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World of Pop Forum Rules

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First of all, welcome to World of Pop forums. We are glad you are here. To make sure this forum is fun for everybody, there are some forum rules!

Respect. This is our most important rule. We respect and treat each other equally. It doesnt matter if you're a male or female, black, white, Asian, Arabian, gay, lesbian, straight, bi, special needs, non special needs. Everybody is welcome! Every post is appreciated so is every member on here!

1. No bullying. This includes personal attacks. 4 WPs

2. Hateful words:
The following words are completely banned: Fa****, dy**, Ni****, r***rd. In ANY form of shape. No one knows how you look like or what sexuality you have. 2 WPs

3. Respect the musicians! 
We want to be there for any kind of stans. Not everyone likes stanwars, we gotta respect that. Also in the future we would like to gain our fave's attention. Therefore, truly hateful slurs are not allowed. The ONLY place where its allowed to use hateful terms is the Battle Zone.
The Battle Zone will be completely hidden from the public eye. 2 WPs 

4. Promoting other websites and forums:
Promoting other forums and websites is not allowed without the Admin's permission. 1 WP

5. Disgusting content
Understand that there are laws, possible underage members. Therefore, we have a Sex & Relationships section which you can only access if you're proven 18+.
Sex & Relationships content outside this section: 2 WPs

6. Leaks and illegal downloads:
There is a difference between leaking a song that is about to get released and a clear outtake from years ago. Again we want to gain the respect of the media and musicians in the future. Respect their art. Leaks and illegal downloads are ONLY allowed in the Media section. This section will be completely hidden from the public eye. 
Leaks and illegal downloads outside the Media section: 2 WPs

7. Respect the World of Pop staff!
If you get a WP you don't agree with, you send a respectful PM towards the Moderator. Try to explain why you disagree with the WP and understand that Moderators are human beings too. But main rule is: Staff's decision is final! 
Bashing/disrespect towards WOP staff: 2 WPs

8. Forum Drama
Causing forum drama is not allowed. This includes bashing other forums, downvoting abuse and obsessive WOP hating. 
Mentioning drama is also not allowed outside the Ranting Thread. You can find the ranting thread in NHB.
Causing forum drama: 2 WPs 

9. Dupe accounts
Dupe accounts are not allowed. If your dupe account gets caught it will be permabanned. On your original account you get 6 WPs

10. Respect the forum!
We have different sections to keep the forum a bit neat and nice. Try to post every thread in the right section. If you're not sure, ask a staff member.
Could lead to 1 WP, depending on the situation

Everybody MUST read this thread. Please upvote as a confirmation that you have read this and agree.

Disagree with a rule? Discussing is allowed on a respectful manner in NHB.

@Administrators @Junior Moderators  @Head Moderator @News Reporter @VIP  @Members @Moderators

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