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The hosts and their main duties:
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@Breathin = Singles Charts, Bookings & Award Shows

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Neptune Records / Amanda Wolf @Pabllo
Moonlight Recordings / Ariana Grande @cocoCHANEL🅴
Mad House Records / H.E.R. / @Lynk
Butterfly Island / Butterfly Chien / @Natalia
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Pink Friday Entertainment / Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Big Sean, Tinashe & CupcakKe / @Nicki Minaj
Shadow Records / Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora & Camila Cabello / @Breathin
ROC Nation / Cassie, Bryson Tiller, SZA, Kash Doll & karrueche / @cocoCHANEL.
OFF Temper Entertainment / Normani, Beyoncé & Kendrick Lamar / @Venti
WILDD Records / Shawn Mendes, Madonna, Troye Sivan & TRNT / @Mr. Mendes 

Republic Records / Justin Bieber / @Lover

Clock Tower Records / Britney Spears, K Michelle & Poppy @Britney Spears
Freaky Entertainment / Armani, Megan Thee Stallion, Aya Nakamura & Trisha Paytas @kordei
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Columbia Records / Harry Styles, James Blake, ZAYN, TENDER & Ellie Goulding / @Starboy
Venus Records / Iggy Azalea / @Queen of Venus
Belleza Records / Bebe Rexha / @get well soon
Elusive Records / Mariah Carey / @Elusive Vanjie

Skippin Records / Olly Alexander, Sky Ferreira, Miranda Sings & Miz Cracker @kipperskipper
Ultraviolet Music / Diana Gordon, Ivy, Victoria Beckham & Jessica Simpson / @Natalia
Retrofuture Records / Fergie, Shakira, Cameron Dallas, Pabllo Vittar & Kylie Minogue / @Pabllo
Orchids Production / Azealia Banks, Katy Perry, Solange, Carly Rae Jepsen & Frank Ocean / @R.E.M.
Disco Tears Music / Bananarama & Cheryl / @Disco Tears
Gods & Monsters Records / Lana Del Rey / @Video Games
Paradise Records / Zendaya @xcx
Metallic Records / Taylor Swift @itsbritneybitch

Butterfly Records / 
Butterfly Chien / @Natalia
Interscope / Marina, Charli XCX & Kitty / @no angel
Neptune Records / Amanda Wolf / @Pabllo
Mad House Records / H.E.R / @Lynk


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Camila Cabello X iTunes
December 6 - December 13


A promotional banner has appeared on iTunes, promoting Camila Cabello's debut studio albim Never Be The Same on the platform. On the homepage, we can see the tab "Newly Released" as Camila's album is at the top spot there, the banner appears on the top and if you click on it you'll get directed to the page where you can buy the album in full or buy some of the songs seperate, whatever you like! 

Never Be The Same (track + album) are out now!

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Camila Cabello X 104.3 MYfm
December 6, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 2/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat


Host: My guest today is someone who just released her debut studio album after three years of waiting on it, the album includes the #1 single Havana and the top-ten singles Crying in the Club and Never Be the Same, give it up for Camila Cabello!
Camila: Heyyy! Thank you so much for having me!
Host: Thank you for being here. Congratulations on the release of your first album, your debut album. How does it feel now that it's finally out?
Camila: It literally feels so unreal, like I'm living in a dream. You know, this song says so much about my life, it's insane to think everyone is going to know small pieces of it. Songs like "Real Friends", "Something's Gotta Give", "All These Years" are song about the past and you know, it's okay for people to know it, but there's so much more behind it, so much more to tell. 
Host: Well, I haven't had the time to listen to it since I was busy preparing the show, but once I'm off I'm going to listen to it, I'll tweet you when I have my final thoughts (laughs)
Camila: Hahaha, yes do that, I love to know you reaction to the album!
Host: The album is really a piece of you, I've read some reviews from publishers who listened to the album earlier this week, it's personal, but also brings you into the world of you, amazing!
Camila: I really want to grab everyone's attention with this album, so I hope I did just that.
Host: Well, I hope you did! So, tickets for your "Never Be The Same Tour" are also on-sale right now as we speak, wow!
Camila: Yeah, people can buy tickets to see me perform and sing for them, I'm so excited to go on tour, so so so so excited, we start in August of next year, so we have a lot of time to prepare the best show ever!
Host: Well, you always bring your A-game in performances, so I know for sure it's going to be amazing!
Camila: Thank you!
Host: So, your song [Never Be the Same] climbed back to the #2 spot on iTunes, how does it feel seeing a song doing so well?
Camila: I never imagined it doing so good, it's amazing to see how people are embracing the song. I've seen a lot of reactions on Twitter and Instagram of the song and they are all so sweet and nice, it warms my heart!
Host: Must feel good knowing people are loving the songs you put out!
Camila: It does, hard work really pays off and that is that.
Host: You really are doing the best you possibly can, congratulations on everything you achieved so far and I know 2020 will be a great year for you!
Camila: Thank you so much!
Host: Would you like to introduce your own song?
Camila: Ofcourse! Hey guys, this is Camila Cabello and you're going to listen to my new single Never Be the Same here on 104.3 MYfm!

Never Be the Same (song) is out now, Camila's debut album "Never Be The Same" is out now and available everywhere, buy tickets to the "Never Be The Same Tour" now!

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Camila Cabello X The Ellen Show
December 6, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 3 / 5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat


Ellen: My guest this evening is someone who just released her debut studio album. After releasing her debut solo single Crying in the Club five months ago, she managed to score four top ten singles with her debut single, I Have Questions, Havana and now her newest single Never Be the Same. Today her debut studio album "Never Be The Same" came out and is sky-rocketing to the top spots on iTunes Charts around the world. Please welcome, Camila Cabello!
Camila: Hey, Ellen, I'm so excited to be here!
Ellen: I'm excited to have you, how are you?
Camila: I'm doing good, thank you, and you?
Ellen: Same, thanks. You should be happy, your debut album is doing amazingly here in the States but also worldwide, people are loving it!
Camila: I'm so happy everyone is liking the album so far, can't wait to hear some of their favorite songs from the album!
Ellen: Yes! What I love about you is that you are always so happy in life and always cheering everyone up!
Camila: Well .. I can be sad sometimes, but what is the point of staying sad 24/7? You need to make it fun yourself, start the party, be happy, cheer everyone up, get them all together and enjoy, you know? So that is what I do, when I go in for a recording sessions or a interview or a performance, I'm always happy, cheering everybody up in the room or backstage and then I see they are happy too and that makes me happy again and that gives me power to give it my all during a performance for instance. 
Ellen: Nicely said. So, what are you favorite songs from your own album?
Camila: That's a hard one. I got a lot of favorite songs on the album, but if I need to make a top five I will say: She Loves Control, In The Dark, All These Years, Something's Gotta Give and Never Be the Same, these are my favorites from the album as of right now, last week I had a total different top five (laughs).
Ellen: Well, I had the chance to listen and I truly love In The Dark, the bridge of that song, it's amazing and I play it over and over again!
Camila: That's so sweet of you, thank you so much!
Ellen: Not a problem at all, so, tickets for your tour are selling fast, are you excited for 2020?
Camila: Oh, definitely. I've seen a lot of screenshots already that people have bought tickets, Meet & Greets and stuff like that and it gets me so so so excited for the tour, it begins in August of next year, so we have a lot of time still yet, but I can't wait to go to the meetings for the tour, rehearse, making everything and stuff like that.
Ellen: Amazing, well, I hope 2020 is going to be a great year for you, thank you for joining me today. 
Camila: No, Ellen! Thank YOU for having me, I had so much fun!
Ellen: That's sweet. Camila Cabello's single Never Be the Same is out now, her debut album "Never Be The Same" is also available right now and you can buy tickets to her Never Be The Same Tour right now!

Never Be the Same (song) is out now, Camila's debut album "Never Be The Same" is out now and available everywhere, buy tickets to the "Never Be The Same Tour" now!

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It's been over a year since Shawn Mendes released his last solo song. That came on his Grammy nominated album Evolution. Since then Shawn has been released music alongside other artists, chiefly with Diana Gordon as part of the Southside & Yonge super-duo team up but also with a variety of other artist's on their projects. Shawn had a busy year with these songs and namely his record breaking, critically acclaimed Forever Young World Tour and after taking a few months off, he returned to the studio to begin production on the highly anticipated SM3. But to everyone's pleasant surprise, Shawn has released a stand alone solo single just in time for the end of the year. Unsurprisingly however, it's a song that carries a greater purpose. The song is a song for the holidays, but it isn't a holiday song. Love Is All We Have Left is a reminder to let love rule this season and to not forget to keep our humanity as close to us as the gifts that sit under the tree. Shawn teamed up with The United Nations Foundation, a worldwide charity organization operated by the UN, to help spread this crucial message. It was announced that this song would completely benefit the foundation with every cent earned from the song being given to the organization. To help ensure the song reaches the audience Shawn hopes for it to, he has begun a short promotional tour of the US. 





"This season, I knew that I wanted to do a song but I didn't want it to be a traditional holiday song. Not that I don't have a fondness for Christmas music, I do. I just didn't feel the pull to do that. What I did feel the pull to do was make a song that wasn't really traditional but could still slide into this time of year, and most importantly do my part to help out. Love Is All We Have Left is a reminder to everybody that in the hustle and bustle of this season, we need to remember to let love be the guide and we need to remember everyone on this planet and keep them in mind, not just ourselves and our loved ones. The sad truth is that this time of year, there's more pain than people would like to admit. Unemployment, homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse, and more all sky rocket around the holidays. It's a time for joy and cheer for many, but a time for stress and pain for others. The simple fact of a parent being so poor that they can't afford to purchase gifts for their children all the way to something as complex as not being allowed to celebrate any holiday because your country is in the midst of a war. These are all things happening really year round, but they sting that little bit more this time of year because the populace at large turns their back on these issues. This song's purpose is to make sure those things don't slip the mind of everyone. I feel that there's so much greed around the holidays and the idea giving really falls in the wake of getting. It's something that the UN agreed with and they came in with me on the song which has given me the chance to make this really mean something and have an impact."


"This has really been a big year for me in terms of working with other artists. It's kind of funny actually because I just never did that for the first two years of my career. I suppose I was making up for lost time! Of course the most recent one is on Camila Cabello's new album and it's called Señorita. The collaboration wasn't one I was really expecting to happen to be perfectly honest with you. I got an email from her around August and she basically introduced herself and told me what she had in mind. I went to go and meet with her at the studio she was working in and we didn't really work on the song that first day. We mainly spent the day talking and getting to know each other. I won't lie, it felt a little bit awkward at first. She told me that it was a little bit strange for her because she's really new to this industry as a solo artist and I've been doing this for over three years now, which really doesn't make me too much of a senior, but enough that she felt weird directing me. I just told her it was her album and I wasn't coming in to try and take over. We agreed to meet up the next day and we decided on the song's concept and we wrote the lyrics right then. I told her that I'd compose the music for the song so I took the lyrics with me back to California so I could work on it at home. I composed most of it and I took back to her and she added her own pieces and ideas to it. Then we spent the next week or so recording it and we were done. It was all in all about two weeks of work and it flowed pretty naturally. We worked well together. She's a very determined worker and so am I so we didn't waste any time making it happen. I think it turned out pretty well."


RYAN: "Shawn's new charity single Love is All We Have Left, benefitting The United Nations Foundation, is available now. You can also donate to the foundation through Shawn's website as well as the UN Foundation website."

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Camila Cabello X Saturday Night Live
December 7, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 4/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat


Camila Cabello appeared on Saturday Night Live (December 7) to promote her album "Never Be The Same", on the show, she performed the single Never Be the Same and performed album track Consequences. 

Performance #1: Never Be the Same
Host: Here with the debut performance of her new single Never Be the Same, give it up for Camila Cabello!

As the instrumental for Never Be the Same begins, we can see the camera slowly turning to the stage, the ground is covered in fog as Camila is on a lifted part of the stage, as a microphone stand is in front of her, she grabs it with two hands as she sings the first verse of the song, as the visual screen goes from black/grey sparkles showing, the video behind goes to show behind-the-scenes footage we have never seen before. 


As Camila sings the chorus and ends it, the video plays as we can see Camila staring in to the camera and saying: "Let's do this" - after that, she sings the second verse, as the visual shows different footages, from behind-the-scenes footage of her NME cover photoshoot, to behind-the-scenes footage of rehearsing this performance, to behind-the-scenes footage of Camila writing songs in the studio for her debut album, to footage of Camila and her friends having a movie night, to behind-the-scenes footage of the music video for Never Be the Same, everything can be seen in the visual. As she ends the second chorus of the song, the bridge comes on and the lights go a little darker as Camila sings some of the words but saves her voice for the higher note that comes at the end of the song. As she sings "it's you babe and I'm a sucker for the way that you move (babee)", she manages to do some higher notes at the "it's you" and "(babee)" part of the song and it sound absolutely incredible, she smiles as the camera shows the total picture of the stage, she moves around the lifted part of the stage, she shakes her haid and hair, she takes the microphone off the stand as she gives it her all and ends the performance.

Performance #2: Consequences
Host: Once again, Camila Cabello!

As the host ends his introduction, we can see Camila Cabello sitting behind a piano, as one white light shines on her. We can see her wearing a white dress, it's the same exact dress she wore in the video for Never Be the Same (second visual, official music video). 



On the top of the piano, we can see a huge rose bouquet laying on it [the top of the piano], as rose petals are covering the keys of the piano. Camila looks into the camera as she smiles and starts playing a more dramatic and emotional instrumental of the song [Consequences]. Thirty seconds in, she stops playing the piano and five seconds after that she plays the instrumental of the song, as the lights turn more on and on in the studio, we can see behind her that rose petals are covering the whole floor of the stage. Behind Camila is a choir (consisting out of 8 people), who sing some of the songs with her with perfect harmony, making it a more emotional and powerful performance. As Camila comes to the chorus of the song, she puts all her voice into it and sings perfectly and does some higher notes, she sounds absolutely amazing and gives it her all, she keeps it relaxing and calm and loveable to listen, like, closing your eyes and feeling all the emotions Camila is singing about. The visual screen is turning on when Camila reaches the second verse of the song, it's a video of a couple spending a lot of time together, having a wonderful time, laughing, crying, feeling loved and just being in loved, just a looking back at some beautiful moments. The camera then shows Camila again during the bridge of the song, as she watches the visual screens and she has a big smile on her mouth as she sings the bridge perfectly with somewhere in between a higher note. As lights are dimmed again and the choir is singing the bridge with her, rose petals are falling down, creating a beautiful moment as light shines through it, the light only shines on Camilal later on as she sings the last chorus of the song, she puts all her emotion into it as she closes off the performance right there, she stands up and turns to the audience as she bows and smiles. 

Outfits for the performances


Outfit during Never Be the Same



Outfit during Consequences




Never Be the Same (single) is out now, "Never Be The Same", the debut album by Camila Cabello which features both songs is out now and available everywhere, tickets for "Never Be The Same Tour" are also available!

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real 92.3 logo ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Aaliyah x Real 92.3
[December 5 | 2nd Radio | Paid | Call-In | California / US]



On December 5th, Aaliyah called Real 92.3 to do an interview. She talked about "Motivation", "Happy Part II", having creative control on her work and being free. "Your single Happy Part II has been on the top of our charts. It's been one of the most played songs in here for a while. It's such a great song for the season."

"That was one of the reasons why i decided to drop this. I thought that Happy Part II would welcome all of my listeners to the Winter season. A warm ballad for these cold days which can keep you warm too. I actually released this to make you all start getting ready for Motivation also. Looks like my plan didn't work. *giggles*"

"*laughs* We weren't ready at all. It has been making us get up and dance in the office since last Friday. We loved the track, can you explain it for our listeners?"

"Okay sure. First of all, thanks for the love. I love the fact that my recent songs start clicking with people easily and faster than the previous times. Second of all, this song was written based on the things that made me feel motivated. Like dancing, singing, writing etc etc. I wanted to use the "dancing" sample and "dancing my mistakes away gives me some motivation" lyric was born first. That was the first line i wrote and then i was like...okay the title will be Motivation. Dancing, indeed helps me to not think about myself cause i totally sell my soul to the music when it comes out and i'm on the dancefloor at that moment."

"You're really writing your music and i can see that you're being involved on this %100 since your departure from the previous CEO of your record label."

"Well, as i should cause it's my album and it's my time to have a say on this. I always had time to put my energy to this project and said what had to be said cause like most of the artists out there, i would like to be aware that my album is good. At this moment, i would definitely describe this next record as "good and definitely a better one".


"Motivation" & "Happy Part II", available now.

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Miranda Sings on MTV News

Free US Promo (12.6)

Image result for mtv news

Miranda on Christmas Cookies Remix with Marshmello

This is just a fun little remix that I wanted to put out. It is really for the fans this time. It is more like a gift. I think Christmas Cookies was an under rated song on the previous album, so I knew that I wanted to remix it. I decided to team up with Marchmellows cuz I just knew he would be a perfect fit! I mean his name is marchmello after all, so of course he would be perfect for a song about Christmas Cookies!! The song was already a fun rap/edm/ christmas song, but Marchmello took it to the next level. Now it really is a banger that you can arty and dance to. I know the Mirfandas will really enjoy this one, and you can play it at all of your Christmas parties this year!!

Miranda on teasing new music with Olly Alexander

So you have been noticing my tweets I see? Well I can't confirm or deny anything, but what I will say is that I have a really big, ginormous, super duper spechil, HUGE gift that I will release to fans this Friday December 13th!! Is it a song? Is it a video? Is it a show? Who knows! You will have to stay tuned until Friday. I will also say the the gift is from me and 2 other people. So that makes it even more spechil!! If I were you I would keep an eye on my titter page, because the next couple of days I will be teasing it more and giving more informachin and clues. I mean I already gave clues. I guess I can confirm that Olly Ollyzander will be apart of this spechil surprise. But that is ALL the info i will give. No more secrets. You will just have to wait and see. 


After the interview the host reminded everyone to buy/stream Christmas Cookies and to pre-order Happy Holedays: 2 You!!


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WWMX Mix 106.5 FM ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Aaliyah x WWMX Mix 106.5 FM
[December 5 | 3rd Free Radio | Massachusetts / US]



On December 5th, Aaliyah appeared on "WWMX Mix 106.5 FM" to talk about her new single Motivation and finalizing the album...still. "It's been a perfect winter so far cause we got the new bop released by the one and only, Aaliyah. Who's also here with us today. Welcome!"

"Hey y'all. Thanks for having me today."

"Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate it. Listen, this new bop you dropped is fire. Loved it so much!"

"Thank you, sir. I wrote this while wondering if my listeners were going to embrace this one more than they did with Happy Part II & Advice. I guess i was right, after all. The support has been overwhelming for this one, it all happened quickly but i'm really grateful for the love. Glad you all loved this new tune."

"There are a lot of people loving your slow songs but to me, your upbeat songs are better. Loved this new song you dropped."

"I do love releasing upbeat songs too. I love performing upbeat songs more so you guys might see me putting out more of them throughout this new "era". Can't wait to perform this new one at some places. Don't worry, i have that in mind."

"It's infectious too lyrically and sonically."

"Yes, it almost makes you feel like i'm demanding you to get up, walk towards the dancefloor, get on it and start dancing. If you want to forget everything for three minutes, just search Motivation on all streaming platforms and press play. You're going to thank me later."

"We can't wait to hear the final version of the album! How do you feel after being done with the record?"

"Actually, the thing is...i'm not done yet. Well i realized that i wasn't really done with it a couple of days ago. The reason why is that the first two songs' production don't really match with the album's overall production so... i'm trying to fix some problems at the studio nowadays so if you see me getting caught by paps online, that's the reason why i'm at the studio."


"Motivation", available now.

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WHYN FM Mix 93. ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Aaliyah x WHYN FM Mix 93.1
[December 6 | 4th Free Radio | Massachusetts / US]



On December 6th, Aaliyah appeared on "WHYN FM Mix 93.1" to talk about Motivation, Happy Part II, having a successful year and working on tour. "We're about to start the new decade. After debuting a year ago, what has changed in your life since then?"

"Everything about me, of course. As many of you know, there were so many things going on in my life before and it lasted in a couple of months, thank God. I had so many battles with my personal life and career and am actually surprised that i was able to hold myself together no matter what. I have been trying to learn from my mistakes since then. Everything is fine."

"Glad to hear that. There were so many rumors during those moments that it would be over for your career but you had a massive year. Even better than the first year."

"And i'm so grateful and thankful for each second of this year. The amount of love and support that has been coming at me since she dreams of bloody tears was dropped...i don't have enough words to describe how happy i am by that. I fixed myself, i fixed my career, i got the creative control and have been releasing the songs i wanted and i wrote myself. First Advice, then Happy Part II and now Motivation. This era will always have a special place in my heart."

"Your single Happy Part II must be special though. If i remember correctly, it represents your current state in life am i right?"

"You're absolutely right. I wrote Happy Part II as the continuation of the single i released a year ago called "Happy". At the end of the day, i'm happy and i will still remain happy no matter what happens. This song is me telling everyone that i'm thankful for everything and thankful to see you all making me smile and happy."

"Since you're able to write and control your career now, i think it's all giving you the "motivation" you need huh?"

"Okay i see you coming with these...puns."

"Just wanted to tell you that i loved the new single. I should get up on the dancefloor and dance my mistakes away tonight."

"You should. Not only you, i think everyone should. Dancing just makes you stop stressing about life and things you go through on a daily basis. It gives you motivation. So...go dance while listening to my new single titled Motivation."

"You had to sneak it in there."

"I had to, just wanted to spread the word. *giggles*"


"Motivation" & "Happy Part II", available now.

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WJYY ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Aaliyah x WJYY 105.5
[December 7 | 5th Free Radio | New Hampshire / US]



On December 7th, Aaliyah appeared on "WJYY 105.5" to talk about Motivation, Happy Part II, working on tour and future plans. "2020 is among us. What are you up to next year?"

"I'm looking forward to continue doing my own thing with this new era, new singles that i'll drop and well, the album itself. I'm so excited for everyone to hear these new tunes i'm going to drop. It's all fresh, current and not outdated. I think i got all the upcoming talented producers out there to create this magic. Must send all my love to them, you're gonna know who soon."

"I just can't wait for you to announce the album already. Hope you don't make us wait for too long."

"All i'm going to say is that the album will arrive soon."

"Are there any plans for tour? I actually saw you at the Street Thing Tour."

"Oh my god you did? Where?"

"It was one of the California dates, if i remember correctly. You were incredible."

"Oh my god thank you and oops...sorry i forgot about the question. *laughs* Um..are there any plans for tour? That's a nice question and the answer would be yes. Exclusive fact: I wasn't going to tour for this album and there was actually going to be a tour for the collab record. So...i think i have to say sorry for y'all. The tour for the upcoming record only is on the way. We're just going through the creative process."

"You're going to close the decade with two of my favorite songs of the year already! Loved Happy Part II & Motivation! Tell us about both tracks"

"Thanks for the love sweetheart. Happy Part II is a song i wrote back in March. One of the first songs that made to the final version of the upcoming record, by the way. I wrote this and sang this by heart, telling my listeners that i'm in a happy place right now because of the support they gave me during my worst times. Motivation is a song about me finding a way to motivate myself, if you know that would be easy for you to know what i'm talking about. It's dancing. As an entertainer, i love dancing and singing at the same time right? And well, there's a video coming for that one really soon where you'll see me doing many dance moves in it. So excited for that one."


"Motivation" & "Happy Part II", available now.

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Sky Ferriera on  The Kelly Clarkson Show

Free US Promo (12.6)

Image result for the kelly clarkson show

Sky on The Life of Flowers acclaim

I was genuinely surprised. I was just over the moon when I was reading each of the reviews. I didn't expect it to have this much acclaim. It just made feel so good. I mean this album was my most personal one yet. Every song had a special place in my heart and meant so much to me. So to know that others were receptive of that and to know that it actually touched some people was more than I could have ever asked for. I didn't expect it to be met with open arms or love. It is the nicest feeling in the world to have your peers and music critics like your work. It does make me feel validated. I knew this album was something special to me, but I didn't know that others would feel the same way. I mean charts, sales, all of that doesn't mean anything to me. I am a songwriter first, an artist, and that is what I want to be known for. So this really made my year.

Sky on new song Poetry

I just released my new song Poetry this week! It is one of the songs that is near and dear to my heart, and surprisingly it really resonated with a lot of people. I mean a lot of the publications were praising it, and I was genuinely surprised about that. It was just met with a lot of attention and a lot of love, so I knew I wanted to release it as a "thanks" and as a gift to the fans that reached out after hearing it. The song is about reflecting on a past relationship that was toxic and broken. When you go through something like that, it really breaks you down. You go through all the phases. You feel insecure, insignificant, and just hurt. But then you get to a point where you become numb and you have had enough. That is something that I went through.  I think this song resonated with a lot of people because it was so genuine and "real". I think people respond to that because they can either relate to it or sympathize with it.



After the interview the host reminded everyone to buy/stream Poetry and The Life of Flowers!

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Sky Ferriera on 99.1 KGGI

Free US Promo 12.6


Hello and welcome back to 99.1 KGGI! Today we have a special guest with us! It is the one and only, Sky Ferriera!

Hello! Thank you so much for having me!

My pleasure. Now Sky, you have recently released your album The Life of Flowers, that went #1. It was  such a long process to get there,  but you did!! How does it feel to know it paid off?

Well I think the journey itself was more rewarding, but the #1 was the cherry on top. As a songwriter and artist, all I want is to share my art, hope people hear it and see it, and then hope it at least means something to them. So I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about the long journey. There was a part of me that was scared that no one would care to hear the album anymore. I was afraid people gave up. But I think it's because I never gave up that they were so invested and patient. I was genuinely shocked to see it sell so much and debut at #1. 

Not only did it reach #1, it was also met with so much acclaim. That must feel nice.

It does. It was nice to know that the hard work paid off. All the fine tuning, al the reworks, all of that was worth it in the end. I didn't take an extra 6 months or so to just delay it for no reason. I really wanted to make it the best that I could. So for it to receive any sort of praise was fulfilling in my eyes.

Well it certainly was deserved. Speaking of which, your new song Poetry was met with a lot of praise!! Is this why you chose to release it?

Kind of. It was more of like a "thanks" to everyone that was receptive of it. I knew I wanted to release a new song soon, and it was the perfect fit. It was the natural next step.

Well it is really lovely.


Poetry and The Life of Flowers by Sky Ferreira are now available for stream/purchase!!


Poetry then plays on the radio!

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(available at cassiesuper.com)



Cassie has updated her online merchandise store with brand new items inspired by her current single, CASSIE, and her promotional single, Forget You Not. The CASSIE collection has expanded with two new t-shirts available and the newly added Forget You Not collection offers a vinyl, cassette, and two different hoodies. They all come with a digital download of their respected single.


Vinyl: $10

Cassette: $10

T-Shirts: $15

Hoddies: $25

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Australia | Free Promo | 1st Article
On December 5th, karrueche stopped by ‘105.7 Radio Metro’ to promote her latest single from her debut album, expectations.
: Good morning everybody. Today we have an extra special guest in the studio. She’s an international R&B sensation who’s taken everyone by storm with hits like more than that and me so bad…. Karrueche!
Kae: Hey… How’s it going?
Host: Good. I understand you just arrived in Australia. How is it going so far? Good. I hope.
Kae: It’s been lovely so far. I’m just glad to be back. Feels like it has been a while.
Host: Well we’re so happy to have you back. So you recently released the third single off your amazing debut album. It’s called ‘can i’ and it’s currently top ten on Australian iTunes. Did you expect the song to do so well right off the bat?
Kae: No, I’m surprised it’s doing well at all since it’s more on the R&B side and usually overseas you guys tend to prefer pop tracks. I appreciate the support though. This is one of my top 3 songs on the album so to see people love it as much as I do is great.
Host: A lot of people have been saying that the song is about a certain ex of yours. Care to comment?
Kae: I mean that’s a fair assumption, but I feel like it applies to several prior  relationships. If you noticed I’m a relationship girl and I fall pretty hard so moving on is really a struggle for me. The song is more so about that feeling after a break up more than being about a person. 
Host: Got it. Well that’s totally relatable. You’ve been teasing the music video for the song recently. Do we have a date? 
Kae: Either the 13th or the 20th. We’re getting that together right now. I’ve been holding off because that’s one of the last things for a single release, you know? After that there’s nothing really to be excited about other than performances and stuff. 
Host: I never really thought about that. Well I’m sure the fans are tired of waiting so I’m glad we could squeeze out a date for them. Does the video have a storyline?
Kae: I would say so. I feel like it’s very 2000’s inspired. If I had to give a reference, I’d say like Damaged by Danity Kane or something. There’s an overall theme to it is all I’d say. It’s really cute. I’ve been rewatching it to make sure there’s any little edits to make and it’s probably one of my favorite videos I’ve done to date.
Host: Well we can’t wait to see it. Thank you so much for stopping by and chatting with us. 'can i’ off karrueche’s debut album, ‘expectations.’ can be found everywhere you consume music.

can i available everywhere.

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U.S. | Free Promo | 1st Article
On December 6th, Cassie stopped by ‘MTV News’ to promote her latest music from her upcoming junior album, Don’t Play It Safe. 

On Don’t Play It Safe
“I’m so excited for the album to finally come out. I spent most of 2019 recording and perfecting it. This album means a lot to me, because it’s very light and fun, but still talks about important things that I’ve been through. It’s sonically such a polar opposite from Stripped. The album goes through themes of challenging yourself, revelling in your greatness, being independent, vocalizing concerns in a relationship, and addressing past trauma. There’s a little bit of everything on this album for everybody. I’m really proud of all the sounds I’ve been able to fit into this project without it feeling like a playlist. I just released the official tracklist last night so the countdown begins! 7 days…”

“I’m so proud of what the song has been able to accomplish. I really feel like I challenged myself both sonically and lyrically so for it to pay off the way it has is amazing to see. I was a  little scared to basically come so cocky and arrogant on a tack because everyone knows that's not really my personality. It’s something I’ve adapted because I’m actually really passive and chill, but sometimes you have to know how to turn that on. I’m glad the song has helped people feel good about themselves and let them know that it’s okay to turn that on here and there.”

On Forget You Not
“First off, it’s currently top 5 on U.S. iTunes and top 10 everywhere else. That’s totally shocking to me, because it truly was just supposed to an appetizer for the album. I’m glad that song is resonating with people and also the video. I really just wanted to let people know that it’s okay if you can’t get over a traumatic experience. I feel like the world just expects you to get over things, which I definitely think you should try and work out your issues, but it’s nearly impossible to completely forget. That’s why in the video I show myself in a psychiatrist's office and I’m trying to work through it, but it’s hard. Hopefully it helps in that way. I really only bring these kind of things up because I’ve turned my pain into my passion and I want to help use the knowledge I’ve been able to obtain to help at least one other person out.”

Forget You Not/CASSIE available everywhere. Don’t Play It Safe out December 13th.

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CupcakKe x Sunrise
(Date: December 5, 2019; Location: Australia; 1st article; PAID)

Image result for sunrise logo

Host: We've got a fresh face in the studio this morning. We don't see her very often but she's finally made her way over here in Australia. Please give it up for the wonderful rapper, songwriter, performer, entertainer CupcakKe. How are you doing this morning?
CupcakKe: I'm great! Thank you so much for having me!
Host: We're so excited to have you over here in Australia. You were last here on your tour with SZA and Cassie early last year but, now, you're back and you've officially taken over the world since then. How is it all feeling?
CupcakKe: It's so insane! My fans on Twitter are very up to date with how my songs perform on charts and all that and I've seen that Glass and Total, my last two singles, have been doing so well in Australia. Like, Glass was #1 and they're both like bajillion times platinum, which is crazy because you don't really think rap songs would be that big in Australia.
Host: But we absolutely love you, as you know. You were just here to perform on The Voice Australia with Charli XCX, a huge pop star. It's your new single with her, Invitation. Let's have a little look at the performance..

On 12/5/2019 at 2:56 PM, Nicki Minaj said:

or the second verse, CupcakKe is right in front of the car and is rapping the lyrics to the crowd as Charli slowly makes her way out of the car to meet her there. She was posing right next to CupcakKe as she rapped the rest of her verse. As the chorus came back, CupcakKe and Charli were looking fierce right in front of the car as the dancers made their way out to either sides of the car to do some choreography as CupcakKe and Charli performed the chorus.

Host: Amazing! Very high energy! How was the performance?
CupcakKe: Charli and I are very close. She's been supporting me since very early on in my career so I'm very grateful for her and we click so well so it was just like two friends hanging out. Plus, it was fun to have the car over there and be able to play around with it. There's nothing better for a performer than a prop to play with *laughs* so it was a lot of fun, and the crowd was surprisingly very energetic. You don't really expect that on T.V. shows.
Host: Well, it isn't often that we get to see you performing so I'm sure they were very excited! But, of course, that is about to change pretty soon. You've been touring all around the world lately. You've visited Europe and the U.K. and you had a completely sold out run of your solo tour in the U.S. and Canada. Where are we going next?
CupcakKe: Well, I think you know the answer to that! My fans have been begging me to come to Australia with the tour for forever and that time is finally here! Do y'all have the poster? There it is!


CupcakKe: There it is, you guys! We're taking The Sweeter Than A CupcakKe Tour to Australia and New Zealand for six dates! It's starting in February and I'm super excited to come over. I hope y'all are able to come!
Host: And what can we expect from this show?
CupcakKe: Just a lot of fun. The show itself is very celebratory, very tongue in cheek and very spontaneous. If you love big pop shows like a Lady Gaga show or a Katy Perry concert, you can expect a lot of that razzle and dazzle in my show. I definitely think we've done a good job of making a big pop spectacle out of my music.
Host: And when can the people buy tickets?
CupcakKe: They're going on sale this Tuesday at midnight so y'all have got a little bit of time to really figure everything out, get your money up and see who you're gonna go with. It's gonna be a huge celebration!
Host: Everyone at home, you can head to livenation.com.au/cupcakke right now to figure out how you'll get your tickets to go see CupcakKe this February in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and, until then, you can pick up her album The CupcakKe Times, which has the new single Invitation on it. Thank you so much for coming this morning!
CupcakKe: Thank you for having me!
Host: We'll be back after the break!

*Invitation plays into the ad break*

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CupcakKe just announced on Australian morning show Sunrise that The Sweeter Than A CupcakKe Tour will be heading to Australia and New Zealand in February 2020. The tour will visit Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide and one show is currently booked for each city. As of now, there is no information about a support act. Tickets will go on sale through official retailers on December the 10th at 12am, local time to each venue. 

February 1, 2020 | Auckland, New Zealand | Vector Arena |
February 3, 2020 | Melbourne, Australia | Rod Laver Arena |
February 5, 2020 | Sydney, Australia | Qudos Bank Arena |
February 7, 2020 | Brisbane, Australia | Brisbane Entertainment Centre |
February 9, 2020 | Perth, Australia | Perth Arena |
February 11, 2020 | Adelaide, Australia | Adelaide Arena |

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