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Tumblr has been sold to Wordpress for $2M

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Here's my thoughts on this as a former Tumblr user.

Tumblr's UI is full of bugs and is not exactly user-friendly. You basically have to use a third-party extension just to make blogging on it easier, which you shouldn't have to do. I left Tumblr months before they even thought of doing this because Tumblr's coding is wack and inefficient. Also, the system they put into place in order for the porn ban to be effective...backfired spectacularly. A lot of the blogs that were flagged were artist blogs and the system especially targeted sex workers that saw Tumblr as a safe platform to host their content/business.

The truth is, a huge percentage of people used Tumblr just for porn...and well if you ban porn, alongside having a system that flagged artists for no damn reason, of course their overall traffic and userbase will take a sharp nosedive. People won't stay if you ban the very thing they came to you for in the first place.

In 2016, I was bombarded with harassment for some dumb comment I made back then. I meant absolutely no harm by it and yet I was called a racist by those very people. Let's face it, people don't want to be on a platform with actual, true fascists. True fascists are those that are threatened by all that don't share the same mindset as them. Tumblr has A LOT of people with that toxic mentality.

What made me leave was Tumblr being a fucking hypocrite when it comes to the very reason they put the ban into effect. I made a report to them regarding a user creating child erotica of K-pop idols THAT WERE UNDERAGE AT THE TIME. And yet it took them 3 MONTHS to even acknowledge my report. I left Tumblr for good immediately after I got that e-mail.

This is nothing but karma for the platform as a whole, and I am glad that it is dying.

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Well, I only used it for porn, but I do understand that they really wanted to relieve that whole child porn thing because it high-key wasn't ok. 

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