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Kpop Star 5's Ahn Yeeun to invite children with heart conditions to her upcoming concert

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Ahn Ye-eun, a former K-pop star 5 contestant, is presenting hope to child patients.

Pandawhale Company, Yeeun's management agency, made the following statement:

"We will be inviting child patients and their carers from the cardiovascular ward of Severance Hospital to Yeeun's solo concert "Springtime Witch"[1] at Ewha Woman's University's Samsung Hall in Seoul."

Ahn Ye-eun is with children suffering from heart diseases at Severance Hospital, because Severance Hospital is the place where she was given a second life. Born with one atrium [2] missing, Ahn Ye-eun underwent surgery several times before she was even able to speak [3] to make her heart function properly.

The agency said that the memories of being at the crossroads of "living or not living" from an early age also had a significant impact on Ahn's worldview, adding that Ahn has shown special affection for the patients by participating in mini charity performances and donation funding at the hospital.

"I want to show that I can sing in such a healthy and energetic way now that I had a long life in the hospital," Ahn Ye-eun said through her agency. "I hope that the patients as well as their guardians will not lose hope."



[1] Had to search this in Korean to get the correct title from the company's official Twitter page.
[2] The original Korean term was '심방을'. I had to pull it out from the sentence as it got lost in translation.
[3] Originally was translated to "dropping the tongue" by the translator. This idiom does not exist in English, and needed to be rewritten entirely.

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