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  1. I know a lot of y’all have daddy issues.m4a so Happy cocoCHANEL day, because y’all bitches is my sons.


  2. Money hungry flop who doesn’t take the time to execute things well. This is like the third time something she’s affiliated with has issues.
  3. Stream Bounce Back X

  4. U.S. | Paid Promo 5/5 On June 15th, karrueche stopped by ‘Saturday Night Live’ to promote her new music from her upcoming debut album, expectations. Performance One: After being introduced by the host, the camera pans to the stage. karrueche is standing in the middle of the stage with her dancers covering her with some feathers. Right before she gets into the first verse of “more thant that” they reveal her and she begins to sing while moving to the beat. She’s dressed in a long black formal gown and covered in diamonds. As she sings the pre-chorus the dancers help rip off her dress to unveil her in a corset and some shorts before she gets into the sexy choreography for the chorus. A male dancer then walks on stage and she sings to him before throwing him away while singing the second verse. She then makes her way back to centre stage for the pre-chorus before dropping to the floor for a sexy dance break and then getting back up and singing the chorus one last time as the fan blows her hair everywhere.. Performance Two: After being announced again the camera pans to the stage where karrueche and her dancers are sitting on an transparent rectangle platform filled with water with floaties on. As the instrumental for “me so bad” begins to play. As she begins to sing the first verse they sit there acting very prissy and unbothered as some male dancers dressed as lifeguards pass by. Her and the female dancers get off the platform as she sings the pre-chorus. When it comes time to sing the chorus they do some cute and flirty choreography. Ty Dolla $ign then rides out on a golf cart and karrueche stands next to him and acts all flirty. When it comes time for the pre-chorus she bends and snaps before walking away from him towards the front of the stage to sing the chorus while posing after each line. French Montana then walks on stage and approaches her as he raps his verse and she hypes him up. Karrueche then walks back towards Ty and leans on the hood of the golf cart while singing the bridge. She then skips to the final chorus where she slows it down a bit as the instrumental fades out and she winks. more than that/me so bad available everywhere.
  5. U.S. | Paid Promo 4/5 On June 14th, karrueche stopped by ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ to promote her new music from her upcoming debut album, expectations. After being introduced by Jimmy, karrueche gives him a hug and sits down. He thanks her for coming to the show and asks her how has her day has been and she replies, “This has been probably one of the best days of my life. It’s so surreal to actually have an album out. So many people doubted me and some even tried to stop me from doing this. I feel invincible. I hope I inspire people to do what they love and forget what the naysayers think.” He then tells her he’s glad she pushed through despite all that and asks her about her latest singles she replies, “People told me I was crazy releasing ‘show love’ and ‘more than that’ at the same time. They thought it was going to be a bad look and confuse the GP. I’m glad I stuck to it, because they both went top 10 worldwide and top 5 in the U.S. and are still going. I couldn’t be any more proud.” He then asks her about her relationship with Victor Cruz to which she replies, “We’re doing great. He’s been following me around the past few days and just being super supportive. Couldn't ask for a better fiancee.” After that, he asks her about her upcoming opening spot on SZA’s upcoming U.S. leg and she replies, “I’m so excited to perform all the new songs from my album and just have a great time. I’ve been working so hard on an entire new set. I can’t wait for the fans to see it.” Jimmy then decides to play ‘Wheels of Musical Impressions’ with her where they both kill their several renditions of songs like ‘Chlorine’, ‘Life On MTV’, ‘Feelin’ Myself’, and ‘Thought I Knew You. He end the appearance reminding everyone to get ‘expectations.’ and to catch her on ‘The Universe is Undefeated Tour' this August and thanks her again for coming. more than that/show love available everywhere.
  6. U.K. | Paid Promo 3/5 On June 14th, SZA stopped by ‘The Graham Norton Show’’ to promote her sophomore album ALT and her latest single, Back Together. After welcoming the viewers back to the show, Graham then introduces SZA to the show and thanks her for coming by to which she replies, “It’s my pleasure. How do you come to the U.K. and not visit you?” He then acts all flattered before asking her how her stay in the U.K. has been and she replied, “It’s been great. It’s actually been a lot more chill than my usual trips. Other than the couple appearances, it’s felt like a mini vacation.” He then congratulates her on the success of ALT. After that he asks her what it was like working with Azealia Banks on the Back Together remix, because he heard she’s a piece of work behind the scenes and she responds, “Azealia is so misunderstood. She’s just super passionate, but as long as you show her respect… She’s pretty harmless. She absolutely killed it like i thought she would.” He then moves onto the music video and asked what the inspiration was behind it and she replies, “Well CupcaKke wanted it to be fun and quirky. She suggested the clones, because it was kind of different. It reminds me of a Disney Channel movie from the early 2000’s, which I think fits perfectly. The song isn’t serious so the video had to represent that.” Graham agrees and then asks her who she has been listening to lately and she says, “I love TRNT’s E.P. He’s so different and don’t get me started on the concepts. I love Glass by CupcakKe. expectations. Is great as well. I haven’t listened to much though, because I’ve been in my own little world.” He then asks her what’s next other than the tour and she replies, “That’s a good question. Obviously another single or two. I’m kind of confused on what I want to do next. I’ve been working my butt off since October so I feel like I’ve done everything and just want to let the music do it’s thing, you know? Confusing times right now. [giggles]” Graham says he understands, wishes her well and thanks her for coming again. Back Together available everywhere.
  7. U.S. | Paid Promo 3/5 On June 14th, karrueche stopped by ‘The Today Show’ to promote her new music from her upcoming debut album, expectations. Host: Good morning everybody! Today’s guest is an actress,model, and singer who just released her debut album ‘expectations.’ today. Please welcome the beautiful and talented karrueche to the show! Hello. Kae: Hello. Thank you for having me. Host: No thank you for stopping by on your big day. How are you feeling? Kae: I feel amazing. I worked so hard over the past year to create this album and to see all the kind words so far has been great. Host: Well we’re so glad it’s finally out. We’ve been playing it non-stop all morning. It’s so good, which isn’t surprising because ‘more than that’ and ‘show love’ were amazing. We actually noticed that you and Tinashe co-wrote a song together for the album called ‘me so bad’ with Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana. How was that experience? Kae: It was great. I’ve been a fan of her music forever so when I reached out and she was willing to work together was a great moment. You know how the music industry is and how they love pitting women against each other and kind of pressure women to not come together so whenever that camaraderie is shown despite that really is nice. Host: Oh wow. That truly is great to see. So now that ‘more than that’ and ‘show love’ have been out for a minute… Which of the two is your favorite? Kae: That’s actually easy. I’d have to say ‘more than that’. Only because I don’t necessarily see myself as a sexy person so being able to tap into that side is always fun. Plus the vibe makes you want to get up and have a good time versus on ‘show love’ you kind of want to sit and bop. Host: That makes sense. What’s one thing you want people to take from this album? Kae: Don’t go into anything having any expectations. Everything doesn’t go exactly as you want it to. Sometimes you get thrown a curveball and you kind of switch gears. The album follows the journey of my love life, which it doesn’t really have a storyline and kind of jumps from me being in love to past relationships and etc. That was on purpose because there’s no such thing as a perfect storyline in love. Host: Amazing. Well thank you so much for stopping by and talking with us. Everybody you can get karrueche’s debut album ‘expectations.’ everywhere now! more than that/show love available everywhere.
  8. U.K. | Paid Promo 2/5 On June 14th, SZA stopped by ‘Good Morning Britain’’ to promote her sophomore album ALT and her latest single, Back Together. Host: Good morning Britain! This morning we have an incredibly talented singer and songwriter who has been setting the charts on fire with her latest hit, Back Together. Please welcome the lovely SZA to the show! How are you darling? SZA: Hello! I’m doing great. Thank you for asking. So happy to be here today. Host: Well we’re excited to have you. So you officially released the video for ‘Back Together’! Tell us about it. SZA: Yes! Directed by my girl CupcakKe. It’s just really fun and quirky like the song. I end up being cloned everytime my ex texts my so in the end I have this 2000s rock band green screen moment with my clones at the end. It was really fun to do. Thanks again CupcakKe! Her album comes out next Friday, so make sure to check that out. Host: Oh wow. That sounds like a lot of fun. Is this it for this single or should we expect anything else? SZA: I’m pretty sure this will be it for the single other than some interviews. This is like the final send off before we start prepping the third single. Host: Oh wow. Can you tell us what that is? SZA: Not yet. It’s a nice switch though. Memo and Back Together have an underlying theme of an ex lingering. The next single doesn’t. *winks* Host: Well we can’t wait for that to be announced. Now onto something a little more personal. How are you and Michael doing? We haven’t seen much of you two, lately. SZA: We’re doing great. It’s been a busy summer for us both so we haven’t been with each other as much as we’d like, but we’re good. Host: That’s amazing to hear. Thank you so much for stopping by and chatting with us. Hopefully we’ll see you again before your sold out tour. SZA: Hopefully. Thank you for having me. Back Together available everywhere.
  9. Back Together - SZA (Official Video) Uploaded to SZAVevo at midnight on June 14th, 2019 Director: Elizabeth "CupcakKe" Harris The music video starts off with a perspective view of SZA’s neighborhood with balloons floating in the air before the camera goes through her window and closes up to her laying on her bed. When the first verse starts she’s seen scrolling through her phone while serving face. Towards the end of the verse she gets a text from her ex and pauses and looks side to side because she feels weird. A clone of her then appears in another part of her house (she doesn’t know). During the pre-chorus she gets up and throws her phone in her purse and hits the town in her convertible. During the chorus she’s seen driving down the Pacific Coast Highway serving a bunch of beauty shots. During that time the video also went back to show her phone getting texts from her ex so a few more clones appeared in her house. For the second verse it shows her at the Santa Monica Pier with some friends as she’s approached by her ex and she sings the lyrics to him before walking off with her friends to the pre-chorus. Then they’re waiting in line to get on the ferris wheel so her ex comes over again and she mouths the third verse to him before walking off and reappearing back home. The music stops as she sees the clones before she shrugs it off and some sparks appear around them before her and the clones show up in front of a green screen with a band setup and jam out to the final chorus. For the bridge and the outro they continue to jam out and have fun until the end. Ⓟ2019 ROC Nation LLC, Distributed by UMG Recordings, Inc.
  10. How ever do you want me how ever do you need me
  11. karrueche x iTunes In support of the release of her debut album an iTunes Banner will be visible upon opening iTunes worldwide during the week of June 14th-20th.
  12. karrueche x Spotify (June 14th-20th) In support of her debut album 'expectations.' karrueche has paired up with Spotify to have her featured as the cover of both popular playlists New Music Friday and Today's Top Hits. New Music Friday (3,254,922 followers) 1. karrueche - "me so bad (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & French Montana)" 3. karrueche - "take it all" 7. karrueche - "shot clock" Today's Top Hits (23,378,104 followers) 1. karrueche - "more than that" 3. karrueche - "me so bad (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & French Montana)" 6. karrueche - "show love"
  13. karrueche unleashes highly anticipated debut album. Title: expectations. 🅴Artist: karruecheGenre: R&BLength: 33:31Release Date: June 14th, 2019 Tracklist: 1. ”can i” -- karrueche - 2:41 🅴 Written by Karrueche Tran; Kiana Ledé Produced by Rice N Peas 2. ”get in the way” — karrueche - 2:47 🅴 Written by Karrueche Tran; Kevin White; Mike Woods Produced by The Culture; Rice N Peas 3. ”more than that” — karrueche - 2:39 Written by Karrueche Tran; Prince Charlez Produced by Murda Beatz 4. ”show love” — karrueche - 2:58 🅴 Written by Karrueche Tran; Amber Streeter; Solana Rowe Produced by Z3N; Duro5. ”fairplay” (feat. A$AP Ferg) — karrueche - 2:47 🅴 Written by Karrueche Tran; Tinashe Kachingwe; Kevin White; Darold Ferguson, Jr. Produced by Desmond South 6. “shame” (feat. Vince Staples) — karrueche- 3:27 🅴 Written by Karrueche Tran; Kevin White; Vincent Staples Produced by Desmond South 7. “me so bad” (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & French Montana) — karrueche - 3:09 🅴 Written by Karrueche Tran; Tinashe Kachingwe; Tyrone Griffin, Jr.; Karim Karbouch Produced by Hitmaka 8. ”ex” — karrueche - 3:42 Written by Karrueche Tran Produced by The Culture; Rice N Peas 9. "wicked games" — karrueche - 3:01 🅴 Written by Karrueche Tran; Amber Streeter Produced by Rice N Peas 10. "shot clock" — karrueche - 3:21 🅴 Written by Karrueche Tran; Teyana Taylor Produced by Desmond South 11. "take it all" — karrueche - 3:00 🅴 Written by Karrueche Tran Produced by Rice N Peas STREAM: Ⓟ2019 ROC Nation LLC, Distributed by UMG Recordings, Inc.
  14. U.S. | Paid Promo 2/5 On June 13th, karrueche stopped by ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ to promote her new music from her upcoming debut album, expectations. After being introduced by Jimmy the camera switches to a close up of karrueche’s face and the stage is decorated with flowers and the LED screen is showing a visual of waves, As the instrumental for ‘more than that’ begins to play, the camera slowly draws out to show the stage, which has two stripper poles to each of her sides with dancers next to them. As she begins to sing the first verse the dancers begin to climb the poles and do their routine as she stands in the middle. As she gets into the pre-chorus she moves towards the camera very seductively before getting into the chorus and making her way back towards the center as the dancers continue to do their pole routine. As she gets into the second verse she gets on the floor and seductively moves around to match the lyrics and the camera zooms in. She then gets back up as the camera zooms out and sings the pre-chorus as the dancers slide down the poles and join her for some choreography to the chorus before ending the performance. more than that available everywhere.
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