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7 minutes ago, IsThatSaraS said:

Well, my gran had her bag stolen by someone today.

Apparently, she asked my papa to take it to the car while she was using her walker,

but I think he left it by the entrance of a shop or something.

My cousin went to look for it, and they found the actual bag with only a few things left in it.

Her purse, phone and house keys were gone; she's canceled all her bank cards and stuff.

They also found her disabled parking pass thing by a bin in the car park ?


*sighs* also my mum was at a cash point, and she asked to take £10 out,

but the money didn't actually come out, even though it has been taken off her account.

This has happened to me before, so hopefully, she does get the money back...


... is anything else gonna happen this year to us??? ?

Thats so sad to hear sis! People can be so cruel. I hope the thief gets caught!

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On 10/22/2018 at 8:02 PM, Gale Weathers said:


I love coffee, as a matter of fact I'm drinking it rn. My mom says I drink it too much and that's why I have trouble falling asleep

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18 hours ago, Gale Weathers said:

You know you've made it, when flop forum members take inspiration from you :lmfao:

Jealousy Is A Disease, Die Slow

Isn't saying they should die slow a bit much? I thought this was a friendly forum <3 

I'm not trying to start drama but that seems a bit extreme 

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13 minutes ago, Gale Weathers said:

Ok, so my aunt, her boyfriend, my papa and now my gran are all coming down with a cold,

so I guess I'm not spending Xmas with them tomorrow   :lmfao:

I guess it's just me for the majority of the day until the mother gets off work :wendy9:

Oh damn, how do you feel about that? 

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I'm obsessed with this song. It's such a shame Ani DiFranco is so underrated and has no hits.
Growing up it was just me and my mom
Against the world
And all my sympathies were with her
When I was a little girl
But now I've seen both my parents
Play out the hands that they were dealt
And as each year goes by
I know more about how my father must have felt
I just want you to understand
That I know what all the fighting was for
And I just want you to understand
That I'm not angry anymore
No, I'm not angry anymore
She taught me how to wage a cold war
With quiet charm
But I just want to walk
Through my life unarmed
To accept and just get by
Like my father learned to do
But without all the acceptance and getting by
That got my father through


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