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Harry Styles on Stephen Colbert

July 19, 2019 | New York City, United States


Image result for harry styles performing on tour


Harry Styles appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to perform his new single "Fading" for the first time. This performance comes ahead of his upcoming performance at the VMAs. After being introduced by Stephen, the lights on stage lit up to reveal Harry and his band. Harry sang the first verse of the song by himself and only with the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar playing. Shortly after the rest of his band joined in on the performance to play the rest of the song's instrumental. Harry sang in the tone that the song was sung in so he sounded almost exactly like the studio version.  He also had back-up singers providing backing vocals for the track.


Harry, by the way, was wearing an all white attire, which really suited him and made him stand out in the darkness of the stage. Harry moved around the stage a bit but for the most part he stayed hooked in the middle of the stage with the microphone still attached to its stand. Once the performance was over Harry smiled and greeted Stephen as he approached him onstage afterwards. Harry thanked the crowd as Stephen told them to get his new single and to also pre-order his upcoming album.


"Fading" is out now

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Big Sean x Live! with Kelly & Ryan
(Date: July 18, 2019; Location: New York City; 1st article; PAID)


Kelly: Welcome back to the show! It's been a bit of time since you dropped your album, thank god it's over, but now you've finally released your second single from it. What made you decide to put out another single?
Sean: I decided to stop letting my mind make decisions for me and I decided to follow my heart instead, which told me this album deserves more recognition and that's when I let the label know I was down to put out another single.
Ryan: And this one features Olly Alexander, one of the biggest pop acts of our time. He sounds amazing on the song too! Did you guys write it together?
Sean: I initially wrote the song by myself. I have three verses and a chorus but I took out the third verse once I realised a singer was going to be on it. I knew that Olly was an artist so I gave him permission to change any lyrics he may want because I wouldn't want him to sing something he wasn't 100% happy with but he said he loved the chorus and recorded it the way it was. We also freestyled the bridge in the studio and then made a few minor edits afterwards.
Kelly: Is it normal that you actually get to work with artists you work with in the studio?
Sean: Absolutely not *laughs* We all work on our own time so it's not normal that we get to be together when we make a song. Usually, you just send over a song and then get it back.
Kelly: So was this a nice change of pace for you?
Sean: Definitely but, you know, I don't mind it either way, as long as we have a genuine connection and Olly and I definitely have that. He's a great artist and a great person in general and it's been an honour to be able to work with him.
Kelly: Do you think you'll be making more songs together in the future?
Sean: Possibly, as long as we find the right song *laughs* I don't like forcing collabs so I'd love to hop on something for him if he has a song that really suits my style and my vibe.
Ryan: And congratulations are in order because you are nominated for 6 VMAs this weekend!
Sean: Thank you, thank you.
Ryan: You will also be performing so, hopefully, you'll actually be there to accept the awards.
Sean: *laughs* Thank you. I mean, it would be super dope if I won something but I'm just rooting for everybody and excited to see what everyone that's on the performers list has to offer. I'm sure it's gonna be a great show!
Kelly: And what can we expect from your performance?
Sean: There's a big part of the stage we've taken to sort of have this big display in front of us while we're performing. It's maybe a bit of a risky take on the song but, you know, it's a ballad and you don't just do a VMA performance without any dancers or anything *laughs* It woulda been boring if we just stood there and sang so, hopefully, y'all will like it.
Kelly: I'm sure we will because you're one of the most innovative and creative artists of our time. Don't you know that?
Sean: Well, I sure do try *laughs*
Ryan: And everyone at home can watch the VMAs live on MTV this weekend and check out Sean's new single Half A Man, off of the album thank god it's over, wherever you get your music. We'll be back after the break!

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(July 19, 2019 | United States | Paid Promo | 2nd article)


At his first appointment of this Friday (19), Cameron Dallas visited the studios of 103.5 KTU radio station, kicking off the promotion of his new single "Make Up", released today. Talking about the song that features the stunning pop diva Ariana Grande, Dallas talked with the hosts Cubby and Carolina about working on the new song, his upcoming VMAs appearence and performance, and much more. You can check the whole interview below!

Cubby: Alright guys, our next guest today is someone that i'm really excited to introduce...
Carolina: We're all fans of him, specially Cubby, he's freaking out. (laughs) You might know him from his past YouTube and Vine videos...
Cubby: But now he's a Grammy Award winner artist with a single that topped the Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks!
Carolina: And he's here today to talk about his next smash single that was released today. It's the one and only...
Cubby & Carolina: Cameron Dallas!
Cameron: Heyyyy guys, what's up?! Good morning!
Carolina: Good morning! So good to have you on the show, Cameron! How are you doing?
Cameron: I'm good, thank you! How 'bout you guys?
Cubby: Everything's great, thanks for asking! Welcome back to the show, It's been a while since the last time. You were promoting your Christmas song...
Cameron: Oh yeah, true! I came here to promote "Your First Christmas With Me", wow. Great memory!
Carolina: As I said, we're fans! (laughs) But welcome back, this time you're here with a new song! We're excited, tell us about the song.
Cameron: Yes, I am! I'm excited too! (laughs) Well, "Make Up" is my new single, probably a lead from my first album. It features the amazing and legendary Ariana Grande! Woop, yeah, just dropped the name. (laughs) And it's a really fun track, very summerlike, yeah.
Cubby: I'm obsessed with the song, it's really good, super catchy and fun. You guys did an amazing job!
Cameron: Thank you! Yeah, I'm really proud of what we've done, the song is really fun.
Carolina: And how did this collab came up? You two sound amazing together.
Cameron: Well, I started working on the song with DJ Vice and Ian [Kirkpatrick] who produced and also co-wrote the song along with me and we knew it had to be a duet with a girl, a special girl. I've recorded a demo version of the song singing both parts and while listening to it, we knew it had to be Ariana. Her voice is out of this world, so sweet but so powerful. So my team talked to hers and they like immediately said "she's in". I asked to talk to her about the song and we started talking and getting to know each other and suddenly we were sending dog videos to each other. (laughs)
Cubby: So you not only got an amazing collaboration but also a friend?
Cameron: Kinda! (laughs) She's really nice and have some similar points of view and we had a great time working on the song, so yeah. I don't know about her but I'd say she's my friend now.
Carolina: Aw that's sweet. And you'll be performing the song at the VMAs this Sunday, right?
Cameron: Yes, we will! We'll be throwing a little beach party on the stage, it's gonna be fun.
Cubby: Ooh that sounds nice, you two are giving the audience a full beach party experience?
Cameron: Yes sir, sunglasses, floral shorts, swimsuits, floatables, everything and more.
Carolina: Oh wow, this is gonna be nice, I can't wait!
Cubby: And can we expect your album soon? We're waiting, Cam!
Cameron: Oooh i know! And yes! Finally, man! (laughs) I don't know when it's coming but I can assure you it's coming. Been working on some amazing songs, feeling confident and proud of the project so far, so yeah. It's gonna be great!
Carolina: It seems you're about to start an amazing moment in your life and career, we'll be here to support you!
Cameron: Aw thank you, you guys are too sweet, man, I missed this! (giggles)
Cubby: We're the ones to thank, thank you for coming today. We wish you the best of luck with this song and at the VMAs, break a leg!
Cameron: Thank you so much guys, thank you for having me!
Carolina: Please come back soon! And now we're gonna play Cameron Dallas and Ariana Grande's new amazing single, "Make Up", here on 103.5 KTU.


The radio played "Make Up" and Cubby and Carolina reminded everyone to go stream and purchase the single available now.

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(July 19, 2019 | United States | Paid Promo | 3nd article)


As their first appearance together, Cameron Dallas and Ariana Grande were the guests at this Friday (19) edition of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, in which the duo appeared in order to promote the new single "Make Up", a new track released by Dallas that features Grande in a new pop gem. Even though not performing the song, the two artists were interviewed by Fallon and you can check the whole interview below!

Jimmy: My next guests are two stars that I love, they're people that I'm proud to call friends 'cause they're just awesome and tonight they're here to talk about their new incredible song, it's Cameron Dallas and Ariana Grande!
(Cameron and Ariana enter the set and the audience goes nuts; they wave to the audience, greet Jimmy and sit on their couches)
Jimmy: Seriously, they usually go crazy but this time I thought someone would pass out! (he says pointing to the audience)
Cameron: Don't worry y'all, I'm an expert on CPR, you guys are fine.
Jimmy: Are you?
Cameron: No, of course not! (they all laugh) Please stay healthy and alive, guys
Ariana: Do you still believe in what he says, Jimmy?
Jimmy: Of course, he's my buddy, we're pals, bros, you know?
Cameron: See, that's true friendship.
Ariana: Oh I'm sorry if I don't believe in you anymore.
Jimmy: (laughs) What happened?
Ariana: He's an expert on making silly lies about things and he says them so seriously and with such conviction that I always end up believing in him. (they all laugh) I'm serious y'all, he's a troll!
Cameron: Nooo, I'm not! I'm sorry! (giggles) For real though, I wouldn't do this with you if I didn't like you. I only make these silly stuff with people that I care and that I want to see smiling.
(the audience goes 'awww')
Ariana: Aw ok, now you melted my heart just a little bit so I'll forgive you.
Jimmy: You've never done this to me, Cameron...
Cameron: Well...
(they all laugh)
Jimmy: Enough you two, I'm getting jealous of your friendship! (laughs) So, you two are here to talk about your new song, "Make Up"! (Jimmy grabs a printed version of the single cover and shows it over the table - the audience cheers)
Cameron: Yes yes yes!
Jimmy: What an amazing song, how... I don't even know where to begin, how did this come up?
Ariana: Well, Cameron was working on his album and I was kinda bored, you know, and then I got a text from him saying "hi it's Cameron Dallas" and I said "who?" (laughs) and when I blinked again we were at the studio.
Cameron: That's exactly how it went. (laughs) No, actually I was working indeed on my album (the audience cheers) and I was working on this song that I knew I needed a girl with a good voice, that it could sound sweet but fierce, and I just knew it had to be Ari. I mean, c'mon... (Cameron makes a gesture as if he's showing her to the audience and Ariana blushes and gives him a slap on his arm asking him to stop)

Jimmy: So the song will be in your album, Cameron?
Cameron: Yeap!
Jimmy: I can't wait for your album, man, I know it's gonna be fantastic.
Cameron: I can't wait either, trust me! (laughs)
Jimmy: And I'm glad you knew it had to be Ari 'cause you two sound really good together. The song is so fun and groovy, it literally screams "summer". I saw you (pointing to Ariana) asking Cameron on Twitter about being to late for summer, but hey, it's been not even a month since summer started, you two have plenty of time to make this the Song of The Summer. (the audience cheers)
Cameron: See? Told you! (laughs) But yeah, "Make Up" is really summerlike, it's a great song for pool parties, beach parties...
Ariana: Or even listening while driving or something, it's fun and cute. And so catchy...
Jimmy: Oh I know that, trust me, it's impossible to give it a single listening. (laughs) This is amazing. And speaking of amazing, Ariana, congratulations on your new roster, Moonlight Records! (Jimmy, Cameron and the audience cheers applauding)
Ariana: Thank you, thank you so much! I'm really excited for everything right now. I'm in a great moment of my life.
Jimmy: And it seems you two have some amazing stuff coming up, Ariana with Moonlight, Cameron as the new face of Carolina Herrera, you two were included in the new The Sims 4 expansion pack 'Island Living' and you two will be performing at the VMAs on Sunday! (the audience cheers) Wow! So much going on!
Cameron: I know right? That's the idea, and there's more to come!
Ariana: Cameron domination is coming y'all, you have no idea.
Cameron: Uh, hello? Cameron and Ariana domination. (they do a high-five)
Jimmy: I'm so jealous of this friendship that it's hurting me. (laughs) Alright guys, thank you so much for coming to the show today, I'm in love with "Make Up", congrats on the new song!
Cameron: Thank you so much Jimmy, so glad you liked it! Thank you for having us!
Ariana: Thank you, Jimmy!
Jimmy: Alright everyone, "Make Up", the new song by Cameron Dallas and Ariana Grande is out now for purchasing and streaming, go get it and listen on repeat - they will be performing it this Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards so don't miss it! Cameron Dallas and Ariana Grande, everyone!
(the audience cheers as Cameron and Ariana wave)


The song was played on every commercial break and Jimmy reminded everyone to go get & stream "Make Up", the new single by Cameron Dallas and Ariana Grande, available now.

@cocoCHANEL🅴 <3

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Camila Cabello X Billboard Magazine
July 20, 2019 | US, Paid | Article: 3/5 | Update Period: Thu - Sat


Confusion, stress, working hard and fast: That has pretty much been the story of Cabello's recent life. In December of 2016, the news broke to the public that she left the girl-group Fifth Harmony, the most succesful girl group since Destiny's Child, with more than 7 million digital songs sold, according to Nielsen Music. Before the year 2016 ended, she was a solo artist and that was a new and big step for Camila. She faced backlash once she left the group (e.g. #CamilaIsOverParty was trending worldwide on Twitter/Instagram).

During that time, Cabello had plenty to celebrate. After months of not knowing where she went to, news broke in 2017 that she signed to Shadow Records, a label home to artists such as Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora. Since then, she worked on her solo music for the past two years and finally, after two years of waiting, Cabello released her debut solo single Crying in the Club on July 19 of this year.


"The easiest route would be to shut my mouth, sing the songs, wear the clothes and keep going. We were at the peak of our career" says Cabello with a jittery laugh, weighing life in 5H against going it alone, while we were eating our lunch, she added "That wasn't for me, why being unhappy when I can be happy when I pursue my solo career? And, maybe, in a way, it was a selfish thing to do since we were at the peak of our career, but I wasn't happy anymore, I couldn't stay in such a toxic environment", it's because of how her mom raised her, she tells us. "It's because of how she [her mom] raised me, it's always been: Don't settle. Jump and hope you grow wings on the way down."


Cabello is someone who loves to write, even when she was on 5H, she started writing early in the morning. "I would wake up super early, get off the bus, go to the hotel, put the TV on super loud, since I didn't want people to her me f---ing yelling, then go into a room, most times the bathroom, sit down, open my laptop and started writing" Cabello says. 

Q: Did you notice at anytime the relation between you and Fifth Harmony changed?
I really don't know, I was always the one that was really open with the feelings I had. I always told the girls I couldn't sing other people's words and be totally happy with that, since we actually had writers writing the songs for us, it was not totally our story, our words, you have to follow your inner voice and I always told the girls to do the same.

Q: Have you been in touch with anyone from Fifth Harmony in the past three years since you first left the group?

Q: Have you reached out to them?
Yeah, I did. But, I don't know, definitely in the beginning it was hard and it sucks to talk about it, since it makes me sad, really, I don't hate them, I love all four of them, still, they will always have a place in my heart.

Q: Aren't you scared of responses from 5H-fans and your fans?
I don't want any drama, I'm totally not in the mood for that, people will try and turn this into, 'Is she going to have more success than the group has ever had', but I don't think it that way, not even actually. I'm growing everyday, I learn everday and I just love to put out music and that is what I'm planning to do. 

Q: Did you talked about it a lot to leave the group with your family?
I talked a lot about it with my mom. She always gives me the best advice so I knew I would count on her, she told me: "Do what you need to do. I raised you to do what you want to do, don't let fear come into this, step up" and that always just stuck with me. 

We paused the interview, since we saw Camila getting emotional. After some tears fell down on the table, we stopped the interview, gave her some tissues and we let her have a moment until she was fully able to continue on with the interview. "Sorry, just talking about what happened just makes me sad" says Cabello as she wipes a tear from her cheek with a tissue.. "I just want to make music, release it and give my fans what they want, I don't have bad blood with anyone and I don't want it, it hurts" Cabello says afterwards. 


Q: What made think Crying in the Club would be the great first single?
It tells a story, and I want every song on my album and future albums to do. just. that. In the music video we already shot, we got another song in the beginning which just tells it all, I can't tell you too much, but just watch the Video Music Awards on July 21 and you'll see.

Q: You are also performing the song for the first time ever on the VMAs, aren't you nervous?
Oh, definitely! (laughs), but you know, I was born to perform so I'm just going to do what I always do when I'm nervous, talk it off, keeping myself busy so I don't think about it and once it's time I take 3 deep breaths and I just go with it. 

Q: When will your album be released? Do you have a title?
It's coming this winter. It's done and we actually have two titles in mind. Definitely, because this album was such a healing proces for me. That's why I thought I wanted to name the album "Healing" but that just didn't sound right, so we're still discussing some of the possible album titles, but I'll make sure I have one before I release the album (laughs)


Billboard released a behind-the-scenes video on their YouTube channel. Watch the video and go behind the scenes of Camila Cabello's billboard cover photoshoot and see how the photos were made.

Camila Cabello's debut solo single Crying in the Club is out now and available everywhere!

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Big Sean x The Today Show
(Date: July 19, 2019; Location: New York City; 2nd article; PAID)

Image result for today show

Big Sean sat down with Today Show host, Al Roker, to discuss his latest single Half A Man and forthcoming performance at the VMAs.

Al: Big Sean! Welcome to the show! I assume you've been having a fantastic week because your single, Half A Man, just entered the top 5 on the charts. Another one in the bag! How are you feeling?
Sean: It feels great! I mean, I don't like to pay too much attention to charts 'cuz it kinda freaks me out and makes me think too much about my own music and all that *laughs* but I'm very happy this one is taking off.
Al: And you just put out the video for the song. It's caused a lot of conversation. I figured we'd take a look at a little snippet. Here's Half A Man..

10 hours ago, Nicki Minaj said:

The white woman makes her way into her kitchen and sees a shirtless black man in the kitchen, who's playing her partner. She leans over to kiss him and, just as their lips lock, the angle changes to show that he isn't there and she's essentially been kissing the air. She looks around, shocked that her lover isn't there, and the video then goes back to Sean rapping.

Al: As you can probably see, it's been a pretty polarising video and a lot of people have their own different interpretations of the video. What did you want the people to take away from this video when you put it together?
Sean: Well, as you know, the song is called "Half a man" so I really wanted to have the video showing a literal representation of that. The heartbroken lovers, that have hurt their partners, are walking around and seeing their partner everywhere, just because they've been a part of their life for so long and it's shocking to have them no longer be there. I figured that, if I was gonna make a video like that, I might as well add some variety and that's when I decided to add all the different types of couples like the interracial couples and the same sex couples because, you know, love comes in many different shapes but, at the end of the day, love is love and it all feels the same and hurts the same.
Al: And it caused a lot of conversation that you have an openly gay singer, Olly Alexander, on the song. Is this your way of supporting the LGBTQ+ community.
Sean: Of course. Like I always say, I love people and I love energy. What you do in your private time is none of my business and I felt like it was important for me to do this, having Olly in the video and having the black gay couples because it feels like there's always such a discourse between, you know, the black community and the gay community. At the end of the day though, there are people that lie on both sides and they deserve to be represented.
Al: Do you like it when your music and your videos are causing conversation, whether it be for good or bad?
Sean: Definitely. I think it's important to use your art to spread messages you're very passionate about. I came in the game to be remembered. I don't wanna just be here today and be gone tomorrow and I won't be remembered for a long time if I'm not putting out music that causes a conversation and does it's part in changing the culture.
Al: And you're sure to get a lot more people talking because you're about to perform at one of the biggest award shows of the year, the VMAs. How are you feeling? What can we expect from this performance?
Sean: My performance will be a bit similar to the music video but we've made quite a few changes to really make it more suitable for the stage rather than the screen. I'm very excited about it and I hope my fans are as excited as I am.
Al: You're also nominated for six awards. Were you expecting to make such a turn out?
Sean: Definitely not *laughs* I mean, when you get a #1 song on the charts, that obviously comes with awards but I guess I don't expect these pop award shows to show me any love 'cuz I'm not one of these white artists y'all hear on the radio every day. I'm very happy though. It would definitely be nice to come home with a moon man. I already have a few so it'll make my collection look a lot better *laughs*
Al: Until then, you can all watch the VMAs this weekend to see Big Sean performing Half A Man with Olly Alexander and you can stream and purchase the song wherever you get your music. Don't go anywhere because we'll be back after the break!

*Half A Man plays into the commercials*

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Big Sean x Hot 97
(Date: July 19, 2019; Location: New York City; 3rd article; FREE)

Image result for hot 97

To promote his new single Half A Man, Big Sean visited the Hot 97 studio to chat with their online personality, Nessa.

Nessa: Big Sean! I've been dying to get to talk to you. First of all, congratulations on everything. This album is fantastic and it's been doing amazingly. Did you think you would be here right now, celebrating all of this, a year ago today?
Sean: Absolutely not. Things definitely weren't the best for me this time a year ago. In fact, that's about when I started working on this album. I had a few songs ready to go but the first few songs that actually made it onto the project were recorded at the beginning of the summer.
Nessa: But it was all worth it in the end. Do you feel that way?
Sean: Well, this past year, I've definitely learned that your darkest times often are just predecessors to the best years of your life and you've gotta get the bad in order to really appreciate the good, that's for sure. I also definitely think everything happens for a reason and what I went through needed to happen in order for me to grow as a person. I'm in my 30s now so, you know, I'm glad I got out all that 20s energy and I'm moving on to new things and great energy into my 30s.
Nessa: Hallelujah! Now, you're a hit single in, a hit album in and you're about to have a second hit with this Olly Alexander collaboration, which is surely bound to get some pop attention. Was that the idea behind working with him?
Sean: That wasn't really my intent going into this song. I just needed a vocalist that had the right voice for this song and that definitely ended up being Olly. I think it's awesome that we were able to blend our styles into the song though because it's nice to enter new lanes and get yourself out of that box, which applies for the both of us. When I shot the video with him, he liked how it was so simple and he didn't have a gajillion dancers around him like he does in his regular videos.
Nessa: Do you think you'll be working with more pop artists like him in the future?
Sean: Definitely. I have songs with Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande *laughs* Working with pop artists is nothing new to me but, in the future, I'm gonna make sure I'm 100% when it comes to working with artists on songs because there's a lot of shadiness in the industry when it comes to how labels market pop artists and pop songs and I don't wanna get too caught up in that.
Nessa: Have you noticed any of this shadiness with people you've worked with?
Sean: Do you have another question you would like to ask me? *laughs*
Nessa: Okay, okay, let's move on a bit. You're nominated for six VMAs, which is huge for you. You're alongside Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea as the most nominated rappers of the night. How are you feeling?
Sean: It feels great because Benny Boom and I put a lot into that video and we really enjoyed making it. It's pretty tongue in cheek, while still showing the story of the video.
Nessa: And I definitely think you deserve a win! Wouldn't you agree?
Sean: I'd love to walk home with one. I have no idea what I'm gon' say if I make to have a speech though!
Nessa: Just thank the person that inspired it.
Sean: Good idea! *laughs*
Nessa: Well, until then, we're gonna keep playing Half A Man, because we always love to keep some R&B in our regular playlist. What else can the people expect from you?
Sean: We'll be performing the song at the VMAs but, after that, I'm gonna put out a third single and I'll hopefully be able to go on tour. It'll probably take a while because we didn't plan it beforehand but that's definitely coming now.
Nessa: And I can't wait to see that. I know it's gonna be awesome. Everybody watching at home, make sure you go purchase the album and purchase the new single Half A Man, available everywhere.
Sean: Period! *laughs*

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I'd like to apologize to the players for the spam, working on the VMA performances made me forget about all the promotions for this update :rip: sorry y'all

İlgili resim

Aaliyah x WWWM FM 105.5 Star 105
[July 18 | 4th Free Radio | US]



On July 18th, Aaliyah appeared on "WWWM FM 105.5 Star 105" to talk about her new singles & upcoming album. "After Balenciaga's radio success, we're seeing your new single "Advice" getting top airplays on the radio now. Are you moving on from balenciaga?"

"I am. But i'm slowly doing it. I will put my focus on the upcoming second single which is from the collab album not my solo album and will also spread the word about "Advice" at the same time. Balenciaga's run has been perfect so far and i'm glad that me and Mani chose this one as the lead single. It was nice to teach ladies how to be confident with yourself and embrace your existince in life with that track."

"It must be hard to move on from a smash like that."

"I will miss the first week. Like we weren't playing with our promotion for this track and we spread the word to the world and people got the message we wanted to tell. I would like to thank everyone for making it #1 in the country."

"Then, let's talk about "Advice". Can you describe the track to our listeners?"

"So Advice is a track i wrote in like...5 minutes. The idea about the song popped up in my head suddenly and i didn't want to waste it. Which is the reason why my second album is nearly done "writing wise". It was one of the 11 tracks i wrote in a day. It's a scrapped one, not gonna be on the album."

"So it's like a little taste of what's coming next?"

"Yes, i'm going to drop the scrapped songs first and i will launch the second era then."

"You said "album is nearly done, writing wise" You only wrote 11 songs for the album?"

"No, i wrote over 20 tracks. It's gonna be hard to find the ones to create the album i want. I opened up about many topics in life, excited to show you "my side" of the story."

"We can't wait for it! Thank you for coming today Aaliyah. Wishing you luck with your new single. Buy & stream Advice. And the #1 hit Balenciaga. Let's play both of em."


"Advice" & "balenciaga.", both are available everywhere.

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İlgili resim

Zara Larsson x The Daily Show w/ Trevor Noah
[July 18 | Paid | US]


On July 18th, Zara Larsson appeared on Trevor Noah's show to perform her single, "Wanna". The lights went on and off constantly to match the beat after the host introduced Zara. The camera zoomed into Zara and the dancers who were standing against the audience. As they turned around, Zara started singing the first verse after one of the dancers gave her the microphone. She sang the part while the dancers were snapping their fingers. Smoke started to appear from the ground as we got to the pre-chorus. She sang the part while her & the dancers were whinding their waists on beat. They got in formation to do the choreo then. During the second half of the chorus, camera zoomed into the singer and focused on her, moving her body perfectly. The camera zoomed out as Zara sang the second verse. As it zoomed out, we saw two male dancers walking out to the stage and the singer immediately had an "eye" moment with one of the dancers as she sang "When we're eye to eye, i wonder what we'd be." Zara held one of them by the hand and tried to leave the other guy during the pre-chorus and tried to act like the other guy didn't know or didn't even notice. She danced with each guy on stage while singing the final chorus. She skipped the bridge again. And the performance was over after they gave a pose for the camera. She looked so tired at the end as the camera showed her breathing heavily. The host walked out to the stage and reminded everyone to buy the single.

"Wanna", available now.
Tickets for "So Good Tour" are available now on Zara's official site.

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İlgili resim

Rihanna x KCBS 93.1 Jack FM
[July 19 | 3rd Free Radio | LA / US]



On July 19th, Rihanna appeared on "KCBS 93.1 Jack FM" to talk about being grateful about life, VMAs & Sex With Me getting success again. "I remember when we ran into eachother in a restaurant and talked about life... let me tell you something for the listeners. This woman right here...might went through the worst things in life but you really knew how to bounce back and you did in the best way possible. So happy for you!"

"Thank you for those words. Don't make me emotional girl....i'm tryna keep myself happy today cause... i'm SO excited for the Video Music Awards this Sunday."

"Oh my god YES! I heard that you are going to recieve the Video Vanguard Award this year. Well deserved honestly. Your creativity in your videos paved the way for nearly everyone in the industry. What do you feel about it?"

"Well, you might spilled some tea there. I'm really excited cause i'm going to meet some of my musician friends, some people i really would like to collaborate with in the future and you know...the music industry. And getting the important award...i don't really have words to describe what i feel about it. I have been shocked since the minute my management told me."

"You must have a huge performance coming up then. When did you learn it?"

"A month ago if i remember correctly. I was working on So Good Remix at the studio with Zara. As soon as i was finished with it, i left and i was in my car, going back to my mansion. My assistant called me and informed me about what was going on."

"How was your reaction?"

"I was like...*does a shook face, both start laughing* I had no words to speak and stayed just like that for a good hour in the car. Seriously, this is a huge deal for an artist cause you're getting recognition from one of the biggest platforms in the industry and you know...you're gonna be honored. I can't wait for the show!"

"Which songs are you going to perform?"

"Some of my hits...and the singles i put out from the ANTi era. There might be some surprises there. Y'all have to wait. But in the meantime, buy and stream Sex With Me oh i would also suggest y'all to give a listen to So Good Remix, i might snapped there. And get my tour tickets from my website!"


"Sex With Me" & "So Good Remix", available everywhere. The tickets for "ANTi World Tour" are available now on Rihanna's official website.

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İlgili resim

Aaliyah x KFI 640 AM
[July 19 | 5th Free Radio | US]



On July 19th, Aaliyah appeared on "KFI 640 AM" to talk about Rihanna getting the Video Vanguard Award, Advice & Balenciaga. "That Balenciaga Dance Video you and Normani just dropped....you girls KILLED it! I wish y'all could perform it at the VMAs."

"We thought that we could but it's not going to happen sadly. Glad you liked the dance video. Both of our fans were literally SPAMMING us to teach them the choreo. We shot it in our garage, *both giggle* It was fun though ugh..i missed Mani."

"The video you dropped for Advice also, it's really meaningful. Fun fact: it made me love the song and i'm much more excited for your album now. When is it coming?"

"Aww glad you liked it. I'm glad someone got my message with both the video and the song. Um about the album, it's coming next year....probably around Summer."

"Speaking of VMAs...It's coming this Sunday and you earned 6 nominations this year. Congrats!!! I wanna know how you feel bout this..."

"It feels honoring just like every time i got a nom for an award show. It's good to see award show platforms liking what you're doing and wanting to show their support with that. Six is a great number and i hope that i come back home with at least one. I really would love to get more VMAs, *whispers* i won one already, for those who don't know. I'm so happy with the result and also, congrats to all nominees. I'm gonna attend and can't wait to meet my friends and congratulate them on their success'."

"Your labelmate, Rihanna is also one of the nominees. She got 3 noms and is going to recieve the Video Vanguard Award. What are your thoughts? Do you think she deserved it?"

"I do think she deserved it. She's an icon when it comes to serving visuals, serving quality music. I'm a stan of her, i'm definitely a Navy. And it's an honor to be on the same label with a legend like her. I love her and ANTi is one of my favorite albums of the year. It was an honor to work with her and even talk to her. Her visuals have been on point since Pon de Replay and she definitely deserved to win this special award. I heard that her performance is going to be perfect, can't wait to watch it up and close."


"Advice" & "balenciaga.", both are available everywhere.

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İlgili resim

Zara Larsson x The Talk
[July 19 | Paid | LA / US]



On July 19th, Zara Larsson appeared on The Talk to talk about collaborating with Rihanna for a new remix, Wanna & getting ready to perform on VMAs. "You and Rih did it AGAIN. I wasn't expecting to hear that smash. Whose idea was that?"

"Well, Rihanna's. A day after we recorded the So Good Remix, she called me and said "look, i want you to hop on a remix for my new single. You can fit this track so perfectly. And you know a fangirl myself was going NUTS inside after i heard that so, i wrote and recorded it with Rihanna. It was ughhhhh so nice to work with her again. I'm really thankful to be on this record label with these incredible artists."

"We're expecting you to do another Rih collab for your next album then!"

"Oop, that might be a MOMENT in pop history but who knows? I really would like to see it happening though. Hopefully, it will."

"It sounds amazing and we heard that you're going to be one of the performers who will be included on Rihanna's Video Vanguard performance...is that true?"

"Well, i'm not gonna say anything about that, you're gonna have to wait and see it. I can't wait to meet her and Aaliyah there. She totally deserved to get that award, i know she's going to KILL it with that performance."

"You're also one of the performers this Sunday. You're going to perform your new single "Wanna". Are you ready?"

"It's gonna be perfect. Can't wait for that."

"We can't wait to see you hitting those moves on stage!!!"

"Oh no darling, there isn't gonna be a choreo during that performance. The entire performance is going to be like a film or the music video i put out for it. Hopefully people are going to like it *shrugs*"

"With your stage presence, i'm sure they will. Thanks for coming Zara!"

"Thank you for having me!"

"Good luck on the show. Buy & stream her new singles everyone! and get the concert tickets for "So Good Tour" from her website."


"Wanna"/ "Sex With Me Remix" / "So Good Remix" available now.
Tickets for "So Good Tour" are available now on Zara's official site.

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İlgili resim

Zara Larsson x KIIS FM
[July 19 | Paid | LA / US]



On July 19th, Zara Larsson appeared on KIIS FM to talk about Wanna, So Good + SWM Remix & VMAs. "It has been months since you previously visited us and look what you've done since. 2 #1s and 2 #2s you are KILLING it! The possible #2 single is on its way also, Wanna, which is currently sitting at #2 on iTunes!"

"I have done a lot, we been knew. I'm really grateful about the way my dear Zardines and some locals appreciating this...body of work which is my debut album titled "So Good". I didn't expect my singles to become this successful and Wanna is now taking off too...like...i- No words."

"You're doing perfect! Congrats on the huge success. The music video you dropped for Wanna is incredible. We love a plot twist. Whose idea was that?"

"Mine *laughs* Actually the original or scrapped version or whatever that is..had a different storyline but it had a plot twist too so i thought it would be good to do one for this video. The storyline of the video is pretty crazy but we did it and people liked it. The curveball we put at the end worked pretty well. I watched some of my fans reacting to the video and the faces they all gave at the end made me SCREAM. The reactions were nice for it, glad people liked it."

"It was perfect and beautifully shot. Great job. And looks like you're going to perform this up and coming hit on this years MTV Video Music Awards...."

"You're right. Y'all better tune in this Sunday and catch me performing this song. The performance i prepared with my crew though..it looks sickening. Hopefully y'all are gonna like it."

"By the way, great job on Sex With Me Remix. It's nice to see a brand new song getting released by you and Rih. So Good Remix was perfect too."

"Aww thank you so much. I'm glad it happened. We did another fun studio session with the queen herself and she asked me if i wanted to hop on for a remix. I screamed "WHY NOT QUEEN????? LET ME WRITE MY VERSE IN A MINUTE!" I tried my best to throw a little naughty verse to it and well...looks like it worked. Thanks to the listeners by the way, i have been reading so many love comments about the new remix, glad people liked it!"


"Wanna"/ "Sex With Me Remix" / "So Good Remix" available now.
Tickets for "So Good Tour" are available now on Zara's official site.

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james corden logo ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Rihanna x James Corden
[July 19 | Paid | LA / US]


On July 19th, Rihanna appeared on James Corden's late night show to perform her #1 hit "Sex With Me". The camera made a slightly left turn as James introduced the singer. Rihanna was sitting on the couch, singing the first verse while she was moving side to side along with the host. We heard the audience screams at this moment. Then she got up and hit some of the moves from the choreo while she was walking towards the middle area of the stage. "How y'all feeling tonight New York?" she screamed through the mic before singing the next part. "This next part is yours so y'all gotta help me okay?" she said to the audience to make them help her do the second verse. She let the audience sing the second verse while she dropped her body to the ground and started grinding...the air. After serving some twerking and showing off her beautiful body, she got up and sang the final chorus while interacting with the audience. She ran around the audience section and even danced with some of the audience members at this moment. She held a note right before she ended the performance. She hugged some of the people as it was over. She walked back to the stage and hugged the host who was holding the single cover. She reminded everyone to buy the new single & the tickets for ANTi tour.

"Sex With Me", available everywhere.
The tickets for "ANTi World Tour" are available now on Rihanna's official website.

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KMXB Mix 94.1 FM logo ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Aaliyah x KMXB Mix 94.1 FM
[July 20 | 6th Free Radio | US]



On July 20th, Aaliyah appeared on "KMXB Mix 94.1 FM" to talk about "Advice", "balenciaga.", rumors about the collab era & the next single. "Let me tell you something, Balenciaga is one of the best songs this year. Like, we haven't stopped playing it since its release."

"It's such a smash *sighs* I love the fact that EVERYONE liked this song so much that it became an instant hit. I'm so proud to see a track which i wrote with Mani getting this much recognition from people and to see them embracing it along with the collab album....i'm so happy at this moment. I'm grateful for all the love and support."

"Sadly, we're seeing you moving on to the second single off the collab album, which you told us that it's going to be released next month. We're still yet to get an info about it."

"Okay...gosh...*giggles* I'm telling it. It MIGHT be one of the "bops" of the album. Or it MIGHT one of the most acclaimed tracks of the album. You have to find out. Sorry Mani for spoiling it, she's gonna kill me."

"We haven't seen you with Normani for a while. And there have been some rumors going on that the collab era is going to be over in a month."

"Um, can you tell me the source who told you that cause it's not true. Some discussions relating to the era are happening at the moment but the era isn't gonna end like that. As i said before, we're gonna put out like...2 more singles and totally move on from that."

"I mean those rumors became stronger after you put out "Advice". That's why we thought those were true."

"Oh no, i put out "Advice" just as a thank you to fans for supporting me this past year. You know, my debut single was released exactly a year before Advice's release. It doesn't mean that the era is over, new single is coming."

"Okay then. Thanks for coming. Advice is awesome by the way. Let's play Advice & balenciaga then. Don't forget to buy & stream both of the tracks y'all. Hey, Aaliyah, would you like to introduce Advice before you leave?"

"Alright! *Hey you guys, it's your girl Aaliyah and you're listening to my new single "Advice". Don't forget to buy and stream it. Enjoy!*"


"Advice" & "balenciaga.", both are available everywhere.

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İlgili resim

Rihanna x KALX 90.7 FM 
[July 20 | 4th Free Radio | US]



On July 20th, Rihanna appeared on "KALX 90.7 FM" to talk about Sex With Me Remix & VMAs. "The collab we didn't know we were craving for is here now. Congrats on the new remix!"

"Thank you so much."

"The demand for it was too much, you know how to feed your Navy."

"*laughs* I know right, ughhh my fans always want new material but like...let me catch my breath. The newest hasn't even been out for 6 months. I saw tons of my stans tweeting stuff like: "RELEASE SWM REMIX WITH ZARA. WE NEED IT NEOWWWW" Then i told myself why not? It would be so much fun!"

"Can you talk about it more? Like when did it even happen?"

"The thing is: Zara's lyrics were written already and we were supposed to record it "before" we did So Good Remix. I don't know why but Zara wanted to release So Good Remix first to "test" the waters. So we waited and waited and guess what we see? The remix is smashing on all platforms. With a little push, the remix became a global hit. To be really honest, i think the remix is doing better the original now so. You're welcome Zara *laughs* I'm joking though, Zardines better not come at me."

"It's nice to see two of you collabing with eachother. The remix is so perfect also, Zara added a nice touch to it."

"She killed that ish. Period. I loved the fact that she even went a little naughty with them lyrics. I wasn't expecting to hear those words from an innocent girl like her. Looks like she isn't innocent after all."

"Does that mean you're going to perform the new remix at this years Video Music Awards?"

"Well..what can i say? I was told not to give any informations about the "big" performance you know. You gotta tune in this Sunday. It's going to be perfect, believe me. Oh wait...i can say that i'm going to perform the songs i put out this era."


"Sex With Me" & "So Good Remix", available everywhere. The tickets for "ANTi World Tour" are available now on Rihanna's official website.

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We In This Bitch
Boom Boom
Love Don't Fail Me Now

We In This Bitch
The beat of the song slowly fades in playing the video interlude of Iggy running from people and doing burn outs in the car. Iggy's platform raises from underneath the stage and busts through the smoke situated at the bottom of the stage. The lights turn a light purple as Iggy walks forward and starts rapping. Throughout the verses Iggy walks around and hypes the crowd up. During the chorus of the song Iggy stays stationary and emphases the aggression in the song. The song ends and Iggy shouts "Australia, how you doing? It feels good to be home!"

"Thank you for having me here!" The lights turn lime green and flick in time with the beat of the song. The screen shows snippets of Iggy in the music video. A giant gross is behind Iggy and turns the same colour as the stage as she starts rapping the song. The chorus comes in and the lights change to white and once the beat drops smoke shots out of the front of the stage. She then moves to front area of the stage for the next verse interacting with the fans. The chorus comes back in and the lights flash again and everyone starts dancing. All the lights turn off and one spotlight shines down on Iggy during the bridge. The lights flash back on and the smoke shots out at the front of the stage as the chorus comes back in. Confetti then shots out as the last beat hits.

A video of snake shows on the screen over a new Iggy song

Boom Boom
Four dancers run on stage as Iggy gets lifted up from underneath the stage. The verse comes in and she starts rapping and the dancers dance around Iggy. The pre chorus comes in and they start moving slow motion then snap back in as the beat drops. The next verse starts and they walk together in a line towards the front of the stage. They then jump up in time with the beat during the chorus. The bridge comes in and dancers circle Iggy moving in slow motion. The last beat drop comes in and they jump as smoke gets shot out the front of the stage in time with them.

Love Don't Fail Me Now
All the lights turn off to and the screen flashes on displaying a disco ball. The words Love Don't Fail Me Now flash up on the screen. A video of Iggy appears on the screen of the unreleased music video. Iggy the walks out and the lights flash red, purple and blue in time with the beat of the song. Dancers run out and perform choreography as the chorus comes in. The lights start flashing and the dancers spread out for the next verse. They all move to the front of the stage and hype the crowd. The chorus comes back in and the dancers move around the stage. Jeremih's verse plays as Iggy dances around the dancers interacting with them. The beat fades out and silver confetti shoots out as Iggy screams "Thank you Australia! Love Don't Fail Me Now is out right now!".

She walks off the stage and everyone thinks it's over when a video of a beach pops up. Gold glitter then falls from the screen and drops down on the stage. The album cover photoshoot then appears showing video of Iggy the beach then fades to black to reveal text saying UTOPIA! AUGUST 2


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CupcakKe x NRJ Radio (France)
(Date: July 20, 2019; Location: France; 1st article; PAID)

Image result for nrj radio

The weekend before The Big 3 Tour would be brought to Paris, France, CupcakKe appeared in the NRJ Radio studio in France to promote her new single Total.

Host: CupcakKe! Welcome to the show and welcome to France. This is your second time here, right?
CupcakKe: Yes, I've only been here once on the Now Or Never Tour with Cassie and SZA so it's great to be back. I'm so happy our little break in between our shows gets to happen in France because I've always wanted to look around and see all the beauty of Paris.
Host: Thank you, thank you, and we're honoured we get to watch your beauty tomorrow night. How has your time been here so far?
CupcakKe: I got to visit the Eiffel Tower yesterday, which was amazing. I've always wanted to see it up close! I unfortunately didn't have anyone I could kiss when I was there but it's okay. We're having a happy, single and business savvy summer in 2019!
Host: Speaking of single, your brand new single with Britney Spears is making waves all around the world and it's only right we catch up to it. How did this single come about?
CupcakKe: This album is very diverse and my producers, Pop & Oak, and I were really challenging ourselves to see how many sounds and styles we could do and pull off. This was obviously our try at making a dance pop song and it's only right I got Britney on the song. You would say she is the queen of dance pop, right?
Host: Absolutely! She has decades of hits under her belt. Did you think this collaboration would really happen?
CupcakKe: Absolutely not. I suggested her as a joke cuz I knew it just wasn't gon happen *laughs* but it did, thankfully, and I'm very proud of how this song turned out and how this collab turned out.
Host: Where's the video, girl? You've been hyping it up for ages!
CupcakKe: It's coming, it's coming. Hannah Lux Davis and her production team have been working really hard on it and we'll hopefully get it up for all the people to see on Friday. Fingers crossed!
Host: Fingers crossed! So, not only are you performing a sold out show at the AccorHotels Arena tomorrow, you are also performing on The Voice tonight, which is interesting. We don't usually have rappers, especially rappers from other countries, performing on the show. What can we expect from this performance?
CupcakKe: I actually have a very big surprise. I don't really wanna tell you exactly what it is yet because I want you to actually watch it live and find out as you're watching it but I've got something very special coming for France, it's something new I decided to try out and I hope you love it.
Host: I can't wait to see it. I know it's going to be amazing. Do you think you'll be coming back to France any time soon?
CupcakKe: I do have a show in Lyon, France, in August. I think it's actually the only show from The Big 3 Tour with proper tickets still left over *laughs* so, if anyone listening lives near by, y'all can go and get some tickets to that show. Until then, I really hope I come back. I don't think I'll be back during this album cycle but I'll make sure I'm coming back on the next one. France definitely deserves some love.
Host: And we're here to give you some love! C'est Total de CupcakKe avec Britney Spears, diffusée en direct sur NRJ Radio.

*Total plays live on air*

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CupcakKe & Aya Nakamura x The Voice France
(Date: July 20, 2019; Location: France; 2nd article; PAID)

Image result for the voice france logo

CupcakKe started off her performance of Total by saying "Boonnjooouurrr!!! Who's ready to parrttyyyy??". She was alone on stage as the beat kicked in and she began rapping her verse. She started at the back of the stage and made her way to the front as she rapped the lyrics. "Gon put it 50/50, stay if the bag is empty / Don't listen to these girls cuz I know how girls envy / Quick respond to my texts, the opposite of my ex / If he coming then I'm coming cuz we come as a set". As the verse ended, an anthemic break was played as CupcakKe grabbed the mic and said "France, give it up for Aya Nakamura!!" to which Aya walked out from the side of the stage and sang the chorus in French. "Que’est-ce vaut-il? C’est vaut que j’suis pas en solo? / Combien d’amour tu m’offriras? Qu’est-ce que c’est le total?". CupcakKe was admiring her and hyping her up as she walked her way to her and CupcakKe's dancers slowly made their way into formation on the stage, clapping to the beat. As the dance break came, the dancers broke into their choreography and Aya and CupcakKe held hands, strutting to the back of the stage.

Aya belted "Excite-moi" as she got to the back of the stage and her and CupcakKe stayed there for the second verse. As CupcakKe was performing, it was Aya's turn to hype her up and she even joined in for a few English bars to give CupcakKe a break. "Speaking of petty, I ain't watching Netflix and Chill / Why would I go to the movies, man, show me it's real / Love a man on his hustle that's going to get it in skill / The one to buy Jordans and one to pay the bills". As it was time for the next chorus, Aya belted out the words once again and the focus was on her, with even CupcakKe looking straight at her. She grabbed CupcakKe's hand to strut to the front of the stage with her as the beat started to kick in. "J’aurai besoin d’un total, total, total". As the dance break kicked in, the dancers broke into the main choreography again and Aya and CupcakKe did a simplified version of the choreography. As it was Aya's turn to sing again, she walked to the right side of the stage and CupcakKe made her way to the left so that they could interact with the fans. They came back together to pose on the very final beat.

Host: Put your hands together for CupcakKe and Aya Nakamura, everybody! The French remix of Total is now available everywhere. Make sure you pick up a copy. We'll be back after the break!

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Sky Ferreira on The Today Show

Paid US Promo (7/18)

Related image


Sky performs August Peaches

The band started to play the music to the song. They played the intro for about 15 seconds. it was this beautiful atmospheric introduction to the song. The strings, piano, and drums all met in harmony. Then, the summery beat kicked in. It's this super cool upbeat summery vibe. Sky started bopping her head to the beat. She then began to sing the lyrics to August Peaches. She wore a white lacey dress with daisies all over. She even had a flower crown on. Her voice was so beautiful and soft. But she made sure to project it. She was giving off a nice light energy, but it complimented the song so well. When the chorus kicked in, things got more lively. Sky danced around as she sang the fun chorus. The band also got into the song as they strummed their guitars and played the piano keys. It was a nice jam session. Sky ran her fingers through her hair and messed it up a bit as she danced around. When the bridge came, things cooled down. Sky sang so beautifully and caught her breath. Then the last chorus hit and it was a nice punch of energy once again. Sky finished the performance off so strong.


After the performance the host reminded everyone to buy/stream August Peaches and pre-order The Life Of FlowerS!

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Sky Ferreira on Good Morning America (7/19)

Paid US Promo

Related image

Sky performs August Peaches

This time there performance was outside on a big stage, part of their special summer series. There were hundreds, maybe even a thousand fans that were all there standing in the grass cheering. Sky came out on stage in a black leather jacket, a white tank, and a matching black skirt. She had on some black sunglasses and looked really cool. The band started the song as always with the gorgeous intro. All the fans cheered once they heard it. Sky smiled at the reaction and this garnered even more cheers. Then, her cue came and she began to sing. The positive affirmations from the audience only made her smile even more so she sang with that smile. She was really enjoying the energy and vibe that she was receiving and it translated in her performance. She knew everyone was there to have a good time, so she was having a good time. She interacted with the crowd a lot. She would touch their hands and wave at people further in the crowd. She really put her heart into the performance and really delivered. Everyone was all smiles and her dedicated super fans were seen singing each and every lyric to the song! Sky smiled all the way throughout the performance and it made it that much more special for her and everyone!

After the performance the host reminded everyone to buy/stream August Peaches and pre-order The Life Of Flowers!

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Sky Ferreira on 104.3 My FM Valentine in the Morning (7/19)

Paid US Radio Promo (Call in)

Related image

Hello and welcome back to 104.3 My FM Valentine in the Morning! We have a special guest on the line! Care to introduce yourself?

Hello! It is Sky Ferreira!!

Hello Sky! So happy to have you!


Now, August Peaches is my summer jam!! It is such a cool summer song. 

Thanks! That means a lot! That was the intention I was going for.

Now I read in an interview somewhere that this album, The Life of Flowers is a spring/summer album. What do you mean by that? Is it like August Peaches in the sense they are all abut summer/have that summer vibe to them?

 Umm kind of. A lot of the songs do have a lot of symbolism and imagery that pertains to summer like flowers, fruits, beaches, the sun, stuff like that. Plus, a lot of the songs have that beachy, California, summery sound to them production wise. But I guess I say it's a "spring/summer" album is because this album represents seasons of my life. Spring is that blossoming/rebirth and Summer is that growth/striving part. So a lot of my songs are about subjects like that. I have gone through so many personal things in the past couple of years that sort of forced me to be reborn. Now I feel i am growing again. So that is what I mean by that, and I am sure you can see the connection with the title.

Wow that is beautiful. So is it like a concept album?

In a way yes. I think by a lot of the titles you could see the direction and cohesion. I think the titles scream summer and spring. But it's not like I was trying to stay in one box. It all came natural to me.

Well we can't wait to hear it!


Dont forget to buy/stream August Peaches and pre-order The Life Of Flowers!

August peaches then plays on the radio!


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