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U.S. | Free Promo | 2nd Article
On February 20th, Ariana Grande stopped by “Star 107.9’ in Las Vegas’ to promote her lead single from her upcoming album.
: Good morning Las Vegas! Today’s guest is one of the biggest artists out right now. Her latest hit has been killing the charts. We have Ariana Grande in the building! Hello Ariana.
Ariana: Hello. What’s up?
Host: Well first things first, thank you so much for stopping by. We don’t get too many A-listers here.
Ariana: That’s a shame, but it’s no problem. I love radio interviews.
Host: Well I want to start by saying congratulations on 7 rings. It just climbed to #2 on the Hot 100. How are you feeling? It’s so close to #1!
Ariana: I’m feeling amazing. I just love that everyone is enjoying the song as much as I enjoyed making it. It’s a tad bit different for me sonically so I’m happy it’s been welcomed so effortlessly.
Host: Well when it’s good it’s good. Well tomorrow I heard you will be launching the capsule collection inspired by the song. What made you want to create the song its own collection?
Ariana: Well the song is very materialistic and I just felt like it made sense. Immediately after my friends and I recorded the song, I knew immediately I wanted to create at minimum some dope merch, but when my new venture with Pretty Little Thing looked like it was going to close I decided to take it up a notch. I’m so excited for tomorrow.
Host: That’s so dope. Well you’re also performing at the American Music Awards this weekend. How are you feeling?
Ariana: I’m feeling amazing. I love award shows performances because you get more space to play with and just put on an amazing production. I’ve literally been counting down the days. The stage is my favorite place as an artist and I’m just ready to give y’all what you deserve on Saturday.
Host: That’s so dope. So I know 7 rings is only a couple weeks old, but the fans are thirsting for some more music from the album. When can we expect at least a promo track?
Ariana: I think sometime in March would be ideal. I’m really just trying to enjoy the lead up to the album and give each song its time. That’s why I gave a general time frame for the album because you never know…
Host: Well what we do know is that we’ll be looking forward to your performance this weekend at the AMA’s. Everybody make sure to check out 7 rings available on all digital platforms. Ariana thanks again for stopping by and chatting with us. 
Ariana: It’s honestly my pleasure. This has been so fun.

7 rings available everywhere.

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U.S. | Free Promo | 3rd Article
On February 21st, Ariana Grande stopped by “Real 103.9’ in Las Vegas’ to promote her lead single from her upcoming album.

Host: What’s up everybody! You’re listening to the one and only Real 103.9. Vegas’ #1 spot for Hip hop and R&B. Today’s guest is someone who we all know and love. Her latest single is a pop ,r&b, and trap banger that’s been taking over the charts. Ariana Grande!
Ariana: Hey… 
Host: Welcome to the station. How’s Las Vegas treating you so far?
Ariana: It’s been nice. I plan on going to see Mariah tonight at The Colosseum. Can’t wait for that.
Host: Oh wow. I heard great things about her show. Should we expect to see you pulled on stage fora duet?
Ariana: I could only wish.
Host: Well if not, we’ll be seeing you perform your smash hit ‘7 rings’ at the American Music Awards tomorrow. On a scale of 1-10. How excited are you for the show?
Ariana: 11. I’m so excited for my debut award show performance of ‘7 rings’. I’ve been rehearsing like crazy and the set and everything is insane. I feel like the era is finally beginning.
Host: Well something else that began for you is the collection you dropped for the single. It officially dropped this morning. How is that going?
Ariana: Well as of right now, it’s selling really fast. It’s a capsule collection so we won’t be restocking. I wanted the fans to have some kind of exclusivity during the era. I’m just happy it's finally out. I can’t wait to be tagged in all the pictures once everyone receives their orders.
Host: Right. Well congratulations on that. A lot of people have been asking for a remix of ‘7 rings’. A lot of them want you to get Nicki, Kash, or Megan to hop on the song. What do you think of that?
Ariana: That’s actually not a bad idea. I love all three of the ladies so we’ll see.I’m not completely ruling an official remix out. I just feel like each lady is worthy of actually getting in the studio and creating with.
Host: Right. Well thank you so much for stopping by. Good luck on your performance tomorrow night. We’ll be watching. Would you like to do the honors?
Ariana: Of course. “Hey everybody. It’s your girl Ariana Grande and you’re listening to my new single ‘7 rings’ on the one and only Real 103.9… Vegas’ #1 spot for hip hop and r&b!”

7 rings available everywhere.

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U.S. | Paid Promo | 4th Article
On February 21st, Ariana Grande stopped by “Wired” to promote her lead single from her upcoming album.

Ariana: Hey, guys, it's Ariana Grande and I'm doing a WIRED autocomplete interview!
*Intro starts*

WIRED: We asked Ariana Grande some of the internet's burning questions!
Ariana: I’m so excited to answer these questions. We’re starting off with the “Does Ariana Grande”
 "Does Ariana Grande have a boyfriend?"
Ariana: *giggles* No, not at the moment. I’m taking applications though… *winks*
 "Does Ariana Grande lip sync?"
Ariana: I actually take pride in actually singing, but if I’m sick sometimes I do get a little help with a backtrack. 95% of the time it’s all me though.
“Does Ariana Grande actually buy her hair?”
Ariana: Yes, I do. Back when I was on Nickelodeon I used to have to dye my hair red constantly so my hair is still recovering from the damage. Until my hair recovers my extensions and etc will do.

Ariana: Okay, so we're moving to the "is Ariana Grande" questions, let's go!
"Is Ariana Grande mixed with black?"
Ariana: *laughs* No.
"Is Ariana Grande short?"
Ariana: Yes… VERY short.
"Is Ariana Grande making a new album?"
Ariana: Technically? No, since we just wrapped up everything. 
"Is Ariana Grande a diva?"
Ariana: *laughs* No. I kind of hate the stigma women get when they’re assertive. I’m just really passionate about my craft. I’m like nice about it though.

Ariana: Okay, so the last questions are the "what is Ariana Grande".
"What is Ariana Grande’s net worth"
Ariana: I- *giggles* Whatever the internet says, I guess. That’s a little personal. Just know I’m a very rich b****! *giggles*
"What is Ariana Grande's favorite color?"
Ariana: My favorite color? At the moment it's pink. 
"What is Ariana Grande’s real hair color"
Ariana: I’m a brunette according to my childhood pictures. Thanks for asking. I change it so much I don’t really know. *giggles*

Ariana: Thank you for watching me answer the internet’s most searched questions about me. While you’re here go check out my latest single, ‘7 rings’. *blows a kiss*

7 rings available everywhere.

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U.S. | Free Promo | 5th Article
On February 22nd, Ariana Grande stopped by “Power 106” to promote her lead single from her upcoming album.

Host; Good morning Los Angeles! We have an amazingly talented woman in the building today. She’s arguably the biggest popstar out right now. Ariana Grande! How are you?
Ariana: Hello. I’m doing amazing. I’m so excited for tonight!
Host: Yea. The American Music Awards are this evening. I heard you’ll be performing your latest banger ‘7 rings’. How are you feeling?
Ariana: I’m honestly so stoked. Like I’ve been telling everyone this week… I’ve been counting down the days. I also have a couple nominations for ‘Make Up’ with Cameron so fingers crossed.
Host; Oh yeah. Y’all are taking home some awards. That was the biggest song of 2019. 7 rings is shaping up to be as huge. How are you feeling about that?
Ariana: I could only wish. I’m happy though. I really just wanted to give the people a song to get lost in and just bop to. Music can influence the listener’s mood and I really feel like it’s important to give them something positive and fun.
Host: Yes, well the song is a banger. You also just released a new music video for one of the DJ remixes. What made you want to do that?
Ariana: Well like I said I created the song for people to have fun and bop along to. The remixes modify the vibe and take the song into different spaces and with that I felt like wanting to do a video for one of my favorites. I loved being able to incorporate the Tiffany cafe into the video. It was so much fun and I got to give an old fan favorite a shout out with the choreography.
Host: That’s dope. Well I know you have an award show to start getting ready for so thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. Do the honors!
Ariana: Hey, this is Ariana Grande and you’re listening to ‘7 rings’ on Power 106!

7 rings available everywhere.

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Shawn Mendes has officially returned. Aside from an all too brief cycle of promoting a charity single at the end of last year, it has been over a year since Shawn has had solo music out in the world. But that doesn't mean 2019 wasn't a big year. No, it was a rather busy one. He toured stadiums around the world with his critically acclaimed blockbuster Forever Young World Tour, released an acclaimed collaboration project with Diana Gordon, contributed writing to a few albums, appeared as a featured artist on a few more, and composed the score for a Hollywood film. Despite this, his rabid fanbase desperately waited for Shawn to come back to a proper era and that made his almost five month break from active work all the harder to wait for. But their patience has been rewarded with the new single Still Breathing which has officially kick started his third era. Though at the moment nothing is known about his third album, it seems to be coming sooner rather than later. To promote the single and hype the as yet unannounced release, Shawn has ignited his first large scale promotional tour in over a year.


SHAWN: "Hey guys, this is Shawn Mendes and this is my career breakdown!"


Boys and Boys single cover appears on the screen
"Oh my god that cover is absolutely tragic. It's a good thing the song was good! Yeah, that's my first single Boys and Boys. At the time, I wasn't out as bisexual but I wanted to show support for the LGBT community. I framed it as a song about a straight person talking to their best friend who's just come out to them. While I might've been the friend that came out instead of the straight friend, I don't 
regret doing it that way because it's always amazing to hear support and have support from a heterosexual person. I'm really happy that it's the song I opened with because it got everything going on a such a positive note. It was really fucking controversial though which got me in hot water."

Snippet from the Wish It Was Over video appears on screen
"Oh wow this got me in trouble too." Laughs "Yeah so this was a big political statement. Basically the video is set during a street riot, the implication being one of the riots taking place in Detroit at the time following a police brutality case, and I'm trying to get this little boy that had been separated from his parents out of the violence and to safety. I actually got called out on social media by a US senator who claimed I was trying to persuade kids to take up a liberal ideology. He demanded an apology out of me and I refused. He threatened to have me deported, but I still happily live in Los Angeles."

The album cover of Revelation appears on the screen
"Ah yes, my debut album. The success of it honestly took me by surprise in a big, big way. I wasn't expecting it to be universally acclaimed, I wasn't expecting it to debut at #1, I wasn't really expecting much from it at all. I just went into the studio to make an album that felt authentic and down to earth and I think I did that. That's what people ended up latching onto about it, really. The songs are still some of my favorite of my entire career and I'm so thankful that I was given the chance to do things my own way and make the album that I wanted to make rather than a product."

Footage from his Super Bowl Halftime show appears on screen
"I honestly can't believe that I got to do this with one album and one EP out. This was one of the coolest experiences of my life honestly, and one of the first times i really learned what my energy limits are. I actually passed out in rehearsals one day because I was so exhausted. But the show itself was worth it. It wasn't the most bombastic or the biggest half time show ever, but it was very me and I loved that. It was a special night."

Footage from the Ocean Wave Avenue Tour appears on screen
"This feels like forever ago now. This tour was my first tour, the Ocean Wave Avenue Tour. I did a small six date theatre tour before it but I don't really count that honestly. This was my first tour. I was really lucky to get to do it in arenas. The show is something I'm incredibly proud of because it succeeded when everyone thought it was going to fail. It was nice to step on stage and feel like I was proving myself."

The album cover for Evolution appears on screen
"Evolution was bigger for me than people realize. I kinda flew by the seat of my pants for the first era in terms of organization, but things were far more planned and structured this time around. The album wasn't as warmly received as the first one but I love it anyway. It has some of what I consider my best work on it such as I See the Sun and Barely Breathing. And it birthed an amazing tour which is so far my best performances from a conceptual and musical level."

The single cover for Still Breathing appears on screen
"Ah yes, the new single. Still Breathing is my best lead without a doubt and one of the best songs of my career. The song just stands for something so important in my life: my recovery. I've been recovering from my bottom out in terms of depression and sadness. I came close to just giving up, but I persisted and kept working to find my happy and I'm there now for the most part. It's a powerful song that means a lot to me for a lot of reasons."

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D40f5Ev.jpg 4KEOCTb.jpg

For the week of February 21st to February 27th all versions (including DJ remixes) of Ariana's latest single, '7 rings' are available for a discounted price worldwide each.

US$1.29 US$0.69
£0.99 £0.59
AU$2.19 AU$1.19
CA$1.29 CA$0.69
€1.29 €0.69

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