released a surprise E.P. called intermission with your latest songs borderline and monopoly. Why did you do this to us? Ariana: I’m just really in the middle of planning and prepping for my next album and these songs are ones I love, but felt like didn’t make the cut so I wanted to do a fun little E.P. with them. We all know intermission means a pause or a break in the middle of something so I felt like it was fitting for this little project ahead of my album. James: Well the E.P. features Victoria Monèt, Pharrell, and Azealia Banks. What made you want to collaborate with them? Ariana: Victoria is my best friend and we recorded a lot of amazing music for the next album so I really wanted to do another song with her. Pharrell has helped produce some material for the next project as well so it was only right to do a song with him. As for Azealia Banks, I really just admire her artistry and really wanted to work with her. Everyone on this E.P. is someone I respect and happy to have worked with. James: Well I love happy, which is the intro to the E.P. Why didn’t you make it longer? Ariana: I feel like it was perfect the way it was. I thought about extending it, but sometimes you don’t have to say a lot to get your point across. James: Completely understandable. Well I’m just happy you’re releasing new music and can’t wait for the upcoming album! Thank you so much for stopping by and we’ll be right back after this commercial. monopoly/borderline available everywhere. 4/10
  8. Canada | Paid Promo | 2nd Article On August 16th, SZA stopped by ‘The National’ to promote her sophomore album ALT and her latest single, Down 4 Whatever. Host: This evening’s guest is an R&B superstar who’s been taking this year by storm with her several hits. Please welcome SZA to the show! SZA: Hello! Thank you for having me tonight. You look great. Host: Thank you. You look amazing as always. How’s your stay here been and how long are you here? SZA: I’m just here for the day to do some promo before my next tour date. It’s been good so far though. Host: Oh wow. How’s the tour been? SZA: It’s been amazing. We’re only a couple dates in and just seeing my fans sing along to the new music has been amazing. The energy has been great. It’s been everything so far. Host: How are you balancing being an in demand artist and touring? I know you probably don’t really get an off day. SZA: It’s kind of hard. I’m not going to lie. I just try to stick to a schedule as much as I can. You just have to push through. The only thing I prioritize is sleeping at least 8 hours. Everything else is compromisable. Host: Yes. Sleep is very important. Well you recently released the third and final single from your incredibly successful album ALT. Let’s talk about it. SZA: Well it’s called Down 4 Whatever and it’s about being interested in a guy and being down for the ride. You’re not really expecting anything and just rolling with the punches. It’s a really carefree song for the most part. Host: And the video is being directed by Solange. What’s it like working with someone as talented as her. I mean.. wow. SZA: I’ve always admired her approach and her artistry. Sometimes I look at what she does and wonder where it comes from. I love that she’s so open to newer artists and willing to lend her creativity. I feel like she was perfect for this visual and I can’t wait for you guys to finally see it. Host: Well thank you so much for stopping by. We can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us. Down 4 Whatever available everywhere. 3/10
  9. Canada | Paid Promo | 1st Article On August 16th, SZA stopped by ‘Breakfast’ to promote her sophomore album ALT and her latest single, Down 4 Whatever. After being introduced by the host, the camera pans to the dimly lit stage with SZA sitting down in front of a mic and a guy with a guitar sitting next to her. As he begins to play an acoustic version of the instrumental to “Down 4 Whatever” SZA begins to do some simple vocal runs. She then begins to sing the first verse with her eyes closed. When it comes time for the pre-chorus she opens her eyes and starts to make some movements with her hand while singing. The camera then shows some of the audience moving their heads side to side and really giving with the performance while she sings the chorus before showing her singing with her hands holding the mic stand. As she gets into the second she begins to put some force behind her voice trying to showcase her vocals a little more. She then sings the pre-chorus before getting into the bridge, which she tries to add a little more stylization to before singing the pre-chorus again as the guitarist slowly stops playing and she sings the final chorus acapella before ending the performance. Down 4 Whatever available everywhere. 2/10
  10. U.S. | Paid Promo | 1st Article On August 14th, Ariana Grande stopped by “The Ellen Degeneres Show’’ for an interview to promote her latest collaboration. Ellen: Hello everybody! Our guest today needs no grand introduction as I’m sure we all know how amazing and talented she is. Please welcome the one and only Ariana Grande to the show! *crowd goes crazy as Ariana walks out, gives Ellen a hug, and sits down* Ellen: First things first congratulations on everything. You and Cameron are looking to go a fourth week at #1 on the Hot 100 this week. Did you guys think the song was going to be a big as it was? Ariana: Of course when you put out a song you’re confident in it doing well, but it possibly being the longest running #1 of the year is totally exceeding our expectations, for sure. Ellen: Right. Well you also released two new songs recently called borderline with Azealia Banks and monopoly with Victoria Monét. Is there anything coming or are you just releasing for fun. Ariana: Releasing for fun. I’ve always wanted to release music less traditionally like some of the rappers so yeah.. I might drop something at midnight. You never know. Ellen: Well let me set my alarm. *pulls out phone and put an alarm for midnight* Ariana: Oh my god. You’re hilarious. *while laughing and covering her mouth with her hand* Ellen: Well you’ve left Pink Friday and now have your own imprint. What about having your own label is the most exciting? Ariana: Just going with the flow and doing things however I want. I’m obviously still planning and stuff, but it’s not like super structured. I can push things back or push things up without people above me fighting it. Really just the freedom to be honest. Ellen: What was your family’s reaction to the news? Ariana: Frankie was over the top as usual. My mom cried as usual and kind of had a panic attack. It’s just very rare that an artist at the height of their career gets to do something like this. Usually after a major, for lack of a better term, sucks them dry and throws them away is when an artist starts their own thing so I’m just in a really shockingly good position. Ellen: What should we expect from your upcoming fifth studio album? Ariana: I have some songs that make you really happy and some that really make you sad, but in a way somewhat new for me. I’m really confident in this music that I’ve had the pleasure of making with some really close friends and colleagues and can’t wait for you guys to experience it. Ellen: Do we have a date for a single? Ariana: I’m actually about to go on a last minute Summer vacation and relax a bit while planning some things out. You guys will definitely get the lead single this year. Hopefully the album as well, but we’ll see. Ellen: Well thank you so much for stopping by and chatting with me. We’ll be right back! *monopoly plays while going to commercial* monopoly/Make Up available everywhere. 1/10
  11. U.S. | Paid Promo | 2nd Article (Late) On August 14th, SZA stopped by ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!’’ to promote her sophomore album ALT and her latest single, Down 4 Whatever. After being introduced the camera switches to a close up of SZA as the instrumental begins to play. As it plays the camera pulls back from her exposing her standing in front of a vortex visual. She sings the first verse while staring into the camera. When it comes time for the pre-chorus some dancers make their way to the stage and freestyle dance to their positions along with the beat. SZA then sings the chorus as the dancer do some simple choreography slightly behind. As she sings the second verse she does some cute body rolls and does some movements with her available hand. As she sings the pre-chorus she begins to walk towards the back of the stage before turning around and singing the chorus as the dancers do the choreography again. She then begins to make her way towards the front of the stage as she sings the bridge. Halfway through the bridge she walks from one side of the stage to the next while singing to the crowd before making her way back to the center of the stage and singing the pre-chorus. When it comes time to sing the chorus the instrumental begins to fade out and she sings the last few lines of the chorus acapella before ending the performance. Down 4 Whatever available everywhere. 8/10
  12. U.S. | Paid Promo | 3rd Article (Late) On August 14th, karrueche stopped by ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ to promote her latest single from her debut album, expectations. After being announced the camera pans to the stage to show karrueche standing in the middle with two dancers on each side. The instrumental then begins to play as they each turn around one by one (l to r). As she begins to sing the first verse she walks towards the front of the stage as the dancers twerk in the background. After walking towards the front of the stage she drops into a squat and then rises back up with her back arched. Towards the end of the verse the dancers each one by one make their way into a line beside her. When it comes time for the pre-chorus she lets the backing track play so she can do some basic choreography before getting into the chorus where she sings and strikes a few poses as the dancers pretend to fan her. When it comes time for Ty’s verse he makes his way onto the stage with karrueche. She and the dancers do some really sexy and complex choreography as he stands there and hypes her up. When she finishes the last bit she makes her way to him to sing the pre-chorus. During the pre-chorus she grabs him by the shirt and walks flirtingly pulls him towards the back of the stage to a chair. She then drops into a split a couple feet in front of him and does a somersault back into his lap as the backing track sings the chorus for her. As she’s getting off Ty, French Montana makes his way onto the stage while rapping his verse and flirting with the female dancers as karrueche makes her way to him as Ty follows. She then sings the bridge as she looks out to the crowd acting very flirtily before finishing up with the pre-chorus/ chorus and they all just vibe out like it’s a party until the performance ends. me so bad available everywhere. 7/10
  13. ARIANA GRANDE UNLEASHES SURPRISE E.P. Title: intermission - E.P. 🅴 Artist: Ariana Grande Genre: Pop/R&BPlatform: Digital Download, Stream Length: 10:05 Release Date: August 16th, 2019 After releasing borderline to celebrate her newfound imprint with the world, Ariana Grande releases her first project under Moonlight Recordings in the form of an E.P. The project includes some funky Pop/R&B songs that are sure to get you up out your seat at some point. All song audios have been uploaded to ArianaGrandeVevo as well upon release. Tracklist: 1. ”happy (intro)” -- Ariana Grande - 1:13 🅴 Written by Ariana Grande; Victoria McCants; Tommy Brown; Charles Anderson Produced by Tommy Brown; Charles Anderson 2. ”blazed” featuring Pharrell — Ariana Grande - 3:16 🅴 Written by Ariana Grande; Pharrell Williams Produced by Pharrell 3. ”borderline” featuring Azealia Banks — Ariana Grande - 2:57 🅴 Written by Ariana Grande; Pharrell Williams; Azealia Banks Produced by Pharrell 4. ”monopoly” — Ariana Grande; Victoria Monet - 2:38 🅴 Written by Ariana Grande; Victoria McCants; Tommy Brown; Charles Anderson; Tim Suby; Michael Foster Produced by Tim Suby; Social House STREAM: Ⓟ2019 Moonlight Recordings, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.
  14. U.S. | Paid Promo | 5th Article On August 14th, Ariana Grande stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!’’ for a performance to promote her latest collaboration. After being introduced by Kimmel, the stage in the studios was dimmed and the camera showed Ariana Grande accompanied by a guitar player that looks like Cameron Dallas, and three dancers; in a slumber party decoration, Ariana was sitting on a heart-shaped inflatable couch, similar to the heart float used on the cover and single's promotion, while the rest of the stage has a fluffy carpet and some neon tropical lamps and even some plants decorating the stage and creating a whole mood intimate and chill vibe for the track. Sitting on a stool, the guitar player began playing the acoustic version of the track; Sitting facing the dancers, who were lying on the floor with their arms resting on their elbows and their faces resting on their hands, Ariana began to sing the song as if telling a story to her friends. As she sings to the lyrics, she didn't change the genre of the song, keeping the 'girl' for the first verse, supporting the bi community. During the pre-chorus, Ariana interacted with the dancers while they danced with their legs up in the rhythm of the track. There's a bedroom projection in the backdrop and the moon appears in the window right when the song hits the chorus, with Ariana and the dancers doing a slow and sweet choreography with their hands and moving their bodies in the rhythm of the guitar melody. As she begins to sing the second verse, Ariana points to the guitar player, smiling a bit as if she was talking to him - he smiles back while playing the melody. She turns back to the dancers for the next pre-chorus and they slowly move their bodies along with the melody. During the chorus, Ariana points to the audience, as if she's also telling the story to them. The lights get dimmed for the bridge, with Ariana and the dancers standing up and doing some slow and sexy moves, including a hairflip before going back to the floor. When the song comes to its final chorus, Ariana delivers a clear and beautiful vocal, ending the song with an extended note and posing along with the dancers, as the guitar player finishes the song and the audience cheers. Make Up available everywhere. 6/10
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