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Could a BTS subunit take their success in the U.S. to the next level?

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BTS is killing it like nobody else, we know this. But as someone who believes that the sky’s the limit, I often wonder about how things could be taken further. How about splitting them into smaller groups?

If you think about all the huge pop groups we’ve loved over the decades, the vast majority have had five or less members. Most of them had a lead singer anyway. The Pussycat Dolls, one of the very few with six members, was structured around Nicole, with the other five being her backup. Americans are always looking for the superstar of the pack, and not so much how each person contributes differently. BTS doesn’t have just one star. Seven members sharing fairly equal spotlight is a format that separates BTS from American pop groups. A format we aren’t quite accustomed to.

Add to that the language barrier, the rigid expectation of masculinity, and some internalized racism... and I think the U.S. isn’t fully ready for a BTS takeover just yet. But things are typically easier to digest in smaller bites. 

Smaller groups allow members to establish their individuality and connect with audiences on a more personal level. This is why a BTS subunit  could work to get people more engaged. When BTS steps off the stage, people would be able to point at J-Hope and say “he’s one of the rappers, very energetic, amazing dancer, way better than Usher.” After an interview they’d say, “wow Suga is such an interesting guy, super chill but also thoughtful but also funny but also adorable.” Fleshing out these personas helps to increase brand recognition and will keep people curious. 

What do you think about a subunit? Who should be in it?

I’m tryna see Jimin, V, and Jungkook as a trio, J-Hope and Jin as a duo, Suga and RM as another duo. Naturally.

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54 minutes ago, Dream Glow said:

I get the point, but no. BTS are as good as they are because every member adds something to the group. 



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